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PSSSST... KIDS!!!   Don't let what happened to Flo Jo happen to you!!!
If you get free milk in school here is what YOUpush me! should do...

Post a bannerpush me!, and help save some lives.

Remember the Boston Tea Party?
Welcome to the New York Milk Partypush me!

Get the new T-shirt

Or the new MILK a-z book.

Grab a FREE graphic!

The Anti-Dairy COW logo,
The Spraypaint kid,
The Dump the milk!,
or the NOTMILK carton

report HOT FLYER! Print out our new FLYER and pass it around! (STANDARD VERSION -12 point -)

NOTE!  If your printout of the above page does not fill the whole page... then use flyer created for those who have their font set for - 10 point -
report TEXT FLYER! Get the flyer text and ROLL YOUR OWN.

Tell someone in CONGRESS about it and ask why the above folks are not doing their appointed jobs.

Give someone you care for the gift of a more healthy life... MILK A-ZBuy them "MILK A-Z!

Invite Mr. Cohen to address YOUR school, group or to do an interview.

Call Robert Cohen at 1-888-668-6455 (not-milk) or Email him at

Milk!   (and its proponents)
        What a surprise!

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