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The dairy industry has approved a new budget and strategy
for the year 2002 to increase the demand for milk and dairy

In past years, milk producers have directed their marketing
(brainwashing) efforts towards women between the ages of 18-
101. Today, they recognize that their best investment lies
(appropriate word) in warping the minds of our school

The targets: America's classrooms...

Increased emphasis and dollars will be focused upon in-
school marketing. In their budget, the dairy industry
explains their strategy:

"This program area invests resources into addressing
problems in delivering a positive milk experience to
children in schools. It includes school foodservice training
programs, nutrition education and a major school milk pilot
project testing the impact of milk served in single-serve
plastic resealable containers on student consumption and

The monies allocated for the school-milk program include
$51.9 million for fluid milk marketing, $47.1 million for
cheese marketing, and $21 million for direct school
marketing. That adds up to over $120 million dollars, or
$666,666.66 for each day of America's 180-day school year.
Imagine my surprise when those numbers appeared on my

Is that symbolic, or what? The sign of evil...666, and they
take it to eight decimal places!

The most powerful man in the dairy industry, Jerry Kozak,
CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), has
this to say:

"There's a saying in the dairy industry that 'money moves
milk, and more money moves more milk.' This saying usually
refers to the economic forces necessary to spur milk
production and consumption..."

Jerry knows the truth about the harmful effects of dairy
products on children. He knows all about increased asthma
and diabetes rates. He is aware of early sexual maturity and
the milk hormone connection. Jerry knows about milk growth
hormones, and the obesity epidemic affecting our kids. Jerry
reads his EMAIL, so please let him know how fond you are of
his arrogance.

Jerry runs things, and admits that money moves milk.
Brainwashing works. He's kicking it up a notch.

Money moves milk? Indeed. This is the same indsutry that
paid a $3 million cash bribe to Richard Nixon on March 23,
1971. That bribe was recorded on a Watergate tape. Two days
later, Americans had to pay a $300 million increase for the
price of milk.

This time around, it's the children who pay.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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