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A TOTAL CROCK (The worst "study" in scientific history?)

Dear Friends,

Another fraudulent study brought to you by the same dairy
company that owns Betty Crocker.  How appropriate. This
one is a total crock.

How did the Journal of the American Medical Association
(JAMA) let this one slip through the peer-review process and
get published in the April 24, 2002 issue? Perhaps Elsie the
Cow did the peer-reviewing?

On page 2059 of the same April 24th issue, JAMA lists their
key objectives. I love these two:

"The Journal has a social responsibility to improve the
total human condition and to promote the integrity of

"To report American Medical Association policy, as
appropriate, while maintaining editorial independence,
objectivity, and responsibility."

The severely flawed study was partially funded by General
Mills, who conveniently owns the Haagen Dazs ice cream
company, Yoplait Yogurt, and Wheaties and Cheerios.
Conflicts of interest? You decide. I've discovered an
ENORMOUS flaw in the study. You are not going to believe
this one. Funny thing. Nobody from the media was responsible
enough to discover the same thing I did. Oh, well. We know
who buys the media's loyalties. GOT MILK ADS?

Yesterday's headlines:

"Dairy consumption prevents obesity"

Today's lead story on your nightly news:

"Dairy consumption prevents diabetes and obesity."

Future magazine stories (3 month lead time):

"Dairy consumption prevents obesity, diabetes, and heart
disease in young adults."

What are all of the above based upon?

I spoke to the senior author of the JAMA study, Mark
Pereira, Ph.D. (617-355-2375).

We spoke for 25 minutes, and I found Pereira to be likeable.
Of six authors, only one is a medical doctor. Pereira gave
me permission to quote him. I had him repeat this statement
a few times, in order to accurately quote him:

"Our research is incomplete, and we are not suggesting
changes in the dietary guidelines."

Incomplete? I'll say! While the study's author is not
suggesting changes in the way people eat, the media and
dairy industry will do just that.

A sample of 3,157 males were included in the study. Diets
were compared to diabetes rates. In order to assess an
association between disease and dairy consumption, the
authors placed restrictive guidelines that compromised their
conclusions. The study is so flawed, that it is laughable.
When I read the author's words on page 2082, I wanted to

"We identified dairy products as any items reported during
the diet history interview that were either 100% dairy (eg,
milk) or included dairy as one of the main ingredients (eg,
dips made with sour cream). We did not include mixed

I was astounded.

When I spoke with the senior author (Pereira), I asked:

"You did not include pizza?"

He responded:


"Macaroni and cheese?"


"Milk and cereal?

"No. The grains would have compromised the glycemic index."

I could not hide my anger and disappointment.

"Don't you realize that half of the 170 billion pounds of
milk produced in America go towards making pizza?"

He was surprised.

"I didn't know that."

I told Pereira that in 1970, the average American ate ten
pounds of cheese, and that last year, the average American
ate 31 pounds. It takes ten pounds of milk to produce one
pound of hard cheese.



"Chicken Parmagiana?"


"Cakes, cream cheese on bagels, milkshakes, cream sauce,
cheese sauce, milk chocolate?"

"No, no, no, no, no, no!"

The terrible thing is that the media reports just one thing.

Dairy prevents obesity and diabetes.

The terrible thing is that those dairy products that cause
obesity and diabetes were not even considered by the

Here's obesity information:

Here's diabetes information:

I received hundreds of letters yesterday from people asking:

"What can we do?"

Let me tell you what you can do. Your local newspaper
contains a fax number or EMAIL address for letters to the
editor. Your television news station has a telephone number.

Please. Get active.

Send this letter, or write your own.

The dairy industry will do everything they can to promote
this lie. They will spend millions of dollars in
advertising, and three months from now, magazines will
repeat these same distortions.

You must make a difference.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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