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Invest in X-ray machines!

Nations with the greatest need for X-ray machines also have
the highest milk and dairy consumption rates.

Nations with the highest rates of osteoporosis include
Denmark, Norway, Holland, and Sweden.

Nations with the highest rates of breast cancer include
Denmark, Norway, Holland, and Sweden.

Nations with the highest rates of cheese consumption include
Denmark, Norway, Holland, and Sweden.

Nations eating no dairy products have little need for x-ray
machines.(See the Okinawa Program, by Wilcox, et. al.)

In the very near future, there will be an emerging market
for X-ray machines in mainland China, for sure.

The Chinese news agency, XINHUA announced (3/26/2002) that
the Chinese people are drinking more milk than ever before.

The per capita milk consumption on mainland China was a mere
16 pounds per person in 2001. Predictions were made at this
year's Shenzhen International Dairy Industrial Fair that
2002 will see a ten percent increase to 17.6 pounds. By the
year 2005, Chinese health officials predict that the average
Chinese citizen will consume 22 pounds of milk per year.

After investing in X-ray machine futures, balance your
portfolio and buy stock in companies selling asthma and
diabetes medicines too.

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Breast cancer

As China's dairy consumption increases, so too will their
rates of American-style diseases attributed to adverse milk

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