By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text Only

The "Berkeley Wellness Letter" should be renamed the
"Berkeley Illness Letter."


The July 1999 issue of the University of California Berkeley
newsletter makes an absurd effort to promote the drinking of
body fluids from cows as an absolute requirement for humans
to achieve good health.  These ill-advised doctors,
scientists, and medical writers could step up one giant
level by reviewing real science, such as that coming out of
respected medical schools like Harvard University (See
yesterday's Squirt.)


"Milk used to be considered a perfect recent
years, however, 'cow's milk is for calves' has become a
rallying cry for several groups. There is even an Antidairy
Coalition, which claims that milk is nothing less than a
'deadly poison'- that's a title of a book it promotes.  If
you believe this group, milk is behind nearly all of our
major diseases. Here are some of the claims being made about
milk and dairy products-and our responses."



The Berkeley Letter endorses the use of low-fat milk and
dairy.  Try ordering the low-fat version of Domino's Pizza
or Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream next time you need a fix.


Berkeley claims that "milk is not the problem, but rather
total fat intake."  These Berkeley types are way behind
scientific times.  Perhaps they are still in the 60's, under
the influence of hallucinogens. They're certainly not up-to-
date with the latest research.  The Harvard Nurses' Study
has shown that dietary fat plays little or no role in
contributing to cancer.  Science has taught us that cancer
is very common, but normally controlled.

The key factor in the growth and proliferation of every
human cancer, particularly breast cancer and prostate
cancer, is insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), a hormone
that is identical between humans and cows. Like a key
fitting into a lock, IGF-I is what opens the door to cancer.
The Berkeley Letter claims that "Milk is not the problem,
but dietary fat is."  Again, these "scientists" are
uninformed.  The Harvard Nurse study has proven that those
who eat low fat diets (GOT SKIM MILK AND LOW FAT CHEESE)
have higher rates of breast cancer.


The Berkeley Letter says that "This was the most frightening respectable authorities have proposed that
children avoid milk and dairy products."  Ding-dong.
Berkeley medical writers have their collective heads buried
in the sand or in the "purple haze" of Haight-Ashbury's
dense smoke. A recent Finnish study showed that 10% of
children fed a milk-based formula developed indicators to
insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.  Don't these doctors
read medical studies?


Berkeley cites biased research including studies on mucus
production, osteoporosis, and lactose intolerance.  Their
evidence was financed by a not-so objective dairy industry.
Interestingly, this Berkeley column has no author's
signature.  Who writes their copy?  Perhaps a public
relations con man from BSMG, the dairy industry's public
relations firm.


This is one challenge we know that Berkeley will not accept.
Make our day, please. We dare you to knock this carton of
milk off of our shoulders.  We'll debate any one or a panel
of experts regarding the July 1999 Berkeley Letter at any
time on any radio or television station of Berkeley's
choice.  Berkeley claims to have science on their side so it
should be easy to refute our claims. . . NOT!

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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