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Dear Friends,

The dairy industry is dying, and each new negative milk
story is adding up.

Every television show, radio program, newspaper or magazine
article that informs the public about the adverse effects of
drinking milk hammers another tiny nail into that symbolic

Every time ambassadors like Mary Lou Henner or Alicia
Silverstone appear on Letterman or Leno, the public learns
that there is no need for milk. Before his death, America's
most famous pediatrician said that cow's milk was not
required for humans. We have enabled tens of thousands of
physicians to come out of their closets, and tell their
patients the truths (that they have always known) about
milk. They now do so without the fear of ridicule. We have
provided an environment for which their is growing support.

It isn't often that we receive such positive feedback, but
yesterday's press release by the bottled water industry
suggests that we may not have to wait very long for the
actual dairy indsutry funeral and burial.

Change usually occurs over the course of a generation,
although consumer's choices can clearly be measured, year-

Check out your supermarkets. Five years ago, Americans
purchased $1 million dollars worth of soy milk. Last year,
Americans purchased $550 million! People are getting the

As milk sales decrease, despite the billions of dollars of
milk mustache ads, consumers seek other liquid refreshments.

Bottled water sales have replaced milk and soda consumption.

The psyche of an entire buying public has been altered.
Etched upon the souls of Americans is a new credo: Milk does
NOT do the body any good.

What are Americans actually drinking?

Yesterday's press release (2/22/02), put out by the
International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), revealed
that milk is no longer synonymous with apple pie. America's
most preferred beverage is water!

I'll drink to that.

A new national survey conducted by a market research firm,
Wirthlin Worldwide, found that the average daily consumption
of water is 5.3 cups per day. That represents 40 percent of
reported daily drink consumption.

Americans prefer healthy sources of water. While milk
consumption decreases each year, consumption of bottled
waters increase. Forty-six percent of Americans consume
bottled water each day, averaging 1.7 eight ounce servings.

Market researchers ranked bottle water as the third-most
consumed beverage behind filtered and non-filtered water and
coffee. The average American drinks 3.6 servings of tap
water each day and 1.8 servings of coffee.

The dairy industry and CBS's 60 Minutes recently blamed
America's obesity epidemic on soda consumption.

The survey reveals that the average American drinks 1.9
eight ounce servings of soda per day and 1.2 eight ounce
servings of milk.

The soda consumption represents 193 calories. The milk
consumption represents 171 calories. There is no saturated
fat, cholesterol, or growth hormones in soda.

Soda is not concentrated into other foods. Ten pounds of
milk are used to make one pound of cheese. The average
American eats 31 pounds of cheese per year. There are 1828
calories in one pound of cheddar cheese. That cheese
represents 56,668 calories, combined with saturated animal
fat, cholesterol, and growth hormones.

There are 3500 calories in one pound of human fat and
protein, so that the cheese represents 16 pounds.

What sort of drink will Americans prefer to purchase in the
future? While soda remains number one, the press release
reveals a healthy trend:

"Annual per capita consumption of bottled water now stands
at 18.3 gallons, up from 12.1 gallons in 1995. If current
projections hold true, in 2004 bottled water will become the
second-most consumed beverage, surpassing beer, coffee and

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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