Milk - A-Z

It looks like a children’s book, but open the cover and a magnificent work of art is revealed. Each letter of the alphabet is beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Brian Vigorita, whose unique style qualifies him as the Erte of the health movement. The hard cover book contains overwhelming, easy-to-read, scientific references from allergies to zits compiled by author Robert Cohen, proving that cows milk should not be consumed by humans.

  • This book is the perfect gift for your doctor (who may not have taken a class in nutrition in medical school).
  • Buy this book for your child’s teacher to counter the well financed dairy industry disinformation campaign.
  • Buy this book for the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker.
  • Buy it as a gift for your parents or children, friends or relatives, for this book is destined to be the symbol of the NOTMILK movement.

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We honor these cards

Hardcover, 64 pages (7” x 8 3/4”), ISBN 0-9659196-8-4

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