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Cardiologists should have a heart... and get a clue!

"What Every Woman Must Know About Heart Disease" by Dr.
Siegfried J. Kra provides everything you ever needed to know
about America's number one killer, heart disease.  Or does

Dr. Kra's no-nonsense approach to preventing this condition
does not list one indexed reference to either milk or dairy
products, yet he devotes entire chapters to cholesterol.

One day perhaps Dr. Kra and other cardiologists will wake up
and smell the coffee (lightened by nondairy creamer).

There are three milligrams of cholesterol contained in one
medium slice of Armour Bacon. By measuring the per capita
daily consumption of milk, cheese, ice cream and dozens of
other dairy products, one finds that the average American
consumes 161 milligrams from dairy products each day. ("Food
Consumption," Putnam & Allshouse, annual data published by

Dr. Kra should divide 161 by 3 and recognize that the
average American eats the equivalent cholesterol contained
in more than fifty-three slices of bacon every day from milk
and dairy products.  In 1999 that will equal the equivalent
cholesterol contained in 19,345 slices of bacon. By the time
she's gone through her menopause, the average American woman
will eat the equivalent of more than one million slices of
bacon from milk and dairy products.  She will have little
clue what caused her heart disease, and neither will her

Kra should consider the cholesterol in dairy as a primary
cause of heart disease.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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