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This is no Abbott and Costello routine. Who is NOT on first.
Who IS on the dairy farm.

Got Cows? Got polluted waterways!

In order to produce one quart of milk, a cow must drink two
quarts of water. Guess what happens to the other quart?

The average American dairy cow produces over 24 quarts of
milk per day. Guess where six gallons of urine end up? There
are 9.2 million dairy cows in America. That's 54 million
gallons of urine each day. There are 100 million cattle in
America. Enought urine to fill a great lake? Get the

If not, consider moving to Boardman, Oregon, population

In the next two years, the population of this western city
will increase by about 50,000 dairy cows. Hopefully you'll
settle somewhere upwind of one 93,000 acre dairy (Three Mile
Canyon Farms), that will be milking 21,000 cows.

According to the Environmental Defense Group:

Agricultural pollution is the number one cause of water
quality problems in America's lakes, rivers, and streams.

Environmental Defense (ED) has issued a report documenting
how agricultural pollution has decimated ecosystems that
provide habitat for some of America's most endangered and
treasured animal species.

Urine and feces from farms and ranches ooze and drip their
way into the waters that we drink and bathe in. Manure used
to fertilize crops is responsible for polluting almost half
of America's bays and rivers.

ED has issued a report that identifies the nation's most
polluted sites. They have found that pollution from farm
animals creates dead zones and dangerous algae blooms.

The worst example is the Mississippi basin. Some of the
other horribly polluted waters include the Northern Gulf of
Mexico, Delaware Inland Bays, San Francisco and Newport
Bays, and Barngat Bay in New Jersey.

Christie Whitman, ex-governor of New Jersey, the Garden
State, once campaigned as an environmentalist, promising to
clean up Barnegat Bay.

Today Whitman has the power to do so. As the director of the
U.S. Department of Environmental Protection, (EPA), Christie
Whitman must first accept this report which identifies the
problem. After that, the solution comes easy.

Do the wishes and health interests of Americans matter to
Christie? She continues to refuse to release EPA's dioxin
report, a document that will threatens to end America's
dairy industry by revealing the unsafe levels of cancer-
causing chemicals in ice cream and cheese.

The bottom line is this:

Drink body fluids from diseased animals and that puts your
own body at risk. Those fluids include their milk, urine,
and liquid feces.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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