NIXON ... on Dairy!
By Robert Cohen Executive Director

Watergate tapes REVISITED

Nixon Milk Moustache

Today is the 147th day of my hunger strike.

Richard Nixon accepted an enormous "gift" (bribe) from the dairy industry and it was caught on a Watergate tape. Now for the first time: THE BEST MUSTACHE AD YET! Nixon and MILK!

The transcript from one of the Watergate tapes made on March 23, 1971 reveals President Richard Nixon carefully choosing his words for the men delivering a $3 million dollar cash bribe. If only the walls of the Oval Office could talk, what secrets they would reveal. Here, then, the transcript of President Richard M. Nixon's meeting with milk producer cooperatives:

"Uh, I know...that, uh, you are a group that are politically very conscious...And you're willing to do something about it. And, I must say a lot of businessmen and others... don't do anything about it. And you do, and I appreciate that. And, I don't have to spell it out."

Here, caught on tape is a president receiving a bribe. Later on, after these milk producers have left, Nixon, alone with advisor John Connally, says:

"They are tough political operatives. This is a cold political deal."

Who was getting the money, who was getting the price increases, who was paying the bribe, and who was actually footing the bill?

Later, John Connally said:

"These dairymen are organized; they're adamant, they're militant. And they...they're massing an enormous amount of money that they're going to put into political activities, very frankly."


Thanks to Vance Lehmkuhl for designing the Richard Nixon Milk Ad!

Vance is a cartoonist, Philadelphia newspaper columnist, and author of the best-selling cartoon book: "JOY OF SOY" (available from Laugh Lines Press -

He plays the piano and croons not-so politically correct humor, (funnier than Mark Russell) and can etch-a-sketch a theme drawing out of your initials, which makes him the life of any party or conference.

Vance will be attending the NAVS SUMMERFEST in North Carolina (July 5-9)