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The dairy industry plays tennis.   Their "ACE" becomes your

The dairy industry has hired tennis stars and sisters, Venus
and Serena Williams, to pose for a milk mustache ad.

These two beautiful and athletic African-Americans will look
even lovelier with pus painted on their upper lips.

Despite the fact that ninety-five percent of black Americans
cannot tolerate lactose, these two sisters have discovered
the money, big time!

Love-40.  We know the score.  This has little to do with
health.  It's all about endorsements.

There will come a time in the very near future that the
Williams sisters totally dominate female tennis, they are
that good!

Unfortunately, with greatness, there must also come a sense
of responsibility.  The Williams sisters are role models.
They represent the ultimate success to young African

With the exceptions of Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson, these
Williams sisters have stormed into a sport in which previous
champions were white athletes, born with silver tennis
racquet-shaped spoons, beneficiaries of expensive lessons as
young kids, continuing that expensive training through their

Now, approaching the greatness that is due them, these
sisters must realize the consequences of their actions.

Milk does not do the body good.  Milk hurts African
Americans, who cannot tolerate lactose, and have even more
problems with casein, the milk protein which is a tenacious

Flo-Jo wore a milk mustache and died with her internal
organs acutely congested with mucous.  She died of an asthma
attack.  In New York City, 500,000 children, mostly children
of "color," have asthma.  Living below the poverty level,
these children receive subsidized milk and cheese.

Casein is a killer.

These tennis playing sisters:  Is this ad a stroke of good
luck or bad? Somebody, please let them know what they might
be doing to the children.

Double fault?  Williams sisters, the ball is in your court.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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