The Dairy Education Board
Diary for January 2000

By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text

January 2000 Hungerstrike Diary (1 January is day 56)
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01-01-2000 DAY 56 - "Colors of Freedom"
01-02-2000 DAY 57 - Grains of salt
01-03-2000 DAY 58 - Food for the soul
01-04-2000 DAY 59 - Tell the USDA what you think of DIOXINS in your milk
01-05-2000 DAY 60 - Diet and exercise... a family thing...
01-06-2000 DAY 61 - The true cost of milk
01-07-2000 DAY 62 - Y2K'S last laugh
01-08-2000 DAY 63 - Past, present and future...
01-09-2000 DAY 64 - Conquering breast cancer in three days
01-10-2000 DAY 65 - A day off... to celebrate life
01-11-2000 DAY 66 - Angry letters concerning breast cancer
01-12-2000 DAY 67 - Radio days...
01-13-2000 DAY 68 - Daycare "staples"
01-14-2000 DAY 69 - Animals and research: there's a better investment!
01-15-2000 DAY 70 - Join me for a walk...
01-16-2000 DAY 71 - Breast cancer book
01-17-2000 DAY 72 - Variety of "dreams"
01-18-2000 DAY 73 - Temporary cure for the flu (not recommended)
01-19-2000 DAY 74 - One in six billion
01-20-2000 DAY 75 - Busy, busy, busy... treading water
01-21-2000 DAY 76 - Can't see the forest... the trees are in the way
01-22-2000 DAY 77 - The flu... a very tenacious attack... reminds me of me
01-23-2000 DAY 78 - Programming the human...
01-24-2000 DAY 79 - The good news and the bad news
01-25-2000 DAY 80 - Monsanto and FDA Be Warned
01-26-2000 DAY 81 - The "good guys" and the "bad guys"
01-27-2000 DAY 82 - Darwin and goofs
01-28-2000 DAY 83 - Money, influence, and inaction (stonewalling)
01-29-2000 DAY 84 - Hey... FDA!  Anybody minding the "store"?
01-30-2000 DAY 85 - One Peaceful World
01-31-2000 DAY 86 - The rock... and the hard place

******************* SATURDAY, JANUARY 1 Today is the 56th day of my hunger strike. Three years ago, I met Janet Bode at a women's health conference. I was familiar with her work through my daughters, who read Janet's books, which were about teens, dating, and other issues important to young people. One novel, "Colors of Freedom" was a 1990's look at interracial dating. Janet Bode did not live to see the new century. She died yesterday of breast cancer at the age 56. Our hunger strike is for you, Janet. For you and 118 woman who will die today and tomorrow and every eday from the horrible ravages of breast cancer. The critical factor in the growth of breast cancer is IGF-I. We have written about this hormone, identical in cows and humans. When cows are injected with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (that we DEMAND FDA revoke), levels of IGF-I in the resulting milk increase. When humans drink milk, systemic levels of this powerful growth hormone increase in their bodies. Janet's "color of freedom" was stained with pigments of gray and black. The evidence exists for all women to see, but FDA refuses to deal with truth. For Janet, the color of fate and death may very well have been white. The politics of cancer play an enormous role in the careers of government scientists and bureaucrats. We are trying to give these people courage. We are trying to help them find their integrity. Scientists know the truth, but their silence is deafening. On this New Year's evening, revelers will eat brie and gouda and dredge veggies in sour cream dip. They will slurp down their ice cream parfaits and pour 2% milk into their coffees. Thousands of slices of pizza and hundreds of gallons of liquid milk will be the food for the women of the new millennium. Every bite of cheese and every sip of milk will contain that ticking time bomb, IGF-I. Women will march in the streets and run in races and wear pink ribbons and voice their outrage that no cure is yet known for the most horrible of human conditions. ***************** SUNDAY, JANUARY 2 Today is the 57th day of my hunger strike. I just finished a one-hour radio show on WFAN in New York. I am a regular listener of that station which features "IMUS in the Morning" and sports talk the rest of the day. Bob Salter's Sunday morning show is regularly heard by a few hundred thousand early-rising New Yorkers. Salter's show should not be taken with a grain of salt. My staff agreed to work today to answer phone calls, and I am having trouble getting through to my office, so I know that the show did its job! What is a grain of salt? One molecule of salt is composed of two atoms, sodium and chlorine. From high school chemistry class, I recall a lab lesson in which a tiny piece of sodium reacted with explosive energy after it was dropped into a water-filled sink. Inhaling chlorine gas can be instantly deadly, scarring lung tissue and causing permanent neurological damage. Add the two elements together and they form the tiniest component of a grain of salt. Hormones in milk are like "grains of salt." Milk hormones contain enormous potential, if and when they become "bio-active." Those same hormones in milk are also contained in meat. When humans eat animal products, the meat quickly enters the stomach, but powerful acids break meat proteins down into the building blocks of life, amino acids. Just as sodium and chlorine are two very important chemical elements for human physiological functioning, bodies also require essential amino acids which are obtained from the foods we eat. While meat and milk contain the same hormones, milk was designed to be a hormonal delivery system. Just as adults would not knowingly ingest bio-active forms of sodium or chlorine, neither should they ingest powerful hormones. If one gram of sodium was encapsulated in a gelatin membrane, then ingested, it would become a "ticking time bomb," ready to explode and kill the host from within. Milk hormones are encapsulated during the process of homogenization, protected by fat molecules that are made smaller by a factor of 100 times. These hormones are capable of passing through the intestinal wall, then entering the bloodstream where they circulate to all areas of the body to exert their effects. We are in the middle of a cancer explosion. One out of seven women will get breast cancer. One milk hormone, IGF-I, has been called the key factor in breast cancer's growth. IGF-I in cows and humans is identical. When cows are injected with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, levels of naturally occurring IGF-I in milk increase by about 80%. When humans drink milk, levels of IGF-I increase in their bloodstreams by a factor of 10%. We continue to urge FDA to revoke the use of the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. That is just a small part of what we at the Dairy Education Board wish to achieve. Our message is that the healthiest organic milk from the happiest cow naturally contains IGF-I. When her milk is concentrated into ice cream or cheese, the resulting product contains very large doss of hormones. Milk contains powerful growth hormones. All milk. Genetically engineered milk contains increased amounts of IGF-I. Cancer wins when it overtakes the body's natural mechanism to curb uncontrolled growth. IGF-I promotes cellular proliferation and growth. Milk and cheese contain IGF-I, the key factor in cancer. Please do not take this advice with a grain of salt. Please help teach people about milk hormones. Please send today's diary entry to a loved one. Close your eyes and imagine a cancer. Understand that today's advice is worth many pounds of cure. ***************** MONDAY, JANUARY 3 Today is the 58th day of my hunger strike. Yesterday, my family welcomed in the new millennium by driving to New York City, where we performed an annual tradition. We cooked and packaged dinners for fifty, than drove through mid-town Manhattan and handed out, one-at-a-time, our specially prepared care packages to homeless people. I drove and my daughters took turns sitting in the front seat of our van. We would stop the car when we saw someone in need... pushing their belongings in a cart or wheeling them along the avenues in a stroller, these people who live on New York City's streets. Sarah would politely ask, "Excuse me, would you like something to eat?" The sense of humanity that was felt between donor and recipient was overwhelming. Lizzy would hold out her offering. "Would you like a meal?" One man stopped foraging through a trash can on the corner of Ninth avenue and 46th Street. "Thank you, young lady. Have a very Happy New Year." An elderly couple picked up tin cans that littered the sidewalks, and would later turn them in for a nickel apiece. Three cases of spent soda mean a pack of cigarettes to these people who live rent free, with the moon and stars as their ceiling. The newspapers teach us that these people are to be feared. They are alcoholics or schizophrenics, they are sick and violent. We found none of these imaginary goblins and orcs, just real people like you and me, trying to maintain a bit of dignity. A woman in a wheel chair had no legs and hunched over with nowhere to hold the meal. "Please put it in the bag hanging on the back of my chair. God bless you." These people survive each day, picking through the trash, finding an unending supply of scraps. They do not need us to survive, but our presence is a message to them that we care. We really do. We wish we were in a position to do more. Each of us can do just one little thing to help each other out. Maybe it's just a kind word to a neighbor. Some of us are in positions of greater responsibility than others. Some people have enormous power, making life or death decisions over dozens or hundreds of others. Some decisions affect millions of people. We drove down Broadway, weaving our way through the streets of Times Square. We then drove up Eighth Avenue to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, finding homeless people in each of the city's neighborhoods. As I drove, I thought of man's inhumanity to his fellow man. I imagined that nobody intentionally seeks to hurt other people, yet few people consider the meanings of their actions. I thought of the FDA bureaucrats who delay their decision on Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. I thought of the thousands who will die or become ill as a result of FDA inaction. I thought of my hunger strike and my decision to not eat, by choice, the same foods that I now offer to those in need. I thought of how much work still needs to be done, and how little I have really accomplished, and how man's destiny must always be to reach inside to do the best and be the best that we can be. ****************** TUESDAY, JANUARY 4 Today is the 59th day of my hunger strike. This morning, I learned that Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman will answer questions in a live online Internet forum one week from today, Tuesday, January 11th at 1 p.m. EST. On that day, the forum will be accessible through the USDA website at: I recently mailed a certified letter to the Secretary to which he did not respond. Past letters about rbGH in milk, mastitis in dairy cows, antibiotics, pesticides, and iodine milk levels have also been totally ignored by Mr. Glickman. Will the Secretary's Internet chat be different? Perhaps you can post a question too! Here is what I posted today: "Last year, Belgium closed their dairy industry because of unsafe levels of dioxins in milk. Recently, BEN & JERRY'S ICE CREAM was tested and 200 times the safe level of dioxins were found. BEN & JERRY'S response was that 'It's in the environment.' If that is so, is it dangerous to eat milk and dairy products, and should there be an immediate ban?" I urge you to ask a milk-related question. There are many issues that are still unanswered, including UDSA's policy of promoting Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Please take a few moments to log onto USDA'S site and let Secretary Glickman know what is on your mind. Questions to the Secretary, in advance of the forum, can now be posted at this web site: ******************** WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5 Today is the 60th day of my hunger strike. The question of whether I am exercising while fasting has been asked by many of you in private EMAIL. The answer is YES! Last night, I induced my wife to wake up early this morning and join me for a long walk. My youngest daughter overheard our conversation and begged, "Take me, too." At 5:30, the alarm went off and we got out of bed. I went to Lizzy's room and she woke easily, excited at the prospect of an early morning adventure. Yesterday, it hit 60 degrees in New York, but this morning it was 30 degrees, with a strong wind. I wore a polarguard parka, and watched my breath turn white in the cold air. I imagined summit day on Everest, the trekkers emerging from their tents shortly after midnight, ready to spend the next 14 hours in an exhausting summit attempt. As our party of three left our home, me with my Walter-Mittyish fantasy, Mrs. Mitty (my wife, Lisa), and one little itty bitty Mitty (Lizzy), I described what a party of Everest climbers would be experiencing. Lisa laughed as Lizzy deadpanned her response: "Enough, Dad." I continued my narration, as we continued toward our summit. "One out of five people attempting to scale Everest die on the mountain." Lizzy ran far ahead of her guides. After 20 brisk minutes, we reached our summit, the Dunkin Donuts in Emerson, New Jersey. Lizzy was rewarded with a chocolate chip muffin. We then returned home, our path better illuminated by the rising sun. ********* There is a food labeling conference scheduled for January 27-28, 2000 at the Wyndham Hotel in Washington D.C. FDA will be presenting many of their proposed and new policies at this conference, which you are invited to attend. The keynote address will be delivered by Peter Barton Hutt, former FDA Chief Counsel. There's just one catch. Cost of attending the conference is $1495. Early registrants include Monsanto, Campbell Soup Company, Nabisco, and Kraft Foods. There will be lectures and panel discussions. Topics include: -- Industry Update and Forecast -- Where Are We Heading? -- How To Target Your Nutraceuticals Consumer for the year 2000 -- Fortified Foods in the 2000s If you have $1495 and the desire to listen to Monsanto's side of the genetic engineering controversy, contact the conference organizer, Rupa Ranganathan at 212-967-0095 x252. ******************* THURSDAY, JANUARY 6 Today is the 61st day of my hunger strike. SOUR MILK During the first week of each month, figures for the wholesale price of milk (basic formula price = BFP) are released by the federal government. The BFP represents the dollar amount that dairy farmers receive for every hundred pounds of milk they produce. In December of 1998, dairy farmers were receiving $17.34 for each hundredweight of milk. They now receive $9.63. The price of milk continues to drop for two reasons. First, people continue to drink less milk. Second, the dairy industry continues to produce more milk. Simultaneous to the decrease in demand, dairymen are increasing the supply. MILKING THE PUBLIC What has been the dairy industry solution to this financial tragedy in the making? Their response has been to breed more super-cows which produce even more milk, and to promote the use of rbGH so that cows injected with Monsanto's hormone super-saturate a market unable to even utilize the existing surplus. Monsanto's genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH) created mastitis in dairy cows, which resulted in a different milk containing more hormones, bacteria, pus, and antibiotics. Monsanto's rbGH caused cancer in laboratory animals. Because of the milk controversy, the public is aware that milk contains hormones. People are learning that milk is loaded with powerful hormones, and as they arrive at this understanding, they eliminate milk and dairy products from their diets. In early December, the BFP dropped to $9.79. On January 5th, the BFP dropped an additional 16 cents. This year, 170 billion pounds of milk will be produced. A 16-cent drop represents a yearly-adjusted gross loss of income to dairy farmers of $272 million. SMELLS LIKE LIMBURGER To make matters worse, the federal government guarantees farmers at least $9.80 for their milk. Guess who gets to subsidize the dairy farmers for that last price drop? We have become innocent bystanders and victims to this vicious and absurd circle. As more of Monsanto's hormone is used, more milk is produced, more IGF-I is consumed, more cows get sick, more people get cancer, more antibiotics are used, farmers get less money for their milk, and more subsidies are paid to farmers from taxpayers. Monsanto has become the beneficiary of this insanity. One hundred and seventy billion pounds of milk at last year's price, $17.34 per hundredweight, would have generated 29.4 billion dollars. At this year's historically low price, farmers will net just 16.4 billion dollars. Did the dairy industry really need this hormone? Ouch. Finally, a complete evaluation of rbGH reveals: GOT BLAME? Genetically engineered milk is unsafe for consumer's health. Genetically engineered milk is unsafe for the financial well being of America's dairy farmer. Thanks, Monsanto. ***************** FRIDAY, JANUARY 7 Today is the 62nd. day of my hunger strike. Who says Y2K was a dud? For me personally, it was very real and very destructive. Here is the untold story. The sixth rated Internet hosting service is/was CI HOST. I am/was a client. (So too were many tens of thousands of others). If you have tried to access the or sites, you might conclude that I've either faded away or been cancelled for non-payment of my bills. Both sites have faded into oblivion. In addition, the site reserved to launch my new book is also "dead." Customer Service at CI HOST is an oxymoron. There is anything but service, and by their actions, there will no longer be customers. I take no pleasure in witnessing a hundred-million dollar company self-destruct. Galloping to my rescue has been Jeff Nelson. Jeff owns the largest vegetarian website on the Internet, and plays host to many sites including Howard Lyman's home and pages. For the next week (as files are uploading), you will be able to access the notmilk and hungerstrike sites and take a peek at the cover of my new book by logging on to these temporary URL's: If you have never visited Jeff's site, I urge you to do so. He receives close to one million "hits" per month, and has put together the largest vegetarian site on the World Wide Web: I have been keeping my daily diary entries up-to-date and you might want to read up on the past week. A few more people have joined in support of our hunger strike and those names will be added to the still-growing list. Thank you all for the hundreds of letters of concern and support! ******************* Saturday, JANUARY 8 Today is the 63rd day of my hunger strike. Last night I watched a National Geographic special on climbing mountains. One of the segments featured Alex Lowe, a climber who was killed last year by an avalanche. He scaled many a cliff, some live on television, and the scenes in last night's show were dramatic. They called him a freak. Up every day at 3 AM, he trained hard, and had incredible upper body strength. They said that he did 400 chin-ups every day. I don't know if I could do even one. What an inspiration this man was/and is! I have not done a push-up or a sit-up in many years. (Short pause) - I just did ten push-ups and twenty sit-ups and realize that my 47-year-old body is not the same that it was in high school. I don't like feeling old and out of shape. I am going to change that. I have become flabby and lazy. No more. I've just dusted off the stationary bike and it now sits upstairs. Twenty minutes per day to start - I'll gradually build it up to get my legs in shape. I am now walking every day and I am beginning an exercise routine. I want to swim and play racquetball and do everything I could do in high school. Is it possible? One burns a lot of calories when training hard, and I am not eating food. However, I have plenty of calories stored as fat. As I lose weight from my fast, my body becomes stronger, my mind becomes more alert, I need less sleep, and my motivation level increases. So too does my anger at FDA's inactivity increase. My hunger strike is a juice fast. I would have died by this time on a strict hunger strike. The juice fast will keep me alive. I will become leaner and meaner. I will live for at least the next six months, and I vow to become FDA's worst nightmare. I have energy in spirit and body and an enormous sense of purpose. I now live to train, and perhaps my fantasies will become reality. Run a marathon? Finish a triathlon? Get FDA to take Monsanto's hormone of the market? Climb Everest? Nothing is impossible, and I feel like all of my summits will be scaled. ***************** Sunday, January 9 After two weeks of INTERNET HELL, my websites are back online. You can now catch up on the hungerstrike daily diary entries and Dairy Education Board news: Today's diary entry should be read by every woman in America. Perhaps you could send the following to every woman on your LOVE and LIKE list: CONQUERING BREAST CANCER IN THREE DAYS Today is the 64th day of my hunger strike. An enormous breast cancer controversy is developing between traditional medical practitioners, who benefit from the existing multi-billion dollar yearly breast cancer rip-off, and real science, which has proven that mammography does more damage than good. THE REASON THEY LIE: GOT MONEY? Very rarely does the mainstream press report the existing milk/IGF-I link to breast cancer. Wonder why? Newspapers, magazines, television, and radio all derive revenue from companies extolling the fraudulent virtues of milk and dairy products. Pizza Hut uses three percent of America's yearly milk production. Dannon Yogurt and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream help pay the rent, utilities, and salaries of those who pretend to bring America the truth in their daily news. HOW MANY WOMEN ACTUALLY HAVE BREAST CANCER? Thousands of chemicals and events have been implicated as being a cause of cancer, but one thing makes it grow once a woman is unfortunate to be so stricken. That key factor happens to be the most powerful growth hormone produced in the human body, insulin-like growth factor-I or IGF-I. The great miracle of nature is that IGF-I is identical between humans and cows. On November 8, 1994, the New York Times reported that breast cancer is actually a very common event. An autopsy study revealed that 39.6% of women between the ages of 40 and 50 have breast cancer. That is horrible news for women and wonderful news for those who make a living performing breast cancer analyses and treatment. The fact of the matter is that most breast cancers are naturally controlled by our miraculous immune systems. Cancers always begin with one cell. Every three months that cancer doubles in size, so that after one year the cancer grows to sixteen cells. Eight years later, a breast cancer becomes a one-million cell tumor, the smallest lump a woman can detect in her breast Cellular examination upon autopsy reveals the common presence of breast cancer, but clinical diagnoses result in only one percent of women in the 40-50 age group being dignosed with breast cancer. The key factor in breast cancer's growth, like pouring gasoline on a fire, is IGF-I. Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream---all dairy products are loaded with this powerful growth hormone. A STUDY OF 500,000 WOMEN A new study published in the British medical journal, LANCET, compiled data from 500,000 women since the 1960's and found that mammography is not only an ineffective tool, it might very well be a factor in causing breast cancer. The study found that for every 1,000 women who receive a mammography, one life is saved. On the other hand, a woman having a mammography will have a six hundred percent greater chance of getting breast cancer, by exposing her breasts to a "safe level of radioactivity." Safe level? That's easy for a man to say. If I was a woman, I'd be pretty unhappy about exposing my breasts to once-a-year doses of radioactive poison. Science devises tests to find breast cancer earlier. Is that such a good thing? All adults over the age of 50 have cancer (New York Times, 11/8/94, P C-1). Instead of ingesting the key factor five times each day, IGF-I, shouldn't all women practice the NOTMILK preventive therapy? GENETIC ENGINEERING MAKES A BAD PRODUCT WORSE When cows are treated with Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH), levels of IGF-I in their milk increase by about 80%. Women who drink milk experience an increase, systemically, of IGF-I in their blood serum by a factor of ten percent. SOLVING THE PROBLEM Today's New York Times (Sunday, January 9, 2000) contains a full-page ad for AVON'S "Breast Cancer 3-Day" event. This is a national effort, and women in America's major cities will be making a collective statement this Fall. In New York, two thousand women will walk 25 miles per day from October 13th-15th, starting at Bear Mountain, New York and ending their march in midtown Manhattan. If you wish to join their protest, call 888-332-9286 or read about breast cancer on their website: WHAT YOU CAN DO Please contact these people who have great passion and anger. Let them know about milk and IGF-I. Tell them about our hunger strike. March with them. Teach the ignorant about the IGF-I/milk factor. AND SEND TODAY'S NEWSLETTER TO A FRIEND!!! ****************** Monday, January 10 Today is the 65th day of my hunger strike. I have had a few requests to expand my diary and reveal some of the more personal and intimate details of my life. Is my day-to-day routine all work and all suffering and no play? Nothing could be further from that. Yesterday, my kids chipped in and treated me to a movie. We are fortunate to be located just twenty minutes from an IMAX super large screen theater, and that's where we headed. The movie was "Fantasia 2000." I have seen the original "Fantasia" many times and the tape is a part of my video collection. The new "Fantasia" was simply stunning. In theory, a different "Fantasia" can be produced every day based upon the millions and millions pieces of classical music which can be synchronized to animation. I've seen many, many Disney movies from "Snow White" to "Pinocchio" to "The Lion King." The results are happy and predictable with few real surprises. This version of "Fantasia" was a little bit different and so extremely creative that I found myself thinking, "This is Walt Disney on peyote." Perhaps the 40 speakers located throughout the theater had something to do with the incredible effects. There is one segment in which giant sperm whales fly through their environment and bring the concept of swimming to new heights. The toughest part of the day was sitting with my wife and three daughters in the fast food court of the Palisades Center while sushi, Chinese food, and other ethnic foods were enjoyed. I nursed my bottled water. Last night, I read Luke Anderson's book on biotechnology called "Genetic Engineering, Food, and Our Environment." The book combined the basic concepts of how, what, and why the world's food supply has changed. I found this paperback to be very easy to digest, and I am adding it to my "Recommended Reading List" for those who do not fully understand the issues. You can get the book from Chelsea Green Publishing Co. by calling 800-639-4099 or logging onto their Internet site. ******************* Tuesday, January 11 Today is the 66th day of my hunger strike. The number sixty-six is an omen and sign representing the Biblical beast of all evil, and the greatest evil that I witness today is the rejection of truth. This morning, I received an e-mail letter from Susan C. Here is her letter with my response: "To Robert: I received an angry email, forwarded from a friend, about the effects of growth hormones and breast cancer. The letter was so angry I could hardly read it. If women are going to listen to this important message about their health, hopefully it will be delivered in a more productive way. >From Susan C." "Dear Susan, The ANGRIEST group of people on this planet are those whose damaged breasts have become toxic dump sites for FDA and USDA-approved toxins. Schoepenhouer said that all truth goes through three stages: denial, violent opposition, then acceptance. I expect violent opposition to this truth, because the disease is so horrible, and the milk myth so powerful. There is no debate to the truth I have presented. IGF-I is the key factor in the growth of every breast cancer. IGF-I is manufactured in the human body, but is broken down in a matter of seconds. In cow's milk, the SAME, EXACT hormone survives digestive processes for 30 minutes after human ingestion. Cow's injected with Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone yield milk with increased levels of this powerful growth hormone. This is the reason that I am on a hunger strike. This is why I will not end my fast until FDA revokes the use of this hormone. I have placed my health and possible death on the line for the benefit of your angry friend." END OF LETTER There is one other great evil at work. Congress is considering passage of a bill, the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act (HR 3377), which will require the USDA and the FDA to label genetically engineered foods. The proposed bill is not evil, it is beautiful. What is evil are the comments made yesterday by US Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman. In a press conference, Glickman set the stage for USDA's policy by telling reporters that the federal government is not likely to require US manufacturers and grocery stores to put labels on genetically engineered foods. Despite the fact that people wearing Monarch butterfly costumes protested genetic engineering and rioted in the streets of Seattle and demonstrated at three FDA hearings (Chicago, Washington, and Oakland), Glickman and other government officials refuse to bear witness to the mandate of the people. Through our petition, FDA is armed with the truth: genetic engineering produced "freak" amino acids and changed the character of the foods they've replaced. ********************* Wednesday, January 12 Today is the 67th day of my hunger strike. Yesterday, I had three one-hour radio interviews during a six-hour period, and by the time I got to the third, I was tired and near to losing my voice. In the past, I could talk for five or six hours and not feel any strain. Maybe it was just one of those days or perhaps this hunger strike is taking its toll. I spoke first to a Pittsburgh audience and then crossed the nation to Colorado. The third and final interview was on KOMO in Seattle, an ABC affiliate with an enormous listening audience. I enjoy the talk show audience format where listeners call in questions to the host and myself. Yesterday's host, Ernie, performed as a stand-up comic previous to his radio DJ job, and the show was a lot of fun. We talked about hormones in milk, of course, and I complimented the Seattle audience on their anti-biotechnology sentiments as demonstrated at the recent WTO demonstrations. Milk has been genetically engineered, and most of the commercial products in today's market are so influenced. Major food manufacturers and distributors accept milk from cows treated with Monsanto's hormone. That includes Pizza Hut, Kraft Foods, and Dannon Yogurt. On Monday of this week, French officials discovered two new cases of Mad Cow Disease. That brings to 31 the number of cows discovered with this disease in the past twelve months in France. One of the cows was discovered in the northwest region of Brittany, while the other was found in the south. French authorities ordered that all 341 cows in the two herds be slaughtered. This degenerative brain disease is easily passed from cow to human. Some scientists theorize that Mad Cow Disease can be transferred in the flesh of diseased animals, and two Nobel Prize-winning scientists (Gajdusek and Prusiner) conceded to me that the infectious substance might very well be contained within the cow's body fluids. By drinking milk, we ingest body fluids from diseased animals. There are many reasons not to drink milk. Almost every sip of commercially produced milk contains virus, pus, bacteria, powerful growth hormones (including IGF-I), allergenic proteins, antibiotics, pesticides, dioxins, and fat and cholesterol. Genetically engineered milk contains increased levels of the same naturally occurring growth hormones. ******************** Thursday, January 13 Today is the 68th day of my hunger strike. This is a long story that I am going to cut short, and I'll begin by telling you about my daughter Elizabeth's 5th grade school project. Each child in Mrs. DiCorcia's class has been asked to assume the persona of a famous "character" from American history. My daughter has decided to be Johnny Appleseed. Part of that assignment includes cooking or creating a recipe that would have been enjoyed by that famous individual. So... this morning in the middle of the first snowstorm of the new millennium to hit the New York area, I drove to the supermarket and bought 20 pounds of apples. This evening, my home will become an apple cider mill and we'll produce a few gallons of nature's finest. However, that's not the whole story. My wife and kids can no longer go supermarket shopping with me because of my one-man campaign against milk and dairy products. When I see a gallon of milk in somebody's shopping cart, my loved ones recognize the killer look on my face and distance themselves from my next victim. So it happened this morning when I was alone on a checkout line paying for my apples and the young woman behind me placed her gallon of milk and six cans of vegetables behind my groceries. I looked at her and said, "You know, they sell those vegetables in the produce section. They're fresher and they taste better." I said nothing about the milk. Her response to me was, "I'm buying these for our daycare center. We don't have time to prepare fresh vegetables, but I'm getting milk for the kids. That's healthy." I looked at her and responded, "It sure is. Those little kids need those hormones." She said to me, "This is the hormone-free milk." What could I do to argue with such logic? There's a woman in Seattle who runs a daycare center. Her name is Ellouise Carroll. Ms. Carroll has 70 children in her school, and she is suing the state and the United States Department of Agriculture because she does not want to serve milk to her children. Ellouise has discovered, through a lifetime of teaching, that milk makes kids wild and creates runny noses, congestion, and asthma attacks. Many years ago, she eliminated milk from her schools and found the instant cure to many of these children's ills while improving their ability to learn. Now the state of Washington is demanding that she give the children milk, and her case is in the courts. Last week, Public School 104 in New York City was forced to close because the children are wild and out-of-control and have lost the ability to learn. These children, predominately African-American, live in extreme poverty and are the beneficiaries of a minimum of five doses of hormone-filled milk and dairy products each day. All of these things flashed through my mind at the checkout counter as I handed the woman a card with my website Will she access the site and read about milk hormones? As usual... I continue on with the hunger strike for the children... for the innocent victims. ****************** Friday, January 14 Today is the 69th day of my hunger strike. The wind chill is 30 degrees below zero, and I just chopped up some wood for this evening's fire. I'm in a great mood, buoyed by today's news from Battle Creek, Michigan. While I am no fan of the cereal giant, Kellogg Company, I do applaud today's health conscious news. Taking advantage of something that health activists have been trying to tell them, Kellogg has launched their first soy protein cereal which also contains rice and whole wheat flakes. Hopefully, cereal fans will enjoy this product with soy or rice milk. Last October, FDA announced that consumption of soy could significantly lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. On a different front, I received a tape called "Lethal Medicine" in today's mail from Paul Sewick who runs an organization called "Animal Commandos." The tape was graphic at times and reflected all aspects of animal research. Paul had previously written a letter to SATYA Magazine (circulation 80,000+) demanding that I apologize to animals because I cite animal research in supporting my anti-milk position. Paul's argument is that animal research represents sadistic and fraudulent torture to animals, and that pure and simple common sense dictates that animal research is totally incongruent to human physiology. Paul's letter was a little harsh, but it really made me think about animal research. Human medicine cannot be based upon animal physiology. As a scientist, I always knew that it was relatively easy to find an animal to prove or disprove whatever I wanted. Every year, more than one hundred million animals are killed for the alleged purpose of continuing needless research. In a sense, crimes against animals are a crime against humanity. Rates of cancer and heart disease have not decreased in the past 30 years. As a matter of fact, they are soaring. Animal research seeks to determine cures for diseases, but they have solved nothing and have only taught us one thing. We are lulled to an unrealistic sense of security by animal research which looks for a cure and does not really focus upon cause or, even more importantly, prevention. Science accepts the fact that animal fats are dangerous and pesticides, dioxins, and other chemicals are pollutants that poison our bodies. Shouldn't the real cure be found by eliminating the problem? Today I am eating no food, but if and when I resume eating, I will be eating organically raised fruits and vegetables. The price of organically grown produce might be a little higher than traditional supermarket produce, but the cost of medical treatment surpasses one trillion dollars a year. Maintaining good health by paying a little bit more for the body's fuel is a great investment when one compares the high costs of dealing with heart disease and cancer. ******************** Saturday, January 15 Today is the 70th day of my hunger strike. If I gave you a picture, showed you her face, and told you she has breast cancer, how far would you walk to save her life? If you go the distance, I'll show you the way. Imagine knowing that you saved a life. Two. Four. Ten. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the U.S. This year, over 400,000 women are expected to die of the disease. On Monday, January 24th, I'll be in Millburn, New Jersey for a breast cancer orientation class. Next October, I'll be participating in Avon's Breast Cancer 3-Day. I pledge to walk 80 miles from Bear Mountain, New York to New York City and I wish to put together a team who will join me. You don't have to walk, you can be a member of the crew: . Won't you join me? For more information, please call Lisa or Ann at my office: 201-871-5871. ****************** Sunday, January 16 Today is the 71st day of my hunger strike. BREAST CANCER BOOKS I just reexamined the paperback and hardcover books in my library to confirm a suspicion. I read more than twenty breast cancer books last year. I've also read hundreds of journal articles, and while I don't claim to be America's breast cancer expert, I do have some understanding of the cellular and hormonal mechanisms playing roles in breast cancer's growth and proliferation. THE BEST BREAST CANCER BOOK YET! Last night, I read the single most fascinating and convincing breast cancer book that should be a must read for all women. The name of the book is appropriately "BREAST CANCER - Poisons, Profits and Prevention." The book is written by Liane Casten. Chapter One tells the story of Cassandra Michaels who died at age 35. Every woman who dies of breast cancer has a tragic story to tell. Usually loved ones stand by helplessly as multiple forces endanger, betray, and overwhelm the sufferer. There are many misconceptions about breast cancer. Many factors cannot be controlled, but the bottom line is this: there are many risks that can be controlled, and one must regulate the poisons entering the body from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat. Government agencies such as FDA and USDA have abandoned their regulatory fiduciary mission and are now corporate shills. Casten's documentation of such betrayal is shocking. Mammograms are the most often used diagnostic test in America and have supplied billions of dollars of cash flow to hospitals and physicians. The author documents real science and exposes the truth that mammograms are poisons masquerading as diagnostic tests. Studies have shown that one out of a thousand women are helped by mammograms while eight times that number develop breast cancer as a result of having their breasts exposed to deadly doses of toxic radiation. Liane Casten discusses tamoxifen, a synthetic hormone similar in structure to DES. In her opinion (and mine, too), tamoxifen is a poison pretending to be a curative. Tamoxifen is given to breast cancer survivors who often develop uterine and ovarian cancers as a result of the use of that drug. The author explores silicone implants, which are poisons disguised as cosmetic devices. The cancer establishment, as a result of Richard Nixon's 1970 war on cancer, has spent almost $25 billion in public funds and hundreds of millions of dollars in private funds in trying to understand and prevent breast cancer. The author asks, "What have we to show for this immense expense of time, money, and expertise?" I urge you to read this book. It can be bought at or by calling Common Courage Press at 207-525-0900. ****************** Monday, January 17 Today is the 72nd day of my hunger strike and it is also the second day of my flu. I went to sleep at 8 PM last evening and slept through the night like a baby waking up at 8 AM. The last time I slept that long, like a baby, when I was a baby. I have aches and pains and, overall, I'm a bit of a mess so forgive today's short journal entry. Today is a day of dreams. Most of America celebrates the birth of Martin Luther King who had a dream. I too have a dream. My dream has started off as a nightmare, but it can have a happy ending. Our hunger strike is a wake-up call to FDA and to all Americans. My dream is that all people see truth and gain wisdom, and in doing so make a difference for themselves and their loved ones by rejecting the poisons in our air, water, and food. ******************* Tuesday, January 18 Today is the 72nd day of my hunger strike. Today is also the third day of my flu, and I found the cure...although I don't recommend the treatment. My head aches, my back hurts, my body screams to me in pain and discomfort. My temperature is elevated and I have a cough. Yet, for one hour last evening, all of my symptoms went away. The cure? Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline! Here's how it works. Get one cute little ten-year-old daughter. In my case, her name is Elizabeth, and yes, she's for rent. Position yourself in front of a fireplace with a roaring fire. Get comfortable in the recliner chair with a good book. Last night's was Bill Bonnano's "CODE OF HONOR." Bonnano was the model for Michael Corleone in Mario Puzo's "THE GODFATHER." His dad was THE real-life GODFATHER, as portrayed in the movie by Marlon Brando. Anyway...I was deep into the book, miserable with my flu-like symptoms...just getting to the part where Bonnano reveals the reason behind the Kennedy assassination, when all of a sudden, Lizzy started screaming: "Fire...FIRE...F-I-R-E!!!" I jumped out of the chair and flew to her...and as I ran down the hall I saw the glow from her room. Her bed was aflame, as was her wall. That cute little Tweety Bird Clock had flamed out, and her mattress and bed was fully involved. I screamed to my wife, "Call 911." Although I was an enormous Y2K cynic, I did buy 50 gallons of water, and five of those gallon jugs were sitting on the kitchen counter. I soon had the fire under control, although I had "eaten" quite a bit of smoke. The Oradell Volunteer Fire Department was having their Monday night drill, and were at the station when the call came in. I was amazed at how quickly they responded. Soon my home was filled with friends wearing bunker gear and Scott paks. They came armed with axes and various tools meant to quickly open up walls, which is just what they did. Fire has a way of traveling inside of walls and rapidly climbs towards higher points undetected. Two hours later, all was back to normal. Minimal damage, some battered psyches, all of us believers in the adage that "it can happen here." Lizzy is the family hero, and I discovered the temporary cure for the flu. Now my head is pounding. For now, I'll enjoy the feeling. ********************* Wednesday, January 19 One in Six Billion Every day during my hunger strike, I have kept a diary which can be found at: My entire anti-dairy philosophy can be found at: Today is the 74th day of my hunger strike. My cardiologist is Jeff Mitchel and his practice is in Englewood, New Jersey. Jeff is more than a doctor to me, he is a friend. Many years ago, we used to be racquetball buddies. He is a superb athlete and climbs two hundred flights of stairs each day on mankind's greatest technological device of torture-the Stairmaster. A few years ago, Dr. Mitchel won the racquetball championship at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Tenafly. Jeff and I alternated bragging rights, playing a pretty much even game, but there is one man who regularly beat Jeff Mitchel. That man is my father, the finest athlete I have ever known, Nat Cohen. Dad was born the same year America entered World War I. In that year, Einstein announced his Theory of Relativity, and the Saturday Evening Post published their first Norman Rockwell drawing. Fanny Brice sang and danced in the Ziegfield Follies, and the Boston Red Sox beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series. Lucky Strike cigarettes were introduced, vitamin B was discovered, and the first home refrigerator was marketed for $900, a price equal to the Model T motor car rolling out of Henry Ford's new Detroit factory. This year, my dad will turn 84, and last month he broke the humurus bone in his left arm. Appropriately, like a Viking holding a sword, Dad broke the bone in the health club. Yesterday, he began physical therapy and rehab. Our friend and cardiologist calls Dad a few times a week. Jeff has even made a house call and stayed nearly two hours. Forty years ago, Nat had his gall bladder removed by a doctor whose name would one day become famous and whose maneuver would save countless tens of thousands of lives - Henry Heimlich. I recently had dinner with Dr. Heimlich and he remembers my father well. One week after surgery, Dad ripped his sutures and began to bleed while playing handball at the YMCA on 63rd St. in Manhattan. Dad always did things his way and he is truly one in six billion. Before his accident, I would not have bet against him in a racquetball game with any of the readers of this column. He is not an old man by any standard other than his chronological age. Even at the health club, young people crowd around his locker because his comic style has always made him the center of attention and "life of the party." Although I was feeling pretty lousy yesterday, I went with him to his first day of rehab. I secretly took along two heroin-like pain killing Percosets in my pocket. I had been warned by both his physician and therapist that the discomfort he would experience would elevate his concept of pain to a new level. Dad refused the pills, joked with the therapist about getting back to the racquetball court and didn't complain about my driving (a new first for him) on the way home. He'll be back at the JCC before long. One in six billion? We are all one in six billion. Dad is my inspiration to continue the fight to make things right. Each of us has the ability to do great things by performing to our potential. ******************** Thursday, January 20 Today is the 75th day of my hunger strike. Every day I have made a journal entry and have done my best to try to stay even with the tremendous volume of e-mail and snail mail that I receive. There just aren't enough hours in the day nor days in the week for me to do justice to the approximately 5,000 personal messages that I receive on a weekly basis. Forgive me. I woke up this morning having spent the night at my father's house. Yesterday, I admitted my mother into Englewood Hospital where she is now in her second day undergoing tests for a still undiagnosed ailment. My father has yet to learn how to boil water so add personal chef and valet to the many hats that I wear. I am feeling as well as I can be considering the circumstances and am now readying myself to shovel Dad's driveway and mine from the first New York metropolitan area snowstorm of the 21st century. ****************** Friday, January 21 Doctors Make Monkeys of Humans Today is the 76th day of my hunger strike. There are many myths that Americans have to live with. Who can begin to understand the scope of brainwashing that must occur for a myth to be perceived as realty? In 1971, then-President Richard Nixon declared a war on cancer. In the 1950s, when Richard Nixon was debating Nikita Khruschev and making himself the national hero of pre-Watergate days, Americans had two deadly nightmares. The first was the threat of nuclear war. That threat has all but disappeared. The second was the threat of a horrible disease called cancer. In the 1950s, one out of five Americans were expected to die from this deadly disease. The word "cancer" struck fear in the hearts of all Americans. During Nixon's presidency, in the 1970s, cancer rates soared, and one out of four Americans were expected to die from cancer. After Nixon's declaration of war on cancer, there became a new focus for researchers. The business of cancer has become very good news to physicians and scientists, and very bad news for laboratory rats, cats, and other four-legged animals. Apparently, the American public has been lied to. Common sense has been replaced by common fraud. Humans walk on two legs, not four, and have different physiological systems than laboratory animals. >From Nixon's presidency to the end of the 20th century, more than $25 billion was spent on the war on cancer, but today cancer rates are soaring. It is now projected that one in two American men and one in three American women will die from cancer. Why? This hunger strike of mine will one day teach all of America that the key factor in cancer's growth is IGF-I, a hormone identical between cows and humans. Milk contains IGF-I and cheese contains concentrated amounts of this powerful growth hormone that has been identified as the key factor in cancer's growth. In 1960, the average American ate 10 pounds of cheese per year. As cheese consumption containing powerful growth hormones increased, so too did cancer rates. This year, the average American will eat 30 pounds of cheese. Last night, I went to bed early and woke at 2:30 AM. Unable to get back to sleep, I read Jane Goodall's new book, "Reason for Hope, A Spiritual Journey." I bookmarked a passage that had great relevance to Dr. Goodall. That same passage should be reviewed by all of us regarding the medical myths that influence our behavior. These days, doctors seem to be interested in diagnosing an illness and treating a symptom, not finding a cure or a prevention. Jane Goodall discusses (page 74) her first experiences with chimpanzees and her early discovery that these "animals" used tools. Instead of giving her subjects numbers, she named them, her favorite personality being David Greybeard. She got to know each chimpanzee and recognized distinct personalities. In her day, scientists, philosophers, and theologians believed that only humans were capable of rational thought. Goodall's comment should be inscribed in every institute of learning: "Fortunately, I had not been to university, and I did not know these things. And when I did find out, I just thought it was silly and paid no attention." I see many things that seem silly. I vow not to be shy about exposing them. It is up to us to take back our health from those who have deceived us. ******************** Saturday, January 22 Today is the 77th day of my hungerstrike, and I've slept for most of the day. Dad's arm is gettig better, Mom is home from the hospital, and things are returning to normal. I can now allow myself to get sick. Rebound effect? I've been caring for two parents and holding back my symptoms and they've slam-dunked me into bed. I have more symptoms than could fit onto a doctor's check-off sheet. I refuse to take pills and am probably suffering for it. Something inside of my right lung is laughing at me for my own self abuse. The "tickle" has turned into a bit of pain, and like the man who refuses to ask for directions, I refuse to seek medical help. Yeah, I know... el-jerko numero uno, big time. Perhaps I can sleep it off. In the meantime, I am taking massive doses of vitamin C in the form of freshly squeezed lemon juice in bottled water. Lisa bought me a case of oranges and grapefruit and will juice them tomorrow morning. Back to bed, where hopefully my body will heal itself. ****************** Sunday, January 23 Today is the 78th day of my hunger strike. As newly born infants, we possess working brains, ready to acquire trillions of bits of sensory information to be forever etched into neural circuits. Newborns have the ability to communicate their needs by crying, but as such do not yet speak nor understand words. Our programming teaches each of us to move of movements so that, as adults we can one day grasp at straws or recite: Peter Piper picked a peck of picked peppers. How many movements does it take one to mount a horse, grab a lance, and joust with a windmill? Baby humans do not have the ability to pick and choose their curriculum. Had I been born in Brazil, Portuguese would have been my learned language. I could have been a practicing Buddhist or coal miner in Appalachia. Most of what I am was determined during the early years of my life, when I lived in the land of adult giants. They had the advantage of persuasion. There was no debate to the information overload. If Christ died for my sins, or if black people were lazy, or if self-mutilation was a custom practiced by generations of my ancestors, then I was fated to one day "learn" what I was "taught." I would probably repeat the same stories and lessons to my children. I would shape their behaviors and personalities according to my own. Wordsworth said, "The child is the father of the man." My youngest daughter's great grandchild-to-be will ultimately share a part of my great-grandfather's philosophy. Such has been the history of man. Such is to be the destiny of all children. We teach our language to our children. We influence them by teaching religion, ethics, morals, and customs. From the brushing of teeth or hair, to the tying of shoelaces, to using a fork and knife, behaviors become learned. Good habits, bad habits, even the foods we eat are pre-determined by mothers, fathers, and guardians. My mother recently told me that I began to drink milk at the age of two. I have no memory of my first sip. Mom assures me that I never liked milk and had to be constantly told that it was good for me. She knew that because her mother told her. She knew that because the doctor told her. I remember his name, Dr. Rosenberg. I am told that he delivered me. He was my pediatrician until the age of 8. He never associated earaches with milk drinking. I remember the earaches. I drank milk at every meal, and must have been told 365 days per year, a minimum of three times per day, to finish my glass of milk or I would not grow up to be a strong boy. I remember giving similar advice to two of my three children. I have no memory of milk posters from my kindergarten days. Were there posters then, and if so, was the message subliminal as it is today? Did the teachers make me drink milk and did they assure me that it was good for me too? If there is one basic thing that most American children "know," it is that milk is good. Without cow's milk, they will not grow to be healthy. They have been told this by their parents, teachers, and have seen this message in their magazines, books, and on television. Ask a child or an adult if he or she would like a nice tall glass of dog's milk. Perhaps they would drink a glass of pig's milk or horse milk. Cat? Squirrel? How about a 12-ounce glass of human breast milk. Kangaroo? Hippo? Instinctively, the thought of drinking milk other than cow's milk is unappealing to most people. This very basic instinct cannot be taught. This "internal knowledge" counters everything one has been taught about cow's milk, so that logic becomes sacrificed to the power of a myth. ****************** Monday, January 24 Today is the 79th day of my hunger strike. First, the good news and the bad news. Last week's comedy of life presented many cliches. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. When it rains it pours. Bad things come in bunches. "You-know-what" happens. During the last 168 hours I cared for my father and his broken arm, while suffering through the flu. Then Mom got sick and was hospitalized so I was doing double parent duty. While wind chill factors outside were 30 degrees below zero, temperatures inside of my body reached new highs. I was not the only one to experience extreme heat. Elizabeth's room flamed and the fire department paid an unanticipated visit. Somehow, my computer felt left out of all the adversity, and it decided to break down, just one month after my two-year warranty expired. This leaves me with an inability to receive or send e-mail, and my never-fail computer phone book is temporary lost. There is some good news. I should save a fortune on phone bills until computer repair is accomplished. More good news-the pain in my right lung area does not seem to be getting any worse. Today, I donated blood, just in case Mom needs it. Her hemoglobin level has been under 8.0, which makes her an appropriate candidate for a transfusion. My hemoglobin count was 15.8, which surprised even me. I was a bit concerned. My pulse was 92 and my blood pressure was 148/90. Usually, my pulse is in the high 60s and my blood pressure 120/80. These tests do not lie. My body and spirit are under stress. I just heard tomorrow's forecast for the New York area-8" of snow. The kids will most certainly be off from school and I'll have two driveways to shovel. ******************* Tuesday, January 25 Monsanto and FDA Be Warned: This is Just the Beginning Today is the 80th day of my hunger strike. The latest weather report predicts 10-12" of snow for northern New Jersey. I woke up with a massive headache, but the pain in my chest seems to be lessening. I feel as if I am on the road to recovery. A big snowstorm is not what the doctor ordered. Yesterday, I received a tape in the mail from Al Lewis and Suzanne Phillips. I watched "Showdown at Seattle-5 Days That Shook the WTO." You might recall that there was rioting in the streets of Seattle in opposition to the World Trade Organization meeting late last year. In watching the tape, I was reminded of the 1968 siege in Chicago at the Democratic National Convention. I was in high school when I watched police beating demonstrators. Thirty-two years later, violent police shot tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, used their nightsticks, and sprayed pepper spray into the faces of people sitting in the street. I was angry and frustrated watching the tape. One middle-aged woman, interviewed by the media, said, "Today I was ashamed to be an American." While Seattle rioted, FDA simultaneously held the first of three biotechnology hearings in Chicago. Both Seattle and Chicago shared one very powerful and symbolic phenomenon. The media covered each demonstration, and America bore witness to a new sight-protestors were dressed as Monarch butterflies. Why Monarchs? Monsanto's FDA-approved bt corn killed Monarch butterflies. The average man and woman on the street might not have gotten the message, but Monsanto and the FDA certainly had. FDA had prescheduled three biotechnology conferences, the second was in Washington and the third in Oakland, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from America's traditional hotbed of radicalism, Berkeley. Five hundred peaceful people showed up on a rainy, misty day, and in doing so, sent a signal to FDA and Monsanto: this is just the beginning. As we approach the hundredth day of our hunger strike, FDA remains mute to our protests. We have filed a citizen's petition to remove Monsanto's rbGH because of scientific fraud and deceit. Part of our petition includes new scientific evidence proving the dangers and risks to consumers drinking Monsanto's new milk. We have filed numerous Freedom of Information Act requests for simple and basic information and our requests are totally ignored. It is as if there is a complete shutdown at FDA. Perhaps that should be the solution, shut'em down and start all over again because the system to which we bear witness is not working. Things are getting worse here in America, and the interests of Americans have been sublimated to the interests of pharmaceutical companies. It is winter and activists are hibernating. It will soon be spring and there will be planning. I have the feeling that Seattle is just a harbinger of things to come. Will it be a long hot summer? It is not too late for FDA to do the right thing and to send a message to Americans. The eyes of the world will be watching. Do not betray the common man. ********************* Wednesday, January 26 Today is the 81st day of my hunger strike. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has helped to spread the word that milk does not do the body any good, particularly for African-Americans who have higher rates of lactose intolerance than Caucasians. PCRM has been publicizing the conflicts of interest on government food pyramid committees and has filed suit to change the official government dietary guidelines. USDA mandates that children in school receive daily doses of milk. PCRM? I love those guys. But here are the bad guys. On Thursday, the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) criticized PCRM for their anti-milk stance. In doing so, this group paid $560 to put a press release on PRNewswire. The next day, the National Dairy Council also paid to put a press release on the PRNewswire, calling PCRM "an activist group with a vegan/animal rights agenda." It is a shame that most Americans don't realize the relationship between ACSH and the dairy industry. It is unfortunate that most Americans don't realize that the dairy industry's public relation firm oversees the PRNewswire, and severely limits information going out to news and media outlets while submitting a constant flow of their own propaganda. I have seen so many biased pro-dairy and pro-Monsanto/genetic engineering stances from ACSH that when I see a claim made by that organization, I recognize the partiality contained within their philosophy. When you are financed by the dairy industry and rely upon their cash flow, I can understand the inability to disseminate truth. ******************** Thursday, January 27 Today is the 82nd of my hunger strike. One very lousy week ended yesterday with the breakdown of my 5-horsepower snowblower. With my recent illness, I generate a little less than one personpower and it has been a struggle. The good news is that my lung seems to be improving and I now have something to laugh about, thanks to an Internet friend! Each year, my clairvoyant Australian buddy, June Cleland, sends me her choices for THE DARWIN AWARDS. These awards go to the worst human performances, suggesting that Darwin's theory (man's descent from baboons) was right on the money. Here are June's choices: In February, Santiago Alvarado, 24, was killed in Lompoc, California, as he fell face-first through the ceiling of a bicycle shop he was burglarizing. Death was caused when the long flashlight he had placed in his mouth (to keep his hands free) rammed into the base of his skull as he hit the floor. According to police in Dahlonega, Georgia, ROTC cadet Nick Berrena, 20, was stabbed to death in January by fellow cadet Jeffrey Hoffman, 23, who was trying to prove that a knife could not penetrate the flak vest that Berrena was wearing. Sylvester Briddell, Jr., 26, was killed in February in Selbyville, Delaware, as he won a bet with friends who said he would not put a revolver loaded with four bullets into his mouth and pull the trigger. In February, according to police in Windsor, Ontario, Daniel Kolta, 27, and Randy Taylor, 33, died in a head-on collision, thus earning a tie in the game of chicken they were playing with their snowmobiles. Paul Stiller, 47, was hospitalized in Andover Township, New Jersey, in September, and his wife Bonnie was also injured, when a quarter-stick of dynamite blew up in their car. While driving around at 2 AM, the bored couple lit the dynamite and tried to toss it out the window to see what would happen, but they apparently failed to notice that the window was closed. I also did one very dumb thing. When I wrote "MILK-The Deadly Poison," I admitted (in the final chapter) that I still enjoyed Parmesan cheese and an occasional ice cream. I wrote that in 1997, but soon changed my diet and no longer consume any milk or dairy products today. I've been holding my breath for three years and this morning somebody found me out and ridiculed me by quoting a 'Dr. Seuss' rhyme in my guestbook. That reader was right, of course. I can understand why others have such a hard time of eliminating ice cream and pizza from their diets. The stuff tastes so damned good! However, it's still pus with hormones and glue. I haven't had a squirt of milk for three years and I don't miss it. ****************** Friday, January 28 Today is the 83rd day of my hunger strike. This morning I reflected upon my FDA Citizen's Petition to revoke the use of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. That is the reason for this hunger strike, and while FDA should simply determine the merits and science behind Monsanto's fraud, they are playing politics as usual. Last night, President Clinton addressed the nation in his annual State of the Union Address. In the 1996 State of the Union Address, Clinton praised Monsanto. Politics as usual? In March of 1971, a Watergate tape recorded then-President Nixon taking a $3,000,000 cash gift from dairy industry executives. The Oval Office's performance reinforces that old adage: politics is the best cash business. One does not have to use much imagination to figure out what favors were called in to place Monsanto's attorney, Clarence Thomas, on the Supreme Court. What we are witnessing is a severe compromise in FDA's fiduciary duty. This hormone is a safety risk for all Americans. This hormone caused cancer in laboratory animals. Compare that to the enormous political influence and corruption and bear witness to the selling of America. ******************** Saturday, January 29 Today is the 84th day of my hunger strike. It's been nearly eight weeks since I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for some very basic information from FDA. Usually such requests are acted upon within a few days. I have discovered that Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids when making their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. I requested any and all correspondence between FDA and Monsanto regarding those errors. All I get is silence. Today I left a few messages and faxed a "what's going on" request to Marilyn Broderick at 301-827-6510. My request number is 99026306. Maybe you could call her phone/fax (hint, hint) and help give her the message. Something stinks at FDA and something stinks at Monsanto. The pharmaceutical giant is changing their name as if their rose will smell any different with a cosmetic alteration. In the future, Monsanto will be known as Pharmacia. Monsanto chairman Robert Shapiro commented, "We have chosen a name with power and global relevance." Does Shapiro imagine that the name "Monsanto" does not have relevance? In my dictionary, the words "fraud" and "deceit" both say "see 'Monsanto'." Here's a suggestion for FDA. Maybe you guys should change your name too. My suggestion would be Pharmacia East. That way, you could share keys instead of having to rely upon your continued use of your revolving door. ****************** Sunday, January 30 ONE PEACEFUL WORLD Today is the 85th day of my hunger strike. Imagine a World Without Monarch Butterflies That's the title of Alex Jack's new book. Alex is the general manager of the Kushi Institute and director of the One Peaceful World Society. I knew that I was going to like the book even before getting to the first chapter. The inside front cover contains a page filled with quotes. The title of that page is: Ode to the Monarch Butterfly. The first quote is taken from a Rachel Carson letter, written in 1963. (Rachel Carson wrote "Silent Spring," a book alerting America to the dangers of DDT). "But most of all I shall remember the Monarchs, that unhurried westward drift of one small winged form after another, each drawn by some invisible force ... Did they return?" I remember the Monarchs. The Shinnecock hills of Southampton, New York were filled with Monarchs in 1973 as late spring turned into summer and my final semester of college life drew to a close. I remember walking through the beach grass, over a great sand dune, searching for nesting plovers and sandpipers when I walked over the crest of a dune and there before me was a never-to-be forgotten sight. The sky was thick with Monarchs. Behind me the ocean surf crashed against the beach. Gulls were feeding upon spearing and sand eels, driven to the surface by a school of striped bass. Everything seemed right with the world in nature's moment of perfection. "Imagine a World Without Monarch Butterflies" is a consumer's guide to genetic engineering. Mr. Jack's memo to Monsanto should be read by all FDA regulators. Do these men and women at the Food and Drug Administration still have a thread of conscience? Recently, Cornell University scientists exposed Monarch butterfly caterpillars to pollen from Monsanto's genetically engineered corn. None of the butterflies eating pollen from "natural" corn died, while 44% of the Monarchs eating the pollen from genetically engineered plants died within four days. The threat to the Monarch is real, documented by real science. The threat to man is also real, but those who have the opportunity to act upon truth remain blind, deaf, and mute. Should there be a major tragedy, who shall be held accountable? FDA knows. So does Monsanto. Our hunger strike continues. We have documented and submitted an enormous file to FDA. Monsanto consists of liars. Monsanto's secrets are terrifying. Monsanto made serious errors when they produced the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Monsanto conveniently did not inform FDA of those errors until after they received approval for their drug. Monsanto scientists knew that lab animals got cancer from this hormone, now in America's ice cream and cheese. The milk is not safe to drink. Who will tell the parents of the children? Who will apologize for those who suffer leukemias and cancers, similar to the vast array of cancers suffered by 300 lab animals in the secret Richard, Odaglia and Deslex study? The foreword to Alex Jack's book is written by Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich. The Congressman is currently conducting biotechnology hearings. We have given our information to Congress, and there are many eyes focused upon FDA and Monsanto. Monsanto's deceit can be FDA's one opportunity to save face. Canadian scientists reviewed the same data reviewed by American scientists. Canadians found the cancers that American regulators missed. What price can profits represent, when one child dies? On another front, Monsanto is about to be purchased by UPJOHN for a deal worth in excess of 27 billion dollars. Simultaneous to our FDA petition, UPJOHN has a "TOP SECRET" application in to FDA for approval of their version of the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. FDA refuses to officially comment on this application. Monsanto may very well receive approval for a new formula for their bovine growth hormone with no testing required by FDA. Will FDA and Monsanto get away with this collaboration? Let this be a warning to all co-conspirators. We are watching. Congress is watching. FDA and Monsanto do not seem to care about the butterflies. Their disregard for the people is equally offensive. Close your eyes and have a loved one read you this passage from Alex Jack's "Ode to Butterflies." The following was written by Diane Ackerman in "The Rarest of the Rare." "It's easy to get mesmerized watching the Monarchs glide overhead, with the sun shining through their wings ... They are silent, beautiful, fragile; they are harmless and clean; they are determined; they are graceful; they stalk nothing; they are ingenious chemists; they are a symbol of innocence; they are the first butterfly we learn to call by name. Like the imagination, they dart from one sunlit spot to another. To the Mexicans, who call them 'las palomas,' they are the souls of the children who died during the past year, fluttering on their way to heaven." Alex Jack is a visionary. His concept of the world is a vision that I share. Our dream is to return to a more natural way of life by creating a world of enduring health. Monsanto's view of the world is one in which their products symbolically mirror their ill-reasoned doctrine: Agent Orange, Dioxins, PCBs, and genetically engineered foods. Monsanto's official response to the Monarch butterfly death might very well be inscribed upon the thousands of tombstones of the children who will die this year from cancers: "Most corn pollen remains within the cornfield and Monarch larvae can choose to avoid feeding on Bt pollen by feeding on the underside of leaves or on other milkweed leaves with little or no Bt pollen." Who will tell the Monarchs? (Alex Jack's book can be purchased for $6.95 by calling One Peaceful World Press toll-free at 888-322-4095. Jack is also the author of "Let Food Be Thy Medicine") ****************** Monday, 31 January Today is the 86th day of my hunger strike. I spoke with a number of FDA administrators today. I also spoke to two different congressional offices. On December 14th, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) for the correspondance between FDA and Monsanto regarding the errors made by Monsanto in genetically engineering the bovine growth hormone. FDA's FOIA office understands the law. The Justice Department mandates that FOIA requests be responded to within 20 days. It's now been 45 days! If FDA reveals that there was correspondance, then two FDA commissioners, one Surgeon General, and hundreds of scientists will be exposed as liars. If FDA reveals that there was no correspondance, then Monsanto will be exposed for their lies and deceit. Either way, I can understand why FDA refuses to comply with the law and respond to my request. Freedom of information? There is no information and there is no freedom. FDA continues to make that clear. FOIA regulations allow for federal lawsuits, and one is being contemplated. However, there are enough people in Congress who still have the morals and integrity that Monsanto never had and FDA seems to have misplaced. An investigation is forthcoming. Randy Rondeau wrote a letter to me today. He talked about Monsanto's merger with UPJOHN, and their proposed new name: PHARMACIA. Randy mentions the prophecy in Revelation 18:23, which says, "...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (drugs) were all nations deceived." Randy wrote: "The Biblical word for sorceries comes from the Greek word, phar-ma-kia, which in today's English would be translated as 'drugs'." MONSANTO should change their name to MONSATAN. Robert Cohen