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Diary for May 2000

By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text

May 2000 Hungerstrike Diary (1 May is day 177)
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05-01-2000 DAY 177 - Messengers
05-02-2000 DAY 178 - If it moos, it's a drug factory
05-03-2000 DAY 179 - Will tidal waves drown us?
05-04-2000 DAY 180 - But is it kosher?
05-05-2000 DAY 181 - Direct result of genetic engineering: human sickness
05-06-2000 DAY 182 - Biotech gives me a headache
05-07-2000 DAY 183 - Bought and paid for
05-08-2000 DAY 184 - Come to Washington on June 17th
05-09-2000 DAY 185 - Happy asthma day
05-10-2000 DAY 186 - The big gulp
05-11-2000 DAY 187 - USDA promotes biotechnology on the internet
05-12-2000 DAY 188 - Winds of war
05-13-2000 DAY 189 - Mad cows at the FDA
05-14-2000 DAY 190 - Got Zits?
05-15-2000 DAY 191 - Evolution of revolutionaries
05-16-2000 DAY 192 - Down under milk cartons
05-17-2000 DAY 193 - Something stinks
05-18-2000 DAY 194 - Away from home
05-19-2000 DAY 195 - Quakers quake and roll over in their graves
05-20-2000 DAY 196 - Dave's cancer
05-21-2000 DAY 197 - Women who drink milk have increased rates of uterine cancer
05-22-2000 DAY 198 - FDA commissioner meets the NOTMILKMAN
05-23-2000 DAY 199 - GOT MILK?  NOT IN INDIA
05-24-2000 DAY 200 - Transitioning
05-25-2000 DAY 201 - Poetry in motion
05-26-2000 DAY 202 - Defying the Odds
05-27-2000 DAY 203 - Error in Judgement
05-28-2000 DAY 204 - Held in contempt
05-29-2000 DAY 205 - Today is the 205th and FINAL day of my hunger strike

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************* MONDAY, MAY 1 Today is the seventh day in which I am just drinking water and the 177th day of my hunger strike. Our government has approved a new genetically engineered pesticide that will switch on a plant's natural defense against insects and bacteria. Biotech companies are now skirting FDA and USDA approval processes and applying directly to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA is also about to approve another product (Harpin) that was engineered to close down the natural pathways within a plant by which bacteria can attack them. One or both of these new pesticides will be used on this year's broccoli crops, and the worst part is yet to come... Somebody has been ratting on Americans! According to the current issue of "Trends In Plant Science" (May 5, 2000, Volume 5:189), genetic material from a rat has been introduced into experimental broccolini plants (broccolini is a cross between broccoli and kale) to produce a green veggie with seven times the previous levels of vitamin C. May I suggest an order of rat-broccolini smothered with Monsanto's genetically engineered hormone-laden cream sauce? ************** TUESDAY, MAY 2 Today is the 178th day of my hunger strike and the 7th day of my drinking just water. The Monday, May 1, 2000 edition of the New York Times contains two very different front page drug stories. "Drug War is Toxic Enemy to Colombians" shares the front page with a story about genetically altered Canadian salmon that will soon be swimming downstream to our supermarkets. Perhaps the second drug war will be deadlier than the first. (The Colombian drug war has a surprise twist... revealed at the end of this column). The biased photo accompanying the BIOTECH story shows a pair of human hands next to four tiny dead fish and three very large ones. The caption: "Genetically altered salmon and their puny siblings, at 14 months." Puny siblings? In other words, existing salmon are puny, compared to the new genetically engineered fish. What remarkable brainwashing... and on the front page! Aqua Bounty Farms already has orders to ship 15 million of these eggs to American companies, and hundreds of other animals are being engineered to satisfy American palates. On page 20 of the same edition, author Carol Yoon quotes one fish expert, Joseph McGonigle of the Maine Aquaculture Association: "Genetically engineered salmon is a solution looking for a problem. Virtually everyone in the world has taken a position against them." In an accompanying story, Yoon cites examples of what one biotech firm is working on: "NEXIA has implanted a spider gene into goats with the hope of producing a milk containing spider silk. That milk will be used to make bullet-proof vests." One genetically engineered blood protein (erthropoietin) will one day command a price of $15 million dollars per ounce, according to Yoon. A sidebar accompanying the salmon and farm animal stories contains photos of six animals, and the title reads: A DIFFERENT KIND OF BARNYARD. There are photos of: Chicken (being developed to produce antibiotics in eggs) Cow (being developed to produce human lactoferrins to treat infections) Goat (being developed to develop a human protein to block blood clots) Sheep (being developed to treat cystic fibrosis) Pig (being developed to produce a protein called phytase, which helps pigs to digest phosphorus, resulting in manure with less phosphorus) This last one sounds like a whole lot of poop to me. Phosphorus does not disappear into thin air... perhaps the pigs spontaneously combust and barbecue themselves in the process. BOTTOM LINE: These chemical foods are untested and extremely expensive. Somebody will pay the price for these very expensive genetic experiments. Companies now lobby congress and regulatory agencies, and the rewards will be great. So are the risks. Oh, yes... the Colombian drug war. Colombian poppy flowers yield heroin, and the illicit plants are being sprayed by American planes subsidized by American dollars. The dangerous pesticides are destroying other food crops and making children sick. Would you like to be a millionaire? Here's your question. Who manufactures the deadly chemical that is destroying Colombia? A) B) Ben & Jerry's D) Purina Dog Chow D) Monsanto If your answer was "D" you do not need a lifeline. You're a winner!!! That is, unless you live in Colombia. Then you're a loser... big time. Thanks, Monsanto. **************** Wednesday, May 3 Today is the 179th day of my hunger strike and the 9th day of my just drinking water. The New York Times buried a very important biotechnology story on the bottom of page 20 of today's edition (May 3, 2000). Atop that story was a revelation that elite colleges had tougher admission standards. To the right of the biotech story was the cataclysmic news that fissures off the coast of Virginia might cause tidal waves. Grab your life preservers and rubber ducky inner tubes. Here's what the New York Times buried. Critics of biotechnology have lampooned America's regulatory agencies for lax standards and favoritism towards biotechnology companies. The revolving doors between FDA and USDA have led to numerous betrayals. This morning, FDA Commissioner Jane Henney and Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman are expected to announce new changes in the regulation of genetically engineered food products. IS THIS GOOD NEWS FOR AMERICA? The largest pro-biotech trade group in America has already praised the new measures. Gene Grabowski, vice-president of the Grocery Manufacturers of America, said: "We believe the steps as they have been outlined to us are appropriate and responsive to the discussions that we have been having with FDA officials and other government officials over the last few months." BIG WHOOPEE American consumers have increased fears about the safeties of foods. Under the new plan, biotechnology companies will now be required to talk to regulators at the Food & Drug Administration about the safety of the foods before they are sold. Under the old policy, such conversations and submission of research data were voluntary. In the past, pollen from genetically engineered corn has killed Monarch butterfly caterpillars while pollen from non-genetically engineered corn has had no effect on these delicate creatures. FDA and USDA do not require testing of new foods, having already determined that they are safe despite the fact that enormous evidence indicates otherwise. One can only imagine a future conversation between a Monsanto/Pharmacia scientist and FDA Commissioner Jane Henney: Dr. Richard J. Mengele: "Hello, Jane." FDA Commissioner Jane Henney: "Hi, Dick." Dick: "We have a new product for you." Jane: "What's it this time?" Dick: "You're going to love this one." Jane: "No freak amino acids, I hope." Dick (laughing): "I wouldn't tell you if it did!" Jane (laughing): "Okay, you've got to tell me. There are laws." Dick: "Well, okay. We've managed to combine the genetic material from a rooster with a cannabis plant." Jane: "You're kidding me. Are you creating an animal or a vegetable?" Dick: "What is this '20 Questions'?" Jane: "Well, the new law does require that you have a conversation with me." Dick: "Okay, Jane, consider this the conversation. All I can tell you is that the final version is called 'Chicken Pot Pie'." Jane: "Yeah, but will it banned in Boston?" Dick: "Not if we don't put a warning label on it telling them that it is genetically engineered." (Both laugh) THE NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE'S LAST PARAGRAPH The last paragraph of the New York Times article is the worse piece of brainwashing that I have ever seen. The authors of that article may have majored in journalism, but it seems as if their minor was in propaganda. The page 20 story written by Melody Petersen and Marc Lacey concludes this way: "Genetically engineered crops, first sold in 1995, have quickly become a success. Farmers have bought up the altered seeds, which can save them time and boost productivity." *************** Thursday, May 4 Today is the 180th day of my hunger strike and the 10th day of my drinking just water. There was a time in my life when I would get up early on a Sunday morning and drive to the best kosher deli in the New York area and purchase freshly made bialys, bagels, rye bread and a mixed variety of fish. For the past three years, I have eaten only a plant-based diet, and no longer eat baked salmon or nova lox or smoked whitefish. This is one of the rules by which I have chosen to live. Many Jews and Moslems observe strict dietary laws and would not eat pork or flesh from "unclean" animals. The curator of the Ichthyology Department of the American Museum of Natural History, James Atz, Ph.D., has compiled lists of kosher and non-kosher fish. Thanks to one of my readers, Zlatko Batistich, for this story. In Tuesday's diary entry, I reported that genetically engineered salmon would soon be sold in American markets. A diagram, contained within that story, demonstrates that the "promoter" gene from the ocean pout is genetically inserted into a gene from the Chinook salmon. The trouble is that the pout is considered non-kosher, while the salmon is kosher. Lox from genetically engineered salmon will be something to pout about for observant Jews and Moslems because it just isn't kosher. Will the new species of genetically engineered fish be labeled "Almost Kosher"? By combining a kosher product with a non-kosher product, is the final version kosher? By combining a pig with a human tissue, is that not offensive to the human spirit? By creating new foods that cause cancer to laboratory animals, does that not offend one's sense of logic? ************* Friday, May 5 Today is the 181st day of my hunger strike and the 11th day of my drinking just water. This week's New England Journal of Medicine (April 27, 2000, Vol. 342, No. 17) is more proof of biotechnology's failure. I have written about this story many times, but publication in a peer-reviewed journal now confirms what I have been saying for many years. This message bears repeating. In 1989, Monsanto was aware that cows in test herds treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone developed sores and lesions on their udders that were collectively called mastitis. Milk from rbST-treated cows contained increased levels of pus, blood, and virulent bacteria. In order to deal with the problem, Monsanto's top dairy scientist, Margaret Miller, left the firm and became FDA's Monsanto "plant." Once at FDA, Dr. Miller arbitrarily changed the existing antibiotic standard. She increased by 100 times the allowable level of antibiotics that farmers could put into milk. The consequences of her action were that new strains of bacteria developed in dairy cows that were immune to existing antibiotics, which no longer worked when they were needed. People drank milk containing increased amounts of antibiotics and new species of bacteria with immunities to those antimicrobials. The latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine contains a study by Paul Fey, et al, confirming the emergence of a new strain of salmonella that was isolated from a 12-year-old boy who was admitted into a hospital with fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. That salmonella strain is resistant to a new wonder drug, Ceftriaxone, which has also been used on dairy cows. We wonder why few scientists have previously noted why wonder drugs are no longer so wonderful. Sophisticated methods of plasmid analysis were performed on the bacteria obtained from the child and from the cattle, and they were found to be indistinguishable. In addition to the resistance to Ceftriaxone, the bacteria had developed resistance to thirteen other antibiotics. The study raises extreme health concerns, and provides evidence that disease is directly related to antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella that have resulted from overdosed farm animals. Such errors do not develop in the natural scheme of things. This error is a direct result of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. How much more evidence must FDA and Congress examine before government regulators once again show concern for the health and safety of the American people? *************** Saturday, May 6 Today is the 182nd day of my hunger strike and the 12th day of my drinking just water. I awoke to a dull throbbing in my head. I headed straight for the bathroom where I filled my hands with cold water and splashed my face hoping the shock would bring some stability to my pounding head. Thursday's headache got no better, and for the sake of purity, I resist taking aspirin for my three-day headache. Last night I made the return-trip from a book signing in Southampton, New York in just under three hours. Now I face a three-hour drive to Delaware to speak to a group of health advocates at WELLNESS PLUS DELAWARE. I do not look forward to the drive there and back. I have two books on tape to help me with the drive. Long car rides are becoming difficult for me. The best advice from doctors and coaches has been to rest, and there is just not the time. One has an eternity to rest and a lifetime to live. On Wednesday night, I did not sleep, having done research to write a column that will appear tomorrow. There is so much information on the Internet, but it sometimes takes hours to piece together clues to a story. Will most people delete my words before reading? It only takes one person to make a difference. Will I reach that one, to set off the spark and resulting fire? My head pounds and the car awaits. I have a gallon of distilled water for the drive. Yes, distilled. I can no longer filter minerals through my body, and only distilled will do. There is no nourishment on a water fast. What nourishes me is the promise of change. What feeds me is the spirit of human potential. What fuels me is a conviction that things are getting out of control within our government regulators, and that we must take back our health from those who have betrayed our interests. ************* Sunday, May 7 Republican Governor Ed Schafer from North Dakota is a friend of biotechnology. He's the one on the right on the following page: for the rest of the story. ************* Monday, May 8 Today is the 184th day of my hunger strike and the 14th day of my drinking just water. JOIN ROBERT COHEN AT THE FREE CONFERENCE On Saturday, June 17, 2000, the SIERRA CLUB is hosting a conference in Washington, D.C. on the Threat of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. The conference will be held at the Resources for the Future Conference Center at 1400 Sixteenth Street NW. CONFERENCE AGENDA There are one dozen speakers, including myself. Here are some of the highlights: RALPH NADER on the corporatization of our food supply, the WTO and implications for the future. SENATOR BARBARA BOXER and/or CONGRESSMAN DENNIS KUCINICH on bills to give consumers the right to know what they are eating. ROBERT COHEN on FDA's recent decision not to remove rbGH, and the fraudulent research not considered by government regulators. PETER HARDIN, publisher of Milkweed, who will provide an overview of the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone controversy. STEVE WILSON & JANE ACRE: Two FOX Network Reporters silenced by Monsanto when they did an investigative report on rbGH dangers. MICHAEL HANSEN: Consumers Union scientist on an overview of the FDA and the approval process for rbGH + danger from IGF-I. ANDREW KIMBRELL: Lawsuit on rbGH SCOTT DYE (Sierra Club) and KAREN HUDSON (F.A.R.M.) on environmental destruction caused by dairy production VICTOR DANIEL & HEALTH CANADA SCIENTISTS: The silencing of health concerns in Canada after pressure from Monsanto. Dairy farmers will also speak and attend. LODGING Rooms have been reserved at the Quality Hotel & Suites - Downtown at #1315 Sixteenth Street NW. Call (202) 232-8000 or (800) 368-5689 to make reservations. Mention the Sierra Club Dairy Conference. Singles $89/night. Doubles $99/night. Triples $109/night. Quads $119/night. REGISTRATION FORM e-mail "Chris Bedford" cbedford-erols com (no longer valid) Name: Address: City/Town: State: Zip code: Telephone: Fax: E-mail: Please register if you plan to attend. There is no cost for this conference except payment for lunch. If you plan to have lunch with us, send $10 by check made out to MARYLAND CHAPTER/SIERRA CLUB at #7338 Baltimore Avenue (Suite 101A), College Park, Maryland 20740. If you have any questions please contact Chris Bedford at 301-779-1000 or 301-277-6699 fax or email "Chris Bedford" ************** Tuesday, May 9 Today is the 185th day of my hunger strike and the 15th day of my drinking just water. Last Wednesday (May 3, 2000) was designated World Asthma Day. Scientists have no clue why asthma rates are soaring and why 30% of children in countries such as Canada and Australia are effected by asthma. The World Health Organization estimates that 150 million people have asthma and that there are nearly 200,000 yearly asthma-related deaths. In the United States, the number of asthmatics has more than doubled to an estimated 15 million sufferers today from less than 7 million in 1980. Scientists and researchers speculate that allergens such as rat feces, cockroach hairs, dust mites, and other pollutants might be causing the asthma epidemic, but they really have no clue why rates are soaring because they have not examined an increase in any correlating factor. Cockroach and rat populations are not soaring unless you factor in the number of bureaucrats at FDA. GOT CHEESE? As cheese consumption soars, so does the rate of asthma. In 1960, the average American ate ten pounds of cheese. Today, the average American eats thirty pounds of cheese per year. Since it takes ten pounds of milk to produce one pound of cheese, the average American consumes the equivalent of 300 pounds of milk per year in his or her cheese consumption. Eighty percent of milk protein is casein, the same glue used to bind wood in furniture and the same glue used to adhere a label to a bottle of beer. After casein is consumed a human, the body produces histamines, then mucus. This reaction can take 10 to 15 hours, and after eating pizza, the following day's asthma attack for some people can be deadly. In 1984, the average Canadian consumed 20.7 pounds of cheese. By 1997, annual cheese consumption had increased to 27.5 pounds. Canadian asthma rates are considered to be an epidemic, and Health Canada is baffled. Australia suffers extremely high asthma rates. In 1959, the average Australian ate 5.7 pounds of cheese per year. In those days, asthma was virtually non-existent. In 1997, the average Australian consumed 23.5 pounds per year of cheese, and asthma rates are soaring. Why is this a mystery to scientists? As cheese consumption increases, so does mucus production. As the bronchioles of the lungs fill with nature's most tenacious glue, one's ability to breathe decreases. Attached are the actual links to the Australian and Canadian statistics. Retail%20Sector/foodconsumption.htm(broken link) In 1958-1959 the average Australian ate 2.6 kg of cheese 5.72 LBS By 1978-1979 that number had increased to 3.5 kg. 7.70 LBS By 1978-1979 that number had increased to 5.3 kg. 11.66 LBS By 1988-1989 that number had increased to 8.8 kg. 19.36 LBS By 1996-1997 that number had increased to 10.7 kg. 23.54 LBS In 1984 total Canada cheese = 9.40 kg = 20.68 LBS In 1997 total Canada cheese = 12.48 kg = 27.46 LBS ***************** Wednesday, May 10 Today is the 16th day of my just drinking water and the 186th day overall in which I have eaten no food. According to the experts, I should now be in bed and experiencing pain, discomfort, and possible shutdown of key body organs. I've never felt better. Last night, I cleaned off my ten-speed bicycle and inflated the air in the tires, looking forward to my first ride of the spring. This morning, at dawn's first light, I pedaled two miles from my home to the reservoir and then back again and felt wonderful. My advisors have warned me that this is a time for rest, but I'm finding just the opposite. I am experiencing enormous surges in energy and am more than able to carry on my day-to-day activities. There is a 1.5 liter bottle that I keep filled with distilled water on my desk. Each time that I feel thirst, I take more than just one sip. I put the bottle to my lips and count to ten as gulp after gulp of water is taken into my body. I feel the water travel down my throat where it empties into my stomach. I do not feel any acid discomfort and imagine nature's finest filtration system continuing to collect toxins from within, by-products of the cellular metabolism breaking down the inefficient tissues that are still a part of my body. I have not weighed myself but guess that I have lost about 70 pounds, judging by the extra large shirts that have been replaced by larges and the new pairs of pants that continue to replace the old. Don't consider this an endorsement for 170-day juice fast followed by 16 days of water, but I seem to suffering no ill effects from my hunger strike. The beard that I had started on Valentine's Day will soon be shaved clean from my face. It is looking very grubby and I promised my family that May 24th will mark the end of that facial hair. **************** Thursday, May 11 Today is the 187th day of my hunger strike and the 17th day of my drinking just water. The United States Department of Agriculture is promoting genetic engineering and biotechnology by comparing the new foods to crop improvements that occurred 75 years ago. USDA places genetically modified organisms in the same category as "hybrid crops and fertilizers." Fertilizers have traditionally been gathered in great quantity from cow droppings and USDA's new position is a whole lot of "bull." The following site is evidence of USDA's endorsement: (link broken) Remarkably, this new site does not reflect the recent marriage between Upjohn and Monsanto, which merged the two giants into Pharmacia. Instead of going to a website, one travels through thousands of miles of cyberspace to Monsanto's United Kingdom site. On that webpage, one reads "Plant biotechnology is an extension of this traditional plant breeding…Crop improvements like these can help provide an abundant, healthful food supply and protect our environment for future generations." Monsanto-England writes "During the last twelve months, Britain has witnessed a flood of anti-GMO articles with terms such as 'Frankenfood' being used by many journalists. These articles have caused distrust and irrational fears of GM products to spread among consumers." TIME TO VENT Monsanto wants to know what you are thinking: Please let them know what you think with your e-mails. Pharmacia's toll-free number is 888-768-5501. ************** Friday, May 12 Today is the 188th day of my hunger strike and the 18th day of my just drinking water. A landmark case to be heard in Saskatchewan will soon go to trial and the world will determine how much control biotechnology companies can exert over farmers. Percy Schmeiser's family has been farmers for many generations, and he's been growing the yellow-blossomed rapeseed for 40 years. Rapeseed is processed so that canola oil is extracted. The oil you buy from Monsanto's new rapeseed is a violation of your body. Two years ago, Monsanto sued the 68-year-old farmer for using their genetically engineered seeds. Problem is Farmer Percy claims that he's never used Monsanto's seed and that his rapeseed crop is not genetically engineered. In addition to selling seeds, Monsanto charges a licensing fee for the privilege of being able to use their product. That fee would have been nearly $12,000 for Schmeiser. This past year, pollen from Monsanto's genetically engineered canola plants traveled by the wind and on the rear legs of bees, passing their pesticide immunities to weeds. Perhaps this is how Percy Schmeiser's finished product tested positive to Monsanto's new gift of nature. Perhaps this is how biodevestation will pass from field to field and from state to state and from nation to nation. The winds know no boundaries and the bees fly over border checkpoint crossings. Nature always finds a way. The Canadian courts will determine the fate of one farmer and of one pharmaceutical giant on the battlefield of a courtroom in Saskatchewan, Canada. **************** Saturday, May 13 This is the 189th day of my hunger strike and the 19th day of my drinking just water. The Food & Drug Administration will be conducting a mad cow disease symposium on June 2 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM at the ·oliday Inn in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Mad cow disease strikes terror in the hearts and souls of Europeans as does the thought of eating foods containing genetically modified organisms. Americans, on the other hand, know that they are immune from the adverse effects of diseases that plague the rest of the world. How comfortable we are in our collective naivete. Nation by nation, the peoples of the world are learning that body fluids and flesh from bovines do not do their bodies any good. Last summer, Belgium's milk and dairy industry closed for one month because of high levels of dioxins contaminating meat and dairy products. In the recent past, England has destroyed millions of cows because of mad cow disease. When a cow is discovered on a French farm with this condition, every other animal is confiscated by the government and incinerated. In America, we laugh and say, "It can't happen here." There hasn't been much publicity about this meeting, and you don't have much time to respond should you wish to attend. In the early 1900s, two doctors, working with Dr. Alzheimer, discovered a disease in which the brain turns into a sponge. Their names were Creutzfeldt and Jakob, and the new disease was named after them. In Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), the cow brain and the human brain turn into a sponge. The medical name for mad cow disease and the title for FDA's conference include the name "Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy" (BSE). FDA will be considering blood transfusions as well as plasma for manufacture into derivatives. Part of the meeting is open to the public and interested parties may present opinions in writing or make oral presentations. Should you wish to make an oral presentation, you must contact William Freas or Sheila Langford at 301-827-0314. After the public session, there will be a top secret, private session for the insiders. Anybody know how to plant a bug? ************** Sunday, MAY 14 Today is the 190th day in which I have eaten no solid food, and my 20th day of drinking just water. Am I losing it? You be the judge. People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) asked me to write a few words about teens, acne, and the MILK and DAIRY connection. It took my webmaster (Dave Rietz) a few hours to create the following: ************** Monday, May 15 Today is the 191st day of no food, and the 21st day in which I am just drinking water. This past week, I read a book called "The Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson," by Adrienne Koch. Two years before the American Revolution began, Jefferson wrote (in my opinion) the single greatest essay in American history. Jefferson's "Summary View of Rights of British America" cited the many injustices of British rule and laid the foundations for the American Revolution. Jefferson's argument for independence addresses tyranny and misrepresentation, the likes of which America is again witnessing at the hands of federal regulatory agencies like the FDA. Jefferson wrote: "Single acts of Tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery." Two ex-FDA commissioners have gone to work for Monsanto, and FDA has not fairly treated the review process for Monsanto's genetically engineered hormones. These conflicts of interest place the health interests of Americans secondary to the financial interests of those who compromise the integrity of government officials. We are in prison. Bars and shackles, favors traded for laws and policy now prevent us from enjoying our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These basic truths that were deemed to be self evident to the founding fathers HAVE been taken away by a series of tyrannical acts. Until FDA labels foods containing genetically engineered organisms, I will continue to protest my loss of liberty. FDA'S tyranny protects pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers. The rest of the world does not allow such betrayal. Only in America. We deceive ourselves by beliving that we are land of the free. Our media will not tell us the truth, relying upon ad revenue from the betrayors. While I continue my hunger strike, joined by nearly five hundred people who have fasted for one day or longer, another hunger strike continues as protest to one of America's great injustices. In 1997, ex-Attorney General Ramsey Clark spoke of a man that few Americans have heard of, a man who happens to be the most well-known political prisoner on this planet. Clark said: "Until Leonard Peltier's rights are respected, there can be no peace in our hearts and our minds, or if we have courage, in our is imperative that we, you and I, secure the freedom of Leonard Peltier." Leonard's tragic story, and those who fast to bring justice: link) Millions of people have come to know of his case and support his freedom. His supporters included the late Mother Theresa, 50 members of the U.S. Congress, the European Parliament, the Dalai Lama, and Amnesty International. Leonard Peltier, a Native-American, is 54 years old, and has lived in a federal prison for the past 24 years. In 1995, US prosecutor Lynn Crooks testified that no evidence exists against Peltier. Remarkably, this testimony came during a parole hearing. Leonard Peltier has a new parole review hearing scheduled for June 12th. He is long overdue for release through parole, and it is one of two remaining options for freedom. The second is executive clemency. A group of 84 people are now fasting for Leonard Peltier. I am fasting for Leonard, in spirit. Each day, for the remainder of my hunger strike, I will spend a few moments and re-visit those principles that made America strong. I will consider the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier. I will consider the spiritual imprisonment of all Americans. An American president can offer clemency and free political prisoners. After reviewing Peltier's story, let Mr. Clinton know how you feel. Peltier's struggle and my struggle are your struggle too. Together, we are all innocent victims to tyranny. Write, phone, fax, and email: President William Clinton The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington, DC 20500 (202)456-1111 (hit 0 to avoid survey) FAX (202)456-2461 *************** Tuesday, May 16 Today is the 192nd day of my hunger strike and the 22nd day of my drinking just water. There will be a new warning label on milk containers, and this is no bull. Last week, the Australia and New Zealand Food Authority announced new warning labels for milk cartons. Parents will be warned that no child under the age of one should be fed cow's milk because early exposure to bovine proteins can be a trigger for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. The actual warning label will read: "Health authorities recommend that this product (cow's milk) not be used to replace breast milk for infant formula." It's only a matter of time before such a warning label becomes the standard in the United States. The way that will be accomplished is through litigation. Today I met with a team of attorneys headed by one very passionate legal genius, Gene Kaslow, Esq. Briefs are now being written that will one day erase billions of dollars of carefully marketed dairy industry brainwashing ads and bring greater health to all Americans. ***************** Wednesday, May 17 Today is the 193rd day of my hunger strike and the 23rd day of my drinking just water. Genetically modified "stink bugs" (also known as cotton bolls) are attacking America's crops, and farmers are beginning to panic. Researchers at North Carolina State University have determined that there are financial losses being suffered by American farmers growing genetically engineered cotton plants. The promise of increased profits to farmers has yielded negative profitability expectations. The trouble is that the stink bug-cotton boll has being doing damage to genetically engineered crops and has been leaving non-genetically engineered crops alone. Stink bug damage was 4.3 times greater in 1999 in genetically engineered varieties than in natural cotton plants. Stink bug damage is mounting all over America and horticulturists do not understand why it spreading from state to state. broken) American farmers have adopted bad farming practices, particularly in their failure to rotate crops year after year. Because of new pesticides, fertilizers, and modern day chemicals, farmers plant the same crop in the same soil season after season. This type of farming encourages bacterial and insect infestations as new generations of "pests" gain immunities to the new genetically engineered "Frankenfoods." What will the future bring? Every day science teaches new surprise lessons in Biotechnology 101. As students, we've got to pay attention to these lessons or we'll fail life's final exam. Nobody can predict tomorrow's surprises. Will there be enough time to develop an antidote for the coming genetically engineered biodevestation? To believe the claim from the biotechnology industry and the Food & Drug Administration that we can sustain these errors is to ignore past history. Millions of people have suffered the ill effects of poisons that were not adequately tested by the FDA. The new technology promises to bring such errors to a level never before experienced by mankind. Should such untested products be legal? That debate will continue. Should those products have a label so that I have a choice to know what foods I buy for my children? To that question, there should be no debate. **************** Thursday, May 18 Today is the 194th day of my hunger strike and the 24th day of my drinking just water. I have been working away from my home for two days and will return on Saturday. I need the time to meditate and do some uninterrupted writing without the distraction of telephones, television, and e-mail. I brought two cases of bottled water with me and have been skipping the breakfast portion of a most magnificent bed & breakfast country inn in which I am staying. During the "season," it is almost impossible to get a room in this 150-year-old Victorian estate on a 250-acre private lake surrounded by thousands of acres of lush green hardwood forest. My room overlooks the woods, and an enormous of variety of wildlife sights and sounds are my only distraction. I have my computer set up on a desk in front of a working fireplace, and there is a tree growing through my sundeck. The room is filled with antiques with a working ceiling fan, Persian rugs, and a four-poster bed. My room has a very high lofted cathedral woodbeam ceiling and an enormous whirlpool bath. I have confined myself to the room to work, although the inn offers the use of mountain trail bikes. The owner told me that at one time the inn was owned by a group of Dominican sisters and was the summer vacation home of Cardinals Hayes and Spellman. For me, the quiet solitude is an important time to reflect upon the last six months and my next six months. I will put the finishing touches on my new books, and expect to leave here both refreshed and energized for the next step in my journey. ************** Friday, May 19 Today is the 195th day of my hunger strike and the 25th day of my drinking just water. Last week, shareholders from Quaker Oats Company overwhelmingly defeated a proposal that would have required the company to stop to using genetically modified ingredients in their food products. A pension fund holding a substantial position in Quaker Oats stocks had submitted a proposal seeking Quaker Oats to make a socially responsible decision to not use genetically engineered foods. In turning down that proposal, John Jartz, the head of Business Development at Quaker, said: "It is the company's policy to use only ingredients deemed safe by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, including ingredients developed through biotechnology." It seems like a silly position to me. After all, FDA does not require research for these new products, and does not actually deem that safe or unsafe. In Europe, seeds and raw ingredients that have been genetically engineered are being rejected because they are not deemed safe. Rice-A-Roni may be the "San Francisco treat," but they are owned by Quaker Oats and I no longer trust anything that these Quakers manufacture or market. If Quaker Oats can make a decision that my rights no longer matter to them, then I can make a personal decision not to buy their products. Gatorade may be a thirst quencher, but the thought of drinking genetically engineered electrolytic fluids makes me want to gag. It will no longer be consumed by my family because of Quaker Oats' non-consumer-friendly policy. Captain Crunch cereal may be the choice for many children and that blue sailor on the red box may be a comfortable image for cereal eaters, but I have a hunch that fewer and fewer people will have the desire to munch on Captain Crunch before lunch. Will the Quaker Oaters of this world get the message that consumers no longer want genetically engineered products? Why not let them know? Quaker Oats 800-367-6287 Gatorade 800-884-2867 Rice-A-Roni 800-421-2444 Captain Crunch 800-234-6281 **************** Saturday, May 20 Today is the 196th day of my hunger strike and the 26th day of my drinking just water. Dave Rietz is my webmaster and he has cancer. Here is his amazing story. For three years, Dave Rietz has been working full-time to make the notmilk website a very strong Internet presence. Dave is tireless in his dedication and motivation to bring the truth about his disease to you. He works over 200 hours per month to do all that he can to see that you don't get a prostate or breast cancer. For three years, after finding out that IGF-I was the key factor in every human cancer, Dave has excluded milk and dairy products from his diet. This was no easy task for a farmer's son and an admitted milk, cheese, butter and ice cream addict. Dave has become a believer. Just a few short years ago, his prostate cancer was at an advanced stage, and Dave was practicing farewell speeches to his children and grandchildren and picking out headstones. Today, Dave's prostate cancer is growing much more slowly. Dave recently said to me: "My doctor can't believe that PSA counts are 25% of what they once were. The doctors are calling it a miracle, but they are clueless. They don't realize that IGF-I is the key. I've eliminated it from my diet by eliminating all milk and dairy products." Why don't doctors realize that milk is loaded with powerful growth hormones? Why don't they instruct their patients, particularly their cancer patients, that cancer is about growth? That IGF-I fuels growth? That fires are not put out by pouring gasoline on them? And that cancers do not stop growing when they are bathed in powerful growth hormones? Dave Rietz is a friend and an inspiration to myself and to his family. Dave's milk experience and message should become a model to all Americans, particularly the ones with cancer. For those who have lost loved ones to the ravishes of cancer, Dave's story is one more example of betrayal by those scientists and dairy industry milk marketers who know the truth. ************** Sunday, May 21 Today is the 197th day of my hunger strike and the 27th day of my drinking just water. The most amazing part of the largest medical study in history will soon be published by Harvard University. Milk and uterine cancer? Here's the new evidence. The latest finding from a study being conducted at Harvard University on 80,000 nurses has determined that milk drinkers have significantly higher risks of developing ovarian cancers than non-milk drinkers. I spoke with the author of this study, Kathleen Fairfield, MD, who is working on research in the Nurses' Health Study in the area of nutrition and ovarian cancer. Dr. Fairfield received her MD from the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Fairfield told me that these higher risks have nothing to do with high fat or skim milk. It's milk! Any kind of milk. Kathleen Fairfield is no fan of milk mustaches. She recommends calcium supplements for her patients. Fairfield and her co-authors have been working on this study, analyzing 16 years of data. Here are her comments on ovarian cancer: "Countries with high consumption of dairy products have higher ovarian cancer rates and the reverse is true as well. Women with low consumption of dairy products have low rates of ovarian cancer." Her study has found that women who drink two glasses or more per day of milk have a 44% overall risk of getting any type of cancer and 66% increased rate of getting serious tumor ovarian cancer. Some advice for Dr. Fairfield: don't just publish this study and let it be lost and filed away within the pages of a medical journal. This important news needs a to be marketed at a major press conference. This is headline-breaking news. This is life-saving news, and for you, Dr. Fairfield, this noble effort of yours deserves a Nobel award. ************** Monday, May 22 Today is the 198th day of my hunger strike and the 28th day of my drinking just water. On Friday (May 12, 2000), I had the opportunity to ask FDA Commissioner Jane Henney a question about genetically engineered milk hormones. FDA has concluded that hormones in milk do not work because the proteins are destroyed in the human stomach. Such an admission can only mean that FDA believes that breastfeeding does not work. I just received the transcript of that show, broadcast on National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation/Science Friday." Ira Flatow is the host. Robert: "Genetically engineered bovine growth hormone - - the White House called it the greatest controversy in FDA history. This happened before Commissioner Henney's watch. But I recently went through a six-month process that the Commissioner is familiar with and the major conclusion that the team of scientists at the FDA made was that these dietary proteins-the rbGH, recombinant bovine growth hormone-are destroyed by digestive enzymes. In other words, they're concluding that breastfeeding doesn't work, that immunoglobulins and lactoferrins do not survive digestion. And I think there's a flaw in the FDA thinking and I've already sent a letter to the Commissioner just this past week requesting a formal hearing to determine that not only does breastfeeding work but milk is a hormonal delivery system and when you genetically engineer milk, levels of powerful growth hormones increase. Commissioner, what do you feel?" Dr. Henney: "Well, actually I was at the FDA when the discussion about growth hormone took place. That discussion was also held in many public forums, both before our food advisory committee, our veterinary medicine advisory and a combination thereof. And I think that the conclusion of all of the groups that looked at that decision was that this milk essentially was the same as other milk and was, therefore, safe. But I will look forward to seeing your letter and we will evaluate it thoroughly." Ira Flatow: "Thank you, Robert." Dr. Henney did not answer my question about breastfeeding. Does it work? Scientists at FDA have told me that it does not. The final decision (which is now under appeal) to my petition to revoke the bovine growth hormone contains this language: "Like most dietary proteins, rbGH is degraded by digestive enzymes in gastrointestinal tract and not absorbed intact." (Page 8) This assumption is incorrect. Milk was "designed" so that these proteins would survive digestion. That is the crux of my argument against genetically engineered milk. Biotechnology has created a new milk containing increased levels of powerful growth hormones. The milk has changed. The commissioner is incorrect. I applaud the Commissioner for once having said: "I truly believe science must underpin our decision-making process. Science must support and guide the critical policy decisions that we at FDA make. FDA plays a central role in the administration's push to improve the safety of the nation's food supply." When introducing Henney at her 1998 swearing-in ceremony, Vice-President Al Gore said: "The FDA regulates products accounting for approximately 25 cents on every consumer dollar-worth more than $1 trillion annually." Dr. Henney has served on many commissions, but one role deeply concerns me. She has been a consultant to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Kellogg's cereals have been a staple of the American breakfast, and most of their products are served with milk. From 1980-1985, Dr. Henney was also the director of the National Cancer Institute. Nobody had heard of IGF-I while she was the director. Twenty years ago, one out of four people was expected to die from cancer. One out of fifteen women was expected to get breast cancer. Today, one out of three will die of cancer, and 39.6 percent of women between the ages of 40 and 50 have breast cancer (New York Times, November 8, 1994, page C1). What Henney did between 1980 and 1985 was ineffective. What she does about milk and the IGF-I connection will become her legacy. *************** Tuesday, May 23 Today is the 199th day of my hunger strike and the 29th day of my drinking just water. Maneka Gandhi, India's Minister of State for Social Justice, is causing great controversy in her native country. She is arguing that milk leads to cancer, and recently said "Whatever comes out of an animal is blood, whether it is red in color or white." Her anti-milk campaign is based upon science, and she is meeting with expected hostility. Gandhi cites three reasons for her campaign. "The first is health. The health of people is compromised by milk. Two, I'm against cruelty. The third reason is the pollutants in milk." Gandhi believes that milk is not a complete food and that milk, not only contains no iron, but blocks the absorption of iron. She cites the body's inability to absorb calcium from milk and points out that milk has less protein than any vegetable. Gandhi has been reading the NOTMILK page. The greatest part of her argument is about IGF-I. Indian people are very sensitive to cows, believing that they are reincarnations of human ancestors. Her description of animal cruelty is enough to get any human to give up milk. "Have you seen how cows are milked? In the villages, a stick is poked into the cow's uterus and wiggled, causing her intense pain. Villagers believe this leads to more milk. In the cities, they are given two injections of oxytocin every day to make the milk come faster. This gives her labor pains twice a day. Her uterus develops sores and makes her sterile prematurely. Oxytocin is banned for use on animals but it is sold in every cigarette shop around the dairy. Every illiterate milkman knows the word. In human beings, oxytocin cause hormonal imbalances, weak eyesight, miscarriages, and cancer." Gandhi cites seven years of milk research from 50,000 Indian milk samples. The findings included large amounts of DDT and other poisonous pesticides. They found unsafe levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead. The conclusion of the Indian scientists was that more samples have to be taken. Gandhi's advice is to drink soybean milk and eat green vegetables. Her NOTMILK message is a clear signal for Indians and all of earth's inhabitants to attain better health. **************** Wednesday May 24 Transitioning Today is the thirtieth day of my water-only fast, and the 200th day overall that I have eaten no food, and I am none the worse for my experience. Tomorrow morning I will juice a lemon and add that to a glass of spring water. I will be breaking my water-fast and transitioning to juice. I already have my menu planned. Around 10:00 AM I will juice a dozen apples and enjoy the sweetness that I've missed during the past month. I prefer juicing hard crispy apples, and only organic will do. Apples are very rich in Vitamins A and C and the B-series. Apples also have a high mineral content and will provide me with a good dose of iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. The juice of apples without the skin will yield half as many vitamins as the juice of complete apples, and supermarket apples treated with pesticides will not do my body any good after such a long cleansing. Organic is the order of the day. Supermarket apples also contain wax. That makes them last longer, I suppose, but the flesh becomes mealy and waxy-old. May apples do not contain much juice. In the long run, organic are much tastier and much cheaper when one factors in the juice yield. I have carrots to juice for dinner, and I'll combine them with the celery. I have a small piece of ginger and one clove of garlic that I'll throw in for a bit of a kick. The thirty days of water has been a memorable episode in my life, and one day I plan to experiment with a longer water fast. Last week I spent four days in a country inn and found that time to be the most productive and introspective of my entire six+ month experience. My juice fast will continue. **************** Thursday, May 25 - Day 201 Poetry in motion Today is the 201 day of my hunger strike and the 28th day of my drinking just water. Vandara Shiva is a poet, scientist, lecturer, and outspoken critic of genetic engineering. She was recently interviewed by the BBC and made this point to her listening audience: "Who feeds the world? My answer is very different to that given by most people. It is women and small farmers working with biodiversity who are the primary food providers in the Third World, and contrary to the dominant assumption, their biodiversity-based small farms are more productive than industrial monocultures." This is the BBC's transcript of a 25-minute lecture by Vandana Shiva. 0/lecture5.stm(broken link) Sixteen years ago, Union Carbide's chemical gas killed thousands of sleeping Indians in Bhopal and blinded several thousand more. Shiva does not like the arrogance of chemical companies and does not trust Union Carbide, Dupont, and Monsanto. Last year, Monsanto waged a public relations campaign extolling the virtues of genetic engineering. In that effort, Monsanto claimed that weeds stole sunshine and bees stole pollen. Shiva's tempered her anger at such arrogance and responded with class: "A worldview that defines pollination as "theft by bees" and claims biodiversity "steals" sunshine is a worldview which itself aims at stealing nature's harvest by replacing open, pollinated varieties with hybrids and sterile seeds, and destroying biodiverse flora with herbicides such as Roundup. The threat posed to the Monarch butterfly by genetically engineered bt crops is just one example of the ecological poverty created by the new biotechnologies. As butterflies and bees disappear, production is undermined. As biodiversity disappears, with it go sources of nutrition and food." Her final comment was haunting: "Recently, I was visiting Bhatinda in Punjab because of an epidemic of farmer suicides. Punjab used to be the most prosperous agricultural region in India. Today every farmer is in debt and despair. Vast stretches of land have become water-logged desert. And as an old farmer pointed out, even the trees have stopped bearing fruit because heavy use of pesticides have killed the pollinators - the bees and butterflies." Without the pollinators, we have only the chemists. Jewel Akens, a one- shot to stardom artist of the 1960s, sang his lone hit song: "Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above, and a thing called love." Forty years later, Akens' heirs should sing of Monsanto's last Roundup: "Let me tell you 'bout dioxin, what a toxin, agent orange, PCBs, Kills the flowers, bees and trees, Monsanto's bio-destinees." ************** Friday, 26 May Today is the 202nd day of my hunger strike. The man who "broke the bank at Monte Carlo" had songs and books written about him, but in reality he did not break the bank. He enjoyed a run of good luck, and the casino eventually brought new chips to that roulette table, and the gambler eventually gave back his winnings, and much more, and ultimately ended his own life, penniless. While statistics allow for the possibility of a blackjack player bankrupting a Las Vegas casino with a bankroll of $100, the probability is that he will not succeed. What are the odds of one man making a difference against three companies (Monsanto, Dupont, and Dow Chemical) that reported combined gross revenues of $66 billion dollars in 1998? On Tuesday, May 23, 2000, the New York Times Science section (page F-9) contained a full page, multi-color advertisement of a smiling middle-age woman sitting on a bale of golden-brown hay with a wooden barn as backdrop. The woman says: "These new seeds give me a way to protect my cotton crops from certain pests. I've got six grandchildren. I feel a whole lot better about the land that'll be theirs someday." The ad explains that Donna Winters is using seeds developed through biotechnology. Nine days ago (day 193), I wrote that cotton farmers using the "new" seeds are losing money, and stink bugs (cotton bolls) are developing immunities to pesticides. Use of the genetically engineered seeds might be setting up cotton farmers for devastating consequences. The advertiser (Council for Biotechnology Information) claims that biotechnology is helping to create "solutions that are improving lives today." These solutions are not helping American farmers, who experience decreased yields and decreased markets (Europeans will not accept genetically engineered American seeds or crops, or products made from genetic engineering). The two-year soybean study performed by the University of Nebraska has yielded some very bad news for those who believe that biotechnology creates solutions. The Nebraska soybean board financed the scientific study that was headed by agronomist Roger Elmore. The conclusion reached by investigators was that genetically altered soybeans produced lower yields than conventional soybeans. Genetically engineered seeds cost more money than traditional seeds. They require more pesticides. Farmers must re-purchase the seeds each year from Monsanto, and are brought to court if they dare to gather seeds from their harvests and use them the following season. In the study, Monsanto's Roundup Ready soybeans yielded 6 percent less than their closest relatives and 11 percent less than high-yielding soybean varieties. **************** Saturday, 27 May Today is the 203rd day of my hungerstrike. Error in Judgement On Day 70, I wrote about the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Each year, thousands of women participate in this long-distance walk over three days to end breast cancer and in doing so, raise millions of dollars for Avon to donate in their own corporate name for breast cancer research. I pledged that I would participate. I am now breaking that pledge. Avon's walk is just one big Avon commercial, and this offends me, but that is not the worst of it. Avon gives back less than half of the money they raise to organizations that may not deserve such funding. The greatest percentage of the funds are used to promote Avon, whose name is plastered on banners, tee-shirts, and ads. One recipient is the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, a division of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. Animal research has betrayed both animals and breast cancer victims. Laboratory animals are sacrificed in the name of science, despite the fact that their internal organs and bodily systems are completely dissimilar to human systems. Many pharmaceuticals have been developed by this center, for the profit of this center. They patent drugs, benefiting from the millions of dollars generated from joint ventures with drug companies. One drug was developed for Monsanto/Pharmacia. A second recipient of Avon dollars is the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University Grady Memorial Hospital. In April, this esteemed institution announced that one of their studies revealed that primatologists at Emory have found new evidence that capuchin monkeys (a small but large-brained South American primate) cooperate to obtain food and share the rewards of their efforts. Is this how research dollars are invested? Monkeys are kidnapped from their native habitat, then caged and experimented upon. These scientists use and abuse both animals and those who altruistically march to end breast cancer. Monkeys share food? Is this a revelation? A third Avon recipient is the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. They have been gifted with $9 million dollars. Those funds are used for early screening for those Alabama women who live below the poverty level. Women without medical insurance are exposed to doses of diagnostic X-rays, which many scientists believe to be one cause of breast cancer. Early screening is a fraud, and mammographies serve to generate enormous cash flow for diagnostic centers. Has $9 million been well spent? Eighty cancers have been detected, and thousands of women exposed to needless x-rays. That averages out to $112,000 per cancer diagnosis. The Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center will receive $14 million dollars from Avon. Their goals are quite noble; to help researchers find ways to encourage Latino, Asian, and other minority women to participate in clinical trials and receive cancer screenings and treatments. The researcher's stated goal is to hope to find "culturally sensitive ways to reach low-income minorities and determine their risk of getting breast cancer." What a waste of good funds. The Avon breast cancer effort results in perpetuating a system that has proven itself to be ineffective. Breast cancer is good business, and these institutes do not seem to be addressing their stated goal: prevention. ************** Sunday, May 28 Held In Contempt Today marks the 204th day of my hunger strike. America is the land of freedom, and one of those freedoms is an expectation of accountability from federal agencies. One privilege afforded to Americans is the freedom to obtain information. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows citizens the right to request agency documents. In this manner, checks and balances insure that federal agencies conduct their business in an ethical manner. On March 15th, I filed a FOIA (pronounced foyer) request for information regarding a manufacturing error during the production of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. I obtained an internal Monsanto document that revealed the contamination of 1,650 pounds of tainted product. Had Monsanto informed FDA that something was wrong with their manufacturing process? The Justice Department mandates that federal agencies respond to FOIA requests within 20 "business" days. FDA acknowledged my request on March17, and assigned to it docket #00007428. April 14 would have marked the twentieth business day. A request filed by FAX on March 15 is now 72 days overdue. On April 11, I learned that FDA had actually decided that genetically engineered foods would be safe for Americans to consume based upon one 28-day oral toxicity rat feeding study. I wrote about that on Day 161 of my hunger strike. That decision was made by one person, Judy Juskevich, who wrote: "Based on the results of the oral feeding study and our knowledge of the characteristics and biological activity of bovine somatotropin, we have no objection to granting the sponsor's requests." That 28-day study was "pivotal" in FDA's decision. It was more than pivotal. The entire approval was based upon that lone study. Milk from dairy herds treated with Monsanto's hormone were introduced into America's milk supply because FDA deemed that milk was safe to drink eight years before the hormone was approved. A second FOIA request (docket #00007428) to review the actual study was filed on April 11. FDA acknowledged that request on 4/13. FDA's due date was 5/11. The first FOIA request was filed 72 days ago, and the second was filed 44 days ago. FDA is in violation of the law. Ignoring laws, rules, and regulations empowers a criminal to hold the victim's rights in contempt. The FDA is the criminal, and the American people are the victims. The responsibility for these crimes leads through the chain of command to the desk on one individual, FDA Commissioner Jane Henney. If and when FDA answers these requests, I expect no justice. I have given up hope for a fair hearing. FDA has proven that individual rights are subordinated to those rights of pharmaceutical companies. I cannot offer employment to ex-FDA commissioners in the same manner that Monsanto has done for Michael Freidman and Arthur Hull Hayes. America had held hope that a woman at FDA'S helm would bring a more gentle and ethical approach. How naïve we were. I hold FDA in contempt. ******************* Monday, May 29 2000 Day 205 - The End Today is the 205th and FINAL day of my hunger strike. I have accomplished all that I am capable of. I possess the secret study in which laboratory animals got cancer from Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. That study was authored by Richard, Odaglia, and Deslex, and if I release the study I will go to jail. On October 11, 1996, the Economic Espionage Act was signed into law by President Clinton. That law was enacted in the middle of my federal lawsuit seeking the release of that study and sent a clear message to me. If I reveal Monsanto's trade secret I will be committing treason and be subject to a $10 million dollar fine and 15 years incarceration in a federal prison. A few months after the law was signed, President Clinton delivered his State of the Union address and praised Monsanto as a company to lead America into the 21st century. I have offered this study to Marian Burros of the New York Times and will agree to take my chances if it is published on the front page. Is going to jail worth revealing the horrors of what happened to lab animals? Is going to jail worth preventing a poison from entering the bodies of my children and yours? I would do so, only if my act became more than just a scream in the darkness. I will not "piss into the wind," for who would bear witness to my anguish? Just myself. I have attempted to work within "the system," relying upon the ethics and morality of unbiased FDA reviewers. Unfortunately, there exists no such creature. The only hope, then, is to bring the truth about genetically engineered foods to the American people. You have read my account, and I hope that you are now armed with the proper tools and wisdom and share this diary with people you love and care for. Today I end my hunger strike, and will continue to spread the word of truth. The next time you hear a whistle blowing inside of a supermarket or outdoors, look for me. That will be my statement. One whistle. One thousand whistles. Millions of whistles. Let us join together and become whistle blowers. Let us send a piercing cry to the hearts and psyches of those who betray. We can no longer permit ourselves to blindly place the health of our children in the hands of those with conflicts of interest. This healing must now be taken directly to the people. *************** Tuesday, May 30 TREE OF LIFE "When the woman saw that the tree was good for eating and a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable as a source of wisdom, she took of its fruit and ate: and she gave some to her husband also, and he ate." - Genesis 3:6 And the Lord God said, "Now that the man has become like one of us, knowing good and bad, what if he should stretch out his hand and take also from the Tree of Life and eat, and live forever!"- Genesis 3:22 Today I ate my first food in 206 days, an organically grown apple. I peeled the skin, removed the core, and savored each slice of life-giving fruit. I chewed each piece slowly and contemplated what I've learned in the previous 205 days. I've gained enormous wisdom, and I have an obligation to work harder in sharing what I know with those who are naïve. In doing so, I shall become a guide and do all that I can to deliver people back to the garden. ***************** Wednesday, May 31 The Dairy Industry is coming to the New York area, and their goal is to infect little children with their propaganda. Why not celebrate National Dairy month by attending this event with your kids? The milk mustache fiends will be doing their thing at the CHILDREN'S MUSEUM in Garden City, Long Island on June 24th and June 25th, from 1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.. Ask the milk people: What happens to the baby male calves? What happens to the cows when they no longer give milk? Why is there so much pus in milk? Why should my children drink estrogen and other hormones each day? Why are the nations with the highest bone disease rates also the nations drinking the most milk? Why are the nations with the highest breast cancer rates also the ones with the highest rates of milk consumption? Why will Australia and New Zealand be adding warning labels to milk cartons? Why did the New England Journal of Medicine warn that no child under the age of one ever drink whole milk? There are hundreds more questions, and if you read the columns and squirts at the site, this can become a very interesting learning opportunity for those who push bovine body fluids on our children. The museum is located across the street from the Roosevelt Field Mall. Admission fee is $5. Free parking. Many family restaurants are nearby. DIRECTIONS: Meadowbrook Parkway to Stewart Avenue. 550 Stewart Avenue Garden City, NY 11530 516-222-0207 Robert Cohen *************************************************************** Subscribe to the Egroup NOTMILK forum. Send Email to: