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How many pieces of silver does it take for a Judas to sell
out his spiritual leader?

How many dollars does it take for a woman to prostitute her
own body?

What sized check from the dairy industry is required for an
African American athlete or model to betray the children of
his or her own race?

How many advertising dollars are needed to tempt a major
African American magazine into betraying the health
interests of its readers by running milk mustache ads?

One week ago (May 23, 2001), the results of a racially
biased survey were posted as a press release:

My comments:

The dairy industry carefully planned the timing of that
press release and followed up one week later with an
announcement from *Essence*, a magazine read by millions of
African Americans.

*Essence* is launching a new milk mustache contest:  "Be A
Milk Mustache Diva''

This joint advertising venture, sponsored by the milk
marketing promotion board and *Essence* magazine, intends to
"educate" African American women about the "benefits" of
drinking milk.


The magazine plans to invite a reader to pose for a milk
mustache ad like black tennis stars Venus and Serena
Williams, actress Whoopi Goldberg, model Tyra Banks, film
director Spike Lee, and basketball has-been Patrick Ewing.

The grand prize winner will be flown to New York for a photo
shoot for their ad which will appear in an upcoming issue of


Monique Greenwood, editor-in-chief of *Essence* magazine,
had this to say:

"Sponsoring this contest allows us to address a major health
concern of our readers, because the majority of African
American women are not getting enough calcium to maintain
their bone health. By drinking milk, we can reverse that

Will Monique exercise editorial integrity by reporting the
truth about calcium and bone disease to her readers?

Forty million American women have osteoporosis. Only 250
thousand African women have bone disease. In Africa,
osteoporosis is found in only one of the 40 tribes in Kenya
and Tanzania, the Maasai. The Maasai are the cattle-owning,
milk drinking people.

Just for the record:

In South Africa, blacks consume little or no milk or dairy
products.  In the United States, the average American
consumes 666 pounds of milk and dairy products each year.

In South Africa, there are just 7 cases of pelvic fractures
per 100,000 population. The rate of pelvic fractures in the
United States is more than 20 times greater at 145 cases per

In the United States, the average American consumes 973
milligrams of calcium per day, primarily from milk and dairy
products. In South Africa, the average black person consumes
196 milligrams per day of calcium and suffers no ill effects
from bone loss.


*Essence* has a responsibility to its investors.  Increase
cash flow. *Essence* also has a responsibility to its
readers. Insure their health.  By choosing the money, one of
the above two groups will win, and one will lose.

Share your thoughts with the editor, Monique Greenwood.


(she will read your EMAIL):


212-642-0700 EXT. 688


Monique Greenwood, Editor-In-Chief
1500 Broadway, 6th floor
New York, NY 10036.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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