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      Olympic gold medal winner Randy Barnes and baseball slugger Mark McGwire have much in common. Each athlete is a sports giant. Both men are over 1.93 m (6'4") and weigh in excess of 110 kg (250 pounds). Both men have arms and legs that have been likened to tree trunks, and both competitors have excelled at their sport, setting records that had previously been thought to be unbreakable. McGwire regularly hit 150- meter (500-foot) home runs in last summer's quest that shattered Roger Maris' long-standing home run record. Randy Barnes won his gold medal in dramatic fashion by heaving a steel ball, the shot putt, over 21 meters (70 feet) on his final 1996 Olympic attempt. Barnes continues to hold the outdoor world record of 23.12 m (75 feet 10.25 inches), a standard he set in 1990.

      Both men also have another thing in common. They were both steroid drug users. One man has been shamed and banned from future Olympic competition. Another has been hailed as a true American hero and is the dairy industry's new MILKSTACH cover boy.

McGwire took ANDROSTENEDIONE, a steroid hormone. :-)
Barnes took ANDROSTENEDONE, a steroid hormone. :-(

      One man has been blacklisted and will not be hired by America's dairy industry.

      The other man is a hero and the dairy people welcome him with open arms. There has been absolutely no justice for Randy Barnes, a true American hero who sacrificed many years of his life to bring home a gold medal, standing on a podium to the National Anthem which made all Americans proud. However, the deification of McGwire and vilification of Barnes is much more than an injustice. It is an insult to our humanity, or lack of it. McGwire is not a villain, just as Barnes is not. However, after big business and society rejected one man, how could the dairy industry hire another who used the same drug? Have we not betrayed ourselves? Fire McGwire from this campaign or Praise Barnes. BE CONSISTANT! I am certain that Randy Barnes would like to hear from you.

      Got Hormones, Mark? McGwire comments in his new milk ad: "GOING, GOING, GONE." A message for young little leaguers, perhaps? Barnes has learned his lesson and is aware of the dangers of hormones. What McGwire does from hereon in is anybody's guess. However, his endorsement of milk containing powerful hormones is not a very good start.


      How does the dairy industry continue to find such inappropriate spokespersons? McGwire hit .201 in 1991 and was so depressed he had to see a psychiatrist. Perhaps he has been a long-time milk drinker. In 1995 the Townsend Medical Letter listed mood swings, depression and irritability among the symptoms of milk consumption. McGwire now endorses another product containing hormones, MILK. A marriage seemingly made in heaven. From one hormone to another, McGwire's message is one that the dairy industry endorses. McGwire's conclusion is one that the Dairy Education Board agrees with. Take hormones and you will soon be "Going, going, gone!"


      The ADC has created a Hall of Shame and welcomes McGwire. FRASIER star Kelsey Grammar and cast recently posed for milkstaches. A few years earlier FRASIER (Dr. Crane) was arrested for cocaine possession. That white powder under his nose made for a lovely white statement. Naomi Campbell is now being sued for her uncontrollable temper. The result of too many hormones from the product she too endorses? Got Milk? Got Irritability! Flo Jo is dead and her stomach contained an undigested pizza...fourteen hours after she ate that hard-to-digest cheese, she died. Her body was congested with mucus, the result of histamines produced in reaction to casein, a tenacious glue and powerful allergen. Casein represents 80% of all milk protein. Flo Jo's autopsy tells a story. Her body organs were congested. Casein, a milk protein, causes mucus and congestion. Bill Clinton wore a mustache when he ran against Bob Dole for the presidency. Clinton, the liar, is allergic to milk and dairy products and will not serve ice cream at state dinners. An unhealthy product for Clinton is an unhealthy message for American children. Spike Lee? Ninety-five percent of African Americans are lactose intolerant and Spike proudly wears his mustache. Larry King? He had triple bypass surgery and endorses milk and dairy products that contain dangerous animal fats and cholesterol. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer? She wore one and admits that she does not drink milk. She calls milk a "no-no."


      Wear a milkstache and join the fast track to obtaining rich endorsement contracts. Let American business and Madison Avenue know that you are willing to betray people for the money. Do you have to drink milk? Of course not. Join the elite club of athletes and celebrities and riches will be yours. Clinton and Buffy have proven that one does not have to drink milk to pose for a milkstache. Does the dairy industry care that African Americans cannot tolerate dairy proteins? Certainly not. Does that make New York Knick and NBA player's union president Patrick Ewing a dupe and a dope? Perhaps he just doesn't get it. One thing he's not going to get is that $18 million dollar salary of his this year as the NBA season sours like the milk curdling on his mustache. Do the fluid milk processors care that infants might get diabetes? They recently had RUGRATS pose with chocolate milkstaches. MONEY. $$$ ENDORSEMENTS.



      Congratulations are in order to the American Cancer Society. They recently placed an advertisement in Hoard's Dairyman, the dairy magazine. On page 825 of the December 1998 issue the reader is asked to support the American Cancer Society. The ad implores:

      "Ask one of the 3 million Americans who've survived cancer, if the money spent on research is worth it."

      The American Cancer Society continues to ignore a key element of that research. A hormone in milk, IGF-I, has been called the KEY factor in the growth of every human cancer. GOT CANCER? GOT MILK!


      The feature article in the December issue of Hoard's discusses important decisions by dairy farmers that have made their farms more profitable this past year. Four farms are highlighted in the roundtable discussion. The first farm lists BST as a factor in increasing their productivity and profitability. BST increases the amounts of hormones in milk. BST increases the levels of IGF-I in milk. BST increases the opportunity for cancer to grow in the human body.

      Page 855 of Hoard's Christmas issue contains a full-page advertisement from MONSANTO for Posilac, their BST product. The ad shows a father with his young son and a church and a scene of newly fallen snow and boasts:

      "We're proud to help keep America's dairy farms more productive and profitable."


      From Mark McGwire's mustache ad and injustice to Randy Barnes to the American Cancer Society's appeal for donations, from the increased milk production on America's dairy farms to Monsanto's gift to all of all leads to one underlying factor, and that is MONEY.

Robert Cohen (1-201-871-5871)
Executive Director
Dairy Education Board

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