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Dear Friends,

I've unveiled enormous secrets about how the milk industry
works, having previously written about Richard Nixon's dairy
industry $3 million bribe, and the resulting milk price
increase two days later of $300 million.

Nixon was a crook, but there were two co-conspirators. Is
there a jail cell large enough to hold the milk industry?

Dairy insiders have been non-partisan in their approach to
buying influence.


In 1967, Lyndon Johnson was still running for re-election.
After a large anti-Viet-Nam demonstration ("Hey, Hey, LBJ,
how many boys did you kill today?") Johnson shocked his
party by deciding not to run for re-election,

That decision was made after $90,711 was invested in a
"Salute to the President" book that was to be sold to help
finance his campaign. When Johnson announced his intention
not to run, that ended all value to the book which had
already been printed. Who would pay for that book? As it
turned out, favors were called in by Johnson, who knew where
and how to get the bills paid.

On March 29th, 1967, the Johnson administration increased
milk prices by 7 percent. The cost of living for the
previous 12 months had been 2.8 percent.

Three invoices totaling $90,711 were paid by the Central
Arkansas Milk Producers Association ($30,250), the North
Texas Producer's Association ($28,500) and the remaining
$31,000.96 was paid by the Milk Producer's Inc. (MPI).

Hubert Humphrey became the democratic party nominee after
Johnson decided not to seek another term.

Thousands of dollars in illegal donations were paid to
Humphrey from dairy Industry sources. The New York-based ad
agency, Lennen and Newell, billed the Humphrey campaign for
services and then sent the invoices to the Associated Milk
Producers Inc., c/o Bob Lilly, New Ulm, Minnesota.


Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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