According to the U.S.D.A, nearly 40% of the food that the average American eats consists of milk or dairy -- that makes for one very lopsided food pyramid!
  • If you are the average American, today, from the combined total of milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products, you will eat 161 mg of cholesterol, the same amount contained in 53 slices of bacon. That will add up to the equivalent cholesterol in 19,345 slices of bacon this year and, by age 52, the same cholesterol contained in 1 million slices of bacon!

  • Milk is loaded with protein! 80% of that protein is casein, the same tenacious glue used to hold your furniture together, and the adhesive used to hold the paper label to a bottle of beer. Dr. Spock, America's greatest pediatrician, described casein as the primary cause of mucus, congestion and childhood earaches.

  • Cancer? There are studies that the dairy industry refuses to release--evidence that there are bigger secrets than any revealed by the cigarette industry. Thousands of things cause cancer, but one hormone that you naturally produce is the key factor in the growth of each human cancer, particularly breast cancer. There are millions of hormones in the animal kingdom, but only one hormone that is exactly alike between two species. That hormone is called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and is an exact match between humans and cows. When drinking a 12-oz. glass of milk, you double the amount of that hormone in your body--a hormone described by scientists and scientific journals as the key factor in cancer's growth and proliferation.

  • Milk contributes to heart disease
  • Milk is a poor source of calcium
  • A hormone in milk is the key factor in every human cancer
  • Milk reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics
  • Pasteurization does not work
  • Milk consumption is the link to asthma
  • A milk protein causes diabetes
  • The dairy industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars to brainwash consumers
  • A milk additive caused cancer in lab animals and the FDA will not release the incriminating study
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