By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text


Horizon Organic Dairy is America's leading producer of organic milk and dairy products with sales of over $50 million per year.

The people at Horizon want you to believe that their cows are so happy, that they've trademarked the phrase "HAPPY COWS."

Horizon's press kit includes a re-printed article, originally excerpted from Rodale's "Your Organic Kitchen."

The opening paragraph, accompanied by a photo of "happy cows" in a tranquil field setting, reads:

"Although Horizon Organic Dairy doesn't claim that its Happy Cows are sacred, the nation's leading organic dairy treats its most honored employees like deities."

According to my year-2000 almanac, there are about 4 million Jews in America and over 5 million Muslims. There are one million Hindus. The rest of Americans worship as their "deity," Jesus.

Wasn't Jesus nailed to a cross? Didn't Jesus "die for man's sins?"

That's no way to treat a deity, and Horizon farms seems to be doing just that. After their cows are milked, what becomes their fate?

They end up dying for man's meat consumption. Our sins against their health and happiness.

In India, where cows are worshipped as gods, these gentle animals live free, walking the streets as protected wards of the state. On Horizon's farms, their "deities" end up tortured, dying alone with great fear and then pain. The blood from their cut throats sprays out by the gallon, staining workers, flooding the slaughterhouse floors, causing the animals to gurgle and choke on their own blood.

Horizon pretends to have happy cows, yet these animal's udders become so large that it is necessary to milk them three times per day. Most dairy farms milk their cows once or twice each day.

Horizon pretends to have happy family farms, but nothing could be more distant from the truth. On March 9th, 1999, the World Street Journal wrote:

"Horizon buys about 40% of its milk from other organic-dairy operations, but it has two farms of its own, in Idaho with 3,700 milking cows, and Maryland with 500 cows. The company is looking to establish a third farm...and have a capacity for 2,000 cows..."

Folks, Horizon runs a factory-farm operation. I've investigated the Idaho farm which actually contains nearly 7,000 cows. Each animal produces 80 pounds of body wastes daily. That's 560,000 pounds of excrement and urine each day entering Idaho's environment.

How does Horizon fool so many people all of the time?

They have just purchased 600 acres of property (known as the George Dairy Property) next to the Nature Conservancy's 40,000 acre Cosumnes River Preserve.

At last! An organization ready, willing, and able to protest another factory farm and the ensuing pollution, right? Wrong!

Horizon and the Nature Conservancy have cooperated together for the past year on this project, and obtained government funding for this acquisition. More cows, more pollution. When the cows no longer give milk and have outlived their usefulness, they will have their heads bashed and necks slashed. Their body parts will be cut into smaller pieces by men with sharp knives, and they shall feed the masses. Such is the fate of Horizon Farms' deities. Hallelulah!

Oh milk. The healthiest milk from the healthiest cow is naturally loaded with lactoferrins, immunoglobulins, and growth hormones. Horizon's organic milk contains animal fat and cholesterol, dioxins, and bacteria. The amount of somatic cells (pus) in organic milk is lower than milk from non-organic cows, but it's still dead white blood cells and dead bacteria. Ask yourself this question. Does organic human breast milk sound like a delicious drink for an adult human? Instinctively, most people know that there are substances in breast milk that are not intended for their adult bodies. Same goes for pig's milk and dog's milk. Same for cow's milk.

Some people may not be able to tolerate lactose, a milk sugar. One hundred percent of humans are allergic to casein, a milk protein. Eighty percent of the protein in Horizon's organic dairy products is casein, the same glue used to adhere a label to a bottle of beer. Eat casein and your body produces histamines, then mucous. This sludge congests your organs. Give up all milk and dairy products for just one week and an internal "fog" will lift from your body.

Is genetically engineered milk dangerous? You bet! Organic milk contains just a little bit less of the same hormones. I find very little difference between the two.

Robert Cohen
Executive Director
Dairy Education Board