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Calves Beware: AR Activists are Lurking

Calves Beware: AR Activists are Lurking

If baby cows could talk, what would they say to animal
rights activists? According to the latest meat-slaughter
statistics, their message might be: "Mooove away and leave
us be. Things were better without you."

The latest calf slaughter numbers were issued by the United
States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at 9:00 AM on
February 21, 2003.

During January of 2003, 93,800 calves were slaughtered. That
represents an increase of more than 7% over 2002 numbers
(87,400 calves).

This has been an interesting 12 months. State assemblies and
Congress were lobbied to enact so-called compassionate laws
which were intended to make life and death less painful for
veal calves.

Whether these laws have done any good by helping animals is
debatable. By relieving the collective consciousness of
meat-eating consumers, these laws seem to have created an
unprecedented and dramatic increase in the amount of veal
being processed and eaten.

The way I see it, with all of the hard working animal rights
welfarists doing their thing, that 87,400 number should have
gone down. Instead, the demand to eat the anemic un-muscled,
soft, white flesh of baby cows has been soaring, so that
6,400 additional calves died last month (January) than
during the same 31-day period last year.

If these animal welfare organizations have their way, what
will happen to veal calves? Simple. They will all experience
additional tortures. They will undergo castrations and be
raised as docile steers. Their horns will be melted from
their skulls by glowing hot irons which burn and cauterize
extremely sensitive pre-horn buds possessing pain receptors.
Imagine the equivalent pain, as if you were restrained
so your thumb was burned, melted to the first knuckle.
The cows not raised for veal live a few months longer, just
long enough to wear a specially designed muzzle so their
screams cannot be heard as the horns are burned, as the hair
is singed and the flesh is scarred, for what child would
want to inherit the farm and follow that same tradition?

Then comes another secret dairy farmers and cattlemen do
not want the public to know. The animals will be fed an
unnatural diet of corn, which marbles their flesh with
saturated fat while painfully destroying their organs
from within. No bovine can survive a long-term diet of
corn. Many die, in great pain, before reaching the

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