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Dear Friends,

Listen closely. Can you hear the music? Do you recognize
that singing voice?

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, A beautiful day
for a neighbor, would you be mine? Could you be mine?"

That's Mister Rogers!

{Thanks to my friend Anthony Shale (,
who constantly monitors television and radio for good news

Mister Rogers knows that the way to change the world for the
better is reach kids with the right message when they are
young. You won't find Mister Rogers wearing a cow-milk
mustache. Here's what he said to the little girls and boys
watching his show this week:

"I exercise and eat healthy foods. I'll show you some of
them. These are all soy foods. Soybeans--you need to boil
those, cook them. You can put sauce over them, like a tomato
sauce. There's vegetarian-- vegetarian burgers. It's all
vegetables, no meat in that at all. Of course, it's a soy
food. These soybeans are already cooked. There's tofu. I eat
a lot of tofu. You like it. These are all soy drinks. You
can drink that right out of there, or this is like nonfat
dry milk, except it's dry soymilk. You add water, and it
tastes like milk. Here's something I know you'll like. I
want to give you this. It's a pancake and waffle mix, but
it's soy flour. You can make pancakes out of this and put
oranges or berries on top. I like to keep trying to add new
healthy foods all the time."

Welcome to our neighborhood, Mister Rogers!

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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