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Throughout history, obesity and wealth have been directly
proportional. Aristocracy has always benefited from the
creme de la creme of man's food supply, and overeating of
rich foods has been reserved for the rulers of both
primitive and civilized societies.

Today, starvation and malnutrition are directly proportional
to poverty in most world nations. America is the exception.
In the United States, being poor often means being

Poor children in America's inner cities are often roly-poly
fat children. Drive by any schoolyard in America's inner
cities and overweight kids are the norm, not the exception.

Children, lacking in proper nutrition at home, are now the
beneficiaries of school breakfast and lunch programs.

What food group is the most subsidized in America? Milk and
dairy products. Milk is mandatory for school lunch programs.

Milk contains plenty of calories, growth hormones, fat, and
cholesterol. The most powerful growth hormone in the human
body is identical to the most powerful growth hormone in a
cow's body. That hormone instructs every cell in the human
body to grow.

Children are becoming overweight at an early age. By eating
growth hormones in combination with animal fat, the body has
a way of listening to the signals of those chemical
messengers: GROW!

Many children of color live below the poverty level. In its
wisdom, the United States Department of Agriculture provides
free food and nutritional programs for these kids. In its
lack of wisdom, USDA has chosen milk and dairy products to
be the major components of these kids' diets. These children
now receive free breakfasts of cereal with milk, free
lunches of chocolate milk with macaroni and cheese or pizza.
A free snack before they go home is more chocolate milk.

Ten pounds of milk are required to make one pound of cheese.
In 1970, the average American ate ten pounds of cheese.
Today, the average American eats thirty pounds of cheese.
Concentrated growth hormones in the presence of fat and
cholesterol do just what they were designed to accomplish.
Milk and dairy products represent 40% of the average
American's diet, 666 pounds per year per person.



Milk producers have their work cut out for them. How do you
get kids who instinctively hate the taste of milk to drink
more of it?

By adding flavor, that's how!  The new dairy strategy will
be to promote the sale of flavored milks.

In the year 2000,  flavored milk sales increased by a factor
of 18 percent, and they'll soon rise even higher.

The dairy industry has just completed a study, and learned
that an additional 55% children in the 6-11 age group would
drink more milk if it were chocolate flavored.  That's great
news for Hershey's!

If you think America has an obesity epidemic now, observe
what will happen to our kids in years to come.

Let's imagine that kids change just one thing in their
diets, replacing regular milk consumption with chocolate

The dairy industry wants kids to drink 3-5 8-ounce glasses
of milk each day.  Let's analyze an average quart of milk
and compare it to an average quart of chocolate milk, shall

One quart of whole MILK = 600 calories and  32.6 grams of
fat. One quart of chocolate MILK =  834 calories and  33.9
grams of fat.

If the average kid substitutes chocolate milk for regular
milk, he or she will consume 234 calories more each day and
1.3 grams more of fat.  Since there are 365 days in one
year, that child will eat 475 more grams of fat which adds
up to one pound more of pure fat!  Multiply that times
twelve years (first grade through high school).  Calories
are even more revealing: 234x365=85,410 more calories per
year. Since 3500 calories are converted to one pound of fat
in the human body, that child should gain 24 pounds.

If the child drinks reduced fat chocolate milk, he or she
will drink a quart containing just 715 calories. That adds
up to a weight gain of 12 pounds.

If that same child drinks low fat chocolate milk, he or she
will drink a quart containing 630 calories.  In this case,
he or she will gain just three pounds. Imagine kids asking
for diet chocolate milk.

More than 28,000 stores have signed up for the 2001
chocolate milk promotion which shall begin soon.

Schools are also participating in the program with an NBA
sponsored "Slam Dunk Drink" school food service promotion
which should reach more than 8.5 million students in 15,000
schools nationwide. The effort features posters, banners,
and student giveaways.


Television commercials: In March, chocolate milk ads will
run on Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network.

Special events: The fourth annual "milk mustache" mobile
promotion will begin in March. The "Got Chocolate Milk?"
tour will visit more than 100 cities, offering computer
kiosks that contain milk nutrient and bone health
information; bone density tests and osteoporosis screenings;
and a "milk sensation polling station" where consumers can
sample milk smoothies like chocolate-peanut butter cup and
strawberry 'n' cream cooler.

Perhaps the milk mobiles should screen for blood

Perhaps the milk mobiles should include scales to weigh
obese kids.

Perhaps the milk mobiles should dispense boxes of Kleenex.


Are Your Friends Fat Cows?

In 1985, the average American woman wore a size 8. Today she
wears a size 14.

I had turned on the television in my Los Angeles hotel room
at 3:00 AM. My body was still on New York time. I was
stunned to hear the KABC obesity story at 3:04 AM.

Yesterday, I flew from New York to California. Today, I made
the return trip, from left coast to right coast. Last night,
I was the guest of honor on Kevin Nealon's "Conspiracy
Zone," a nationally syndicated cable TV show. Kevin once
reported the news on Saturday Night Live, and for
yesterday's show, he was at his stand-up best. I debated a
dairy farmer/cattleman, and this program is not to be
missed. (I'll announce the time and date.)

Back to the obesity story. How could American women go from
size 8 to size 14 in just 17 years? What other change has
occurred in less than two decades?

During the 1980s, the average American woman was eating 10
pounds of cheese per year. Today, she consumes an average 31
pounds per year. It takes 10 pounds of milk to produce one
pound of cheese, so 310 pounds of saturated, fat-rich, high
calorie milk with growth hormones fuel America's obesity

Like the baby calf drinking her mother's milk, the average
American female body, more and more, is resembling that of a

Charles Attwood, MD, wrote:

"Dietary fat during childhood may be more life-threatening
than was originally suspected... Overweight children are
usually the victims of the dietary habits of the adult
members of the family...Reducing dietary fat to levels
necessary to the control of cholesterol cannot be achieved
if a child drinks whole milk or eats cheese."

In July of 2000, the Archive of Disabled Children (Volume
83) wrote:

"From 1965 to 1996, a considerable shift in the adolescent
diet occurred...increases occurred in the consumption of
higher fat potatoes and mixed dishes (pizza, macaroni
cheese)... These trends, far greater than for US adults, may
compromise health of the future US population."

It is easy to gain weight by eating pizza, ice cream,
yogurt, and milk. It is also easy to slim down from size 14
to size 8 again. The dietary answer: NOTMILK!

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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