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WAR Declared on NOTMILK Movement

Somebody has declared war on anti-dairy activists. While
wondering (not too hard) who that somebody might be, we can
clearly observe their first target, Neal Barnard, M.D.,
founder of PCRM, the Physician's Committee for Responsible

Last Thursday night (1/17/02), CBS television aired their
publicized NOTMILK news story. Neal Barnard, the anti-dairy
critic, was ambushed by CBS's brilliantly crafted dairy

CBS pulled the rug out from Neal Barnard's credibility by
having their reporter comment:

"Critics are citing studies that are designed to scare."

Designed to scare? CBS subliminally biased their viewers
before they had the opportunity to hear Dr. Barnard's
comments, then carefully edited those comments so that it
appeared that there was no basis to his claim.

My comments:

On the same day that the nationally televised NOTMILK story
was to run, the National Fluid Milk Processors posted a
press release (2:58 PM, EST) about their calcium summit.

Their contact was listed as Tammy Dowd, 312-988-2217

One hour earlier (1:57 PM), an organization calling itself
the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) published a press
release that represented the first barrage against Dr. Neal

CCF, an organization with no contact number, cast the
following stones against Neal Barnard and PCRM:

"Under the guise of being a medical organization..."

"CCF today called on PCRM to stop portraying itself as a
medical organization and come clean about its connections to
extremist animal rights organizations responsible for acts
of violence and millions of dollars in destruction of

"PCRM's Neal Barnard recently engineered a letter-writing
campaign with Kevin Jonas of the violent animal rights group

"Over the next several weeks, Center for Consumer Freedom
will be running full-page ads in many of the nation's weekly
news magazines in what will be an extended campaign to
protect consumer choice and expose the hypocrisy of activist
groups such as PCRM, PETA, Greenpeace and more."

"The Center for Consumer Freedom represents a coalition of
restaurant and tavern operators standing up against the
growing fraternity of food cops, health care enforcers,
vegetarian activists, and meddling bureaucrats who'know
what's best for you.'"

Where do restaurant and tavern operators get the financing
for multi-millions of dollars worth of ad revenue? How do
restaurant operators carefully coordinate attacks against
Neal Barnard on the same day the dairy calcium summit
begins, and the same day that CBS ran their biased milk
story, sabotaging Neal Barnard by not clearly portraying the
NOTMILK message? How were the dairy industry press release
and the CCF press release posted within an hour of each
other? Coincidence? Ha! Coincidences of this type do not

This is carefully plotted warfare. The battle lines have
been drawn. To accuse Neal Barnard of being a terrorist is
to take advantage of a political and social climate that
equates terrorism with the vilest of anti-American acts.
Neal Barnard merits a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts, not
the label of terrorist.


On November 28, 2001, I published strategies contained
within international dairy industry planning documents.
These were not dairymen selling sour cream. These were
warriors preparing for battle.

The dairy industry is now meeting at their calcium summit,
and make no mistake about it, they've declared war on anti-
dairy activists.

The so-called calcium summit is a meticulously strategized
media blitz, planned and run by the largest public relations
firm in the world, BSMG Worldwide.

Here are a few quotes contained in the internal planning

"Proposed forwarding Summit II invite to ADA listserve;
decided against due to many vegan members of ADA."

"Proposed mailing Summit II invite to ADA members in the
Washington, D.C. area that are not within the
vegetarian/vegan dietary practice group."

"BSMG to research getting list from ADA broken down by
practice area, i.e. removing members of vegan groups."

"A 'media' member affiliated with a special interest group
e-mailed the Web site to attend the event; BSMG forwarded
client approved response alerting him that the invitation
have not been distributed yet."

"Our overall objective is to hold a flawless event. Keep
unwelcome guests from attending summit. Minimize/neutralize
media coverage should protestors appear."

"If someone tries to attend, we'll ask them to quietly step
aside and show a business card so we can quietly escort them
in to view the presentations."

"Have four security (soft dressed in blazers) on site in the
registration area to help insure a controlled meeting. Have
designated staff controlling the microphones. Have a private
press room for media to conduct interviews. Have designated
areas of the Ronald Reagan building for crowd control."

"Keeping in mind the current environment, we should expect
protestors the day of the event.

"From a publicity standpoint, our plan is to deflect and
supercede protests with our controlled media
messages…(including) advertisements placed in top national

Has the dairy industry succeeded? While seeming to win round
one of the battle, milk consumption evidence reveals that
their milk mustache dollars are poorly invested. In 2001,
the average American child consumed 104 quarts of milk.
Dairy insider survey trends reveal that ten years from now,
the average child will consume 68 quarts of milk.

If you wish to become a soldier in this battle, visit PCRM's
website, and show your support.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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