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18 November, 1999 -

I sit here on day 3 of my fast, thinking about what to share with you as a fasting coach. And I have the blessed good luck, as a faster, to have something to write about. Ouch, sometimes fasting hurts! I am having uncomfortable detoxing symptoms. Nasty headache, shaky, emotional, swollen glands in my neck, even a little nausea. Given the amount of personal stress in my life right now, none of this is a surprise. But I am glad to have it to talk about. You see, I have been supervising fasts for over 20 years. And I am so passinately in love with this process, that it is easy when I talk about it to make it sound like the most gloriously wonderful thing that could ever happen to any human being. And it is!

But sometimes it hurts. I tell people that fasting is a way to give yourself back to yourself. We live in a culture where more is best. And we are showing it in the types of diseases that modern man succumbs to. Our illnesses are those of abundance. We have in our bodies too much fat, or too much toxic material deposited in our arteries or in our organs or joints, contributing to the myriad forms of illness that our bodies accumulate. Yes, one could say, that we accumulate disease. With rare exception, we are born healthy and whole, and over the course of time, we acquire various diseases and aging symptoms. It is NOT necessary to degenerate physically. But unless we have perfect stress free vegetarian lives from birth, most of us are on the path to dis-ease.

There is no type of illness that I have not seen respond positively to fasting. When I fast, I am letting go of everything that isnıt me. That includes any illness, and it also includes belief systems I picked up from family or teachers, fears and emotions that I have been holding on to, ways of thinking that do not serve me. I say that less is more. That I can ³let go² of those things that hurt me and make me unwell. A strange concept in such an acquisitive society. We think that there is something out there that will fix us, a pill, a product, a lover, a new job.

When we fast, it is like telling that part of us that is connected with Mother Nature, that part that is our true healer, that She can heal us now, and what that means is to allow everything that does not serve our highest well-being to leave. And, yes, sometimes that hurts. As our body does the work of dissolving and expelling any unnecessary accumulations, we may feel discomfort. This can include discharge from any body orifice, breath, skin, bladder, colon, stomach, and activation of the immune system in the form of fever, inflamed lymph nodes, any manner of inflammatory processes.

This is hard for most people, because, ironically, the people that have the most degenerative disease, are usually those with the fewest symptoms. I routinely hear cancer or heart disease patients say, "I canıt understand it, I havent been sick a day in my life!" The people that are the sickest feel the best! Weird, isnıt it, until you realize that health is being in a state of awareness, not a state of denial. When people say they have an iron stomach and that they can eat anything, it just means that they are out of touch with how they are poisoning themselves.

As we get healthier, we actually get more sensitive. Once we are detoxed Our bodies will not allow us to ingest something that will harm us. We get a message to stop. We can then disregard the message if we choose, but my goal for all my clients is to be self-regulating. To be so in touch with ourselves, that we know and act on what is good for us.

The same thing happens emotionally and mentally. We accumulate residues of unresolved feelings, resentments, throughts that donıt serve us. On a fast they will be brought to the surface as well. It isnıt always fun when that happens. But nature is programmmed for success. Only what is harmful to us gets discharged on a fast, nothing you need gets eliminated! All we need to do is let go, have faith in nature, say farewell to the poisons on the way out and watch the healing begin.

Arenıt we lucky, that we can make a political statement with our ³hungerstrike² and at the same time be doing something so very loving for ourselves! We are asking for respect for nature: Please donıt interfere with Mother Nature, or our planet may die, and humanity, as we know it, as well. To the outside world it looks like a hungerstrike, but we each know inside ourselves, that we are putting our beliefs in action. We trust nature to be good. We are using the most primal and effective means that nature gives us to heal, the fast.


Healing comes in many forms. It is hard to predict who will have which symptoms, and most people will have none. The most common are in the first 3 days, when we experience withdrawal and superficial symptoms of breaking our habits of eating and digesting solid food. For some, later in a fast they may experience what is sometimes called a healing crisis, where the body is attempting to heal deeper illness.

Common symptoms are one of discharge: runny nose, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, vaginal discharge, urinary symptoms, bad breath, coated tongue(you can just about count on this one),

withdrawal: headache, irritability, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, sleepiness, impatience

inflammation: fever, abscess, flu symptoms, skin disease, any kind of inflammation symptoms

you may experience exacerbation of chronic illnesses, such as kidney stones, urinary infection, sore throats, etc.

These are all temporary. Just take a deep breath, say thank you to your higher self for being smart enough to heal you, and LET GO.

- Happy Fall -

"Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise
From outward things, whate'er you may believe.
There is an inmost centre in us all.
Where truth abides in fulness; and around
Wall upon wall, the gross flesh hems it in.
This perfect, clear perception - which is truth."
Robert Browning, from Paracelsus, Book I

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The Fasting Worms

Experimental tests conducted in the 1930's at the Zoology Dept of the U. of Chicago showed that worms, when well-fed, grew old, but by fasting them they were made young again.

In one experiment worms were fed as much as they usually eat, except one worm, which was isolated and alternatively fed and fasted. The isolated worm was alive and energetic after 19 generations of its relatives had lived out their normal lifespan.

Prof. C.M. Childs said: "When worms are deprived of food, they do not die of starvation in a few days. They live for months on their own tissues. At such tim thy bcome smaller and may be reduced to a fraction of their original size. then when fed after such a fasting, they show all the physiological traits of young animals. But with continued feeding, they again go through the process of growth and aging (and die).

One group of womrs was well fed and every three or four months passed through the cycle of aging and reproducing. Another group was given just enough food to maintain the worms at a constant size but not enough to make them grow.

These worms remained in good condition without becoming appreciably older as long as the experiment continued, which wa sthree years."

The life span extension of these worms was the equivalent of keeping a man alive for 600-700 years.

Rai Casey