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Kickapoo Joy Juice

How would you like to live in Elmwood, Illinois, home to the
state's largest dairy farm?  Imagine the stench generated
from 1,250 dairy cows, each urinating and defecating a total
of 80 daily pounds to the environment.  Where does a dairy
farmer put 100,000 pounds of body wastes each day? (36.5
million pounds per year)

Located just outside of Peoria, Elmwood residents awoke
last weekend to more "P" than Peorians will ever see.


What could be worse than living next door to a 3 million
cubic foot lagoon loaded with raw untreated liquid manure?


Hearing the news that the walls to Inwood Dairy's lagoon
burst, and that streams feeding drinking water to your water
supply will be contaminated for the next few months.

On Aug. 30, 1999 The Illinois Environmental Protection
Agency notified Inwood Dairy that it had violated state
environmental regulations involving odors and water
contamination, and would face fines and enforcement
actions.  Among the charges against Inwood Dairy were
allegations that their dairy farm, the largest in Illinois,
had improperly discharged wastewater into waters of
the state and had risked overflows from its livestock
waste lagoon by failing to maintain sufficient storage
capacity levels.

There must have been one very strong wind blowing
from Chicago last week because the fertilizer hit the
fan, and the damn dam burst.

The good news is that as of today (Monday, March 12, 2001)
there are only about 4 million gallons of waste left to remove
from the pond, ravine, and creek that were polluted when the
8 acre lagoon burst, spreading the body fluids and waste
products into the Illinois environment.

Would you turn on the tap for a drink of fresh Illinois water?

Hundreds of 6,000 gallon trucks have been lined up at Inwood
Dairy Farm to transport the putrid waste to neighboring farms.

The liquid feces is being injected into their soil as fertilizer.

Is Peoria downwind or upwind from this mess?  A map of
the Peoria metropolitan area reveals a nearby suburb called
Kickapoo.  Those remembering the Broadway play "Lil'
Abner" might recall a magic potion, "Kickapoo Joy Juice."

There is neither joy nor magic in Kickapoo this evening,
but there most certainly is plenty of "poo" to go around.
Bring your own truck, shovel, and hip-length waterproof

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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