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There are some people who believe that the world is flat,
and there are some people who believe that saturated animal
fat is good for you, and there are some people who believe
that soymilk is hazardous to one's health.

If you met a believer of 'the world is flat' theory, would
you have trouble taking seriously anything else that person
might tell you?

Sally Fallon and Mary Enig believe the last two statements.
They argue that saturated animal fat is a blessing in
disguise. These two nincompoopers also preach that soy is
dangerous, despite the fact that societies using soy for
thousands of years (Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans) have
extremely low rates of cancer, heart disease, and

I have not yet asked either Sally or Mary about whether they
believe that the world is flat, or why the sun rises or
sets. Regardless, let the sun set on their pro-animal fat

Sally's website:


Most physicians, dieticians, nutritionists, and health
officials advise that saturated animal fat be limited or
eliminated from one's diet.

I decided to analyze the amounts of saturated animal fat in
some common foods.

How much saturated animal fat and how many calories are
found in one quart of the following liquid refreshments?

Water = 0 grams of saturated animal fat, 0 calories
Soymilk = 0 grams of saturated animal fat, 323 calories
Skim milk = 1 gram of saturated animal fat, 343 calories
Beer = 0 grams of saturated animal fat, 400 calories
1% milk = 6 grams of saturated animal fat, 410 calories
2% milk = 12 grams of saturated animal fat, 488 calories
Whole milk = 20 grams of saturated animal fat, 595 calories

Ben & Jerry's Melted Vanilla Ice Cream = 97 grams of
saturated animal fat (no wonder Ben had quadruple bypass
surgery), 2,352 calories (there goes the New Year's


20 medium slices of cooked bacon (raw product packed so to
the pound) contain 730 calories and 22 grams of saturated

One would consume 47% more satured animal fat and 6% more
calories by eating one quart of Ben & Jerry's rich vanilla
ice cream than you would by eating three pounds (60 slices)
of bacon.

One would consume 6% more calories in a glass of skim milk
that in an equal portion of soymilk.

Is there fat is soymilk? Of course there is. Omega 3 and
Omega 6. Now, that's healthy!

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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