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Animal Rights Feminists

This week marks the eve of America's largest animal rights
conference. On Saturday night, I speak to a assemblage of
1,000 persons, and many of them will curse me for having
written today's column. Some will walk out of my talk, in
protest, as they did last year to other men who have
dedicated a lifetime to ending animal abuse.

The animal rights movement is fueled by women. The woman
represents the better half of humankind. She combines a
passion for change with the wisdom endowed upon her gentle
spirit to animal rights issues. She runs things for the
People for the Ethical Treatment of animals (PETA), and she
stands in the rain or snow to protest laboratory research.
She converts boyfriends and husbands to her plant-based diet
because that creates balance to her universe and superior
intellectual perspective. Without the woman, there would be
no animal rights movement in America.

This week at AR-2003 outside of Washington, D.C., the
majority of attendees at FARMUSA's yearly conference will be
female. She is liberal by nature, and her political votes
are cast for Democrats. Her litmus test issue regarding
candidates for office is abortion. She supports a woman's
right to decide the fate of her unborn child, demanding that
no man will pass laws regarding her own body.

AR activists protest pain to laboratory animals, but support
a woman's right to an abortion. Some demand that meat eaters
acknowledge the horrors of slaughterhouse films, or
vivisection, or bullfighting. Yet, they turn deaf ears and
firmly shut blinded eyes to the conscious being who grows
within a human mother.

She would go to jail to protest a scientific researcher's
act of experimenting upon unborn rats or cats or elephants
for the unmeasurable pain that each pre-natal mammal might
suffer, but she cannot extend that same compassion to the
unborn human creature.

There is a contradiction in her lack of understanding that
all unborn creatures have a right to life. Schopenhauer
(1788-1860) wrote that "Compassion is the basis of

Many people do not recognize the unborn child as possessing
the same rights as the rest of us, yet, a study published in
the May, 2003 issue of Psychological Science (2003;14:220-
224) reveals that the fetal infant is able to recognize the
voice of her own mother.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the growing human
fetus feels pain and learns about an external environment
while within. The fetus recognizes songs and voices. The
brain works, the heart beats, pain receptors feel. How much
compassion do animal rights activists emote for sentient
human infants, not yet born?

On Friday, I will join one thousand or more animal rights
supporters near Washington, D.C. for the annual AR
conference. Few will have the courage of their convictions
to consider the issue of whether or not abortion is murder.
Is it? Of course it is. No concept could be simpler to an
animal rights activist, yet so much denial exists because of
political correctness among feminists. Abortion of any
mammalian species is more than just murder. It is death
without compassion, for the living creature, not yet named,
possesses pain receptors, and is aware of his or her own
suffering. I will be cursed by feminists for having written
this column, but to remain silent on this all-important
issue would be to betray living beings and to deny them them
their rights.

In defense of ignorance, some animal rights activists argue
that the fetus feels no pain, much the same way that animal
abusers use the very same argument to defend vivisection,
sport, or the consumption of sentient farm animals.

Unlike many others who rationalize that the fetus is still
unborn and deserves no rights, I must call the act what it
is, and look at death and torture squarely in its most
horrible face. I will be challenging all animal rights
advocates to come to terms with this controversial issue
which contradicts that same spark of compassion which should
be extended to all living creatures.

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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