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The Dairy Education Board
Squirts of NOTMILK Wisdom

August, 1999

August 1999 Daily Dairy Diary Squirts of NOTMILK Wisdom
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31 Join the anti-aging movement and live well to 120
30 Dairy cows will soon be producing drugs
28 Politics as usual as a New York State
27 Tuberculosis is still a serious threat
26 There's no shortage of milk and butter but...
25 "Mad Cow Disease" has crossed the English Channel
24 The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime
23 The best vegetarian site: VEGSOURCE!
22 THE STAFF OF DEATH (Staphyloccus aureus)
21 Payback time in Canada.  Scientist suspended
20 rbGH Milk ruled unsafe by the united nations...
19 The Hidden Agenda:  Center for Science of Public Interest...
18 Lack of scientific integrity exposes the NAS
17 Sweet and Sour Chinese soy-chicken
16 Was Mad Cow Disease caused by dairy scientists?
15 What happens to the udders?
14 The FBI catches crooked dairymen
13 President approves promotion measure for dairy products
12 Nursing calves reduce milk production
11 Milk can be found in the craziest of places
10 Nebraska Dairy subsidy amazes the NOTMILKMAN
9 Joanne Farb's Colossal Zucchini
8 The most incredible meat substitute on the market
7 Biotechnology's Achilles heel
6 Lenny Bruce's NOTMILK routine
5 Lactose?  Females should not and cannot tolerate it!
4 Got Irritable Bowels or Crohns?
3 The soymilk machines are in!
2 Cows with Guns.
1 THE MAD COWBOY (Howard Lyman)


31 -------------------------------------------------------------
Tuesday - August 31, 1999 - Join the anti-aging movement and live well
to 120.

I have an enormous stack of magazines, scientific papers, books, and
newsletters that have accumulated on my desk.

Whenever I lose sight of mahogany, I spend an hour or so disposing of
litter and clutter.

Such was the case last night.

It was then that I came across an article in the May 1999 issue of
BOTTOM LINE-BUSINESS. (Published 12 times yearly by Boardroom at Box
2614, Greenwich, CT, 06836 $49).


Boardroom interviewed Ronald Klatz, MD, president of the American
Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Klatz is co-author of "Brain Fitness" (Doubleday) and "Stopping the
Clock" (Bantam).

I get nervous with negative anticipation before reading some of
Boardroom's health advice articles.  Quite often there is advice to
drink milk or eat cheese in the name of good health.

Would such advice appear in this column?

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, there were helpful hints on what to
eat for longevity.

There was no mention of milk!  NOTMILK!  I loved it.

Number one on the list of foods conducive to longevity was soy foods.
Garlic was also on the list, either fresh or in pill form.  Of course,
there were fresh fruits and vegetables, but no milk, not even 2%.

By the way, Boardroom does NOT accept paid advertising.  GOT TRUTH?

I searched on the Internet for Dr. Klatz's homepage and found:

I called the Agency for Anti-Aging (773-528-8565).  Dr. Klatz has an
organization with 7,000 member physicians.  His philosophy:

"Over 7,000 physicians and scientists . . . agree aging is not

Discover the Fountain of Youth:  NOTMILK!!!

Robert Cohen

30 -------------------------------------------------------------
Monday - August 30, 1999 - GOT PHARMACEUTICALS?  Dairy cows will soon be
producing drugs in their milk for pharmaceutical companies.

The current issue of Hoard's Dairyman (the dairy industry magazine)
reports a story first published in the Wisconsin State Journal

A Wisconsin company, Infigen, will genetically engineer and clone cows
and send them to a Virginia farm, where their milk will be collected.
>From that milk, the scientist/farmer will extract drugs for medicinal

Genetically engineered cells from cows containing specific traits can be
frozen and stored for future use.

A Netherlands based company, Pharming, is investing $37 million in
production money to construct a facility that will house 200 cows.
That's $185,000 per cow, in case you were wondering.  A normal dairy cow
sells for about $1,850 or about one one-hundredth of that price.

One hundred and fifty people will be employed in this twenty-first
century operation.

Imagine 150 people times $30,000 average salary per person.  That's a
yearly labor cost of $4,500,000 for a 200-animal operation.  Add to that
debt service (at ten percent) for the construction costs and one
a yearly break even point of $8,200,000.  That adds up to $41,000 per
animal, very expensive medicine!

The first substance that will be produced in cow's milk is a
blood-clotting factor.

Future genetically engineered animal products will include organs
suitable for human transplants, grown inside of pigs.  That's
human/pigs, and that may not sound kosher, but it is our future.

The Hoard's article explains that there are few dairy operations in
Virginia and that is the primary reason that this facility will be so
located.  The reason for that decision is that "disease control would be
less of a challenge there" because there are so few surrounding dairy
herds.  That reasoning gives one pause for thought.  How about the rest
of America and the current state of America's 9.3 million dairy cows.
They are basically "challenged" and diseased, and America drinks their
body fluids.

Robert Cohen

29 -------------------------------------------------------------


28 -------------------------------------------------------------
Saturday - August 28, 1999 - Politics as usual as a New York State
candidate agrees to act udderly contradictory.

Here's to Rudy Guiliani, the New York City mayor-turned wannabe senator.

He's running against a formidable foe, Mrs. President Clinton.

Observe how a politician sells his soul.  It's not a very pretty sight.

On many occasions, Guiliani has been outspoken about his opposition to
federal legislation that would prop up milk prices for New York State
dairy farmers.

The mayor has stepped up his campaigning, in anticipation of announcing
his run for New York State's Senate.

"If I was in the Senate, I would vote for it," said the man who
historically was opposed to dairy price increases.  His comments were
made at a fund raising event for three thousand steak-eating New York

Mayor Guiliani denied that there was any political calculation as to his
remarks supporting milk price increases.  Mrs. Clinton had first voiced
support for the dairy producers in early July.

The issue is about legislation that is before Congress that would enable
a powerful cartel to be formed between New York State, New Jersey,
Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  Such a cartel will increase milk
prices in the New York metropolitan area.

Guiliani has been on record stating that such a cartel would increase
milk prices.

Mrs. Clinton's press secretary commented:

"We're glad that Rudy Guiliani has finally decided to join Hillary
Clinton in support of the dairy compact.  The question is, why it took
him so long to change his position."

My question is:

Doesn't Mrs. Clinton still live in Washington?  Why would she be so very
interested in New York State dairy business?  Why would Guiliani do a
180 degree turnaround?  The answer?  There are a lot of votes to be
milked from New York's dairy farmers.  It also takes a lot of money to
run a Senate campaign.


Robert Cohen

27 -------------------------------------------------------------
Friday - August 27, 1999 - Tuberculosis is still a serious threat, and
it's spread by cows!


Today's headline actually appeared in the March 10, 1959 issue of the
dairy industry magazine, "Hoard's Dairyman."

The page 250 story, written by a veterinarian, revealed that research
and regulatory authorities were meeting to halt the rise and spread of
tuberculosis from cows to humans, and to "bring incidence to eradication

Why hasn't America learned about this inside dairy secret?  We have been
told to drink body fluids from diseased animals in the name of good
health by multi-billions of dollars worth of milk advertisements since
this 1959 story appeared.  That's thirty years ago, and remarkably, the
situation has not changed!

The closing paragraph of this column admits that there is no known cure
for tuberculosis.  The advice is for "continued vigilance" in
controlling the disease.

Vigilance?  When an animal is sick, it's sent to a slaughterhouse so
that Americans end up eating diseased flesh.  Before that occurs,
Americans drink diseased milk.

There are two types of tuberculosis bacteria that humans catch from
cows.  There's the human form and the bovine form.

The most common problem is irritable bowel syndrome.  Cow's get a
disease called Johne's, and humans get irritable bowels.  Forty million
Americans have irritable bowel syndrome, which leads to Crohn's disease.

Doctors have identified the mycobacterium paratuberculosis bacteria in
most Crohn's victims.

This bacteria, found in cow's milk, is not killed by pasteurization.

If you still drink milk or eat ice cream or enjoy the runny brie, be
aware that you might soon be able to trace your "runs" back to your milk
and dairy consumption.

If you have time, drop a postcard to our secretary of the Department of
Health and Human Services, Donna Shalala.  She wore a milk mustache
(containing pus and live bacteria).  Her message to Americans was that
it is safe to drink body fluids from diseased animals.

It is not.

Robert Cohen

26 -------------------------------------------------------------
Thursday - August 26, 1999 - There's no shortage of milk and butter but
there will soon be a shortage of cows!

The MILKWEED (Pete Hardin's dairy newsletter) reports in the August,
1999 issue that nationwide dairy cow and heifer prices keep climbing.

Dairy farmers have been earning their greatest profits in history.
Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone has extended the
historical productivity of a cow.  Average cows now produce 24,000
pounds of milk per year.

Farmers with non-producers used to ship their "stock" to the
slaughterhouse.  They used the word "cull."  They would cull the herd of
any animals not producing income.  The genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone is used on non-producers.  They produce more milk so they
don't end up on a sesame seed bun with special sauce.

Healthy young calves are now at a premium.  Last year, one could buy a
heifer for under $1,000.  Today, in California, good grade Holsteins
command around $1800.

Hardin predicts that next summer these same animals will come with price
tags of $2500, if a farmer is able to find them.

The alternative is to not sell the marginal producers that previously
were culled from the herds for meat.

Young dairy animals are scarce.  Hot summers have created significant
heat problems and have interfered with reproductive rates, increasing
animal mortality.

Low grain prices, coupled with historically high milk prices, will
result in "un-herd" of prices for dairy animals.

Pete Hardin's MILKWEED is available for $35 per year.  (The MILKWEED -
P.O. Box 10, Brooklyn, WI 53521)

Robert Cohen

25 -------------------------------------------------------------
Wednesday - August 25, 1999 - Today France is in a panic.  The dreaded
British "Mad Cow Disease" has crossed the Channel.


Yesterday, the French officially reported their first case of Mad Cow
Disease.  The cow had been imported from Switzerland in 1994.

Incubation of Mad Cow Disease in cows can take up to 5 years.  Humans
eating diseased flesh or drinking infected milk can take up to thirty
years to develop Alzheimer-like symptoms.

The human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease is called Cruetzfeldt-Jacob
Disease (CJD), named after two physicians who worked with Dr. Alzheimer.

The infected animal and the entire herd to which it belonged were
destroyed on Sunday by concerned authorities in the French health

The last known case of the human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease
(spongiform encephalitis) in France was reported in June. At that time,
the ministry said it was the 11th case found in 1999 and the 60th
discovered in France since health authorities began tracking the disease
in 1990.

Many English government officials predicted that one day, all of England
might be quarantined as a result of this degenerative brain disease.

American citizens who visited England are now asked not to donate
blood.  Will that request be extended to those who dined on the

France's "four-star" restaurants might soon carry a warning label: It is
unsafe to eat the chateaubriand.

Mad Cow Disease is caused by a protein particle called a PRION.  These
proteins, crystalline in structure, cannot be destroyed by 1000-degree

They could be in the bone meal that gardeners feed plants.  They could
be in the hamburger that one eats from MacDonalds, or the ice cream made
from milk that came from an infected animal.

Robert Cohen

24 -------------------------------------------------------------
Tuesday - August 24, 1999 - The criminal always returns to the scene of
the crime.  Come to St. Paul, Minnesota on Friday and be a part of the

How appropriate!  The National Milk Mustache campaign will be asking the
question, "GOT MILK?," to residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul on
Friday, August 27, 1999 between the hours of 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

The Milk Mustache Mobile, on national tour, will be parked in the gravel
parking lot at the corners of Smith Avenue and Chestnut Street at


What better place to visit than a hospital?

GOT MILK?  Got asthma, bone disease, heart disease, and got diabetes!
Those who are responsible are paying a visit.


The Milk Mustache Mobile will be spreading their calcium crisis message.

Should you see any milk-mustached celebrities, be sure to ask them if
there is a magnesium crisis.  After all, for every milligram of calcium
the human body absorbs, there must be an equal milligram of magnesium.
Magnesium is the center atom of chlorophyll, so be sure to eat those
green plants!

The milk people are also searching for the next milk mustache celebrity
to join the ranks of Calcium Ripkin, Bill Clinton (he's allergic to
milk), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (she never drinks milk) and Kermit the
Frog (claims tadpoles need cow's milk).

Should you be there, volunteer to wear a pustache, telling them that FDA
allows 750 million pus cells per liter of milk.

Visitors can also receive a free consultation with a registered
dietician and free education booklets.

Please print a copy of FLO JO'S autopsy from the site and
offer it to the dietician.  Ask the dairy person if pizza traditionally
sits undigested in one's stomach for 15 hours.  Flo Jo ate her pizza at
3PM and died at 6 AM. A brick-sized mass of undigested food resulted in
histamines, then mucous.  Have her/him see evidence of one gallon of
mucous in Flo Jo's body, constricting the bronchioles of her lungs so
that she could not breathe.

Then call a Minneapolis/St. Paul detective and file murder charges
against those who betrayed Flo Jo.  Show the detectives the finger marks
on Flo Jo's neck...she choked herself, gasping for breath.

GOT MILK?  GOT A DEMONSTRATION?  Let those people who want to milk away
your good health know just how you feel!

Robert Cohen

23 -------------------------------------------------------------
Monday - August 23, 1999 - The best vegetarian site and newsletter on
the world wide web is VEGSOURCE!

Last week I received a newsletter written by Sabrina Nelson, webmistress

Vegsource is the host for many incredible Internet sites including
Howard Lyman's "MAD COWBOY" and T. Colin Campbell's site.

I surfed through their newsletter which contained links to recipes,
products, stores, stories, and philosophies.  This is one very big bag
filled with wonderful goodies!

There was a column about tofutti and a story and link to a stevia

Stevia is the not-so artificial sweetener (comes from a South American
shrub) that FDA continues to ban, protecting the folks at Monsanto.

There are seed catalogues and salsa recipes, reviews of books (Eat To
Beat Cancer), and instructions on how to make vegetarian sushi.

There is a revealing article on the ex-Surgeon General of the United
States called:  "Dr. Koop on the Take?"

C. Everett Koop, M.D., former Surgeon General and the most powerful MD
in the land to take on the tobacco industry, has signed a deal with the
devil  -- and VEGSOURCE won't let him get away with it!  Read the full
article here:

Among the vegetarian items and links were:

Eden Soy Extra Vanilla Soy Milk

Rice Dream Original Fortified health bars

Chocolate Espresso Clif Bars

There was also a review of Joanne Stepaniak's book:
"Delicious Food for a Healthy Heart."

If you have hours to surf, and want to visit the be-all and end-all to
vegetarianism, visit this all-inclusive site which receives nearly one-
half million visits each month:

The owners of this incredible site are Jeff and Sabrina Nelson.  Here's
how to reach them:

Jeff Nelson: (no longer valid)
Sabrina Nelson: (no longer valid)

Robert Cohen

22 -------------------------------------------------------------

22 THE STAFF OF DEATH (Staphyloccus aureus)

21 -------------------------------------------------------------
Saturday - August 21, 1999 - Payback time in Canada.  Scientist

On January 14th, 1999, Health Canada (the Canadian equivalent of
America's Food and Drug Administration) turned down Monsanto's
application for the approval of the genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone (rbGH).

A few months earlier, a group of courageous scientists, led by Shiv
Chopra, PhD, a Drug Evaluator at Health Canada, held a press conference
and announced that the hormone which FDA approved in America actually
caused dangerous biological effects on laboratory animals.

That shocking news contradicted every major conclusion reached by FDA.

Health Canada turned down Monsanto's application because of evidence
suggesting that cows were adversely affected after rbGH treatment.  This
was true in test herds during 1994, but today, the adverse affects have
been eliminated by perfect dairy herd management.  In other words,
Monsanto will one day get that Canadian approval, despite the warning
cry of Chopra and his colleagues.


On March 26, 1999, Dr. Chopra was invited to speak to an insurance
company about work conditions at Health Canada and unfair pressures
exerted upon scientists.


On August 11, 1999, Dr. Chopra received a letter of reprimand from Dr.
Andre Lachance, Director of the Bureau of Veterinary Drugs of the Health
Protection Branch, advising Dr. Chopra that he is not allowed to speak
at conferences without the authorization of his supervisors.  Dr. Chopra
was suspended for 5 days without pay for his public comments.


A signal has been sent to Shiv Chopra and to his colleagues.  Whistle
blowing has its rewards: loss of pay and ultimate loss of job security.

While these pressures intimidate those who once had the courage of their
convictions, the suspension most certainly adds comfort to Monsanto,
sitting on the sideline, ready to re-submit their application for rbGH

Robert Cohen

20 -------------------------------------------------------------
UNSAFE BY THE UNITED NATIONS.  That's the headline, here's the truth.

Sam Epstein is a cancer researcher and was one of the first voices to
protest against Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.
Unfortunately, Sam wants to win a Nobel Prize on what he believes is his
proprietary right to protest an issue.

Sam exaggerates.  Yesterday, Sam paid to have an article appear on the
Business Wire.  That article was Sam's "shot heard round the world."
What Sam actually did was to shoot himself in the foot.

In the pursuit of truth, here are the facts.


"CHICAGO, Aug. 18, 1999 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The following was
released today by Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Professor of Environmental
Medicine, University of Illinois School of Public Health, Chicago:

The Codex Alimentarius Commission, the U.N. Food Safety Agency
representing 101 nations worldwide, has ruled unanimously in favor of
the 1993 European moratorium on Monsanto's genetically engineered
hormonal milk(rBGH). This unexpected ruling, revealingly greeted by the
U.S. press with deafening silence, is a powerful blow against U.S.
global trade policies which are strongly influenced by powerful multi-
national corporations, such as Monsanto."

                                  * * *

Note how Sam took potshots against America's press ("deafening

Perhaps that silence is attributed to the fact that Sam's fantasy and
illusion never occurred.

I attended a CODEX meeting in June of 1999, and discussed this same
issue with the American delegate, Robert Lake.  There is no doubt in my
mind that the American delegate's support of rbGH will never change.
There is no way that a unanimous vote to condemn rbGH would occur.

Yesterday (August 19th) I called the American CODEX office (202-205-
4160) and spoke with Mr. Lake's associate, Bill Cooper.  Here's what
really happened.

There was a CODEX meeting in Ottowa, Canada in late June.  At that
meeting many issues were discussed and debated.

America does not want genetically engineered products to be so
identified.  The rest of the world adamantly rejects the American
position.  During the debate, the subject of rbGH came up.

A proposal was made not to discuss rbGH issues.  A voice vote was held.
The roar of the voice vote was evidence of a mutual agreement not to
discuss rbGH issues at that meeting.  That vote had absolutely nothing
to do with endorsing or condemning rbGH.  That was understood by almost

Epstein's previous agenda has been to link cancer with increased levels
of IGF-I resulting in milk from cows treated with rbGH.  Sam has yet to
have the courage to question the naturally occurring levels of IGF-I in
so-called "wholesome" milk.

Robert Cohen

19 -------------------------------------------------------------
Thursday - August 19, 1999 -  The Hidden Agenda:  Center for Science of
Public Interest (CSPI) sleeps in a dairy pasture with the cows, and
they're milking the public!

Recently, a very passionate and dedicated researcher who wishes to
remain anonymous wrote to us and revealed just how deep the tentacles of
the dairy industry are spreading.


"Dear Notmilkman,

Although CSPI (Center for Science of Public Interest) appears to be
advocating for fruits and vegetables, they are really linked to the
dairy industry. Their hidden agenda is the affiliation with the dairy

In Aug. 3, 1999 news release, Mr. Michael Jacobson, the executive editor
of CSPI said:

'Even the most careful consumers, consumers with nutrition degrees, can
scrutinize labels and have no idea how much sugar is added and how much
comes from the fruit or dairy product,' said CSPI's Michael Jacobson.

Well, Mr. Jacobson placed fruits and dairy products on the same line.
CSPI filed the request to FDA to place all sugar labels on all products.
FDA has 180 days to answer.

Back in Jan. 1998, CSPI filed the petition with the dairy industry
together to FDA.  CSPI, one of the biggest consumer advocacy groups, is
linked to the dairy industry and it can be seen from the following

'FDA's final rule was prompted in part by a petition filed jointly by
the Milk Industry Foundation and the Center for Science in the Public
Interest (CSPI), a consumer advocacy group, and a separate petition
filed by the American Dairy
Products Institute. The petitions asked FDA to lift the labeling
exemption provided for in the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of
1990 for lower fat dairy products.' (Source: 'FDA Consumer', Jan 1998)."

I have seen quotes in magazines and newspapers citing the opinions of
the Center of Science for Public Interest.  Many times I have not been
happy with their agenda, and wondered who finances this organization.
It has become clear whose interest this very biased group seems to be
protecting, and who CSPI actually represents.


That acronym should stand for: Conflicts in Science for Personal
Interest.  When next you read a story quoting the CSPI, remember that
there are no coincidences.  They could have filed with FDA to label milk
containing genetically engineered hormones.  Instead, they joined the
dairy industry to ask that products reveal the amounts of sugar.

Sounds to me like somebody does not want kids to drink the contents of
those little juicy-juice packages.


Robert Cohen

18 -------------------------------------------------------------
Wednesday - August 18, 1999 - New lack of scientific integrity exposes
the National Academy of Science (NAS) as a group of "connected"

Last year the RDA for calcium was raised from 1,000 milligrams per day
to 1,200 milligrams.  When I heard the news, I immediately called the
FDA and asked why they did it.

I was referred to the USDA.  I called USDA and was referred back to FDA.
I ultimately learned that the NAS, a private organization, made that

I then investigated the NAS committee and found a number of scientists
whose names I recognized, men who did research and received financing
from the dairy industry.

Monday's New York Times (August 16, 1999, Page A-10) ran another
conflict of interest story.

Dr. Michael Phillips violated NAS regulations when he left that agency
for a job with the Biotechnology Industry Organization where he will
serve a key role in representing the agriculture and biotech industry on
domestic trade policy and international trade issues.

Phillips had been directing a crucial study of genetically engineered
foods and did not tell academy officials that he had been recruited by
the Biotechnology Industry Organization, a trade organization
representing biotech firms, including Monsanto.

In his capacity as director of this study, he hired experts to testify,
and participated in all of the panel's meetings.  His work was
completely biased and demonstrates the revolving door policy between the
very biased National Academy of Science and the biotech industry.

Imagine this man chairing meetings and writing a report that would
affect the health and safety of your children, while possessing a job
offer from an industry ready to benefit from his bias.

Should this man be punished, or should we reserve that fate for those
who tempt those in power with silver coins?

Robert Cohen

17 -------------------------------------------------------------
Tuesday - August 17, 1999 - Got the soy-chicken substitute?  Here's a
delicious recipe!  Sweet and Sour Chinese soy-chicken.

I made this dish for my family and five guests this past weekend and it
was a winner.  One 8-ounce bag of soy-chicken served ten people, and
there were leftovers!  We served the following dish with brown rice.



1 8-ounce bag of soy chicken parts
1 tablespoon of sherry or white wine
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
4 tablespoons of corn starch

(2 cups of oil for frying)

Boil the soy-chicken for ten minutes.  The pieces will double in size as
dried soy product absorbs water.

Cool the pieces in running water, then drain.  Mix the above ingredients
so that each piece is coated, then fry for about three minutes in hot
oil.  The pieces will become golden brown.  Drain the oil and spread the
pieces on paper towels.


2/3 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of ketchup
1/3 cup of fresh pineapple juice
1/3 cup of vinegar (we mixed rice and Balsamic vinegars)
3 tablespoons of soy sauce

Mix the above ingredients and set them aside


1 cup of sliced carrots
1 cup of sliced red peppers
1 cup of sliced onions
1 cup of broccoli florettes
1 cup of bok choy - cut into 1/2 inch pieces
1 cup of fresh pineapple chunks
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
1 tablespoon of minced ginger
3 tablespoons of corn starch in 1/4 cup of water

Sauté the garlic and ginger until they begin to brown, then add and
stir-fry the other vegetables for about 60 seconds.  Add the sugar and
vinegar mixture until it boils, then spoon in the corn starch and water
to thicken the gravy.  Finally, add the pineapple and soy-chicken.

Mix it all well and serve immediately!  Anybody know the Chinese
equivalent of bon apetit?

You might be able to find a soy chicken product in your local health
food store.  If not, you can order the soy chicken by calling toll-free
1-888-NOT-MILK (668-6455).

Robert Cohen

16 -------------------------------------------------------------
Monday - August 16, 1999 - Was Mad Cow Disease caused by dairy
scientists?  A new theory from England suggests that attempts to create
a new breed of super cattle may have led to mad cow disease.

Last week, the London Times reported that the "mad cow" epidemic may
have been caused by scientific attempts in the 1980s to create super

Hormones, taken from the brains of slaughterhouse carcasses, were
injected into cows in a bid to create a new breed of super-cattle.

Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith, a Cambridge University geneticist on
the Government's Mad Cow Disease inquiry team, believes that in the
1980s veterinary scientists were becoming excited about the use of
bovine growth hormone use in cattle. Their view was that these hormones
could increase milk production.

In England, scientists at the Animal Research Council at Cambridge
University were particularly intrigued at producing a super-breed of
cows using a technique called multiple ovulation embryonic transfer.

These scientists injected pituitary hormones into top-milking cows, so
that the animals would produce several eggs instead of a single one.  By
forcing these cows to produce more than one egg, the fertilized embryos
could be transferred to cows that would then give birth to super-calves.
The theory is that the extracts of the pituitary gland might have
contained residues of contaminated brain tissues which were then
consumed by humans.

When these animals were slaughtered, their brains and body parts were
"infected" with Mad Cow Disease which spread throughout England.

A government investigation has already found that slaughterhouses
illegally sold pituitary glands to veterinarians and researchers.

Robert Cohen

15 -------------------------------------------------------------

15 What happens to the udders?

14 -------------------------------------------------------------
Saturday, August 14, 1999 - The FBI catches crooked dairymen in a
classic sting operation.


Dozens of Louisiana and Mississippi dairy farmers and milk truck drivers
have been caught in a federal sting operation involving watered-down,
salted milk.

The investigation began about eight months ago and involves as many as
60 people in the dairy industry.

Some dairymen were allegedly caught on hidden video cameras watering
down their milk and adding salt to disguise the water's presence. Some
were also caught making hush-money payoffs to truckers who transport
milk from farms to processors.


Jerome Walker, president of the Louisiana Milk Producers Association,
defended the criminal activity by saying:

"I don't think it's any health threat to anybody. If dairy farmers were
paid the amount of money needed to cover their expenses, this would
never have happened. It's just a sad situation."


Robert Cohen

13 -------------------------------------------------------------
Friday, August 13, 1999 - "President approves promotion measure for
dairy products."  GOT BRIBES?

That was the headline of a Hoard's Dairyman editorial on February 10,
1971. (Hoard's Dairyman is the dairy industry magazine, subscribed to by
over 100,000 readers).

Then-President Richard Nixon was in the process of developing a mutually
beneficial relationship with the dairy industry.  Dairymen and dairy
cooperative leaders had launched an enormous campaign, which resulted in
favorable legislation.

The legislation was pushed through (passed) in the closing days of the
91st session of Congress (which ended in December of 1970).

Hoard's reported:

 "Dairy farmers now have a new market-expanding tool as a result of
President Nixon signing into law, January 11, a bill enabling farmers to
use federal marketing orders to raise funds to promote greater
consumption of milk and dairy products."


Fifteen cents from every 100 pounds of milk produced by a dairy farmer
is paid to the National Fluid Milk Marketing Board.  In addition, twenty
cents is paid for every 100 pounds of milk processed by commercial
processors.  That's 35 cents multiplied by nearly 170 billion pounds of
milk and it adds up to nearly $600 million dollars.

Plenty of milk mustaches and plenty of:


On March 23, 1971, a few short weeks after scratching the farmers backs,
(they scratched his and he scratched theirs) grateful dairy
representatives visited Nixon in the White House.  They came bearing a
cash gift of $3 million dollars.  Aware that the "tape" was rolling,
Nixon said:

"Uh, I know that, uh, you are a group that are politically very
conscious . . .and you're willing to do something about it.  And, I must
say, a lot of businessmen and others don't do anything about it.  And
you do, and I appreciate that.  And, I don't have to spell it out."

After the dairymen left, John Connally was alone with Nixon and said:

"They are tough political operatives.  This is a cold political deal."

Later, Connally remarked:

"These dairymen are organized; they're adamant, they're militant, and
they're massing an enormous amount of money that they're going to put
into political activities, very frankly."

Do you imagine that the dairy industry does anything differently, 28
years later?

Robert Cohen

12 -------------------------------------------------------------
Thursday, August 12, 1999 - Nursing calves reduce milk production.  The
farmer's solution is to feed soymilk to baby cows!

I was thumbing through an old issue of Hoard's Dairyman (January 10,
1956) and learned that 9-10 pounds of milk are required for a nursing
calf to gain just one pound of body weight.

Farmers today receive about $14 for every 100 pounds of milk that they
produce.  The break-even point for his baby "veal" is nearly $1.40 per
pound.  Farmers receive around 40 cents per pound when selling that calf
to the meat processor, which would represent an enormous loss.

Therefore, milk-fed veal is impossibility at today's prices.


Baby females are raised to become milk producers.  Males suffer a
different fate.

These days, calves are kept chained to a stall in a tiny crate that
keeps them from standing and exercising, which would add muscle fiber to
their flesh.  They remain weak and anemic so that their pale white flesh
resembles the milk-fed veal of days long ago.  These animals cannot even
turn in their stalls.  They are force-fed and lay in their own feces.

Those who call themselves compassionate vegetarians and still use milk
and dairy products are unaware of the cruelest aspect of the factory-
farm business.

In order for cows to give milk, they must first give birth.  Milk
drinkers indirectly support the veal industry.

Dairy farmers cannot afford to be compassionate to their animals.
Compassion is bad for business.

The 43-year old Hoard's article directs this ending comment to the dairy

"The nursing calf is a big milk waster as well as eater, and in the end
he may not be the only sucker in the barn."

Robert Cohen

11 -------------------------------------------------------------
Wednesday, August 11, 1999 - Milk can be found in the craziest of
places.  Got Gum?  An emergency alert is issued by the manufacturer!

Who would imagine that gum manufacturers would put milk in their
product.  Got TRIDENT?  Got milk!

Warner Lambert issued an alert last week warning people with milk
allergies to avoid two new Trident chewing gum products.


Recaldent is a milk-casein derivative.  Trident for kids and Trident
Advantage both contain this milk protein.

Concerned Warner Lambert executives issued a warning after two children
suffered allergic reactions after chewing the gum.

As a result of this incident, the manufacturer is recalling all gum
containing Recaldent, and plans to prominently label gum containing

Please call Warner Lambert and let them know how much you appreciate
having casein in gum.

Casein is the same glue used to hold a label to a bottle of beer.
Casein is the same glue used to hold together wood in furniture.

WARNING:  Don't swallow the gum!

Robert Cohen

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Tuesday, August 10, 1999 - Nebraska Dairy subsidy amazes the NOTMILKMAN.

Last week I drove through Nebraska on the way to Colorado.  The beauty
of America's Midwest can be appreciated during the growing season.
Fields of corn stretched from Route 70 to the horizon.  Occasionally,
there were acres of soybeans, but Nebraska is about corn.

We stopped at a campground after driving six hundred miles and I bought
the local newspaper.  There was a page one story about a dairy farm
coming to Nebraska.

I read and was stunned.

A Texas dairy operation was re-locating to Lincoln, bringing 1240 dairy
cows.  The Nebraska state assembly had decided upon a subsidy of
$495,000 for that dairy farm which was expected to provide 30 jobs.


The federal government has a subsidized feed program for dairy animals.
Last year, USDA gave $200 million to dairy farmers after the most
profitable year in dairy industry history.  USDA also purchases about
ten billion pounds of milk and cheese in what amounts to a federally
funded food giveaway program.

The dairy lobby is one of the most powerful in America.  It's funded by
dairymen, who pay 20 cents for every hundred pounds of milk which they
produce.  That adds up to about $350 million dollars per year.

The dairy lobby is also funded by tax dollars.  State and federal
giveaways are accomplished at the expense of the taxpayer.  Ten billion
pounds of surplus milk purchased at retail makes for one very powerful

Who pays the price?

Robert Cohen

9 -------------------------------------------------------------
Monday, August 9, 1999 -  Joanne Farb's Colossal Zucchini

I've been on the road for two weeks, travelling with my wife and three
daughters from New Jersey to Colorado and back again.  On the return
trip, we stayed with the Farb family just outside of Kansas City.

Joanne Farb invited me to speak at the annual Kansas City Vegetarian
Society Barbecue.  The event was attended by 150 very well fed people
who had either adopted the vegetarian lifestyle, or were there to find
out whether there could be such a thing as a non-meat barbecue.  There
were veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs and salads extrordinaire.


Joanne and Joe Farb and their daughters Serina and Samantha have a
beautiful home and live on 19 acres.  They've dedicated a portion of
their property to an organic farm that provides an enormous amount of
food for their family and friends.


Have you ever seen Mark McGwire's baseball bat?  Paint it green and
you'll be able to picture the zucchini that Joanne gave to me (along
with homemade baked muffins, homemade soy-based cheeses, and other


What do you do with a zucchini that is too large to fit into one
refrigerator?  You cut it into thirds!  Joanne's zucchini became three
meals for my family of five.


The first afternoon we cooked one pound of pasta.  The zucchini was
sliced thin into julienned strips along with carrots, minced parsley,
then added to the pasta with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.  That
evening we sautéed portabello mushrooms, large slices of zucchini, and
peppers in peanut and sesame oil, added soy-based oyster sauce and shoyu
and served the veggies on brown rice.  The following afternoon we
enjoyed a simple salad of cooked corn (stripped from the ears) with
shredded zucchini and freshly picked vine ripened tomatoes.


Joanne's gift became the basis for three meals, which fed five people!
Should you be lucky enough to grow one of these beauties yourself, or
have a friend who bestows one of these summer giants upon you, count
your blessings and use this column as a recipe for great eating.

Robert Cohen

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8 Meatless meats

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Saturday, August 7, 1999 - New York Times Letter to the Editor reveals
biotechnology's Achilles heel.


A letter to the New York TIMES editor, written by Henry Miller, M.D.,
ex-director of the FDA's Office of Biotechnology (1989-1994) reveals
that even the most senior FDA official is ignorant of the hazards of

"Monday, August 9, 1999


Diane Johnson (Op-Ed, Aug. 2) laments 'a lack of information' about the
safety of genetically modified plants.  In fact, during the past two
decades prominent national and international scientific groups have
studied the safety of the new molecular methods of genetic modification
applied to plants, microorganisms and animals.

Their conclusions have been remarkably congruent: There is no evidence
of unique hazards in either gene-splicing or in the movement of genes
from one organism to another.  Risk resides primarily with the
characteristics of the organism and the function of the introduced gene.
Gene-splicing is more precise, but it does not differ fundamentally from
the kinds of genetic manipulation that have been routinely and safely
used for many decades."

(Faxed and EMAILED to the NY TIMES 8/6/99)


New York Times
Via Facsimile  212-556-3622
229 W. 43rd St.
New York, NY  10036

To the Editor:

Henry Miller, M.D., the former director of the FDA's Office of
Biotechnology, in his letter to the editor of August 5, 1999, admonishes
critics of genetic engineering because, in his words, the conclusions of
"prominent national and international scientific groups have studied...
their conclusions... there is no evidence of unique hazards in either
gene splicing or in the movement of genes from one organism to another."

During Dr. Miller's watch, something terrible happened and he must be
held responsible.  Dr. Miller, like many other FDA regulators, was not
aware that Monsanto created a "freak amino acid" when genetically
engineering their much-publicized bovine growth hormone.  Evidence of
that error was published in the July 3, 1994 issue of a peer-reviewed
journal, Journal of Protein Science.  This incriminating scientific
paper was authored by Monsanto's Bernard Violand, Ph.D.

Robert Cohen

6 -------------------------------------------------------------
Friday, August 6, 1999 - Lenny Bruce's NOTMILK routine.

Lenny Bruce was more than a stand-up comic.  He was a revolutionary who
spoke against the world's hypocrisy.

Here's Bob Dylan's 1981 eulogy.

"Lenny Bruce is dead but his ghost lives on and on.
Never did get any Golden Globe award, never made it to Synanon.
He was an outlaw, that's for sure.
More of an outlaw than you ever were.
Lenny Bruce is gone but his spirit's livin' on and on."

Here's what Lenny said about milk in February of 1961 at Carnegie Hall:


"Milk is bad for you.  Yeah, that's another thing.  Milk for ten years
has been getting stabbed.  Mucus free diets.  Flemmo.  Yeech.  Don't
drink milk.

Milk is good for you.

No it's not.  It's not good for you.  You've been lying all these years,
ma.  It's bad for you.  And spinach gives you cancer.  That's why you're
all literally eating this food...conditioning.  It's all on your plate.
Eat it all."

Lenny was a man before his time.  The audience laughs continuously
through this "live" routine.  The "mucus" reference hit the strongest
nerve and got the biggest laugh.  Everybody knew the truth in 1961, just
as everybody knows the truth now.  We laugh at those things which touch
closest to the bone.

(Thanks to Mark Hertzberg for sending us a cassette copy of this tape).

Robert Cohen

5 -------------------------------------------------------------
Thursday, August 5, 1999 - Lactose?  Females should not and cannot
tolerate it!  New cancer study on ovarian cancer and lactose offers
warning to women.


A new study just published in the American Journal of Epidemiology
(1999;150:183-186) serves as a new warning to woman that milk can indeed
be a deadly poison.

On July 15, Reuters Health reported that poor absorption of lactose may
more than double the risk of ovarian cancer in women.
Dr. Gian Franco Meloni and colleagues from the University of Sassari,
Italy, examined the link between this hard-to digest milk sugar and
ovarian cancer, and found that nearly one-third of ovarian cancer
patients were characterized as "lactose absorbers," compared with only
15% of controls. Based on these data, the authors calculate that the
risk of ovarian cancer in lactose absorbers is increased 2.51-fold
compared with women with normal lactose digestion.


Lactose is a milk sugar, made up of glucose and galactose.  Most adults
lack an enzyme (lactase) necessary to break down lactose into these two

Dr. Meloni concluded that galactose is a toxin and that"...lactose
ingestion and lactase persistence may play a role in the pathogenesis of
ovarian cancer."


Glucose as a carcinogen plus insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) in
milk as a powerful growth hormone and cellular proliferator might very
well combine and become a lethal one-two combination.

Ovarian cancer can be a deadly diagnosis.  The solution might very well
be in its prevention.  The answer?  NOTMILK!

Thanks to Bev Sutton for providing the link to this study.

Robert Cohen

4 -------------------------------------------------------------
Wednesday, August 4, 1999 - Got Irritable Bowels or Crohns?  Join 40
million Americans in discovering that milk is to blame.  This is the
absolute proof that the dairy industy has been dreading!


I have been reporting for two years that mycobacterium paratuberculosis
(Para-T) is not killed by pasteurization.  This bacteria causes Johne's
disease in cows (constant diarrhea) and has been linked to Crohn's and
irritable bowel syndrome in humans.


Last year, USDA tried to demonstrate that pasteurization destroyed this
little bug.  They pasteurized milk for 15 minutes at a temperature
usually reserved for a 15-second process.  They did not destroy the
bacteria until they treated the milk for 30 minutes, 120 times as long
as it is usually heat-treated.


FDA accepted USDA'S phony study.  So did Hoard's Dairyman, the dairy
industry magazine, which reported this good news lie to its readers.


The latest issue of "Cheese Market News" includes a column written by
Kathryn Boor, director of Cornell University's Milk Quality Improvement
Program.  Boor also serves as the New York State Cheese Manufacturers'
Association secretary and scientific advisor.  Boor reported the results
of a shocking scientific study.  She wrote:

"Dr. Douglas S. Millar found that at least 15 of 312 milk samples
collected at retail stores contained viable M. paratuberculosis."

If you buy milk every day, that means that you can be eating a live
bacteria which causes irritable bowel syndrome, once every twenty days.

Once that bacteria cultures in your gut it is nearly impossible to get
rid of.

Is a lifetime of misery worth the great taste of milk with your Oreos?


Robert Cohen

3 -------------------------------------------------------------
Tuesday, August 3, 1999 - The soymilk machines are in!  Recipes for
delicious milk alternatives and great tasting veggie-burgers.


I've been making fresh soy milk three times per week and am in love with
my soymilk machine.  I soak 1/3 cup of soybeans overnight, then add the
beans to this machine with six cups of water and in 14 minutes have
soymilk.  I add vanilla and sweetener (I use molasses) and refrigerate
the milk.


I've been throwing away the "gunk" or sludge that collects in the basket
after the beans are automatically ground.

Last week, I received an EMAIL asking what I did with the "Okara."  Dr.
Kathleen Waggoner of Iowa State University gave me a name for the stuff
I used to dump in my garbage can.
She sent me an email suggestion, followed by a faxed recipe.

I soon began to experiment on my own and have come up with a wonderful
new food!



I freeze the soy milk into ice cube trays and use them as a base for
thick shakes.  I add one apple and banana to a glass of orange juice and
an equal volume of soy ice cubes.  This makes smoothie drinks for five
people, my family!
I mixed into the Okara about 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour. (You can
grind the wheat in the grain grinder of your Vita Mix machine, if you
are lucky enough to own one.)  Add enough flour so that the mixture
holds its own shape in a spoon.

Sautee onions, garlic, carrots, celery and parsley in one tablespoon of
olive oil.  Add in this mix of carmelized veggies.  Then form balls,
then patties.

Cook in hot oil.

For variety, coat in bread crumbs, then fry.  Serve with wedges of
tomatoes and lettuce on a sesame seed bun!  (You deserve a break today!)

Robert Cohen

2 -------------------------------------------------------------

Monday, August 2, 1999 - Cows with Guns.  "He hid in the forest, read
books with great zeal, He loved Che Guevera, a revolutionary zeal: Cow
Tse Tongue."


An absurdity?  Perhaps, but this song has launched folksinger Dana Lyons
onto the charts.  It was number one in Australia for a week last year
and has been in the top ten on many country radio stations in the
western United States.


Dana is a story teller, in the tradition of Woody and Arlo Guthrie.  His
songs are environmentally friendly and his young people's concerts are
sold out all across North America.

I recently attended one of his performances and was more than pleased.
He captured the attention of the children and their grandparents and put
on an entertaining show that ended all too soon.  His songs are of
America's greatness and he touches his audience with gentle pain and
laughter.  He merges American history with animal rights.  Spirits of
our ancestors merge with the souls of animals.


"I thought I saw her walking by the cages In her hand she held all the
keys I thought I saw her walking by the cages And all the creatures were
running free.

I dreamed he was drowning with dolphins And he swam in the blood of a
whale But last night I thought I saw him in the harbor A boat was
sinking, he must have been there."


He had to perform "Cows With Guns" twice.  The audience demanded it. The
second time, he was joined by guest vocalist, Howard Lyman.  Two dancers
also performed their interpretive jazz/ballet before an appreciative

"The cows were surrounded, they waited and prayed. They mooed their last
moos And chewed their last hay Cows outgunned

The order was given to turn cows to whoppers Enforced by the might of
ten thousand coppers But on the horizon surrounding the shoppers Came
the deafening roar of chickens in choppers."

Cows have won!

Dana's award-winning CD can be ordered by calling toll-free 1-888-878-

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1 THE MAD COWBOY (Howard Lyman)

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