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I first wrote about LS-50 on February 27, 2002:


The powerful antibiotic (spectomycin) was designed for
chickens under the age of seven days.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits its use for
dairy cows, yet, the use of LS-50 is widespread in the dairy
industry, and FDA will do nothing about it.

Milk is not being tested for the presence of LS-50, and
farmers are using it knowing that they can get away with
their crime against consumers.

FDA's official LS-50 use and warning:

"Species: chicken up to seven days old.

Limitations: can be used in cattle, calves excluding veal
calves, dairy cows excluding female breeding age animals.

Do not use in female dairy cattle 20 months of age or older.
Use in this class of cattle may cause residues in milk."

After filing an official complaint with FDA, I know now in
my heart their do-nothing policy will continue. Although I
have given FDA the name of a Wisconsin farmer who routinely
uses this drug, the burden of proof has been placed upon me.
Rather than send in investigators, or issue a warning to all
farms that LS-50 use on lactating cows is illegal, FDA
expects me to bring them more evidence.

LS-50 is openly advertised on the Internet, and is discussed
in Internet dairy chat rooms.

Shall I visit dairy farms at 2 AM and risk the wrath of
angry farmers armed with pitchforks and shotguns? If I was
that brash, I'd end up fertilizing somebody's north 40.

FDA has more than enough evidence that LS-50 is used to
treat bovine respiratory diseases and hoof warts. By not
issuing a prohibitory directive, FDA turns a blind eye to a
human health hazard, and licenses those who compromise the
health of children.

LS-50's manufacturer is Monsanto.

Three ex-FDA commissioners have retired from government
service to work for Monsanto. The Attorney General of the
United States (John Ashcroft) received more PAC money from
Monsanto than any other of the 535 members of Congress or
the Senate during the last election cycle. Ashcroft received
5 times the dollars as the man who received the second
greatest sum from Monsanto (Larry Combest).

Is it any wonder why FDA will not act?

America's Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) once was
president of Searle Pharmaceuticals, a company purchased by
Monsanto. America's Secretary of Agriculture (Ann Veneman)
was on the board of directors of Calgene, a biotech company
purchased by Monsanto. America's Secretary of Health and
Human Welfare (Tommy Thompson) was Monsanto's best friend,
promoting biotechnology and genetic engineering as governor
of Wisconsin.

In June of 1993, Pete Hardin, owner/editor of The Milkweed
(a monthly pro-dairy newsletter), published a story about
LS-50 (page 4-5, issue 167). That horror story was about a
dairyman whose herd was poisoned and destroyed by LS-50 use.

According to Hardin's 1993 story, LS-50 was intended for
chicken use and should never have been given to dairy cows.
FDA concurs, yet, will do nothing to enforce the ban on its
illegal and dangerous use.

This is frustrating to say the least, but that seems to be
FDA's standard operating procedure. Protect pharmaceutical
companies, not consumers.

Have you the power to do anything about this?

Don't waste time writing letters. I would not even insult
you by giving you phone numbers or addresses. Here's what
you can do.

Don't drink milk. Don't eat cheese. No ice cream or yogurt.
Alert your family and friends.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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