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How to eliminate cramps and PMS.


The July, 1996 issue of Vegetarian Times featured a story by
nutritionist Lauri Aesoph.


According to Aesoph, fifty percent of premenopausal women
suffer from cramps.


The author offers two forms of advice.  The first is a list
of proper foods to eat, with explanations.  Whole grains,
such as millet and brown rice, are high in magnesium which
acts as a natural tranquilizer that also relaxes muscle

Fruits and vegetables also contain magnesium and are also
high in fiber. Vitamin C from fresh fruits and veggies helps
the transport of nutrients into muscle fibers.


Aesoph saves the best advice for last, and, in doing so,
offers cramp-saving advice.  Milk and dairy products should
be avoided because they contain arachidonic acid, the fatty
acid which the body uses to build the specific
prostaglandins which create cramps.

Dairy products also contain tryptophan and sodium.  This
one-two punch increases fatigue and bloating.  Researchers
have found that eliminating dairy products can reduce the
severity of cramps by as much as 50% after just one month.

Thanks to Lauren Eichelberger for sending this article to
our attention.

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