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This evening (Tuesday, May 14, 2002), the Dave Matthews band
will be performing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I may be a bit biased, but in my opinion, the Dave Matthews
quintet is the best band in the (excuse the expression)
Milky Way galaxy!

Ten years ago, Dave Matthews put together the most talented
group of musicians he could find, and the rest is history.
Their music goes well with just about everything, but their
latest gig leaves a rancid taste in my mouth.

The Dave Matthews Band and the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Company have formed a partnership to promote ice cream and
fight global warming.

The Dave Matthews new tour is called One Sweet Whirled. That
is also the name of Ben and Jerry's new flavor.

Give me a break! Nine million flatulating dairy cows produce
more toxic emissions than all the Volkswagen hippie-vans in
Ben & Jerry's home state of Vermont.

Cows eat. Cows produce gas. Their flatulence emits methane
gas. Their urine produces nitrous oxide which adds to the
"Global Warming/Greenhouse Effect." Add it all together and
each one of America's nine million dairy cows produces 189
pounds of methane gas per year. More of the same occurs
wherever farm animals are raised for human consumption.


Methane gas (C-H-4) makes the second biggest contribution to
global warming (carbon dioxide is number 1). The digestive
processes of cattle, particularly cows and sheep, is the
major source of methane emissions.


America's Environmental Protection Agency predicts that
rising global temperatures will melt polar ice and raise sea
levels, change precipitation and other local climate
conditions, alter forests, decrease crop yields, and
threaten human health, harm birds, fish, and many types of

All because of cow, sheep, and pig flatulence. There are 9
million cows in America and over 100 million cattle. Ten
billion farm animals will be slaughtered this year in
America. All must eat. We human consumers must logically
take responsibility for their indigestion.

In November of 1993, the Dave Matthews Band released its
first album, Remember Two Things.

I would like for the Dave Matthews Band to remember two

First, Ben & Jerry's vanilla ice cream was tested by the
United States Department of Environmental Protection, and
found to contain 1,200 times the safe level of
environmentally unsafe dioxins.

Second, Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry's fame, recently had heart
bypass surgery. Guess what food Ben is no longer eating? Uh,

In 1994, the Dave Matthews Band recorded Under The Table and

They've got to be dreaming if they imagine that 9 million
cows making ice cream and cheese result in anything good for
the environment. Three hundred billion pounds of urine and
feces in our streams?

What sounds the band makes! Leroi Moore is Dave Matthew's
innovative saxophonist. He joins Carter Beauford (on drums)
and Boyd Tinsley (on violin). These three jazz players of
African ancestry should be aware that Ben and Jerry's ice
cream is not lactose-free. Ninety-five percent of African-
Americans cannot tolerate lactose.

In 1996, the band released their most successful album to
date, Crash.

That may be what the world is headed for as a result of
global warming. Noxious gases contribute to our greenhouse
effect, and cows have been named a leading contributor of
this problem.

To support dairy products and endorse an anti-global warming
environmental message is to contradict logic.

Let the Dave Matthews Band know that you love their music.
Ask them to stay away from dangerous endorsements.

Oh, yes, before I forget. One last point. Dave Matthews was
born in South Africa. In America, we are told to eat 1200 mg
per day of calcium. In South Africa, the average woman
consumes a mere 196 mg per day of calcium. American women
have eleven times the rate of pelvic fractures as do South
African women. (Source: The Okinawa Diet, by Wilcox, Wilcox,
& Suzuki).

Nations suffering the highest rates of osteoporosis also
consume the highest amounts of ice cream, cheese, and other
dairy products. Ben and Jerry's ice cream may put a
temporary smile on your face, but their product does not do
your body any good and is bad news for the environment.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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