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June is National Dairy Month, and today is day #6. What
better gift offering to those who peddle pus than this "ice
cream cake" of a column from their biggest fan, New York
Times reporter, Jane Brody.

If I am offending Wiccans by comparing a journalist to those
who who cast spells and fly on brooms, please forgive me. I
have never known a more evil witch than this hag who writes
for the New York Times, Jane Brody.

Did I say hag? That's an awful word to call the Times best
known hooker, but the clog-hopper fits. Her client?
America's dairy industry.

I first wrote about Jane Brody's pro dairy bias in 1998.
Brody was the first to attack Dr. Spock, courageously doing
the dairy industry's dirty work and waiting until a few days
after the famed Pediatrician's death. In the final version
of his best selling book, Spock wrote that no human should
ever drink cow's milk.

She was also the first to promote the dairy-financed phony
colon cancer study:

When it came time to re-build the famous USDA Food Pyramid,
Jane's article overemphasized milk's importance with an
extremely biased article accompanied by photos of milk and
dairy products.

I tried to reach Jane Brody after reading that she had
breast cancer. Anybody possessing reason would want to know
about a hormone identified as the key factor in breast
cancer's growth. I mailed Brody, and did not hear from her.

I then called the New York Times at 212-556-1234 and reached
Brody's voice mail. Here is a part of her message:

   "If you have sent me something, do not leave a message
calling my attention to it. That will only result in my
throwing out the material without looking at it."

I then wrote the following:

   "You know what? We're going to send you a copy of this
column, because it might just save your life and we really
do care. You know what else? We're going to follow the
mailing up with a phone call in order to call your attention
to our life-saving package.


Jane's latest pile of bovine excrement first appeared on
Monday, June 4th, 2001 in the St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer
(now a broken link).

Here is the entire column. I cannot bear to bare it all.
Read it if you wish. Instead, I offer some representative
quotes. The first is laughable. Not because Jane Brody has
breast cancer. That's never laughable. The irony of her
hypocrisy is that Brody once called T. Colin Campbell's
NOTMILK China Study the "Grand Prix" of nutritional studies.
Chinese who eat a plant-based diet, devoid of milk and dairy
products, enjoy greater health (including little or no
cancers) than those eating the Standard American Diet
(S.A.D. diet). All milk and dairy products contain IGF-I,
identified as the key factor in the growth of every breast
cancer that has ever grown in every woman.


   "I continue to consume the equivalent of a quart of milk
a day..."

   "I was treated for breast cancer two years ago..."

   "I have moderately severe arthritis in both knees."

   "I confess to a few calorically rich, nutritionally
questionable passions, including chocolate-covered pretzels
and Starbuck's Java Chocolate Chip ice cream."

   "Following these steps has made six healthy decades

   "I have a degenerated vertebra in my neck that flares up

   "My lower back is likely to stiffen when I sit too long
or in a less-than ideal position."

   "But my more usual treats are tea biscuits and frozen

   "My main complaint is hot flashes."

   "A baked apple with nonfat plain yogurt makes a
delicious, low-calorie and nourishing breakfast, lunch or

   "I'm also now drinking more tea and trying to break a
diet-soda habit I picked up a few years ago."

Diet soda too?  See:

Hot flashes, bone disease, breast cancer. Jane has them all.
Doctors and scientists have associated the consumption of
bovine body fluids with all of the above. Jane should know
better. Jane serves her master well.

Happy Dairy Month.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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