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So many two-year-old children go into uncontrollable crying
fits that a label has been placed upon the condition
affecting all so-named brats: The Terrible Twos.

I received a panic phone call on Saturday night from my
daughter, Lizzy. She was babysitting for a neighbor's kids,
and it didn't take me more than a minute for me to walk
around the corner and save the day.

There I found Lizzy in control of three kids. One was five,
the "screamer" was two, and the youngest was asleep in her

The five-year-old announced:

"My brother has another earache."

The child was holding his ears, shaking his head and crying.
It seemed to me as if he was unsuccessfully trying to rid
himself of a demon contained within his skull.

I waited with Lizzy and the kids until the young boy tired
from the crying, and after alerting the parents, waited for
them to arrive. By that time, the child was calm, and I left
a few minutes after he went to sleep. The next morning, I
visited the parents and gave them a copy of my MILK A-Z
book, with a personal note inserted into the page that
contains this information:


My chapter on milk-related ear problems contains second
opinions from four respected medical doctors.

"Cow's milk has become a point of controversy among doctors
and nutritionists. There was a time when it was considered
very desirable, but research has forced us to rethink this
recommendation...dairy products contribute to a surprising
number of health problems (including) chronic ear

Benjamin Spock, M.D., Child Care, 7th Edition

"Milk allergies are very common in children... They are the
leading cause of the chronic ear infections that plague up
to 40% of all children under the age of six."

Julian Whitaker, M.D., Health & Healing, October, 1998,
Volume 8, No. 10

"If a bottlefed baby has an ear infection, eliminate milk
and dairy products from the child's diet for thirty days to
see if any benefits result...a cause of frequent ear
infections in children is food allergies."

James Balch, MD, Prescription for Nutritional Healing

"Concerning ear infections, you just don't see this painful
condition among infants and children who aren't getting
cow's milk into their systems."

William Northrup, M.D., Natural Health July, 94

If you have a child who is affected with ear pain, or know a
family who is affected by this all-so similar situation,
please share this column with them.

The "terrible twos" coincidentally occurs soon after a child
is weaned from breast milk or milk-based formula onto whole
cow's milk. The chief of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins medical
school, Frank Oski, noted that parents rarely, if ever, make
the connection to milk and dairy consumption.

Two-year-old children are able to communicate pain. Quite
often, parents lack the wisdom to see.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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