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Diary for April 2000

By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text

March 2000 Hungerstrike Diary (1 April is day 147)
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04-01-2000 DAY 147 - The funniest milk mustache ad
04-02-2000 DAY 148 - Biotechnology conference and protest
04-03-2000 DAY 149 - Why FDA will NOT revoke rbGH
04-04-2000 DAY 150 - TO THE END
04-06-2000 DAY 152 - Pus in milk... and other realities
04-07-2000 DAY 153 - King kong versus the giant snake
04-08-2000 DAY 154 - Howard Stern interview of Robert Cohen
04-09-2000 DAY 155 - A little girl needs your help
04-10-2000 DAY 156 - A letter to the FDA
04-11-2000 DAY 157 - Good karma
04-12-2000 DAY 158 - The FDA Commissioner comments
04-13-2000 DAY 159 - Zapped on the ZIP with a mere slip
04-14-2000 DAY 160 - Monsanto's letter to thousands of dairy farmers
04-15-2000 DAY 161 - How FDA arbitrarily assesses safety
04-16-2000 DAY 162 - FDA DECEIT -- Sick animals make for sick humans
04-17-2000 DAY 163 - King of Siam
04-18-2000 DAY 164 - Dietary guidelines
04-19-2000 DAY 165 - Just for the record
04-20-2000 DAY 166 - Decision day: The legacy
04-21-2000 DAY 167 - Let my people go
04-22-2000 DAY 168 - The vicious cycle
04-23-2000 DAY 169 - FDA denies petition - HUNGER STRIKE CONTINUES
04-24-2000 DAY 170 - SCIENTIFIC DECEIT: Colon cancer
04-25-2000 DAY 171 - Battling demons
04-26-2000 DAY 172 - Frustration and disappointment
04-27-2000 DAY 173 - Beautiful people
04-28-2000 DAY 174 - I feel great
04-29-2000 DAY 175 - Never cry wolf
04-30-2000 DAY 176 - Whistle blowing

***************** Special page at Saturday, April 1 Watergate Tapes: President Nixon Was Bribed Today is the 147th day of my hunger strike. The transcript from one of the Watergate tapes made on March 23, 1971 reveals President Richard Nixon carefully choosing his words for the men delivering a $3 million dollar cash bribe. If only the walls of the Oval Office could talk, what secrets they would reveal. Here, then, the transcript of President Richard M. Nixon's meeting with milk producer cooperatives: "Uh, I know...that, uh, you are a group that are politically very conscious...And you're willing to do something about it. And, I must say a lot of businessmen and others... don't do anything about it. And you do, and I appreciate that. And, I don't have to spell it out." Here, caught on tape is a president receiving a bribe. Later on, after these milk producers have left, Nixon, alone with advisor John Connally, says: "They are tough political operatives. This is a cold political deal." Who was getting the money, who was getting the price increases, who was paying the bribe, and who was actually footing the bill? Later, John Connally said: "These dairymen are organized; they're adamant, they're militant. And they...they're massing an enormous amount of money that they're going to put into political activities, very frankly." THANKS TO THE ARTIST: Thanks to Vance Lehmkuhl for designing the Richard Nixon Milk Ad! Nixon and MILK! Vance is a cartoonist, Philadelphia newspaper columnist, and author of the best-selling cartoon book: "JOY OF SOY" (available from Laugh Lines Press - He plays the piano and croons not-so politically correct humor, (funnier than Mark Russell) and can etch-a-sketch a theme drawing out of your initials, which makes him the life of any party or conference. Vance will be attending the NAVS SUMMERFEST in North Carolina (July 5-9) *************** Sunday, April 2 Today is the 148th day of my hunger strike. Anti-biotechnology activists have proposed a genetic bill of rights. It is their belief that all people have the right to protection from toxins, contaminants, actions that can harm their genetic makeup and a food supply that has been genetically engineered. The Boston Globe wrote an editorial about this meeting and protest, and cited the concerns of the anti-biotechnology group by writing: "They say the industry is moving too fast, is too commercially driven, that we do not know the end results of genetic engineering. They say that the brakes ought to be applied with heavy regulation, and some would put a stop to the entire enterprise. Protesters compare themselves to Rachel Carson, whose landmark book, "Silent Spring," blew the whistle on DDT-based pesticides and probably saved many species from extinction. But unlike Carson, the biologically altered food opponents have little evidence to back up their fears." I've got my work cut out for me because Monsanto's errors with the bovine growth hormone and subsequent cover-up must be used as the best example of how and why biotechnology does not work. All the information exists in a 400-word statement with nine references, and it can be printed on one sheet of paper. Please let your newspapers and friends know that genetic engineering has already set America up for something very horrible. The evidence: *************** Monday, April 3 Today is the 149th day of my hunger strike. When an attorney files a brief or a motion for summary judgement, he or she usually, as a matter of courtesy, writes a motion for the judge to sign (saving the judge that task). My diary entry for Thursday, March 30, 2000, fasting day #145, was a letter that I wish had been written by the commissioner of FDA. My courtesy was extended and only needed her signature. Had FDA been interested in health and safety issues, they would have immediately revoked Monsanto's hormone from the market, pending new research. There is no debate. FDA erred the first time around, and Canada's review of Monsanto's application resulted in non-approval because adverse effects from oral ingestion of rbGH had been observed by Canadian scientists. Conspiracy? To be or not to be? The Food & Drug Administration is actually a halfway house for government employees and scientists who shuffle to and from Monsanto. Job opportunities and conflicts of interest take priority over human and health safety issues. FDA has taken nearly six months to find a way to skirt the very premise of my citizen's petition. There is no way that I now expect them to act in the interest of the American people. Despite the fact that FDA possesses information about Monsanto's lies and deceit, including the fact that the formula for rbGH has been changed, FDA is powerless to act. With a new presidential administration, who would dare to place their career and job security in jeopardy by doing something politically "stupid?" Biotechnology companies are investing millions of dollars in political donations to cement their genetically engineered relationships with those men and women of Congress who make the laws and have the real power. Even Teddy Kennedy, who had been a champion for human rights, believes in the future of biotechnology and was a keynote speaker at last week's biotech conference in Massachusetts. Bill Clinton praised Monsanto in his 1996 State of the Union Address, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was Monsanto's attorney. Ex- Surgeon General C. Everett Koop attacked Monsanto critics, two ex-FDA commissioners have gone to work for Monsanto. The game is fixed, and I have deceived myself into believing that there would be an honest assessment of Monsanto's fraud and deceit. FDA cannot rule against themselves. They're protected by the Fifth Amendment by a matter of principle called "self-incrimination." Ex-Monsanto employees, like Margaret Miller and Suzanne Sechen, continue to work at the FDA, and friends do not betray friends. Monsanto's secret deceptions are safe because the rug contained in FDA's center hall lies over massive accumulations of dirt. Last year at this time, FDA Commissioner Michael Freidman held the broom and swept the dirt under the rug. This year, FDA Commissioner Jane Henney holds the dustpan in one hand and a vacuum cleaner in the other. Whoosh. FDA is Monsanto. **************** Tuesday, April 4 Today is the 150th day of my hunger strike. Many of you have asked about the vitamins and supplements and juices that I consume during my fast. Here is a list of what I will be eating from now until the end of my hunger strike. ** From now until the end of my hunger strike, I will drink only water. ** ****************** Wednesday, April 5 Today is the 151st day of my hunger strike. The average Gannett newspaper has a circulation of 50,000 readers, and at least two people per family read each edition. Conservatively, 10,000,000 Americans read the following story yesterday. Thursday, March 30, 2000 By GREG BARRETT Gannett News Service WASHINGTON - If you meet Robert Cohen as he stalks the halls of Congress spreading his anti-milk message, please excuse him if he interrupts you or talks loudly or behaves, as he concedes in his Bronx accent, "like an obnoxious son of a gun." Cohen is hungry. And angry. Perhaps a tad desperate. He is nearly five months into a food fast that he says will last until the Food and Drug Administration revokes its 1993 approval of an animal drug that accelerates milk production in cows - or at least labels the milk that comes from pumped-up Bessies. In support of this curious crusade, 403 people spread through the 50 states and several nations have pledged on Cohen's Web site ( to fast for at least one day. "Feeding hormones to the cattle is just another insult to the human endocrine system," says Elizabeth DeFeo of Honolulu, who fasted for a week. "I am against what they are doing to the milk. People should at least know what they are drinking." The recombinant bovine growth hormone, manufactured and sold as Posilac by St. Louis-based biotech giant Monsanto Co., has long had critics in a tizzy about the potential health risks - perceived or real - of "nature's wholesome drink." Congress does not require this milk to be labeled because it says there is no "significant" difference to it. If true to his word, Cohen, 48, a stout father of three who claims to be surviving only on distilled water and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, is not likely to eat solid food anytime soon, if ever. By all accounts, the FDA and Congress have no plans to re-examine Posilac. The drug has survived 15 years of scientific research and bureaucratic scrutiny, and Monsanto says it is being injected into nearly one-third (13,000) of U.S. dairy herds. For all the fuss, it represents the nation's first successfully mass-marketed food product from biotechnology. But whether it is the canary in biotech's mineshaft or a linchpin to better agriculture, Posilac is an obvious target for critics - many of whom worry its use won't stop with cows. For an experiment at the University of Idaho it is being injected into trout and catfish that are maturing into full-size filets two and three times faster than normal. RISKS ARE ALWAYS HYPED At issue is the growth hormone's Insulin-like Growth Factor called IGF-1. In its natural form, this protein hormone is abundant in man and beast. Medical research has linked highly elevated levels of it to the growth of prostate and other cancers, and the milk from hormone-injected cows shows an increase in the IGF-1's synthetic twin. This is significant or insignificant, depending on your perspective. The FDA says that even if the increase in the milk's IGF-1 were 50 percent, as some research claims, it is insignificant because only a trace amount survives digestion. Former American Association for Cancer Research president Donald Coffey, who is not connected to opponents or proponents of Posilac, says IGF-1 in the blood serum "is only a weak marker" for prostate cancer. And when ingested, says Coffey, director of research laboratories for urology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, levels of it are extremely low. "Imagined risks are always hyped," he says. "Science and people's perceptions are not always the same." This does not stop Cohen, a real estate developer living in Oradell, N.J., from a steady attack. He is to Monsanto what documentary filmmaker Michael Moore was a decade ago to General Motors - a pest. The only thing Cohen dislikes more than milk is the multibillion dollar Monsanto. In his self-published book, "Milk: The Deadly Poison," he accuses Monsanto of bribery and fraud and all manner of deceit in gaining Posilac's FDA approval. On Capitol Hill, he hands out his $25 book like it's a business card. "Tell Monsanto to sue me," he says loudly, causing heads to turn. "I daaaaare them to sue." Monsanto has the book. So does Barnes and Noble, Borders Books and Monsanto has not sued. "I find it sort of incredible to make these types of statements when the company has worked through the regulatory process," says Monsanto spokesman Gary Barton. "We let the facts of the marketplace speak for themselves and those clearly demonstrate the value of (Posilac) for the dairyman." COHEN NOT ALONE A citizen petition to the FDA signed by 19 organizations, including the Center for Food Safety, the Humane Society, Greenpeace International and the North American Farm Alliance, questions Posilac's health effects on humans and cattle. The petition, which has a goal similar to Cohen's, was filed with the FDA on Dec. 15, 1998. It has not been answered. If the FDA fails to answer or does not take Posilac off the market or at least label the milk, petitioners will file a lawsuit this spring or summer in federal court to remove Posilac, says Joe Mendelson, legal director for the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit environmental and consumer group based in Washington, D.C. Mendelson cites the results of a Health Canada (FDA equivalent north of the border) review last year that found evidence of thyroid cysts and cell growth in the prostates of male rats fed Posilac. In banning the drug last year, primarily for reasons of animal cruelty, the 15 nations of the European Union and Health Canada reported gaps in scientific research and said questions were "not adequately addressed" by the FDA. The European Union, a coveted market for Monsanto, concluded that Posilac injections cause cows "a substantial increase in levels" of foot problems and udder infections. Canada chided the FDA for taking some of the "manufacturer's conclusions at face value." Specifically, it referred to a rat study commissioned by Monsanto that should have shown the FDA that the manmade hormone survives human digestion. As such, Canada concluded, chronic toxicity tests should have been conducted. "That's all any of us have been saying: We don't have the evidence to say this stuff is hazardous to drink, but neither do we know for sure that it is safe," says biologist Michael Hansen, a researcher with Consumer Policy Institute and a member of the U.S. Department of Agriculture advisory committee on agricultural biotechnology. "All we want are long-term toxicology studies." MILK'S SAFETY REAFFIRMED The FDA has refused. U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala dismissed Canada's report by saying it "did not interpret relevant data correctly." She says the FDA did a page-by-page audit of its Posilac approval, including data outside of the Monsanto rat study, and reaffirmed last year that the treated milk is safe for human consumption. "The amount of (Posilac) being fed to the rats would equal about 70 tank truckloads of milk a day that you or I would have to drink in order to achieve the exposure the rats were receiving," says Robert Collier, an animal scientist who worked on Posilac from 1985 to 1999 for Monsanto and is now a professor at the University of Arizona. "I'm telling you, this stuff is safe. My own kids grew up on milk from cows who were treated with it." The Department of Agriculture, the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, among others, have backed the FDA. The Joint Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives says there is "an extremely large margin of safety" for people consuming milk from hormone-injected cows. Additionally, the drug is approved for dairy cattle in 15 countries including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and South Africa. "Not a major country among them," Hansen says. This winter, Monsanto has put the finishing touches on a 150,000-square-foot manufacturing site in Augusta, Ga., the nation's first Posilac plant. It is scheduled to begin production this summer, pending federal regulatory approval. The drug is currently made in Austria. Monsanto's Barton, who's been in the trenches with Posilac for 21 years, sounds weary from the battle. He calls it the most studied animal drug in U.S. history. It's certainly the most debated. LABELING WOULD BE ENOUGH So confused are some dairy farmers in upstate New York, they are crossing the border to buy cheese from Canada. "I don't want my own family to consume the stuff, so I'm certainly not going to put it out myself, just as a matter of principle," says dairyman Bruce Krug of Constableville, N.Y., whose herd of 60 dairy cattle does not use Posilac. "For me, at least, there are still just too many unanswered questions." Through the crossfire of conflicting analysis, one fact stands: A staple of American life as common as baseball and apple pie has been synthetically changed. The difference is invisible to taste or touch, and Congress has decided it does not warrant our knowing. "Any labeling bill ... has to be based on science and there is absolutely no scientific evidence that (Posilac) has a significant impact on the composition of milk," says Rep. Cal Dooley, D-Calif., a member of the Dairy Committee of Agriculture that failed to pass a labeling bill for Posilac in 1994. Labels, however, would be enough to make most dissenters happy. They'd even make Cohen eat solid food again. "What it comes down to is Americans have a right to know," he says. "Every container of milk and every package of dairy that has this genetically modified organism should be labeled. It can even be something obscure, like a little sticker with the double helix symbol. Is that too much to ask?" ***************** Thursday, April 6 Today is the 152nd day of my hunger strike. This past weekend, I was keynote speaker at the Solidarity Conference at Penn State University. I had a wonderfully receptive audience that included one dairy major. When it came time for questions, he boldly stood and protested my calling milk "pus with hormones and glue." In defending milk, this Penn State student said that there was no pus in milk. Instead, he said that somatic cells were actually dead white blood cells. He's right, of course. That's what pus is! The pus that one squeezes from the pimples on teenagers' faces is an oily accumulation of fat and dead white blood cells. Drink milk? Got pus. The latest issue of Hoard's Dairyman (March 25, 2000) reveals the average levels of pus cells in a liter of milk. On page 226, an editorial reveals that the United States average of 307,100,000 pus cells in 1996 increased to 318,000,000 in 1998. America's dairy cows are being stressed and the amount of pus in their milk has increased by over 3%. I sometimes challenge milk drinkers by asking them if they would drink a glass of milk containing 1,000 pus cells. Hoard's reveals that the average 12-ounce glass of milk in America contains 112,899,408 pus cells. The Hoard's editorial also reveals that the proportion of "cows leaving herd" each year runs in excess of 35%. That means that 3.2 million dairy cows will sent to McDonalds and Burger King this year because they don't produce enough milk or because they are too sick (why is their flesh healthy to eat if their milk is not fit for human consumption?) Finally, the Hoard's editorial reveals that the average cow in America produced in excess of 20,500 pounds of milk in 1999. That's 25.5 quarts per animal per day. One hundred years ago, the average dairy cow produced one quart per day. *************** Friday, April 7 - Day 153 Today is the 153rd day of my hunger strike. In the original King Kong movie, Faye Wray and her leading man enjoy a moment of peace as they watch King Kong battle a giant boa constrictor. Today, we sit on the sidelines watching DuPont take aim at rival Monsanto, alleging theft-of-trade secrets in a newly filed suit. After the battle is over, there will emerge one very powerful monster, and while it may be fun to watch the two of them battle it out, DuPont and Monsanto still share a unified goal-to control the seeds and the food we eat. Meanwhile, back at the farm, America's dairy farmers are running from that monster. News this week is that corn growers will be buying and planting 24% less genetically engineered corn than last year. In 1999, 55% of America's soybean crop was genetically engineered. In the year 2000, that number is expected to fall to 48%. The DuPont monster is battling a leaner and meaner Monsanto creature. On April 3, Monsanto's merger with Upjohn became official. In a full-page New York Times ad (page C-3), the CEO of Pharmacia announced the new enterprise. From this day forward, the name has changed from Monsanto to Pharmacia, but the crimes committed by Monsanto against mankind remain the same. Monsanto has merged with a company having 10,000 salespeople and 60,000 employees in 60 nations. Upjohn has merged with a company having enormous technology, patents in genetically engineered foods, and congressman and judges in their pockets. Together they've posted a new website: Stay tuned for the next round. ***************** Saturday, April 8 SYNOPSIS: Howard Stern called me on Friday. Anthony Shale taped the show, and made this transcript. Thanks, Tony! Today is the 154th day of my hunger strike. It's nice to know that this went out to 17 million people. Howard Stern slices apart all celebrities with his razor-sharp wit. Here is how my three minutes went: Click for Interview *************** Sunday, April 9 Today is the 155th day of my hunger strike, but I must tell you about a Florida family deserving of your attention and prayers. Alyx is almost six years old, and her parents desperately need your help. Her mom and dad have not worked in nearly three years. Chances are they will never again get a full-time job in their chosen field. They were once award-winning investigative reporters for the Fox-owned television station in Tampa, but they were fired in December of 1997 because they dared to report the truth about the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Jane Akre and Steve Wilson refused lie and distort what they knew to be the truth about rbGH. Akre and Wilson were fired after Monsanto pressured and threatened FOX executives with "dire consequence" if the station ran the truth its journalist uncovered. Thirty months with virtually no income. They have depleted their savings. They have taken out mortgages, loans, and stretched their credit card limits to the limit. Their resources are nearly depleted. Their well-publicized trial is scheduled for June 12th, and these two courageous Americans are fighting for more than just their rights. They are fighting to preserve yours and mine. APPEAL FROM STEVE WILSON AND JANE AKRE "Fox has dragged us past our third Christmas without full-time jobs in journalism, it is clear no single family of (formerly) working people can afford a fight financed by the biggest, richest media empire in the world. We must put our pride aside and ask all of you who will benefit from our struggle to help support us in any way you can." Read their full appeal: CONTACT JANE: (727) 943-8970 Their entire story: Robert Cohen **************** Monday, April 10 Today is the 156th day of my hunger strike. On Friday, April 7, 2000, I sent/faxed the following letter to Jane Henney, FDA Commissioner; Linda Suydam, Associate Commissioner; and Andy Beaulieu, Deputy Director for the Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA's investigative branch) _____________________________________ April 7, 2000 Commissioner Jane Henney Delivered by fax: (301) 443-3100 Food & Drug Administration Parklawn 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, MD 20857 RE: Citizen Petition 99P-4613 Dear Commissioner Henney: FDA will soon be making a final determination on my petition to revoke the use of Posilac, based upon evidence that the formula for Monsanto's hormone was altered subsequent to FDA's exhaustive review. TIMELINE On August 24, 1990, FDA published a review of bovine somatotropin in Science. As a result of FDA's review of Monsanto's application, FDA made three determinations: 1. FDA incorrectly determined that pasteurization destroyed the majority of the bovine growth hormone in milk so that it was not necessary for Monsanto to develop an assay. 2. FDA incorrectly determined that pasteurization destroyed the majority of the bovine growth hormone in milk so that Monsanto was relieved from performing further toxicology studies. 3. FDA assigned a "zero-day withdrawal" for rbST-treated milk. After FDA's determination that rbST treated milk was safe to drink for humans, the one remaining issue was whether or not it would be safe or ethical to use on dairy cows. In 1992, Monsanto learned that five "freak" amino acids were produced during the manufacturing process for rbGH. Since the review for human safety had already been completed, Monsanto withheld that information from FDA. Monsanto did not reproduce previously submitted research with the changed formula. Page 2 Commissioner Jane Henney Food & Drug Administration April 7, 2000 By late 1993, Monsanto had successfully invented a state of the art filtration process removing proteins containing the "freak" amino acids. Monsanto neither revealed evidence of those errors nor their method of "fixing" those errors to the FDA. It is clear that the milk hormone now on the market has never been tested. One may incorrectly assume that by "fixing" the problem, one has eliminated possible future adverse effects. Such an assumption may seem logical, but that conclusion cannot be supported by research, for there is none. FDA was deceived by Monsanto and such a deception should be punished. Should FDA not take action against such an unprecedented act, that would represent a deception against the American people. Very truly yours, Robert Cohen RC/am cc: Linda Suydam, Senior Associate Commissioner - FDA (Fax: 301-443-5930) cc: Andrew Beaulieu, Deputy Director - CVM (Fax: 301-594-1830) ***************** Tuesday, April 11 Today is the 157th day of my hunger strike. Tenzin Gyatso (the Dalai Lama) had a few good rules to start the new millennium: INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFE 1. Great love and great achievements involve great risk. 2. When you lose, don't lose the lesson. 3. Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. 4. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. 5. When you you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. 6. Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values. 7. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality. 8. Be gentle with the earth. 9. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. 10. Live a good, honourable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time. ******************* Wednesday, April 12 Today is the 158th day of my hunger strike. I received an e-mail from Scott Dickinson alerting me to the fact that FDA Commissioner Jane Henney was on television, C-SPAN taking questions from the public. Included in his e-mail alert was C-SPAN's call-in telephone number. I ran upstairs, turned on the television, and started dialing, only to receive a constant busy signal. I then called my office and got the number for C-SPAN's producer. I would have gotten to ask my question had the show continued for another three minutes. I hung up the phone and heard the moderator tell Dr. Henney that they had time for one more question. A female caller was concerned about the genetically engineered hormone in milk. Would it be safe for her children to drink? The fates smiled upon me, and I waited anxiously for the Commissioner's answer. I took notes. Dr. Henney said: "The milk hormone hasn't been on the market for a long time, and we haven't seen any studies one way or the other. However, there is little likelihood that we would expect to see any long term effects." The FDA and Commissioner Henney are armed with the truth. Laboratory animals got cancer from this hormone when FDA originally stated that there were no adverse effects. We suggest that the FDA Commissioner be given the second 90-day portion of the Richard, Odaglia and Deslex study that FDA has in its entirety. The Commissioner should look very carefully at the weights of brain, testes, ovaries, and hearts. The Commissioner should have a heart and take the evidence in hand and represent the people, not the drug manufacturers. ****************** Thursday, April 13 Today is the 159th day of my hunger strike. Last week, I forgot my zip code. I was giving my address to somebody on the telephone and my brain stopped working. Try as I may, I could not recall the number. That occurred during the fourth day of life with just water and was the first signal that things were not right. On Friday, my gums started bleeding. My mouth hurt so much that each sip of cold water sent daggers through me. On Saturday, I spoke before 185 people at Brodie Mountain in northwestern Massachusetts, and I found my mind wandering during my talk. A few times in private conversation, I had momentary lapses that were not detectable to anybody but me. I have been paying careful attention for any aches and pains and behavioral changes, and the subtle effects of a water-only hunger strike were disturbing signals. An enormous snowstorm was forecast that evening and I decided to drive 4 ½ hours home from Massachusetts rather than stay in a hotel room. A few times during the trip I came close to falling asleep, and each time, an enormous burst of bright light from within became the difference between my getting home safely to driving off the highway. On Sunday, I gave careful thought to these subtle changes. On Monday, I realized that an inability to communicate would not serve me well. I had incorrectly assumed that my will was stronger than my physiology. Two thousand years ago, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert on just water and wrestled with the evils that tormented his spirit. I am not quite up to doing the same and will continue my fast on juices. **************** Friday, April 14 Today is the 160th day of my hunger strike. Here is Monsanto's actual letter: I have taken off the recipient's name (a whistle-blowing dairy farmer) and sent a copy of that letter and my own letter to FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine. April 10, 2000 Dr. Andy Beaulieu Delivered by fax: 301-594-1798 Deputy Center Director Center for Veterinary Medicine HFV-2 7500 Standish Pl. Rockville, MD 20855 Re: Citizen Petition 99P-4613 Dear Dr. Beaulieu: The defining issue of my citizen petition is whether Monsanto's rbGH is a different hormone than the one that was studied, tested, and submitted. The evidence submitted to the CVM proves that Monsanto's hormone is different and that the current version of Posilac has never been tested. Last week, Monsanto delivered a letter to thousands of dairy farmers and referred to my petition. In that letter, Monsanto wrote "recent attacks have been levied by an anti-dairy activist on the dairy industry and Monsanto. These attacks create misinformation…Mr. Cohen's allegation is that the POSILAC sold today is different…the POSILAC we market today is the same POSILAC that was studied, tested and submitted to the FDA." Apparently, the author of the Monsanto letter is either unaware of the truth or distorting the facts. In 1990, Monsanto was not aware that five freak amino acids were transcribed during the manufacturing process for rbGH. Monsanto became aware that lysine became epsilon-N-acetyllysine in 1992, two years after FDA determined a "zero day withdrawal" for milk from rbGH-treated cows. In fact, milk from test herds was approved for human consumption four years prior to actual approval. It took Monsanto researchers 1½ years to develop an assay to test for those errors and to develop a filtration process to remove those freak amino acids. During that time, they were relieved from the responsibility of performing more research. Monsanto did not reveal these errors to FDA reviewers. The hormone approved by FDA is different than the hormone that was subsequently approved. Monsanto clearly changed the formula. Monsanto recent letter continues the lie and distortion and compounds their fraud. It is up to the FDA to act upon their deception. A copy of that letter is attached and can be found on my Internet site at Very truly yours, Robert Cohen Attachment cc: Commissioner Jane Henney (fax #301-443-3100) Dr. Marcia Larkins, CVM Ombudsman (fax #301-827-0137) FDA can no longer ignore Monsanto's lie. I tried to call the author of the letter, Cheryl Morley, president of Monsanto Animal Agriculture, (314-694-3164), but did not receive a return phone call. While speaking with her assistant, Carla Koonz, I heard Cheryl in the background say, "I have no interest in talking to him." Carla gave me Cheryl's fax number (314-694-3620). I will be requesting a retraction. Since Cheryl is the president, the buck must stop on her desk. If she doesn't wish to talk to me, she will be doing so in a court of law, for I do not intend to allow her lie and slander be the final word. ****************** Saturday, April 15 Today is the 161st day of my hunger strike. I have obtained an internal memorandum that reveals the innermost betrayal in the inner sanctum of FDA. Monsanto had applied for approval of their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone in December of 1986. Nearly eight years later, they received final approval. During those eight years, Monsanto invested $500,000,000 and submitted 55,000 pages of data to FDA. Two months after the original application, Monsanto sprung a trap. They requested a "zero withdrawal and milk discard period." What that means is that Monsanto requested that FDA allow milk from test herds to be placed into America's milk supply without any further research. In granting Monsanto's 1986 request, Juskevich wrote: "Based on the results of the oral feeding study and our knowledge of the characteristics and biological activity of bovine somatotropin, we have no objection to granting the sponsor's requests." All of my adult life I trusted the FDA. All of my life I assumed that the Food & Drug Administration cared about human health and safety. This memorandum clearly demonstrates that my trust in FDA had been incorrectly placed. Can anything be clearer than this? **************** Sunday, April 16 Today is the 162nd day of my hunger strike. I have vowed not to cite animal studies with one exception. When I find a study that FDA cites as evidence of safety, and the data reveal that FDA is not telling the truth, then I will expose FDA for the liars that they are. This week I obtained such a study. FDA has previously determined that the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone was safe for cows. A surreptitiously obtained Monsanto study was published in the January, 1990 issue of Pete Hardin's dairy industry newsletter MILKWEED. At that time, many Wisconsin dairymen were against Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Although FDA was promoting that animal drug, one visionary dared to risk all by sharing TRUTH with his peers. Monsanto and FDA claimed that the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone was safe for dairy cows. The actual data indicated otherwise. Imagine an animal losing six percent of its body weight (100 pounds). What would you guess would be the effect on its body organs? Would the organs also shrink or remain the same size? SHOCKING RESULTS While stressed animals lost weight, their body organs grew! Adrenal glands squirt adrenaline into a mammal's system during stressful events. This powerful chemical is responsible for the "fight or flight" response. Cows treated with low doses of rbGH lost an average of 90 pounds, but their adrenal glands grew by a factor of 21% over the control group. The medium dose group experienced increases of 46%, while the high dosed group had adrenal growth rates of 51%. The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating metabolism. The low dose group experienced 7% growth increases. The medium dose group experienced a 17% increase, while the high dose group experienced a 61% increase over the control group. Liver and heart weights increased by double-digit factors in the medium and high dose groups. Ovary weights increased in excess of twenty percent in all three groups. No biological effects? Here are the actual data: CONTROL LOW MEDIUM HIGH GROUP DOSE DOSE DOSE TOTAL WEIGHT 1591 lbs 1501 1509 1487 THYROID 1.24 ozs 1.33 1.45 2.00 LIVER 23.9 lbs 23.9 27.0 26.8 HEART 7.5 lbs 7.5 9.0 9.0 ADRENAL 1.15 ozs 1.39 1.68 1.73 KIDNEY 3.7 lbs 4.1 5.1 5.3 OVARY 0.82 ozs 0.99 1.07 1.10 IMPLICATIONS FDA approved milk from these cows for America's food supply in 1987. When we drink hormone-filled milk from stressed animals, would it be reasonable to expect that these hormones might have an effect on our bodies? I never heard the phrase "road rage" before 1990. Today, television shows and newspaper stories carry daily accounts of anger and stress. Student violence? Children shooting children with guns? Something is wrong with the way we act towards our fellow man. Something is wrong with the way we act towards animals. Forty percent of what the average American eats (666 pounds per year/capita) represents milk and dairy products containing powerful hormones. The research results were an important clue, but FDA reviewers were piloting our ship, and they were asleep at the helm. The pure SCIENCE from this study does not lie. We are what we eat. Overstressed animals secrete fear and pain into their flesh and body fluids, and these chemical messengers merge into our cells and ultimately our consciousness. **************** Monday, April 17 Today is the 163rd day of my hunger strike. The healthiest person I have ever met is VEGAN fitness guru Doug Graham. He's coached many professional athletes, including Martina Navratilova. This summer, Doug and I will be playing a winner-takes-all bragging rights racquetball match in North Carolina during the July 5-9 NAVS SUMMERFEST! Doug Graham is living proof of what a plant-based (VEGAN) diet can do for a person's spirit and health. Doug will be taking a group of people to Thailand next fall. Will you be one of the lucky ones? Doug writes: "Thailand is a country of surprising diversity. From beautiful beaches to bustling markets, tropical rainforests to lush hillsides, the landscape is full of contrasts." Share the Thai festival of the twelfth lunar month, Loy Krathong Day, with Doug. Dr. Graham is one of three fasting coaches who have helped myself and others through our hunger strike. His website: ***************** Tuesday, April 18 Today is the 164th day of my hunger strike. Today's diary entry includes some of the funniest material I've ever read. It's ALL true! I used all of my will power NOT to add comments after the actual testimony. This is too easy. DIETARY GUIDELINES Twenty-seven persons testified before the United States Department of Agriculture at the final hearing for the new Dietary Guidelines. Representatives from a cross-section of America symbolized the types of pressure and influence, which ultimately guide government decisions. Note that 11 of the 27 comments (40%) endorse the consumption of sugar for good health, and oppose limiting sugar intake. The 102 page TRANSCRIPT OF THE PUBLIC MEETING: Here are the best comments from each of the 27 presenters: 1) SALT INSTITUTE - Dick Hanneman "We're very disappointed to have to oppose the dietary guidelines." 2) SUGAR ASSOCIATION - Richard Keelor "All recent reviews of the scientific literature... have once again exonerated sugars from having any direct link to chronic disease including obesity." 3) DAIRY EDUCATION BOARD - Robert Cohen 4) PHYSICIANS COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE MEDICINE - Neal Barnard "There is no scientific reason to insist on the inclusion of cow's milk in anyone's diet." 5) NATIONAL FOOD PROCESSORS - Regina Hildwine "The modification of the main message recommending a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and moderate in total fat is well supported by recent scientific evidence." 6) NATIONAL CONFECTIONERS ASSOCIATION - Larry Graham "There is little evidence that diets high in total sugars are associated with obesity... Candy adds to the pleasure of life. Candy consumed in moderation can be a part of an active and healthy lifestyle." 7) PRODUCE FOUNDATION - Elizabeth Pivonka "Fruits and vegetables are the rare exception to the less is more rule. In the case of fruits and vegetables, the more is better." 8) HUMAN NUTRITION INSTITUTE - Suzie Harris "Given that dental caries in the United States is declining, one cannot conclude a more restrictive sugar message is warranted... Children like to drink flavored milks and eat flavored yogurts... " 9) PRODUCE MARKETING ASSOCIATION - Kathy Means "Your advice to make fruits, vegetables and greens the foundation for healthy living bears repetition, because Americans are not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables." 10) NATIONAL SOFT DRINK FOUNDATION - Richard Adamson "At four calories per gram, the same caloric density as protein and other carbohydrates, why would sugars be lampooned for their contribution to obesity as if there were some unique property to sugars not shared by other macronutrients?" 11) CENTER FOR SCIENCE IN PUBLIC INTEREST - Michael Jacobson "Drink your soda pop, eat your candy as your previous speakers have emphasized, but limit yourself." 12) NATIONAL DAIRY COUNCIL - Suzanne Craig "Calcium-fortified foods from other food groups should not be included in the milk, yogurt and cheese group." 13) UNITED FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLE ASSN. - Donna Dennis "Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and other substances important for good health." 14) SLOAN KETTERING CANCER CENTER - Barbara Levine "Americans are not drinking enough water. Water, just simple water, is the best choice for proper hydration." 15) INTERNATIONAL FOOD INFORMATION COUNCIL - Dave Schmidt "Is there adequate science to justify a shift from moderate sugars to limit sugars with respect to nutrient adequacy or chronic disease?" 16) NATIONAL FLUID MILK PROCESSORS - Natalie Webb "One group in particular has been attacking dairy products as inappropriate for minorities. We urge USDA and HHS not to be swayed by this unscientific, sensational, and very harmful information." 17) NORTH AMERICAN MILLERS ASSOC. - Betsy Faga "There is no data available to show that moderate consumption of sugars has any deleterious effects to consumers, and such a recommendation would impact foods such as fortified fruit juices and cereals... " 18) NATIONAL CATTLEMAN'S BEEF ASSN. - Mary Young "Advice to use plant foods as the foundation of meals or to build your eating pattern on a variety of plant foods... is dietary advice that can be potentially misinterpreted by consumers." 19) GEORGETOWN UNIV. CTR. FOR FOOD & NUTRITION - Maureen Storey "There is no scientific evidence that consumption of sugar per se has a negative effect on health..." 20) NATIONAL COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM "We urge you to strengthen the wording relating to the potential health risks for alcoholics." 21) AMERICAN SUGAR CANE LEAGUE - Dean Grovois "About 420,000 people in this country work in sugar production... American agriculture is in a state of crisis... The price of raw sugar has fallen... We are teetering on the edge of a terrible disaster... . Your decision will have an affect on us." 22) AMERICAN SUGAR BEET GROWERS - Ray Van Driessche "Suggesting a direct relationship between sugar and obesity is not sound science... it is hypocrisy." 23) PEOPLE FOR ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS - Miyun Park "The guidelines should explicitly endorse vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle." 24) APPEARING FOR HERSELF - Fran Hissler "A milk-free diet is recommended. Allergies to food proteins, most commonly cow milk proteins, has been identified... " 25) GROCERY MANUFACTURERS OF AMERICA - Lisa Katic "GMA strongly opposes the new recommendation on limiting the intake of sugar... " 26) AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION - Elizabeth Johnson "The American Dietetic Association feels strongly that variety should remain the cornerstone of the guidelines." 27) CONNECTICUT ELDERLY FOOD PROGRAM - Douglas Buck "I'm not in favor of being a vegetarian, however, heavy meat eaters would benefit from eating less. And those who eat less meat have less ischemic heart disease than regular meat eaters. Perhaps more could be said in the dietary guidelines about the benefits of limiting red meat and poultry consumption." ******************* Wednesday, April 19 Today is the 165th day of my hunger strike. The clock is ticking and the drum roll begins. FDA has promised a decision on Monsanto's hormone to be made on or before April 20, 2000. We come to the end of the 180-day period in which FDA statutes allow for its scientists to determine the merits of a citizen petition. Tomorrow is Day 180. The decision is due. Monsanto has defrauded the FDA and changed the formula for the bovine growth hormone. My claim was that Monsanto never admitted to FDA that five "freak" amino acids were created. My claim is that Monsanto fixed the error and, in doing so, changed the formula. All of the research reviewed by FDA was conducted with a hormone containing epsilon-N-acetyllyslin instead of lysine. All of the previous research has been invalidated and new research must be performed. The hormone must be taken off the market. The errors prove that genetic engineering produces surprises. The errors also prove that a system existed in which a pharmaceutical company could withhold evidence and get away with a crime. Now comes the moment of truth. Will FDA continue Monsanto's lie with their own deception? In one more day, America will know. JUST FOR THE RECORD I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for any evidence that might have existed in the 55,000 page Monsanto file. FDA spent 30 hours reviewing that file and sent me a bill for $725, which was discounted to $250. That is the price I have to pay for a system gone terribly wrong. It is a small price to pay to expose a system that has previously not worked. Two hundred and fifty dollars would buy a solid gold whistle or a box of stainless steel whistles for future whistle blowers. I promise FDA that if they do not do the right thing, we will fill the streets with Americans blowing whistles. ****************** Thursday, April 20 Today is the 166th day of my hunger strike. Comissioner Jane Henney Food & Drug Administration Parklawn 5600 Fishers Ln. Rockville, MD 20857 Re: FOIA Request #99026306 Dear Commissioner Henney: Attached to this letter is a check payable to the FDA for $253.50. That payment represents your bill to me for my recent Freedom of Information Act request. This is blood money. This information should have been obtained by your review team as a routine part of your investigation. This was the most very basic part of my citizen petition (#99P-4613). The fact that I had to request this key piece of information and wait 85 days (65 days longer than the Justice Department allows you) and then pay for this information, compounds your whitewash I had requested any evidence in your 55,000-page file that Monsanto informed you that they created five "freak" amino acids when they genetically engineered the bovine growth hormone. Monsanto changed the formula for that hormone after the FDA review was completed. As a result, the hormone currently on the market has never been tested. By recognizing Monsanto's fraud and deceit, you could have taken the opportunity to show Americans that the FDA acts in their fiduciary interest. Your ultimate decision to my citizen petition will be judged by all Americans. When Americans take to the streets to protest FDA decisions, we will be blowing whistles, and those whistles will have your name boldly printed upon them. You will become a symbol to all Americans, and that, Madame Commissioner, will become your legacy. Very truly yours, **************** Friday, April 21 Today is the 167th day of my hunger strike. Residents of North Carolina woke up a few years ago to red tides filled with algae blooms that devastated aquatic life and made humans sick. The waters turned to blood. New strains of bacteria have developed in dairy cattle because of FDA's liberal anti-biotic protocols. Sterile frogs are being born and diseases are spread by ticks and fleas that may very well have escaped from laboratories performing experiments in genetic engineering. Tiny particles called prions in dairy cattle, pigs, and deer are being consumed by Americans who come down with rare neurological diseases. These plagues of modern time mimic the Biblical plagues, which fell upon ancient Egypt. Pharaoh was repeatedly warned "Let my people go," but the powers in Egypt refused to acknowledge evidence and dangers until it was too late. Biotechnology is the modern day angel of death, and it is passing over all of us. In the Bible, a certain group of people was spared from the terror. In order to be spared today, one must make the choice to buy organically grown fruits and vegetables. One must explore alternatives to factory-produced foods. America's food manufacturers do not care about consumers' rights to know what they are purchasing and consuming. We simply ask for a warning label on any product containing a genetically modified organism. FDA, wearing Pharaoh's robes, refuses to let us be free. FDA had one last opportunity to send a message to America. Monsanto had committed fraud, lab animals got cancer, and FDA knows that Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids with their bovine growth hormone. FDA has chosen not to remove that hormone from the marketplace. FDA has chosen not to label dairy products containing milk from cows treated with that hormone. The sea swallowed up Pharaoh's soldiers just as our sea of resistance must swallow up those who betray us. The FDA is the enemy and they can no longer be believed. The FDA has betrayed us and they can no longer be trusted. We say to the FDA "Let our people be free." Yesterday, the Food & Drug Administration determined that Monsanto's bovine growth hormone would not be taken off the market. My hunger strike will continue, and so will our protest. ****************** Saturday, April 22 Today is the 168th day of my hunger strike. In 1990 while Monsanto was treating dairy test herds with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, both FDA and Monsanto learned that cows injected with that hormone developed mastitis on their udders. As a result of these sores and ulcers, milk from hormone-treated cows contained increased amounts of pus, bacteria, and blood. Monsanto's top dairy scientist, Margaret Miller, left the firm and was hired by the FDA. One of her first acts was to arbitrarily change America's antibiotic protocol. Instead of 1 part per hundred million, Miller increased the allowable level of antibiotics in milk by 100 times to 1 part per million. New strains of super-bacteria developed immunities to existing antibiotics, and milk consumers overdosed on antibiotics and drug-resistant bacteria. Milk tested in the New York metropolitan area was found to contain residues from 52 different antibiotics. Make no mistake about it, folks. Monsanto created the problem and their new drug now offers the solution. Last week, the FDA approved Zyvox, which is manufactured by Pharmacia/Monsanto. This drug was developed to battle staph infections that do not respond to other antibiotics. Staph is the most common bacterial infection responsible for mastitis. Pharmaceutical industry analysts expect that Zyvox will generate $550,000,000 in sales during the next twelve months. Place caterpillars on the rim of a large glass bowl and they will follow each other in the infinite circle until they die and fall off. We seem to be going around and round in similar fashion. Monsanto's new biotechnology had an unanticipated negative effect on America's antibiotic use. By calling in favors and getting their scientists positions of power at FDA, Monsanto changed the effectiveness of existing antibiotics that no longer work when they are needed. Monsanto will now reap enormous benefits by giving mankind an antidote to a poison that they created. **************** Sunday, April 23 FDA denies petition - HUNGER STRIKE CONTINUES SYNOPSIS: FDA delivered a ten-page letter denying the citizen petition to revoke Monsanto's bovine growth hormone. That letter contains inaccuracies and incorrect conclusions. There is evidence of fraud, deception, and there may have very well be criminal activity at FDA. Does breastfeeding work? According the FDA letter of denial, breastfeeding cannot possibly be of any biological significance to human infants. FDA's decision and my comments: for the rest of the story. **************** Monday, April 24 Today is the 170th day of my hunger strike. It has long been accepted that low fat and high fiber diets would be beneficial in preventing colon cancer. A recent report in the New York Times (April 20, 2000 by Gina Kolata) reveals that that is not the case. MORE SCIENTIFIC FRAUD Gina Kolata writes: "Two rigorous studies involving thousands of people have failed to confirm one of the most widely held beliefs about diet and health: that eating low fat, high fiber foods can reduce the risk of colon and rectal cancer." Had Kolata merely said "two studies," her report would have raised eyebrows. She found it necessary to add the word "rigorous." When I performed research, I rigorously applied my training to eliminate variables that might cloud the results and conclusions from my research. In order to reach the conclusion that dietary fiber did not prevent intestinal polyp growth and colon cancer, researchers tested human subjects suffering from pre-existing polyps, and randomly assigned participants to eat low fiber or high fiber diets. THE HIGH FIBER DIET Guess what these scientific geniuses, performing the "rigorous" studies, decided to use in the high fiber diet? Got cereal? People eating the high fiber diet were given high fiber wheat bran cereal. Do you imagine that they ate dry wheat bran fiber in the morning or do you think they poured a tall glass of IGF-I-laced milk on their cereal? IGF-I is the most powerful growth hormone known to science, and it has been identified as a key factor in the growth and proliferation of every human cancer. Rigorously performed study or scientific quackery? You be the judge of the scientists and reporters who either have no clue or seek to deceive. Monsanto's new drug approval will produce enormous profits for the pharmaceutical giant. Monsanto's bovine growth hormone raised levels of IGF-I in milk and, most certainly, will be responsible for causing more human cancer. Monsanto's solution is to provide the cancer cure for the cancer cause for which they are most responsible Now that's one vary brilliant and rigorously applied marketing plan. ***************** Tuesday, April 25 FDA has betrayed Americans once again. Should my hunger strike continue? Friends and family have urged me to begin to eat again. I have considered ending my fast. Twenty-three weeks ago (Monday November 15, 1999), I reflected upon why I had begun a hunger strike and was motivated by inspirational words of wisdom from others seeking to attain a dream. I wrote: Many people have asked why I wish to continue the hunger strike and what this protest means to me. One man who climbed Everest, Tom Whittaker, said, "Everest for me, and I believe for the world, is the physical and symbolic manifestation of overcoming odds to achieve a dream." Others have added their words of wisdom paralleling the journey that I've taken. The first woman to climb Everest, Junko Tabei, wrote: "Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by rises from your heart." The most famous of quotes associated with the great mountain was made by George Mallory, who was asked, "Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?" I've been asked, "Why fight FDA by continuing the hunger strike?" I once believed that FDA would revoke the use of Posilac. Now I know that this will not happen. I hold them in contempt. I climb my mountain for the same reason that Mallory climbed his: "Because it is there." Today is the 171st day of my hunger strike. Today I will begin a second water fast. I had to end my first water fast after just seven days for various reasons. This time, I will abstain from all nutrition, no food or juices. I am now ready to do battle with FDA'S demons, and my own. ******************* Wednesday, April 26 Today is the 172nd day of my hunger strike and the 2nd day of my drinking just water. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio has introduced a bill that will label foods containing genetically modified organisms. Fifty-one members of Congress have already signed on as co-sponsors of that bill. A similar bill has been introduced in the Senate by environmentalist Barbara Boxer of California. At the same time that Boxer's bill was introduced, an estimated $250 million began flowing from Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Du Pont, and other biotechnology firms to those members of Congress who vote with their palms extended and wallets open and not with their brains and hearts. Senator Barbara Boxer has not gotten one fellow senator to co-sponsor her bill. Barbara Boxer saved the dolphins and brought us dolphin-free tuna fish and strong environmental laws resulting from oil spills. She is a hero to those who want clean water, food, and air. Lack of support from her fellow senators, at the same time that the largest lobbying effort in American history continues, is an incrimination of a system and a way of life that no longer works. One beautiful mermaid swims in the sea filled with 99 ravenous great white sharks in a feeding frenzy. ****************** Thursday, April 27 Today is the 173rd day of my hunger strike and the 3rd day that I am drinking just water. Since I am traveling, I thought it might be fun for you to take a break from the dangers of genetically engineered food and check out Steve's very successful website at VeggieDate: Steve's vegetarian singles dating service has a database of many thousands of vegetarians across America, and I understand that there have been a few very serious and meaningful relationships started at that site. Want to meet somebody who's into the NOTMILK movement? VeggieDate is the place to start. For serious issues concerning genetically modified organisms in our food supply, check out: Steve is also the webmaster for a third site called Green People. This third site will be a directory of organic food locations, eco-friendly businesses and services, environmental organizations, and community events. Should you wish to reach Steve, you can write to him at: Or call 310-399-9355. **************** Friday, April 28 Today is the 174th day of my hunger strike and the 4th day of my drinking just water. When Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days, his body was already clean, untainted by dioxins and poisonous insecticides like DDT. He had not consumed foods containing concentrated toxins that we find so prevalent in the air and food and water of our 21st century. Therefore, Jesus had an advantage over those who would go on a fast today. For 170 days, I have taken no dietary supplements and have eaten no food. For three years, I have eaten no chicken or meat or any animal products. During my fast, I have made juices from organically grown fruits and vegetables, and have excreted many of those toxic substances that have built up in my body over the previous years. From all of the reading and studying that I have done, I have never before seen an instance in which a modern day man or woman has approached an all-water fast the way I have done. The breakdown of my fat cells has eliminated those substances that might have been toxic to my system had I first done just a water fast. Today is the 4th day of my water fast and the 174th day of having eaten no food, and I cannot believe how incredibly alert and powerful I feel. I have been advised to rest during this phase of my fast and will now include a nap or two in my daily schedule. ****************** Saturday, April 29 Today is the 175th day of my hunger strike and the 5th day of my just drinking water. In the 1970s, while in college, I was inspired by a book written by Canadian naturalist Farley Mowatt. That book, "Never Cry Wolf," remains on my personal Top Ten List. In one passage, Mowatt describes the sleeping patterns of wolves, and he tries to replicate their behavior by setting his alarm at intervals during the night. By waking up and working and training himself to take short naps, Mowatt was able to increase his productivity. I copied his behavior and found that during the most intense semester of my college studies that I was able to bear the strains of numerous all-nighters and work at times when other people were sleeping and maintain my own rigorous schedule. By studying neuroanatomy, I was aware of sleep deprivation's effect on human behavior. There are many sleep cycles that one travels to arrive at the deepest phase of sleep in which dreams occur, memories become stored, and the body and sprit heal. Depriving oneself of sleep insures that the first sleep opportunity will deliver the man rapidly to a deep sleep state of consciousness. On this 5th day of just water and 175th day overall, I am now needing an extremely small amount of sleeptime. Thomas Edison described his brilliant performance and inventive skills as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Edison also would work through the night, taking small naps and found his production to be more efficiently performed. For those of you who have sent me your many hundreds of letters consisting of best wishes and concerns, I want to assure you all that I have never felt better. **************** Sunday, April 30 Today is the 6th day of my water fast and the 176th day of my hunger strike, and I still feel great. Yesterday, I spoke in Philadelphia and today I will be speaking in New York City. Last Friday, I ordered 6,000 bright yellow whistles imprinted with "BAN BST." When Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, the walls came tumbling down. His army was equipped with noisemakers, having traded their spears and arrows for auditory weapons. What better statement could we make than to demonstrate by blowing together as one shrill shriek our whistle-blowing chorus of sound? We will march to the FBI building and hand out flyers demanding investigations into congressmen who have betrayed us for dollars. We will go to FDA and blow our whistles at bureaucrats who have betrayed our health interests. We will march to the White House and send a shrill message to a president who praised Monsanto in his State of the Union Address in 1996 and whose appointments reflect Monsanto's gifts. When the whistles are delivered to the Dairy Education Board, we will send a message to you with a time and date inviting you to join us. Too many people have betrayed us. Our struggle will continue so that we can all enjoy the basic freedoms promised to us in the Bill of Rights. We will demand a label be placed on foods containing genetically modified organisms. It is our right and we shall become whistle blowers to achieve that right. Robert Cohen *************************************************************** Subscribe to the Egroup NOTMILK forum. Send Email to: