The Dairy Education Board
Diary for December 1999

By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text

December 1999 Hungerstrike Diary (1 December is day 25)
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12-01-99 DAY 25 - Behind the scenes in the nation's capitol
12-02-99 DAY 26 - Transcript of my testimony
12-03-99 DAY 27 - Price of milk falls again, and crashes
12-04-99 DAY 28 - Genetic Engineering destroys farmers
12-05-99 DAY 29 - Three hundredth person joins the fast
12-06-99 DAY 30 - One month hunger strike review
12-07-99 DAY 31 - Critics blast the hunger strike
12-08-99 DAY 32 - Obesity in America.  Got Milk?
12-09-99 DAY 33 - Riots in the streets.  WTO and Biotechnology
12-10-99 DAY 34 - Washington - USDA hearing
12-11-99 DAY 35 - New Monsanto errors revealed
12-12-99 DAY 36 - Message to FDA:  We are watching you!
12-13-99 DAY 37 - Somebody must be watching....
12-14-99 DAY 38 - Oakland biotechnology protest
12-15-99 DAY 39 - We possess the truth supported by real science
12-16-99 DAY 40 - A long list of people who do not like Raymond
12-17-99 DAY 41 - The real cure for cancer: PREVENTION
12-18-99 DAY 42 - How goes the fast?
12-19-99 DAY 43 - Fantastic!  Important help from the MILKweed
12-20-99 DAY 44 - Biotech Testimony now at the FDA
12-21-99 DAY 45 - Cambridge University Press "Protein Science": a smoking gun
12-22-99 DAY 46 - The news... they bury the important stuff!
12-23-99 DAY 47 - Monsanto and EPCOT's Future World: a REAL Mickey Mouse act!
12-24-99 DAY 48 - Kimberly: a people-rights activist
12-25-99 DAY 49 - "Substantial Equivalence" = insider trading
12-26-99 DAY 50 - "SUBSTANTIAL DIVERGENCE" There MUST be a law!
12-27-99 DAY 51 - Touted "need" for biotechnology is seriously flawed!
12-28-99 DAY 52 - Message from within... or what?
12-29-99 DAY 53 - Simple (and natural) cure
12-30-99 DAY 54 - New inspiration
12-31-99 DAY 55 - Facing the extreme


 Wednesday, December 1 - Day 25

  Today is Day #25 of my hunger strike.  I have spent an enormous amount
  of time and energy criticizing our Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

  During yesterday's panel discussion in Washington, I found out just how
  real FDA employees are.  While I am on a hunger strike and not eating, I
  sat in on a breakfast and lunch buffet for the panelists and FDA
  administrators, and had the opportunity to discuss the issues on this
  hunger strike with many of those people "in power."

  The Director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine is Steven Sundlof,
  MD.  I have previously accused Dr. Sundlof of being one of the "good old
  boys," and have criticized the appearance of his favoring Monsanto.  In
  my book MILK--The Deadly Poison (p. 124), I reproduced a letter that Dr.
  Sundlof had written to the president of the Agriculture Committee of the
  European Parliament after that body had placed a moratorium on the use
  of rbGH.  Dr. Sundlof's letter to Frederich-Wilhelm Graefe zu Baringdorf
  reflected anger and frustration.  It seemed to me at the time that Dr.
  Sundlof was as unhappy about Europe's bad news as was Monsanto.

  In a small room, while breaking bread (I drank bottled water), I had the
  opportunity to discuss with Dr. Sundlof the mechanisms by which protein
  hormones in milk survive digestion.  The same proteins in steak would be
  easily digested.  Milk buffers gastric acidity and homogenization makes
  fat molecules 10 to 100 times smaller.  These micronized liposomes
  (smaller fat molecules) envelope protein hormones, giving them safe
  passage through the intestines where they are absorbed intact into the

  I further discussed recent evidence with Dr. Sundlof proving that levels
  of IGF-I increase by a factor of 10% in blood serum of those who drink
  milk.  Furthermore, I rehashed old evidence that called IGF-I the key
  factor in the growth and proliferation of breast, prostate, and lung
  cancers.  Finally, I reminded Dr. Sundlof that IGF-I levels increase
  after cows are treated with Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine
  growth hormone, and that IGF-I in humans and cows in identical.

  The panel discussion was a very valuable and rewarding experience.  What
  might have been more significant was the opportunity to meet with and
  discuss "real science" with members of FDA in an informal and friendly

  Tomorrow I will print a transcript of my comments from yesterday's
  Washington panel.

  Thursday, December 2 - Day 26
  The FDA Testimony - as promised

  [Robert Cohen appeared on an FDA panel in Washington on Tuesday,
  November 30, 1999…some of you may have seen his speech on C-Span…Mr.
  Cohen spoke last, and each of the other panel members read prepared
  statements.  Members of the panel also included Mildred Cody, who
  represented the American Dietetic Association; Mario Teisl, a professor
  of economics at the University of Maine; John Gray, president of the
  International Food Service Distributors Association; Kendal Keith,
  president of the National Grain & Feed Association; and Richard Caplan,
  an environmental advocate with the US Public Interest Research Group.]

  Testimony 11-30-99

  Hi everybody, I've got to apologize first - I don't have a prepared
  statement like the other panel members.  All I'm going to give here is
  some facts.

  I have a copy of the Federal Register. It says here advertising this

  "FDA is not aware of information that will distinguish genetically
  engineered food as a class from other foods."

  you some information today, guys.

  The greatest controversy in FDA history was the approval process for
  Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  We shouldn't
  be here today! We should not be in this room and I shouldn't be here
  because, in 1994, Congress HAD A BILL that was going to require
  mandatory labeling of all foods that were influenced by genetic
  engineering.  I got my Congresswoman to co-sponsor that bill - 181
  congresspeople co-sponsored that bill, and you know what? I learned how
  Congress works that year because in 6 months they stalled the bill - 12
  members of the Dairy Livestock  & Poultry Committee - they stalled the
  bill until the 1994 session of Congress expired and the bill died.

  I was so upset, I investigated these 12 men and found that collectively
  they took $711,000 in PAC money from companies with dairy interests, and
  four of the members of the committee took money directly from Monsanto.

  Now we've got a lot of political intrigue and some real science here.
  We've got science fiction, we've got a combination of John Grisham and
  we've got a combination of Stephen King.

  Nikita Khrushchev said that what the scientists have in their briefcase
  A STACK OF PAPERS] and I've got some interesting things in my briefcase
  to share with you today.

  When Monsanto made their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone,
  they noticed a couple of problems right towards the end - right before
  approval.  They noticed that laboratory animals were getting cancer, and
  they noticed that cows were getting mastitis, ulcers in their udders.
  They were putting more pus and bacteria into the milk. So Monsanto

  We've heard from Dr. Maryanski this morning, and Dr. Maryanski talked
  about the Pure Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act but what he didn't tell you
  was that in 1958, Robert Delaney, a congressman from New York, added the
  Delaney Amendment which was named after him.  The Delaney Amendment
  stated that if a food additive caused cancer, it was not to be approved
  - a pretty good law - right?

  Monsanto got their attorney, Michael Taylor from the firm of King &
  Spalding…  By the way, when they started in 1979, they groomed their
  attorney who is now in the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, from the same
  law firm.

  Anyway, Monsanto's attorney, Michael Taylor, wrote and minimized the
  Delaney Amendment- he wrote a scientific paper that was published in the
  "Journal of Toxicology".  Lawyers -they write in law review journals,
  but this lawyer wrote in the "Journal of Toxicology":  "a De-Minumus
  interpretation of the Delaney Amendment" became the new protocol, the
  new standard operating procedure at FDA.  They minimized cancer.

  Michael Taylor was hired by the Food & Drug Administration, and became
  the second most powerful man there, Monsanto's attorney - he wrote the
  standard operating procedure.  In other words, if you see cancer, ignore
  it.  Margaret Miller and Suzanne Sechen, Monsanto's scientists, were
  hired by the FDA to review Monsanto's own research.

  Margaret Miller knew cows were getting mastitis. The first week at the
  FDA, December 3, 1989, she was given broad power, and here's an affect
  of genetic engineering nobody has considered.  She knew cows were
  getting sick from the genetically engineered hormone.  She changed the
  amount of antibiotics that farmers could have in their milk.  She
  changed it from 1 part per 100 million to 1 part per million - this is a
  fact!  She increased it by 100 times.

  There is a hero of mine in the audience, Michael Hansen from Consumer's
  Union - Consumer's Union tested milk in the New York metropolitan area
  and found the presence of 52 different antibiotics in milk samples.

  FDA published on August 24, 1990, the first time ever in a peer-reviewed
  journal, in "Science". "Science" was started by Thomas Edison in the
  1880's. They published a review of bovine somatotropin -bGH -the
  genetically engineered cow hormone.  And in that review, there were
  seven tables of data. Five of those tables came from one study authored
  by Richard, Odaglia and Deslex. This is the famous "90-Day Study." Guess
  what?  This was actually a study lasting for 180 days and when I first
  heard about this in 1994, I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request
  for that study - because I saw from the data that the average spleen of
  a lab animal increased 46%.

  I called FDA and spoke with Dick Teske.  I said, "46%? You said there
  were no biological effects!"

  He said, "That's not statistically significant."

  I said, "Well, let me see the raw data."

  He said, "It's a trade secret."

  I called Monsanto, they laughed at me.  They said, "It's a trade secret
  and you will never see it."

  I'm smart, I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request, but I
  didn't realize you can't find out the study.  I went to Federal Court, I
  said, "Your honor - spleen increase of 46%, that's leukemia in 90

  I met with FDA on April 21, 1995, and found out that this was actually
  a 180-day study.

  In Canada, they had this study.  I have a letter here [ROBERT COHEN
  REACHES INTO HIS BRIEFCASE], an internal memorandum:

  "This is to advise you that the copies of reports, letters, etc. for
  drug submissions have been stolen from my files."

  This was stolen from a scientist's file in Canada. They stole the second
  half of the "90-Day Study."

  We've got real science here. I'm going to talk briefly about the real
  science because when Monsanto made this hormone, they had to tell the
  FDA - they had to draw a chart of every amino acid - the 191 amino
  acids. And when FDA wrote their paper in "Science" magazine they wrote
  that one amino acid changed - it was a different hormone than the
  naturally occurring one.

  At the same time, somebody hired C. Everett Koop to come and say that
  genetically engineered milk and the good old wholesome milk is
  indistinguishable. Well, it wasn't.  Something happened to the hormone
  that Monsanto made. The FDA said that there was one change in the
  endamino acid. It became epsilon-N-acetyllysine.  FDA had written if
  there was a change in the middle of the protein, there could be
  disastrous results.  They cited Jerome Moore.  I got Jerome Moore's
  paper.  It said if there is a protein change in the middle, there could
  be Alzheimer's or sickle cell anemia or diabetes.

  Four months after the hormone was approved, one of Monsanto's
  scientists, Bernard Violand, published in the July 3, 1994 issue of the
  journal "Protein Science" evidence that Monsanto made a mistake.

  Oops!  Monsanto created a freak amino acid.  Did you ever see that movie
  "The Fly" with Jeff Goldblum when the fly comes in and he becomes
  half-human and half-fly?  Monsanto created a freak amino acid.  Monsanto
  admitted it but didn't tell the FDA.  [ROBERT COHEN TURNS AND POINTS TO

  Gentlemen, the hormone that's on the market today is different than the
  one you tested for seven years.  Monsanto spent 500 million dollars,
  submitted 55,000 pages of information to you, learned late in the
  process that they created a freak amino acid - that's what was tested on
  laboratory animals and it didn't matter because FDA said to Monsanto,
  you know something?  It's safe because when you pasteurize milk, you
  destroy the hormone.

  They performed this research up in Guelph, Ontario by Paul Groenewegan,
  To this day, FDA thinks -it's on your web page - that 90% of the bovine
  growth hormone is destroyed by pasteurization.  But what Paul
  Groenewegan did working with Ted Elasser and Brian McBride, two Monsanto
  scientists, was he pasteurized milk for 30 minutes at 162ºF, and when I
  read that - I said, wait a second, milk is pasteurized for 15 seconds at
  that temperature - not 30 minutes.  They intentionally tried to destroy
  the hormone, they only destroyed 19% of it - somebody lied.  And at that
  moment, FDA said to Monsanto:

  "Because you destroy it by pasteurization, you don't have to do further
  toxicology studies.  You don't have to develop a test for this hormone
  in milk.  It's now safe to drink."

  They (FDA) developed a zero day withdrawal - they determined it was safe
  to drink.

  We have a lot of political intrigue here.  We have an interesting
  situation where people have said that a revolving door policy exists at
  FDA.  I mean, where is the ex-FDA commissioner, guess who he is working
  for? He is working for Monsanto.  Bob Dole ran for President, his Chief
  of Staff was Donald Rumsfeld (ex-president of Searle, owned by
  Monsanto).  I have one last comment…


  I know, but we have a labeling issue here - we have a right to know  - I
  have listened to comments about "multi-faceted educational effort that
  we need" - that's called brainwashing! I don't want a "multi-faceted
  educational effort" - I want a double helical structure (AUDIENCE
  APPLAUDS) on a piece of food that I'm going to buy in the supermarket
  because I have a right to know.

  Because the bottom line is - mistakes were made and when I hear from the
  American Dietetic Association, [ROBERT COHEN ADDRESSES A MEMBER OF THE
  want to remind you that Monsanto gave you $100,000 to set up a toll-free
  hotline about the bovine growth hormone.

  Mistakes were made! We've got political intrigue here and the bottom
  line is we have a right to know what we are eating.  Thank you.

  ********* End testimony 11-30-99

  Friday, December 3 - Day 27

  Dear Friends,

  Today is the twenty-seventh day of my hungerstrike.

  Rachel's photo is next to mine on the LONG TERM portion of this website.
  Many months ago, Rachel planted into me the seed for this hungerstike.

  Yesterday Rachel decided that her body needed a rest from her fast, and
  she will soon be eating food.  She is listening to her body, and I urge
  all people to do the same.

  There is great wisdom and no shame in not continuing with me until
  death.  Many years ago, I used to go with my father to Madison Square
  Garden to watch track meets.

  We would cheer Marty Liquori as he attempted to run sub-four minute

  Quite often, in the same race, there would be runners whose role it was
  to set the pace and run a very fast first half-mile.  These runners
  would then drop out of the race and cheer from the sidelines along with
  the crowd.

  Rachel has given me great comfort and has been one of those runners.  We
  have spoken privately about her decision, which I support 100%.  I have
  not even once urged her to continue for another day... A few people have
  criticized Rachel's decision, and this is hurtful to me and Rach.  Many
  people in the dairy industry delight in seeing what they believe to be
  failure.  There is no failure.

  Americans are sending a clear signal to the dairy industry.  On March
  23, 1971, Richard Nixon received a $3 million dollar cash gift from the
  dairy industry.  The giving of that gift was recorded on a Watergate
  tape.  A few months later, Nixon set price controls for milk, and in
  doing so guaranteed that the price farmers receive for 100 pounds of
  milk would not fall below $9.90.  One month ago, farmers were receiving
  $16.49 for 100 pounds of milk.  As we started our hunger strike, the
  price of milk fell $4.77, a traumatic financial event for dairymen and
  their families.

  Next week, the wholesale price of milk will fall below the governmental
  support price for the first time in history.

  Our hunger strike is turning the eyes of the world upon FDA, waiting for
  their decision to revoke the genetically engineered bovine growth
  hormone.  We are also reaching American milk drinkers with new evidence.
  The genetic milk contains hormones which are dangerous for human health.

  As milk sours on the shelves, farmers continue to inject more hormones
  into their cows, producing more milk.  Less demand, more supply.  That
  ends up with the worst kind of economic theory.  In a free market, that
  means disaster for farmers as prices plummet.  When demand decreases,
  one should not increase supply.  That is what the dairy industry
  continues to do.

  Rachel wrote a letter explaining her decision and my reaction.  I would
  like to share that letter with you.


  "I had to write a note quickly and let you know that Robert was
  ABSOLUTELY supportive of my decision.  All along he has made it clear
  that we each make our own decisions in this. If I fasted for one day or
  for one hundred days or more, Robert would acknowledge that it is my
  decision and be supportive of that.

  Robert has completely validated my choice to temporarily go off the fast
  and has been incredibly appreciative of my participation in the protest
  as a whole.   His first concern would always be for the health and well-
  being of the participants and he would never want anyone to fast for one
  minute longer than they felt was right for them.

  Robert has made comparisons to climbing Mount Everest.  I make
  comparisons to running a marathon.  He is fasting for the long haul.
  I've run the first three weeks or so with him and I need to take a rest.
  Others are running with him now in the fast.  I will rejoin him down the
  road and run alongside him again.   Yet others are along the roadway
  handing him cups of water or juice to replenish his strength.  Still
  others are along the roadway shouting words of encouragement.   No one
  person plays a more important role than the other, in my opinion.  The
  important thing to remember is that we are all in this together, no
  matter what type of contribution we are making. Robert has stressed that
  time and again - this is OUR hunger strike.   It matters not to him that
  I needed to stop fasting for a while.  He trusts me enough to know that
  I'm doing what I feel is best.    In the long run I will be of much more
  value to the effort as a whole because of taking this brief break from
  the fast.  I believe that, and I know that Robert does too."

  Saturday, December 4 - Day 28

  Today is the twenty-eighth day of my hunger strike.  One month, and
  so much has happened. Yesterday was the worst day in the history of
  America's dairy industry.  Farmers witnessed wholesale milk prices fall
  so low that many of them will not be able to remain in business.

  I am proud to say that a result of my work has been to decrease
  America's consumption of milk.  By genetically engineering milk, there
  has been an increase of milk production in response to the decrease in
  demand, and farmers are feeling the pressure.  However, I take little
  pleasure in seeing such pain brought to dairymen and their families.
  America's dairy farmers are among the hardest working people in America.
  My comfort comes in knowing that their work ethic will allow them to
  survive and prosper in any other field of work.  I hope that many of
  them pursue organic farming.  I will then become a happy consumer and
  will urge others to buy their crops.

  There is a consequence of genetic engineering that few have previously
  considered and that is one of economics.

  Dairy farmers have been dealt the Queen of Spades, and many will see
  their pasts and futures destroyed by Monsanto during coming months.

  One year ago, farmers were getting $7.05 more for 100 pounds of milk
  than they are getting today. Yesterday, the wholesale price of milk fell
  to $9.79 for 100 pounds.  At this level, farmers cannot even afford to
  use Monsanto's genetically engineered hormone.  They are dying a slow
  death and are caught in failure's spiraling cyclone.

  Many will have no money to pay their mortgages nor send their children
  to college.  No belt-tightening will stave off the inevitable.  Monsanto
  has destroyed them.

  Twenty-five percent more milk in a market where the demand for milk is
  shrinking make for a poor economic theory.  Their solution?  Produce
  even more milk.  As demand decreased, supply increased.  As supply
  increased, Monsanto marketed and sold more of the genetically engineered
  bovine growth hormone.

  It will be no different with soybeans or corn.  It costs farmers over $3
  to grow a bushel of corn, yet, this past year they were receiving $1.87
  for that bushel.  The solution?  Grow more corn.  Europe will not buy
  our genetically engineered corn.  Man's greed has dissolved into man's
  tragedy.  The consequences of genetically modified organisms are more
  than just the health of human consumers and the environment.  There are
  economic concerns that may very well destroy America's farms.

  I urge all dairy farmers to join me for one day of fasting.  Let us send
  a message to the FDA.  We never wanted a hormone that would change the
  milk.  We did not need more milk.  The hormone caused disease in cows
  and cancer in lab animals.  Monsanto's fraud became the dairy farmers
  horrible destiny.  Loss of business, loss of farm.

  Let us all immediately ask FDA to revoke rbGH.

  Sunday, December 5 - Day 29

  Today is the twenty-ninth day of my hunger strike.

  Yesterday, the three hundredth person pledged support to our cause.
  Each member added to our team represents a special milestone, but three
  hundred people pledging to not eat any food for a day or longer
  represents a very special sacrifice.  I am touched.  We are a movement
  and have become soldiers in this army of activism.

  Nearly 25 centuries ago, the city-states making up the Greek empire were
  threatened by an invading force of 200,000 troops from Persia.  Nearly
  1,000 ships sailed against Greece, but its citizens were unprepared for
  such a threat.  Athens relied upon Sparta for its primary defense, but
  the Spartans were initially only able to put together an army of 300
  warriors.  The Spartan king, Leonidas, led his troops to a narrow
  50-foot gap between the mountains and sea, and there began a classic
  defense of that nation.

  Three hundred soldiers saved the Greek empire, just as 300 of us are now
  ready to etch our mark upon world history.  They fought with passion and
  determination, and held King Xerxes and his army at that pass for nearly
  a week.  That provided enough time for Athens to plan a strategy and
  properly arm for battle.  A few weeks later, an outnumbered Greek army
  and navy routed the invading Persian force and won their victory, just
  as we shall win ours.

  Our weapons are not spears, and we do not kill our adversaries.  We win
  this battle with logic.  With science.  With facts.

  The FDA has a decision to make, and they are now in a stalling pattern.
  We seek to end a threat to all Americans.  There is a poison in our
  food.  There was once a poison at FDA.  The old guard has left and a new
  administration rules.  Our scientific data are being analyzed.  Our
  proof of previous scientific fraud and deceit is being reviewed by
  senior FDA administrators.

  We wage our battle by our hunger strike.  We continue, trusting in the
  wisdom of FDA reviewers.  We are patient, but every day that passes is
  another day that milk consumers are jeopardized.

  We are at war, make no doubt about that.  We have called upon FDA to
  review our claims.  Are they vigilant?  Are they diligent?

  Monsanto defrauded the FDA.  The genetically engineered bovine growth
  hormone now on the market is entirely different from the hormone that
  was approved in 1994.  Monsanto changed the formula and never told FDA.
  That evidence has been presented to FDA.  There is no dispute.  Monsanto
  is guilty.  Time will place additional guilt upon FDA.  They must act
  immediately.  We question that delay.

  Must we use additional weapons?  Perhaps a Congressional investigation
  is appropriate.  We rely upon FDA reviewers to do the right thing.  Will
  they?  How long do we wait?  This is a battle that is now being
  fought on many playing fields. We hope and trust that FDA is our ally
  and a friend to the American people.  We know that Monsanto is not.

  Last week, angry Americans rioted in the streets of Seattle at meetings
  of the World Trade Organization.  FDA is concerned that a similar
  protest will occur in Oakland.  On Monday, December 13th, FDA will hold
  a hearing across the Golden State Bridge from America's traditional
  hotbed of political protest, Berkeley, California.

  We urge FDA to send a message to America before that meeting.  Lies and
  deceit will no longer be tolerated.  Monsanto has poisoned America with
  their bovine growth hormone.  Canada fairly reviewed Monsanto's research
  and rejected that hormone.  So did Europe.  Now is the time for FDA to
  act.  We consider FDA our protector and remind them of their fiduciary

  The age of protest revisits America.  We want peace and harmony, but let
  FDA know that Seattle was the first warning.  Please let us trust you,
  and allow us to enter the new millennium as partners.  Be our friend,
  and not our enemy.  The lines of battle are drawn.

  Does FDA march with Monsanto or do they independently and fairly review
  the evidence against a firm that lied and cheated?

  To not act makes FDA as guilty as those who are the liars and deceivers.

  Monday, December 6 - Day 30

  Today is the 30th day of my diary.  Many of you have written to me on a
  daily basis asking about my health.  The truth should be known, while I
  have not eaten in 30 days, I haven't felt this good in many years.  My
  energy level is high, I need less sleep, and little aches and pains that
  one associates with mid-life have ceased.  Perhaps things might take a
  turn for the worse after my 60th day or my 100th day of not eating.

  Some of you have asked why I am on a hunger strike and have suggested
  that I post a "button" with the hows and whys and meaning of this hunger
  strike.  Your advice is good advice, and I will do that today.  Here is
  what I will post:

  The greatest controversy in the history of the Food & Drug
  Administration was the approval process for Monsanto's genetically
  engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH).  Evidence submitted to FDA
  reveals an enormous scientific fraud and political deceit perpetrated on
  the American people.

  Recently obtained scientific data indicated that Monsanto's hormone
  caused cancer in laboratory animals.

  FDA incorrectly concluded that there were no biological effects on lab
  animals and assumed that rbGH in milk could not survive digestion.  A
  newly published study indicates that milk hormones increase 10% in human
  blood serum.

  Monsanto created a "freak amino acid" when they first made the bovine
  growth hormone.  They learned of this error after FDA had finished their
  review, and they changed the formula without alerting FDA.  The drug
  that is on the market is completely different from the one that was
  approved and must be immediately taken out of our food supply.

  There is no ethical, legal, or scientific reason for FDA to continue to
  protect Monsanto.  We are on a hunger strike and will continue to remain
  on a hunger strike until FDA honestly reviews out evidence.  Such review
  most certainly will end with FDA revoking rbGH.

  My life and my possible death are dedicated to the children who have
  gotten leukemia and other cancers similar to those seen in laboratory
  animals.  I will end my hunger strike only when FDA acts.

  There is enormous evidence on this website.  Please review the facts and
  send an e-mail to FDA to let them know that you will no longer accept
  such compromise and deceit.  Please, if you can, join us for one
  symbolic day and let us share your name with the rest of the world.

  Tuesday, December 7 - Day 31

  Today is the 31st day of my hunger strike.  We are a small army.
  Fighting a battle properly relies upon logistics, planning, and analysis
  of data.  We are, by our existence, an enormous threat to Monsanto.
  Last year, Monsanto did $8.6 billion worth of business.  Our hunger
  strike could take away hundreds of millions of dollars of annual cash
  flow and has the potential to severely damage, if not altogether
  destroy, hundreds of billions of dollars of future genetically
  engineered biotech sugarplums.

  Do you imagine that Monsanto will rest and not do anything about our

  In October, I registered and opened the site.  I began
  my hunger strike on November 7th.  In early October, I began discussions
  with Monsanto urging them to remove the bovine growth hormone on their
  own.  I alerted a few senior level Monsanto executives that I was going
  to file a citizen's petition with FDA.

  The reason why I am writing these things in today's journal entry is
  because another website opened during the month of October.  That
  website is  The owner of that website is Paul
  Dennis.  Mr. Dennis has e-mailed every person on the hunger strike list
  with lies about the amount of people visiting the
  site.  Please be aware that we have received over 5,000 visits from
  people at FDA alone.

  Mr. Dennis pretends to have our best interests at heart, yet the opening
  sentence of his letter is, "Robert Cohen's hunger strike is not going
  well."  He then continues in his letter to tell you that "your sacrifice
  will be for nothing."  He then offers advice on how to increase traffic
  to a site.

  A review of the guestbook on my first website,, reveals
  1,440 letters.  I challenge anybody to find any guestbook on the
  Internet with more passionate responses to any issue than what the
  notmilk guestbook has generated.

  Mr. Dennis' expert advice and knowledge does not apply to his own
  website.  His guestbook contains 18 letters.  The
  contains over 100 letters.  The first letter in his guestbook comes from
  an angry critic.  Normally, when one sets up a webpage, one first sends
  news of that page to colleagues and friends.

  Mr. Dennis has written a letter to my guestbook (record #83) in which he
  "slams" the advice of the three doctors listed on this site.  Dennis
  calls fasting "the polite word for starvation."  In that letter posted
  on 11-26, he writes that there is "clear evidence that almost nobody is
  listening, why should Monsanto and FDA care about the hunger strike?"

  Dennis criticizes the fact that I have removed the counter from the
  page.  Last week, many of you may have seen that the website is now more
  user-friendly and easier to load. At the same time that I removed the
  counter, I also removed the graphic containing my book and tape, which
  were for sale.  The site now loads more easily.


  Remember friends, Monsanto has a multi-billion dollar investment.  Mr.
  Dennis may or not be an infiltrator.  However, with friends like this
  who needs enemies?  The hunger strike will be the subject of three major
  magazine articles next month, and I am currently working with a
  television crew from one of America's network news magazine shows.
  There are also other surprises in store that some of you know about, but
  will not be pre-published on this site so that they achieve the greatest
  publicity effect.

  Should Mr. Dennis wish to post a comment to the guestbook, that comment
  will be posted in its entirety.  Please be aware, however, that the
  apple that Mr. Dennis extends to you may not be offered with the best of
  intentions, and I urge you to read his comments and then exercise your
  control over your delete button.

  Wednesday, December 8 - Day 32

  Today is the 32nd day of my hunger strike.  Tomorrow I will present the
  following to the United States Department of Agriculture in Washington,
  DC.  Milk contains hormones.  That is what our hunger strike is about.
  USDA is holding hearings about obesity in America.  The following is a
  part of my presentation.  It may shock you:


  Throughout history, obesity and wealth have been directly proportional.
  Aristocracy has always benefited from the creme de la creme of man's
  food supply, and overeating of rich foods has been reserved for the
  rulers of both primitive and civilized societies.

  Today, starvation and malnutrition are directly proportional to poverty
  in most world nations.  America is the exception.  In the United States,
  being poor often means being overweight.

  Poor children in America's inner cities are often roly-poly fat
  children.  Drive by any schoolyard in America's inner cities and
  overweight kids are the norm, not the exception.

  Children, lacking in proper nutrition at home, are now the beneficiaries
  of school breakfast and lunch programs.

  What food group is the most subsidized in America?

  Milk and dairy products.

  On March 23, 1971, President Richard Nixon was taped accepting a $3
  million dollar cash gift in the oval office.  John Connally soon entered
  and commented:  "These men are adamant, they're militant and they're
  massing an enormous amount of money to place into political activities."

  Milk is now mandatory for school lunch programs.

  Milk contains powerful growth hormones, fat, and cholesterol. The most
  powerful growth hormone in the human body is identical to the most
  powerful growth hormone in a cow's body.  That hormone instructs every
  cell in the human body to grow.

  Bovine hormones in milk survive digestive processes and act to turn our
  children into bovine-like creatures.

  Milk contains powerful hormones.  Rates of sexual maturity in children
  are astounding endocrinologists and behavioral psychologists.  A recent
  study revealed that eighty percent of nine-year-old African-American
  girls had breast development.

  Children are becoming overweight at an early age.  By eating growth
  hormones in combination with animal fat, the body has a way of listening
  to the signals of those chemical messengers: GROW!

  Many children of color live below the poverty level.  In its wisdom, the
  United States Department of Agriculture provides free food and
  nutritional programs for these kids.  In its lack of wisdom, USDA has
  chosen milk and dairy products to be the major components of these kids'
  diets.  These children now receive free breakfasts of cereal with milk,
  free lunches of chocolate milk with macaroni and cheese or pizza.  A
  free snack before they go home is more chocolate milk.

  In Japan, every year since 1946, tens-of-thousands of persons have been
  interviewed and their diets carefully analyzed along with their weights
  and heights and other factors such as cancer rates and age of puberty
  (the last measured by the onset of menstruation in young girls).  This
  study includes detailed personal interviews and is well respected and
  accepted by scientists.  In 1975, 21,707 persons from 6,093 households
  were included in the sampling.  The results of the study were published
  in a respected scientific journal, Preventive Medicine (Yasuo Kagawa,
  Department of Biochemistry, Jichi Medical School, Japan, 7, 205-217,

  Japan had been devastated by losing a war and was occupied by American
  troops.  Americanization included dietary changes.  Milk and dairy
  products, relatively unknown to Japan, were becoming a significant part
  of the Japanese diet.  According to this study, the per capita yearly
  dietary intake of dairy products in 1950 was only 5.5 pounds.  Twenty-
  five years later, the average Japanese ate 117.4 pounds of milk and
  dairy products.

  What happened to young girls and the impact of milk consumption on
  puberty is dramatic.  In 1950, the average twelve-year-old girl was 4'6"
  tall and weighed 71 pounds.  By 1975, the average Japanese girl, after
  guzzling a daily diet of milk and dairy products containing 59 different
  bioactive hormones, had grown an average of 4 1/2 inches and gained 19
  pounds.  In 1950, the average Japanese girl had her first menstrual
  cycle at the age of 15.2 years.  Twenty-five years later, after a daily
  intake of estrogen and progesterone from milk, the average Japanese girl
  was ovulating at the age of 12.2 years, three years younger.

  Ten pounds of milk are required to make one pound of cheese. In 1960,
  the average American ate ten pounds of cheese.  Today, the average
  American eats thirty pounds of cheese.  Concentrated growth hormones in
  the presence of fat and cholesterol do just what they were designed to
  accomplish.  Milk and dairy products represent 40% of the average
  American's diet, 666 pounds per year per person.


  Thursday, December 9 - Day 33

  Today is the 33rd day of my hunger strike.  I am saddened by what is
  happening in America and recall the days of student activism in my
  youth.  In 1968, students and police clashed in the streets of Chicago
  at the Democratic Convention.   Inside the arena, Senator Abraham
  Ribicoff of Connecticut grabbed the microphone and denounced the
  Gestapo-like tactics in the streets outside the convention hall.  As he
  spoke, Chicago's mayor, Richard Daley, had the Senator's microphone shut

  Our voice has also been shut off by the Food & Drug Administration
  (FDA).  FDA is conducting hearings on food labeling and biotechnology.
  The first hearing was in Chicago and the second in Washington D.C.  At
  the same time that the second hearing was being held, students were
  clashing with police at the World Trade Organization (WTO) hearings in
  Seattle.  Many of these protesters, dressed as monarch butterflies and
  genetically engineered tomatoes, were frustrated by having no say in
  WTO's process.

  FDA has been so concerned about a similar demonstration at their Oakland
  hearing scheduled for December 13, 1999 that they are imposing the most
  incredulous Gestapo-like censorship at this third and final "public"
  hearing.  Notices of such meetings must be published by law in the
  Federal Register.  After this notice was published, the FDA changed the
  location.  Calls have been made from my office everyday this week to
  find the new location but FDA continues not to reveal any of the details
  about their so-called public meeting.  Shame on the FDA!

  We are on a hunger strike because FDA did not review or pay attention to
  key evidence and adverse effects in laboratory animals from the
  genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  It seems clear that FDA
  is conducting themselves in a biased manner and, by their actions, are
  motivating people to take to the streets.  All we request is an honest
  hearing.  We do not care for the FDA's latest lack of integrity.
  I am now driving home from Washington having testified before USDA.
  Many of my critics have accused me of writing absurdities in my daily
  diary and of being delirious from a lack of food for 33 days.  Perhaps
  they are right.  I just had the most unusual fantasy. Jimmy Carter
  lusted in his heart and, in doing so, admitted that he committed
  adultery.  I just lusted in my heart for fried chicken.  I'm driving
  home and passing the rest stop and there is a big sign for KFC.  I
  haven't eaten chicken in three years and I don't intend to.  But I do
  remember how good it tastes and I do admit to having salivated when I
  saw that sign.  Such is the fate of a man on a hunger strike.

  Friday, December 10 - Day 34

  Today is Day 34 of my hunger strike.  Yesterday's trip to Washington
  reminded me of Fellini's "Satyricon."  The surreal atmosphere and
  absurdities of governmental hearings must be seen to be appreciated.
  The purpose of the meeting was for USDA to receive comments from the
  public on obesity in America.  Thirty-five speakers appeared
  representing a diverse assortment of interests and viewpoints.  Most of
  the experts addressing obesity were themselves obese.  That seemed a
  little funny to me.  The three skinniest people there all made
  presentations submitting evidence as to the benefits of  a plant-based
  vegetarian diet.  They included Miyun Park from PETA; Alex Hershaft, a
  well-known vegetarian activist; and Patricia Bertron from the Physicians
  Committee for Responsible Medicine.

  There were some very curious and biased presenters representing agencies
  such as the National Soft Drinks Association and the Sugar Association.
  There was also a presentation from Michael Jacobson from the Center for
  Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).  This organization does not
  represent my interests.  They work closely with the dairy industry
  endorsing Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Mr.
  Jacobson also advocated a low-fat milk program for public schools.

  It's not the fat in milk, it's the growth hormones.  Those hormones are
  powerful, and one in particular, IGF-I, is identical between humans and
  cows.  Forty percent of the average American's diet consists of this
  powerful growth hormone. It should be no surprise that America's obesity
  problem has reached epidemic proportions.

  I experienced mixed feelings of amusement and anger when Barbara Moore,
  the spokesperson for Shape Up America, gave her presentation.  Her
  concluding remarks were, "Although inappropriate food choices and a
  total breakdown of portion control are vitally important factors
  contributing to obesity, many of the societal changes that are
  contributing to the growing prevalence of obesity in America have
  nothing to do with nutrition."

  Her concluding comment is particularly absurd when compared to her
  opening statement.  Dr. Moore said, "We live in a nation where children
  do not drink their milk…"

  Dr. Moore suggested that USDA's national nutrition summit planned for
  May of 2000 be delayed until after the presidential election.  I was
  astounded when I heard these words.  Here we have an epidemic of
  obesity, and a group called Shape Up America wants to put off a
  discussion of this problem.  Go figure.

  Saturday, December 11 - Day 35

  Today is the 35th day of my hunger strike.  I performed a
  self-motivational act this morning.  I battled the Christmas crowds and
  went to Macy's and purchased a pair of pants 5 sizes smaller than the
  pair I am currently wearing.  While it doesn't fit yet, it should be a
  perfect fit some time in mid-February.

  Valentine's Day theoretically becomes the 100th day of my hunger
  strike.  Don't send chocolates.  I say theoretically because the Food &
  Drug Administration, in their wisdom, may take Monsanto's genetically
  engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH) off of the market.  I say
  theoretically because who knows whether I'll live that long on this
  hunger strike.

  I have written about a "freak" amino acid that was transcribed when
  Monsanto created rbGH.  This week, Pete Hardin, the editor of a dairy
  industry magazine, contacted me and asked for supporting evidence for
  that statement.  I had originally discovered that "gem" by reading
  abstracts of scientific studies on MEDLINE, a database containing
  hundreds of thousands of studies published in peer-reviewed journals.  I
  never actually saw the entire paper.

  I searched through files and boxes and could not locate the study.  I
  sheepishly called back Mr. Hardin and apologized for my inability to
  produce the reference.  I blamed that inability on my parents who raised
  me to become all of the good and bad I now am.  Keeping records is not
  my strong point.  Hardin laughed and informed me that he had just
  obtained the entire study from the University of Wisconsin Research
  Library.  I then learned that it was a lot worse than I had previously
  concluded.  Not only did Monsanto create a "freak" amino acid in the
  #144 position, but they made errors in the #157 and #167 positions
  also.  Furthermore, Bernard Violand's paper cites a previously published
  paper revealing that errors were made in the #171 and #180 positions as
  well.  That is a total of five different mistakes.

  Please take note of the importance of this critically significant

  When FDA scientists reviewed this enormous controversy, publishing a
  paper in the August 24, 1990 edition of SCIENCE, here is what they

  "The primary sequence of these products was either the same as or
  differed only slightly from pituitary-derived bGH.  Differences occur
  only NH-2 terminus end of the protein. Monsanto Agricultural company
  product has a single amino acid substitute."

  FDA did not even suspect what Monsanto already knew in 1991.  When
  Monsanto learned of the additional errors in 1993, a process was
  developed to filter out the significant number of incorrect proteins
  containing "freak" amino acids so that the product that is on the market
  today is completely free of those genetically engineered mistakes.

  HOWEVER…Monsanto's admission is also a condemnation of the entire
  process of genetic engineering and FDA review.  Monsanto's new hormone
  is completely different than the one for which Monsanto submitted 55,000
  pages of research evidence and testimony.

  In order to get that hormone approved, Monsanto lied and deceived the
  FDA, calling in favors from people in high places, having their lawyer
  (Michael Taylor) writing the rules and regulations by which all
  genetically-modified organisms are now governed.  This is why we are on
  a hunger strike.

Sunday, December 12 - Day 36

Today is the 36th day of my hunger strike.

Dear FDA:

You have visited this website over 6,000 times during the months of
November and December.  You have been reading our message and have yet
to act on the real science submitted to you.  Our demand is that you
immediately remove Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone form the market.

Tomorrow you will hear the voice of America.  Tomorrow thousands of
people in Oakland, California will demonstrate at your biotechnology and
food labeling conference.

In the spirit of Christmas, we request that you carefully listen to
these voices.  Know that our spirit cannot be conquered.  Know that this
movement will grow. Know that activism exists because you give us the
reason to protest.

In the spirit of Christmas, we send you these words from our favorite

"He knows when you've been SLEEPING,
He knows when you're awake.
He knows when you've been BAD or good,
So be good for goodness sake."

Monday, December 13 - Day 37

Today is the 37th day of my hunger strike.  Somebody must be watching
because I'm getting a quite a few threatening letters and I've had to
disconnect my telephone during the overnight hours.

I would like for you to know about an organization that I wholeheartedly
support.  Ronnie Cummings has been running the Organic Consumers'
Association for a number of years from his Minnesota home.  At one time,
Ronnie worked and ran the Pure Food Campaign for Jeremy Rifkin.

Ron is a friend and I felt very bad when he wrote and told me about the
painful experience of receiving pepper spray in his eyes a few weeks ago
in Seattle.  Ron's website has been informing consumers about the
dangers of genetically engineered foods:  If you would
like more information, Ronnie's Organic Consumers' Organization can be
reached at 218-726-1443.

According to Ron, many companies routinely use genetically engineered
foods in their ingredients.  Here are the toll free numbers for five of
those companies.  Perhaps you will let them know how you feel:

	Nabisco			800-862-2638
	Kraft			800-543-5335
	Heinz			888-472-8437
	Kellogg's		800-962-1413
	Proctor & Gamble	800-595-1407

Thousands of consumers will be protesting at the Food & Drug
Administration biotechnology conference in Oakland, California today.  I
will review today's demonstration in tomorrow's newsletter.  I hope and
pray that the passions in California streets do not reach the same level
of ugliness that they did a few weeks ago in Seattle.  We protest
because we no longer trust the Food & Drug Administration.  One very big
statement that FDA could make to America is to revoke the use of
Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Science and
logic dictate that they act immediately to do this.  This is why we are
in the streets and future demonstrations will contain more protestors
with even greater passion.

Tuesday, December 14 - Day 38

Yesterday was the third of three FDA public hearings on biotechnology,
genetic engineering, and labeling.

A crowd of 1,000 protestors was expected, but bad weather held back large
crowds.  The Oakland Tribune reported that about 500 people attended a
noontime rally against genetic manipulation.  State Senator Tom Hayden
addressed the crowd and promised to introduce a bill to get California
to require labeling of genetically engineered foods.  Rally organizers
claimed that this was the largest genetic food protest ever heard in the
United States.  After Hayden spoke, the crowd chanted,

"Hey, hey, ho, ho.
Frankenfoods have got to go."

Police had expected up to 5,000 protestors and came to the rally
anticipating a peaceful protest, unlike the police in Seattle.  What
they expected is exactly what they got, and the peaceful protestors
carried signs such as "Get Your Pig Gene Out of My Tomato" and "Save the
Rice from the Splice."

Over the weekend, President Clinton made his weekly radio address,
speaking on food safety.  Clinton said, "There's really is no such thing
as too safe.  Food safety is part of our citizens' basic contract with
the government.  Any food that fails to meet clear and strict standards
for safety should not make it to the marketplace."

We would like Mr. Clinton and all Americans to know that we have the
"goods" on Monsanto.  Evidence has been submitted to the FDA that
Monsanto created five significant errors (different amino acids) when
creating the hormone that is now in dairy products.  Despite the fact
that FDA approved that hormone because they concluded that there were
absolutely no effects on laboratory animals, recent review of Monsanto's
studies proves otherwise.  We anxiously await and continue our hunger
strike as FDA scientists re-review our petition containing the real

Wednesday, December 15 - Day 39

Today is the 39th day of my hunger strike.

We are at war, have no doubt about that.  Monsanto is the enemy and we
are trying to eliminate the threat which they represent.  Monsanto is a
multi-billion dollar company with enormous resources.  We are merely one
blade of grass in an endless forest.  There is also a third party here
who like the Swiss in World War II maintain a semblance of neutrality
although we feel that they have a bias.  The third party is the Food &
Drug Administration (FDA).  In reality, Monsanto's employees have gone
to work for the FDA in the senior most of regulatory positions.  At the
same time, FDA employees have left their pasture and have gone to work
in Monsanto's forest.

What we possess is truth.  What we offer is real science.  What we
continue to hold onto is a faith in a system and a faith in the basic
integrity of people.  We refuse to accept further disappointment.

Our battle is being fought at FDA's drug evaluation and investigative
branch, the Center for Veterinary Medicine.  Two weeks ago, there was a
skirmish in the streets of Seattle.  Many of the demonstrators held
anti-Monsanto banners and wore Monarch butterfly costumes.  Pollen from
Monsanto's bt corn has killed Monarch butterflies.  On Monday, another
mini-battle was fought in the streets of Oakland at what turned out to
be the largest anti-biotechnology protest in our nation's history.

Today, a new line has been drawn.  Another battle against Monsanto is
being fought on an additional front.  The business section of today's
(Wednesday, December 15, 1999) New York Times reports:


A group of attorneys has sued Monsanto because of "genetic pollution"
and the creation of "super weeds."  Heading the case is Michael
Hausfeld, the Washington attorney who previously defended Alaskan
natives in the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  The suit was filed by a group of
farmers inspired by consumer advocate Jeremy Rifkin.  Mr. Rifkin was
recently paid $5,000 to speak at a Monsanto conference.  Rifkin was
criticized for accepting that money and for selling out by many
anti-Monsanto activists who felt he was giving away information.  All
the while, Rifkin was a spy within their midst, and his suit, my
petition, our hunger strike, and your continued protests might very well
fell the trees in Monsanto's forest.

Today is the 40th day of my hunger strike.  The dairy industry will be
celebrating my Noah-like anniversary by deluging America with their new
milk mustache ads-Everybody Loves Raymond starring comedian Ray Romano.

I've got a long list of people who do not like Raymond including yours
truly.  Milk mustache ads are misleading and deceptive.  Raymond urges
people to drink milk to "help shut down osteoporosis."  Recent science
reveals that women who drink milk and eat cheese as teens grow up to
have higher rates of pelvic and forearm fractures.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) does not care
for Raymond's message.  This group of 6,000 physicians just filed a
lawsuit against the USDA for their misleading and dangerous advice in
their dietary guidelines reflected in their food pyramid.  Milk causes
significant problems for African-Americans.  The basis of the PCRM suit
is that USDA's guidelines are not racially balanced.

One other man who has no love for Raymond is Steve Milloy, owner of the
"Junk Science" website.  Mr. Milloy has just filed an action with the
Federal Trade Commission urging them to place a ban on Ben & Jerry's Ice
Cream.  It seems that Milloy tested this "healthy" ice cream and found
unsafe levels of dioxins.

Last summer, Belgium's dairy industry closed because samples of milk
were tested and found to contain 100 times the safe levels of dioxins,
the most dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals on this planet.  Ben &
Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream tested out to have 200 times the safe level.

Might it not be appropriate for our government agencies to test all
dairy products and ban their use if they are deemed to be dangerous for
human consumption?

One other man who has mixed feelings about Raymond is Pete Hardin,
editor of the dairy industry newsletter, THE MILKWEED.  In the latest
issue of his well-respected and well-read newsletter (issue #245,
December 1999), Hardin urges dairy farmers to contact the FDA to ban the
use of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Hardin

"Robert Cohen: Enemy of Mine Enemy?  Credit Robert Cohen with unveiling
the significance of Monsanto's rbGH 'switcheroo.'  Cohen, a New Jersey
resident, is an ardent dairy critic.  He believes that dairy products
are ill-advised for the adult diet.  Cohen originally got into this fray
by researching FDA's questionable human safety considerations and
extended his concerns to all dairy products.  Ironically, the citizen's
petition Cohen filed with the FDA, which demands the agency immediately
halt Posilac sales, represents dairy's best short-term solution for
saving the souls on its sinking ship.  In this case, Cohen is the "enemy
of dairy farmer's enemy'-Posilac…the major source of unneeded milk.
Dairy farmers and organizations should vigorously support Robert Cohen's

In September, dairy farmers were receiving $16.26 per 100 pounds of
milk.  Today, they are getting $9.79, and forecasts are that prices will
drop even further.  Raymond may love milk and everybody may love
Raymond, but America's health safety is at risk as a result of rbGH use
and the financial health of dairy farms has also been compromised.

Thursday, December 16 - Day 40

Today is the 40th day of my hunger strike.  The dairy industry will be
celebrating my Noah-like anniversary by deluging America with their new
milk mustache ads-Everybody Loves Raymond starring comedian Ray Romano.

I've got a long list of people who do not like Raymond including yours
truly.  Milk mustache ads are misleading and deceptive.  Raymond urges
people to drink milk to "help shut down osteoporosis."  Recent science
reveals that women who drink milk and eat cheese as teens grow up to
have higher rates of pelvic and forearm fractures.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) does not care
for Raymond's message.  This group of 6,000 physicians just filed a
lawsuit against the USDA for their misleading and dangerous advice in
their dietary guidelines reflected in their food pyramid.  Milk causes
significant problems for African-Americans.  The basis of the PCRM suit
is that USDA's guidelines are not racially balanced.

One other man who has no love for Raymond is Steve Milloy, owner of the
"Junk Science" website.  Mr. Milloy has just filed an action with the
Federal Trade Commission urging them to place a ban on Ben & Jerry's Ice
Cream.  It seems that Milloy tested this "healthy" ice cream and found
unsafe levels of dioxins.

Last summer, Belgium's dairy industry closed because samples of milk
were tested and found to contain 100 times the safe levels of dioxins,
the most dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals on this planet.  Ben &
Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream tested out to have 200 times the safe level.

Might it not be appropriate for our government agencies to test all
dairy products and ban their use if they are deemed to be dangerous for
human consumption?

One other man who has mixed feelings about Raymond is Pete Hardin,
editor of the dairy industry newsletter, THE MILKWEED.  In the latest
issue of his well-respected and well-read newsletter (issue #245,
December 1999), Hardin urges dairy farmers to contact the FDA to ban the
use of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Hardin

"Robert Cohen: Enemy of Mine Enemy?  Credit Robert Cohen with unveiling
the significance of Monsanto's rbGH 'switcheroo.'  Cohen, a New Jersey
resident, is an ardent dairy critic.  He believes that dairy products
are ill-advised for the adult diet.  Cohen originally got into this fray
by researching FDA's questionable human safety considerations and
extended his concerns to all dairy products.  Ironically, the citizen's
petition Cohen filed with the FDA, which demands the agency immediately
halt Posilac sales, represents dairy's best short-term solution for
saving the souls on its sinking ship.  In this case, Cohen is the "enemy
of dairy farmer's enemy'-Posilac…the major source of unneeded milk.
Dairy farmers and organizations should vigorously support Robert Cohen's

In September, dairy farmers were receiving $16.26 per 100 pounds of
milk.  Today, they are getting $9.79, and forecasts are that prices will
drop even further.  Raymond may love milk and everybody may love
Raymond, but America's health safety is at risk as a result of rbGH use
and the financial health of dairy farms has also been compromised.

Friday, December 17 - Day 41

Today is the 41st day of my hunger strike.  This year, 43,300 women will
die from breast cancer.  It says so right on page 733 of my World
Almanac.  That is an average of 118 women per day, or 1 every 12
minutes.  Can one measure the physical pain and mental anguish in each
breast cancer case?  Should we not direct all of our positive energies
towards finding a cure, and all of our negative energies towards the

Today's edition of the New York Times (Friday, December 17, 1999)
contains the obituary of Cathy Hainer.  I enjoyed reading Cathy's
columns.  She was a reporter for USA Today, and she died yesterday at
the age of 38.  When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, she
turned to her boyfriend and said, "I'm 36 and in love.  How could I
possibly have cancer?"  Her final column, which I read in an airport on
December 6th, told the story of a letter found on the body of a soldier
comparing death to the sailing of a ship.

Thousands of things cause breast cancer and it is rather common.  An
autopsy study published in the New York Times (11/8/94) revealed that
40% of women between the ages of 40 and 50 have breast cancer but that
it is normally controlled.  Science has taught us that a key factor in
the growth of every breast cancer is the most powerful growth hormone in
the human body, IGF-I (Lancet, 5/9/98).

IGF-I is an identical hormone between humans and cows.  When cows are
treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, levels of
IGF-I increase by about 80%.  When women drink milk, levels of IGF-I
increase in their blood serum by a factor of 10%.

Cathy Hainer is dead and those who knew and loved her mourn her
passing.  One hundred and eighteen women will die today from the ravages
of breast cancer, and few, if any, of their loved ones will know about
IGF-I and the milk connection.  The Food & Drug Administration knows.
They have our petition.  We wait for them to act.

Every day that passes another 118 women die, and we continue our hunger
strike, requesting that FDA honestly assess the real science.

Saturday, December 18 - Day 42

Today is the 42nd day of my hunger strike.

What do I do on a normal day?  What do I put into my body?  First, let
me tell you what I do not do.  Many people have asked whether I am
taking vitamins or supplements, protein powder, or any of the New Age
"miracle" cure-alls, such as green algae.  The answer to all of those
questions is "No, none of the above."  My hunger strike has become more
for me than a political statement.  It is a spiritual body cleansing.  I
would not take anything made in a factory, and sustain myself by freshly
made juices from fruits and vegetables.

Each morning, I begin my day with the juice from a freshly squeezed
lemon in a tall glass of bottled spring water.  I open up a gallon of
water each day and use that water to dilute the juices I drink and to
brew an occasional cup of herbal tea.  I use the tea called "Mu" sold by
the macrobiotic guru Kushi.

I juice apples and enjoy fresh apple cider.  This morning, I juiced a
dozen oranges and I am enjoying that juice while driving (and dictating
this journal entry) into New York City.  Last night, I juiced one pound
of carrots and a beet, and drank a 12-ounce glass of life-sustaining
juice.  The liquid from the beet is bloody red and the essences and
enzymes so contained will keep me strong and alert.  I lose about one
pound each day, while my body in its wisdom decomposes fat and stored
tissue that it can afford to selectively lose.

The enormous cellular metabolism and breakdown of my tissues releases
many years of stored toxins into my bloodstream.  By drinking plenty of
water, I am eliminating those toxins.  The largest organ in the human
body is the skin.  When we sweat and when we slough off skin follicles,
we also eliminate by-products of metabolism that our body no longer
requires.  When I shower I vigorously massage and wash away that dead
skin with a natural sponge.

My favorite juice combination uses a mix of fresh apples and
cranberries.  My least favorite juice drink combines spinach, parsley,
garlic, and cabbage.  I have read many books on juicing and recognize
the value of the nutrients and enzymes in green plants, but I still hate
the taste.

I drink to sustain myself and to remain strong in body, mind, and
spirit.  I feel change in my body and know that the day will soon come
when this hunger strike begins to take a toll on me.  Yesterday, I wrote
about a breast cancer death.  Each day I'm inspired by my friends and by
the children, for they are the ones for whom this fast is dedicated.

Sunday, December 19 - Day 43

Today is the 43rd day of my hunger strike.

I have been receiving an enormous amount of mail, telephone calls, and
EMAILS from friends and adversaries.  Many people wish me good fortune,
but many wish me harm.  Occasionally, there is a threat and, on rare
occasions, a death threat.

I take death threats seriously and report all such warnings to the
appropriate authorities.  My file grows larger.  I receive occasional
letters from one man in the dairy industry who I will identify as "Jim
from Oregon."  This man has posted many letters to my guestbooks and has
been monitoring the NOTMILK movement for a number of years.  Oh well,
everybody needs a hobby, and I am happy to be Jim's minor obsession.  TO
JIM:  Keep your borborygmus statements coming my way!  As Rowan and
Martin used to say on LAUGH-IN, "Look that one up in your Funk'N

Today I received a charming EMAIL message from Jim, who wrote:

"Here's a thought for you and yes you have my permission to use it in
your very next diary entry or whereever. Have you considered the
possibility of donating you organs when you die from this fake hunger
strike?  The brain, not having been used previously, would make a great
gift to Dave. And the other organs could be used by those who need
them.  Of course not having gonads you won't be making a contribution in
that dept. but that's just as well. By the way, how much weight have you
lost on this fake hunger strike that sounds more like a liquid diet to
me?  Scan your NJ driver's license and put it up on the webpage along
with your current weight. I'll bet there's no diff!"

I must say, Jim has me pegged.  No brains, no gonads.  I like it when an
opponent underestimates my strengths.  Perhaps Jim missed the following
editorial in the recent issue of the dairy newsletter, THE MILKWEED.
Thousands of dairy farmers receive this newsletter, and Hardin mentions
the hunger strike, supports our mission, and urges dairy farmers to join
us.  We have accomplished a lot, and will continue to do so.  Not bad
for a guy with no brains or gonads!


Pete Hardin - December, 1999 MILKWEED, Issue #245
The Hardin Plan - Part 1: Halt Posilac Use

"Imagine U.S. dairy farmers as passengers on a ship that has struck a
rock and is sinking fast in stormy seas.

Milk supplies and imports are exceeding commercial dairy product demand.
Cheddar cheese and milk powder prices are at support price levels.
Butter could follow soon.

Starting in January, many dairy farmers face net farm milk checks in the
$9.50-$10.50 per cwt. range. If they last very long, these milk prices
will kill many producers financially and spiritually.

Huge losses are piling up fast for many marketers-especially operating
dairy cooperatives. With
commodity prices in the pits and so little demand for raw milk,
marketers' margins and inventory losses are huge.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in cheese and butter inventory values
have been lost just by Midwest marketers in the second half of 1999.
Dairy farmers on this sinking ship face tough choices. To try to save
the ship, immediate action is needed to lighten the load. A couple
percentage points of excess farm milk production must be dumped, pronto.
But what, or whom, to throw overboard?

Solution: Immediate FDA ban on Posilac There's a simple solution to
dairy's current dilemma: demand that the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) immediately ban the sale and use of "Posilac"
Monsanto's recombinant cow growth hormone that boosts milk production in
injected cows.

How could that action be pulled off quickly?

A current citizen petition to FDA demands that the agency halt sales of
Posilac because the genetically-engineered hormone molecule marketed by
Monsanto is DIFFERENT from the molecule on which human and animal safety
tests were conducted - tests that led to FDA's approval of the drug.
Logic and law dictate that the molecule being marketed should be the
exact same one on which pre-approval human and animal safety tests were

Monsanto's hormone molecule "switcheroo" was revealed in a July 1994
article in the journal Protein Science, authored by Bernard Violand, a
Monsanto scientist. Violand reported that an unrecognized additional
amino acid sequence change occurred in the original production process
of Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone. The "freak" amino acid
actually appeared at three sites on the hormone's sequence, Violand

Why did not FDA require a full round of new safety tests for the
different hormone molecule?

Violand's revelation is not startling news. The Milkweed has previously
reported this fact. But current events make the switched rbGH molecule's
importance great. Those events include: global anti-biotech food fervor,
dire farm milk prices, and lack of other short-term solutions to restore
farm milk prices. If the dairy industry could immediately throw one item
off the sinking ship to save the industry, Posilac is the best
candidate. We must immediately eliminate the top couple percentage
points of milk production.

Not only should FDA ban sale of Posilac immediately, pending a new round
of legitimate human and animal "safety" tests, but all existing
inventories of Posilac held by farmers should be confiscated. A single
amino-acid sequence change in a protein molecule can be significant.
For example, humans suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia have a single
genetic amino acid sequence change. By law, FDA ought to revoke
Monsanto's license to sell Posilac until the manufacturer runs a
complete new gamut of human and animal safety tests. Such a dictate to
Monsanto would effectively kill Posilac. Monsanto, whose food
biotechnology investments are causing the company to struggle, doesn't
have the funds for several years of Posilac safety tests.

Immediate impacts: less milk, higher prices If FDA yanked Posilac, the
impact on milk production would be immediately negative. Prices of dairy
products and farm milk would soon start climbing. Here's why:

* Probably 20-25% of all U.S. dairy farms use Posilac, normally on half
or less of their lactating cows. Various reports indicate a 6-8 pound
daily gain in treated cows' milk production. That's a lot of extra milk.

* Posilac creates a metabolic dependency. Thus, many dairy cattle
accustomed to the drug would "crash" for the remainder of their
lactations, losing significant milk output.

* A minor, but significant, percentage of U.S. dairy cows are in
extended lactations because of high milk and replacement heifer prices,
and low grain and beef prices … and Posilac. A normal lactation for a
dairy cow is 300 days. Many cows in extended lactations are milking way
over the 300-day norm. Take away the Posilac, and these cows would
quickly become hamburger. Milk production would drop.

The Milkweed estimates that prompt removal of Posilac would lower U.S.
milk output by 2-4% - enough to restore favorable supply/demand balances
and boost farm milk prices. Dairy commodity inventories are not
burdensome. But there is too much farm milk for current demand.

Who'd benefit from banning Posilac?

Dairy commodity and farm milk prices would rise,if FDA were to follow
its rules and immediately ban Posilac. Dairy at large would enjoy a
better image among consumers.

Posilac use has created public skepticism about milk's safety. The
present wave of anti-food biotech concerns will only worsen this
negative perception of dairy products.

Who'd be hurt?

Who would be hurt if FDA immediately banned Posilac?

Obviously, such a ban would hurt Monsanto. But that consideration is
irrelevant to public safety. Besides,
Monsanto already has so many problems that one more wouldn't matter.

Dairy farmers currently using Posilac would suffer a disproportionately
high decline in milk production. Of course, dairy's present course is
leading to ruin, anyway.  The possible financial problems for Posilac
users are a minor consideration, in view of the greater public food
safety considerations. If some farmers lose money because their cows
cannot milk efficiently unless they're poked with a syringe, then maybe
those farmers should sue Monsanto.

Larger, western dairies tend to use Posilac more than small and medium-
sized family dairies in traditional milk-producing regions like the
Northeast and Midwest.  Data show that the "surplus" milk destroying
dairy prices is coming from western states where dairies are expanding
without heed to supply/demand.

Thus, banning Posilac would inflict the economic pain on the sources of
the milk surplus problem.

Robert Cohen: Enemy of my enemy?

Credit Robert Cohen with unveiling the significance of Monsanto's rbGH
"switcheroo." Cohen, a New Jersey resident, is an ardent dairy critic.
He believes dairy products are ill-advised for the adult diet. Cohen
originally got into this fray by researching FDA's questionable human
safety considerations for Posilac, and extended his concerns to all
dairy products. Cohen is about one month into a hunger strike, demanding
that FDA immediately yank approval for Monsanto's drug. He vows to
maintain the hunger strike until FDA bans sale of Posilac … or until
Cohen "looks death in the eye."

Cohen appeared at the FDA public hearing on food and biotechnology in
Washington, D.C. on November 30. That followed a two-hour session he
held earlier in the month with FDA officials in Washington. Cohen
reports that the ABC television program "20/20" is preparing a show
questioning FDA's failure to yank approval for sale of Posilac, and
require new safety studies once Monsanto changed the molecular structure
of the synthetic hormone.

Ironically, the citizen's petition Cohen filed with the FDA, which
demands the agency immediately halt Posilac sales, represents dairy's
best short-term solution for saving the souls on its sinking ship. In
this case, Cohen is the "enemy of dairy farmers' enemy" - Posilac … the
major source of unneeded milk. Dairy farmers and organizations should
vigorously support Robert Cohen's petition. With pending major
television coverage of the issue, it's better for dairy's true friends
to be ahead of the curve on this volatile issue.

Sadly, as 1999 is about to become 2000, many dairy farmers understand
supply-demand and milk pricing little better than did dairy farmers at
the close of the previous century. Immediately banning Posilac sales
should only be the beginning of a top-to-bottom restructuring of
knowledge, attitudes and practices by groups alleging to represent U.S.
dairy farmers.

I urge you to contact FDA, your elected representatives, farm
organizations, consumer and environmental organizations."


That was Hardin's editorial.  Imagine asking his readership to support
my agenda?  Many dairy farmers have written to FDA, urging them to
remove the milk hormone from our milk supply.  Pete Hardin has great
courage.  He has both brains and gonads!  I respect Mr.Hardin for
reporting TRUTH in his newsletter.

Monday, 20 December, 1999 Day 44

Today is the 44th day of my hunger strike.

I have previously reported my Chicago FDA testimony.  The comments made
that day are now on the Internet in the form of a 330 page document.

My statement can be found on page 119.  Before getting to page 119, I
urge you to read the testimony and comments of FDA officials.  On that
date, FDA Commissioner Jane Henney said these words:

"Throughout that history, the Food and Drug Administration has based its
regulatory decisions on sound science with protection of public health
as the foremost criteria." (page 5)

"We believe our policies and processes in this area are well grounded in
science and that we have an excellent track record in apply our policy."
(page 7)

Jim Maransky, FDA'S biotechnology expert spoke next.  He said (page 27):

"To date, we have not seen any products in which new substances
introduced into the food are unusual."

"To date, all of the substances that have been introduced into foods, as
I have told you, are enzymes that are very similar to enzymes currently
found in food."  (page 41)

"So, it is through the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the provisions
that allow FDA to take a food off the market if it presents a health
problem or to assure that any new substance that is introduced into the
food is either regulated and approved as a food additive or generally
recognized as safe before those foods may go to market."

"That is the standard.  Companies bear a legal duty in ensuring their
products meet all of the standard of the Act and that is a serious
responsibility." (page 42)

During the subsequent panel discussion, Maryanski said (page 93):

"{If} a food were modified to contain a new protein or other substance
that's there as a major component of the food, that is one of the
considerations that we would expect to lead to either different testing
or more extensive testing."

After FDA officials spoke, there was a panel discussion.  The first
speaker was Dr. Ralph Hardy, president of the National Agricultural
Biotechnology Council.  Hardy testified (page 51):

"To my knowledge, no substantiated example of a significant risk to the
environment or human health, relative to the products being replaced,
has been documented by rigorous scientific replication."

Dr Hardy asked (page 52):

"Does it serve the consumer to label something where there is no
demonstrated nutritional negative health or positive health benefit?"

A second member of the panel was Dr. Val Giddings, the vice president
for Food and Agriculture for the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

Giddings commented on the state of biotechology (page 55):

"We think that the process, as it's been carried out to date, has done a
highly praiseworthy job of ensuring that the products of
foods...improved through modern biotechnology are at least as
safe as, if not safer than, those that we have hitherto consumed..."

"We see no evidence based on science, no evidence based on experience
for any requirement to change this process.  It seems to work very
well.  If it's not broken, there certainly doesn't seem to be any
compelling, much less a persuasive argument for fixing it."

Dr Giddins challenged critics of bioengineering (page 56):

"What newly emerging scientific information related to the safety of
foods derived from bioengineered plants is there, if any? We are not
aware of any emerging or new scientific information that would challenge
this.  If any such information does come forward, we think the issue
should be revisited, but we are unaware of any at this point."

We now are aware that Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids when
manufacturing the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

This is real science, and biotechnology's best representives as well as
senior-most FDA experts must accept the new evidence.  By their
standards, this genetically engineered hormone must immediately be
taken off the market.

It's their ball, their court and they have written the rules of this
"game."  Now they must follow those rules.

Tuesday, 21 December, 1999 Day 45

Today is the 45th day of my hunger strike.  Every day I learn something
new about the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Each little
bit of information becomes another piece in an enormous puzzle.  Today's
piece represents the murder weapon and the "gun" is still smoking.

On February 4, 1994, Monsanto was given approval to sell their
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  That was a Friday.  On
the following Monday, Monsanto scientists neatly packaged their "murder
weapon" and sent it in the mail to the Cambridge University Press,
publishers of the journal "Protein Science."

Previously, we have explored evidence of Monsanto's "crime" and revealed
the identity of the "criminals," "co-conspirators," and unearthed the
"body."  Now we have the murder weapon.  Let me explain.

Monsanto scientist Bernard Violand wrote a paper admitting that Monsanto
had created five different amino acids during the production process of
their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Monsanto never told
the FDA about this error.  A key moment exists for us to explore just
when Monsanto knew about those mistakes.  Here is the smoking gun--the
cover page (page 1089) of that journal article.

Besides Bernard Violand, there were seven co-authors to that study.
They included five Monsanto employees, a scientist at Smith Kline
Beecham, and another scientist at ARCO Chemical Company.

Today, I traced the ARCO Chemical Company scientist from Missouri to
Texas to Pennsylvania.  Sometimes these things take a little bit of
detective work.  One year before the study was written and published,
ARCO scientist Eric Kolodziej worked at Monsanto.  Although he was at a
different company when the study was submitted and published, scientific
courtesy and protocol demanded that he get credit for his work, and
therein exists the smoking gun.

Here is the proof that Monsanto was aware of serious errors and did not
admit to those errors until after the drug was approved. Monsanto lied,
Monsanto committed a crime of omission, Monsanto did not tell FDA when
they changed the formula.  Is there a jail cell large enough for these
"criminals" for the crimes they've committed against mankind?

Wednesday, December 22 - Day 46

Today is the 46th day of my hunger strike.  Last night, our family had a
reading night.  In our home, that means we sit in front of the fireplace
and allow the television and Internet connections to rest for the
evening.  As the rain and sleet pelted against the living room window,
each of us took comfort in the warmth provided by our fire and family

I opened up the New York Times (Tuesday, December 21, 1999) and began
with my favorite section of the week-Tuesday's Science Times.  Quite
often I am amused by the priorities of the science editor.  On this day,
my amusement turned into anger.  The New York Times' priorities are not
my priorities.  Their lead story was "In Tiny Fossils, Botanists See
Flowery World."  There I read in fascination about tiny 90
million-year-old blossoms and Cretaceous bees that once populated the
state of New Jersey.  What was buried on page 12 should have been the
lead story.  I'll get to that shortly.

A smaller story on the front page of the Science section began with this
headline-"Risks for Cancer Can Start in Womb."  That story was written
by New York Times columnist Jane Brody.  Brody has written many articles
promoting milk and dairy products.  Brody disparaged Dr. Spock upon his
death because of his anti-milk sentiments.  Brody called T. Colin
Campbell's China study the "Cadillac of nutritional studies," even
though Campbell has consistently correlated milk consumption with breast
cancer.  Jane Brody has breast cancer, but she continues to ignore the
breast cancer/IGF-I/milk connection.

On this day, in her article in which she tries to make a point that
breast cancer can start in the womb, Brody relates the example of how
Japanese women have very low rates of breast cancer, but when they
migrate to America, their daughters have rates equal to that of American
women.  She still does not take into account what happens when one
adopts the standard American diet that includes milk and dairy products
as 40% of total consumption.  Milk and dairy products contain IGF-I, a
hormone identified as a key factor in the growth of every breast

The motto of the New York Times is "All the News That Fit to Print."
Here's what the New York Times did not see fit to print on the front
page where thay had their flower fossil story.  Buried deep within the
Science section (page 12) is a headline-"Beef Consumption Tied to Mad
Cow Disease."  Scientists now have proof that spongiform encephalopathy
is transferred from cow to human.  Is it wise to eat the flesh and drink
the body fluids of diseased animals?

After finishing the Times, I leafed through the current issue (December
1999, Vol. 144, No. 20) of the largest dairy magazine in America,
Hoard's Dairyman.  On the inside cover is a photograph of a cow and the
question, "GOT WORMS?"  A company promotes their anti-parasitic product
in a full-page ad by telling dairy producers that they can now have
"long-acting persistence against brown stomach worms and longworms and
protection against lice, grubs, horn flies, psoroptic and chorioptic
mange mites."  Now I don't know about you, but I haven't eaten in 46
days, and if I remotely had an appetite…after reading that ad and
reviewing the New York Times article, I would now have very little
desire for anything dripping or oozing out of the udder of a cow.

Thursday, December 23 - Day 47

Today is the 47th day of my hunger strike.  Did you ever see the end of
a Super Bowl or World Series game when an athlete looks into a camera
and says, "I'm going to Disney World"?  Guess where Monsanto is going?

I proudly accept responsibility for some of Monsanto's negative
publicity woes of late.  As a result of riots in the streets and
negative headlines, Monsanto is working with their publicist (BM) to
brainwash the public into viewing Monsanto as the good guy.  Is this
Goofy or what?  What better way to begin their public dis-information
campaign than start with America's children?  Monsanto's going to Disney
World.  More specifically, Monsanto is going to sponsor and exhibit at
EPCOT's Future World.  This Mickey Mouse act is more than just goofy.
It's more like the seven dwarfs.

Doc (Monsanto) is in the process of genetically engineering a new dwarf
(in addition to Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, and Dopey).
He's genetically re-combined Sneezy with Monsanto's BT-corn pollen.
Evidence exists that BT-corn pollen killed monarch butterflies and has
unexpectedly spread toxins into the soil.

We have it upon good authority that when genetic material from Sneezy
was combined with Monsanto's BT-pollen, a new dwarf was created.  The
new dwarf's name?  Slimy.  Not a very pretty picture.

We urge you to visit Monsanto's new Disney World attraction and to let
Mickey and Minnie know how unattractive you find Monsanto's slime to be.

Friday 24 December, 1999 Day 48

Today is the 48th day of my hunger strike.

It is Christmas Eve and there are two people in America who I am certain
will not be enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner.  Nor will either
one enjoy visions of sugarplums or Christmas Day goodies.  I am the
first and the second is Kimberly Gorall of Rochester, New York.

Kimberly's photograph is on the long-termer page.  She
has been fasting for 48 days with me and now looks quite a bit different
than her original photo.

Recently, Kimberly contacted me because she had gotten quite a cold.  We
talked about nutrition and what might be causing her defenses to break
down.  Kimberly has been juicing and has previously had no shortage of
energy.  The answer to my question is a tribute to Kimberly's spirit.
Last weekend, Kimberly put on the warmest, brightest, water-repellant
clothing in her closet and spent the day, from sunrise to sundown,
warning the denizens of her nearby woods to run from the hunters.

Kimberly Gorall is an animal-rights activist.  Kimberly Gorall, by
virtue of her 48-day statement on this hunger strike, is also a
people-rights activist.  Kimberly warns the deer that the hunters are
near and, in doing so, risks her own life and body from invasive
bullets.  This hunting season many dozens of those bullets found their
way into people's homes and cars.  Many hunters were wounded and a few
killed in hunting accidents.  Kimberly walked through the mist and fog
and rain to make a difference, placing her own health at great risk.

If one asks whether there are any gentler spirits than the innocent
herbivores living within our woods, I point to Kimberly Gorall whose
efforts to make a difference in this world are to be applauded.  Her
spirit is one with the deer, who wishes only to live in peace.

Saturday, 25 December, 1999 Day 49

Today is the 49th day of my hunger strike.

I have begun to read a book called "Grey is the Color of Hope"
by Irina Ratushinskaya, a Soviet poet imprisoned in the Russian
Gulag for daring to write about human rights.

While in prison, Irina and her cell-mates participated in
numerous hunger strikes.  The authorities, not wanting to
play host to political martyrs, allowed the protests to continue
for about a week, then conceded on small demands.

I have only read the first ten chapters, about 70 pages, but
Irina's struggle is my struggle.  Irina's oppressors are my
oppressors.  Irina's prison is my prison, and the same injustices

Am I in jail?  Of course not, but I am no less tormented.
I am frustrated by a system that pays no heed to truth.  I am
stymied by a system that is controlled by insiders, based upon
relationships.  Monsanto's attorney is on the Supreme Court.
FDA's commissioner now works for Monsanto.  Monsanto
scientists now work for FDA.  Is this the same America that I
learned to love in elementary school?

When freedom to live and freedom of choice are taken from me,
I am in chains.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed me in a prison with no
walls.  I have lost the opportunity to make choices about the foods I
eat because of their power and control.

In 1992, FDA issued an sentence.  They call it
"Substantial Equivalence."  I call it insider trading.

Substantial equivalence allows pharmaceutical companies the right to
conduct genetic experiements upon my family wthout their knowledge.
Your family too.

Did Doctor Mengale ever have such latitude during the course of his Nazi
experimental horrors?

FDA calls geneticaly engineered corn and soybeans substantially
equivalent to naturally grown corn and soybeans.  Genetic material from
tomatoes are combined with genetic material from trout.  I eat the
tomatoes and I cannot swim like a fish.  They must be equivalent!  What
logic!  Who benefits by such laws?

Not only are these genetic mutations aproved for our food supply without
testing, but FDA does not require manufacturers to label foods
containing these new genetically modified organisms.

Their reasoning:  "Who would buy such a product if it was so labeled?"

EXACTLY!  Should I not have a right to know what I eat?

I have discovered a flaw in FDA'S well planned system.

Monsanto made five very serious errors when they manufactured the
gentically engneered bovine growth hormone. They made the mistakes, and
they did not tell the FDA.

During that review process, FDA developed their substantial equivalence

FDA did not know that Monsanto had deceived them.

Now they do know.

Can we turn back the clock?

I am in prison and I am on a hunger strike.  We must turn back the clock
and look at the truth.  The wrong people are in prison.

Two hundred and seventy million Americans have had their rights take
from them.  We are on the inside, looking out, and the only ones with
freedom of choice are the ones poisoning us.

SUBSTANTIAL EQUIVALENCE means equality.  Nothing has been equal in this

I must have the right to know whether the foods I buy for my children
are genetically engineered.  That right has been taken from me, and my
hunger strike continues until FDA frees me from Monsanto's clutches.

Sunday, 26 December, 1999 Day 50


On this 50th day of my hunger strike, I have learned a new secret, and I
am very greatly concerned.

While anti-biotech protestors were rioting in the streets of Seattle, a
new episode in the continuing saga of Monsanto's revolving door tactics
quietly developed beyond FDA's "palace" doors.

Somebody may be breaking the law, participating in unethical activity at
the least, insider trading and influence, betrayal of our health
interests, and the time has come for us to ask: "What's up?"

The same grandiloquent question that Bugs Bunny asks Elmer Fudd can
fittingly be asked of our scientists and government regulators:  "What's
up, Doc?"

Appropriately, that question should also be directed to the president of
Monsanto, Robert Shapiro.  "What's up, Bob?"

Actually, as we get closer to asking this very same question to the
guiltiest of conspirators, we have discovered a source of future ills in
the nick of time.  Knowing the proper question to ask might very well
nip the problem deep within the pollen of its genetically engineered


Today, on this first day after Christmas, let us ask together, "What's
up, John."  You might be wondering just who this John fellow is.
Actually, it's UPJOHN.  You might ask, "What's up, John?"  Well, I'm
gonna tell you.  Activists of the world, unite.  We have met the enemy.
(UPJOHN is not where I want you to stick your proverbial placards and
banners of protest.  Not yet, anyway.)

When Monsanto first presented their research to the FDA for approval of
the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH), there were also
three other pharmaceutical companies with their own different versions
of the genetically modified organism.

Monsanto's protein formula was different than the naturally occurring
bovine growth hormone.   Monsanto's hormone was not an exact version of
the natural pituitary extract from a cow.  The end amino acid (amino
acids are the building blocks of proteins) was just a little bit
different than what naturally occurs in nature.  Actually, it was VERY
different, but Monsanto neglected to reveal all of their secrets until
after their drug received official FDA approval.


Monsanto received approval for rbGH on Friday, February 4, 1994.  There
must have been quite a celebration in their St. Louis corporate
headquarters on that day.  Perhaps the celebration continued through the
weekend.  What happened the following Monday provides the "smoking gun"
evidence to Monsanto's crime.  On Monday, a group of Monsanto scientists
photocopied, collated and stapled together the most incriminating
scientific document in history and sent it to a peer-review journal for
publication.  On Thursday of that week, the journal "PROTEIN SCIENCE"
officially received Monsanto's study.

In that paper, Monsanto admitted that they made significant errors in
their formula.  WHAT'S UP, JOHN?

What's up, doc?  Monsanto waited until after approval, just in case, to
admit their errors.  After approval, Monsanto admitted that the errors
were fixed.  However, in making this no-win admission, Monsanto also
revealed that all of the research submitted to FDA from 1985 until 1993
was performed with a different hormone than the one that is currently on
the market.

Funny creatures, these scientists.  Most of the authors of the study
worked for Monsanto.  Most, but not all.

A few researchers were with other firms.  One researcher, located after
three phone calls told me that he worked for Monsanto nearly two years
before the hormone was approved.  Then he made a number of career moves,
but still received credit for his work in co-authorship.  What does this
prove?  Simply, that Monsanto knew the errors were made, but held off
until after approval.  By leaving the firm, the co-author placed a time
stamp upon when the "crime" was actually known, and when it was

Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (trade name =
POSILAC) has never been tested on a laboratory animal.  Nor as it been
tested on a cow.

Before approval, the FDA required Monsanto to perform hundreds of
millions of dollars worth of new research.  Equivalent in 1989 did not
mean that a perfect match existed.  The other three pharmaceutical
companies elected not to continue with their research.  Eli Lilly had
created a bovine growth hormone with seven additional amino acids.
American Cyanamid created a version with three new amino acids.  Now to
the theme of this column.  UPJOHN's version was an exact duplicate of
what naturally occurs in nature.  Exact by 1990 standards, that is.

The reason that this holds so much significance is that MONSANTO and
UPJOHN will soon be merging into one very large company.  Criminal
co-conspirators will be committing a crime together, and then they'll
change their name and identity.  Will you even recognize the crime?
You most certainly will by reading the rest of this column!

UPJOHN's version of the bovine growth hormone was "supposedly" identical
to the hormone naturally manufactured in a cow's brain.

UPJOHN has recently applied to FDA for approval of their hormone, based
upon the theory of "substantial equivalence."  I learned about UPJOHN'S
application early Thursday morning.  Their application is so secret that
FDA will not even confirm that it has been made.  On that Thursday
before Christmas, I requested the file number from an employee at the
Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), FDA's investigative branch.  She
put me on hold and spoke to the director, Stephen Sundlof.  After a
minute, she came back and apologized.  "We cannot reveal the file number
until the drug is approved."  I was stunned by their secrecy.  By that
time, it will be too late.   After that phone conversation, I filed a
Freedom of Information Act request for the case file.  Will I be denied?
Time will tell.

UPJOHN'S application and FDA's review is based upon substantial fraud,
not substantial equivalence.

Genetic engineering is not a perfect science.  When cow hormones are
combined with E. coli bacteria, one of the resulting amino acids often
becomes a freak.  That amino acid, LYSINE, has an acetyl group added to
it.  Chemists call this process "acetylization."

Suffice it to say that this is a big error…one small error for Monsanto
and UPJOHN, one giant OOPS for mankind.

Monsanto created five freak amino acids.  UPJOHN most certainly did the
same.  In 1990, FDA reviewers did not have the sophisticated tests
necessary to detect such errors.  New technology provides those tests
today.  Rubber stamping UPJOHN's application because of substantial
equivalence cannot be allowed to occur.  There is no substantial
equivalence when mistakes occur.  Monsanto should repeat their research.
UPJOHN did not receive approval in 1990, and chose not to invest
hundreds of millions of dollars to gain approval.  They should not be
given a free pass today.

We cannot, must not, will not let FDA apply their doctrine of
substantial equivalence to UPJOHN.  We have discovered Monsanto's plan,
and are not happy that these two schemers long ago applied to FDA for
approval, while discussing merger talks.  Their intent is clear.
Deceive, divide, and conquer.

There has got to be a law!

Monday, December 27 - Day 51

Today is the 51st day of the hunger strike.  While our hunger strike
addresses America's health concerns from genetically engineered poisons
in our food supply, those same genetically engineered foods are causing
a sickness in our economic well-being that may soon become terminal.

According to the Economic Research Service of the United States
Department of Agriculture, in 1999, the net farm income will reach $48
billion. Incredibly, $22.7 billion, or 47%, of that total farmer income
represents government subsidies.  In other words, America's agriculture
system cannot exist on its own. Our way of life and our
system has become economically and spiritually bankrupt.

Predictions from the Economic Research Service are that farm income will
fall $7.6 billion next year, which means just one thing: more subsidies.

What is the solution offered by biotechnology?  More food!
Genetic engineering has created more milk, with increased levels
of powerful hormones, and farmers are going broke.

The front page of today's New York Times (Monday, December 27, 1999)
reports that China has sentenced four people to jail terms ranging up to
18 years.  Their crime was being members of a spiritual movement.  After
the one-day trial, the leaders of the movement were charged with the
murders of 1400 people.   Were they guilty?  Their crime was to urge
people to condemn modern medical practices and seek alternative

Imagine where I would be spending the next 18 years of my life if my
website was published in China?

In addition, the four leaders of the "spiritual cult" were charged with
"leaking state secrets."

I've been doing just that for the last five years by revealing
Monsanto's corrupt relationship with the Food & Drug Administration.

Tuesday, December 28 - Day 52

Today is the 52nd day of my hunger strike.  I woke up this morning with
an enormous headache that feels like a pair of pliers is squeezing the
back of my eyeballs.  The brain is expanding and presses against the
cranium.  Every time I blink or take a breath, the pain and discomfort
go through my entire body.

I am not a drug user.  I refuse to give into the pain by taking an
aspirin.  A cold shower seemed like a good idea and that's just what I
did, but to no avail.  With each heartbeat, my brain seems to expand and
contract, and the pain continues to pulsate and radiate.

I am barely able to think.  Is this fast of mine getting to me?  Is
there some nutrient or essential enzyme or amino acid that my juices are
not providing?  I am drinking a large glass of Perrier with some fresh
lemon juice hoping that the carbonated mineral water from France's
"natural source" can bubble energy and healing into my skull.

I have to bear this and hope that the pain soon subsides because it is
not pleasant.

It is rare that I have a nightmare.  My sleep is usually easy.  Last
night was an exception and perhaps that is the reason.  I try to place
significance to the symbols of my night visions and perform
self-interpretation and analysis to my own dreams.  Is the psyche within
sending a not-so-subtle message to the individual?

Wednesday, December 29 - Day 53

This is the 53rd day of my hunger strike.  Yesterday, I wrote in my
diary entry that I had a killer of a headache.  If I had wondered
whether people read my dairy entries, I received the most wonderful of
confirmations.  More than 20 e-mails arrived with suggestions on how to
cure that headache and invitations to call doctors, fasting coaches, and
alternative therapists.

Suggestions included a vast array of exercises, nutrients, and even a
mantra.  The most helpful suggestion may have done the trick.  It may
have been coincidence, but here is what worked.  Martha from Vermont

"Get a big dose of Vitamin A and Vitamin D."

I called her to thank her for her advice and reminded her that I'm not
taking vitamins.  She laughed and said, "Go out in the sunshine for 10

My three daughters are home from school during winter recess and have
been glued to the couch in front of the television set in our den.
"Anybody want to go outside?"  My eldest did not move her head from
whatever show she was watching and the middle daughter rolled her eyes,
but my youngest, Lizzy, jumped up with her usual enthusiasm and like the
little tornado of joy that she is beat me out the front door.  I soon
joined her in the cold air and bright sunshine, collecting wood for our
traditional after dinner fire.  Maybe it was the fresh air and sun that
did it.  Does Vitamin D synthesize that rapidly in the skin?  No matter.
The throbbing in my head ended and I felt invigorated.

Thank you all of you for the magnitude of your compassion and caring.

This morning, I juiced a few dozen apples.  I used Gala and Macintosh,
Delicious and Granny Smith.  I strained the juice, collecting one-half
pint of raw applesauce to which I added a few grindings of cinnamon.
That became a part of Lizzy's breakfast.  I drank the apple cider.

Thursday, December 30 - Day 54

Today is the 54th day of my hunger strike.  Last night, I finished
reading "Within Reach" by Mark Pfetzer.  This book is the story of a
sixteen-year-old's effort to climb a mountain.  This young man has
enormous drive and purpose and his story inspires me.  At the age of
twelve, just four years before he wrote this book, he decided that he
wanted to climb Mt. Everest.  Climbing Mt. Everest requires much more
than just training, expertise, and high tech equipment.  The permit and
travel costs can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This young man came from a middle-class family and did not have the
resources for such an adventure.  He decided to write letters to
hundreds of people and soon had a $300 sponsorship for a summer
mountaineering class.  Many hundreds of letters and phone calls later,
he had sponsors pay for trips to Peru and Argentina, the state of
Washington, and Tibet which prepared him for his ascent on Everest.

Mark made arrangements with his school system for long leaves of
absence.  There is one particular passage in his book (page 119) in
which he returns to a classroom and lectures to his fellow students.
Here is an aside, a daydream:

"I'd like to get up in front of those kids, show them my passport (which
is full of stamps from so many countries), then hand out passport
applications.  I wonder how many would fill them out?  How many could
expand their dreams and their vision of themselves…"

I cite this passage today because I am getting so many letters
supporting me and asking what can be done to help.  Besides fasting for
a day in support and writing letters on your own, there are hundreds of
things that can be done.  There is the Internet.  Reach out and tell
hundreds or thousands of people about our hunger strike.  There is the
media.  Call your local radio station and newspaper.  There is Congress.
Call your local politicians and ask them to call or write to the FDA.

Mark Pfetzer ends his book with these inspiring words:

"I know I'll climb more mountains, become involved in many other
demanding physical activities, and I know I'll have to study hard for
many years.  But nothing can be any more challenging than the last three
years.  Those three years have made me ready for everything."

These past three years have also made me ready for everything.  I am
inspired by the words of this sixteen-year-old, as we all should be.
Nothing is impossible when we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling a dream.
Each one of us is capable of scaling and moving a mountain.


Today is the 55th day of my hunger strike.

Last night, I read Ruth Ann Kocour's book, "Facing the Extreme."   This
is one of those books to be read at one sitting.  I could not put it

This book is one woman's account of her 1992 ascent of McKinley, North
America's highest mountain. Alaskans refer to this mountain as Denali,
or "God."  The twenty-three days that Kocour spent on Denali became her
understanding and discovering of God within herself.

One hundred and fifty mile per hour winds blasted the mountain for most
of her summit attempt, and temperatures of nearly two hundred degrees
below zero created the worst weather conditions in the recorded history
of Denali.

Eight people died on the mountain, and Ruth Ann suffered severe
frostbite.  Other surviving climbers lost fingers, and many faces were
severely scarred.

As Kocour and her team reach the summit, as tears instantly freeze on
the faces of her climbing companions, she reflects on what it took to
get there, and reminds herself that a return descent now follows their
conquest of Denali's summit.  Kocour writes:

"There's a mountaineering expression - 'Once you reach the top, you're
only halfway there."

Many people have asked when I plan to quit my hunger strike.  My answer
is that I do not expect to quit, I expect to win.    Others have asked
what happens when we win?  What do I do next?  Isn't that hormone still
in wholesome milk?

The answer, my friends, is that this is true.  All milk naturally
contains IGF-I.  We climb an enormous mountain together and getting to
the summit will become just a small part of our trek.  It's a first
step.  There are many summits.

Four years after Ruth Anne Kocour's triumph, many of her friends died in
a similar storm on Mount Everest.  A few months later, Kocour found
herself in the Himalayas climbing Cho Oyu in Tibet, the world's seventh
highest mountain, and a next door neighbor to Everest.

After spending a few months on the mountain, a storm hit and Kocour made
the decision to turn back.  Five others did not and they lost their
lives.  Kocour wrote:

"I know that there will be other summits and many more advetures in my
life.  I also know that I belong in the mountains.  They are a part of
my existence and being."

I too belong in the mountains.  I have not yet played out this ascent.
This is a journey for me.  I have left my base camp and there is no
turning back.  There will be storms and there will be challenges.

Robert Cohen