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Incredible(?) Hulk

Incredible(?) Hulk

The New HULK Movie & Milkstache Ad

Anger triggers a metamorphosis. Raging hormones turn an out
of control primate researcher/vivisectionist into an out of
control mindless green hulk who does not hurt animals. An
enormous improvement, if you ask me.

Each time the HULK gets angry or drinks milk, the
transformation occurs. There is plenty of anger in this new
movie, and plenty of dairy too. Of course, I came looking
for subtle evidence of milk placement in scenes, and more
than fulfilled my expectations. Most moviegoers would have
missed the subliminal clues of dairy dollars. To me, the
obvious placement of dairy products in scenes left behind a
rancid stench.

Secret deals are often made during the pre-planning of
Hollywood movies. Product placement in critical scenes are
cash commercials. Directors privileges often include paid
advertisements. There should be an investigation into this
common practice which Hollywood insiders refer to as
"skimming the cream." I call it scamming the crumbs.

After seeing the dairy industry's latest milk mustache ad
based upon the anticipated new blockbuster movie about the
HULK, I sensed that there was more to the new dairy ad than
just perfect timing.

Somehow, I had to confirm my suspicion on yesterday's June
20, 2003 HULK theatre opening. Sadly, Jennifer, Sarah, and
Lizzy were busy, so I went alone to the 3:40 PM show at the
Tenplex theatre in Paramus, New Jersey.

Early in the flick, just before the movie's first violent
scene, a little girl sits eating an enormous ice cream
sundae in an ice cream parlor located on a government base
far from civilization in the desert. The ice cream parlor
was housed inside of a giant ice cream cone in a facility
with just a handful of inhabitants. We visit the same dairy
edifice many times during the film. Even I craved ice cream
after multiple exposures.

In mid-movie, the main character and his girlfriend are seen
eating Chinese food. What's on the table? A bottle of milk.
After the Hulkster's first transformation, he spends the
night at his gal's place and wakes up to her cooking
breakfast. What do we see on the kitchen counter? A half-
gallon container of milk. Yes, I was counting.

Raging hormones. That's what this movie is about. Drink
milk, and you ingest estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin,
melatonin, prolactin, and powerful growth hormones.

You might not bulk up like the HULK, but those hormones do
cause "mood swings and irritability." (Townsend Medical
Letter, May, 1995).

You might not turn green, unless you leave the milk on the
counter giving the E. coli and salmonella opportunity to
double their numbers every twenty minutes at room

See the HULK at a theatre near you and be prepared to be
offended. Not only does the film represent lousy movie
making (in my opinion), but you'll be grossed out by the
presence of all of those dairy ads. Milk mustaches, anyone?
With raging hormones and out-of-control behavior, this time
the dairy industry selected an appropriate hero.

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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