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Harvard School of Public Health has got Bad News for the
Dairy Industry.


A recent letter from Walter Willett, MD, the principal
investigator of Harvard University Health Professionals
Follow-up Study (HPFS), delivered extremely bad news for
milk and dairy producers.  Willett's letter, addressed as
"Dear Colleague," went to researchers and subjects in the
largest ongoing medical study in the history of mankind.


"Many of these findings have had a major impact on thinking
about the cause and prevention of disease.  As you will
note, we have already learned much about the relation of
diet and lifestyle to risks of cardiovascular disease and


Dr. Willett's letter contained a tremendous punch in the gut
for those who earn their living by producing and marketing
dairy products.  Willet wrote:

"Consumption of more than two glasses of milk per day was
associated with almost twice the risk of advanced and
metastatic prostate cancer."


Future studies will include analysis of dietary calcium,
magnesium, and potassium needs.  The dairy industry claims
that there is a calcium crisis but makes no mention of there
being a magnesium crisis.  In order to absorb calcium, the
body needs an equal amount of magnesium.  While there is a
lot of calcium in milk, there is not a lot of magnesium.
Magnesium is the center atom of chlorophyll.  That's why
cows have a lot of calcium in their body fluids.  The get it
by eating "the green stuff," not by drinking milk!

Preliminary findings in the Harvard study suggest that a
potassium intake is best achieved by increasing consumption
of fruits and vegetables and their juices. Willett has found
that men in the top 20% of potassium intake had a 40%
reduction in the risk of stroke compared to men in the
bottom 20%.

The results of this study have, so far, provided wonderful
news for those men who eat no milk and dairy products.  On
the other hand, The conclusion for those who positively
answer "yes" to the question, "GOT MILK?" will sadly be
followed by another question, "GOT ILLNESS?"

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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