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What did Hippocrates teach his students about milk? Do
today's physicians embrace the Hippocratic oath or are they


An example of how the medical establishment displays their
lack of perception in not linking human allergies to milk
products can be illustrated in the well-respected book,
"Allergies: A-Z."  The authors of this book, Myron Lipowitz,
MD, and Tova Navarra, RN, tell the story of Hippocrates, the
learned scholar whose name is attached to the oath that
doctors recite but often ignore.


On page 174, the authors note that Hippocrates was the first
individual to link milk consumption to allergic reactions
such as hives and gastrointestinal disorders.  Yet two
sentences later, the authors report that the true incidence
of cow's milk allergy is only one in 1000.


Do these two authors, one a physician and the other a nurse,
imagine that Hippocrates only knew 1000 people and was
writing about that one individual?

There are approximately 1,000 athletes, managers and coaches
on the thirty major league baseball teams.  If only one of
those men had a milk allergy, and Hippocrates was alive
today, do you think he would have written about it?  Give me
a break!

Perhaps milk problems affect more than just one out of a
thousand. Maybe it's all Greek to the authors of this
allergy textbook!  Maybe it's all Greek to a number of
physicians.  Why do some scientists and doctors ignore the
evidence, display no analytical common sense, and continue
to exhibit a complete lack of logic in their analyses?  And
why, do many people believe everything that is written in
black and white, particularly those things written by people
with credentials having lots of letters attached to the ends
of their names?

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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