By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text Only

  Robert Cohen's Hungerstrike

 Sunday, November 7 - Day 1

 Today begins the first day of my hunger strike.  Many people have asked
 what foods or liquids will go into my mouth.  Since this is a hunger
 strike, the answer is "no food," and let me tell you this, I'm pretty
 hungry.  Right now, I am thinking about an apple I see sitting on my
 counter.  That Macintosh looks delicious, and I am salivating.
 Salivation is a natural response to a desire for food.

 I begin my fast with 120 supporters.  Five other people have pledged to
 continue this hunger strike for the "duration."

 My goals have been clearly stated, but for the purpose of this diary, I
 shall simply repeat my goal: FDA removes Posilac.  The Food & Drug
 Administration revokes the approval for the cancer-causing, genetically
 engineered bovine growth hormone.

 Today I began by drinking distilled water.  At noon, I faced my first
 challenge-a little hill that I climb.  Its name is prune juice.  After
 running over the hill, I am certain to get the "runs."

 I am now writing five hours after drinking a 32-ounce container of prune
 juice.  My 5-minute intervals to the toilet have now decreased to once
 every 20 minutes as the natural colonic frees my GI tract of previous
 meals.  I am hungry but the distilled water is filling.  I have
 tremendous energy and intensity of thought.  I intend to go to bed early
 this evening and will try not to imagine visions of sugarplums and tofu.

 Monday, November 8 - Day 2

 I woke up today feeling no hunger and feeling refreshed.  My normal
 morning routine includes a trip to the bathroom.  A gallon of distilled
 water passes its therapeutic journey through my body but there was
 little or nothing of any digested food.  I began my day and will
 continue to do so throughout this hunger strike with the fresh juice of
 a whole lemon in a tall glass of distilled water.

 I am not in this hunger strike to make a two-week statement and then
 die.  I will remain alert and be filled with energy as a result of
 drinking fresh juice.  However, I will limit what I ingest to only that
 amount of juice that is necessary to continue neural and cellular

 While humans do not eat grass, I have chosen the juice of one substance
 that provides more nutrition than any other food on planet.. Earth-wheat
 grass.  The juice from wheat grass is life, and I intend to visit my
 local health food store and drink one ounce of this sustaining substance
 each day in addition to the distilled water.

 In 1930, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to Dr. Hans Fischer
 who noted that chlorophyll and blood hemoglobin are nearly identical.
 The major difference is in the center atom.  Chlorophyll contains as its
 center atom magnesium while hemoglobin has as its center atom iron. This
 one ounce a day will sustain me as it has many others on similar fasts.

 Today I had to deal with a dilemma.  Many husbands and wives have signed
 pledges to fast for at least one day.  My wife, Lisa, has also offered
 to do so.  She has mixed feelings about my hunger strike.  On one hand,
 the insurance money would be real nice should FDA decide not to revoke
 the use of the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH).  On
 the other hand, my wife pointed out to me that Jennifer (14), Sarah
 (13), and Elizabeth (10) need a father and she needs a husband and they
 cannot support my decision which will lead me to a point in time, in the
 not so far future, when I look death in the face.

 The most pleasant and unpleasant aspects of a hunger strike are the
 changes that occur within the body.  On one hand, I will cleanse my
 system and rid myself of diseased and not-so-needed layers of fat.  On
 the other hand, my intestinal tract will be the depository for the by-
 product resulting from cellular metabolism of fat cells.  How do I get
 rid of this gunk?

 The answer is in using daily enemas.  Not a pleasant thought, but an
 absolute necessity for a hunger striker.  Should I simply experience a
 hunger strike on just plain water with no enemas, I will shortly be
 bedridden and become too ill to communicate with the press.

 Our chances of victory are made greater by my ability to remain alert
 and to travel to various audiences.

 My pledge, I will not eat until Monsanto's poison is taken out of our

 Tuesday, November 9 - Day 3

 I started my day with my usual glass of lemon juice in freshly distilled
 water.  I feel stronger and more alert than I did yesterday and am
 highly motivated to begin today's work.

 The first thing on my schedule is a visit to my physician, David
 Goldstein, MD, a personal friend and gastroenterologist.  Dr. Goldstein
 will give me a physical and draw blood samples so as to monitor my
 entire physiology during the duration of this fast.

 On the way back from his office, I will stop at my local health food
 store for my first one-ounce shot of wheat grass juice.  (I hate the
 taste of this stuff, but it will sustain me as my body loses one pound
 per day for the next 100 days.)

 I have been reading books and searching the Internet for information
 about fasting.  I will look in the book section of my health food store
 for additional information regarding fasting.

 Wednesday, November 10 - Day 4

 Today I received a letter from Scott Campbell who subscribes to an
 Internet talk group.  He was actually admonishing many of the members of
 the group who were urging me not to continue my hunger strike because
 I'd be better alive than dead.  Scott wrote:

 "Is this really necessary?  This isn't the message we need to be sending
 Robert right now.  It's fine what you think, but by telling him he's
 going to die and filling him with the dismay that people who share his
 ideals don't have faith in him does not help anyone."

 I responded to his letter:

 "Dear Scott,

 I want your support!  I welcome your doubts!  I admire your passions!!!
 Every comment fuels me.

 Those who begin hunger strikes hope for tremendous publicity.  They
 sacrifice their health with expectations that those who run things be
 connected to the universal wisdom associated with their goal and cause.

 Yesterday, my doctor drew blood and suggested that he also do a
 physical.  I agreed and we set the appointment for next Monday.  On the
 way out, we shook hands goodbye and I asked, "Why am I taking a
 physical?  I am fasting to the death."  He smiled.  I loved his
 response.  "It's for my benefit," he said.  This physician is a friend
 and I suggested he prepare a waiver for me absolving him of any
 responsibility for my physical well being as a result of my hunger

 Today I am comfortable in saying that I am prepared to go the distance.
 I really cannot understand what the distance is and will only learn the
 power and strength of my will when I am within view of the finish line.
 This is the 4th day of my hunger strike and my 4th diary entry.  I have
 made a vow to carefully reassess what I am doing on my next birthday,
 which works out to be the 114th day of my hunger strike.  :>)

 Thursday, November 11, 1999 - Day 5

 Ignorance can last for an eternity while truth sometimes appears for
 just a moment in time; denial of truth can go on for a lifetime.  Today
 is the fifth day of my hunger strike and I have learned a truth about my
 body that I have previously denied.

 Fasting is a healing process and as one's body cleanses itself, one
 becomes aware of each bone and muscle and organ. For the past year, I
 have had a right knee that screamed out to me every time I climbed the
 stairway.  I have taken medication and seen doctors and have done all
 that I can through traditional medicine to identify and cure this
 ailment.  Fasting has done that for me.

 It is said that nature's glues do not do well for the human body.
 Casein in milk is a tenacious glue, and I had eliminated that from my
 diet.  However, I continued to eat bread.  Wheat protein is gluten.  The
 name alone should have told me something.  I have removed the gluten
 from my system and the pain in my knee has miraculously disappeared.

 I feel strong in this fast.  I have been drinking distilled water with
 lemon juice and my mind is alert and I am filled with energy.  This week
 I plan to continue my intake of water and will be introducing one ounce
 of wheat grass juice into my daily regimen.  I am my way now to a health
 food store to buy whole wheat berries that I will be sprouting and
 growing for that purpose.

 Next week presents many opportunities.  On Thursday, November 18, I will
 be in Chicago to make a statement before the Food & Drug Administration
 (FDA) regarding the labeling of foods containing genetically engineered
 products.  The following day, I will be in Rockville, Maryland at FDA's
 Center for Veterinary Medicine to meet with scientists and present my
 petition to revoke rbGH from the market.

 Friday, November 12, 1999 - Day 6

 Today is Day 6 of my hunger strike.  I have been reading and learning
 and talking to experienced fasters, coaches, and health professionals.
 It is important that I remain in complete control of my sensibilities.
 Therefore, I will soon begin to drink one ounce of wheat grass juice
 each day.

 Yesterday morning I visited a health food store and purchased a
 one-pound package of organic wheat berries.   I also visited a local
 nursery and bought a 40-pound bag of dirt.

 Somebody will tell me whether it was Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer who tricked
 his friends into whitewashing the fence for him.  I forget.  I took
 inspiration by this story and got my youngest daughter, Elizabeth, to
 layer the dirt in trays, plant the seeds, cover them with another layer
 of dirt, and then water them.  In a week I shall have fresh wheat grass
 to put into my juicer.

 We are now printing thousands of bumper stickers, and enlisting the aid
 of volunteers to place those stickers on cars, signs, and lampposts.  If
 you would like some stickers, please contact us the Dairy Education
 Board at 201-871-5871.  The stickers are free but we happily accept
 donations to cover their cost.

 On Thursday of next week, I travel to Chicago where I will be commenting
 before the FDA commissioner on labeling laws and policy regarding
 bioengineered foods.

 Donna Shalala, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human
 Services, has said that, "FDA makes sure that our food supply is among
 the safest in the world.  Some consumers have concerns about the use of
 this technology in foods, and we need to ask why these concerns exist
 and how we can address them."

 I will be appearing before the new FDA commissioner, Jane Henney, MD.
 Dr. Henney was not the commissioner of FDA when rbGH was approved.  She
 has written, "Our scientists are not aware of any reason to question the
 safety of currently marketed foods produced through genetic

 I will be giving the Commissioner reason to be very concerned.

 Saturday, November 13 - Day 7

 Today is the 7th day of my hunger strike.  It has been a pretty lousy
 week for the dairy industry.  Traditionally, the dairy farmer has gotten
 about $14 for every hundredweight (100 pounds) of milk he or she
 produces.  That price jumped to nearly $20 last year and was $15 and
 change last week.  The bad news hit hard.  On Monday, the price of milk
 fell $4.77 to just over $11.

 Last summer, the dairy industry closed in Belgium for a month, and there
 was a panic at the supermarkets because unsafe levels of dioxins were
 found in their milk supply.  This week, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream was
 tested and 200 times the safe level of dioxins were found.

 Every week new studies pound additional nails into the dairy industry's
 coffin.  Milk hormones will be the story to link one millennium to
 another.  Congress already has a bill that is seeking to label
 genetically engineered foods.  As we end this millennium and begin
 another, you who have pledged your support and have joined me on this
 hunger strike do so for all of humanity.  We will win and help all
 people discover the fountain of youth.

 Sunday, November 14 - Day 8

 Today is the 8th day of my hunger strike.  I have been continuing a
 dialogue with Neal Barnard, founder of the Physicians Committee for
 Responsible Medicine (PCRM).  Dr. Barnard has been saying for many years
 that milk and dairy products are inappropriate for humans.  This past
 week, I have agreed to join PCRM in a suit against the Food & Drug
 Administration to revise the current dietary guidelines for Americans
 and to shatter USDA's Food Pyramid and encourage healthy diets for all

 PCRM is seeking additional plaintiffs, and I urge you to join this suit.
 You will not incur any financial responsibility by becoming a plaintiff,
 but your voice can make a difference.  If you would like to join PCRM
 and myself in the suit, please call or e-mail Tracye McQuirter.  Her
 e-mail address is or call her at 202-686-2210.

 Today, I made potassium broth that will insure that my cellular
 electrolyte fluids remain in balance.  I will drink one 12-ounce glass
 per day of this filtered mineral-rich liquid.

 To a pot of water, I added a sliced potato, carrot, onion, celery, and
 beet.  I boiled the vegetables for 30 minutes and strained the liquid.

 Monday, November 15 - Day 9

 Today is Day 9 of my hunger strike.  I have gained inspiration from the
 exploits of those men and women who have climbed Mount Everest.  These
 past two weeks, I have read three books dealing with the subject of the
 1996 ascent in which nine climbers died.

 Many people have asked why I wish to continue the hunger strike and what
 this protest means to me.

 One man who climbed Everest, Tom Whittaker, said, "Everest for me, and I
 believe for the world, is the physical and symbolic manifestation of
 overcoming odds to achieve a dream."

 Others have added their words of wisdom, which parallel the journey that
 many of us have chosen to take.

 "Everest is a matter of universal human endeavor, a cause from which
 there is no withdrawal, whatever loses it may demand" -G.O. Dyrenfurth

 "Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the
 willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with
 money or be given by rises from your heart." -Junko Tabei,
 after becoming the first woman to climb Everest.

 My wife, children, family, and friends have called me "crazy," and look
 to a time in the future when this hunger strike may very well take its
 toll on my health and safety.  One of the greatest climbers who lived
 and died on that mountain, Rob Hall, uttered his last words via
 satellite radio phone to his pregnant wife in New Zealand as he lay
 dying:  "Hey, look, don't worry too much about me."

 The great Austrian climber, Reinhold Messner, said, "I am nothing more
 than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the mists and
 summits."  Substitute the word "voice" for "lung" and Messner's words
 aptly describe the spiritual feeling that overtakes one after a week of
 having no food in his body.

 The most famous of quotes associated with the great mountain was made by
 George Mallory, a man who died in his attempt to scale the summit.  His
 body remains on the mountain.  Mallory was asked, "Why do you want to
 climb Mount Everest?"

 We have been asked, "What purpose is served in continuing a hunger
 strike when Monsanto's hormone will never be taken off the market?"

 We believe that FDA will revoke the use of Posilac.  We climb our
 mountain for the same reason that Mallory climbed his:

 "Because it is there."

 Tuesday, November 16 - Day 10

 Today is Day 10 of my hunger strike.  Many people are not aware that
 after climbing Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary built a hospital, schools,
 and an airport for the Sherpa people.

 Thanks to Beverly McManus who sent us Sir Edmund Hillary's favorite
 quote attributed to Germany's most famous writer, Goethe:

 "Concerning all acts of initiative and creation there is one elementary
 truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans;
 that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves
 too.  All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise not
 have occurred.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision,
 raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings
 and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come
 his way.  Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, do it.  Boldness has
 genius, power and magic in it.  Begin it now."

 Good news comes in bunches and today is no exception.  First, I received
 my copy of the November issue of Milkweed, a dairy industry newsletter.
 In that issue is news of the hunger strike.  Columnist Pete Hardin
 writes, "Cohen's hunger strike is a device to gain attention to his
 cause.  Many in dairy hate the guy.  Over time, has Cohen harmed dairy
 more than Monsanto's biotech hormone?  That jury's out."

 The second piece of good news is that WABC-TV in New York has been
 promoting my appearance on tonight's 11:00 news.  I have even had people
 call me to tell me that they've heard radio spots.

 The third piece of good news is a story in today's Bergen Record
 newspaper, the third largest newspaper in the New York metropolitan

 BERGEN RECORD - Tuesday, November 16, 1999

 Can the evils of seduction be tied to milk mustache?

 Ripper: Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation? Fluoridation
 of water?

 Mandrake: Ah, yes, I have heard of that, Jack, yes.

 Ripper: Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously
 conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face?

 From the film "Dr. Strangelove"

 Staff Writer

 We now have Oradell real estate developer Robert Cohen to thank for
 bringing to light yet another insidious plot.

 Cohen for years has waged a lonely battle against what he calls the
 evils of milk, alleging it is the agent behind such maladies as breast
 and prostate cancers. But he made a startling discovery recently.

 The cartel that produces and promotes milk, Cohen claims, is leading
 teenage boys to seduce, or be seduced by, their teachers.

 His proof is an advertisement run by the National Fluid Milk Processor
 Promotion Board, the folks behind the "milk mustache" campaign.

 The ad in question features hunky teen idol Joshua Jackson of
 television's "Dawson's Creek" and follows an episode in which his
 character, Pacey Witter, has a sexual relationship with his high-school

 It shows Jackson sporting a milk mustache and bears the caption:

 I can't help it. Women of all ages look up to me. Why? I'm 6 foot 2.
 Thanks in part to milk.

 The calcium helps bones grow strong. Considering 15% of your adult
 height is added when you're a teenager, that's good to know. Especially
 if you want to impress, let's say, an older woman.

 Seems harmless enough. Although he plays a 16-year-old on television,
 Jackson in real life is well past the age of majority, his show's
 publicist says. He legally can flex his buff body at women from any
 demographic group the advertiser chooses.

 But Cohen says that's beside the point. He calls the dairy industry's ad
 an attempt to seduce teens into a world of depravity and dissolution.

 Cohen draws direct connections to high-profile, real-life instances --
 among them, the case of statutory rapist Mary Kay Letourneau, who gave
 birth to two children fathered by a 13-year-old student of hers.

 He also sees the seeds in an incident last month in which a 24-year-old
 assistant teacher at a private high school in Englewood was charged with
 having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student.

 Never mind that Letourneau's case occurred before the ad in question
 ever appeared. Forget the fact that there is no evidence that the
 17-year-old in the Englewood case ever saw it. Cohen is convinced that
 the ad at least is partly to blame for the boys' trysts with older

 "Like Eve offering the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge to
 Adam, the dairy industry's search for knowledge has become an enticement
 for children of all ages to have sex with their teachers," he says.
 "Wear a milk mustache like the star of 'Dawson's Creek.' Have sex with
 an older teacher like the star of 'Dawson's Creek."'

 Cohen is actively promoting his cause on his Web site, along with a
 letter on the subject from Cardinal John O'Connor, the archbishop of New

 In his letter, the cardinal says up front that he's never seen the TV
 series or the ad. But he says that, based on Cohen's description of
 both, it seems "another example of the misuse of media and its harmful
 effect on our young people."

 Representatives of the milk mustache campaign dismiss Cohen's frothy
 accusations as nothing more than the rantings of someone who has given
 new meaning to the phrase "lactose intolerant."

 "Every day of the year this guy comes up with some ridiculous thing,"
 said Susan Ruland, the executive vice president in charge of the

 Recently, she noted, Cohen suggested that the milk mustache campaign was
 promoting obesity and other physical problems in an ad featuring Curly
 Howard from The Three Stooges.

 "It's not only ridiculous, it's old, coming from this source," Ruland
 said. "He's tried to think up the most outrageous thing he can.

 "But it's a free world."

 Julie Kingsdale, publicist for "Dawson's Creek," notes that in the
 series, Jackson's older lover suffered humiliation, lost her job, and
 had to leave town, hardly a ringing endorsement for cross-generational

 But perhaps the most stinging challenge to Cohen's allegations comes
 from a guy who, to some degree, sees some merit in them.

 To Bergen County Prosecutor William H. Schmidt, Cohen's insistence on
 blaming an advertising campaign for an offense as insidious as the
 sexual abuse of young males by older women trivializes a very real

 In New Jersey, he says, law enforcement officials have long "recognized
 that when a woman has a sexual relationship with a male who is much
 younger, it is just as much of a crime as when it happens between a man
 and a young girl. It's just as prohibited."

 Society still has a tendency to look the other way when the victim is a
 boy, viewing the relationship as "sort of a macho thing," he says. But
 the long-term damage to a boy in such a relationship is real, he says.

 The "boys will be boys" attitude is latently sexist, Schmidt says.
 Unfortunately, however, Cohen's crusade probably will succeed only in
 milking the issue for a few giggles, he said.

 All the same, I'm still going to take my coffee black.

 Wednesday, November 17 - Day 11

 Today is Day 11 of my hunger strike.  Andy Warhol said that every person
 gets 15 minutes of fame.  Well, last night, I got 20 seconds on ABC News
 in New York.  Reporter Diana Williams did a story on early sexual onset
 in young girls.  Here is how my part went:

 Diana Williams pushed a shopping cart with a carton of milk in it down a
 supermarket aisle and said, "Robert Cohen, an anti-milk activist,
 believes that children should stop drinking milk."

 From the original one-hour interview taped in my office, a 20-second
 segment is what they chose to air.  I said:

 "Got hormones?  Every sip of milk has estrogen, progesterone,
 testosterone, prolactin, melotonin-we're talking about powerful
 hormones.  These are responsible for early onset."

 Diana Williams then spoke.  She said:

 "Hormones naturally occur in milk, but some are added.  Five years ago,
 the FDA gave dairy farmers the go-ahead to inject cows with the bovine
 growth hormone to increase milk production, but the dairy industry says
 it is a myth that it has any effect on milk drinkers."

 ABC-TV then interviewed Dr. Greg Miller, the highest-ranking executive
 in the milk industry.  Miller said:

 "When you drink a glass of milk, the levels in there are so low,
 relative to what we have naturally in our body, it's like spitting in
 the ocean.  It's not even detectable."

 I've got some very bad news for Dr. Miller, for the dairy industry, for
 Monsanto, and for the Food & Drug Administration.  The reality of Dr.
 Miller's "spit in the ocean" comment is this: the October 1999 issue of
 the Journal of the American Dietetic Association revealed that the
 levels of IGF-I increase by a factor of 10% in the blood serum of those
 who drink milk.

 If we added 10% to the volume of water in our oceans, the only survivors
 would be those prudent enough to build an ark.

 Perhaps that is our future with genetic engineering.

 Thursday, November 18 - Day 12

 Today is the 12th day of my hunger strike and I am writing this in
 Chicago.  Soon, I will get on a plane that will take me back to New
 Jersey.  Tonight I land at Newark Airport and immediately go to the
 Middletown (NJ) School District where I will speak about the ill effects
 of milk and dairy products.  From there, I drive to a hotel room where
 I'll be lucky to get a few hours of sleep.  I'll continue on to
 Rockville, Maryland before the sun rises, and will meet with scientists
 at the Center for Veterinary Medicine, FDA's investigative research

 Tomorrow, I will give an uninterrupted two-hour presentation.  Today's
 session, however, is an insult to all Americans.  This was a
 filibuster by those people whose agenda it is to promote genetic
 engineering.  The entire morning has been taken up by rhetoric that we
 have heard before.  This is why America has lost faith in the FDA and is
 skeptical of anything coming out of that office.

 The panel participants are "plants" whose roots have been nourished and
 fed by Monsanto's fertilizer.  I will be recording my testimony and have
 it for you tomorrow.  However, let me make one comment that you will
 probably not get to see.  There are a dozen television cameras at the
 back of the room.  Every network is represented.  Runners will take the
 morning tape and get it into editing so that today's events are on
 tonight's news.  Our testimony has been pushed off until late in the
 day, and FDA's pretense at openness has, in effect, become an exercise
 in self-gratification and self-abuse.

 Friday, November 19 - Day 13

 On Thursday, the Food & Drug Administration delivered an enormous insult
 to Americans.  We were invited to participate in a process that will
 determine whether foods containing genetically modified organisms be
 labeled as such.  FDA took one day and one venue and stacked the deck
 against our freedom to relate our concerns.  Instead of allowing a
 reasonable amount of time for each person to speak, FDA limited each
 speaker to two minutes.  The event was covered by America's media who
 taped the entire morning's events, which included statements of support
 for biotechnology by FDA employees and Monsanto supporters.  It is
 little wonder that the press did not return after lunch, having had more
 than their fill of boring speeches, statements, and propaganda.  While
 pretending to offer the opportunity for dissent, FDA severely limited
 our freedom of speech.

 My testimony and the entire testimony of 84 other motivated individuals
 will be available on FDA's website one week from today (  I
 sat through panel discussions from biotech representatives who have
 stakes in genetic engineering.  The rhetoric from these biased speakers
 of falsehoods attacked critics of genetic engineering who have, in their
 words, "no real scientific facts."  When it came time to make my
 presentation, I addressed the FDA commissioner and members of her staff:

 "You want real science?  I'm here to give you real science!  The
 greatest controversy in FDA history was the approval process for
 Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  FDA, for the
 first time, published something in a peer-reviewed scientific
 journal-Science (August 24, 1990)."

 I'm not going to reproduce the entire transcript here, but I made the
 key point about how genetic engineering does not work and how the system
 is flawed.

 I pointed out the little known fact that Monsanto created a "freak"
 amino acid when they incorrectly transcribed the bovine growth hormone.
 Laboratory animals developed cancers and rbGh-treated cows birthed
 calves with genetic deformities, and Monsanto never told FDA of this
 error.  Their error was more than one of omission.  Their act was an
 utter disregard and contempt for the rights of American consumers.  That
 act of intentional omission should be considered a criminal action.

 Those who are in power to accurately judge Monsanto will one day, in the
 very near future, determine, not only Monsanto's fate, but also the fate
 of genetic engineering. On this day, I will meet with a team of FDA
 administrators at the Center for Veterinary Medicine in Rockville,
 Maryland.  Tomorrow, I will let you know what happened at that meeting.

 Saturday, November 20 - Day 14

 On Day 14 of my hunger strike, I was in Cincinnati.  There I met with
 members of EarthSave International, an organization founded by John
 Robbins.  John's book, "Diet for a New America," has been more than an
 inspiration to millions of Americans.  John's work is promoted by
 EarthSave's 50 chapters and tens of thousands of members.

 I lectured at the University of Cincinnati before a large and
 enthusiastic crowd, and did a number of radio and newspaper interviews
 that should continue to bring health and healing to people.  I also did
 a book signing in a Barnes & Noble in Cincinnati, and was delighted to
 have Jane Heimlich visit to give me support for my continued hunger
 strike. I was driven all over town by Cincinnati EarthSave president
 Melissa Fannon.  I was guest at the home of Linda and Ron Richardson.
 Linda rescues animals and her home is home to seven cats and four dogs.
 I awoke at 4:00 AM and went to the living room couch to catch up on my
 reading, which I found to be nearly impossible.  Seven cats licked and
 snuggled and gently walked over me on "little fog's feet."

 Sunday, November 21 - Day 15

 Sunday was Day 15 of my hunger strike.  On Sunday, I was driven to the
 Blue Grass state where I was the guest speaker at the turkeyless
 Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the Lexington, Kentucky chapter of
 EarthSave International.  My daughter Elizabeth accompanied me on my
 weekend trip, and we devised a very special way to communicate.

 The meal was a potluck dinner that included a most incredible variety of
 gourmet vegetarian dishes.  Elizabeth would hold up a piece of sushi and
 say, "Taste this, Dad."  As she did, I remembered the taste and texture
 of rice with pickled vegetables surrounded by nori.  She would dip the
 sushi into shoyu and place a piece of pickled ginger into her mouth.  I
 would take pleasure in each bite.  She tasted the curried lentils and
 the vegan lasagna and the sesame noodles, but her greatest joy came with
 her slice of milk-free pumpkin pie.  With each taste, Lizzy shared the
 moment and used every bit of ESP-sending ability to deliver her pleasure
 to my tastebuds.

 I spoke to the group of about 200 diners and received a very warm and
 enthusiastic reception to my message.  Many in that crowd have agreed to
 support our hunger strike for a day or longer, and I love them for it.

 Lexington EarthSave president Terri Fann set Lizzy and I up at the home
 of her father and mother, Bert and Linne Doyne, and we were treated like

 Monday, November 22 - Day 16

 Today was Day 16 of my hunger strike.  I left Lexington early and
 learned the meaning of the word "fog" as it relates to the word
 "airport."  Elizabeth and I exhausted every opportunity to explore
 Lexington's gateway to the world.  We met a woman at the airport who is
 a marathon runner with asthma.  Lizzy helped me explain to her that the
 mucus one gets from cheese and milk is an internal fog that "lifts"
 about one week after giving up all dairy products.  Thank goodness
 Newark Airport's fog lifted in only three hours.

 We arrived home and I downloaded approximately 2600 e-mail messages,
 which kept me busy long into the night.  Forgive me if I haven't
 answered yours, but, as you can imagine, things are quite busy.

 My parents live in the same town as I do and I went over to drop off a
 few things.  If you are lucky enough to have a Jewish mother, you'll
 enjoy the following interaction that I had with my mom.  We saw each
 other for the first time in a week, kissed, and my mother asked, "Are
 you coming for Thanksgiving?"  I said, "Of course."  She asked, "What
 can I make for you?"  I said, "Ma, this is a hunger strike, I'm not
 eating."  Her response was, "How long is this hunger strike going to
 last?"  I said, "It's going to last until I die, Mom."  She looked at me
 with her "I know you're making fun of me" look on her face and asked,
 "I'll make you some vegetables?"  "No, Mom."  "You've got to eat
 something, Robert, or you'll starve."  "That's the point, Mom.  Gandhi
 went on hunger strikes and changed the world.  So will I."  "You're not
 Gandhi, you got to eat something," she said.  "Thank you, Mom.  See you
 on Thanksgiving.  Bye."  And with that, I went home, went to bed, and as
 I write this, it is Tuesday morning and I am ready to change the world.

 Tuesday, November 23 - Day 17

 Today is the 17th day of my hunger strike and I have three radio shows
 and an appointment with a major New York City television news show.

 Last Thursday's appearance before FDA was well reported in the Chicago
 area, but received little or no press attention in New York.  Quite
 frankly, I went to Chicago hoping that things had changed with the new
 FDA commissioner.  They have not.  The FDA presentation and panel
 discussions were a sham designed so that America's press received heavy
 doses of brainwashing in the morning with little or no dissent.

 The room was intimidating with a strong presence of Secret Service
 agents rimming the perimeter.  FDA and panelists sat on a raised dais,
 and the first three rows of the audience were reserved for FDA
 employees, not guests. We were separated from FDA by a rope.

 At one point, FDA presented a slide show of the basics of
 biotechnology.  We 85 who came to speak in Chicago were well versed in
 the issues, and the slide show was a stalling technique that kept our
 comments down to two minutes each.  At one point, the FDA lecturer could
 not get anyone to shut off the lights, and a thirty-second delay grew
 into a minute while the presenter struggled.  He again asked if anybody
 could flip off the switch, and I took that moment to express myself.  I
 turned around and yelled to the crowd, "Let Monsanto turn off the
 lights.  They know the right buttons to push."  The crowd laughed and

 I was given the opportunity to be the first person to speak after
 lunch.  I should have spoken before lunch.  After lunch, the press
 left.  The room was not very well attended.  I walked out of the room to
 catch a flight back to New Jersey and prepared my mind for Friday's
 meeting with the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), FDA's
 investigative branch.  CVM approved Monsanto's genetically engineered
 bovine growth hormone (rbGH) in 1994.

 I drove five hours from my home to the CVM for 10:30 AM meeting.  I was
 surprised to recognize Kimberly Gorall in the lobby.  Actually, she
 noticed me.  Kimberly is also on a long-term hunger strike and this is
 also her 17th day.  She drove down from Rochester, New York and became
 the note-taker at our meeting.  Kimberly incorrectly assumed that my
 session with FDA was a public hearing.  I am fortunate to have had
 Kimberly there because she ended up being a witness to the two-hour
 hearing and a very good note-taker.

 These are the four FDA representatives at that meeting: Dr. Andrew
 Beaulieu, Deputy Center Director; Dr. Claire Lathers, Director of New
 Animal Drug Evaluation; Dr. Linda Tollefson, Director of the Office of
 Surveillance and Compliance; and Dr. Marcia Larkins, CVM Ombudsman.

 I feel that all of the issues and reasons for this hunger strike were
 clearly and completely communicated to these four FDA employees.  I also
 feel that there is no way that Monsanto's hormone will remain on the
 market. We protest with science as our tool and evidence, not emotion.
 We are dedicated to complete our mission.  We trust that these four
 individuals will recognize their mission and fiduciary to the American

 Wednesday, November 24 - Day 18

 Today is Day 18 of my hunger strike.  Tomorrow is the day of giving
 thanks.  I'd like all of those who read this to take a moment during
 your Thanksgiving meal and reflect upon why we do the things we do.  I
 am motivated to seek the health and safety of my children and your
 children.  When I see a sick child, I do all I can to become an advocate
 for that child.  Nothing will ever deter me from that course.

 Five days ago, I attended a session at the Center for Veterinary
 Medicine and presented my argument for revoking Monsanto's genetically
 engineered bovine growth hormone from the market.  Kimberly Gorall took
 notes of my presentation and FDA's responses.  It is a luxury having the
 gift of an eyewitness reporter, and I now reproduce her notes for you.

 My presentation began and I said that there was an "open door policy
 between FDA and Monsanto and that is the public's perception."
 Furthermore, I said that "Monsanto's experiments were poor science and
 FDA accepted them.  Monsanto lied and defrauded the FDA."

 The major part of my presentation revealed that "Monsanto acknowledged
 the creation of a 'freak amino acid' in an obscure British journal.  The
 reason to take the drug off the market is that the hormone that is on
 the market today is not the one that was approved."

 I also discussed scientific evidence and reason for concern.  After cows
 are injected with rbGH, levels of IGF-I in their milk increase by about
 80%.  I gave FDA studies from peer-reviewed scientific journals
 indicating that IGF-I has been named as a key factor in breast,
 prostate, and lung cancers.  I also furnished a study revealing that
 IGF-I levels increase by a factor of 10% in people who drink milk.   I
 also discussed mandatory labeling of food products containing
 genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

 Dr. Tollefson, Director of the Office of Surveillance and Compliance,
 asked, "How would you insure compliance with mandatory labeling?"  My
 response was that it is up to FDA to find those who don't comply.

 Dr. Beaulieu, Deputy Center Director, asked, "Where do you think you'll
 ultimately go with the milk argument?"  I went into about a sixty-minute
 discourse consisting of studies indicating that bovine proteins have
 allergenic effects on humans, and that bovine hormones survive
 digestion.  Beaulieu asked, "How is it that mammals have evolved in the
 presence of this substance?"  I responded, "Milk is nature's perfect
 food for infants and there is a different formula for every species.
 One should not drink milk from another animal and certainly not as an
 adult."  Beaulieu then asked, "What about meat?"  I responded, "IGF-I is
 in meat but gastric acidity breaks down proteins in meat.  Milk buffers
 gastric pH."

 Tollefson asked, "What about products other than fluid milk?"  I
 responded, "Those hormones are very powerful and casein is a tenacious
 glue and very allergenic."    Beaulieu asked, "Would milk from
 rbGH-treated cows qualify for this label?  The milk itself is not
 genetically engineered."  I responded, "Of course, it would, as would
 all cheese and ice cream."  Beaulieu then asked, " Would you call
 biotech-created insulin genetically engineered?"  I responded, "I love
 genetic engineering, I don't love mistakes."  Beaulieu asked, "What's
 the purpose of the hunger strike?  To get rbGH off the market?"  I
 responded, "Yes, and I don't want to die.  I don't question your right
 to put things on the market.  I just want the right to know what I am

 Dr. Lathers, Director of New Animal Drug Evaluation, asked, "What are
 you seeking from us?"  I responded, " Let's explore a process in which
 everyone wins."

 I do not hate Monsanto and I have no fear of biotechnology.  When
 mankind makes errors, we must correct them.  To not do so is to not act
 as a fiduciary.  When we betray people, we commit a crime.  Monsanto
 betrayed FDA and, in doing so, betrayed all Americans, and their drug
 must be immediately removed from the market.  That is why I and nearly
 200 other people are fasting for one day or longer.  I hope that you
 hear us and fairly examine our petition.

 Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and say a prayer for those who continue
 to consume the genetically engineered and unlabeled poison.

 Thursday, November 25 - Day 19

 Today is the nineteenth day of my hunger strike.  Happy Thanksgiving!
 Let us give thanks!

 Here's to the Pilgrims, who stole the seed corn from the Abenaki Indians
 as they sailed up the coast towards their Plymouth Rock landing.

 Here's to the 15 Pilgrim mothers who died the first winter because the
 100 Mayflower Pilgrims were forced to sell their food, 4000 pounds of
 butter before leaving England.  (Fifteen out of eighteen married women
 died, while only one out of eight single women died).

 Here's to Miles Standish, who married one of the single women a
 few months after his wife's death!

 Here's to thousands of Wampaunoag Indians who fell in love with rancid
 butter at the first Thanksiving feast, and then died of Yersinia
 bacterium (bubonic plague).  Yersina is one of many bacteria found in
 today's milk.

 Here's to all of you who eat turkey, thankful that somebody other than
 you has what it takes to slice through the throat of the bird you eat.

 Here's to the bird herself, whose life and painful death brings you
 indigestion and extra weight.

 Here's to the glass of milk you drink with your apple pie and the Tums
 you take for the inevitable upset tummy.

 Here's to one hundred and eighty people who have fasted for at least one
 day in support of our protest.

 Here's to the ten people who are fasting long-term.

 Here's to the FDA, who have given all of us an enormous gift...I will
 tell you all a BIG SURPRISE on Monday.  Each day we accomplish
 something, and that becomes a tiny step towards changing the world for
 the better.  One-hundred tiny steps add up to a giant stride for
 mankind.  FDA has done something wonderful, but I must keep the secret,
 as promised, until Monday evening.

 At that time, in my journal entry, I will reveal some very exciting

 Here's to you and your loved ones:  Happy Thanksgiving!

 Friday, November 26 - Day 20

 Today is the twentieth day of my hunger strike.  I harvested the wheat
 grass that I started a few weeks ago...about eight inches tall!  I wish
 that I had a wheat grass Acme juicer was a bit inefficient.

 I juiced the greens and got about 1/2 ounce.  I ran the pulp through the
 machine for a second, then third time.  I managed to squeeze out one
 full ounce of juice which went into a shot-glass.

 Remembering the tequila-drinking days of my youth, I quickly downed the
 dark green fluid.  WOW!  That was intense...a real brain cleanser.

 Anyway...I treated myself to a movie this evening, INSIDE JOHN
 MALKOVICH.  There was one scene in this brillantly written movie, in
 which J.M. enters the portal to his own brain.  This was easily the
 funniest thing I have ever seen...There was a moment in which I was
 laughing so hard, that I entered my own body...felt my heart beating and
 brain throbbing...everything moved in slow motion.

 Does a 20 day hunger strike make one more aware of his senses?  I smell
 perfume from long distances and know meat eaters by their scent.  I am
 more aware of whispers and my hearing has become sharper.  All senses
 are keener, and I have more energy than when I was eating.  Rather than
 suffer from discomfort, I enjoy the unique perspectives coming to me.
 I feel that I can travel outside of my body.

 Those who have experienced what I am now experiencing also report a
 sharpening of the senses...a keenness of sight and vision and hearing...
 This unexpected gift is more than spiritual... I feel so very alive!

 Saturday, November 27 - Day 21

 Today is the twenty-first day of my hunger strike.

 I have received a wonderful response to my appeal for
 you to fast for one day or more and support our
 hunger strike.  Ultimately, my wish is to
 present thousands of supporting names to FDA.

 The genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH) should
 immediately be taken off of the market.  Monsanto
 tricked the FDA.  They have a completely different drug
 on the market than the one that FDA approved.  They
 changed the formula and did not tell FDA. Never before
 has an insult like this occurred.  Monsanto should be
 fined and their executives jailed.  Laboratory animals
 got cancer from this hormone (Richard, Odaglia and Deslex
 study) and FDA should act immediately to revoke rbGH.

 AMERICA has been betrayed.

 FDA must immediately act.

 As each day passes, and rbGH remains on the market,
 the MONSANTO lie continues.

 Many of you have asked:

 What can I do to make a difference?

 1)  Join us for a fast of one day or more!
 2)  Send the HUNGERSTRIKE.COM  link around the world!
 3)  FAX a letter to the FDA!
 4)  Alert your local media!

 We have before FDA a petition seeking the removal of the genetically
 engineered bovine growth hormone.

 The Deputy Director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine
 is Andy Beaulieu, MD.  Dr. Beaulieu has the petition
 to revoke Monsanto's hormone.

 Send a letter to Dr. Beaulieu.  Your letter becomes a permanent
 part of FDA'S file.

 His fax number is:  301-594-1830.

 The petition number is 99P-4613.

 Sunday, November 28 - Day 22

 Today is the twenty-second day of my hunger strike.

 In tomorrow's journal entry I will reveal an exciting secret.
 I have promised to wait until Monday... you will understand

 Today I discovered the essence of an apple.

 How much we take for granted that very special fruit.

 I bought a bushel of apples... Winesaps and Cortlands,
 Maintosh and Delicious, Gala and Granny Smith.  I washed them
 and quartered the fruit and ran them through my juicer.

 Oh, the bouquet that filled my kitchen.  I strained any
 residual pulp and took a sip of fresh apple cider.  Heaven.

 Boiled apple juice is an insult to the apple's wonderful
 nectar.  Pasteurized apple cider sold in supermarkets is
 a crime against Mother Nature's gift.  Apple cider, freshly made,
 is filled with live enzymes and nutients.  One can taste the life!

 I drank the juice... no, I ate the juice, keeping each mouthful
 in my mouth... imagining the life-sustaining compounds to be
 absorbed into my cheeks.  The tastebuds of my tongue were alive.
 I swallowed, and delighted in the smell and taste of this
 sweet liquid.

 I made a gallon of fresh cider in the afternoon.  In the evening,
 I juiced one bag of fresh cranberries... brain food, say the juice books.
 Mixing the apple and cranberry juices togther, that became my dinner.

 I fast, and continue to burn away fat cells and protein.  The juice
 will keep my brain strong, and allow me to reason.  I will not be
 confined to a bed.  This hunger strike may not be so, in the strict
 sense of the word.  I produce juice, therefore I am.  Would Gandhi have
 done the same if he had access to Juiceman infomercials?  Perhaps...

 Tomorrow I prepare for my Washington adventure.  More tomorrow.

 Monday, November 29 - Day 23

 Today is the 23rd day of my hunger strike.  I promised you a major
 announcement on this day and I'll give it to you at the end of this
 column.  First, I'd like to tell you about a magazine that I subscribe
 to called "American Dairy Farmer."  The November issue just arrived at
 my house, and I am stunned by what I read.  The headline of the front
 page story is "Holiday Butter Prices to Benefit Consumers."  The
 headline appears next to a picture of an obese dairy farmer, wearing a
 plaid shirt and a big smile.  Last year, the wholesale price of butter
 reached $2.81 a pound and now the price is under $1.00.  The dairy
 industry has been brainwashing the American public with their unhealthy
 milk mustache campaign and now they're attempting to brainwash their own
 readers into believing that things are rosier than they really are.
 Demand for milk continues to plummet.  That was reflected a few weeks
 ago when the wholesale price of milk that farmers were receiving (for
 100 pounds of liquid milk) fell from $16.49 to $11.72.

 The front page of this magazine also includes an advertisement from a

 company that sells organically grown garlic, which is used as a natural
 antibiotic for cows.  In the ad, a farmer claims that the somatic cell
 count (number of pus cells in one quart of milk) has been reduced from
 600 million to 180 million in just four months.

 A page three story reveals that the milk processors will be funding a
 new $180 million television ad campaign geared to children ages 6 to 11.

 Now for the very big news that I promised you last week.  I have been
 asked to keep the secret by top level administrators at the Food & Drug
 Administration.  On Thursday, November 18, I was in Chicago testifying
 before the FDA's Biotechnology and Food Labeling Committee.  I was angry
 and offended by the entire process.  The morning was spent listening to
 a panel discussion, and the panel unfairly represented the issues.  Many
 of the panel members had relationships with Monsanto.  A few times I was
 so incensed that I left my chair and walked out of the auditorium.

 The following day at the Center for Veterinary Medicine, I spent two
 hours presenting the science behind my petition to revoke the
 genetically engineered bovine growth hormone to FDA scientists and

 On Monday of last week, I returned home and spent the entire day calling
 and criticizing FDA personnel for the extremely biased treatment that
 was given to America on that day in Chicago.  I spoke with Robert Lake
 who is America's delegate to CODEX, an organization made up of 134
 nations seeking to standardize food labeling issues.  I told Mr. Lake
 that I felt that he was "in bed with" Monsanto.  I called "Monsanto's

 Let this be my apology to Mr. Lake.

 The following day, Robert Lake called me at home after consulting with
 FDA Commissioner Jane Henney, MD.  They asked me:

 "How would you like to be on the panel in Washington?  We will allow you
 5 to 10 minutes to address your comments and then participate in a panel
 discussion that will be heard by 500 people in the room."

 I may be fasting and may not have as much energy as when I am eating,
 but I could have done a double flip over my house when I heard those
 words.  I know that America's media will be at that meeting.  CNN will
 cover it as will the major networks and newspapers.  FDA has changed and
 is now about truth.  By giving me this opportunity to tell America about
 Monsanto's fraud, Monsanto's lies, and Monsanto's deceit, FDA has made
 this a better world and leveled the playing field.

 Tuesday, November 30 - Day 24

 Today is the 24th day of my hunger strike, and I'm calling this one in
 from Washington, DC.  I must have done about two dozen interviews with
 major media outlets including radio, television, newspapers, and
 magazines.  The world will soon know of Monsanto's scientific fraud and

 There is absolutely no reason for Monsanto's genetically engineered
 bovine growth hormone to remain on the market.  I taped my ten-minute
 presentation and I'll be returning home tomorrow.  I'll get the
 transcript on-line in a few days.

 Meanwhile, I feel great.  Rachel came down from Philadelphia and helped
 hand out flyers to the crowd of 500.  Thanks to her for all her help.

  Wednesday, December 1 - Day 25

  Today is Day #25 of my hunger strike.  I have spent an enormous amount
  of time and energy criticizing our Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

  During yesterday's panel discussion in Washington, I found out just how
  real FDA employees are.  While I am on a hunger strike and not eating, I
  sat in on a breakfast and lunch buffet for the panelists and FDA
  administrators, and had the opportunity to discuss the issues on this
  hunger strike with many of those people "in power."

  The Director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine is Steven Sundlof,
  MD.  I have previously accused Dr. Sundlof of being one of the "good old
  boys," and have criticized the appearance of his favoring Monsanto.  In
  my book MILK--The Deadly Poison (p. 124), I reproduced a letter that Dr.
  Sundlof had written to the president of the Agriculture Committee of the
  European Parliament after that body had placed a moratorium on the use
  of rbGH.  Dr. Sundlof's letter to Frederich-Wilhelm Graefe zu Baringdorf
  reflected anger and frustration.  It seemed to me at the time that Dr.
  Sundlof was as unhappy about Europe's bad news as was Monsanto.

  In a small room, while breaking bread (I drank bottled water), I had the
  opportunity to discuss with Dr. Sundlof the mechanisms by which protein
  hormones in milk survive digestion.  The same proteins in steak would be
  easily digested.  Milk buffers gastric acidity and homogenization makes
  fat molecules 10 to 100 times smaller.  These micronized liposomes
  (smaller fat molecules) envelope protein hormones, giving them safe
  passage through the intestines where they are absorbed intact into the

  I further discussed recent evidence with Dr. Sundlof proving that levels
  of IGF-I increase by a factor of 10% in blood serum of those who drink
  milk.  Furthermore, I rehashed old evidence that called IGF-I the key
  factor in the growth and proliferation of breast, prostate, and lung
  cancers.  Finally, I reminded Dr. Sundlof that IGF-I levels increase
  after cows are treated with Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine
  growth hormone, and that IGF-I in humans and cows in identical.

  The panel discussion was a very valuable and rewarding experience.  What
  might have been more significant was the opportunity to meet with and
  discuss "real science" with members of FDA in an informal and friendly

  Tomorrow I will print a transcript of my comments from yesterday's
  Washington panel.

  Thursday, December 2 - Day 26
  The FDA Testimony - as promised

  [Robert Cohen appeared on an FDA panel in Washington on Tuesday,
  November 30, 1999…some of you may have seen his speech on C-Span…Mr.
  Cohen spoke last, and each of the other panel members read prepared
  statements.  Members of the panel also included Mildred Cody, who
  represented the American Dietetic Association; Mario Teisl, a professor
  of economics at the University of Maine; John Gray, president of the
  International Food Service Distributors Association; Kendal Keith,
  president of the National Grain & Feed Association; and Richard Caplan,
  an environmental advocate with the US Public Interest Research Group.]

  Testimony 11-30-99

  Hi everybody, I've got to apologize first - I don't have a prepared
  statement like the other panel members.  All I'm going to give here is
  some facts.

  I have a copy of the Federal Register. It says here advertising this

  "FDA is not aware of information that will distinguish genetically
  engineered food as a class from other foods."

  you some information today, guys.

  The greatest controversy in FDA history was the approval process for
  Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  We shouldn't
  be here today! We should not be in this room and I shouldn't be here
  because, in 1994, Congress HAD A BILL that was going to require
  mandatory labeling of all foods that were influenced by genetic
  engineering.  I got my Congresswoman to co-sponsor that bill - 181
  congresspeople co-sponsored that bill, and you know what? I learned how
  Congress works that year because in 6 months they stalled the bill - 12
  members of the Dairy Livestock  & Poultry Committee - they stalled the
  bill until the 1994 session of Congress expired and the bill died.

  I was so upset, I investigated these 12 men and found that collectively
  they took $711,000 in PAC money from companies with dairy interests, and
  four of the members of the committee took money directly from Monsanto.

  Now we've got a lot of political intrigue and some real science here.
  We've got science fiction, we've got a combination of John Grisham and
  we've got a combination of Stephen King.

  Nikita Khrushchev said that what the scientists have in their briefcase
  A STACK OF PAPERS] and I've got some interesting things in my briefcase
  to share with you today.

  When Monsanto made their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone,
  they noticed a couple of problems right towards the end - right before
  approval.  They noticed that laboratory animals were getting cancer, and
  they noticed that cows were getting mastitis, ulcers in their udders.
  They were putting more pus and bacteria into the milk. So Monsanto

  We've heard from Dr. Maryanski this morning, and Dr. Maryanski talked
  about the Pure Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act but what he didn't tell you
  was that in 1958, Robert Delaney, a congressman from New York, added the
  Delaney Amendment which was named after him.  The Delaney Amendment
  stated that if a food additive caused cancer, it was not to be approved
  - a pretty good law - right?

  Monsanto got their attorney, Michael Taylor from the firm of King &
  Spalding…  By the way, when they started in 1979, they groomed their
  attorney who is now in the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, from the same
  law firm.

  Anyway, Monsanto's attorney, Michael Taylor, wrote and minimized the
  Delaney Amendment- he wrote a scientific paper that was published in the
  "Journal of Toxicology".  Lawyers -they write in law review journals,
  but this lawyer wrote in the "Journal of Toxicology":  "a De-Minumus
  interpretation of the Delaney Amendment" became the new protocol, the
  new standard operating procedure at FDA.  They minimized cancer.

  Michael Taylor was hired by the Food & Drug Administration, and became
  the second most powerful man there, Monsanto's attorney - he wrote the
  standard operating procedure.  In other words, if you see cancer, ignore
  it.  Margaret Miller and Suzanne Sechen, Monsanto's scientists, were
  hired by the FDA to review Monsanto's own research.

  Margaret Miller knew cows were getting mastitis. The first week at the
  FDA, December 3, 1989, she was given broad power, and here's an affect
  of genetic engineering nobody has considered.  She knew cows were
  getting sick from the genetically engineered hormone.  She changed the
  amount of antibiotics that farmers could have in their milk.  She
  changed it from 1 part per 100 million to 1 part per million - this is a
  fact!  She increased it by 100 times.

  There is a hero of mine in the audience, Michael Hansen from Consumer's
  Union - Consumer's Union tested milk in the New York metropolitan area
  and found the presence of 52 different antibiotics in milk samples.

  FDA published on August 24, 1990, the first time ever in a peer-reviewed
  journal, in "Science". "Science" was started by Thomas Edison in the
  1880's. They published a review of bovine somatotropin -bGH -the
  genetically engineered cow hormone.  And in that review, there were
  seven tables of data. Five of those tables came from one study authored
  by Richard, Odaglia and Deslex. This is the famous "90-Day Study." Guess
  what?  This was actually a study lasting for 180 days and when I first
  heard about this in 1994, I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request
  for that study - because I saw from the data that the average spleen of
  a lab animal increased 46%.

  I called FDA and spoke with Dick Teske.  I said, "46%? You said there
  were no biological effects!"

  He said, "That's not statistically significant."

  I said, "Well, let me see the raw data."

  He said, "It's a trade secret."

  I called Monsanto, they laughed at me.  They said, "It's a trade secret
  and you will never see it."

  I'm smart, I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request, but I
  didn't realize you can't find out the study.  I went to Federal Court, I
  said, "Your honor - spleen increase of 46%, that's leukemia in 90

  I met with FDA on April 21, 1995, and found out that this was actually
  a 180-day study.

  In Canada, they had this study.  I have a letter here [ROBERT COHEN
  REACHES INTO HIS BRIEFCASE], an internal memorandum:

  "This is to advise you that the copies of reports, letters, etc. for
  drug submissions have been stolen from my files."

  This was stolen from a scientist's file in Canada. They stole the second
  half of the "90-Day Study."

  We've got real science here. I'm going to talk briefly about the real
  science because when Monsanto made this hormone, they had to tell the
  FDA - they had to draw a chart of every amino acid - the 191 amino
  acids. And when FDA wrote their paper in "Science" magazine they wrote
  that one amino acid changed - it was a different hormone than the
  naturally occurring one.

  At the same time, somebody hired C. Everett Koop to come and say that
  genetically engineered milk and the good old wholesome milk is
  indistinguishable. Well, it wasn't.  Something happened to the hormone
  that Monsanto made. The FDA said that there was one change in the
  endamino acid. It became epsilon-N-acetyllysine.  FDA had written if
  there was a change in the middle of the protein, there could be
  disastrous results.  They cited Jerome Moore.  I got Jerome Moore's
  paper.  It said if there is a protein change in the middle, there could
  be Alzheimer's or sickle cell anemia or diabetes.

  Four months after the hormone was approved, one of Monsanto's
  scientists, Bernard Violand, published in the July 3, 1994 issue of the
  journal "Protein Science" evidence that Monsanto made a mistake.

  Oops!  Monsanto created a freak amino acid.  Did you ever see that movie
  "The Fly" with Jeff Goldblum when the fly comes in and he becomes
  half-human and half-fly?  Monsanto created a freak amino acid.  Monsanto
  admitted it but didn't tell the FDA.  [ROBERT COHEN TURNS AND POINTS TO

  Gentlemen, the hormone that's on the market today is different than the
  one you tested for seven years.  Monsanto spent 500 million dollars,
  submitted 55,000 pages of information to you, learned late in the
  process that they created a freak amino acid - that's what was tested on
  laboratory animals and it didn't matter because FDA said to Monsanto,
  you know something?  It's safe because when you pasteurize milk, you
  destroy the hormone.

  They performed this research up in Guelph, Ontario by Paul Groenewegan,
  To this day, FDA thinks -it's on your web page - that 90% of the bovine
  growth hormone is destroyed by pasteurization.  But what Paul
  Groenewegan did working with Ted Elasser and Brian McBride, two Monsanto
  scientists, was he pasteurized milk for 30 minutes at 162ºF, and when I
  read that - I said, wait a second, milk is pasteurized for 15 seconds at
  that temperature - not 30 minutes.  They intentionally tried to destroy
  the hormone, they only destroyed 19% of it - somebody lied.  And at that
  moment, FDA said to Monsanto:

  "Because you destroy it by pasteurization, you don't have to do further
  toxicology studies.  You don't have to develop a test for this hormone
  in milk.  It's now safe to drink."

  They (FDA) developed a zero day withdrawal - they determined it was safe
  to drink.

  We have a lot of political intrigue here.  We have an interesting
  situation where people have said that a revolving door policy exists at
  FDA.  I mean, where is the ex-FDA commissioner, guess who he is working
  for? He is working for Monsanto.  Bob Dole ran for President, his Chief
  of Staff was Donald Rumsfeld (ex-president of Searle, owned by
  Monsanto).  I have one last comment…


  I know, but we have a labeling issue here - we have a right to know  - I
  have listened to comments about "multi-faceted educational effort that
  we need" - that's called brainwashing! I don't want a "multi-faceted
  educational effort" - I want a double helical structure (AUDIENCE
  APPLAUDS) on a piece of food that I'm going to buy in the supermarket
  because I have a right to know.

  Because the bottom line is - mistakes were made and when I hear from the
  American Dietetic Association, [ROBERT COHEN ADDRESSES A MEMBER OF THE
  want to remind you that Monsanto gave you $100,000 to set up a toll-free
  hotline about the bovine growth hormone.

  Mistakes were made! We've got political intrigue here and the bottom
  line is we have a right to know what we are eating.  Thank you.

  ********* End testimony 11-30-99

  Friday, December 3 - Day 27

  Dear Friends,

  Today is the twenty-seventh day of my hungerstrike.

  Rachel's photo is next to mine on the LONG TERM portion of this website.
  Many months ago, Rachel planted into me the seed for this hungerstike.

  Yesterday Rachel decided that her body needed a rest from her fast, and
  she will soon be eating food.  She is listening to her body, and I urge
  all people to do the same.

  There is great wisdom and no shame in not continuing with me until
  death.  Many years ago, I used to go with my father to Madison Square
  Garden to watch track meets.

  We would cheer Marty Liquori as he attempted to run sub-four minute

  Quite often, in the same race, there would be runners whose role it was
  to set the pace and run a very fast first half-mile.  These runners
  would then drop out of the race and cheer from the sidelines along with
  the crowd.

  Rachel has given me great comfort and has been one of those runners.  We
  have spoken privately about her decision, which I support 100%.  I have
  not even once urged her to continue for another day... A few people have
  criticized Rachel's decision, and this is hurtful to me and Rach.  Many
  people in the dairy industry delight in seeing what they believe to be
  failure.  There is no failure.

  Americans are sending a clear signal to the dairy industry.  On March
  23, 1971, Richard Nixon received a $3 million dollar cash gift from the
  dairy industry.  The giving of that gift was recorded on a Watergate
  tape.  A few months later, Nixon set price controls for milk, and in
  doing so guaranteed that the price farmers receive for 100 pounds of
  milk would not fall below $9.90.  One month ago, farmers were receiving
  $16.49 for 100 pounds of milk.  As we started our hunger strike, the
  price of milk fell $4.77, a traumatic financial event for dairymen and
  their families.

  Next week, the wholesale price of milk will fall below the governmental
  support price for the first time in history.

  Our hunger strike is turning the eyes of the world upon FDA, waiting for
  their decision to revoke the genetically engineered bovine growth
  hormone.  We are also reaching American milk drinkers with new evidence.
  The genetic milk contains hormones which are dangerous for human health.

  As milk sours on the shelves, farmers continue to inject more hormones
  into their cows, producing more milk.  Less demand, more supply.  That
  ends up with the worst kind of economic theory.  In a free market, that
  means disaster for farmers as prices plummet.  When demand decreases,
  one should not increase supply.  That is what the dairy industry
  continues to do.

  Rachel wrote a letter explaining her decision and my reaction.  I would
  like to share that letter with you.


  "I had to write a note quickly and let you know that Robert was
  ABSOLUTELY supportive of my decision.  All along he has made it clear
  that we each make our own decisions in this. If I fasted for one day or
  for one hundred days or more, Robert would acknowledge that it is my
  decision and be supportive of that.

  Robert has completely validated my choice to temporarily go off the fast
  and has been incredibly appreciative of my participation in the protest
  as a whole.   His first concern would always be for the health and well-
  being of the participants and he would never want anyone to fast for one
  minute longer than they felt was right for them.

  Robert has made comparisons to climbing Mount Everest.  I make
  comparisons to running a marathon.  He is fasting for the long haul.
  I've run the first three weeks or so with him and I need to take a rest.
  Others are running with him now in the fast.  I will rejoin him down the
  road and run alongside him again.   Yet others are along the roadway
  handing him cups of water or juice to replenish his strength.  Still
  others are along the roadway shouting words of encouragement.   No one
  person plays a more important role than the other, in my opinion.  The
  important thing to remember is that we are all in this together, no
  matter what type of contribution we are making. Robert has stressed that
  time and again - this is OUR hunger strike.   It matters not to him that
  I needed to stop fasting for a while.  He trusts me enough to know that
  I'm doing what I feel is best.    In the long run I will be of much more
  value to the effort as a whole because of taking this brief break from
  the fast.  I believe that, and I know that Robert does too."

  Saturday, December 4 - Day 28

  Today is the twenty-eighth day of my hunger strike.  One month, and
  so much has happened. Yesterday was the worst day in the history of
  America's dairy industry.  Farmers witnessed wholesale milk prices fall
  so low that many of them will not be able to remain in business.

  I am proud to say that a result of my work has been to decrease
  America's consumption of milk.  By genetically engineering milk, there
  has been an increase of milk production in response to the decrease in
  demand, and farmers are feeling the pressure.  However, I take little
  pleasure in seeing such pain brought to dairymen and their families.
  America's dairy farmers are among the hardest working people in America.
  My comfort comes in knowing that their work ethic will allow them to
  survive and prosper in any other field of work.  I hope that many of
  them pursue organic farming.  I will then become a happy consumer and
  will urge others to buy their crops.

  There is a consequence of genetic engineering that few have previously
  considered and that is one of economics.

  Dairy farmers have been dealt the Queen of Spades, and many will see
  their pasts and futures destroyed by Monsanto during coming months.

  One year ago, farmers were getting $7.05 more for 100 pounds of milk
  than they are getting today. Yesterday, the wholesale price of milk fell
  to $9.79 for 100 pounds.  At this level, farmers cannot even afford to
  use Monsanto's genetically engineered hormone.  They are dying a slow
  death and are caught in failure's spiraling cyclone.

  Many will have no money to pay their mortgages nor send their children
  to college.  No belt-tightening will stave off the inevitable.  Monsanto
  has destroyed them.

  Twenty-five percent more milk in a market where the demand for milk is
  shrinking make for a poor economic theory.  Their solution?  Produce
  even more milk.  As demand decreased, supply increased.  As supply
  increased, Monsanto marketed and sold more of the genetically engineered
  bovine growth hormone.

  It will be no different with soybeans or corn.  It costs farmers over $3
  to grow a bushel of corn, yet, this past year they were receiving $1.87
  for that bushel.  The solution?  Grow more corn.  Europe will not buy
  our genetically engineered corn.  Man's greed has dissolved into man's
  tragedy.  The consequences of genetically modified organisms are more
  than just the health of human consumers and the environment.  There are
  economic concerns that may very well destroy America's farms.

  I urge all dairy farmers to join me for one day of fasting.  Let us send
  a message to the FDA.  We never wanted a hormone that would change the
  milk.  We did not need more milk.  The hormone caused disease in cows
  and cancer in lab animals.  Monsanto's fraud became the dairy farmers
  horrible destiny.  Loss of business, loss of farm.

  Let us all immediately ask FDA to revoke rbGH.

  Sunday, December 5 - Day 29

  Today is the twenty-ninth day of my hunger strike.

  Yesterday, the three hundredth person pledged support to our cause.
  Each member added to our team represents a special milestone, but three
  hundred people pledging to not eat any food for a day or longer
  represents a very special sacrifice.  I am touched.  We are a movement
  and have become soldiers in this army of activism.

  Nearly 25 centuries ago, the city-states making up the Greek empire were
  threatened by an invading force of 200,000 troops from Persia.  Nearly
  1,000 ships sailed against Greece, but its citizens were unprepared for
  such a threat.  Athens relied upon Sparta for its primary defense, but
  the Spartans were initially only able to put together an army of 300
  warriors.  The Spartan king, Leonidas, led his troops to a narrow
  50-foot gap between the mountains and sea, and there began a classic
  defense of that nation.

  Three hundred soldiers saved the Greek empire, just as 300 of us are now
  ready to etch our mark upon world history.  They fought with passion and
  determination, and held King Xerxes and his army at that pass for nearly
  a week.  That provided enough time for Athens to plan a strategy and
  properly arm for battle.  A few weeks later, an outnumbered Greek army
  and navy routed the invading Persian force and won their victory, just
  as we shall win ours.

  Our weapons are not spears, and we do not kill our adversaries.  We win
  this battle with logic.  With science.  With facts.

  The FDA has a decision to make, and they are now in a stalling pattern.
  We seek to end a threat to all Americans.  There is a poison in our
  food.  There was once a poison at FDA.  The old guard has left and a new
  administration rules.  Our scientific data are being analyzed.  Our
  proof of previous scientific fraud and deceit is being reviewed by
  senior FDA administrators.

  We wage our battle by our hunger strike.  We continue, trusting in the
  wisdom of FDA reviewers.  We are patient, but every day that passes is
  another day that milk consumers are jeopardized.

  We are at war, make no doubt about that.  We have called upon FDA to
  review our claims.  Are they vigilant?  Are they diligent?

  Monsanto defrauded the FDA.  The genetically engineered bovine growth
  hormone now on the market is entirely different from the hormone that
  was approved in 1994.  Monsanto changed the formula and never told FDA.
  That evidence has been presented to FDA.  There is no dispute.  Monsanto
  is guilty.  Time will place additional guilt upon FDA.  They must act
  immediately.  We question that delay.

  Must we use additional weapons?  Perhaps a Congressional investigation
  is appropriate.  We rely upon FDA reviewers to do the right thing.  Will
  they?  How long do we wait?  This is a battle that is now being
  fought on many playing fields. We hope and trust that FDA is our ally
  and a friend to the American people.  We know that Monsanto is not.

  Last week, angry Americans rioted in the streets of Seattle at meetings
  of the World Trade Organization.  FDA is concerned that a similar
  protest will occur in Oakland.  On Monday, December 13th, FDA will hold
  a hearing across the Golden State Bridge from America's traditional
  hotbed of political protest, Berkeley, California.

  We urge FDA to send a message to America before that meeting.  Lies and
  deceit will no longer be tolerated.  Monsanto has poisoned America with
  their bovine growth hormone.  Canada fairly reviewed Monsanto's research
  and rejected that hormone.  So did Europe.  Now is the time for FDA to
  act.  We consider FDA our protector and remind them of their fiduciary

  The age of protest revisits America.  We want peace and harmony, but let
  FDA know that Seattle was the first warning.  Please let us trust you,
  and allow us to enter the new millennium as partners.  Be our friend,
  and not our enemy.  The lines of battle are drawn.

  Does FDA march with Monsanto or do they independently and fairly review
  the evidence against a firm that lied and cheated?

  To not act makes FDA as guilty as those who are the liars and deceivers.

  Monday, December 6 - Day 30

  Today is the 30th day of my diary.  Many of you have written to me on a
  daily basis asking about my health.  The truth should be known, while I
  have not eaten in 30 days, I haven't felt this good in many years.  My
  energy level is high, I need less sleep, and little aches and pains that
  one associates with mid-life have ceased.  Perhaps things might take a
  turn for the worse after my 60th day or my 100th day of not eating.

  Some of you have asked why I am on a hunger strike and have suggested
  that I post a "button" with the hows and whys and meaning of this hunger
  strike.  Your advice is good advice, and I will do that today.  Here is
  what I will post:

  The greatest controversy in the history of the Food & Drug
  Administration was the approval process for Monsanto's genetically
  engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH).  Evidence submitted to FDA
  reveals an enormous scientific fraud and political deceit perpetrated on
  the American people.

  Recently obtained scientific data indicated that Monsanto's hormone
  caused cancer in laboratory animals.

  FDA incorrectly concluded that there were no biological effects on lab
  animals and assumed that rbGH in milk could not survive digestion.  A
  newly published study indicates that milk hormones increase 10% in human
  blood serum.

  Monsanto created a "freak amino acid" when they first made the bovine
  growth hormone.  They learned of this error after FDA had finished their
  review, and they changed the formula without alerting FDA.  The drug
  that is on the market is completely different from the one that was
  approved and must be immediately taken out of our food supply.

  There is no ethical, legal, or scientific reason for FDA to continue to
  protect Monsanto.  We are on a hunger strike and will continue to remain
  on a hunger strike until FDA honestly reviews out evidence.  Such review
  most certainly will end with FDA revoking rbGH.

  My life and my possible death are dedicated to the children who have
  gotten leukemia and other cancers similar to those seen in laboratory
  animals.  I will end my hunger strike only when FDA acts.

  There is enormous evidence on this website.  Please review the facts and
  send an e-mail to FDA to let them know that you will no longer accept
  such compromise and deceit.  Please, if you can, join us for one
  symbolic day and let us share your name with the rest of the world.

  Tuesday, December 7 - Day 31

  Today is the 31st day of my hunger strike.  We are a small army.
  Fighting a battle properly relies upon logistics, planning, and analysis
  of data.  We are, by our existence, an enormous threat to Monsanto.
  Last year, Monsanto did $8.6 billion worth of business.  Our hunger
  strike could take away hundreds of millions of dollars of annual cash
  flow and has the potential to severely damage, if not altogether
  destroy, hundreds of billions of dollars of future genetically
  engineered biotech sugarplums.

  Do you imagine that Monsanto will rest and not do anything about our

  In October, I registered and opened the site.  I began
  my hunger strike on November 7th.  In early October, I began discussions
  with Monsanto urging them to remove the bovine growth hormone on their
  own.  I alerted a few senior level Monsanto executives that I was going
  to file a citizen's petition with FDA.

  The reason why I am writing these things in today's journal entry is
  because another website opened during the month of October.  That
  website is  The owner of that website is Paul
  Dennis.  Mr. Dennis has e-mailed every person on the hunger strike list
  with lies about the amount of people visiting the
  site.  Please be aware that we have received over 5,000 visits from
  people at FDA alone.

  Mr. Dennis pretends to have our best interests at heart, yet the opening
  sentence of his letter is, "Robert Cohen's hunger strike is not going
  well."  He then continues in his letter to tell you that "your sacrifice
  will be for nothing."  He then offers advice on how to increase traffic
  to a site.

  A review of the guestbook on my first website,, reveals
  1,440 letters.  I challenge anybody to find any guestbook on the
  Internet with more passionate responses to any issue than what the
  notmilk guestbook has generated.

  Mr. Dennis' expert advice and knowledge does not apply to his own
  website.  His guestbook contains 18 letters.  The
  contains over 100 letters.  The first letter in his guestbook comes from
  an angry critic.  Normally, when one sets up a webpage, one first sends
  news of that page to colleagues and friends.

  Mr. Dennis has written a letter to my guestbook (record #83) in which he
  "slams" the advice of the three doctors listed on this site.  Dennis
  calls fasting "the polite word for starvation."  In that letter posted
  on 11-26, he writes that there is "clear evidence that almost nobody is
  listening, why should Monsanto and FDA care about the hunger strike?"

  Dennis criticizes the fact that I have removed the counter from the
  page.  Last week, many of you may have seen that the website is now more
  user-friendly and easier to load. At the same time that I removed the
  counter, I also removed the graphic containing my book and tape, which
  were for sale.  The site now loads more easily.


  Remember friends, Monsanto has a multi-billion dollar investment.  Mr.
  Dennis may or not be an infiltrator.  However, with friends like this
  who needs enemies?  The hunger strike will be the subject of three major
  magazine articles next month, and I am currently working with a
  television crew from one of America's network news magazine shows.
  There are also other surprises in store that some of you know about, but
  will not be pre-published on this site so that they achieve the greatest
  publicity effect.

  Should Mr. Dennis wish to post a comment to the guestbook, that comment
  will be posted in its entirety.  Please be aware, however, that the
  apple that Mr. Dennis extends to you may not be offered with the best of
  intentions, and I urge you to read his comments and then exercise your
  control over your delete button.

  Wednesday, December 8 - Day 32

  Today is the 32nd day of my hunger strike.  Tomorrow I will present the
  following to the United States Department of Agriculture in Washington,
  DC.  Milk contains hormones.  That is what our hunger strike is about.
  USDA is holding hearings about obesity in America.  The following is a
  part of my presentation.  It may shock you:


  Throughout history, obesity and wealth have been directly proportional.
  Aristocracy has always benefited from the creme de la creme of man's
  food supply, and overeating of rich foods has been reserved for the
  rulers of both primitive and civilized societies.

  Today, starvation and malnutrition are directly proportional to poverty
  in most world nations.  America is the exception.  In the United States,
  being poor often means being overweight.

  Poor children in America's inner cities are often roly-poly fat
  children.  Drive by any schoolyard in America's inner cities and
  overweight kids are the norm, not the exception.

  Children, lacking in proper nutrition at home, are now the beneficiaries
  of school breakfast and lunch programs.

  What food group is the most subsidized in America?

  Milk and dairy products.

  On March 23, 1971, President Richard Nixon was taped accepting a $3
  million dollar cash gift in the oval office.  John Connally soon entered
  and commented:  "These men are adamant, they're militant and they're
  massing an enormous amount of money to place into political activities."

  Milk is now mandatory for school lunch programs.

  Milk contains powerful growth hormones, fat, and cholesterol. The most
  powerful growth hormone in the human body is identical to the most
  powerful growth hormone in a cow's body.  That hormone instructs every
  cell in the human body to grow.

  Bovine hormones in milk survive digestive processes and act to turn our
  children into bovine-like creatures.

  Milk contains powerful hormones.  Rates of sexual maturity in children
  are astounding endocrinologists and behavioral psychologists.  A recent
  study revealed that eighty percent of nine-year-old African-American
  girls had breast development.

  Children are becoming overweight at an early age.  By eating growth
  hormones in combination with animal fat, the body has a way of listening
  to the signals of those chemical messengers: GROW!

  Many children of color live below the poverty level.  In its wisdom, the
  United States Department of Agriculture provides free food and
  nutritional programs for these kids.  In its lack of wisdom, USDA has
  chosen milk and dairy products to be the major components of these kids'
  diets.  These children now receive free breakfasts of cereal with milk,
  free lunches of chocolate milk with macaroni and cheese or pizza.  A
  free snack before they go home is more chocolate milk.

  In Japan, every year since 1946, tens-of-thousands of persons have been
  interviewed and their diets carefully analyzed along with their weights
  and heights and other factors such as cancer rates and age of puberty
  (the last measured by the onset of menstruation in young girls).  This
  study includes detailed personal interviews and is well respected and
  accepted by scientists.  In 1975, 21,707 persons from 6,093 households
  were included in the sampling.  The results of the study were published
  in a respected scientific journal, Preventive Medicine (Yasuo Kagawa,
  Department of Biochemistry, Jichi Medical School, Japan, 7, 205-217,

  Japan had been devastated by losing a war and was occupied by American
  troops.  Americanization included dietary changes.  Milk and dairy
  products, relatively unknown to Japan, were becoming a significant part
  of the Japanese diet.  According to this study, the per capita yearly
  dietary intake of dairy products in 1950 was only 5.5 pounds.  Twenty-
  five years later, the average Japanese ate 117.4 pounds of milk and
  dairy products.

  What happened to young girls and the impact of milk consumption on
  puberty is dramatic.  In 1950, the average twelve-year-old girl was 4'6"
  tall and weighed 71 pounds.  By 1975, the average Japanese girl, after
  guzzling a daily diet of milk and dairy products containing 59 different
  bioactive hormones, had grown an average of 4 1/2 inches and gained 19
  pounds.  In 1950, the average Japanese girl had her first menstrual
  cycle at the age of 15.2 years.  Twenty-five years later, after a daily
  intake of estrogen and progesterone from milk, the average Japanese girl
  was ovulating at the age of 12.2 years, three years younger.

  Ten pounds of milk are required to make one pound of cheese. In 1960,
  the average American ate ten pounds of cheese.  Today, the average
  American eats thirty pounds of cheese.  Concentrated growth hormones in
  the presence of fat and cholesterol do just what they were designed to
  accomplish.  Milk and dairy products represent 40% of the average
  American's diet, 666 pounds per year per person.


  Thursday, December 9 - Day 33

  Today is the 33rd day of my hunger strike.  I am saddened by what is
  happening in America and recall the days of student activism in my
  youth.  In 1968, students and police clashed in the streets of Chicago
  at the Democratic Convention.   Inside the arena, Senator Abraham
  Ribicoff of Connecticut grabbed the microphone and denounced the
  Gestapo-like tactics in the streets outside the convention hall.  As he
  spoke, Chicago's mayor, Richard Daley, had the Senator's microphone shut

  Our voice has also been shut off by the Food & Drug Administration
  (FDA).  FDA is conducting hearings on food labeling and biotechnology.
  The first hearing was in Chicago and the second in Washington D.C.  At
  the same time that the second hearing was being held, students were
  clashing with police at the World Trade Organization (WTO) hearings in
  Seattle.  Many of these protesters, dressed as monarch butterflies and
  genetically engineered tomatoes, were frustrated by having no say in
  WTO's process.

  FDA has been so concerned about a similar demonstration at their Oakland
  hearing scheduled for December 13, 1999 that they are imposing the most
  incredulous Gestapo-like censorship at this third and final "public"
  hearing.  Notices of such meetings must be published by law in the
  Federal Register.  After this notice was published, the FDA changed the
  location.  Calls have been made from my office everyday this week to
  find the new location but FDA continues not to reveal any of the details
  about their so-called public meeting.  Shame on the FDA!

  We are on a hunger strike because FDA did not review or pay attention to
  key evidence and adverse effects in laboratory animals from the
  genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  It seems clear that FDA
  is conducting themselves in a biased manner and, by their actions, are
  motivating people to take to the streets.  All we request is an honest
  hearing.  We do not care for the FDA's latest lack of integrity.
  I am now driving home from Washington having testified before USDA.
  Many of my critics have accused me of writing absurdities in my daily
  diary and of being delirious from a lack of food for 33 days.  Perhaps
  they are right.  I just had the most unusual fantasy. Jimmy Carter
  lusted in his heart and, in doing so, admitted that he committed
  adultery.  I just lusted in my heart for fried chicken.  I'm driving
  home and passing the rest stop and there is a big sign for KFC.  I
  haven't eaten chicken in three years and I don't intend to.  But I do
  remember how good it tastes and I do admit to having salivated when I
  saw that sign.  Such is the fate of a man on a hunger strike.

  Friday, December 10 - Day 34

  Today is Day 34 of my hunger strike.  Yesterday's trip to Washington
  reminded me of Fellini's "Satyricon."  The surreal atmosphere and
  absurdities of governmental hearings must be seen to be appreciated.
  The purpose of the meeting was for USDA to receive comments from the
  public on obesity in America.  Thirty-five speakers appeared
  representing a diverse assortment of interests and viewpoints.  Most of
  the experts addressing obesity were themselves obese.  That seemed a
  little funny to me.  The three skinniest people there all made
  presentations submitting evidence as to the benefits of  a plant-based
  vegetarian diet.  They included Miyun Park from PETA; Alex Hershaft, a
  well-known vegetarian activist; and Patricia Bertron from the Physicians
  Committee for Responsible Medicine.

  There were some very curious and biased presenters representing agencies
  such as the National Soft Drinks Association and the Sugar Association.
  There was also a presentation from Michael Jacobson from the Center for
  Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).  This organization does not
  represent my interests.  They work closely with the dairy industry
  endorsing Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Mr.
  Jacobson also advocated a low-fat milk program for public schools.

  It's not the fat in milk, it's the growth hormones.  Those hormones are
  powerful, and one in particular, IGF-I, is identical between humans and
  cows.  Forty percent of the average American's diet consists of this
  powerful growth hormone. It should be no surprise that America's obesity
  problem has reached epidemic proportions.

  I experienced mixed feelings of amusement and anger when Barbara Moore,
  the spokesperson for Shape Up America, gave her presentation.  Her
  concluding remarks were, "Although inappropriate food choices and a
  total breakdown of portion control are vitally important factors
  contributing to obesity, many of the societal changes that are
  contributing to the growing prevalence of obesity in America have
  nothing to do with nutrition."

  Her concluding comment is particularly absurd when compared to her
  opening statement.  Dr. Moore said, "We live in a nation where children
  do not drink their milk…"

  Dr. Moore suggested that USDA's national nutrition summit planned for
  May of 2000 be delayed until after the presidential election.  I was
  astounded when I heard these words.  Here we have an epidemic of
  obesity, and a group called Shape Up America wants to put off a
  discussion of this problem.  Go figure.

  Saturday, December 11 - Day 35

  Today is the 35th day of my hunger strike.  I performed a
  self-motivational act this morning.  I battled the Christmas crowds and
  went to Macy's and purchased a pair of pants 5 sizes smaller than the
  pair I am currently wearing.  While it doesn't fit yet, it should be a
  perfect fit some time in mid-February.

  Valentine's Day theoretically becomes the 100th day of my hunger
  strike.  Don't send chocolates.  I say theoretically because the Food &
  Drug Administration, in their wisdom, may take Monsanto's genetically
  engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH) off of the market.  I say
  theoretically because who knows whether I'll live that long on this
  hunger strike.

  I have written about a "freak" amino acid that was transcribed when
  Monsanto created rbGH.  This week, Pete Hardin, the editor of a dairy
  industry magazine, contacted me and asked for supporting evidence for
  that statement.  I had originally discovered that "gem" by reading
  abstracts of scientific studies on MEDLINE, a database containing
  hundreds of thousands of studies published in peer-reviewed journals.  I
  never actually saw the entire paper.

  I searched through files and boxes and could not locate the study.  I
  sheepishly called back Mr. Hardin and apologized for my inability to
  produce the reference.  I blamed that inability on my parents who raised
  me to become all of the good and bad I now am.  Keeping records is not
  my strong point.  Hardin laughed and informed me that he had just
  obtained the entire study from the University of Wisconsin Research
  Library.  I then learned that it was a lot worse than I had previously
  concluded.  Not only did Monsanto create a "freak" amino acid in the
  #144 position, but they made errors in the #157 and #167 positions
  also.  Furthermore, Bernard Violand's paper cites a previously published
  paper revealing that errors were made in the #171 and #180 positions as
  well.  That is a total of five different mistakes.

  Please take note of the importance of this critically significant

  When FDA scientists reviewed this enormous controversy, publishing a
  paper in the August 24, 1990 edition of SCIENCE, here is what they

  "The primary sequence of these products was either the same as or
  differed only slightly from pituitary-derived bGH.  Differences occur
  only NH-2 terminus end of the protein. Monsanto Agricultural company
  product has a single amino acid substitute."

  FDA did not even suspect what Monsanto already knew in 1991.  When
  Monsanto learned of the additional errors in 1993, a process was
  developed to filter out the significant number of incorrect proteins
  containing "freak" amino acids so that the product that is on the market
  today is completely free of those genetically engineered mistakes.

  HOWEVER…Monsanto's admission is also a condemnation of the entire
  process of genetic engineering and FDA review.  Monsanto's new hormone
  is completely different than the one for which Monsanto submitted 55,000
  pages of research evidence and testimony.

  In order to get that hormone approved, Monsanto lied and deceived the
  FDA, calling in favors from people in high places, having their lawyer
  (Michael Taylor) writing the rules and regulations by which all
  genetically-modified organisms are now governed.  This is why we are on
  a hunger strike.

Sunday, December 12 - Day 36

Today is the 36th day of my hunger strike.

Dear FDA:

You have visited this website over 6,000 times during the months of
November and December.  You have been reading our message and have yet
to act on the real science submitted to you.  Our demand is that you
immediately remove Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone form the market.

Tomorrow you will hear the voice of America.  Tomorrow thousands of
people in Oakland, California will demonstrate at your biotechnology and
food labeling conference.

In the spirit of Christmas, we request that you carefully listen to
these voices.  Know that our spirit cannot be conquered.  Know that this
movement will grow. Know that activism exists because you give us the
reason to protest.

In the spirit of Christmas, we send you these words from our favorite

"He knows when you've been SLEEPING,
He knows when you're awake.
He knows when you've been BAD or good,
So be good for goodness sake."

Monday, December 13 - Day 37

Today is the 37th day of my hunger strike.  Somebody must be watching
because I'm getting a quite a few threatening letters and I've had to
disconnect my telephone during the overnight hours.

I would like for you to know about an organization that I wholeheartedly
support.  Ronnie Cummings has been running the Organic Consumers'
Association for a number of years from his Minnesota home.  At one time,
Ronnie worked and ran the Pure Food Campaign for Jeremy Rifkin.

Ron is a friend and I felt very bad when he wrote and told me about the
painful experience of receiving pepper spray in his eyes a few weeks ago
in Seattle.  Ron's website has been informing consumers about the
dangers of genetically engineered foods:  If you would
like more information, Ronnie's Organic Consumers' Organization can be
reached at 218-726-1443.

According to Ron, many companies routinely use genetically engineered
foods in their ingredients.  Here are the toll free numbers for five of
those companies.  Perhaps you will let them know how you feel:

	Nabisco			800-862-2638
	Kraft			800-543-5335
	Heinz			888-472-8437
	Kellogg's		800-962-1413
	Proctor & Gamble	800-595-1407

Thousands of consumers will be protesting at the Food & Drug
Administration biotechnology conference in Oakland, California today.  I
will review today's demonstration in tomorrow's newsletter.  I hope and
pray that the passions in California streets do not reach the same level
of ugliness that they did a few weeks ago in Seattle.  We protest
because we no longer trust the Food & Drug Administration.  One very big
statement that FDA could make to America is to revoke the use of
Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Science and
logic dictate that they act immediately to do this.  This is why we are
in the streets and future demonstrations will contain more protestors
with even greater passion.

Tuesday, December 14 - Day 38

Yesterday was the third of three FDA public hearings on biotechnology,
genetic engineering, and labeling.

A crowd of 1,000 protestors was expected, but bad weather held back large
crowds.  The Oakland Tribune reported that about 500 people attended a
noontime rally against genetic manipulation.  State Senator Tom Hayden
addressed the crowd and promised to introduce a bill to get California
to require labeling of genetically engineered foods.  Rally organizers
claimed that this was the largest genetic food protest ever heard in the
United States.  After Hayden spoke, the crowd chanted,

"Hey, hey, ho, ho.
Frankenfoods have got to go."

Police had expected up to 5,000 protestors and came to the rally
anticipating a peaceful protest, unlike the police in Seattle.  What
they expected is exactly what they got, and the peaceful protestors
carried signs such as "Get Your Pig Gene Out of My Tomato" and "Save the
Rice from the Splice."

Over the weekend, President Clinton made his weekly radio address,
speaking on food safety.  Clinton said, "There's really is no such thing
as too safe.  Food safety is part of our citizens' basic contract with
the government.  Any food that fails to meet clear and strict standards
for safety should not make it to the marketplace."

We would like Mr. Clinton and all Americans to know that we have the
"goods" on Monsanto.  Evidence has been submitted to the FDA that
Monsanto created five significant errors (different amino acids) when
creating the hormone that is now in dairy products.  Despite the fact
that FDA approved that hormone because they concluded that there were
absolutely no effects on laboratory animals, recent review of Monsanto's
studies proves otherwise.  We anxiously await and continue our hunger
strike as FDA scientists re-review our petition containing the real

Wednesday, December 15 - Day 39

Today is the 39th day of my hunger strike.

We are at war, have no doubt about that.  Monsanto is the enemy and we
are trying to eliminate the threat which they represent.  Monsanto is a
multi-billion dollar company with enormous resources.  We are merely one
blade of grass in an endless forest.  There is also a third party here
who like the Swiss in World War II maintain a semblance of neutrality
although we feel that they have a bias.  The third party is the Food &
Drug Administration (FDA).  In reality, Monsanto's employees have gone
to work for the FDA in the senior most of regulatory positions.  At the
same time, FDA employees have left their pasture and have gone to work
in Monsanto's forest.

What we possess is truth.  What we offer is real science.  What we
continue to hold onto is a faith in a system and a faith in the basic
integrity of people.  We refuse to accept further disappointment.

Our battle is being fought at FDA's drug evaluation and investigative
branch, the Center for Veterinary Medicine.  Two weeks ago, there was a
skirmish in the streets of Seattle.  Many of the demonstrators held
anti-Monsanto banners and wore Monarch butterfly costumes.  Pollen from
Monsanto's bt corn has killed Monarch butterflies.  On Monday, another
mini-battle was fought in the streets of Oakland at what turned out to
be the largest anti-biotechnology protest in our nation's history.

Today, a new line has been drawn.  Another battle against Monsanto is
being fought on an additional front.  The business section of today's
(Wednesday, December 15, 1999) New York Times reports:


A group of attorneys has sued Monsanto because of "genetic pollution"
and the creation of "super weeds."  Heading the case is Michael
Hausfeld, the Washington attorney who previously defended Alaskan
natives in the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  The suit was filed by a group of
farmers inspired by consumer advocate Jeremy Rifkin.  Mr. Rifkin was
recently paid $5,000 to speak at a Monsanto conference.  Rifkin was
criticized for accepting that money and for selling out by many
anti-Monsanto activists who felt he was giving away information.  All
the while, Rifkin was a spy within their midst, and his suit, my
petition, our hunger strike, and your continued protests might very well
fell the trees in Monsanto's forest.

Today is the 40th day of my hunger strike.  The dairy industry will be
celebrating my Noah-like anniversary by deluging America with their new
milk mustache ads-Everybody Loves Raymond starring comedian Ray Romano.

I've got a long list of people who do not like Raymond including yours
truly.  Milk mustache ads are misleading and deceptive.  Raymond urges
people to drink milk to "help shut down osteoporosis."  Recent science
reveals that women who drink milk and eat cheese as teens grow up to
have higher rates of pelvic and forearm fractures.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) does not care
for Raymond's message.  This group of 6,000 physicians just filed a
lawsuit against the USDA for their misleading and dangerous advice in
their dietary guidelines reflected in their food pyramid.  Milk causes
significant problems for African-Americans.  The basis of the PCRM suit
is that USDA's guidelines are not racially balanced.

One other man who has no love for Raymond is Steve Milloy, owner of the
"Junk Science" website.  Mr. Milloy has just filed an action with the
Federal Trade Commission urging them to place a ban on Ben & Jerry's Ice
Cream.  It seems that Milloy tested this "healthy" ice cream and found
unsafe levels of dioxins.

Last summer, Belgium's dairy industry closed because samples of milk
were tested and found to contain 100 times the safe levels of dioxins,
the most dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals on this planet.  Ben &
Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream tested out to have 200 times the safe level.

Might it not be appropriate for our government agencies to test all
dairy products and ban their use if they are deemed to be dangerous for
human consumption?

One other man who has mixed feelings about Raymond is Pete Hardin,
editor of the dairy industry newsletter, THE MILKWEED.  In the latest
issue of his well-respected and well-read newsletter (issue #245,
December 1999), Hardin urges dairy farmers to contact the FDA to ban the
use of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Hardin

"Robert Cohen: Enemy of Mine Enemy?  Credit Robert Cohen with unveiling
the significance of Monsanto's rbGH 'switcheroo.'  Cohen, a New Jersey
resident, is an ardent dairy critic.  He believes that dairy products
are ill-advised for the adult diet.  Cohen originally got into this fray
by researching FDA's questionable human safety considerations and
extended his concerns to all dairy products.  Ironically, the citizen's
petition Cohen filed with the FDA, which demands the agency immediately
halt Posilac sales, represents dairy's best short-term solution for
saving the souls on its sinking ship.  In this case, Cohen is the "enemy
of dairy farmer's enemy'-Posilac…the major source of unneeded milk.
Dairy farmers and organizations should vigorously support Robert Cohen's

In September, dairy farmers were receiving $16.26 per 100 pounds of
milk.  Today, they are getting $9.79, and forecasts are that prices will
drop even further.  Raymond may love milk and everybody may love
Raymond, but America's health safety is at risk as a result of rbGH use
and the financial health of dairy farms has also been compromised.

Thursday, December 16 - Day 40

Today is the 40th day of my hunger strike.  The dairy industry will be
celebrating my Noah-like anniversary by deluging America with their new
milk mustache ads-Everybody Loves Raymond starring comedian Ray Romano.

I've got a long list of people who do not like Raymond including yours
truly.  Milk mustache ads are misleading and deceptive.  Raymond urges
people to drink milk to "help shut down osteoporosis."  Recent science
reveals that women who drink milk and eat cheese as teens grow up to
have higher rates of pelvic and forearm fractures.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) does not care
for Raymond's message.  This group of 6,000 physicians just filed a
lawsuit against the USDA for their misleading and dangerous advice in
their dietary guidelines reflected in their food pyramid.  Milk causes
significant problems for African-Americans.  The basis of the PCRM suit
is that USDA's guidelines are not racially balanced.

One other man who has no love for Raymond is Steve Milloy, owner of the
"Junk Science" website.  Mr. Milloy has just filed an action with the
Federal Trade Commission urging them to place a ban on Ben & Jerry's Ice
Cream.  It seems that Milloy tested this "healthy" ice cream and found
unsafe levels of dioxins.

Last summer, Belgium's dairy industry closed because samples of milk
were tested and found to contain 100 times the safe levels of dioxins,
the most dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals on this planet.  Ben &
Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream tested out to have 200 times the safe level.

Might it not be appropriate for our government agencies to test all
dairy products and ban their use if they are deemed to be dangerous for
human consumption?

One other man who has mixed feelings about Raymond is Pete Hardin,
editor of the dairy industry newsletter, THE MILKWEED.  In the latest
issue of his well-respected and well-read newsletter (issue #245,
December 1999), Hardin urges dairy farmers to contact the FDA to ban the
use of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Hardin

"Robert Cohen: Enemy of Mine Enemy?  Credit Robert Cohen with unveiling
the significance of Monsanto's rbGH 'switcheroo.'  Cohen, a New Jersey
resident, is an ardent dairy critic.  He believes that dairy products
are ill-advised for the adult diet.  Cohen originally got into this fray
by researching FDA's questionable human safety considerations and
extended his concerns to all dairy products.  Ironically, the citizen's
petition Cohen filed with the FDA, which demands the agency immediately
halt Posilac sales, represents dairy's best short-term solution for
saving the souls on its sinking ship.  In this case, Cohen is the "enemy
of dairy farmer's enemy'-Posilac…the major source of unneeded milk.
Dairy farmers and organizations should vigorously support Robert Cohen's

In September, dairy farmers were receiving $16.26 per 100 pounds of
milk.  Today, they are getting $9.79, and forecasts are that prices will
drop even further.  Raymond may love milk and everybody may love
Raymond, but America's health safety is at risk as a result of rbGH use
and the financial health of dairy farms has also been compromised.

Friday, December 17 - Day 41

Today is the 41st day of my hunger strike.  This year, 43,300 women will
die from breast cancer.  It says so right on page 733 of my World
Almanac.  That is an average of 118 women per day, or 1 every 12
minutes.  Can one measure the physical pain and mental anguish in each
breast cancer case?  Should we not direct all of our positive energies
towards finding a cure, and all of our negative energies towards the

Today's edition of the New York Times (Friday, December 17, 1999)
contains the obituary of Cathy Hainer.  I enjoyed reading Cathy's
columns.  She was a reporter for USA Today, and she died yesterday at
the age of 38.  When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, she
turned to her boyfriend and said, "I'm 36 and in love.  How could I
possibly have cancer?"  Her final column, which I read in an airport on
December 6th, told the story of a letter found on the body of a soldier
comparing death to the sailing of a ship.

Thousands of things cause breast cancer and it is rather common.  An
autopsy study published in the New York Times (11/8/94) revealed that
40% of women between the ages of 40 and 50 have breast cancer but that
it is normally controlled.  Science has taught us that a key factor in
the growth of every breast cancer is the most powerful growth hormone in
the human body, IGF-I (Lancet, 5/9/98).

IGF-I is an identical hormone between humans and cows.  When cows are
treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, levels of
IGF-I increase by about 80%.  When women drink milk, levels of IGF-I
increase in their blood serum by a factor of 10%.

Cathy Hainer is dead and those who knew and loved her mourn her
passing.  One hundred and eighteen women will die today from the ravages
of breast cancer, and few, if any, of their loved ones will know about
IGF-I and the milk connection.  The Food & Drug Administration knows.
They have our petition.  We wait for them to act.

Every day that passes another 118 women die, and we continue our hunger
strike, requesting that FDA honestly assess the real science.

Saturday, December 18 - Day 42

Today is the 42nd day of my hunger strike.

What do I do on a normal day?  What do I put into my body?  First, let
me tell you what I do not do.  Many people have asked whether I am
taking vitamins or supplements, protein powder, or any of the New Age
"miracle" cure-alls, such as green algae.  The answer to all of those
questions is "No, none of the above."  My hunger strike has become more
for me than a political statement.  It is a spiritual body cleansing.  I
would not take anything made in a factory, and sustain myself by freshly
made juices from fruits and vegetables.

Each morning, I begin my day with the juice from a freshly squeezed
lemon in a tall glass of bottled spring water.  I open up a gallon of
water each day and use that water to dilute the juices I drink and to
brew an occasional cup of herbal tea.  I use the tea called "Mu" sold by
the macrobiotic guru Kushi.

I juice apples and enjoy fresh apple cider.  This morning, I juiced a
dozen oranges and I am enjoying that juice while driving (and dictating
this journal entry) into New York City.  Last night, I juiced one pound
of carrots and a beet, and drank a 12-ounce glass of life-sustaining
juice.  The liquid from the beet is bloody red and the essences and
enzymes so contained will keep me strong and alert.  I lose about one
pound each day, while my body in its wisdom decomposes fat and stored
tissue that it can afford to selectively lose.

The enormous cellular metabolism and breakdown of my tissues releases
many years of stored toxins into my bloodstream.  By drinking plenty of
water, I am eliminating those toxins.  The largest organ in the human
body is the skin.  When we sweat and when we slough off skin follicles,
we also eliminate by-products of metabolism that our body no longer
requires.  When I shower I vigorously massage and wash away that dead
skin with a natural sponge.

My favorite juice combination uses a mix of fresh apples and
cranberries.  My least favorite juice drink combines spinach, parsley,
garlic, and cabbage.  I have read many books on juicing and recognize
the value of the nutrients and enzymes in green plants, but I still hate
the taste.

I drink to sustain myself and to remain strong in body, mind, and
spirit.  I feel change in my body and know that the day will soon come
when this hunger strike begins to take a toll on me.  Yesterday, I wrote
about a breast cancer death.  Each day I'm inspired by my friends and by
the children, for they are the ones for whom this fast is dedicated.

Sunday, December 19 - Day 43

Today is the 43rd day of my hunger strike.

I have been receiving an enormous amount of mail, telephone calls, and
EMAILS from friends and adversaries.  Many people wish me good fortune,
but many wish me harm.  Occasionally, there is a threat and, on rare
occasions, a death threat.

I take death threats seriously and report all such warnings to the
appropriate authorities.  My file grows larger.  I receive occasional
letters from one man in the dairy industry who I will identify as "Jim
from Oregon."  This man has posted many letters to my guestbooks and has
been monitoring the NOTMILK movement for a number of years.  Oh well,
everybody needs a hobby, and I am happy to be Jim's minor obsession.  TO
JIM:  Keep your borborygmus statements coming my way!  As Rowan and
Martin used to say on LAUGH-IN, "Look that one up in your Funk'N

Today I received a charming EMAIL message from Jim, who wrote:

"Here's a thought for you and yes you have my permission to use it in
your very next diary entry or whereever. Have you considered the
possibility of donating you organs when you die from this fake hunger
strike?  The brain, not having been used previously, would make a great
gift to Dave. And the other organs could be used by those who need
them.  Of course not having gonads you won't be making a contribution in
that dept. but that's just as well. By the way, how much weight have you
lost on this fake hunger strike that sounds more like a liquid diet to
me?  Scan your NJ driver's license and put it up on the webpage along
with your current weight. I'll bet there's no diff!"

I must say, Jim has me pegged.  No brains, no gonads.  I like it when an
opponent underestimates my strengths.  Perhaps Jim missed the following
editorial in the recent issue of the dairy newsletter, THE MILKWEED.
Thousands of dairy farmers receive this newsletter, and Hardin mentions
the hunger strike, supports our mission, and urges dairy farmers to join
us.  We have accomplished a lot, and will continue to do so.  Not bad
for a guy with no brains or gonads!


Pete Hardin - December, 1999 MILKWEED, Issue #245
The Hardin Plan - Part 1: Halt Posilac Use

"Imagine U.S. dairy farmers as passengers on a ship that has struck a
rock and is sinking fast in stormy seas.

Milk supplies and imports are exceeding commercial dairy product demand.
Cheddar cheese and milk powder prices are at support price levels.
Butter could follow soon.

Starting in January, many dairy farmers face net farm milk checks in the
$9.50-$10.50 per cwt. range. If they last very long, these milk prices
will kill many producers financially and spiritually.

Huge losses are piling up fast for many marketers-especially operating
dairy cooperatives. With
commodity prices in the pits and so little demand for raw milk,
marketers' margins and inventory losses are huge.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in cheese and butter inventory values
have been lost just by Midwest marketers in the second half of 1999.
Dairy farmers on this sinking ship face tough choices. To try to save
the ship, immediate action is needed to lighten the load. A couple
percentage points of excess farm milk production must be dumped, pronto.
But what, or whom, to throw overboard?

Solution: Immediate FDA ban on Posilac There's a simple solution to
dairy's current dilemma: demand that the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) immediately ban the sale and use of "Posilac"
Monsanto's recombinant cow growth hormone that boosts milk production in
injected cows.

How could that action be pulled off quickly?

A current citizen petition to FDA demands that the agency halt sales of
Posilac because the genetically-engineered hormone molecule marketed by
Monsanto is DIFFERENT from the molecule on which human and animal safety
tests were conducted - tests that led to FDA's approval of the drug.
Logic and law dictate that the molecule being marketed should be the
exact same one on which pre-approval human and animal safety tests were

Monsanto's hormone molecule "switcheroo" was revealed in a July 1994
article in the journal Protein Science, authored by Bernard Violand, a
Monsanto scientist. Violand reported that an unrecognized additional
amino acid sequence change occurred in the original production process
of Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone. The "freak" amino acid
actually appeared at three sites on the hormone's sequence, Violand

Why did not FDA require a full round of new safety tests for the
different hormone molecule?

Violand's revelation is not startling news. The Milkweed has previously
reported this fact. But current events make the switched rbGH molecule's
importance great. Those events include: global anti-biotech food fervor,
dire farm milk prices, and lack of other short-term solutions to restore
farm milk prices. If the dairy industry could immediately throw one item
off the sinking ship to save the industry, Posilac is the best
candidate. We must immediately eliminate the top couple percentage
points of milk production.

Not only should FDA ban sale of Posilac immediately, pending a new round
of legitimate human and animal "safety" tests, but all existing
inventories of Posilac held by farmers should be confiscated. A single
amino-acid sequence change in a protein molecule can be significant.
For example, humans suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia have a single
genetic amino acid sequence change. By law, FDA ought to revoke
Monsanto's license to sell Posilac until the manufacturer runs a
complete new gamut of human and animal safety tests. Such a dictate to
Monsanto would effectively kill Posilac. Monsanto, whose food
biotechnology investments are causing the company to struggle, doesn't
have the funds for several years of Posilac safety tests.

Immediate impacts: less milk, higher prices If FDA yanked Posilac, the
impact on milk production would be immediately negative. Prices of dairy
products and farm milk would soon start climbing. Here's why:

* Probably 20-25% of all U.S. dairy farms use Posilac, normally on half
or less of their lactating cows. Various reports indicate a 6-8 pound
daily gain in treated cows' milk production. That's a lot of extra milk.

* Posilac creates a metabolic dependency. Thus, many dairy cattle
accustomed to the drug would "crash" for the remainder of their
lactations, losing significant milk output.

* A minor, but significant, percentage of U.S. dairy cows are in
extended lactations because of high milk and replacement heifer prices,
and low grain and beef prices … and Posilac. A normal lactation for a
dairy cow is 300 days. Many cows in extended lactations are milking way
over the 300-day norm. Take away the Posilac, and these cows would
quickly become hamburger. Milk production would drop.

The Milkweed estimates that prompt removal of Posilac would lower U.S.
milk output by 2-4% - enough to restore favorable supply/demand balances
and boost farm milk prices. Dairy commodity inventories are not
burdensome. But there is too much farm milk for current demand.

Who'd benefit from banning Posilac?

Dairy commodity and farm milk prices would rise,if FDA were to follow
its rules and immediately ban Posilac. Dairy at large would enjoy a
better image among consumers.

Posilac use has created public skepticism about milk's safety. The
present wave of anti-food biotech concerns will only worsen this
negative perception of dairy products.

Who'd be hurt?

Who would be hurt if FDA immediately banned Posilac?

Obviously, such a ban would hurt Monsanto. But that consideration is
irrelevant to public safety. Besides,
Monsanto already has so many problems that one more wouldn't matter.

Dairy farmers currently using Posilac would suffer a disproportionately
high decline in milk production. Of course, dairy's present course is
leading to ruin, anyway.  The possible financial problems for Posilac
users are a minor consideration, in view of the greater public food
safety considerations. If some farmers lose money because their cows
cannot milk efficiently unless they're poked with a syringe, then maybe
those farmers should sue Monsanto.

Larger, western dairies tend to use Posilac more than small and medium-
sized family dairies in traditional milk-producing regions like the
Northeast and Midwest.  Data show that the "surplus" milk destroying
dairy prices is coming from western states where dairies are expanding
without heed to supply/demand.

Thus, banning Posilac would inflict the economic pain on the sources of
the milk surplus problem.

Robert Cohen: Enemy of my enemy?

Credit Robert Cohen with unveiling the significance of Monsanto's rbGH
"switcheroo." Cohen, a New Jersey resident, is an ardent dairy critic.
He believes dairy products are ill-advised for the adult diet. Cohen
originally got into this fray by researching FDA's questionable human
safety considerations for Posilac, and extended his concerns to all
dairy products. Cohen is about one month into a hunger strike, demanding
that FDA immediately yank approval for Monsanto's drug. He vows to
maintain the hunger strike until FDA bans sale of Posilac … or until
Cohen "looks death in the eye."

Cohen appeared at the FDA public hearing on food and biotechnology in
Washington, D.C. on November 30. That followed a two-hour session he
held earlier in the month with FDA officials in Washington. Cohen
reports that the ABC television program "20/20" is preparing a show
questioning FDA's failure to yank approval for sale of Posilac, and
require new safety studies once Monsanto changed the molecular structure
of the synthetic hormone.

Ironically, the citizen's petition Cohen filed with the FDA, which
demands the agency immediately halt Posilac sales, represents dairy's
best short-term solution for saving the souls on its sinking ship. In
this case, Cohen is the "enemy of dairy farmers' enemy" - Posilac … the
major source of unneeded milk. Dairy farmers and organizations should
vigorously support Robert Cohen's petition. With pending major
television coverage of the issue, it's better for dairy's true friends
to be ahead of the curve on this volatile issue.

Sadly, as 1999 is about to become 2000, many dairy farmers understand
supply-demand and milk pricing little better than did dairy farmers at
the close of the previous century. Immediately banning Posilac sales
should only be the beginning of a top-to-bottom restructuring of
knowledge, attitudes and practices by groups alleging to represent U.S.
dairy farmers.

I urge you to contact FDA, your elected representatives, farm
organizations, consumer and environmental organizations."


That was Hardin's editorial.  Imagine asking his readership to support
my agenda?  Many dairy farmers have written to FDA, urging them to
remove the milk hormone from our milk supply.  Pete Hardin has great
courage.  He has both brains and gonads!  I respect Mr.Hardin for
reporting TRUTH in his newsletter.

Monday, 20 December, 1999 Day 44

Today is the 44th day of my hunger strike.

I have previously reported my Chicago FDA testimony.  The comments made
that day are now on the Internet in the form of a 330 page document.

My statement can be found on page 119.  Before getting to page 119, I
urge you to read the testimony and comments of FDA officials.  On that
date, FDA Commissioner Jane Henney said these words:

"Throughout that history, the Food and Drug Administration has based its
regulatory decisions on sound science with protection of public health
as the foremost criteria." (page 5)

"We believe our policies and processes in this area are well grounded in
science and that we have an excellent track record in apply our policy."
(page 7)

Jim Maransky, FDA'S biotechnology expert spoke next.  He said (page 27):

"To date, we have not seen any products in which new substances
introduced into the food are unusual."

"To date, all of the substances that have been introduced into foods, as
I have told you, are enzymes that are very similar to enzymes currently
found in food."  (page 41)

"So, it is through the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the provisions
that allow FDA to take a food off the market if it presents a health
problem or to assure that any new substance that is introduced into the
food is either regulated and approved as a food additive or generally
recognized as safe before those foods may go to market."

"That is the standard.  Companies bear a legal duty in ensuring their
products meet all of the standard of the Act and that is a serious
responsibility." (page 42)

During the subsequent panel discussion, Maryanski said (page 93):

"{If} a food were modified to contain a new protein or other substance
that's there as a major component of the food, that is one of the
considerations that we would expect to lead to either different testing
or more extensive testing."

After FDA officials spoke, there was a panel discussion.  The first
speaker was Dr. Ralph Hardy, president of the National Agricultural
Biotechnology Council.  Hardy testified (page 51):

"To my knowledge, no substantiated example of a significant risk to the
environment or human health, relative to the products being replaced,
has been documented by rigorous scientific replication."

Dr Hardy asked (page 52):

"Does it serve the consumer to label something where there is no
demonstrated nutritional negative health or positive health benefit?"

A second member of the panel was Dr. Val Giddings, the vice president
for Food and Agriculture for the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

Giddings commented on the state of biotechology (page 55):

"We think that the process, as it's been carried out to date, has done a
highly praiseworthy job of ensuring that the products of
foods...improved through modern biotechnology are at least as
safe as, if not safer than, those that we have hitherto consumed..."

"We see no evidence based on science, no evidence based on experience
for any requirement to change this process.  It seems to work very
well.  If it's not broken, there certainly doesn't seem to be any
compelling, much less a persuasive argument for fixing it."

Dr Giddins challenged critics of bioengineering (page 56):

"What newly emerging scientific information related to the safety of
foods derived from bioengineered plants is there, if any? We are not
aware of any emerging or new scientific information that would challenge
this.  If any such information does come forward, we think the issue
should be revisited, but we are unaware of any at this point."

We now are aware that Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids when
manufacturing the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

This is real science, and biotechnology's best representives as well as
senior-most FDA experts must accept the new evidence.  By their
standards, this genetically engineered hormone must immediately be
taken off the market.

It's their ball, their court and they have written the rules of this
"game."  Now they must follow those rules.

Tuesday, 21 December, 1999 Day 45

Today is the 45th day of my hunger strike.  Every day I learn something
new about the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Each little
bit of information becomes another piece in an enormous puzzle.  Today's
piece represents the murder weapon and the "gun" is still smoking.

On February 4, 1994, Monsanto was given approval to sell their
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  That was a Friday.  On
the following Monday, Monsanto scientists neatly packaged their "murder
weapon" and sent it in the mail to the Cambridge University Press,
publishers of the journal "Protein Science."

Previously, we have explored evidence of Monsanto's "crime" and revealed
the identity of the "criminals," "co-conspirators," and unearthed the
"body."  Now we have the murder weapon.  Let me explain.

Monsanto scientist Bernard Violand wrote a paper admitting that Monsanto
had created five different amino acids during the production process of
their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Monsanto never told
the FDA about this error.  A key moment exists for us to explore just
when Monsanto knew about those mistakes.  Here is the smoking gun--the
cover page (page 1089) of that journal article.

Besides Bernard Violand, there were seven co-authors to that study.
They included five Monsanto employees, a scientist at Smith Kline
Beecham, and another scientist at ARCO Chemical Company.

Today, I traced the ARCO Chemical Company scientist from Missouri to
Texas to Pennsylvania.  Sometimes these things take a little bit of
detective work.  One year before the study was written and published,
ARCO scientist Eric Kolodziej worked at Monsanto.  Although he was at a
different company when the study was submitted and published, scientific
courtesy and protocol demanded that he get credit for his work, and
therein exists the smoking gun.

Here is the proof that Monsanto was aware of serious errors and did not
admit to those errors until after the drug was approved. Monsanto lied,
Monsanto committed a crime of omission, Monsanto did not tell FDA when
they changed the formula.  Is there a jail cell large enough for these
"criminals" for the crimes they've committed against mankind?

Wednesday, December 22 - Day 46

Today is the 46th day of my hunger strike.  Last night, our family had a
reading night.  In our home, that means we sit in front of the fireplace
and allow the television and Internet connections to rest for the
evening.  As the rain and sleet pelted against the living room window,
each of us took comfort in the warmth provided by our fire and family

I opened up the New York Times (Tuesday, December 21, 1999) and began
with my favorite section of the week-Tuesday's Science Times.  Quite
often I am amused by the priorities of the science editor.  On this day,
my amusement turned into anger.  The New York Times' priorities are not
my priorities.  Their lead story was "In Tiny Fossils, Botanists See
Flowery World."  There I read in fascination about tiny 90
million-year-old blossoms and Cretaceous bees that once populated the
state of New Jersey.  What was buried on page 12 should have been the
lead story.  I'll get to that shortly.

A smaller story on the front page of the Science section began with this
headline-"Risks for Cancer Can Start in Womb."  That story was written
by New York Times columnist Jane Brody.  Brody has written many articles
promoting milk and dairy products.  Brody disparaged Dr. Spock upon his
death because of his anti-milk sentiments.  Brody called T. Colin
Campbell's China study the "Cadillac of nutritional studies," even
though Campbell has consistently correlated milk consumption with breast
cancer.  Jane Brody has breast cancer, but she continues to ignore the
breast cancer/IGF-I/milk connection.

On this day, in her article in which she tries to make a point that
breast cancer can start in the womb, Brody relates the example of how
Japanese women have very low rates of breast cancer, but when they
migrate to America, their daughters have rates equal to that of American
women.  She still does not take into account what happens when one
adopts the standard American diet that includes milk and dairy products
as 40% of total consumption.  Milk and dairy products contain IGF-I, a
hormone identified as a key factor in the growth of every breast

The motto of the New York Times is "All the News That Fit to Print."
Here's what the New York Times did not see fit to print on the front
page where thay had their flower fossil story.  Buried deep within the
Science section (page 12) is a headline-"Beef Consumption Tied to Mad
Cow Disease."  Scientists now have proof that spongiform encephalopathy
is transferred from cow to human.  Is it wise to eat the flesh and drink
the body fluids of diseased animals?

After finishing the Times, I leafed through the current issue (December
1999, Vol. 144, No. 20) of the largest dairy magazine in America,
Hoard's Dairyman.  On the inside cover is a photograph of a cow and the
question, "GOT WORMS?"  A company promotes their anti-parasitic product
in a full-page ad by telling dairy producers that they can now have
"long-acting persistence against brown stomach worms and longworms and
protection against lice, grubs, horn flies, psoroptic and chorioptic
mange mites."  Now I don't know about you, but I haven't eaten in 46
days, and if I remotely had an appetite…after reading that ad and
reviewing the New York Times article, I would now have very little
desire for anything dripping or oozing out of the udder of a cow.

Thursday, December 23 - Day 47

Today is the 47th day of my hunger strike.  Did you ever see the end of
a Super Bowl or World Series game when an athlete looks into a camera
and says, "I'm going to Disney World"?  Guess where Monsanto is going?

I proudly accept responsibility for some of Monsanto's negative
publicity woes of late.  As a result of riots in the streets and
negative headlines, Monsanto is working with their publicist (BM) to
brainwash the public into viewing Monsanto as the good guy.  Is this
Goofy or what?  What better way to begin their public dis-information
campaign than start with America's children?  Monsanto's going to Disney
World.  More specifically, Monsanto is going to sponsor and exhibit at
EPCOT's Future World.  This Mickey Mouse act is more than just goofy.
It's more like the seven dwarfs.

Doc (Monsanto) is in the process of genetically engineering a new dwarf
(in addition to Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, and Dopey).
He's genetically re-combined Sneezy with Monsanto's BT-corn pollen.
Evidence exists that BT-corn pollen killed monarch butterflies and has
unexpectedly spread toxins into the soil.

We have it upon good authority that when genetic material from Sneezy
was combined with Monsanto's BT-pollen, a new dwarf was created.  The
new dwarf's name?  Slimy.  Not a very pretty picture.

We urge you to visit Monsanto's new Disney World attraction and to let
Mickey and Minnie know how unattractive you find Monsanto's slime to be.

Friday 24 December, 1999 Day 48

Today is the 48th day of my hunger strike.

It is Christmas Eve and there are two people in America who I am certain
will not be enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner.  Nor will either
one enjoy visions of sugarplums or Christmas Day goodies.  I am the
first and the second is Kimberly Gorall of Rochester, New York.

Kimberly's photograph is on the long-termer page.  She
has been fasting for 48 days with me and now looks quite a bit different
than her original photo.

Recently, Kimberly contacted me because she had gotten quite a cold.  We
talked about nutrition and what might be causing her defenses to break
down.  Kimberly has been juicing and has previously had no shortage of
energy.  The answer to my question is a tribute to Kimberly's spirit.
Last weekend, Kimberly put on the warmest, brightest, water-repellant
clothing in her closet and spent the day, from sunrise to sundown,
warning the denizens of her nearby woods to run from the hunters.

Kimberly Gorall is an animal-rights activist.  Kimberly Gorall, by
virtue of her 48-day statement on this hunger strike, is also a
people-rights activist.  Kimberly warns the deer that the hunters are
near and, in doing so, risks her own life and body from invasive
bullets.  This hunting season many dozens of those bullets found their
way into people's homes and cars.  Many hunters were wounded and a few
killed in hunting accidents.  Kimberly walked through the mist and fog
and rain to make a difference, placing her own health at great risk.

If one asks whether there are any gentler spirits than the innocent
herbivores living within our woods, I point to Kimberly Gorall whose
efforts to make a difference in this world are to be applauded.  Her
spirit is one with the deer, who wishes only to live in peace.

Saturday, 25 December, 1999 Day 49

Today is the 49th day of my hunger strike.

I have begun to read a book called "Grey is the Color of Hope"
by Irina Ratushinskaya, a Soviet poet imprisoned in the Russian
Gulag for daring to write about human rights.

While in prison, Irina and her cell-mates participated in
numerous hunger strikes.  The authorities, not wanting to
play host to political martyrs, allowed the protests to continue
for about a week, then conceded on small demands.

I have only read the first ten chapters, about 70 pages, but
Irina's struggle is my struggle.  Irina's oppressors are my
oppressors.  Irina's prison is my prison, and the same injustices

Am I in jail?  Of course not, but I am no less tormented.
I am frustrated by a system that pays no heed to truth.  I am
stymied by a system that is controlled by insiders, based upon
relationships.  Monsanto's attorney is on the Supreme Court.
FDA's commissioner now works for Monsanto.  Monsanto
scientists now work for FDA.  Is this the same America that I
learned to love in elementary school?

When freedom to live and freedom of choice are taken from me,
I am in chains.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed me in a prison with no
walls.  I have lost the opportunity to make choices about the foods I
eat because of their power and control.

In 1992, FDA issued an sentence.  They call it
"Substantial Equivalence."  I call it insider trading.

Substantial equivalence allows pharmaceutical companies the right to
conduct genetic experiements upon my family wthout their knowledge.
Your family too.

Did Doctor Mengale ever have such latitude during the course of his Nazi
experimental horrors?

FDA calls geneticaly engineered corn and soybeans substantially
equivalent to naturally grown corn and soybeans.  Genetic material from
tomatoes are combined with genetic material from trout.  I eat the
tomatoes and I cannot swim like a fish.  They must be equivalent!  What
logic!  Who benefits by such laws?

Not only are these genetic mutations aproved for our food supply without
testing, but FDA does not require manufacturers to label foods
containing these new genetically modified organisms.

Their reasoning:  "Who would buy such a product if it was so labeled?"

EXACTLY!  Should I not have a right to know what I eat?

I have discovered a flaw in FDA'S well planned system.

Monsanto made five very serious errors when they manufactured the
gentically engneered bovine growth hormone. They made the mistakes, and
they did not tell the FDA.

During that review process, FDA developed their substantial equivalence

FDA did not know that Monsanto had deceived them.

Now they do know.

Can we turn back the clock?

I am in prison and I am on a hunger strike.  We must turn back the clock
and look at the truth.  The wrong people are in prison.

Two hundred and seventy million Americans have had their rights take
from them.  We are on the inside, looking out, and the only ones with
freedom of choice are the ones poisoning us.

SUBSTANTIAL EQUIVALENCE means equality.  Nothing has been equal in this

I must have the right to know whether the foods I buy for my children
are genetically engineered.  That right has been taken from me, and my
hunger strike continues until FDA frees me from Monsanto's clutches.

Sunday, 26 December, 1999 Day 50


On this 50th day of my hunger strike, I have learned a new secret, and I
am very greatly concerned.

While anti-biotech protestors were rioting in the streets of Seattle, a
new episode in the continuing saga of Monsanto's revolving door tactics
quietly developed beyond FDA's "palace" doors.

Somebody may be breaking the law, participating in unethical activity at
the least, insider trading and influence, betrayal of our health
interests, and the time has come for us to ask: "What's up?"

The same grandiloquent question that Bugs Bunny asks Elmer Fudd can
fittingly be asked of our scientists and government regulators:  "What's
up, Doc?"

Appropriately, that question should also be directed to the president of
Monsanto, Robert Shapiro.  "What's up, Bob?"

Actually, as we get closer to asking this very same question to the
guiltiest of conspirators, we have discovered a source of future ills in
the nick of time.  Knowing the proper question to ask might very well
nip the problem deep within the pollen of its genetically engineered


Today, on this first day after Christmas, let us ask together, "What's
up, John."  You might be wondering just who this John fellow is.
Actually, it's UPJOHN.  You might ask, "What's up, John?"  Well, I'm
gonna tell you.  Activists of the world, unite.  We have met the enemy.
(UPJOHN is not where I want you to stick your proverbial placards and
banners of protest.  Not yet, anyway.)

When Monsanto first presented their research to the FDA for approval of
the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH), there were also
three other pharmaceutical companies with their own different versions
of the genetically modified organism.

Monsanto's protein formula was different than the naturally occurring
bovine growth hormone.   Monsanto's hormone was not an exact version of
the natural pituitary extract from a cow.  The end amino acid (amino
acids are the building blocks of proteins) was just a little bit
different than what naturally occurs in nature.  Actually, it was VERY
different, but Monsanto neglected to reveal all of their secrets until
after their drug received official FDA approval.


Monsanto received approval for rbGH on Friday, February 4, 1994.  There
must have been quite a celebration in their St. Louis corporate
headquarters on that day.  Perhaps the celebration continued through the
weekend.  What happened the following Monday provides the "smoking gun"
evidence to Monsanto's crime.  On Monday, a group of Monsanto scientists
photocopied, collated and stapled together the most incriminating
scientific document in history and sent it to a peer-review journal for
publication.  On Thursday of that week, the journal "PROTEIN SCIENCE"
officially received Monsanto's study.

In that paper, Monsanto admitted that they made significant errors in
their formula.  WHAT'S UP, JOHN?

What's up, doc?  Monsanto waited until after approval, just in case, to
admit their errors.  After approval, Monsanto admitted that the errors
were fixed.  However, in making this no-win admission, Monsanto also
revealed that all of the research submitted to FDA from 1985 until 1993
was performed with a different hormone than the one that is currently on
the market.

Funny creatures, these scientists.  Most of the authors of the study
worked for Monsanto.  Most, but not all.

A few researchers were with other firms.  One researcher, located after
three phone calls told me that he worked for Monsanto nearly two years
before the hormone was approved.  Then he made a number of career moves,
but still received credit for his work in co-authorship.  What does this
prove?  Simply, that Monsanto knew the errors were made, but held off
until after approval.  By leaving the firm, the co-author placed a time
stamp upon when the "crime" was actually known, and when it was

Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (trade name =
POSILAC) has never been tested on a laboratory animal.  Nor as it been
tested on a cow.

Before approval, the FDA required Monsanto to perform hundreds of
millions of dollars worth of new research.  Equivalent in 1989 did not
mean that a perfect match existed.  The other three pharmaceutical
companies elected not to continue with their research.  Eli Lilly had
created a bovine growth hormone with seven additional amino acids.
American Cyanamid created a version with three new amino acids.  Now to
the theme of this column.  UPJOHN's version was an exact duplicate of
what naturally occurs in nature.  Exact by 1990 standards, that is.

The reason that this holds so much significance is that MONSANTO and
UPJOHN will soon be merging into one very large company.  Criminal
co-conspirators will be committing a crime together, and then they'll
change their name and identity.  Will you even recognize the crime?
You most certainly will by reading the rest of this column!

UPJOHN's version of the bovine growth hormone was "supposedly" identical
to the hormone naturally manufactured in a cow's brain.

UPJOHN has recently applied to FDA for approval of their hormone, based
upon the theory of "substantial equivalence."  I learned about UPJOHN'S
application early Thursday morning.  Their application is so secret that
FDA will not even confirm that it has been made.  On that Thursday
before Christmas, I requested the file number from an employee at the
Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), FDA's investigative branch.  She
put me on hold and spoke to the director, Stephen Sundlof.  After a
minute, she came back and apologized.  "We cannot reveal the file number
until the drug is approved."  I was stunned by their secrecy.  By that
time, it will be too late.   After that phone conversation, I filed a
Freedom of Information Act request for the case file.  Will I be denied?
Time will tell.

UPJOHN'S application and FDA's review is based upon substantial fraud,
not substantial equivalence.

Genetic engineering is not a perfect science.  When cow hormones are
combined with E. coli bacteria, one of the resulting amino acids often
becomes a freak.  That amino acid, LYSINE, has an acetyl group added to
it.  Chemists call this process "acetylization."

Suffice it to say that this is a big error…one small error for Monsanto
and UPJOHN, one giant OOPS for mankind.

Monsanto created five freak amino acids.  UPJOHN most certainly did the
same.  In 1990, FDA reviewers did not have the sophisticated tests
necessary to detect such errors.  New technology provides those tests
today.  Rubber stamping UPJOHN's application because of substantial
equivalence cannot be allowed to occur.  There is no substantial
equivalence when mistakes occur.  Monsanto should repeat their research.
UPJOHN did not receive approval in 1990, and chose not to invest
hundreds of millions of dollars to gain approval.  They should not be
given a free pass today.

We cannot, must not, will not let FDA apply their doctrine of
substantial equivalence to UPJOHN.  We have discovered Monsanto's plan,
and are not happy that these two schemers long ago applied to FDA for
approval, while discussing merger talks.  Their intent is clear.
Deceive, divide, and conquer.

There has got to be a law!

Monday, December 27 - Day 51

Today is the 51st day of the hunger strike.  While our hunger strike
addresses America's health concerns from genetically engineered poisons
in our food supply, those same genetically engineered foods are causing
a sickness in our economic well-being that may soon become terminal.

According to the Economic Research Service of the United States
Department of Agriculture, in 1999, the net farm income will reach $48
billion. Incredibly, $22.7 billion, or 47%, of that total farmer income
represents government subsidies.  In other words, America's agriculture
system cannot exist on its own. Our way of life and our
system has become economically and spiritually bankrupt.

Predictions from the Economic Research Service are that farm income will
fall $7.6 billion next year, which means just one thing: more subsidies.

What is the solution offered by biotechnology?  More food!
Genetic engineering has created more milk, with increased levels
of powerful hormones, and farmers are going broke.

The front page of today's New York Times (Monday, December 27, 1999)
reports that China has sentenced four people to jail terms ranging up to
18 years.  Their crime was being members of a spiritual movement.  After
the one-day trial, the leaders of the movement were charged with the
murders of 1400 people.   Were they guilty?  Their crime was to urge
people to condemn modern medical practices and seek alternative

Imagine where I would be spending the next 18 years of my life if my
website was published in China?

In addition, the four leaders of the "spiritual cult" were charged with
"leaking state secrets."

I've been doing just that for the last five years by revealing
Monsanto's corrupt relationship with the Food & Drug Administration.

Tuesday, December 28 - Day 52

Today is the 52nd day of my hunger strike.  I woke up this morning with
an enormous headache that feels like a pair of pliers is squeezing the
back of my eyeballs.  The brain is expanding and presses against the
cranium.  Every time I blink or take a breath, the pain and discomfort
go through my entire body.

I am not a drug user.  I refuse to give into the pain by taking an
aspirin.  A cold shower seemed like a good idea and that's just what I
did, but to no avail.  With each heartbeat, my brain seems to expand and
contract, and the pain continues to pulsate and radiate.

I am barely able to think.  Is this fast of mine getting to me?  Is
there some nutrient or essential enzyme or amino acid that my juices are
not providing?  I am drinking a large glass of Perrier with some fresh
lemon juice hoping that the carbonated mineral water from France's
"natural source" can bubble energy and healing into my skull.

I have to bear this and hope that the pain soon subsides because it is
not pleasant.

It is rare that I have a nightmare.  My sleep is usually easy.  Last
night was an exception and perhaps that is the reason.  I try to place
significance to the symbols of my night visions and perform
self-interpretation and analysis to my own dreams.  Is the psyche within
sending a not-so-subtle message to the individual?

Wednesday, December 29 - Day 53

This is the 53rd day of my hunger strike.  Yesterday, I wrote in my
diary entry that I had a killer of a headache.  If I had wondered
whether people read my dairy entries, I received the most wonderful of
confirmations.  More than 20 e-mails arrived with suggestions on how to
cure that headache and invitations to call doctors, fasting coaches, and
alternative therapists.

Suggestions included a vast array of exercises, nutrients, and even a
mantra.  The most helpful suggestion may have done the trick.  It may
have been coincidence, but here is what worked.  Martha from Vermont

"Get a big dose of Vitamin A and Vitamin D."

I called her to thank her for her advice and reminded her that I'm not
taking vitamins.  She laughed and said, "Go out in the sunshine for 10

My three daughters are home from school during winter recess and have
been glued to the couch in front of the television set in our den.
"Anybody want to go outside?"  My eldest did not move her head from
whatever show she was watching and the middle daughter rolled her eyes,
but my youngest, Lizzy, jumped up with her usual enthusiasm and like the
little tornado of joy that she is beat me out the front door.  I soon
joined her in the cold air and bright sunshine, collecting wood for our
traditional after dinner fire.  Maybe it was the fresh air and sun that
did it.  Does Vitamin D synthesize that rapidly in the skin?  No matter.
The throbbing in my head ended and I felt invigorated.

Thank you all of you for the magnitude of your compassion and caring.

This morning, I juiced a few dozen apples.  I used Gala and Macintosh,
Delicious and Granny Smith.  I strained the juice, collecting one-half
pint of raw applesauce to which I added a few grindings of cinnamon.
That became a part of Lizzy's breakfast.  I drank the apple cider.

Thursday, December 30 - Day 54

Today is the 54th day of my hunger strike.  Last night, I finished
reading "Within Reach" by Mark Pfetzer.  This book is the story of a
sixteen-year-old's effort to climb a mountain.  This young man has
enormous drive and purpose and his story inspires me.  At the age of
twelve, just four years before he wrote this book, he decided that he
wanted to climb Mt. Everest.  Climbing Mt. Everest requires much more
than just training, expertise, and high tech equipment.  The permit and
travel costs can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This young man came from a middle-class family and did not have the
resources for such an adventure.  He decided to write letters to
hundreds of people and soon had a $300 sponsorship for a summer
mountaineering class.  Many hundreds of letters and phone calls later,
he had sponsors pay for trips to Peru and Argentina, the state of
Washington, and Tibet which prepared him for his ascent on Everest.

Mark made arrangements with his school system for long leaves of
absence.  There is one particular passage in his book (page 119) in
which he returns to a classroom and lectures to his fellow students.
Here is an aside, a daydream:

"I'd like to get up in front of those kids, show them my passport (which
is full of stamps from so many countries), then hand out passport
applications.  I wonder how many would fill them out?  How many could
expand their dreams and their vision of themselves…"

I cite this passage today because I am getting so many letters
supporting me and asking what can be done to help.  Besides fasting for
a day in support and writing letters on your own, there are hundreds of
things that can be done.  There is the Internet.  Reach out and tell
hundreds or thousands of people about our hunger strike.  There is the
media.  Call your local radio station and newspaper.  There is Congress.
Call your local politicians and ask them to call or write to the FDA.

Mark Pfetzer ends his book with these inspiring words:

"I know I'll climb more mountains, become involved in many other
demanding physical activities, and I know I'll have to study hard for
many years.  But nothing can be any more challenging than the last three
years.  Those three years have made me ready for everything."

These past three years have also made me ready for everything.  I am
inspired by the words of this sixteen-year-old, as we all should be.
Nothing is impossible when we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling a dream.
Each one of us is capable of scaling and moving a mountain.


Today is the 55th day of my hunger strike.

Last night, I read Ruth Ann Kocour's book, "Facing the Extreme."   This
is one of those books to be read at one sitting.  I could not put it

This book is one woman's account of her 1992 ascent of McKinley, North
America's highest mountain. Alaskans refer to this mountain as Denali,
or "God."  The twenty-three days that Kocour spent on Denali became her
understanding and discovering of God within herself.

One hundred and fifty mile per hour winds blasted the mountain for most
of her summit attempt, and temperatures of nearly two hundred degrees
below zero created the worst weather conditions in the recorded history
of Denali.

Eight people died on the mountain, and Ruth Ann suffered severe
frostbite.  Other surviving climbers lost fingers, and many faces were
severely scarred.

As Kocour and her team reach the summit, as tears instantly freeze on
the faces of her climbing companions, she reflects on what it took to
get there, and reminds herself that a return descent now follows their
conquest of Denali's summit.  Kocour writes:

"There's a mountaineering expression - 'Once you reach the top, you're
only halfway there."

Many people have asked when I plan to quit my hunger strike.  My answer
is that I do not expect to quit, I expect to win.    Others have asked
what happens when we win?  What do I do next?  Isn't that hormone still
in wholesome milk?

The answer, my friends, is that this is true.  All milk naturally
contains IGF-I.  We climb an enormous mountain together and getting to
the summit will become just a small part of our trek.  It's a first
step.  There are many summits.

Four years after Ruth Anne Kocour's triumph, many of her friends died in
a similar storm on Mount Everest.  A few months later, Kocour found
herself in the Himalayas climbing Cho Oyu in Tibet, the world's seventh
highest mountain, and a next door neighbor to Everest.

After spending a few months on the mountain, a storm hit and Kocour made
the decision to turn back.  Five others did not and they lost their
lives.  Kocour wrote:

"I know that there will be other summits and many more advetures in my
life.  I also know that I belong in the mountains.  They are a part of
my existence and being."

I too belong in the mountains.  I have not yet played out this ascent.
This is a journey for me.  I have left my base camp and there is no
turning back.  There will be storms and there will be challenges.


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  DAY 67 - Radio Days...
  DAY 68 - Daycare "staples"
  DAY 69 - Animals and research: there's a better investment!
  DAY 70 - Join me for a walk...
  DAY 71 - Breast cancer book
  DAY 72 - Variety of "dreams"
  DAY 73 - Temporary cure for the flu (not recommended)
  DAY 74 - One in six billion
  DAY 75 - Busy, busy, busy... treading water
  DAY 76 - Can't see the forest... the trees are in the way
  DAY 77 - The flu... a very tenacious attack... reminds me of me
  DAY 78 - Programming the human...
  DAY 79 - The good news and the bad news
  DAY 80 - Monsanto and FDA Be Warned
  DAY 81 - The "good guys" and the "bad guys"
  DAY 82 - Darwin and goofs
  DAY 83 - Money, influence, and inaction (stonewalling)
  DAY 84 - Hey... FDA!  Anybody minding the "store"?
  DAY 85 - One Peaceful World
  DAY 86 - The rock... and the hard place


Today is the 56th day of my hunger strike.

Three years ago, I met Janet Bode at a women's health conference.  I was
familiar with her work through my daughters, who read Janet's books,
which were about teens, dating, and other issues important to young
people.  One novel, "Colors of Freedom" was a 1990's look at interracial

Janet Bode did not live to see the new century.   She died yesterday of
breast cancer at the age 56.

Our hunger strike is for you, Janet.  For you and 118 woman who will die
today and tomorrow and every eday from the horrible ravages of breast
cancer.  The critical factor in the growth of breast cancer is IGF-I.
We have written about this hormone, identical in cows and humans.  When
cows are injected with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone
(that we DEMAND FDA revoke), levels of IGF-I in the resulting milk
increase.  When humans drink milk, systemic levels of this powerful
growth hormone increase in their bodies.

Janet's  "color of freedom" was stained with pigments of gray and
black.  The evidence exists for all women to see, but FDA refuses to
deal with truth.  For Janet, the color of fate and death may very well
have been white.

The politics of cancer play an enormous role in the careers of
government scientists and bureaucrats.  We are trying to give these
people courage.  We are trying to help them find their integrity.
Scientists know the truth, but their silence is deafening.

On this New Year's evening, revelers will eat brie and gouda and dredge
veggies in sour cream dip.  They will slurp down their ice cream
parfaits and pour 2% milk into their coffees.  Thousands of slices of
pizza and hundreds of gallons of liquid milk will be the food for the
women of the new millennium.   Every bite of cheese and every sip of
milk will contain that ticking time bomb, IGF-I.  Women will march in
the streets and run in races and wear pink ribbons and voice their
outrage that no cure is yet known for the most horrible of human


Today is the 57th day of my hunger strike.

I just finished a one-hour radio show on WFAN in New York.  I am a
regular listener of that station which features "IMUS in the Morning"
and sports talk the rest of the day.  Bob Salter's Sunday morning show
is regularly heard by a few hundred thousand early-rising New Yorkers.
Salter's show should not be taken with a grain of salt.

My staff agreed to work today to answer phone calls, and I am having
trouble getting through to my office, so I know that the show did its

What is a grain of salt?  One molecule of salt is composed of two atoms,
sodium and chlorine.  From high school chemistry class, I recall a lab
lesson in which a tiny piece of sodium reacted with explosive energy
after it was dropped into a water-filled sink.   Inhaling chlorine gas
can be instantly deadly, scarring lung tissue and causing permanent
neurological damage.  Add the two elements together and they form the
tiniest component of a grain of salt.

Hormones in milk are like "grains of salt."  Milk hormones contain
enormous potential, if and when they become "bio-active."  Those same
hormones in milk are also contained in meat.

When humans eat animal products, the meat quickly enters the stomach,
but powerful acids break meat proteins down into the building blocks of
life, amino acids.  Just as sodium and chlorine are two very important
chemical elements for human physiological functioning, bodies also
require essential amino acids which are obtained from the foods we eat.

While meat and milk contain the same hormones, milk was designed to be a
hormonal delivery system.  Just as adults would not knowingly ingest
bio-active forms of sodium or chlorine, neither should they ingest
powerful hormones.

If one gram of sodium was encapsulated in a gelatin membrane, then
ingested, it would become a "ticking time bomb," ready to explode and
kill the host from within.  Milk hormones are encapsulated during the
process of homogenization, protected by fat molecules that are made
smaller by a factor of 100 times.

These hormones are capable of passing through the intestinal wall, then
entering the bloodstream where they circulate to all areas of the body
to exert their effects.

We are in the middle of a cancer explosion.  One out of seven women will
get breast cancer.  One milk hormone, IGF-I, has been called the key
factor in breast cancer's growth.  IGF-I in cows and humans is
identical.  When cows are injected with the genetically engineered
bovine growth hormone, levels of naturally occurring IGF-I in milk
increase by about 80%.  When humans drink milk, levels of IGF-I increase
in their bloodstreams by a factor of 10%.

We continue to urge FDA to revoke the use of the genetically engineered
bovine growth hormone.  That is just a small part of what we at the
Dairy Education Board wish to achieve.  Our message is that the
healthiest organic milk from the happiest cow naturally contains IGF-I.
When her milk is concentrated into ice cream or cheese, the resulting
product contains very large doss of hormones.  Milk contains powerful
growth hormones.  All milk.  Genetically engineered milk contains
increased amounts of IGF-I.  Cancer wins when it overtakes the body's
natural mechanism to curb uncontrolled growth.  IGF-I promotes cellular
proliferation and growth.

Milk and cheese contain IGF-I, the key factor in cancer. Please do not
take this advice with a grain of salt.

Please help teach people about milk hormones.  Please send today's diary
entry to a loved one.  Close your eyes and imagine a cancer.  Understand
that today's advice is worth many pounds of cure.


Today is the 58th day of my hunger strike.  Yesterday, my family
welcomed in the new millennium by driving to New York City, where we
performed an annual tradition.  We cooked and packaged dinners for
fifty, than drove through mid-town Manhattan and handed out,
one-at-a-time, our specially prepared care packages to homeless people.

I drove and my daughters took turns sitting in the front seat of our
van.  We would stop the car when we saw someone in need... pushing their
belongings in a cart or wheeling them along the avenues in a stroller,
these people who live on New York City's streets.

Sarah would politely ask, "Excuse me, would you like something to eat?"
The sense of humanity that was felt between donor and recipient was

Lizzy would hold out her offering.  "Would you like a meal?"  One man
stopped foraging through a trash can on the corner of Ninth avenue and
46th Street.  "Thank you, young lady.  Have a very Happy New Year."

An elderly couple picked up tin cans that littered the sidewalks, and
would later turn them in for a nickel apiece.  Three cases of spent soda
mean a pack of cigarettes to these people who live rent free, with the
moon and stars as their ceiling.

The newspapers teach us that these people are to be feared.  They are
alcoholics or schizophrenics, they are sick and violent.  We found none
of these imaginary goblins and orcs, just real people like you and me,
trying to maintain a bit of dignity.

A woman in a wheel chair had no legs and hunched over with nowhere to
hold the meal.  "Please put it in the bag hanging on the back of my
chair.  God bless you."

These people survive each day, picking through the trash, finding an
unending supply of scraps.  They do not need us to survive, but our
presence is a message to them that we care.  We really do.  We wish we
were in a position to do more.

Each of us can do just one little thing to help each other out.  Maybe
it's just a kind word to a neighbor.

Some of us are in positions of greater responsibility than others.  Some
people have enormous power, making life or death decisions over dozens
or hundreds of others.  Some decisions affect millions of people.

We drove down Broadway, weaving our way through the streets of Times
Square.  We then drove up Eighth Avenue to the Upper West Side of
Manhattan, finding homeless people in each of the city's neighborhoods.

As I drove, I thought of man's inhumanity to his fellow man.  I imagined
that nobody intentionally seeks to hurt other people, yet few people
consider the meanings of their actions.

I thought of the FDA bureaucrats who delay their decision on Monsanto's
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  I thought of the
thousands who will die or become ill as a result of FDA inaction.  I
thought of my hunger strike and my decision to not eat, by choice, the
same foods that I now offer to those in need.  I thought of how much
work still needs to be done, and how little I have really accomplished,
and how man's destiny must always be to reach inside to do the best and
be the best that we can be.


Today is the 59th day of my hunger strike.

This morning, I learned that Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman will
answer questions in a live online Internet forum one week from today,
Tuesday, January 11th at 1 p.m. EST.  On that day, the forum will be
accessible through the USDA website at:

I recently mailed a certified letter to the Secretary to which he did
not respond.  Past letters about rbGH in milk, mastitis in dairy cows,
antibiotics, pesticides, and iodine milk levels have also been totally
ignored by Mr. Glickman.  Will the Secretary's Internet chat be
different?  Perhaps you can post a question too!

Here is what I posted today:

"Last year, Belgium closed their dairy industry because of unsafe levels
of dioxins in milk. Recently, BEN & JERRY'S ICE CREAM was tested and
200 times the safe level of dioxins were found. BEN & JERRY'S response
was that 'It's in the environment.' If that is so, is it dangerous to
eat milk and dairy products, and should there be an immediate ban?"

I urge you to ask a milk-related question.  There are many issues that
are still unanswered, including UDSA's policy of promoting Monsanto's
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

Please take a few moments to log onto USDA'S site and let Secretary
Glickman know what is on your mind.

Questions to the Secretary, in advance of the forum, can now be posted
at this web site:


Today is the 60th day of my hunger strike.

The question of whether I am exercising while fasting has been asked by
many of you in private EMAIL.  The answer is YES!  Last night, I induced
my wife to wake up early this morning and join me for a long walk.  My
youngest daughter overheard our conversation and begged, "Take me,

At 5:30, the alarm went off and we got out of bed.  I went to Lizzy's
room and she woke easily, excited at the prospect of an early morning

Yesterday, it hit 60 degrees in New York, but this morning it was 30
degrees, with a strong wind.  I wore a polarguard parka, and watched my
breath turn white in the cold air.  I imagined summit day on Everest,
the trekkers emerging from their tents shortly after midnight, ready to
spend the next 14 hours in an exhausting summit attempt.

As our party of three left our home, me with my Walter-Mittyish fantasy,
Mrs. Mitty (my wife, Lisa), and one little itty bitty Mitty (Lizzy), I
described what a party of Everest climbers would be experiencing.  Lisa
laughed as Lizzy deadpanned her response: "Enough, Dad."

I continued my narration, as we continued toward our summit.  "One out
of five people attempting to scale Everest die on the mountain."  Lizzy
ran far ahead of her guides.  After 20 brisk minutes, we reached our
summit, the Dunkin Donuts in Emerson, New Jersey.  Lizzy was rewarded
with a chocolate chip muffin.  We then returned home, our path better
illuminated by the rising sun.


There is a food labeling conference scheduled for January 27-28, 2000 at
the Wyndham Hotel in Washington D.C.    FDA will be presenting many of
their proposed and new policies at this conference, which you are
invited to attend.  The keynote address will be delivered by Peter
Barton Hutt, former FDA Chief Counsel.

There's just one catch.

Cost of attending the conference is $1495.  Early registrants include
Monsanto, Campbell Soup Company, Nabisco, and Kraft Foods.

There will be lectures and panel discussions.  Topics include:

-- Industry Update and Forecast -- Where Are We Heading?
-- How To Target Your Nutraceuticals Consumer for the year 2000
-- Fortified Foods in the 2000s

If you have $1495 and the desire to listen to Monsanto's side of the
genetic engineering controversy, contact the conference organizer, Rupa
Ranganathan at 212-967-0095 x252.


Today is the 61st day of my hunger strike.


During the first week of each month, figures for the wholesale price of
milk (basic formula price = BFP) are released by the federal government.
The BFP represents the dollar amount that dairy farmers receive for
every hundred pounds of milk they produce.

In December of 1998, dairy farmers were receiving $17.34 for each
hundredweight of milk.  They now receive $9.63.  The price of milk
continues to drop for two reasons.  First, people continue to drink less
milk.  Second, the dairy industry continues to produce more milk.
Simultaneous to the decrease in demand, dairymen are increasing the


What has been the dairy industry solution to this financial tragedy in
the making?  Their response has been to breed more super-cows which
produce even more milk, and to promote the use of rbGH so that cows
injected with Monsanto's hormone super-saturate a market unable to even
utilize the existing surplus.

Monsanto's genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone
(rbGH) created mastitis in dairy cows, which resulted in a different
milk containing more hormones, bacteria, pus, and antibiotics.
Monsanto's rbGH caused cancer in laboratory animals.  Because of the
milk controversy, the public is aware that milk contains hormones.
People are learning that milk is loaded with powerful hormones, and as
they arrive at this understanding, they eliminate milk and dairy
products from their diets.

In early December, the BFP dropped to $9.79.  On January 5th, the BFP
dropped an additional 16 cents.

This year, 170 billion pounds of milk will be produced.  A 16-cent drop
represents a yearly-adjusted gross loss of income to dairy farmers of
$272 million.


To make matters worse, the federal government guarantees farmers at
least $9.80 for their milk.  Guess who gets to subsidize the dairy
farmers for that last price drop?  We have become innocent bystanders
and victims to this vicious and absurd circle.   As more of Monsanto's
hormone is used, more milk is produced, more IGF-I is consumed, more
cows get sick, more people get cancer, more antibiotics are used,
farmers get less money for their milk, and more subsidies are paid to
farmers from taxpayers.  Monsanto has become the beneficiary of this

One hundred and seventy billion pounds of milk at last year's price,
$17.34 per hundredweight, would have generated 29.4 billion dollars.  At
this year's historically low price, farmers will net just 16.4 billion
dollars.  Did the dairy industry really need this hormone?


Finally, a complete evaluation of rbGH reveals:


Genetically engineered milk is unsafe for consumer's health.
Genetically engineered milk is unsafe for the financial well being of
America's dairy farmer.  Thanks, Monsanto.


Today is the 62nd. day of my hunger strike.

Who says Y2K was a dud?  For me personally, it was very real and very
destructive.  Here is the untold story.

The sixth rated Internet hosting service is/was CI HOST.  I am/was a
client.  (So too were many tens of thousands of others).

If you have tried to access the or sites,
you might conclude that I've either faded away or been cancelled for
non-payment of my bills.  Both sites have faded into oblivion.
In addition, the site reserved to launch my new book is also "dead."

Customer Service at CI HOST is an oxymoron.  There is anything but
service, and by their actions, there will no longer be customers.  I
take no pleasure in witnessing a hundred-million dollar company

Galloping to my rescue has been Jeff Nelson.  Jeff owns the largest
vegetarian website on the Internet, and plays host to many sites
including Howard Lyman's home and pages.
For the next week (as files are uploading), you will be able to access
the notmilk and hungerstrike sites and take a peek at the cover of my
new book by logging on to these temporary URL's:

If you have never visited Jeff's site, I urge you to do so.  He receives
close to one million  "hits" per month, and has put together the largest
vegetarian site on the World Wide Web:

I have been keeping my daily diary entries up-to-date and you might want
to read up on the past week.  A few more people have joined in support
of our hunger strike and those names will be added to the still-growing

Thank you all for the hundreds of letters of concern and support!

Saturday, JANUARY 8

Today is the 63rd day of my hunger strike.

Last night I watched a National Geographic special on climbing
mountains. One of the segments featured Alex Lowe, a climber who was
killed last year by an avalanche.  He scaled many a cliff, some live on
television, and the scenes in last night's show were dramatic.  They
called him a freak.  Up every day at 3 AM, he trained hard, and had
incredible upper body strength.  They said that he did 400 chin-ups
every day.  I don't know if I could do even one.  What an inspiration
this man was/and is!

I have not done a push-up or a sit-up in many years.  (Short pause) -

I just did ten push-ups and twenty sit-ups and realize that my
47-year-old body is not the same that it was in high school.  I don't
like feeling old and out of shape.  I am going to change that.

I have become flabby and lazy.  No more.  I've just dusted off the
stationary bike and it now sits upstairs.  Twenty minutes per day to
start - I'll gradually build it up to get my legs in shape.  I am now
walking every day and I am beginning an exercise routine.  I want to
swim and play racquetball and do everything I could do in high school.
Is it possible?

One burns a lot of calories when training hard, and I am not eating
food. However, I have plenty of calories stored as fat.  As I lose
weight from my fast, my body becomes stronger, my mind becomes more
alert, I need less sleep, and my motivation level increases.  So too
does my anger at FDA's inactivity increase.

My hunger strike is a juice fast.  I would have died by this time on a
strict hunger strike.  The juice fast will keep me alive.  I will become
leaner and meaner.  I will live for at least the next six months, and I
vow to become FDA's worst nightmare.  I have energy in spirit and body
and an enormous sense of purpose.

I now live to train, and perhaps my fantasies will become reality.  Run
a marathon?  Finish a triathlon?  Get FDA to take Monsanto's hormone of
the market?  Climb Everest?  Nothing is impossible, and I feel like all
of my summits will be scaled.

Sunday, January 9

After two weeks of INTERNET HELL, my websites are back online.
You can now catch up on the hungerstrike daily diary entries
and Dairy Education Board news: 

Today's diary entry should be read by every woman in America.
Perhaps you could send the following to every woman on your LOVE
and LIKE list:


Today is the 64th day of my hunger strike.

An enormous breast cancer controversy is developing between traditional
medical practitioners, who benefit from the existing multi-billion
dollar yearly breast cancer rip-off, and real science, which has proven
that mammography does more damage than good.


Very rarely does the mainstream press report the existing milk/IGF-I
link to breast cancer.  Wonder why?  Newspapers, magazines, television,
and radio all derive revenue from companies extolling the fraudulent
virtues of milk and dairy products.  Pizza Hut uses three percent of
America's yearly milk production.  Dannon Yogurt and Ben & Jerry's Ice
Cream help pay the rent, utilities, and salaries of those who pretend to
bring America the truth in their daily news.


Thousands of chemicals and events have been implicated as being a cause
of cancer, but one thing makes it grow once a woman is unfortunate to be
so stricken.  That key factor happens to be the most powerful growth
hormone produced in the human body, insulin-like growth factor-I or
IGF-I.   The great miracle of nature is that IGF-I is identical between
humans and cows. On November 8, 1994, the New York Times reported that
breast cancer is actually a very common event.  An autopsy study
revealed that 39.6% of women between the ages of 40 and 50 have breast
cancer.  That is horrible news for women and wonderful news for those
who make a living performing breast cancer analyses and treatment.

The fact of the matter is that most breast cancers are naturally
controlled by our miraculous immune systems.  Cancers always begin with
one cell.  Every three months that cancer doubles in size, so that after
one year the cancer grows to sixteen cells.

Eight years later, a breast cancer becomes a one-million cell tumor, the
smallest lump a woman can detect in her breast   Cellular examination
upon autopsy reveals the common presence of breast cancer, but clinical
diagnoses result in only one percent of women in the 40-50 age group
being dignosed with breast cancer.

The key factor in breast cancer's growth, like pouring gasoline on a
fire, is IGF-I.  Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream---all dairy products
are loaded with this powerful growth hormone.


A new study published in the British medical journal, LANCET, compiled
data from 500,000 women since the 1960's and found that mammography is
not only an ineffective tool, it might very well be a factor in causing
breast cancer.

The study found that for every 1,000 women who receive a mammography,
one life is saved.  On the other hand, a woman having a mammography will
have a six hundred percent greater chance of getting breast cancer, by
exposing her breasts to a "safe level of radioactivity."  Safe level?
That's easy for a man to say.  If I was a woman, I'd be pretty
unhappy about exposing my breasts to once-a-year doses of radioactive

Science devises tests to find breast cancer earlier.  Is that such a
good thing?  All adults over the age of 50 have cancer (New York Times,
11/8/94, P C-1).  Instead of ingesting the key factor five times each
day, IGF-I, shouldn't all women practice the NOTMILK preventive therapy?


When cows are treated with Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone (rbGH), levels of IGF-I in their milk increase by about
80%.  Women who drink milk experience an increase, systemically, of
IGF-I in their blood serum by a factor of ten percent.


Today's New York Times (Sunday, January 9, 2000) contains a full-page ad
for AVON'S "Breast Cancer 3-Day" event.  This is a national effort, and
women in America's major cities will be making a collective
statement this Fall.

In New York, two thousand women will walk 25 miles per day from October
13th-15th, starting at Bear Mountain, New York and ending their march in
midtown Manhattan.  If you wish to join their protest, call 888-332-9286
or read about breast cancer on their website:


Please contact these people who have great passion and anger.  Let them
know about milk and IGF-I. Tell them about our hunger strike.  March
with them.  Teach the ignorant about the IGF-I/milk factor.  AND SEND

Monday, January 10

Today is the 65th day of my hunger strike.

I have had a few requests to expand my diary and reveal some of the more
personal and intimate details of my life.  Is my day-to-day routine all
work and all suffering and no play?  Nothing could be further from that.

Yesterday, my kids chipped in and treated me to a movie.  We are
fortunate to be located just twenty minutes from an IMAX super large
screen theater, and that's where we headed.  The movie was "Fantasia

I have seen the original "Fantasia" many times and the tape is a part of
my video collection.  The new "Fantasia" was simply stunning.  In
theory, a different "Fantasia" can be produced every day based upon the
millions and millions of pieces of classical music which can be
synchronized to animation.

I've seen many, many Disney movies from "Snow White" to "Pinocchio" to
"The Lion King."  The results are happy and predictable with few real
surprises.  This version of "Fantasia" was a little bit different and so
extremely creative that I found myself thinking, "This is Walt Disney on
peyote."  Perhaps the 40 speakers located throughout the theater had
something to do with the incredible effects.  There is one segment in
which giant sperm whales fly through their environment and bring the
concept of swimming to new heights.

The toughest part of the day was sitting with my wife and three
daughters in the fast food court of the Palisades Center while sushi,
Chinese food, and other ethnic foods were enjoyed.  I nursed my bottled

Last night, I read Luke Anderson's book on biotechnology called "Genetic
Engineering, Food, and Our Environment."  The book combined the basic
concepts of how, what, and why the world's food supply has changed.  I
found this paperback to be very easy to digest, and I am adding it to my
"Recommended Reading List" for those who do not fully understand the
issues.  You can get the book from Chelsea Green Publishing Co. by
calling 800-639-4099 or logging onto their Internet

Tuesday, January 11

Today is the 66th day of my hunger strike.

The number sixty-six is an omen and sign representing the Biblical beast
of all evil, and the greatest evil that I witness today is the rejection
of truth.

This morning, I received an e-mail letter from Susan C.   Here is her
letter with my response:

"To Robert:

I received an angry email, forwarded from a friend, about the effects of
growth hormones and breast cancer. The letter was so angry I could
hardly read it.  If women are going to listen to this important message
about their health, hopefully it will be delivered in a more productive

>From Susan C."

"Dear Susan,

The ANGRIEST group of people on this planet are those whose damaged
breasts have become toxic dump sites for FDA and USDA-approved toxins.

Schoepenhouer said that all truth goes through three stages: denial,
violent opposition, then acceptance.  I expect violent opposition to
this truth, because the disease is so horrible, and the milk myth so

There is no debate to the truth I have presented.  IGF-I is the key
factor in the growth of every breast cancer.  IGF-I is manufactured in
the human body, but is broken down in a matter of seconds.  In cow's
milk, the SAME, EXACT hormone survives digestive processes for 30
minutes after human ingestion.  Cow's injected with Monsanto's
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone yield milk with increased
levels of this powerful growth hormone.

This is the reason that I am on a hunger strike.  This is why I will not
end my fast until FDA revokes the use of this hormone.  I have placed my
health and possible death on the line for the benefit of your angry


There is one other great evil at work.  Congress is considering passage
of a bill, the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act (HR 3377),
which will require the USDA and the FDA to label genetically engineered
foods.  The proposed bill is not evil, it is beautiful.  What is evil
are the comments made yesterday by US Agriculture Secretary Dan
Glickman.  In a press conference, Glickman set the stage for USDA's
policy by telling reporters that the federal government is not likely to
require US manufacturers and grocery stores to put labels on genetically
engineered foods.

Despite the fact that people wearing Monarch butterfly costumes
protested genetic engineering and rioted in the streets of Seattle and
demonstrated at three FDA hearings (Chicago, Washington, and Oakland),
Glickman and other government officials refuse to bear witness to the
mandate of the people.

Through our petition, FDA is armed with the truth: genetic engineering
produced "freak" amino acids and changed the character of the foods
they've replaced.

Wednesday, January 12

Today is the 67th day of my hunger strike.

Yesterday, I had three one-hour radio interviews during a six-hour
period, and by the time I got to the third, I was tired and near to
losing my voice.  In the past, I could talk for five or six hours and
not feel any strain.  Maybe it was just one of those days or perhaps
this hunger strike is taking its toll.

I spoke first to a Pittsburgh audience and then crossed the nation to
Colorado.  The third and final interview was on KOMO in Seattle, an ABC
affiliate with an enormous listening audience.  I enjoy the talk show
audience format where listeners call in questions to the host and
myself.  Yesterday's host, Ernie, performed as a stand-up comic previous
to his radio DJ job, and the show was a lot of fun.

We talked about hormones in milk, of course, and I complimented the
Seattle audience on their anti-biotechnology sentiments as demonstrated
at the recent WTO demonstrations.

Milk has been genetically engineered, and most of the commercial
products in today's market are so influenced.  Major food manufacturers
and distributors accept milk from cows treated with Monsanto's hormone.
That includes Pizza Hut, Kraft Foods, and Dannon Yogurt.

On Monday of this week, French officials discovered two new cases of Mad
Cow Disease.  That brings to 31 the number of cows discovered with this
disease in the past twelve months in France.  One of the cows was
discovered in the northwest region of Brittany, while the other was
found in the south.  French authorities ordered that all 341 cows in the
two herds be slaughtered.  This degenerative brain disease is easily
passed from cow to human.  Some scientists theorize that Mad Cow Disease
can be transferred in the flesh of diseased animals, and two Nobel
Prize-winning scientists (Gajdusek and Prusiner) conceded to me that the
infectious substance might very well be contained within the cow's body
fluids.  By drinking milk, we ingest body fluids from diseased animals.

There are many reasons not to drink milk.  Almost every sip of
commercially produced milk contains virus, pus, bacteria, powerful
growth hormones (including IGF-I), allergenic proteins, antibiotics,
pesticides, dioxins, and fat and cholesterol.  Genetically engineered
milk contains increased levels of the same naturally occurring growth

Thursday, January 13

Today is the 68th day of my hunger strike.

This is a long story that I am going to cut short, and I'll begin by
telling you about my daughter Elizabeth's 5th grade school project.
Each child in Mrs. DiCorcia's class has been asked to assume the persona
of a famous "character" from American history.  My daughter has decided
to be Johnny Appleseed.  Part of that assignment includes cooking or
creating a recipe that would have been enjoyed by that famous

So... this morning in the middle of the first snowstorm of the new
millennium to hit the New York area, I drove to the supermarket and
bought 20 pounds of apples.  This evening, my home will become an apple
cider mill and we'll produce a few gallons of nature's finest.  However,
that's not the whole story.

My wife and kids can no longer go supermarket shopping with me because
of my one-man campaign against milk and dairy products.  When I see a
gallon of milk in somebody's shopping cart, my loved ones recognize the
killer look on my face and distance themselves from my next victim.  So
it happened this morning when I was alone on a checkout line paying for
my apples and the young woman behind me placed her gallon of milk and
six cans of vegetables behind my groceries.  I looked at her and said,
"You know, they sell those vegetables in the produce section.  They're
fresher and they taste better."  I said nothing about the milk.  Her
response to me was, "I'm buying these for our daycare center.  We don't
have time to prepare fresh vegetables, but I'm getting milk for the
kids.  That's healthy."

I looked at her and responded, "It sure is.  Those little kids need
those hormones."  She said to me, "This is the hormone-free milk."  What
could I do to argue with such logic?

There's a woman in Seattle who runs a daycare center.  Her name is
Ellouise Carroll.  Ms. Carroll has 70 children in her school, and she is
suing the state and the United States Department of Agriculture because
she does not want to serve milk to her children.  Ellouise has
discovered, through a lifetime of teaching, that milk makes kids
wild and creates runny noses, congestion, and asthma attacks.  Many
years ago, she eliminated milk from her schools and found the instant
cure to many of these children's ills while improving their ability to
learn.  Now the state of Washington is demanding that she give the
children milk, and her case is in the courts.

Last week, Public School 104 in New York City was forced to close
because the children are wild and out-of-control and have lost the
ability to learn.  These children, predominately African-American, live
in extreme poverty and are the beneficiaries of a minimum of five doses
of hormone-filled milk and dairy products each day.

All of these things flashed through my mind at the checkout counter as I
handed the woman a card with my website

Will she access the site and read about milk hormones?

As usual... I continue on with the hunger strike for the children... for
the innocent victims.

Friday, January 14

Today is the 69th day of my hunger strike.

The wind chill is 30 degrees below zero, and I just chopped up some wood
for this evening's fire.  I'm in a great mood, buoyed by today's news
from Battle Creek, Michigan.  While I am no fan of the cereal giant,
Kellogg Company, I do applaud today's health conscious news.  Taking
advantage of something that health activists have been trying to tell
them, Kellogg has launched their first soy protein cereal which also
contains rice and whole wheat flakes.  Hopefully, cereal fans will enjoy
this product with soy or rice milk.  Last October, FDA announced that
consumption of soy could significantly lower cholesterol levels and
reduce the risk of heart disease.

On a different front, I received a tape called "Lethal Medicine" in
today's mail from Paul Sewick who runs an organization called "Animal
Commandos."  The tape was graphic at times and reflected all aspects of
animal research.  Paul had previously written a letter to SATYA Magazine
(circulation 80,000+) demanding that I apologize to animals because I
cite animal research in supporting my anti-milk position.  Paul's
argument is that animal research represents sadistic and fraudulent
torture to animals, and that pure and simple common sense dictates that
animal research is totally incongruent to human physiology.

Paul's letter was a little harsh, but it really made me think about
animal research.  Human medicine cannot be based upon animal
physiology.  As a scientist, I always knew that it was relatively easy
to find an animal to prove or disprove whatever I wanted.  Every year,
more than one hundred million animals are killed for the alleged purpose
of continuing needless research.  In a sense, crimes against animals are
a crime against humanity.

Rates of cancer and heart disease have not decreased in the past 30
years.  As a matter of fact, they are soaring.  Animal research seeks to
determine cures for diseases, but they have solved nothing and have only
taught us one thing.  We are lulled to an unrealistic sense of security
by animal research which looks for a cure and does not really focus upon
cause or, even more importantly, prevention.  Science accepts the fact
that animal fats are dangerous and pesticides, dioxins, and other
chemicals are pollutants that poison our bodies.  Shouldn't the real
cure be found by eliminating the problem?

Today I am eating no food, but if and when I resume eating, I will be
eating organically raised fruits and vegetables.  The price of
organically grown produce might be a little higher than traditional
supermarket produce, but the cost of medical treatment surpasses one
trillion dollars a year.  Maintaining good health by paying a little bit
more for the body's fuel is a great investment when one compares the
high costs of dealing with heart disease and cancer.

Saturday, January 15

Today is the 70th day of my hunger strike.

If I gave you a picture, showed you her face, and told you she has
breast cancer, how far would you walk to save her life?  If you go the
distance, I'll show you the way.

Imagine knowing that you saved a life.  Two.  Four.  Ten.  Breast cancer
is the most common form of cancer in women in the U.S.  This year, over
400,000 women are expected to die of the disease.

On Monday, January 24th, I'll be in Millburn, New Jersey for a breast
cancer orientation class.  Next October, I'll be participating in Avon's
Breast Cancer 3-Day.

I pledge to walk 80 miles from Bear Mountain, New York to New York City
and I wish to put together a team who will join me.  You don't have to
walk, you can be a member of the crew: .
Won't you join me?  For more information, please call Lisa or Ann at my
office: 201-871-5871.

Sunday, January 16

Today is the 71st day of my hunger strike.


I just reexamined the paperback and hardcover books in my library to
confirm a suspicion.  I read more than twenty breast cancer books last
year.  I've also read hundreds of journal articles, and while I don't
claim to be America's breast cancer expert, I do have some understanding
of the cellular and hormonal mechanisms playing roles in breast cancer's
growth and proliferation.


Last night, I read the single most fascinating and convincing breast
cancer book that should be a must read for all women.  The name of the
book is appropriately "BREAST CANCER - Poisons, Profits and
Prevention."  The book is written by Liane Casten.

Chapter One tells the story of Cassandra Michaels who died at age 35.
Every woman who dies of breast cancer has a tragic story to tell.
Usually loved ones stand by helplessly as multiple forces endanger,
betray, and overwhelm the sufferer.

There are many misconceptions about breast cancer.   Many factors cannot
be controlled, but the bottom line is this: there are many risks that
can be controlled, and one must regulate the poisons entering the body
from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat.

Government agencies such as FDA and USDA have abandoned their regulatory
fiduciary mission and are now corporate shills.  Casten's documentation
of such betrayal is shocking.

Mammograms are the most often used diagnostic test in America and have
supplied billions of dollars of cash flow to hospitals and physicians.
The author documents real science and exposes the truth that mammograms
are poisons masquerading as diagnostic tests.  Studies have shown that
one out of a thousand women are helped by mammograms while eight times
that number develop breast cancer as a result of having their breasts
exposed to deadly doses of toxic radiation.

Liane Casten discusses tamoxifen, a synthetic hormone similar in
structure to DES.  In her opinion (and mine, too), tamoxifen is a poison
pretending to be a curative.  Tamoxifen is given to breast cancer
survivors who often develop uterine and ovarian cancers as a result of
the use of that drug.

The author explores silicone implants, which are poisons disguised as
cosmetic devices.

The cancer establishment, as a result of Richard Nixon's 1970 war on
cancer, has spent almost $25 billion in public funds and hundreds of
millions of dollars in private funds in trying to understand and prevent
breast cancer.  The author asks, "What have we to show for this immense
expense of time, money, and expertise?"

I urge you to read this book.  It can be bought at or by
calling Common Courage Press at 207-525-0900.

Monday, January 17

Today is the 72nd day of my hunger strike and it is also the second day
of my flu.  I went to sleep at 8 PM last evening and slept through the
night like a baby waking up at 8 AM.  The last time I slept that long,
like a baby, when I was a baby.  I have aches and pains and, overall,
I'm a bit of a mess so forgive today's short journal entry.

Today is a day of dreams.  Most of America celebrates the birth of
Martin Luther King who had a dream.  I too have a dream.  My dream has
started off as a nightmare, but it can have a happy ending.  Our hunger
strike is a wake-up call to FDA and to all Americans.  My dream is that
all people see truth and gain wisdom, and in doing so make a difference
for themselves and their loved ones by rejecting the poisons in our air,
water, and food.

Tuesday, January 18

Today is the 72nd day of my hunger strike.

Today is also the third day of my flu, and I found the
cure...although I don't recommend the treatment.

My head aches, my back hurts, my body screams to me
in pain and discomfort.  My temperature is elevated
and I have a cough.  Yet, for one hour last evening,
all of my symptoms went away.

The cure?  Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline!

Here's how it works.

Get one cute little ten-year-old daughter.  In my case,
her name is Elizabeth, and yes, she's for rent.

Position yourself in front of a fireplace with a roaring fire.
Get comfortable in the recliner chair with a good book.
Last night's was Bill Bonnano's "CODE OF HONOR."  Bonnano
was the model for Michael Corleone in Mario Puzo's "THE GODFATHER."  His
dad was THE real-life GODFATHER, as portrayed in the movie by Marlon

Anyway...I was deep into the book, miserable with my flu-like
symptoms...just getting to the part where Bonnano reveals the
reason behind the Kennedy assassination, when all of a sudden, Lizzy
started screaming:


I jumped out of the chair and flew to her...and as I ran down the hall
I saw the glow from her room.  Her bed was aflame, as was her wall.
That cute little Tweety Bird Clock had flamed out, and her mattress and
bed was fully involved.

I screamed to my wife, "Call 911."  Although I was an enormous
Y2K cynic, I did buy 50 gallons of water, and five of those gallon jugs
were sitting on the kitchen counter.

I soon had the fire under control, although I had "eaten"
quite a bit of smoke.  The Oradell Volunteer Fire Department
was having their Monday night drill, and were at the station when the
call came in.  I was amazed at how quickly they responded.

Soon my home was filled with friends wearing bunker gear and Scott paks.
They came armed with axes and various tools meant to quickly open
up walls, which is just what they did.  Fire has a way of traveling
inside of walls and rapidly climbs towards higher points undetected.

Two hours later, all was back to normal.  Minimal damage, some
battered psyches, all of us believers in the adage that "it can happen

Lizzy is the family hero, and I discovered the temporary
cure for the flu.

Now my head is pounding.  For now, I'll enjoy the feeling.

Wednesday, January 19

One in Six Billion

Every day during my hunger strike, I have kept a diary which can be
found at:

My entire anti-dairy philosophy can be found at:

Today is the 74th day of my hunger strike.

My cardiologist is Jeff Mitchel and his practice is in Englewood, New
Jersey.  Jeff is more than a doctor to me, he is a friend.  Many years
ago, we used to be racquetball buddies.  He is a superb athlete and
climbs two hundred flights of stairs each day on mankind's greatest
technological device of torture-the Stairmaster.  A few years ago, Dr.
Mitchel won the racquetball championship at the Jewish Community Center
(JCC) in Tenafly.  Jeff and I alternated bragging rights, playing a
pretty much even game, but there is one man who regularly beat Jeff
Mitchel. That man is my father, the finest athlete I have ever known,
Nat Cohen.

Dad was born the same year America entered World War I.  In that year,
Einstein announced his Theory of Relativity, and the Saturday Evening
Post published their first Norman Rockwell drawing.  Fanny Brice sang
and danced in the Ziegfield Follies, and the Boston Red Sox beat the
Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series.  Lucky Strike cigarettes were
introduced, vitamin B was discovered, and the first home refrigerator
was marketed for $900, a price equal to the Model T motor car rolling
out of Henry Ford's new Detroit factory.  This year, my dad will turn
84, and last month he broke the humurus bone in his left arm.

Appropriately, like a Viking holding a sword, Dad broke the bone in the
health club.  Yesterday, he began physical therapy and rehab.  Our
friend and cardiologist calls Dad a few times a week.  Jeff has even
made a house call and stayed nearly two hours.

Forty years ago, Nat had his gall bladder removed by a doctor whose name
would one day become famous and whose maneuver would save countless tens
of thousands of lives - Henry Heimlich.  I recently had dinner with Dr.
Heimlich and he remembers my father well.  One week after surgery, Dad
ripped his sutures and began to bleed while playing handball at the YMCA
on 63rd St. in Manhattan.

Dad always did things his way and he is truly one in six billion.
Before his accident, I would not have bet against him in a racquetball
game with any of the readers of this column.  He is not an old man by
any standard other than his chronological age.  Even at the health club,
young people crowd around his locker because his comic style has always
made him the center of attention and "life of the party."

Although I was feeling pretty lousy yesterday, I went with him to his
first day of rehab.  I secretly took along two heroin-like pain killing
Percosets in my pocket.  I had been warned by both his physician and
therapist that the discomfort he would experience would elevate his
concept of pain to a new level.

Dad refused the pills, joked with the therapist about getting back to
the racquetball court and didn't complain about my driving (a new first
for him) on the way home.  He'll be back at the JCC before long. One in
six billion?  We are all one in six billion.  Dad is my inspiration to
continue the fight to make things right.  Each of us has the ability to
do great things by performing to our potential.

Thursday, January 20

Today is the 75th day of my hunger strike.

Every day I have made a journal entry and have done my best to try to
stay even with the tremendous volume of e-mail and snail mail that I
receive.  There just aren't enough hours in the day nor days in the week
for me to do justice to the approximately 5,000 personal messages that I
receive on a weekly basis.  Forgive me.

I woke up this morning having spent the night at my father's house.
Yesterday, I admitted my mother into Englewood Hospital where she is now
in her second day undergoing tests for a still undiagnosed ailment.  My
father has yet to learn how to boil water so add personal chef and valet
to the many hats that I wear.

I am feeling as well as I can be considering the circumstances and am
now readying myself to shovel Dad's driveway and mine from the first New
York metropolitan area snowstorm of the 21st century.

Friday, January 21

Doctors Make Monkeys of Humans

Today is the 76th day of my hunger strike.

There are many myths that Americans have to live with.  Who can begin to
understand the scope of brainwashing that must occur for a myth to be
perceived as realty?

In 1971, then-President Richard Nixon declared a war on cancer.  In the
1950s, when Richard Nixon was debating Nikita Khruschev and making
himself the national hero of pre-Watergate days, Americans had two
deadly nightmares.  The first was the threat of nuclear war. That threat
has all but disappeared.  The second was the threat of a horrible
disease called cancer.

In the 1950s, one out of five Americans were expected to die from this
deadly disease.  The word "cancer" struck fear in the hearts of all
Americans.  During Nixon's presidency, in the 1970s, cancer rates
soared, and one out of four Americans were expected to die from cancer.

After Nixon's declaration of war on cancer, there became a new focus for
researchers.  The business of cancer has become very good news to
physicians and scientists, and very bad news for laboratory rats, cats,
and other four-legged animals.

Apparently, the American public has been lied to.  Common sense has been
replaced by common fraud.  Humans walk on two legs, not four, and have
different physiological systems than laboratory animals.

From Nixon's presidency to the end of the 20th century, more than $25
billion was spent on the war on cancer, but today cancer rates are
soaring.   It is now projected that one in two American men and one in
three American women will die from cancer.  Why?

This hunger strike of mine will one day teach all of America that the
key factor in cancer's growth is IGF-I, a hormone identical between cows
and humans.  Milk contains IGF-I and cheese contains concentrated
amounts of this powerful growth hormone that has been identified as the
key factor in cancer's growth.  In 1960, the average American ate 10
pounds of cheese per year.  As cheese consumption containing powerful
growth hormones increased, so too did cancer rates.  This year, the
average American will eat 30 pounds of cheese.

Last night, I went to bed early and woke at 2:30 AM.  Unable to get back
to sleep, I read Jane Goodall's new book, "Reason for Hope, A Spiritual
Journey."  I bookmarked a passage that had great relevance to Dr.
Goodall.  That same passage should be reviewed by all of us regarding
the medical myths that influence our behavior.  These days, doctors seem
to be interested in diagnosing an illness and treating a symptom, not
finding a cure or a prevention.

Jane Goodall discusses (page 74) her first experiences with chimpanzees
and her early discovery that these "animals" used tools.  Instead of
giving her subjects numbers, she named them, her favorite personality
being David Greybeard.  She got to know each chimpanzee and recognized
distinct personalities.  In her day, scientists, philosophers, and
theologians believed that only humans were capable of rational thought.
Goodall's comment should be inscribed in every institute of learning:

"Fortunately, I had not been to university, and I did not know these
things.  And when I did find out, I just thought it was silly and paid
no attention."

I see many things that seem silly.  I vow not to be shy about exposing
them.  It is up to us to take back our health from those who have
deceived us.

Saturday, January 22

Today is the 77th day of my hungerstrike, and I've slept for most of the

Dad's arm is gettig better, Mom is home from the hospital, and things
are returning to normal.

I can now allow myself to get sick.  Rebound effect?  I've been caring
for two parents and holding back my symptoms and they've slam-dunked me
into bed.  I have more symptoms than could fit onto a doctor's
check-off sheet.

I refuse to take pills and am probably suffering for it.
Something inside of my right lung is laughing at me for
my own self abuse.  The "tickle" has turned into a bit of pain,
and like the man who refuses to ask for directions, I refuse to
seek medical help.

Yeah, I know... el-jerko numero uno, big time.  Perhaps I can sleep
it off.

In the meantime, I am taking massive doses of vitamin C in the form of
freshly squeezed lemon juice in bottled water.

Lisa bought me a case of oranges and grapefruit and will juice them
tomorrow morning.

Back to bed, where hopefully my body will heal itself.

Sunday, January 23

Today is the 78th day of my hunger strike.

As newly born infants, we possess working brains, ready to acquire
trillions of bits of sensory information to be forever etched into
neural circuits.  Newborns have the ability to communicate their needs
by crying, but as such do not yet speak nor understand words.  Our
programming teaches each of us to move of movements so that, as adults
we can one day grasp at straws or recite: Peter Piper picked a peck of
picked peppers.  How many movements does it take one to mount a horse,
grab a lance, and joust with a windmill?

Baby humans do not have the ability to pick and choose their curriculum.
Had I been born in Brazil, Portuguese would have been my learned
language.  I could have been a practicing Buddhist or coal miner in
Appalachia.  Most of what I am was determined during the early years of
my life, when I lived in the land of adult giants.  They had the
advantage of persuasion.  There was no debate to the information
overload.  If Christ died for my sins, or if black people were lazy, or
if self-mutilation was a custom practiced by generations of my
ancestors, then I was fated to one day "learn" what I was "taught." I
would probably repeat the same stories and lessons to my children.  I
would shape their behaviors and personalities according to my own.
Wordsworth said, "The child is the father of the man."  My youngest
daughter's great grandchild-to-be will ultimately share a part of my
great-grandfather's philosophy.  Such has been the history of man.  Such
is to be the destiny of all children.

We teach our language to our children.  We influence them by teaching
religion, ethics, morals, and customs.  From the brushing of teeth or
hair, to the tying of shoelaces, to using a fork and knife, behaviors
become learned. Good habits, bad habits, even the foods we eat are
pre-determined by mothers, fathers, and guardians.

My mother recently told me that I began to drink milk at the age of two.
I have no memory of my first sip.  Mom assures me that I never liked
milk and had to be constantly told that it was good for me.  She knew
that because her mother told her.  She knew that because the doctor told
her.  I remember his name, Dr. Rosenberg.  I am told that he delivered
me.  He was my pediatrician until the age of 8.  He never associated
earaches with milk drinking.  I remember the earaches.  I drank milk at
every meal, and must have been told 365 days per year, a minimum of
three times per day, to finish my glass of milk or I would
not grow up to be a strong boy.  I remember giving similar advice to two
of my three children.

I have no memory of milk posters from my kindergarten days.   Were there
posters then, and if so, was the message subliminal as it is today?  Did
the teachers make me drink milk and did they assure me that it was good
for me too?

If there is one basic thing that most American children "know," it is
that milk is good.  Without cow's milk, they will not grow to be
healthy.  They have been told this by their parents, teachers, and have
seen this message in their magazines, books, and on television.

Ask a child or an adult if he or she would like a nice tall glass of
dog's milk.  Perhaps they would drink a glass of pig's milk or horse
milk.  Cat?  Squirrel?  How about a 12-ounce glass of human breast milk.
Kangaroo?  Hippo?  Instinctively, the thought of drinking milk other
than cow's milk is unappealing to most people.  This very basic instinct
cannot be taught.  This "internal knowledge" counters everything one has
been taught about cow's milk, so that logic becomes sacrificed to the
power of a myth.

Monday, January 24

Today is the 79th day of my hunger strike.

First, the good news and the bad news.  Last week's comedy of life presented
many cliches.  Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.  When it rains it pours.

Bad things come in bunches.  "You-know-what" happens.

During the last 168 hours I cared for my father and his broken arm, while
suffering through the flu.  Then Mom got sick and was hospitalized so I was
doing double parent duty.  While wind chill factors outside were 30 degrees
below zero, temperatures inside of my body reached new highs.

I was not the only one to experience extreme heat.  Elizabeth's room flamed
and the fire department paid an unanticipated visit.  Somehow, my computer
felt left out of all the adversity, and it decided to break down, just one
month after my two-year warranty expired.  This leaves me with an inability
to receive or send e-mail, and my never-fail computer phone book is temporary
lost.  There is some good news.   I should save a fortune on phone bills
until computer repair is accomplished.

More good news-the pain in my right lung area does not seem to be getting any

Today, I donated blood, just in case Mom needs it.  Her hemoglobin level has
been under 8.0, which makes her an appropriate candidate for a transfusion.
My hemoglobin count was 15.8, which surprised even me.

I was a bit concerned. My pulse was 92 and my blood pressure was 148/90.
Usually, my pulse is in the high 60s and my blood pressure 120/80.  These
tests do not lie.  My body and spirit are under stress.

I just heard tomorrow's forecast for the New York area-8" of snow.  The kids
will most certainly be off from school and I'll have two driveways to shovel.

Tuesday, January 25

Monsanto and FDA Be Warned: This is Just the Beginning

Today is the 80th day of my hunger strike.

The latest weather report predicts 10-12" of snow for northern New Jersey.  I
woke up with a massive headache, but the pain in my chest seems to be
lessening.  I feel as if I am on the road to recovery.  A big snowstorm is
not what the doctor ordered.

Yesterday, I received a tape in the mail from Al Lewis and Suzanne Phillips.
I watched "Showdown at Seattle-5 Days That Shook the WTO."

You might recall that there was rioting in the streets of Seattle in
opposition to the World Trade Organization meeting late last year. In
watching the tape,  I was reminded of the 1968 siege in Chicago at the
Democratic National Convention.  I was in high school when I watched police
beating demonstrators.  Thirty-two years later, violent police shot tear gas
canisters, rubber bullets, used their nightsticks, and sprayed pepper spray
into the faces of people sitting in the street.  I was angry and frustrated
watching the tape.  One middle-aged woman, interviewed by the media, said,
"Today I was ashamed to be an American."

While Seattle rioted, FDA simultaneously held the first of three
biotechnology hearings in Chicago.  Both Seattle and Chicago shared one very
powerful and symbolic phenomenon.  The media covered each demonstration, and
America bore witness to a new sight-protestors were dressed as Monarch
butterflies.  Why Monarchs?  Monsanto's FDA-approved bt corn killed Monarch

The average man and woman on the street might not have gotten the message,
but Monsanto and the FDA certainly had.  FDA had prescheduled three
biotechnology conferences, the second was in Washington and the third in
Oakland, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from America's traditional hotbed
of radicalism, Berkeley. Five hundred peaceful people showed up on a rainy,
misty day, and in doing so, sent a signal to FDA and Monsanto: this is just
the beginning.

As we approach the hundredth day of our hunger strike, FDA remains mute to
our protests.  We have filed a citizen's petition to remove Monsanto's rbGH
because of scientific fraud and deceit.  Part of our petition includes new
scientific evidence proving the dangers and risks to consumers drinking
Monsanto's new milk.

We have filed numerous Freedom of Information Act requests for simple and
basic information and our requests are totally ignored.  It is as if there is
a complete shutdown at FDA.  Perhaps that should be the solution, shut'em
down and start all over again because the system to which we bear witness is
not working.

Things are getting worse here in America, and the interests of Americans have
been sublimated to the interests of pharmaceutical companies.  It is winter
and activists are hibernating. It will soon be spring and there will be
planning.  I have the feeling that Seattle is just a harbinger of things to
come.  Will it be a long hot summer?

It is not too late for FDA to do the right thing and to send a message to
Americans.  The eyes of the world will be watching.  Do not betray the common

Wednesday, January 26

Today is the 81st day of my hunger strike.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has helped to
spread the word that milk does not do the body any good, particularly
for African-Americans who have higher rates of lactose intolerance than
Caucasians.   PCRM has been publicizing the conflicts of interest on
government food pyramid committees and has filed suit to change the
official government dietary guidelines.  USDA mandates that children in
school receive daily doses of milk.  PCRM?  I love those guys.  But here
are the bad guys.

On Thursday, the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH)
criticized PCRM for their anti-milk stance.  In doing so, this group
paid $560 to put a press release on PRNewswire.  The next day, the
National Dairy Council also paid to put a press release on the
PRNewswire, calling PCRM "an activist group with a vegan/animal rights

It is a shame that most Americans don't realize the relationship between
ACSH and the dairy industry.  It is unfortunate that most Americans
don't realize that the dairy industry's public relation firm oversees
the PRNewswire, and severely limits information going out to news and
media outlets while submitting a constant flow of their own propaganda.

I have seen so many biased pro-dairy and pro-Monsanto/genetic
engineering stances from ACSH that when I see a claim made by that
organization, I recognize the partiality contained within their
philosophy.  When you are financed by the dairy industry and rely upon
their cash flow, I can understand the inability to disseminate truth.

Thursday, January 27

Today is the 82nd of my hunger strike.

One very lousy week ended yesterday with the breakdown of my
5-horsepower snowblower.  With my recent illness, I generate a little
less than one personpower and it has been a struggle.  The good news is
that my lung seems to be improving and I now have something to laugh
about, thanks to an Internet friend!

Each year, my clairvoyant Australian buddy, June Cleland, sends me her
choices for THE DARWIN AWARDS.  These awards go to the worst human
performances, suggesting that Darwin's theory (man's descent from
baboons) was right on the money.  Here are June's choices:

In February, Santiago Alvarado, 24, was killed in Lompoc, California, as
he fell face-first through the ceiling of a bicycle shop he was
burglarizing. Death was caused when the long flashlight he had placed in
his mouth (to keep his hands free) rammed into the base of his skull as
he hit the floor.

According to police in Dahlonega, Georgia, ROTC cadet Nick Berrena, 20,
was stabbed to death in January by fellow cadet Jeffrey Hoffman, 23, who
was trying to prove that a knife could not penetrate the flak vest that
Berrena was wearing.

Sylvester Briddell, Jr., 26, was killed in February in Selbyville,
Delaware, as he won a bet with friends who said he would not put a
revolver loaded with four bullets into his mouth and pull the trigger.

In February, according to police in Windsor, Ontario, Daniel Kolta, 27,
and Randy Taylor, 33, died in a head-on collision, thus earning a tie in
the game of chicken they were playing with their snowmobiles.

Paul Stiller, 47, was hospitalized in Andover Township, New Jersey, in
September, and his wife Bonnie was also injured, when a quarter-stick of
dynamite blew up in their car. While driving around at 2 AM, the
bored couple lit the dynamite and tried to toss it out the window to see
what would happen, but they apparently failed to notice that the window
was closed.

I also did one very dumb thing.  When I wrote "MILK-The Deadly Poison,"
I admitted (in the final chapter) that I still enjoyed Parmesan cheese
and an occasional ice cream.  I wrote that in 1997, but soon changed my
diet and no longer consume any milk or dairy products today.

I've been holding my breath for three years and this morning somebody
found me out and ridiculed me by quoting a 'Dr. Seuss' rhyme in my guestbook.  That reader was right, of course.  I can
understand why others have such a hard time of eliminating ice cream and
pizza from their diets.  The stuff tastes so damned good!  However, it's
still pus with hormones and glue.

I haven't had a squirt of milk for three years and I don't miss it.

Friday, January 28

Today is the 83rd day of my hunger strike.

This morning I reflected upon my FDA Citizen's Petition to revoke the
use of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  That is
the reason for this hunger strike, and while FDA should simply determine
the merits and science behind Monsanto's fraud, they are playing
politics as usual.

Last night, President Clinton addressed the nation in his annual State
of the Union Address.  In the 1996 State of the Union Address, Clinton
praised Monsanto.   Politics as usual?  In March of 1971, a Watergate
tape recorded then-President Nixon taking a $3,000,000 cash gift from
dairy industry executives.  The Oval Office's performance reinforces
that old adage: politics is the best cash business.

One does not have to use much imagination to figure out what favors were
called in to place Monsanto's attorney, Clarence Thomas, on the Supreme

What we are witnessing is a severe compromise in FDA's fiduciary duty.
This hormone is a safety risk for all Americans.  This hormone caused
cancer in laboratory animals.  Compare that to the enormous political
influence and corruption and bear witness to the selling of America.

Saturday, January 29

Today is the 84th day of my hunger strike.

It's been nearly eight weeks since I filed a Freedom of Information Act
request for some very basic information from FDA.  Usually such requests
are acted upon within a few days.

I have discovered that Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids when
making their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  I requested
any and all correspondence between FDA and Monsanto regarding those
errors.  All I get is silence.

Today I left a few messages and faxed a "what's going on" request to
Marilyn Broderick at 301-827-6510.  My request number is 99026306.
Maybe you could call her phone/fax (hint, hint) and help give her the

Something stinks at FDA and something stinks at Monsanto.  The
pharmaceutical giant is changing their name as if their rose will smell
any different with a cosmetic alteration.  In the future, Monsanto will
be known as Pharmacia.

Monsanto chairman Robert Shapiro commented, "We have chosen a name with
power and global relevance."

Does Shapiro imagine that the name "Monsanto" does not have relevance?
In my dictionary, the words "fraud" and "deceit" both say "see

Here's a suggestion for FDA.  Maybe you guys should change your name
too.  My suggestion would be Pharmacia East.  That way, you could share
keys instead of having to rely upon your continued use of your revolving

Sunday, January 30


Today is the 85th day of my hunger strike.

Imagine a World Without Monarch Butterflies

That's the title of Alex Jack's new book.  Alex is the general manager
of the Kushi Institute and director of the One Peaceful World Society.

I knew that I was going to like the book even before getting to the
first chapter.  The inside front cover contains a page filled with
quotes.  The title of that page is:  Ode to the Monarch Butterfly.

The first quote is taken from a Rachel Carson letter, written in 1963.
(Rachel Carson wrote "Silent Spring," a book alerting America to the
dangers of DDT).

"But most of all I shall remember the Monarchs, that unhurried westward
drift of one small winged form after another, each drawn by some
invisible force ... Did they return?"

I remember the Monarchs.  The Shinnecock hills of Southampton, New York
were filled with Monarchs in 1973 as late spring turned into summer and
my final semester of college life drew to a close.  I remember walking
through the beach grass, over a great sand dune, searching for nesting
plovers and sandpipers when I walked over the crest of a dune and there
before me was a never-to-be forgotten sight.  The sky was thick with
Monarchs.  Behind me the ocean surf crashed against the beach.  Gulls
were feeding upon spearing and sand eels, driven to the surface by a
school of striped bass.  Everything seemed right with the world in
nature's moment of perfection.

"Imagine a World Without Monarch Butterflies" is a consumer's guide to
genetic engineering.  Mr. Jack's memo to Monsanto should be read by all
FDA regulators.  Do these men and women at the Food and Drug
Administration still have a thread of conscience?

Recently, Cornell University scientists exposed Monarch butterfly
caterpillars to pollen from Monsanto's genetically engineered corn.
None of the butterflies eating pollen from "natural" corn died, while
44% of the Monarchs eating the pollen from genetically engineered plants
died within four days.

The threat to the Monarch is real, documented by real science.  The
threat to man is also real, but those who have the opportunity to act
upon truth remain blind, deaf, and mute.

Should there be a major tragedy, who shall be held accountable?

FDA knows.  So does Monsanto.

Our hunger strike continues.  We have documented and submitted an
enormous file to FDA.  Monsanto consists of liars.  Monsanto's secrets
are terrifying.  Monsanto made serious errors when they produced the
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Monsanto conveniently did
not inform FDA of those errors until after they received approval for
their drug.  Monsanto scientists knew that lab animals got cancer from
this hormone, now in America's ice cream and cheese.  The milk is not
safe to drink.

Who will tell the parents of the children?  Who will apologize for those
who suffer leukemias and cancers, similar to the vast array of cancers
suffered by 300 lab animals in the secret Richard, Odaglia and Deslex

The foreword to Alex Jack's book is written by Ohio Congressman Dennis
Kucinich.  The Congressman is currently conducting biotechnology
hearings.  We have given our information to Congress, and there are many
eyes focused upon FDA and Monsanto.  Monsanto's deceit can be FDA's one
opportunity to save face.  Canadian scientists reviewed the same data
reviewed by American scientists.  Canadians found the cancers that
American regulators missed.  What price can profits represent, when one
child dies?

On another front, Monsanto is about to be purchased by UPJOHN for a deal
worth in excess of 27 billion dollars.   Simultaneous to our FDA
petition, UPJOHN has a "TOP SECRET" application in to FDA for approval
of their version of the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

FDA refuses to officially comment on this application.  Monsanto may
very well receive approval for a new formula for their bovine growth
hormone with no testing required by FDA.

Will FDA and Monsanto get away with this collaboration?  Let this be a
warning to all co-conspirators.  We are watching.  Congress is watching.

FDA and Monsanto do not seem to care about the butterflies.  Their
disregard for the people is equally offensive.

Close your eyes and have a loved one read you this passage from Alex
Jack's "Ode to Butterflies."  The following was written by Diane
Ackerman in "The Rarest of the Rare."

"It's easy to get mesmerized watching the Monarchs glide overhead, with
the sun shining through their wings ... They are silent, beautiful, fragile;
they are harmless and clean; they are determined; they are graceful;
they stalk nothing; they are ingenious chemists; they are a symbol of
innocence; they are the first butterfly we learn to call by name.  Like
the imagination, they dart from one sunlit spot to another.  To the
Mexicans, who call them 'las palomas,' they are the souls of the
children who died during the past year, fluttering on their way to

Alex Jack is a visionary.  His concept of the world is a vision that I
share.  Our dream is to return to a more natural way of life by creating
a world of enduring health.  Monsanto's view of the world is one in
which their products symbolically mirror their ill-reasoned doctrine:
Agent Orange, Dioxins, PCBs, and genetically engineered foods.

Monsanto's official response to the Monarch butterfly death might very
well be inscribed upon the thousands of tombstones of the children who
will die this year from cancers:

"Most corn pollen remains within the cornfield and Monarch larvae can
choose to avoid feeding on Bt pollen by feeding on the underside of
leaves or on other milkweed leaves with little or no Bt pollen."

Who will tell the Monarchs?

(Alex Jack's book can be purchased for $6.95 by calling One Peaceful
World Press toll-free at 888-322-4095.  Jack is also the author of "Let
Food Be Thy Medicine")

Monday, 31 January

Today is the 86th day of my hunger strike.

I spoke with a number of FDA administrators today.  I also spoke to two
different congressional offices.

On December 14th, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA)
for the correspondance between FDA and Monsanto regarding the errors
made by Monsanto in genetically engineering the bovine growth hormone.

FDA's FOIA office understands the law.  The Justice Department mandates
that FOIA requests be responded to within 20 days.

It's now been 45 days!

If FDA reveals that there was correspondance, then two FDA
commissioners, one Surgeon General, and hundreds of scientists will be
exposed as liars.  If FDA reveals that there was no correspondance, then
Monsanto will be exposed for their lies and deceit.

Either way, I can understand why FDA refuses to comply with the law and
respond to my request.  Freedom of information?   There is no
information and there is no freedom.  FDA continues to make that clear.

FOIA regulations allow for federal lawsuits, and one is being
contemplated.  However, there are enough people in Congress who still
have the morals and integrity that Monsanto never had and FDA seems to
have misplaced.  An investigation is forthcoming.

Randy Rondeau wrote a letter to me today.  He talked about Monsanto's
merger with UPJOHN, and their proposed new name: PHARMACIA.

Randy mentions the prophecy in Revelation 18:23, which says,

 "...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy
sorceries (drugs) were all nations deceived."

Randy wrote:

"The Biblical word for sorceries comes from the Greek word, phar-ma-kia,
which in today's English would be translated as 'drugs'."

MONSANTO should change their name to MONSATAN.


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Tuesday, February 1

Today is the 87th day of my hunger strike.

This summer, will the corn "be as high as an elephant's eye?"
Human genes have been inserted into pig's cells and fish genes into
tomatoes.  Will corn stalks resemble elephant tusks, or is biotechnology
just an ivory tower?

Biotechnology and genetic engineering are here to save the
world from hunger, or so Monsanto and FDA continue to tell us.
That promise is a cleverly marketed lie.  The new seeds produced by
Monsanto actually contain the seeds for the farmer's destruction.

Many thousands of dairy farms will cease to exist in 2000 because
there is an enormous surplus of milk. Surplus milk means lower prices.
Lower prices spell disaster for dairy producers.

Last year, dairymen were getting over $17 for every hundred pounds of
milk they produced.  Did they really need more milk?  Use of
Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone increases
a cow's milk by up to 25%.

The most recent price farmers received for 100 pounds of milk
was under $10, and that spells bankruptcy.

Last summer, American corn prices averaged $1.94 a bushel.
It costs a farmer over $3 a bushel to produce that corn.
Forty percent of America's crop was grown with Monsanto's
genetically engineered seeds.  Did America need more corn?
Are the world's hungry people benefitting from the surplus?

Last year, corn farmers drew 40 percent or more of their income from
government subsidies or emergency aid.  Two billion bushels of corn are
currently being held in warehouses, stocked as surplus.

Emerging world markets will seriously threaten farmers, as inventory
increases and prices drop.  Asia has been America's number one foreign
export market, but, the Chinese will export 5 million
metric tons of corn this year, and their freight costs will
allow them to do it cheaper and quicker than American producers can.

Europe has shown the United States that they want no part of our
genetically engineered milk, cheese, meat, corn, or soybeans.

Don't we get it yet?  How many farmers will sell their stock this
year and close their barn doors, long after it is too late for them
to discover the consequences of Monsanto's new world?

One company has seen the writing on the wall.  Frito-Lay (a division of
PepsiCo) has announced that they will no longer purchase genetically
engineered corn for their Fritos and Doritos.  Last year the company
purchased 1.2 billion pounds of corn.  This year, Frito-Lay is listening
to consumer's concerns.  Those who do not follow Frito-Lay's lead
will pay the price.

Wednesday, February 2

Today is the 88th day of my hunger strike.

Today I dedicate my diary entry to a very courageous and passionate man,
Dave Rietz.  Dave Rietz is my webmaster.  Dave is my friend.  Dave owns
the largest anti-aspartame site on the Internet and has been waging the
anti-Monsanto battle with a vengeance.  A lifetime of deception gave
Dave his prostate cancer and over 200 hours of each month are invested by
Dave to making a difference by alerting people to the dangers of
Monsanto's poisons.  Today I read an article that might have been funny
considering its placement if one did not consider the horror to a man
and his family after a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

I look forward every month to receiving my issue of Hoard's Dairyman, a
magazine subscribed to by 108,000 people in the dairy industry.  This
month's issue (January 25, 2000) contained a feature story written by a
woman, Lorraine Merrill, titled "Why Do Farm Men Have More Prostate
Cancer?"  The author owns a 170-cow farm in New Hampshire.

Merrill tells us that farm people are healthier than the general
population because they smoke fewer cigarettes, drink less alcohol, and
are more active than non-farmers.  She also informs us that cancer of
the prostate is the most common form of cancer in men, and that dairy
farmers are nearly 10% more likely to develop prostate cancer than are

Researchers are at a complete loss to explain why this phenomenon
exists.  According to the author, "Few risk factors have been
identified."  She cites ethnicity as a factor and writes that
African-Americans run a higher risk than do Caucasian men.  I closed my
eyes when I read this, trying to imagine all of the African-American
dairy farmers in Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa.

This biased milk-producer/author surprised me by writing:

"Diet also may be a factor according to the National Cancer Institute.
High fat intake, especially of saturated fats, is implicated.  High fat
diets in youth and young adulthood may be most significant-when few
people are thinking about preventing prostate cancer later in life."

If dairymen are producing a commodity (milk), would it not be a natural
assumption to make that these same men are eating that commodity for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Would it also be safe to assume that
dairymen with higher rates of prostate cancer than the general
population also enjoy higher rates of milk consumption than the average
American male?

Merrill interviews Douglas Reding, MD, of the Marshfield Clinic in
Wisconsin.  Reding was quoted as saying:

"The influence of diet seems to be relative to where you live.  For
example, men from Japan have less prostate cancer, but, as they migrate
to the American geography and diet, their incidence increases."

This incredible article appeared in a pro-milk and dairy magazine.  One
wonders if dairy farmers will ever get the message.

(WEBmaster comment:  Any form of cancer sux!  Thousands of things
CAUSE cancer... only one thing is known to make it GROW... IGF-1 which
is identical between cows and humans, and present in every sip of milk
and bite of dairy.  I quit my once heavy dairy consumption after learning
the truth from Mr. Cohen back in 1998..  I still have terminal
cancer... but the growth rate is MUCH slower.  This buys me some
precious time which I believe I am putting to good use helping others to
learn the WHOLE truth.  Thank you for any and all help... Dave Rietz)

Thursday, February 3


Today is the 89th day of my hunger strike.

Each person comfortably occupies, on the average, 125 cubic feet of
"space."  If you sit at your desk and include your computer monitor,
keyboard, and printer, or sit at your dining room table, or drive in
your car, or sleep in your bed, there is a five foot long by five foot
high by five foot deep area that you call your own.  This is your space.
For purposes of today's diary entry, I ask you to visualize the 125
cubic foot cube that is, at any time of the day, you.

Yesterday, a Washington State dairy farm agreed to pay a $500,000 fine
for polluting streams and waterways with feces and urine deposited by
the dairy cows within its herd.  Washington State environmentalists sued
the Sunnyside Dairy whose practices were anything but sunny.  The group
claimed that the dairy caused the Yakima River to become polluted,
violating the Federal Clean Water Act.  Yakima Valley in Washington is
home to 66,000 dairy cows producing 900,000 tons of manure each year,
according to uncontested data contained within the original lawsuit.
That averages out to 27,262 pounds per cow, and that's no bull manure.

The DeRuyter brothers, owners of Sunnyside Dairy, complained that they
were singled out among hundreds of dairies in the county because of
their success.


There are 9.2 million dairy cows working full time to produce 170
billion pounds of milk per year for American consumers.

Those 9.2 million cows produce 257.6 billion pounds of manure per year.
That's almost 706 million pounds per day of manure ("manure" includes
urine and feces).  One cubic foot of manure weighs almost 64 pounds.
There are 7,956 pounds of manure produced every second of every day.


Your space of 125 cubic feet equals the same volume of manure produced
continuously every second by America's dairy cows.  Imagine the
never-ending assembly line of bovine excrement deposited into America's
streams and underground waterways.


Last summer, hundreds of people became ill and a few people died in New
York State as a result of contaminated body wastes entering underground
water reservoirs.  Cows are dirty beasts.  Their body fluids contain
substances that are hazardous to your health. You might ingest their
toxins and bacteria in your milk or in water contaminated by their urine
and manure.  Elsie the Cow may very well be the source of your next

Friday, February 4

Today is the 90th day of my hunger strike.

I receive over 1,000 EMAILS each day, and sometimes have little time to
read them all with the same eagerness in which they were written.  This
morning I was up at 4 AM to do some Internet "housecleaning" and I
found some real gems.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Three letters gave me great pleasure.  I cannot be the first to see
everything that is related to dairy, so I welcome your comments.  Each
day that I learn something new I become more informed.  Each new bit of
info is a new tool.


The first letter came from Mary Smith.  While David Letterman
recuperates from his quintuple bypass surgery (undoubtedly influenced
by his diet of pizza and canned hams), Mary has proven herself capable
of filling in for my favorite late-night talk show host:

Mary Smith's Top 6 reasons that the FDA is taking so long with my info

6.  They (FDA employees) are all at Kinko's getting copies made of their

5.  They are all at Arthur Murray sharpening their skills on "The

4.  They are all at the gas station asking for directions to the Rock of
Gibraltar so they can all hide under it.

3.  They are all back in kindergarten reviewing the fundamentals of
dodge ball.

2.  They are all at Beltway Tent and Awning looking for something big
enough to cover their collective rear ends.

And the #1 reason Robert Cohen's request is taking so long.....

They are all at Barnes and Noble waiting for Mr. Cohen's latest book to
come out to see how many FDA officials are named in it.


 The second letter came from Matt Kaufman.  Matt found a survey of foods
disliked by young Americans in the 18-29 year-old age group.  Young
Americans are very choosy.  A survey of 1,178 revealed that 16.2% never
eat seafood, 10.3% never eat poultry, and 10.4% never eat red meat
and…are you ready for this one:   23% never eat dairy products.


The third letter was written by Peter Phippen, and a copy was sent to
Hoard's Dairyman, the dairy magazine.  This letter was EMAILED to:

"In your current issue a woman from my home state of New Hampshire has
written a very interesting and provocative article on dairy farmers and
the fact that on a national scale, men from dairy farming families have
a 10% higher than the national average prostate cancer rate.  This is
astonishing.  If it were for the nuclear arms manufacturing industry,
the government would be paying some kind of restitution to them for this
medical anomaly.   In the article a doctor from Wisconsin is quoted as
saying that diet could be a factor in this situation.

I am very glad that you have published this article and see the need,
now that you have opened the door on the subject, for a discussion of
the real benefits of milk and dairy products as they pertain to a
healthy diet.  I read so much today on the health risks associated with
consuming high fat and high cholesterol diets; that meat, dairy and egg
products are eliminated from diets for people recovering from cancer,
and living normal healthy lives in recovery without these foods.
Books like Dr. Dean Ornish's "Reversing Heart Disease", or Howard
Lyman's "Mad Cowboy", or John Robbin's "Diet for a New America", or the
literature coming out of the Washington-based group of doctors, the
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and now your publication
all saying the same thing.

     In the recently published "Eat to Beat Cancer" by Robert Hatherill,
PhD., he quotes a medical doctor,  when asked what is the one thing that
one could change to make a positive improvement in one's health.  His
answer was to give up all dairy products.  Dr. Benjamin Spock said the
same thing.  Dr. Frank Oski, head of Pediatrics at John's Hopkins
University Medical Center wrote a book called "Don't Drink Your MIlk!"

The list goes on and on.  It appears that the food we think is most
healthy and wholesome, may be the thing that is killing our nation, and
driving us into medical bankruptcy.

In his book, " Milk the Deadly Poison" Robert Cohen explains how all
milk has a growth hormone identical between humans and cows and how this
IGF-1 is implicated in every tumor growth in the human body, that it
enhances the growth of cancer cells, which will eventually kill that
person.   Milk and now rBGH treated cows' milk contains very high levels
of this hormone needed by the baby calf to grow big and strong.
Unfortunately, cancers are growing big and strong too, and we humans are
not meant to drink the mucosal secretions from any creature except our
own mothers - her breast milk is exactly what we need as babies. Once
weaned we do not need milk to live.  Baby cows do not milk after a
certain age, why do we?  It is responsible for millions of deaths every
year in the form of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

 I feel your magazine can make a shift and begin discussing the
dismantling of the industry which contributes to the ill health of our
nation, and the pollution of our waterways.  We need to become
responsible for our own and our planet's health.

 I know this all seems ludicrous to your perspective, but many, many
people are becoming aware of these same facts and will be eating less
and less dairy in the very near future.  Many news organizations will
not be able to turn a blind eye to these facts when enough people are
convinced of the need to change our dietary perspective, and become
informed on a national level, just like the cigarette and tobacco
campaign of the last century.    This century will see the end of the
dairy and meat industries as we know them, since we are now becoming
aware of the devastating health effects of consuming these (better left
on the plate) foods.

Thank you for reading my message.  Please forward this to the
appropriate person in your editorial staff."


Keep that EMAIL coming!

Saturday, February 5

Today is the 91st day of my hunger strike.

Want to see some really neat pictures?

Want to read a really good story?

There is a new Internet site and some of their photographs are vivid.  I
suggest you check out:

What a name!  Leave it to PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)
to come up with this totally offensive name and thoroughly revealing
site.  PETA offers a colorful leaflet, "What's Wrong With Dairy?" which
you can reproduce by going to their site.  Even better, buy a hundred
leaflets for $5 by calling PETA at 757-622-7382, ext. 510.

According to PETA, the most torturous aspect of the animal abuse
industry is the dairy industry.  PETA writes:

"Male calves, the byproducts of the dairy industry, endure 14 to 17
weeks of torment in veal crates so small that they can't even turn
around.  Female calves often replace their old, worn-out mothers, or are
slaughtered soon after birth…They are often kept in tiny crates or
tethered in stalls for the first few months of their lives, only to grow
up to become milk machines like their mothers."

There is so much on this site about the detriments of milk and dairy
products, and I recommend that you visit it today and let PETA know how
you feel.

For those of you with color printers, this site contains a drawing that
downloads into a lovely poster or T-shirt:

Sunday, February 6


Today is the 92nd day of my hunger strike.

Environmentalists and pure food activists have become outraged by all
that Monsanto stands for, blaming that company for many of the world's
illnesses, from asthma caused by polluted air to cancers caused by
tainted foods.  Yet, Monsanto is merely one of numerous companies whose
futures are firmly rooted in agricultural biotechnology and genetic

I often refer to Monsanto as Monsatan, confident that I will never be
brought to court for what I say or write because of the clear and
incontrovertible evidence of their crimes against humanity.  This is a
company that has brought many "gifts" to mankind, including dioxins,
Agent Orange, PCB, aspartame, the genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone, and other genetically modified Frankenfoods.

By focusing so closely upon Monsanto, I and other activists have lost
sight of the other "players" who sit unidentified on the sidelines,
pursuing their own unique biotechnological agendas.


I recently consulted my "2000 World Almanac" to see how Monsanto ranked
against other chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

The top nine chemical companies had a combined gross revenue of  $98
billion dollars in 1998, and the top three companies generated more than
2/3 of that cash flow.

Du Pont was first at $39.1 billion dollars.  Dow chemical was second at
$18.4 billion.  Monsanto was third at $8.6 billion.  Why have we been
looking at just one firm while neglecting the others?  What are the "big
guys" up to?  What role does numero uno play in the new world order?

The top nine pharmaceutical companies had combined revenues of $137
billion dollars.  Merck was first with $27 billion in revenues.
Pharmacia-Upjohn was tenth at just under $7 billion.  In 1999, Monsanto
failed to merge with American Home Products (fifth on the list of
pharmaceuticals) and will now merge with Upjohn.  These days, Wall
Street rumors have Du Pont seeking to acquire American Home Products.

The giant multi-national corporations do battle for control of the
world's chemical and drug markets, while the common men and women of the
planet hardly take notice.

One thing is for certain. Whoever controls the seeds used to grow our
crops controls the food supply.  Whoever controls our supermarkets
controls the world.


Pioneer Hi-Bred is based in the United States and has operations in 21
nations.  Pioneer Hi-Bred is no household name.  I've just gotten off
the phone with 20 adults randomly selected from the parent-listings in
my daughter's elementary school.    Not one of the 20 had heard of
Pioneer Hi-Bred.

This company controls 42 percent of the U.S seed corn market and 16
percent of the soybean market.  Pioneer's corporate motto is:

"Only those with great faith and the 'long look' can hope to succeed."

What great philosopher wrote that corporate slogan?  Today's DILBERT
(comics section of your Sunday newspaper - 2/6/2000) reflects the sorry
state of today's business world.  Dilbert notes that tests indicate his
company's products to be defective.  Dilbert's boss responds:

"Our corporate philosophy is 'quality is our primary goal.'"

Dilbert assumes that he should delay shipment of that product until the
errors are corrected.  The boss informs him that the shipment should be
made immediately so that the company can obtain the revenue.

Dilbert reacts:

"Gaaa!  That's the opposite of our corporate philosophy!!!"

His boss responds:

"Now you know why there aren't any rich philosophers."

Pioneer's 'long look' at the future includes a plan to genetically
engineer all seeds.  Their philosophy of vision and faith should include
an apology to the Monarch butterflies who died by ingesting pollen from
the new genetically engineered corn.

In 1998, Pioneer Hi-Bred's visionaries created $1.8 billion in sales for
their company generating a gross profit of $890 million dollars.  More
than 40% of their sales were from genetically engineered seeds.  In
1998, Pioneer Hi-Bred was issued more patents for genetically modified
organisms than any other company, gaining 108 exclusive patents.  By
comparison, Monsanto was ranked 203rd with 77 patents.

Last year, the largest chemical company in the world, Du Pont, merged
with Pioneer Hi-Bred.  Du Pont CEO Chad Holliday called the union:

"…One of the most important mergers in U.S. history."

Rick McConnell, senior VP for Pioneer, said:

"Crop germplasm…is like the chassis of a car on which we build valuable
and useful options.  We've got a great chassis.  Du Pont and Pioneer are
the mechanics."


Warning:  The race has begun, but there are very few spectators
attending this event.  They've got the chassis and the mechanics and
their cars are racing around the track.  Unless we regain control, the
world's people shall become more than mere witnesses.  We will become
the victims.

We must all recognize that the powers that be exert enormous influence
upon regulators and government officials.  Secret deals are being made
by the World Trade Organization, which does not take the rights of the
individual into consideration.

The one most basic right that we have is the right to know what we are
eating.  If Monsanto and Du Pont lobbyists succeed, genetically
engineered foods will carry no label.

America's milk has changed as a result of the new biotechnology.  Lab
animals got cancer from the genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone.  Lab animals treated with that hormone developed a vast array
of cancers.  Levels of existing hormones in milk have increased. The
corn has changed.  Monarch butterflies have eaten pollen from the new
corn and died.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stands between the common man and
biotechnology companies.  The FDA stands between health and safety, and
a tragedy of unprecedented consequence and proportion.  FDA has
previously betrayed America on the health and safety of thalidomide and
diethyl stilbesterol.  FDA has erred on the copper coil uterine device,
breast implants, new gene therapies, and countless drugs and protocols
relying upon irrational and inconclusive animal research.

FDA is now armed with Monsanto's enormous deception.  The official FDA
file number to my suit is:   DOCKET # 99P-4613


Should you wish to voice your outrage at FDA's inaction, include that
file number (DOCKET # 99P-4613) in the subject of your letter, and
forward your email to:


Monday, February 7


Today is the 93rd day of my hunger strike.

The "battle cry" of biotechnology companies is that genetic engineering
will end "world hunger."  Evidence suggests that food surpluses do not
alleviate world hunger.  Surpluses produce lower prices to farmers and
more government subsidies.  American taxpayers pay the price.  The
result of genetic engineering is that farmers are being paid money not
to grow additional surplus food.

Biotechnology threatens to produce a global agricultural catastrophe.
New plants have been modified in laboratories. Terminator genes have
been implanted into plants with genetic knowledge to produce sterile
seeds.  Many scientists are concerned that the pollen from these plants
will have a crossover effect by spreading this genetically engineered
"knowledge" into surrounding fields.

Today's New York Times (Monday, February 7, 2000, page A-13) contains a
full-page ad placed by the Turning Point Project, 310 D Street NE,
Washington, DC 20002 (800-249-8712).

In that ad, the author writes:

"Love of the land?  It has been replaced by love of the bottom line,
with grave ecological results."

Turning Point makes the very strong point that family farms have given
way to agribusinesses with absentee owners with no love or knowledge of
the land.  Turning Point eloquently writes:

"Good topsoil is home to literally billions of bacteria, fungi,
protocists and nematoads; thousands of ants, spiders, wood lice,
beetles, earthworms, mites, among countless other creatures.  Each
creature has its job while moving through the soil, engaged in a natural
'pillage.'  They feed on plant debris, they break it down by digestion,
and they decay, merging their bodies into the nutrient mix.  It's a
miraculous symphony of a billion collaborations that, over millennia,
build nutrients and soil structure (so soil can retain water and energy
gathered from the sun) while creating the ideal environment for growing
what is on your dinner plate."

Nature's laws are at the same time both simple and complex, but man's
interference in the gentle balance often yields unanticipated results.

All of the errors from the "milk-hormone experiment" should have been a
learning experience and a model for all of genetic engineering.
Instead, those mistakes and warning signals have been ignored by
Monsanto and FDA.

The true crime has been committed, and FDA continues to explore the
evidence of those crimes.  FDA still has the opportunity to make things
right by immediately revoking the genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone from the market.  By not doing so would compound the first
crime, one of omission, into even more serious crimes of deception and

Tuesday, February 8

Today is the 94th day of my hunger strike.

Jeni Cruts sent me a link to the single-most absurd website that I've
ever viewed!  This reminds me of a very off-color urban legend that made
its way around the locker rooms of my boyhood primary school days
regarding Oriental female anatomy.

I don't know whether to be amused or angry.  Ready for this one?

According to the Ontario Dairy Board:

Oriental women do not suffer from osteoporosis because:

"The structure of the hip (primarily the femoral neck) is different in
non-whites, especially in Asian women providing a resistance to hip
fracture not found in people of northern European descent."

Here are answers to some of the many frequently asked questions
dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Ontario get about milk and nutrition: (totally faqued up!)

Q: Are milk products fattening?
A: No.

Q: Should kids limit their fat intake?
A: No, not necessarily.

Q: Does milk cause ear, nose and throat infections?
A: No.  Milk does not cause mucus

Q: Does cheese cause constipation?
A: No.

Q: If a youngster doesn't like milk, how can you ensure an adequate
intake of calcium?
A: Soups made with milk, chocolate milk or milkshakes. Plus,
you can always offer them yogurt or cheese.

Q: I am a breast-feeding mother with a history of food allergies in my
family. Should I avoid milk in my diet?
A: No, milk is an important part of a breast-feeding mother's diet.

Q: I think my infant may be allergic to milk.  What should I do?
A: Don't try to diagnose this condition yourself.

Q: Does sugar cause hyperactivity?
A: Behavior is not affected by sugar. Researchers agree, it is the
social situation in which a food is eaten, that often results in
excitement not any one food.

Q: Can fast-food be part of a teen's healthy diet?
A: In moderation, all foods can be part of a healthy diet…instead of
having a pop as a beverage, reach for a glass of milk.

Q: Some people believe humans should not drink cow milk, moreover, that
cow milk should only be consumed by cows. Is this a valid claim?
A: No, this is not a valid claim... Just because other animals don't
consume the milk of another species, is no reason why we shouldn't.

These Ontario dairy producers are both ignorant and clueless.  If and
when they leave Canada, there might very well be a job waiting for them
at FDA.

Wednesday, February 9

Today is the 95th day of my hunger strike.

Yesterday I received a "care package" from Florida.

Inside were the best kinds of medicine-love, passion, friendship,
sacrifice, and vitamin C.

Regular readers of this diary must know that I've been suffering.  One
of my lungs was not working as well as it should have been after a
recent bout of the flu.  As my temperature exceeded 102, both of my
parents were hospitalized, and I did what every son would have done in
the same circumstance.  I pushed aside my health and tended to theirs.
I've been "paying the price" ever since.

The letter attached to the gift box said:

"Dear Robert,

This is a small token to show our thanks and support for all your
dedication to making people aware of the BGH issue.

It seems there's a pretty small fraternity of us who are willing to put
our money where our mouths are.  And in your case, you've gone even
farther.  Giving up those banana splits can't be easy!

These are the best oranges we have down here.  Known as Honeybells,
they're available only for a few weeks at this time of year.  The juice
is truly nectar of the gods.  Enjoy them in good health!

Thanks again…and God bless you for your commitment to the cause.

Best regards, Steve and Jane"

For those of you who do not know Steve Wilson and Jane Aker, meet two of
my heroes.

Steve and his wife Jane are/were two very courageous television
reporters who worked for the FOX affiliate in Tampa, Florida.

They invested a lot of time and energy on a story about the genetically
engineered bovine growth hormone.  When Monsanto got wind of their
effort, the pharmaceutical giant sent attorneys to the Florida station
and threatened litigation.

The station manager would not allow Steve and Jane to air the segment as
written and produced.  Instead, FOX demanded changes.  Steve and his
reporter-wife would not compromise their values, and refused to change
the story.

The rest is history, and this very-publicized case, scheduled for June
trial date, represents much more than journalistic integrity.  It
represents health and safety issues for all Americans.  These two
reporters who dared to tell the truth and refused to "sell out," are now
without jobs and in serious financial straits.

Litigation is expensive.

The cost of shipping the box of Honeybells must have exceeded even the
cost of those delicious oranges.  I am enjoying a glass of that juice as
I write this.  Did the Wilsons have to take out a third mortgage for
this gift, I wonder?    After those extremely expensive legal bills,
their generosity and sacrifice…and friendship are much appreciated.

Thank you, Steve and Jane.

I urge all of you to visit the Wilson's website, and read updates about
their trial.

Thursday, February 10


Today is the 96th day of my hunger strike.

Yesterday was a day of celebration. An enormous burden in the form of a
lawsuit has been hanging over the heads of Howard Lyman and Oprah
Winfrey as a result of a nationally televised episode that occurred four
years ago.

On that day, Howard appeared on "Oprah" and let America know that cows
and cattle were being injected with the genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone.  Howard told viewers that meat was hazardous to their
health.  E coli and salmonella stories were followed by the potential
horrors of Mad Cow Disease, and Oprah said:

"I'll never eat another hamburger."

The next day, commodity options on Chicago Mercantile Board plummeted,
and meat traders lost millions.  As a result, the meat producers sued.
Howard and Oprah won the case but there was an appeal. The litigants had
been anxiously awaiting a final determination.  Yesterday, that decision
came through.  The District Court has ruled in Howard and Oprah's favor,
Judge Edith Jones concurring.  The U.S. Court of Appeals handed down its
decision in their unanimous 3-0 vote.

Today, Howard Lyman begins a water fast in celebration of that decision.
For more on Howard Lyman, here is a column I wrote in tribute to the
president of EarthSave and America's most famous vegan.  If you have not
yet read Howard Lyman's book "Mad Cowboy," I urge you to click on the
link in the following column.

Friday, February 11


Today is the 97th day of my hunger strike.

Tomorrow night I will be doing a live radio show at 9 PM EST.  You can
listen to that broadcast on the Internet at:

On Thursday, I wrote, "Today, Howard Lyman begins a water fast in
celebration of that decision."

I should have explained that the first day of Howard's fast
coincidentally fell upon the day after the judge's momentous decision.

In November of 1999, Howard had actually planned his fast to begin on
the ninth day of February.  At that time, Howard pledged to me that he
would fast for one week or longer and participate as a "long-termer" in
protest of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.
That's when I added Howard's photo to the long term

Should you visit the "long term" page, you will see photographs of more
than 20 dedicated individuals who have pledged to fast for one week or

These are all very beautiful people and I love and respect each one.
Their photos have been added to the site in order of when their fast was

Many of you have written and disagreed with my comment that Howard Lyman
is fasting to "celebrate" his court victory.

At this point in time, I am absolutely certain that Howard is
celebrating that decision with a glass of fresh water.   I give Howard
all of the credit for bringing truth to America about the dangers of
meat consumption and his continued message regarding the benefits of
eating a plant-based diet.

I again extend my invitation to any of you whose names and addresses do
not appear on our list of long or short-term supporters.

Show Howard that you are with him.  Show those who have joined the
hunger strike that you are with us.  Show the Food & Drug Administration
that you reject their protection policy, which has been offered as a
veil, which Monsanto hides behind.

Join the hunger strike for one day.

Saturday, February 11

Today is the 98th day of my hunger strike.

Tonight I will be doing a live radio show at 9 PM EST.  You can listen
to that broadcast on the Internet at:

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has introduced the Genetically Engineered
Food Right to Know Act (H.R. 3377).

That bill intends to amend the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the
Federal Meat Inspection Act, and the Poultry Products Inspection Act to
require that food containing genetically modified organisms, or foods
produced with genetically engineered material, be so labeled.  My office
has been in touch with the Congressman and his aide, and will soon be
contacting the 40 other members of Congress who have registered as
co-sponsors in support of this bill.

Your congressional representative should be supporting this bill.  If
you write to your congressman and get your friends to do the same, your
activism will make a difference.  Here is how to find your
representative's name, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address by simply
entering your zip code:

I applaud the following courageous men and women of Congress who reject
the enormous financial rewards offered by PAC-men and pharmaceutical
lobbyists to betray their constituents.  Here is an alphabetical list of
those members of Congress who support the genetically engineered food
labeling bill:

Rep Barrett, Thomas M.
Rep Bonior, David E.
Rep Brown, Sherrod
Rep Clay, William (Bill)
Rep Conyers, John, Jr.
Rep DeFazio, Peter A.
Rep Delahunt, William D.
Rep Doyle, Michael F.
Rep Gutierrez, Luis V.
Rep Hinchey, Maurice D.
Rep Kilpatrick, Carolyn C.
Rep Kleczka, Gerald D.
Rep LaTourette, Steve C.
Rep Lee, Barbara
Rep Lewis, John
Rep Lipinski, William O.
Rep Maloney, Carolyn B.
Rep Markey, Edward J.
Rep Martinez, Matthew G.
Rep McDermott, Jim
Rep McGovern, James P.
Rep McKinney, Cynthia A.
Rep Metcalf, Jack
Rep Miller, George
Rep Mink, Patsy T.
Rep Moakley, John Joseph
Rep Nadler, Jerrold
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes
Rep Olver, John W.
Rep Owens, Major R.
Rep Pallone, Frank, Jr.
Rep Rivers, Lynn N.
Rep Sanders, Bernard
Rep Schakowsky, Janice D.
Rep Smith, Christopher H.
Rep Stark, Fortney Pete
Rep Udall, Mark
Rep Waters, Maxine
Rep Woolsey, Lynn C.
Rep Wynn, Albert Russell

Sunday, February 13

Today is the 99th day of my hunger strike.

On Wednesday of this week (February 9, 2000), Bill Brey, president of
the Wisconsin Farmers Union, on behalf of the National Farmers Union
(representing 300,000 farm and ranch families), testified before
Congress.  The subject was the horrible financial state of the American
dairy farmer.

In his testimony, Brey pleaded with Congress to raise the amount of
subsidy money from the current $350,000,000 a year to many billions

Secret deals made in the closed corridors of Washington congressional
offices deliver favors for cash, and the average consumer rarely, if
ever, gets a glimpse as to how America really works.

Currently, our government guarantees a floor price of $9.90 for every
hundred pounds of milk that a dairy farmer produces.  Remarkably, that
wholesale price has dropped to a never-before seen price of $9.63 per
hundred pounds, and may very well go lower.

Farmers are expected to produce 170 billion pounds of milk in the year
2000.  Based upon the $9.63 average price, that 27 cents difference
translates to  $459 million in additional subsidies.

Brey's analysis presented to Congress showed that the basic formula
price, computed for the average hundred pounds of milk, for the past
five years, has been $12.78.  He concludes:

"Therefore, our members believe a support price of $12.50 per
hundredweight would protect against the huge drops producers have
experienced in the past few years."

Let's do the math.  The difference between today's price of $9.63 and
$12.50 yields $2.87.  Multiply that by 170 billion pound of milk (1.7
billion hundredweight) and the requested subsidy adds up to $4.9


I am reminded of a Watergate tape made of Richard Nixon on March 23,
1971.  The transcript of that tape revealed the President carefully
choosing his words for the dairy representative's delivering a $3
million cash bribe.  Nixon said:

"Uh, I know…that, uh, you are a group that are politically very
conscious…and you are willing to do something about it.  And, I must say
a lot of businessmen and others don't do anything about it.  And you do,
and I appreciate that.  And I don't have to spell it out."

Nixon was aware that the tape was running and was careful to what he
said.  After the men left, his advisor, John Connally, came in to the
Oval Office and said:

"They are tough political operatives.  This is a cold political deal."

At about the same time, price controls for milk and support prices
stabilized cash flow for dairy farmers at the expense of the unaware
consumer.  The same thing may very well be happening today.

Does a nearly $5 billion subsidy to the dairy farmers of America sound
"udderly" ridiculous to you?

Monday, February 14

Today is the 100th day of my hunger strike.  It's Valentine's Day, but
we might look back on the news in this column as the Valentine's Day

The Worst Nightmare has begun - Day 1

Monsanto said that it could not happen.
The Food and Drug Administration said that it could not happen.
Nobel Prize-winning scientists said that it could not happen.

What happened?

IT happened.

On Thursday, February 10, 2000, the first news story was published in
Alberta, Canada.    Pollens to the wind, seeds to the fields, nightmares
for the scientists who have brought us to the edge of bio-devastation.

Genetic engineering has allowed Monsanto to create grains and vegetables
resistant to their ROUNDUP pesticide.  Entire fields have been sprayed
and, in theory, everything was supposed to have died except for the corn
or the soybean or the canola plants.  Canola plants produce canola oil,
but the original name for canola is rapeseed.  The world has been raped
by criminals wearing white lab coats.  The insignia on those coats
reads: "Monsanto."

Phase one of a Stephen King-like nightmare is what's happening in the
fields of Northern Canada.  Unfortunately, the best laid plans of rats
and men often go astray.

Weeds now grow in those fields, and those weeds have developed an
immunity to ROUNDUP.  Will those weeds be controlled, or are they
destined to spread and overwhelm Canada's 200,000 square mile area of
arable grain and oilseed-producing farmland?

Canadian agriculture canola specialist Phil Thomas said,

"We knew it was going to happen. It was only a matter of when."

DNA testing has confirmed that the weeds are resistant to Monsanto's
ROUNDUP.  Is this the last roundup for agriculture?  Is this a wake-up
call for America's FDA who maintains the position that such an event is
not possible?

Scientist Keith Downey, who created the biologically modified canola
plants, said:

"I don't think it means anything to consumers."

Tolerance of the weeds to ROUNDUP has been blamed on the wind and the
bees. The question we ask today is why did the world let this happen?
Bob Dylan might have sung, "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the

Tuesday, February 15

Today is the 101st day of my hunger strike.

America has a police force that most of her citizens have never heard
of. Mention the name Government Accounting Office (GAO) and one might
conjure up an image of a legion of bureaucrats with briefcases,
calculators, and ledgers.  GAO is staffed by investigators, detectives,
and undercover operatives.  GAO is America's equivalent of INTERPOL.
When Congress wishes to investigate fraud or waste in government or
criminal acts, they launch GAO investigations.

Here is how GAO describes its mission:

"The General Accounting Office is the investigative arm of Congress.
GAO's mission is to help the Congress oversee federal programs and
operations to assure accountability to the American people. GAO's
evaluators, auditors, lawyers, economists, public policy analysts,
information technology specialists, and other multi-disciplinary
professionals seek to enhance the economy, efficiency, effectiveness,
and credibility of the federal government both in fact and in the eyes
of the American people. GAO accomplishes its mission through a variety
of activities including financial audits, program reviews,
investigations, legal support, and policy/program analyses. GAO is
dedicated to good government through its commitment to the values of
accountability, integrity, and reliability."

It is time to contact GAO.  We have passed the 100-day anniversary of
the hunger strike.  FDA has made a mockery of federal statutes by
ignoring time limits placed upon Freedom of Information Act responses.
FDA continues to stall the review of Monsanto's genetically engineered
bovine growth hormone, despite new evidence of widespread fraud.  FDA
continues to deny the existence of the second 90-day portion of the
Richard, Odaglia, and Deslex study in which laboratory animals got
cancer from the same hormone now in America's milk, cheese, and ice

GAO must investigate a system that no longer works to protect Americans.

Congress must request the GAO investigation.  This week, materials were
sent to forty key members of the House of Representatives requesting
that they do just that.

We can no longer tolerate FDA's actions, or lack of performance.  We now
accept the fact that political influences may be playing a role in FDA's
indecision and lack of resolve.

America is great.  America has a series of checks and balances.  The
checks have bounced, and it has now become necessary for the General
Accounting Offices to analyze the books, check the statements, and
balance the account.

Wednesday, February 16

Today is the 102nd day of my hunger strike.

I have written a letter to my congresswoman, Marge Roukema, requesting
that she support a bill that will require mandatory labeling of
genetically engineered foods.  I have also requested that she formally
petition America's Congressional "police force," the Government
Accounting Office (GAO) to open an inquiry into FDA fraud and deceit.

Many of you have asked, "What can I do?"  Now is the time for you to
send the following letter to your congressional representative:

Honorable Congressman/Congresswoman__________________
U.S. House of Representatives
2469 Rayburn Building
Washington, DC  20515-3005

Dear Congressman/Congresswoman__________________:

Every American has been given a bill of rights guaranteed by our
Constitution.  In the pursuit of freedom, all Americans have the
right to know what is in their food.

In 1994, Congressmen Sanders, Obey, and Brown introduced a bill that was
intended to label milk and dairy products containing Monsanto's
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

Unfortunately, that bill "died" when the 1994 session of Congress
expired.  A subsequent investigation revealed that four members of the
Dairy, Livestock, and Poultry Committee (Volkmer, Dooley, Gunderson, and
Pombo) stalled the vote on that bill, which impacted Monsanto, while
accepting PAC money from that firm.  In fact, the twelve members of that
committee accepted over $711,000 from PACs representing agricultural

I now request of you two favors.

I ask you to support and become a co-sponsor of a similar bill: HR-3377.
This bill responds to a new American outcry.  This bill's intention is
to place a label on foods containing genetically modified organisms.

The second request is that you initiate a GAO investigation of fraud and
contempt for the rights of the American people as now practiced by the
Food & Drug Administration.

Sixty-two days ago, on December 14, 1999, a Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) request (#99026306) was filed for some critical (and non-trade
protected) communications between FDA and Monsanto.  The Justice
Department mandates a 20-day turnaround for Freedom of Information Act
requests.  February 14, 2000 marked the 42nd day over and beyond their
lawful time of response.

A citizens petition has been filed with FDA (petition #99P-4613) based
upon new and never before revealed incontrovertible evidence that
Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids when they produced their
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  Monsanto never told FDA.
The "smoking gun" evidence can be found on the Internet:

FDA continuously has maintained that the genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone caused no adverse effects in laboratory animals.
Monsanto's "secret study" (authored by Richard, Odaglia, and Deslex) is
referred to on the above Internet website.  Should that study, which is
clearly a trade secret, be made public, the individual releasing that
report will be subject to ten years imprisonment and a $15,000,000 fine,
based upon the Economic Treason Act that President Clinton signed into
law on October 11, 1996 (Public Law #104-294).

In their review of Monsanto's application, Canadian scientists found the
adverse effects, which FDA originally missed.  I urge FDA to review
those omission and evidence of genetically engineered errors.

American citizens are concerned.  Last summer, protestors wearing
Monarch butterfly costumes rioted in the streets of Seattle.  They were
wearing these outfits because Monsanto's genetically engineered corn
pollen killed Monarch butterflies in a Cornell University study.

Americans have a right to know what they are eating, and I respectfully
urge you to support HR-3377.  It is critically appropriate for GAO to
investigate FDA's performance regarding biotechnology in light of the
new evidence contained within my petition.

Very truly yours,

(Your signature)

Thursday, February 17    - AIN'T LIFE A DITCH?

Today is the 103rd day of my hunger strike.

What could the Panama Canal possibly have in common with
the following site?


Plenty!  One hundred years ago, history was altered because a postage
stamp was sent to every member of Congress.  Today, a similar
opportunity exists.  Together, we can end biotechnology's threat by
sending two pieces of paper; a letter, and enclosed photos to every
member of Congress.


In the late 1880s, the French attempted to construct a canal through
the isthmus of Panama, but their effort did not end in success because
of coruption, disease, and high costs.  (Sounds just like America's
Food and Drug Administration!)

Between the failed French effort and the signing of an agreement
between the United States and Panama (1903), other canal sites were
considered, including a route though Nicaragua.

What killed the Nicaraguan deal was a postage stamp, sent to Congress by
a lobbyist for the Panamanian deal.  That stamp depicted an erupting
Nicaraguan volcano.

It is said that one picture is worth 1,000 words, and that
postage stamp marked "cancel" to any thought of constructing a canal
through Nicaragua.


In that spirit, I ask you to print the following page and send it to
your member of Congress.  On that page are five photographs.  The first
is of Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas.  Justice Thomas was
Monsanto's attorney at a time when the company was tinkering with
genetically modified organisms.  Monsanto knew the potential of
biotechnology and called in favors to have their man nominated to the
Supreme Court.  In case those issues reach America's highest court,
Monsanto will have a well-placed friend.

The second photograph belongs to Michael Freidman, ex-FDA commissioner.
As he was exiting the FDA in 1999, Mr. Freidman walked proudly through
their revolving door, and now works for Monsanto.

Third is C. Everett Koop.  Dr. Koop is the respected and
beloved ex-Surgeon General of the United States, who lobbied for
Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone on the day after
FDA granted Monsanto approval.  Koop attacked critics of biotechnology
with his "second opinion" that genetically engineered milk is
indistinguishable from wholesome milk.

(Check out for more on Koop.)

The fourth photo belongs to a current member of Congress, Cal Dooley.
Dooley served on the Dairy, Livestock, and Poultry Committee, and helped
to stall a bill that would have required labels on food products
containing MONSANTO'S genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  In
1994, while serving on that agriculture committee, this congressman
accepted $97,857 in PAC money from companies with agricultural
interests.  He even accepted PAC money from MONSANTO while stalling that
food labelling bill.

The fifth and final photo belongs to our esteemed president,
William Clinton.  Mr. Clinton praised Monsanto in his 1996
State-of-the-Union address.  One wonders the cost of
such a favor.  If only the walls of the Oval Office could
talk and reveal the intimate details of Clinton's
undercover escapades.


Please sign the following letter and send a copy to your Congressional


Along with that letter, print this page filled with revealing photo
evidence to your congressional representative:

This site will give you the name and mailing address of
your congressional representative:

Friday, February 18

Today is the 104th day of my hunger strike, and I am on the
way to Gainsville, Florida for an EARTHSAVE-sponsored vegetarian

I have been called many things in my life, but nobody has ever dared to
call me a Nazi.  Nobody, that is, until a Jewish Internet magazine
("Jewish World Review") crossed the line of decency in their Wednesday,
February 16, 2000 edition.

I have been called a "lifestyle Nazi" by an author who misquotes
my agenda.  I have never pushed for a ban of milk and dairy products.
I merely wish for America to learn that milk and dairy products are
loaded with calories and contain dangerous animal fats, cholesterol,
and powerful growth hormones which are responsible for America's obesity
epidemic.  I recently testified at a USDA-sponsored Washington hearing,
and challenged the participants to observe the schoolyards.  In poor
neighborhoods, children are not starving.  Quite the opposite.  They are
roly-poly kids, obese and well fed with America's number-one subsidized
food, cheese.

Here is the actual article.

"Jewish World Review Feb. 16, 2000 / 10 Adar I, 5760

Walter Williams

Lifestyle Nazis update

up at a restaurant and being barred from entry.
That's what can happen in some parts of Canada if
you washed your hair with an herbal shampoo and
sported a scented deodorant. Why? You threaten
people's right to breathe clean air.

"Oh, Williams," you say, "that's Canada; that can
never happen here." Yes it can, and worse if we
continue being wimps.

I've always warned that a lifestyle Nazi's work is
never done. People applauded the Nazi attack on
cigarette smokers and the tobacco industry. Now
lifestyle Nazis are coming after fat Americans. The
editors of the Journal of the American Medical
Association (JAMA) wrote, "Obesity is epidemic."
According to JAMA, the cause is "The availability of
more food ... the growth of the fast-food industry,
the increased numbers and marketing of snack food
... along with a custom of socializing with food and
drink." JAMA points to the war against tobacco as
the best way to fight obesity. The tactic is to talk
about the cost of obesity to our health care and then
terrorize and intimidate.

The American Obesity Association calls obesity "a
ticking time bomb" and demands "fat taxes" to fund
anti-obesity education programs. Yale Professor
Kelly Brownell says, "I recommend that we develop
a more militant attitude about the toxic food
environment, like we have about tobacco." U.S.
Surgeon General David Satcher supports the
association's obesity vision. Giving the keynote
address at its recent conference, Satcher said,
"Obesity is a major public-health problem and one
that deserves much more attention than it receives."
Department of Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman
is leading the agency's "anti-fat" campaign, which
includes a planned "nutritional intervention" program
in Mississippi.

Lifestyle Nazis have troops in the non-profit world in
their war against America's fat people. Michael
Jacobson, director of the Center for Science in the
Public Interest, calls for attack on the large servings
at Chinese and Mexican restaurants, saying, "It's high
time that the (restaurant) industry begins to bear
some responsibility for its contribution to obesity,
heart disease and cancer."

The soft drink beverage industry, according to
Jacobson, is also responsible for obesity and heart
disease, not to mention caffeine addiction. Emory
University law professor Frank Vandall said, "I can't
rule out that America's fast-food chains will be the
next target."

Daniel Akst, writing for the New York Times, said, "It makes perfect
sense for the victims of fast food ... to sue, and the sooner the
better; they might even succeed at deterring substantial harm." Lest you
think the lifestyle Nazis only have fat Americans in their gun sights,
Mothers Against Drunk Driving tried to have beer banned at the new Verde
Golf Club in Arlington, Texas.  Their true, but hidden, agenda is
alcohol prohibition. Robert Cohen, director of the Anti-Dairy Coalition,
is pushing for milk prohibition, saying, "Milk products, like tobacco,
are an enormous threat to the health of both children and adults, yet we
see the dairy industry protected by constitutionally questionable laws
while the tobacco industry is held accountable."

Lifestyle Nazis have the support of all manner of kooks, quacks and
lunatics, plus millions of taxpayer dollars. Most of them are based in
Washington and have easy access to congressmen and bureaucrats anxious
to do their bidding.

You say, "Williams, what can we do about them?" As for me, I want to be
left alone and here's what I say: If a lifestyle Nazi, politician or
not, wants me to stop smoking or eat less, let him personally take the
cigarette out of my mouth or the food off my plate. I guarantee you that
when the dust settles only one of us will be standing."

(Walter Williams Archives)

Saturday, February 19

Today is the 105th day of my hunger strike.  I am in Florida,
and wrote this column on Thursday before leaving New Jersey's
forecasted February winter storm.

I have added something new to my protest, and
my wife and kids are not at all pleased.

It seems the threat of death by starvation is
not as troubling to them as the threat of sandpaper

That's exactly what they have been getting this past week as my
beard continues to grow.

I will not shave until FDA revokes the use of Monsanto's hormone.

The New York Ranger hockey team tried this a few years ago, refusing to
shave until they were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Many of the young skaters hardly had the opportunity to grow
more than a shadow on their face.  The way things look, I might
soon be looking like Santa, but there's nothing about which to be jolly.

Thank goodness for great satirists who give us all something about which
to laugh.  When I was in elementary school, MAD MAGAZINE was my favorite

I was pleased to find this recent internet link to MAD'S assessment of
the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone:

Sunday, February 20


Today is the 106th day of my hunger strike.

Last week, I was slandered and libeled by a syndicated columnist,
Walter Williams.  Dr. Williams is an economics professor at George Mason
University. In his column, Dr. Williams called me a "Lifestyle Nazi."

I wrote a letter of protest to Dr. Williams demanding a retraction.  In
that lengthy letter, I included these comments:

"African-Americans do no like the 'N' word, and Jews do not like being
called their 'N' word either.

You have done just that to me, and I am not at all pleased.
As a college professor, your job is to teach students lessons in
economics.  You have slandered my good name, and unless I receive a
retraction from you, I will make every attempt to teach you and every
outlet for your syndicated column my new lesson in economics."

Here is his response:

"Dear Mr. Cohen,

Thank you very much for your letter and its complimentary comments
about my syndicated column for this week.  You like so many other
Americans are becoming increasing concerned about how the nation's
tyrants and their busybody accomplices are trying to dictate to us how
we live, eat and breathe.  I thank you for your support in my battle
against America's Huns and Vandals.  It's encouragement from people like
you that gives me the intestinal fortitude to keep up the struggle.
Best wishes and keep the faith.

Walter E. Williams  "

Monday, February 21


Today is the 107Th day of my hunger strike.

This past weekend, I attended the first "Southeastern Vegetarian Action
Symposium."  Last September, Cynthia Cowen, EARTHSAVE'S Miami chapter
president invited me to speak at her conference.  I've attended many
health shows and veggie festivals, but this one was extraordinary.
Rooms, meals, lectures, workshops, panel discussions…all ran like
clockwork, and the spiritual karma linking all participants together was
what made this weekend very, very special.

Although I had the opportunity to lecture three times, I also took
advantage of being the "student," attending talks from some of the great
teachers in the animal rights and vegetarian movement.

Every opportunity I get to hear George Eisman speak is a gift for me.
Eisman is a brilliant nutritionist and wrote the best selling book, "The
Most Noble Diet."  Immediately after listening to his opening lecture, I
joined a standing-room only crowd to hear Doug Graham's nutrition and
work-out wisdom.  Doug is a chiropractor turned health and fitness
coach.   He is ninety-nine percent inspiration and perspiration, and one
has to be impressed with Doug's energy level at his 6 AM morning workout
class and his late-morning lecture.  Graham is a raw-foodist and has
trained many professional and Olympic athletes.  Martina Navratilova was
one of his many clients.

I met, for the first time, well-known animal rights activist Karen
Davis.  She had the audience cheering during her presentation and
finished to a standing ovation.  What passion!  I could listen all day
long to philosopher and historian Rynn Berry relate tales of history's
immortal vegetarians, from Albert Schweitzer to Leo Tolstoy.

Antonia Demas was a student of T. Colin Campbell's at Cornell
University.    She's now changing the diets of children attending Miami
schools.  She teaches that vegetarian foods are more than just
nutritious and delicious.  Her results demonstrate that behavioral
problems decrease and learning performances increase as a function of
eliminating milk and dairy products from the diets of inner-city youths.

So many wonderful speakers were there to inspire the conference
attendees.  Dawn Carr from PETA and Gene Bauston, founder of Farm
Sanctuary, were two of the more passionate and informed presenters.
Susan McCullom and Don Barnes were two more teachers who left strong
impressions on me.

There was at least a dozen other presenters, but many lectures
overlapped, and the one negative was that I could not be in two places
at one time.

The conference was a mini-version of the upcoming North American
Vegetarian Society Summerfest (NAVS), which I would not miss for the
world.  Many of the same speakers will be at the NAVS event.  I'll be
attending the summer conference with two of my three children, and if
you have a free week, and wish to either change or re-confirm your
lifestyle (as I did last year), you have got to make plans to attend
this festival before they fully book their rooms.  This year's
conference will be at the University of North Carolina's 265 acre Blue
Ridge Mountain Ashville campus from July 5th through July 9th.

I'll drive there from New York (672 miles).  The Summerfest is less than
200 miles from Atlanta, less than 400 miles from Cincinnati, and 650
miles from Chicago.  For more information, call 518-568-7970 or visit
their website:

Tuesday, February 22


Today is the 108th day of my hunger strike.

America's freedoms, or lack of them, can be best symbolized by the
illusion that citizens of the United States have a right to know what
government agencies are up to.  The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
should be renamed the Bondage of Information Act because current policy
places the average American in solitary confinement.

I have filed a citizens petition to revoke the use of Monsanto's
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH).

After filing my suit, Monsanto and Pharmacia Upjohn proposed a merger.

I learned from a conversation with a senior level Upjohn executive that
Pharmacia Upjohn now has an application before the FDA for approval of
their version of rbGH.

If FDA revokes Monsanto's hormone and approves Upjohn's version, America
will be back to square one, and we will have accomplished nothing.

With that in mind, on December 22, 1999, I filed a Freedom of
Information Act request for "any and all documentation, including
letters to FDA from Upjohn and letters to Upjohn from FDA regarding that

I have just received a letter of denial for my entire request.  That
letter was signed by Lawrence Bachorik, Interim Associate Commissioner
for Public Affairs.  In that letter of denial, Mr. Bachorik wrote:

"I cannot respond to your request since any acknowledgement, either of
receipt of a submission or that no such submission has been received,
would constitute disclosure of confidential commercial information."

In other words, FDA will not even admit whether or not an application
for a new version of the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone
has been made.  This barn door will be closed long after the animal is
gone.  FDA's policy allows the donkey to escape and makes asses of the
rest of us.

Wednesday, February 23


Today is the 109th day of my hunger strike.

The New York Times Science section devoted a full-page story (Tuesday,
February 22, 2000) exploring why African-Americans experience enormous
risk and death rates from breast cancer.

Author Alexis Jetter writes, "Scientists and public health researchers
are looking at every piece of the puzzle, including the use of
mammography and understanding the mechanisms that bring about tumor

The New York Times writer reviews even diet and considers racial
stereotypes when exploring the notion that blacks eat more fried foods
than their white counterparts.  This isn't about living in the ghetto
and eating fried chicken.  This is about living in poverty and eating
more and more "white" food, particularly the subsidized kind.

It is a fact of life that many African-Americans, living in the inner
cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit, are also living
in poverty.  Nations in which people live in poverty have children with
ribs sticking out of their torsos.  We've all seen the photographs.
America is different.  America's poor "enjoy" the most subsidized food
in world history-milk and other dairy products.

In 1960, the average American consumed ten pounds a year of cheese.
Today, the average American is consuming thirty pounds a year of cheese.
Every bite of cheese and every sip of milk contain a powerful growth
hormone identified as the key factor in the growth of every breast
cancer, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I).

The New York Times story does not consider the fact that milk and dairy
products contain a hormone that has been identified as the key breast
cancer factor, IGF-I.

Genetically engineered milk contains increased levels of this naturally
occurring growth hormone, but IGF-I can be found in the healthiest
organic milk, and its presence is a danger to all Americans.

African-American women are finding greater equality in the workplace and
in society and subscribe to women's magazines.  African-American women
are now targeted by the dairy industry through milk mustache ads on
billboards, magazines, and television.

Does Cosmopolitan cause breast cancer?  This absurd question might
actually be a very important clue.

Researchers from Silent Spring Institute, a nonprofit research
organization in Massachusetts, recently surveyed 1,350 women - ages 35
to 75, asking questions about all aspects of their life.  The study
filled seventeen pages but included no questions about diet, according
to Ruth York, director of the non-profit institute named after Rachel
Carson's best-selling book.  Ms. Carson died from breast cancer shortly
after writing "Silent Spring."

The Silent Spring Institute focused their attention on Newton,
Massachusetts, an upscale community recently identified as being a
"breast cancer cluster."  They explored what they believed to be the
"missing link."

It couldn't be wealth, could it?  Researchers had to make assumptions,
so they looked at what wealthy people enjoyed and poor people did not.
Here is what they discovered.  The researchers found women living in
communities hit hardest by the disease used professional lawn and dry
cleaning services more often than those in less-affected neighborhoods.

Does money cause breast cancer?  Does having wealth cause tumors?   The
rate of breast cancer in Newton was 13 percent higher than the statewide
average rate between 1982 and 1992.

The study showed that women in neighborhoods with higher rates of breast
cancer typically had higher incomes and education levels than women in
areas with lower breast cancer rates.


Middle to upper class women subscribe to such magazines.  These women
are bombarded with milk mustache ads, targeted by the National Fluid
Milk Processors.  Women with wealth and education have "LEARNED" that
their bones will break unless they drink milk and eat yogurt.  They have
the money to buy more sour cream, cheese, and whipped cream.

GOT IGF-I?  Milk is loaded with a hormone that's been identified as the
key factor in breast cancer's growth.  Who can afford a steady diet of
yogurt and rich cheeses?  Women who live in Newton, that's who.

Will the Silent Spring Institute ever get around to doing a study on
milk and dairy consumption?  I left Ruth York with that thought.  The
Silent Spring Institute relies upon your donations.  Perhaps you can
induce them to expand their "NEWTON" study and ask the right questions.
Their phone number is 617-332-4288.  How many portions of IGF-I laden
yogurt does it take to grow a tumor?

Thursday, February 23

Today is the 110th day of my hunger strike.

In the best example of the "somebody's got to do it" adage, I have
obligated myself to testify at the upcoming March 10th United States
Department of Agriculture (USDA) hearing on the final report issued by
the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

Information from this report is used to build the famous "food pyramid."


Rather than make a written comment, I will leave my home on the tenth
of March at 3 AM and drive five hours to Washington, DC, make my
3-minute comment, then drive back home.  I invest time, energy, gas, and
tolls to do my little bit in making a difference.

School breakfast and lunch programs, food pyramids, and dietary
guidelines are determined by an extremely biased process.  The dairy
industry exerts enormous influence on the members of this prestigious
committee, and the conflicts of interest betray Americans with many
millions of dairy industry dollars.



The Dietary Guidelines Committee has issued their report to the USDA
and Department of Health and Human Services with new recommendations for
dietary guidelines to take America into the new millennium.  Such
important decisions should not be made by men and women with biases,
particularly when some of the "esteemed" members are actually paid
consultants for industries who will benefit from their recommendations.


There are eleven committee members.  They include Doris Calloway, Ph.D.,
(Berkeley), Richard Havel, M.D., (University of California, San
Francisco), Dennis Bier, M.D., (Baylor), Cutberto Garza, M.D.,
(Cornell), Shiriki Kumanyika, Ph.D., (Pennsylvania State College of
Medicine), Marion Nestle, Ph.D., (NYU), Irwin Rosenberg, M.D., (Tufts),
Sachiko St. Jeor, Ph.D., (University of Nevada), Barbara Schneeman,
Ph.D., (Davis), and John Suttie, Ph.D., (University of Wisconsin).

Two names immediately struck a raw nerve in this author.  One was Dennis
Bier and the other, Cutberto Garza.


The Center for Food Nutrition recently held a convention.  Dennis Bier
joined the Dannon Yogurt company, Nestles, Campbells Soup, and numerous
corporate biotechnology giants including Novartis, Pioneer Hi-Bred, and

When Monsanto's controversial bovine growth hormone was about to be
approved, Bier wrote a letter condemning Monsanto's critics.  This was a
favor, performed for Monsanto, who then highly publicized and marketed
Bier's letter.

That letter was filled with inaccuracies.  Bier had blindly accepted
Monsanto's representation that genetically engineered milk was
indistinguishable from untreated milk.  His say-so influenced
congressional committees and FDA regulators.

Last year, Bier received $8,769,710 in grant money from the USDA for his
university, Baylor.


Garza has built a power base at Cornell University, an institution of
great reputation that consistently maintains its integrity by refusing
"pork barrel" dollars.  Rumor has it that Garza receives in excess of
$500,000 every year as a permanent line item from USDA.

Garza's ties to the dairy industry are legendary.  His influence places
cheese and ice cream high atop the food pyramid, despite the evidence of
the deleterious effects of milk and dairy.


Barbara Schneeman (University of California, Davis) is a major player in
the California Food and Fiber Organization, a foundation started by the
Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan?  Anybody eat dry cereal?
On October 6, 1997, Schneeman was a keynote speaker at the Fiber
Foundation convention in Iowa.

Sachiko St. Jeor (University of Nevada) recently attended the Chocolate
Manufacturers & Confectioner's annual convention.  St. Jeor became a
spokesperson for the association and was part of a panel answering
questions as to the health benefits of candy.  When asked, "Should I
give up candy on a diet?" Sachiko answered in the negative.  Perhaps the
new food pyramid should have a chocolate filled cherry on top?


Biases and secret relationships should not dictate policy that will
affect what children eat in America's schools, particularly children of
color who are most affected by milk and dairy products.  Well-respected
doctors and scientists like the members of this important group gain
positions to important committees, then bring along enormous baggage to
such committees.  Their favors to their financial masters often result
in betrayal to those who they should really be serving.

Should you wish to join me by making a public comment, you can call
Irene Randale at 202-205-4872.  Should you wish to submit a written
comment, you can mail your letter to Shanthy Bowman, Ph.D., Agricultural
Research Service, BHNRC/CNRG, 10300 Baltimore Blvd., Building 005, Room
125 BARC-West, Beltsville, MD 20705.

Friday, February 25

Today is the 111th day of my hunger strike.

I will be spending my weekend in the New York area giving lectures on
Saturday and Sunday.


On Saturday night, my family will be traveling to Huntington, Long
Island to attend an EarthSave potluck dinner.  There should be over a
hundred people attending, and each family brings a dish or two in what
turns out to be an incredible gourmet feast.  For information about this
event, call 516-421-3791.

EarthSave International was founded 12 years ago by John Robbins, author
of "Diet for a New America."  In addition to promoting a delicious and
earth-friendly diet, EarthSave supplies information and support to those
who want to learn about how diet impacts upon their own personal health
and the environment.

EarthSave now has three dozen chapters all over America, and new
chapters are starting all the time.  For information about starting a
chapter in your area, send an e-mail request to

On Sunday night, I will be giving a lecture sponsored by the New York
State Green Party at Eco-Books in Brooklyn, New York (192 5th Ave.,
between 2nd & Union).  For more information, please call Keith Gamble at

New York's Green Party is supporting Ralph Nader as their presidential
candidate.  Their agenda is for there to be "ecological sustainability."
In addition to advocating the monitoring and cleaning up of active and
inactive hazardous waste sites, the Greens believe that as temporary
inhabitants of the earth, we are not its owners, but its caretakers.  We
are charged with the immense responsibility of stewardship over all of
the earth's resources.

Saturday, February 26

Today is the 112th day of my hunger strike.

California Senator Barbara Boxer has introduced a genetically engineered
food labeling bill in the Senate (S.2080).  I have discussed that bill
with the Senator's aide, Lisa Moore (202-224-3553), and will be sending
Senator Boxer information about Monsanto's fraud and deceit and FDA's
continued inaction.

Her bill is the Senate's version of Dennis Kucinich's proposed House of
Representatives bill.

As a senator, Boxer has a distinguished environmental record, having
previously introduced legislation to restore America's wetlands and
remove the threat of offshore oil drilling along California's coast. She
authored the Children's Environmental Protection Act, and successfully
amended the Safe Drinking Water Act to protect children, pregnant women,
and seniors. She introduced the Clean Fuel Vehicles Act to encourage the
use of fuel-efficient vehicles, has led the efforts to block unsafe
nuclear waste dumps, and authored the Dolphin-Safe Tuna Labeling Act.

Boxer's bill faces stiff opposition from the National Association of
Food Manufacturers, the American Farm Bureau, and other food trade
groups who are lobbying the Congress and Senate to reject American's
right to know what they are eating.

Unless we let our representatives know our thoughts, the Golden Rule
will win the day. (Those with the gold, rule.)

Let Senator Boxer know that you support her efforts:

Then, use the following link to obtain your Senator's phone number and
EMAIL address. Ask him/her to support Boxer's Bill.

Sunday, February 27


Today is the 113th day of my hunger strike.

I very badly need your advice.

Let me tell you about an enormous honor that has been extended to me by
our federal government.

I have been selected to be a member of the American delegation to CODEX
Alimentarius, the least heard of organization in the world.  Don't let
that name fool you.  This organization has enormous power and will
affect everything you and your family eat for the rest of your lives.

CODEX was founded in 1962 by the United Nations and comes under the
direction of the World Health Organization (WHO).  Member nations of the
CODEX committee will be determining the foods you eat and whether or not
genetically modified organisms will be added to those foods and how and
if they will be labeled.

The American delegate to CODEX is Robert Lake, an employee of FDA.  Last
fall, Mr. Lake invited me to participate in a biotechnology conference
as a panel member.  In doing so, my appearance was televised on CSPAN
and recorded by a team from the television news program 20/20.

I and nine other Americans have been invited to attend the CODEX session
in Tokyo from March 14 through March 17.  The purpose of that session is
to determine the American and world policies regarding foods derived
from biotechnology.

In a sense, I have been asked to become a participant in a jury-style
process.  As a member of the U.S. delegation, I am obliged to support
the position of the United States with regard to all agenda items during
the course of the session.  What this means is that I will be involved
in closed-door session debates, but ultimately pledge to support
America's position.  This represents a very real conflict for me.  On
one hand, America's traditional position has been  to not support
labeling.  In that regard, America is in a minority when compared to
other world delegations.  On the other hand, perhaps I am deluding
myself into imagining that my voice can make a difference in debate
among the other American delegates and influence them in seeing that
there is a logic in supporting the labeling of foods of genetically
modified organisms.

As one of the ten members of the committee, I will be breaking bread
(breaking sushi) with very well known supporters of biotechnology.  The
other delegates include Jeffrey Barach of the National Food Processors
Association, Kyd Brenner of the Corn Refiners Association, David
Hettinga from Land O' Lakes, David Hegwood from O'Mara Associates (a
consulting firm for the soy and cotton industry), Alex Jackson from the
American Farm Bureau Federation (representing 200,000+ farms), C.W.
McMillan who is a former USDA Assistant Secretary, Henry Miller of the
Hoover Institution (an ex-FDA regulator who was on the original team
that approved the first genetically engineered products), and Michael
Phillips, the executive director for Food & Agriculture, a biotechnology
industry organization.

I would be the sole voice against genetic engineering.  I am the lone
critic and sacrificial lamb and  the cosmetic addition to a committee
that exists to show America that fairness is in play and that all sides
are being considered.

Two things bother me.  First, my voice will be silenced because I must
comply with America's official position.  In advance of this meeting, I
am fully aware of the many billions of dollars at stake to the
organizations represented by my fellow delegates.  Therefore, I am aware
of their position.  They support biotechnology and nothing will change
their minds.  The second problem is a financial consideration.

Every member of the delegation, except for me, has an expense account.
Each member flies first class to Japan and I fly coach.  A requirement
of all delegates is that we pay our own travel and expenses.  I must pay
my airfare and hotel bill.  A call to Delta Airlines revealed that a
roundtrip ticket costs $1260.  Add to that $180 per night for the
conference center hotel and expenses, and I'll be spending $2160, which
I just am not able to afford.

I have so many questions.  Do I go into debt to finance this trip and
satisfy my ego?  Sure, I'm thrilled to be chosen for such an honor, but
is it really an honor?  Am I merely being used?  I have worked very hard
to let the world know my position on genetic engineering and, by
accepting this position, will I be selling out?

The Humane Society of the United States and other generous contributors
have offered to pay a part of the cost of my trip.  I could appeal to
the thousands of people who get my e-mail message, but I first must
determine whether or not this is something that I should do.  Please let
me know how you feel because I value your advice.  Is my participation
on this committee in your best interests?

Monday, February 28

Today is the 114th day of my hunger strike.

This morning, I spoke with Robert Lake and Michael Wehr of the FDA.
These two men head America's CODEX delegation, and I have been invited
to be a member of the US team.  The invitation specifically states,
"Please remember that, as a member of the U.S. delegation, you are
obliged to support the positions of the United States with regard to all
Agenda Items during the course of the Session."

The key phrase is: "during the course of the Session."

I have made clear to both of them that I am my own person, and if I go,
I would respect the rules and regulations and integrity of America's
position by not holding demonstrations or press conferences and by not
making statements on the convention floor.  However, I have also made it
clear that I will be there to share information  with other delegations,
and what happens away from the eyes of the world will be my decision
because I am an American and have the freedom to say what I feel.

Here are some of your comments:

Cheri wrote:

You are a pawn in a very large game of Sharks in Business for Themselves
and to Hell with the "Little People."

Colin wrote:

Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.

Denis wrote:

If it were my decision I would decline.

Linda wrote:

You'll be used!  It is a way to silence you.  Your voice will be
worthless since the deck is already stacked.

Jim wrote:

DO NOT GO! You have it right, you are being used for the appearance of
'fairness'...You will show your position more clearly by NOT GOING.

Kindrick wrote:

I vote NO!

Lyle wrote:

Your presence would be window dressing so you may as well stay home.

Peter wrote:

The voice not at the table, is the voice not heard.   You can change
friends and acquaintances, strangers don't even get a chance to hear

Belle wrote:

NO! I don't think you should go! I think it's a setup to silence you and
take advantage of your that I can be said that you have given
THEM your stamp of approval. POLITICS! It stinks!

Colleen wrote:

Will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror and not cringe?

Cynthia & Serge wrote:

 If you can go as a spy, & continue to follow your heart, then go.

Dr. Ben wrote:

A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still!"  If you
ever want to change a sinner from his ways, you have to go to his

Vance Lemkuhl wrote:

My favorite scenario, but the one that would get you into the most
trouble, is that you arrange with a group of anti-GE-food demonstrators
to pull some attention-grabbing public stunt in conjunction with you
very publicly resigning from the delegation and denouncing the American
stance. Nothing violent, necessarily: It could be something as simple as
getting a bunch of squash and a bunch of LEGO robots and making the
squash march down the street. Something fun.

Kevin wrote

It isn't your hunger strike that will kill you, sir, it is these
creatures who have thrown you a rotten bone from a rotten dead animal
carcass that's been given one too many growth hormone shots.

Marcus wrote:

I don't feel that the delegates you are going to be debating would
change their tunes if you jabbed each one of them in the ass with a 6
foot tuning fork.  The game you are being invited to play seems rigged
from the start.  If you are unable to make them see the light, I would
not put it past anyone of them or any organization which we oppose to
exploit the situation and advertise that 'Robert Cohen was a member of
the American delegation which supported genetically modified organisms
and the non-labeling of them in our food'.


Elyse wrote:

The questions I always ask myself.... Will I rest in peace when I die?
What will my children think of me when I'm dead?


I will be going to Japan.  I have been warned that I have many enemies
and should consider many dozens of different scenarios that may be
designed to do me harm.  Just for the record, I will not be bringing
peyote or marijuana to Japan and do not plan on returning with a stash
of opium.  I shall not visit any grassy knolls nor shall I eat the fugu
(a poisonous fish that is a very popular sushi item).

I do intend to take very careful notes and document "the process" so
that it might become a learning experience for all of us.

Many of you have offered  to help with the expenses of my trip and have
requested my budget.  Some of you have offered to send "donations" to
the Dairy Education Board (our non-profit organization) to help defray

The hotel room (6 nights) will cost a total of 108,000 yen, which is
approximately $1,020 American.  The lowest airfare that I have been able
to find has been $1260 round trip.  I am continuing my hunger strike and
will be drinking just water , so my food expense is zero.  I have been
informed by my wife and three daughters that I am not to visit any
geisha girl palaces so my entertainment expenses will also be zero.  I
have been told that the bus ride to and from the hotel complex will cost
me approximately $30 each way.  The total budget for this trip is

For those of you who have offered to send donations, mail to Dairy
Education Board, 325 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.

Tuesday, February 29

Today is the 115th day of my hunger strike.

The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has got to
learn to market themselves better.  Advice to Neal Barnard: Blow your
horn just a little bit louder!  Toot until everybody notices you.

Winning a Nobel Prize requires marketing skills.  If ever there was an
organization deserving of mankind's greatest honor, the Nobel Peace
Prize, it is Neal Barnard's PCRM!

PCRM's latest effort involves the dietary guidelines that will dictate
what foods are served to schoolchildren.  In their suit, PCRM exposed
enormous conflicts of interests held by the powerful members of the
dietary guidelines committee:

This month, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released its
report and recommendations to the United States Department of
Agriculture (USDA).

That report declared that soy-based beverages (soymilk) are on par with
cow's milk as a source of calcium.  The Committee also declared that the
foundation of a healthy diet includes vegetables, fruits, and grains.

The USDA is not required to adopt this recommendation.  Rather, they can
pick and choose what parts of the Committee's report they will
incorporate into the final Dietary Guidelines to be released in the
summer of 2000.

PCRM is urging those who give a damn to submit a written comment which
includes these points:

1) Keep soymilk as a full alternative to cow's milk in the dairy group.
2) Rename the "dairy group" to the "dairy and soymilk group" or the
"calcium-rich food group" and include this change in the Food Guide

Your letters can be EMAILED to:


  March 2000 Hungerstrike Diary

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Wednesday, March 1

Today is the 116th day of my hunger strike.

I receive hundreds of veiled threats every year.  Many of them are made
by angry people who know not to cross "the line."  Some of those threats
are rather witty.  Examples are "I hope you get run over by a milk
truck." Or "I hope that a herd of stampeding bovines runs through your
living room and tramples you to a painful death."  I usually ignore
these threats.

A few years ago, I received a threat from a man in Kentucky.  Some
Internet sleuthing found that the same individual had posted similar
threats to government officials.  The threats to me and to the
government officials included references to plastic explosives.  The FBI
was very happy when they obtained this man's address, and he was

Yesterday, I received a new threat.  When threats contain every
four-letter word you can imagine and include the most offensive of all
four-letter words, "kill," I immediately called my police department and
the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Should you not be aware, please be informed that every computer e-mail
message contains a unique electronic signature, even those that are
forged.  Please also be aware that when threats are made by telephone,
instantaneous electronic memories are created, even if you have
call-blocking capability on your telephone.

I am not amused by death threats.  They are against the law, and those
who make them, at the very least, need serious help and they may very
well find themselves with free room and board at a government


This morning I found out who made the threat.  I spoke to his mother who
was in tears.  The young man, aged 18, has not learned the lesson of
Columbine High School.  I have let the FBI know that I will not be
pressing charges, and that the threat was an exercise in extremely poor
judgement and not an intention to do physical harm to myself or my

Thursday, March 2

Today is the 118th day of my hunger strike.

My thanks to two authors for the following - Gene Hudon and


"God said,

'See, I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth,
and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; that shall be yours for
food.  And to all the animals on land, to all the birds of the sky, and
to everything that creeps on earth, in which there is the breath of
life, I give all the green plants for food.'

And it was so.  And God saw all that he had made, and found it very
good.  And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day."


"Behold, we have more power on earth than God.  Therefore, possession of
any medicinal herb-bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth,
shall be a crime punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both unless it
can be patented by pharmaceutical companies and sold at obscene profits
to a brainwashed public."

I am in philosophical agreement with both authors, and I have been given
an opportunity, however minor, to let those in CODEX with the power know
how I/we feel on a variety of food safety issues.

My trip to Japan is just nine days away, and I am preparing by studying
the many different issues.

Friday, March 3

Today is the 118th day of my hunger strike.

If you are eating the standard American diet (the SAD diet), do you take
time to ask your fish supplier where those filets of salmon come from?

It has been reported that salmon and trout injected with genetically
engineered bovine growth hormone grow faster and fatter after injections
of rbGH.  This technique produces more questions than it answers.  For
example, do the fish moo before they are gutted, and will Ben and
Jerry's one day market Tooti Frutti Trout?

This week, the Associated Press reported a major New Zealand controversy
regarding an experiment gone horribly wrong in Blenheim's New Zealand
King Salmon Company.

The down-under fish purveyors were breeding mutant Chinook salmon in a
"Frankenfish" experiment. Secret documents, leaked to the press,
revealed that deformed fish heads and gargantuan salmon ended all
attempts by this firm to genetically engineer fish.

The company has agreed to kill all of its genetically engineered fish
and immediately suspend its research.

New information has been given to the Food & Drug Administration
revealing that Monsanto created "freak" amino acids by genetically
engineering the bovine growth hormone.  Unfortunately, there were no
whistle blowers at Monsanto in 1992 when the company deceived the FDA
and withheld this very important information despite their legal
obligation to report all adverse research activity.  Thank goodness for
the "publish or perish" mentality shared by scientists.  A few days
after receiving approval for their genetically modified monstrosity,
Monsanto scientist Bernard Violand submitted a paper to a scientific
journal admitting the error.

We will not let Monsanto get away with deceiving the world in the same
manner in which they lied to the Food & Drug Administration.  We trust
that FDA will see the truth and revoke Monsanto's hormone from the

Saturday, March 4

Today is the 119th day of my hunger strike.

The Organic Consumers Association is a grass roots Minnesota
organization that has made an enormous difference in America's food
standards.  Founder Ron Cummins once worked for activist Jeremy Rifkin
and now runs the Pure Food Campaign.  In 1998, this organization helped
gather 270,000 written comments on organic food standards, which helped
influence USDA standards and policy.  This passionate people are
activist and lobbyists and ask you to join them.

They will be happy to mail you genetically engineered foods petitions,
fact sheets, leaflets, and bumper stickers.  Contact Debbie Ortman at
218-726-1443 or by e-mail:

More information is contained on Ronnie Cummins' site:

Sunday, March 5

Today is the 120th day of my hunger strike.

John Hagelin is the presidential candidate for the Natural Law Party.

Founded in 1992, the Natural Law Party was created as a new, mainstream
political party that would offer voters "forward-looking,
prevention-oriented, scientifically proven solutions to America's

In 1996, the Natural Law Party ran 400 candidates on the ballot in 48
states-candidates who received a total of several million votes-and John
Hagelin was the only third-party candidate to receive federal matching

In the 2000 election campaign, the Natural Law Party is on target to run
2000 candidates on the ballot in all 50 states-the largest third-party
effort in U.S. history.

John Hagelin is a strong supporter of the American farmer, but rejects
the multi-national corporation chemical approach to agriculture.  Here
is a part of Hagelin's platform:

"Conventional agriculture erodes and degrades soil; it requires
large-scale use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that pollute
groundwater and are unhealthy for consumers and farmers."

Hagelin is anti-biotechnology and genetic engineering.  I applaud him
for the following position:

"Federal agencies have decided that some genetically engineered plant
and animal products (such as recombinant bovine growth hormone -- rbGH
-- which boosts milk production) are safe, despite the growing concerns
of many scientists and the fact that the Canadian government has
outlawed rbGH due to health concerns. Virtually all European nations
have banned rbGH and other hormone treatment in livestock. Many products
similar to rbGH are under review. In addition, many foods that have been
genetically engineered with pig, insect, virus, or bacteria genes are
already being sold in supermarkets. Yet these genetically altered foods
are not labeled as such - despite well-documented health risks from some
genetically engineered foods."

Hagelin deserves your support.  For more information, call the Natural
Law Party at: 800-332-0000 and visit their website:

Monday, March 6

Today is the 121st day of my hunger strike.

Here is a list of e-mail addresses to some of the key players (and
voting members) of CODEX Alimentarius, the world organization that will
make a determination as to what foods you will be eating, what
genetically modified organisms will be contained in those foods, and how
they are to be labeled.  Won't you take a few minutes and send the
following letter to these scientists and politicians:

Dear Delegate:

You will be meeting in Japan to determine the safety and labeling
requirements for genetically modified organisms.

The United States is sending a delegation representing companies and
industries supporting genetically engineered foods.  America's
traditional position has been that consumers have no right to know what
they are eating.   Perhaps that position will change.  One of the
members of the U.S. delegation, Robert Cohen, possesses important
information and real science proving the dangers of genetically modified
foods.  Cohen's information details a corrupt U.S. Food & Drug
Administration with enormous conflicts of interest.  For background
information, please review the scientific evidence at:

Mr. Cohen will be staying at the Hotel New Otani Makuhari in Chiba,
Japan during the conference, and has additional information.  He
welcomes the opportunity to give you important evidence.

Here are the e-mail addresses and nations represented by 37 of the

NORWAY         		john.race@

Tuesday, March 7

Today is the 122nd day of my hunger strike.

Who makes the decisions in your family for what you buy and eat? How do
you make choices?  Is it a television ad with a clown selling MacBurgers
or is it a sexy model extolling the virtues of milk mustaches?  Is it
your love for elves that influences your cookie choices or was it the
Frito Bandito who first sent you to the supermarket seeking out crunchy

Personalities, cartoon characters, and role models influence our buying
decisions.  Once you are in the supermarket, brightly colored packaging
plays a greater role in influencing the typical consumer than food

Animals could not live on a diet of nutritionally bankrupt puffed
cereal.  American consumers are trapped into a food failure chain that
only benefits health care practitioners.

Your choices for the 21st century will be made by alphabet soup
organizations like the FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization), WTO (World
Trade Organization), WHO (World Health Organization), and CODEX
Alimentarius (nobody knows what the heck that stands for).

Americans were shocked to witness police riots this past fall in the
streets of Seattle.  Peaceful demonstrators were sprayed with pepper
spray because they were protesting lack of representation in the
decision-making process regarding issues that will concern all

This week, Reuters News Service published secret FAO documents revealing
United Nations' fears concerning the use of biotechnology on people's
health and the environment.

Insiders who will decide what you eat are secretly talking about their
fears and the implications of human and animal health and the balance of
eco-systems regarding the use of genetically modified organisms.

The document was given to Reuters by FAO officials in France, and the
story was written by Paule Bonjean.

FAO is worried about many things, including the loss of traditional
crops, the risk of unexpected allergens, and new plant varieties that
might overwhelm existing varieties and the environment.

In a few days, I will be in Tokyo and will be carefully discussing these
issues with those "insiders."

Wednesday, March 8

Today is the 123rd day of Robert Cohen's hunger strike.  Mr. Cohen is in
Washington meeting with members of Congress and will report personally
from Washington tomorrow.

This official United Nations-funded agency is called CODEX Alimentarius,
and while each member country of the United Nations has a delegate
representing that nation, the powers that be, when making decisions, are
lobbied and influenced by multi-national corporations.

The United States delegate, Robert Lake, is employed by the Food & Drug
Administration, and his position is "Americans do not need to know that
they are consuming GMOs."  Lake has created an international controversy
maintaining that attitude.  In fact, his position has isolated the
United States, as most nations have a policy of rejecting genetically
engineered grains, meat, and dairy products.

In February, Mr. Lake sent letters to ten individuals inviting them to
be members of the U.S. delegation to the CODEX biotechnology and food
labeling session in Tokyo, Japan on March 13-17.

Most of the members of that delegation bring enormous conflicts of
interest to Japan as they represent pharmaceutical companies slated to
make billions from this new technology.  These CODEX delegates have been
vigorously lobbying Congress to reject proposed food labeling bills (HR
3377 & S-2080).

In order to balance the U.S. delegation, Mr. Lake invited one outspoken
critic of biotechnology, Robert Cohen.  On March 7, three days before
the "team" was to leave for Japan, Mr. Cohen was uninvited.  He has been
unceremoniously removed from the American delegation.

In theory, the United States position has yet to be determined.  Mr.
Lake's letter to Robert Cohen, however, clearly proves that the decision
has already been made.  Lake wrote:

"I have come to the conclusion, in my capacity as the delegate, that you
intend to work against our delegation and will not support the U. S. in
Tokyo.  It is clearly not in the best interest of the United States for
a member of our delegation to be advocating positions to other
delegations that undermine U.S. positions during the meeting.  I am,
therefore, by e-mail and this letter notifying you that I am effective
this date, removing you from the delegation."

"…undermine U.S. positions?"  Cohen believes that Americans have the
right to know what they eat.  For six years, he has been trying to get
FDA to release a study (authored by Richard, Odaglia, and Deslex)
claiming that laboratory animals got cancer from the genetically
engineered bovine growth hormone.  Cohen possesses evidence that
Monsanto created "freak" amino acids while manufacturing that hormone
and claims that Monsanto defrauded the FDA by not revealing those
errors.  Monsanto lobbyist, C. Everett Koop, assured Americans that milk
from cows treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone
was identical to "wholesome" milk.

Cohen is now off the committee.  America's loss is Monsanto's gain.  Mr.
Lake should be held accountable for his preconceived position despite
the sham of his claim that he is neutral.  Bias and arrogance spell
betrayal for the wishes of Americans.  The secret CODE-X will conduct
its business out-of-sight from America's media.

Thursday, March 9

This is the 124th day of my hunger strike.

This is "a day in the life" of Robert Cohen or  "all's not so quiet on
the Washington front."

On Wednesday, I had a pretty full slate.  My first visit was to the
Rayburn House Office Building where I visited three congressional
offices, meeting with aides and dropping off information.  I am asking
members of Congress to support bills that will give Americans the right
to know if they are consuming foods containing genetically modified
organisms (HR 3377 & S-2080).  To label or not to label, that is the

I am requesting in each visit Congressional and Senate support for the
above referenced bills.  I am also asking for one thing more.  America
needs a congressional investigation.  The Congressional police
department is the Government Accounting Office (GAO), and their
investigators possess a pit bull-like tenacity for exposing fraud and
deceit.  Unfortunately, fraud and deceit are the blue plate special at
FDA.  This not-so appetizing dish has become both entrée and not-so just


In the afternoon, I attended the CODEX session despite the fact that I
had been thrown off the American team.  My presence was not welcomed by
many of the people in the room, including a large group who I refer to
as the "Monsanto delegation."  The issue of my dismissal and freedom of
speech were brought up in a telephone conference call by Phil Mariano of
the Seattle Council for Responsible Genetics.

I was given every opportunity to speak and admit to taking up more than
my fair share of the meeting with dozens of well-vocalized comments and
criticisms.  The room was filled with pro-biotechnology lobbyists who
outnumbered those who are against genetic engineering by a factor of ten
times.  There was a woman from Consumers Union and one or two others who
I recognized, including good friend and consumer watchdog, Maury

I asked very tough, to-the-point questions about conflicts of interest
and about Monarch butterflies that die when they eat pollen from
genetically engineered corn.

Towards the end of the three-hour session, I counted 60
pro-biotechnology representatives and five who are not, and I came to
the great realization that these people are in it only for the money.

Before the meeting ended, one man stood up, turned around and pointed at
me, and said, "If Robert Cohen did not exist, we would have had to
invent him."  I really did not know what he meant by that, but he was
derisive in his nature, and I wasted no time in responding.  I said
angrily, "If Robert Cohen did not exist, who would have told you that
Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids and defrauded the FDA?  Who
would have told you that laboratory animals got cancer from the bovine
growth hormone?  Who would have told you that today's meeting is a
complete sham and who would be leading the initiative into demanding a
GAO investigation of this entire biased process?"

After the meeting broke up, I sat in the back of the room and made eye
contact with as many departing members of the session as I could.  It
took 20 minutes for the room to empty as little conversations always
persist if an audience exits.  Finally, there were just two people left
in the room, myself and Robert Lake, the man who threw me off the CODEX
team.  Lake walked to the back of the room and sat down next to me and,
taking a deep breath, he sighed.  I looked at him and said, "Robert,
they don't give a damn.  Not one person in this room gives a damn.
These are lobbyists who have a job to do and fill into a slot in a
company, and if they had some other job, they wouldn't be here.  For the
last five years, these are the people who have had your ear.  These are
the people who make America's policy.  You don't have people from the
other side talking to you on the phone, and one day, Robert, it's going
to happen and you know it.  There's going to be an incident.  There may
be something approaching bio-devastation and you're the man.  And I'm
going to hold you most responsible for this."

Lake looked at me and said, "I really don't understand all of the
intricacies of the bovine growth hormone controversy."  I explained to
him the basics and related the fact that this was the best example of
how genetic engineering produces surprises, and that our mechanisms rely
upon truthful applicants.

We held each other's eyes, then wished each other good luck and that
ended the first of three days.

Friday, March 10

Today is the 125th day of my hunger strike.

On Thursday morning, I went to the press office in the Capitol Building
and, armed with my letter of introduction from Garr Smith (editor of
"Earth Island Journal"), I was issued press credentials.  I attended
Congressman Dennis Kucinich's press conference at which time he
announced that he would be sponsoring the Genetically Engineered Food
Safety Act.

Congressman Bernard Sanders also attended the press conference and his
reaction to my first question left the audience of reporters laughing.
I asked:

"In 1994, a similar act died in session, and a subsequent investigation
of the members of that committee revealed that some congressmen accepted
PAC money directly from Monsanto while stalling a bill that would have
labeled milk and dairy products from cows treated with Monsanto's

Sanders deadpanned his response, looked at Kucinich, and said,

"Dennis, I didn't know we have a problem up here on the Hill with
members accepting money to buy influence.  Does that really happen?"

The second part of my question revealed that the current proposed bill
will go to the Commerce Committee.

After the press conference, I continued visiting members of the House of
Representatives, and I am pleased to announce that there is a good
possibility that one other member of Congress will be supporting
Kuchinich's bill as a result of my efforts.  Congressman Danny Davis
from Chicago has always been a champion for the rights of people and
that includes giving Americans the right to know whether or not they eat
genetically engineered foods.

You can help show Congressman Davis that Americans support this bill.
Please urge Davis' Chief of Staff by e-mailing your support to:

Saturday, March 11

Today is the 126th day of my hunger strike.

Yesterday, I was the third person to testify at USDA's final Dietary
Guidelines Committee meeting.  The Dietary Guidelines Committee report
will dictate the components of next year's amended USDA Food Pyramid.

The first person to testify was a representative of the salt lobby and
the second was from the sugar lobby.  Both testified and criticized that
excess amounts of their commodities were not considered to be components
of a healthy diet.  I couldn't resist the opportunity, and I addressed
the panel, which included two under-secretaries, Eileen Kennedy and
Shirley Watkins.  I said:

"You heard from sugar and spice, and now you're going to hear from
everything nice."

I have testified at many committee hearings but this is the first time I
was specifically asked to not only state my name and affiliation, but
also include my source of funding.  I said:

"My name is Robert Cohen and I represent the Dairy Education Board, and
we operate on a shoestring budget, and I pay for the shoestrings."

I then proceeded to attack with great prejudice.

"Dr. Kennedy, you asked the speakers to reveal their sources of funding,
and the American people want to know, who is financing you?  We know
that you are on the Board of Directors for the Dannon Yogurt Research
Foundation, and you, Dr. Watkins, speak at industry-financed trade
groups and travel to America's Native American reservations in the North
and South Dakota promoting the increased use of milk and cheese for
people who can least tolerate it.  Culberto Garza at Cornell University
(listening on a conference-call phone line) receives $500,000 a year
from the USDA, and he serves as the official advisor for the dairy
industry and milk processors, and has been doing so for many years.
Seven other members of the Food Guidelines Committee have serious
conflicts of interest and receive funding from the dairy industry.  I
sat with the Vice-President and Senator Barbara Boxer yesterday, and
heard them both condemn the money stream and conflicts of interest that
reflect a lack of integrity by Washington bureaucrats."

I also told the panel that I held them in contempt and that Americans
demand an unbiased approach.  I asked them if there were not qualified
scientists, nutritionists, and dieticians without such baggage.

Following my presentation was Dr. Neal Barnard from the Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).  Barnard eloquently made his
presentation, which included a request to recognize soymilk as a healthy
non-hormone alternative to milk and dairy products. The entire
transcript of my three-minute presentation, as well as all of the other
comments, will be posted on the USDA website in ten days.

I have dictated this diary entry from the airport and look forward to
returning home to my Acme Juicer, wife, and kids, not necessarily in
that order.  After three days of drinking Washington water and breathing
Washington air, I need a good, healthy carrot juice detox.

Sunday, March 12


Today is the 127th day of my hunger strike.

Here is a letter/editorial from Deborah Best of Anaheim Hills,
California. Deborah is a pre-med student, and she has sent this letter
to many newspapers. After you read it, perhaps you could send this or
your own letter to your paper:



The FDA has given carte blanche to such conglomerates as Monsanto to do
as they please for maximum profitability in creating genetically
tampered foods.

These foods are then sold to the American Public without labeling under
the guise they are "substantially equivalent" to what they were before
and that genetic engineering is the same as conventional breeding.

I fail to see the similarity  between a strawberry and a strawberry
with fish genes, or a soy  bean and a soy bean immune to Round Up.   Yet
the government tells us these products are "substantially equivalent"
which in lay terms means there is no scientific basis, there is no
rigorous testing, there is no labeling, and worst of all there is no
monitoring to protect traditional un-modified crops from the invasion of
genetically engineered crops.  In other words, our government has
subjugated its people to the status of guinea pigs without their
knowledge and may very well have contaminated the world.

This weekend our government will be sending a delegation to the
international CODEX Alimentarius in Tokyo March 14-17.  How many of your
readers know what this is?

CODEX was founded in 1962 by the United Nations and comes under the
direction of the World Health Organization (WHO).  It has no authority
to dictate national regulations yet the World Trade Organization bases
its free trade policy on the decisions of CODEX.  This means that if
CODEX agrees to a certain rule and any country does not follow that
rule, that country will be charged by the World Trade Organization for
obstructing free international trade.  The fines are extraordinary.
Member nations of the CODEX committee will be determining whether or not
genetically modified organisms will be added to your foods and how and
if they will be labeled.  The United States which has the greatest
monetary interest in Genetic Engineering has been lobbying for
international deregulation of labeling.  It was turned down in 1997 by a
great majority.  In 1998  Europe, India and most Asian countries
demanded that all genetically modified foods be labeled.  The United
States, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and Australia  proposed very limited
labeling requirements.

The American delegate to CODEX is an employee of the FDA, Robert Lake.
Mr. Lake has invited the following people to represent the U.S.

Jeffrey Barach of the National Food Processors Association, Kyd Brenner
of the Corn Refiners Association, David Hettinga from Land O' Lakes, David
Hegwood from O'Mara Associates (a consulting firm for the soy and cotton
industry), Alex Jackson from the American Farm Bureau Federation
(representing 200,000+ farms), C.W. McMillan who is a former USDA
Assistant Secretary, Henry Miller of the Hoover Institution (an ex-FDA
regulator who was on the original team that approved the first
genetically engineered products), Michael Phillips, the executive
director for Food & Agriculture, a biotechnology industry organization.
Robert Cohen, the only delegate opposed to the unregulated practice of
bioengineering of our food supply and the only delegate in support of
comprehensive labeling of genetically manipulated foods

Mr. Lake had informed the delegates that they are obliged to support the
position of the United States. This meant that Mr. Cohen would not be
able to speak as a free citizen of the United States and voice his
concern and view regarding genetically manipulated foods.  Therefore,
many of us who have taken the time to question our government's obvious
inability to simply protect us by informing us that we are consuming
genetically manipulated foods, wrote to the CODEX delegates representing
all the other countries to inform them that there are many, many
Americans who have very serious doubts about genetically manipulated
foods and who want definitive labeling.

Monday of this week, the 6th of March, Robert Lake removed Mr. Cohen
from the CODEX meeting and thereby removed the voice of us Americans who
are very concerned about what our families are eating.

Many scientists and physicians have come forward stating adamantly their
concern regarding genetically engineered foods.  Our government is also
ignoring them.

The people need to know that genetic engineering recombines genetic
material in the laboratory between species that do not interbreed
whatsoever in Nature.

The people need to know the truth on how genetic control and balanced
functioning created by Nature is LOST through random splicing of foreign
genes into host DNA.  The insertion of a foreign gene into the midst of
a DNA sequence disrupts the ordinary coding and can disturb the
functioning of a cell in unpredictable and potentially hazardous ways.

The people need to know that scientists understand the function of less
than 5% of all DNA. Everything else is unknown territory.  Bioscience
depends on reductionism - the idea that by analyzing the parts, the
properties of the whole can be deduced.  Yet in 1999, "Science Magazine"
cited examples of complex systems that can in no way be fully explained
by an understanding of its parts. In addition it is now thought that
important cell processes occur on a quantum physical level.  What will
the effect of a  foreign gene have on the harmony of the whole?

The New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Biotechnology and
International Journal Food Science Tech have all reported incidences of
genetically modified organisms producing unanticipated toxins or

The people need to know the truth about gene vectors, the Trojan horses,
that genetic manipulation uses to cross the gene barrier which is
Nature's way of insuring no cross breeding of species.

The people need to know that gene vectors resist breakdown in the gut of
mammals and that through ingestion a long term enteric reservoir for
replication, recombination and dispersal of gene vectors has been

The people need to know about naked DNA which is ploughed into the
fields after a crop is harvested and finds its way through horizontal
transfer into soil microorganisms especially bacteria.  Recent findings
show that the presence of antibiotics, which are extensively used in
farming, greatly increases the frequency of horizontal gene transfer.

The people need to know that this infected bacteria can spread on dust
and on water and can be ingested by insects or  birds and spread

The people need to know about bacteriophage viruses  and their ability
to transfer DNA through transduction or mating which can contribute to a
further uncontrolled spread of genetically engineered genes.

The people need to ask the government what plans they have to clean up
contamination of genetic mistakes in our soil and water.  What forms of
treatment and insurance will be available for people who have been

The people need to ask the government why it has given carte blanche in
the form of SELF-REGULATION to  genetic tampering conglomerates such as
Monsanto, Dupont, Dow, Hoechst and Novartis along with upstarts such as
Ceres, Inc. Mendel Biotechnology and Paradigm Genetics.

The people need to ask the government for the data supplied by Monsanto
regarding its Roundup Ready Soybeans and how Monsanto determined their
soybeans were safe for HUMAN consumption. A Monsanto official told the
NEW YORK TIMES that the corporation should not have to take
responsibility for the safety of its food products. "Monsanto should not
have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food," said Phil Angell,
Monsanto's director of corporate communications. "Our interest is in
selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's
job," Angell said.

The people need to ask the government about U.S. Patent 5,723,765,
entitled "Control of Plant Gene Expression". The patent covers
technology referred to as a plant "Technology Protection System" (TPS),
otherwise known as Terminator Technology = the "kill gene" -  that
Monsanto, Delta and Pine Land Company have designed.  The Terminator is
a group of genes that can be spliced into any crop plant with one deadly
result - sterilization of all of the plant's seeds. If this technology
is  adopted,  the control of seed production will move from the farmer's
field to corporate headquarters and farmers will become wholly dependent
upon corporations for seeds. The TIMES said , "The Terminator will allow
companies like Monsanto to privatize one of the last great commons in
nature --the genetics of the crop plants that civilization has developed
over the past 10,000 years."  The patent covers ALL PLANTS.....

The people need to ask the government why there is no data available to
provide us with estimates of the possible harm that has just been

The people need to ask the government why the USDA, the agency
responsible for ecological safety, "has not rejected a single
application for a genetically engineered crop," even though scientists
say "the department has frequently relied on unsupported claims and
shoddy studies by the seed companies" as reported in the NEW YORK TIMES.
Also reported in the same article was the statement that "the
Agriculture Department has set no scientific standard for proving the
environmental safety of a plant." The Agriculture Department only asks
"that petitioners explain why the new plant is unlikely or likely to
pose a number of broadly defined risks."  How about that for science???

The people need to ask the government why U.S. Farmers have not been
able to find an international market for their genetically engineered
crops. What do other countries know that our government will not

The people need to ask food manufacturers such as Nestle why they have
pulled genetically engineered foods out of the products in Europe but
not in the United States. Why the double standard?  Why did a
representative of Nestle tell representatives of major seed companies
and representatives of the biotech community at a recent industrial
conference, " Don't expect us to take a bullet for your GMO products."

The people need to ask the government why  the British Medical
Association, representing 115,000 doctors, called for "an open-ended
moratorium on the planting of GM crops, a ban on releasing GMOs into the
environment, and a review of the World Trade Agreement to ensure that
human health and safety take precedence over global trade in foodstuffs
and seed," reported PA News. What do they know that our government
doesn't want us to know?

The people need to ask the government about the reports coming in from
Scotland to Switzerland on how the genetically tampered crops with
pesticide resistance are killing off the beneficial insects also.  What
about the monarch butterflies at Cornell University?

And for those of you only interested in the financial gains -  Why did
Deutsche Bank, the second largest bank in the world, state in a recent
report " GMOs are, in our opinion, becoming a liability to farmers, " as
they warn investors of the development of a two-tier grain market in
which genetically modified crops will trade at a "discount" to non-
genetically modified crops. It is already happening.

Deutsche Bank  also warns the world to "look out" when the average U.S.
citizen finally finds out about genetically modified foods in its recent
report "Ag Biotech:  Thanks But No Thanks"

The people need to ask Robert Lake, head of US delegation to CODEX,
Commissioner Dr. Jane Henney of the FDA, Jeffrey Barach of the National
Food Processors Association - the voice of the $460 billion food
processing industry, Kyd Brenner of the Corn Refiners Association, David
Hettinga from Land O' Lakes, David Hegwood from O'Mara Associates, Alex
Jackson from the American Farm Bureau Federation, C.W. McMillan, former
USDA Assistant Secretary, Henry Miller of the Hoover Institution ,
Michael Phillips, the executive director for Food & Agriculture, Dan
Glickmann Secretary of Agriculture,  Robert B. Shapiro, Richard J.
Mahoney, Philip Needleman, Ph.D. all of Monsanto, who just made over
$100 million between them in Monsanto stock, Kelloggs, Nestle, Quaker
Oats, Pillsbury, Crisco, Kraft Foods, Green Giant, Campbell Soup, Mc
Donald's, President Clinton, Farmers who plant these crops, the U.S.D.A.
and YOUR SUPERMARKET who support genetic manipulation -- WHAT ARE YOU

Remember our government used to tell us we would be safe under our desks
in case of an atomic bomb attack... WAKE UP AMERICA, PLEASE WAKE UP.....

But - wait a minute - isn't this a government of the people, by the
people and for the people?  Maybe we need to ask ourselves these
questions and why we are allowing this all to happen.


  Citizens motivated to correspond with their elected officials visit

Monday, March 13

Today is the 128th of my hunger strike.

Nations from around the world will meet with the American
delagation in Tokyo.  The American group should be called:

The Monsanto delegation.

Here is a letter that I delivered to the other world members on the eve
of their departure:


Dear CODEX members,

I was to be a member of America's delegation to Japan, but my
participation has been TERMINATED by the American delegate.

Our Congress is considering laws that will label foods containing
genetically modified organisms.  Many of the members of the American
delegation have paid money through lobbying and gifts to members of our
Congess and Senate to try and defeat those proposed laws.

The conflicts of interest, lack of integrity, and corruption on the part
of the American delegation is a symbol of why America is losing respect
throughout the world.

By placing me on the ten-member team, Robert Lake made a symbolic choice
that was in reality, merely a concession to the voices of dissent.

By taking me off the team just a few days before the Tokyo meeting, Mr.
Lake revealed more than just his bias and pre-determined position.  Mr.
Lake revealed that the United States delegation is actually the Monsanto

Make no mistake, ladies and gentleman of the world... genetic engineering

Monsanto created "freak amino acids" and hid the truth from the
Food and Drug Administration.


Monsanto lied and committed fraud.  FDA continues to deceive the people
of the United States and the world.

Here is a symbolic depiction Monsanto's power:

Will you exercise the strength of your convictions and
possess the integrity to resist America's agenda?

Tuesday, March 14


When the corn hits the fan


Do raccoons and deer avoid fields filled with genetically modified corn?
Here's one not-so-funny anecdote published in a farm magazine.


Today is the 129th day of my hunger strike.

Six months ago, Steven Sprinkel reported some very bad news regarding
Monsanto's Roundup-Ready corn and soybeans (ACRES, USA, September 18,

Sprinkel's evidence is anecdotal.  Sadly, FDA does not require
manufacturers of genetically engineered agricultural products to produce
studies demonstrating human safety.  Farmers' observations, collected by
this reporter, give all consumers reasons to be concerned.

One can question the integrity of scientists and politicians and
reporter, but, in the long run, one believes their testimony.  Reporters
have a code of ethics, and journalists do not last long in their field
if they make up stories.  I have no choice but to believe Steve
Sprinkle's observations, but I also have no proof.  That being said,
here is what Mr. Sprinkel wrote after interviewing many of America's
farmers for his biotechnology story:

"Darwin's Tree is Upside-Down

Why, you can put your cattle out into GMO corn stubble and they just
won't touch it. Oh, they'll bite that new brome down to the ground, but
they won't eat the GMO corn stubble.  After four months of retrieving
anecdotes from Kansas to Wisconsin, I think its high time to sample the
producer community more thoroughly to see how many stories there are out
there. About the hogs that wouldn't eat the ration when the GMO crops
were included. About the farmer who said " Well, if you want your cattle
to go off their feed, just switch them out to a GMO silage." About the
farmer who said that his cattle broke through an old fence and ate down
the non-GMO hybrids but wouldn't touch the Round-up ready corn, and as a
matter of fact " They had to walk through the GMOs to get to the Pioneer
3477 on the other side." About the cattleman who saw the weight-gain of
his cattle fall off when he switched over to GMO sources. About the
organic farmer with a terrible deer problem on his soybeans, and when he
drives out at night there are forty of them mowing down his tofu beans
while across the road there isn't one doe eating on the Round-up
Readies. About the raccoons romping by the dozen in the organic corn,
while down the road there isn't one ear that's been touched in the Bt
fields. Even the mice will move on down the line if given an alternative
to these "crops". What is it that they know instinctively that most of
us ignore? I have been traveling around with a bag of contaminated cob
corn on the floor of my vehicle, and I have begun to think of it as if
it was a bag of plutonium. My truck should probably be de-contaminated
by a Haz-Mat facility. I should probably be put under observation to see
what the affect of so much exposure to glyphos and Bt pollen has done to
me. I'll bet my blood will kill mosquitoes now."

Wednesday, March 15

Today is the 130th day of my hunger strike.

Each morning during my fast, I have started my day with the juice of a
lemon squeezed into a 12-ounce glass of bottled water.  I use no
sweetener and enjoy the smell and taste of the fresh citrus.

This morning, I was just in the mood for something a bit more
substantial.  After my lemon juice, I went to the refrigerator where I
had stored about two quarts of extra large red grapes.  You've had these
grapes before. You've bitten into these mini water balloons and an
explosion of flavor and liquid has filled your mouth.  These are fruits
with seeds, but they are much more flavorful than the ones that have
been engineered and cross-pollinated to be smaller, less tasty, and

As I drank the juice, I went back in my mind 40 years to a Mighty Mouse
Welch's Grape Juice commercial.  I've always loved the smell and taste
of that purple juice, but the fresh variety is nothing like the "dead"
cooked version.

If you've tasted fresh apple cider and apple juice, you know the
difference and can relate.

When I attended the Culinary Institute of America in 1973, I was
fortunate enough to dine at a meal attended by supporters of that
university.  One of the dishes served was a mushroom stew prepared with
fresh morels, cepes, and chanterelles. Along with that dish, I enjoyed
an entire bottle of 1953 Chateau Lafite Rothschild.  Wine lovers can
blindly tell you the vintage and vineyard from one sip of a particular
sample.  As a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, I have memories of some of the
great American wines, such as Beaulieu and Heitz.

I remember the 1953 bottle because it was my first experience with a
perfectly aged great vintage.  It was Technicolor.  Today's grape juice
was Technicolor.  I could taste the life, and the few minutes that I
spent juicing the fruit and cleaning the machine were well worth the
time and effort.

Thursday, March 16

Today is the 131st day of my hunger strike.

A visit to the National Corn Growers Association website immediately
reveals their sponsor, DU PONT.

In 1998, Monsanto conducted $8.6 billion worth of business and was the
third largest chemical company in america.  Dow Chemical grosses $17
billion, while DUPONT was #1 with a volume $30 billion.  DUPONT also
owns the largest seed company in the world, Pioneer Hy-Bred.

Last year, corn growers had nowhere to sell their surplus corn, and much
of it sat rotting on Mississippi River freighters, unable to be stored
in overflowing warehouses.  Last summer, corn farmers were receiving
$1.87 for a bushel of corn while the costs of growing a bushel were

The NCGA site reveals that half of all corn grown in America becomes
animal feed.  Here is one very fascinating bit of food trivia that not
only demonstrates the lack of nutrition in America's breakfast cereals
but it demonstrates who is getting the money and who is not.  I learned
that a one-pound box of corn flakes, selling for $3.55 in the
supermarket, contains a mere $.02 of corn.

Recently, Cornell University scientists demonstrated that Monarch
butterflies, eating the pollen from genetically engineered corn, were
dying.  Senator Barbara Boxer has introduced Senate Bill S 2080 that
would require the labeling of food products containing genetically
modified organisms.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich has introduced a
similar bill, HR-3377, in the House.

I believe that people have a right to know what they are eating,
particularly when real science has proven that there is much to be
concerned about regarding genetically engineered foods.  Here is the
position of the National Corn Growers Association:

"NCGA urges Congress to oppose efforts to mandate labeling of food or
food products produced through biotechnology.  We oppose the Genetically
Engineered Food Right to Know Act."

What this industry organization also opposes is a farmer's right to make
a living.  As we grow more food with less demand (Europe will not buy
any of our genetically modified corn), we only hurt those people who
this agency pretends to serve.

Friday, March 17

Today is the 132nd day of my hunger strike.

In 1968 I was a high school junior watching students riot in the streets
of Chicago during the Democratic National Convention.  At that time, if
you had mentioned Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to your
parents or any establishment type, that statement would have widened
what became known as the "Generation Gap."  One of the founding members
of the SDS would later become one of seven American arrested and in a
group of people collectively called the "Chicago 7."

This man became known for many things including his marriage to another
famous activist, Jane Fonda.

Today, Tom Hayden is a California State senator.

Senator Hayden has introduced two bills in the California legislature
having to do with genetic engineering.  SB 1315 has to do with the
labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms.  SB 1514
requires that schools notify parents and children if they intend to
serve foods containing genetically engineered organisms.

Senator Hayden wrote:

"The Legislature finds and declares that members of the public have the
right to know whether the food they or their children consume, is
produced with genetically engineered material.  In particular, parents
of school children have a right to know whether the food provided in
school snacks, breakfast, and lunch programs, or after school programs,
contains genetically engineered material.

It is the intent of the Legislature to provide parents of public school
children with the right to know whether genetically altered food is
being served in public schools and to require school districts to
disclose that information as a condition of receiving state
reimbursement of funds for school meals."

Saturday, March 18

Today is the 133rd day of my hunger strike.

Ninety years ago, the greatest infield ever to play the game had poems
written about them, immortalizing Tinker (SS) to Evers (2B) to Chance
(1B).  In 1910, the Chicago Cubs finished in first place.  Although the
famous double play combination only combined for a total of three home
runs (Sammy Sosa's production on a good day), the 1990's home run hit by
Pete Hardin may very well be biotechnology's game winner.

Pete Hardin is the editor of the Milkweed, a Wisconsin pro-dairy
publication.  Hardin rallied his readers to collectively reject
Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone during the early
1990s.  This courageous journalist used his newsletter to publish
confidential internal Monsanto documents.   Hardin obtained those
documents in a remarkable way.  They were first given to America's most
noted anti-biotechnology activist, Jeremy Rifkin, by a Monsanto
employee.  Rifkin threw the ball over to author John Stauber who quickly
turned and fired the documents to Pete Hardin who was "playing first

Tinker to Evers to Chance.  Rifkin to Stauber to Hardin.

Many documents were published by the Milkweed exposing Monsanto's lies
and deceptions.

In September of 1993, Pete Hardin published an internal company
confidential report revealing that the manufacturing process for the
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone was seriously flawed.  The
memo referred to a serious contamination affecting 1,650 pounds (750
kilograms) of genetically engineered bovine growth hormone powder.

Hardin wrote:

"Monsanto acknowledges that during the first quarter of 1993, a huge
amount of rbGH manufactured by a supplier was contaminated.  This
revelation is very, very significant.  It has been widely projected that
biotechnology production was like making Jell-O, i.e., pretty foolproof,
once the routine was established.  Biotechnology rests upon the premise
that laboratory batches of synthetic products can be consistently
manufactured.  A huge batch contamination of Monsanto's rbGH, as
acknowledged here, shows that in fact quality control can go awry, big
time, in rbGH manufacture.  This revelation is one of the most damning
that has ever come from Monsanto."

This internal document was circulated just a few months before Monsanto
received approval for their bovine growth hormone.  The question that I
have is:

Did Monsanto tell the FDA that their manufacturing process was producing
errors?  The last time I filed a Freedom of Information Act request, it
took the FDA 85 days to give me an answer despite the fact that the
Justice Department mandates a 20-day turnaround for such requests.  This
time, we trust that the FDA will act responsibly and give us an answer
in a timely manner.

On Friday, I submitted a new Freedom of Information Act request that
will reveal the answer to the question of whether Monsanto informed the
FDA about this manufacturing error.

Sunday, March 19

Today is the 134th day of my hunger strike.

This past week, I spoke to Gary Barton, Monsanto's official spokesman
for the bovine growth hormone.  I asked him to comment on the fact that
Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids during the manufacturing
process of the bovine growth hormone, and never revealed those errors to
the Food & Drug Administration.  I told Barton that my Freedom of
Information Act request revealed absolutely no communication between
Monsanto and FDA.  I also revealed to Barton that Monsanto changed the
formula and, on the day after they received official approval, sent the
"smoking gun evidence, the missing glove evidence, and the blood trail"
to a scientific journal.  I asked Barton for his comments.  He made me
repeat it three times.  Here is Monsanto's official position:

"Monsanto, in the process of obtaining regulatory approval for bovine
somatotropin, has supplied complete and accurate data to the FDA and
other regulatory agencies."

With Monsanto's quote, we return to square one.  Either Monsanto is
lying or the FDA is lying.   The Freedom of Information Act request
(file #F99-26306) revealed that

"A thorough search of CVM's files has been conducted, and no records
responsive to your request have been found."

I received a bill for $725 from the FDA for the processing of that
request.  Their analysis of their files was thoroughly conducted.

This past week, I also spoke to Linda Suydam, Senior Associate
Commissioner of the Food & Drug Administration.  In that conversation, I
requested a private audience with FDA Commissioner Jane Henney, M.D.

Linda Suydam has been the second most powerful at the FDA for the last
three commissioners-David Kessler, Michael Freidman, and Current
Commissioner, Jane Henney.  I like her and she has a reputation for
maintaining the highest amount of professionalism and integrity.

On April 21, 1995, Dr. Suydam had arranged a meeting for me with
Monsanto's top scientists at FDA's investigative branch, the Center for
Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

Dr. Suydam informed me that she and the Commissioner were well aware of
the progress of my petition and of the investigation.  She told me that
a decision would be made by April 20, 2000.

I asked Dr. Suydam if I could quote her on that date and her response
was "Yes, you can."

The clock is running and America awaits FDA's decision.  It will take
great courage for FDA to do the right thing.  America expects nothing

Monday, March 20

Today is the 135th day of my hunger strike.

More comedy from FDA.  Below are three letters. The first one, written
March 7 to FDA Commissioner Henney, praised FDA and condemned Monsanto.
The second, a response from FDA, took exception to my letter, and, in
fact, took my attack personally.  Read the third letter and then ask
yourself this question:

When I attack Monsanto, do I really attack FDA, and are they really
taking this personally?

------------ TO FDA (1)

March 7, 2000

Commissioner Jane Henney		Delivered by fax: (301) 443-3100
Food & Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD  20857

RE: FOIA Request No. 99026306 / Citizen Petition 99P-4613

Dear Commissioner Henney:

Thank you so much for your letter dated March 6, 2000.  This is exciting
news! As you know, the information I requested was either going to be
very bad news for FDA or Monsanto.  The good news for FDA is that you
did not lie, none of your officials lied and no one at FDA deceived
America.  The bad news is that Monsanto changed the formula for their
drug without telling anybody.  In the world of political and scientific
decisions, I am very pleased that FDA now has the evidence of Monsanto's

The unfortunate thing is that Monsanto has enormous power and your
predecessors, Michael Freidman and Arthur Hull Hayes have left FDA to go
to work for Monsanto.

You may be aware that I had been chosen to be a member of the 10-person
delegation to the CODEX meeting in Tokyo.  On today's date, I was
informed by Bob Lake that I have been removed from that committee.
Monsanto's lobbying efforts have gained an ear with Mr. Lake and the
official United States' position is contrary to the wishes of Americans
and the rest of the world.

Now that you are armed with evidence of Monsanto's deception, I await
your official decision with great anticipation.

Very truly yours,

Robert Cohen

------------ From FDA (2)

Mr. Robert Cohen
Dairy Education Board
325 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632

			Request No. 99026306/Citizen Petition 99P-4613

Dear Mr. Cohen:

Thank you for your letter of March 7, 2000 to FDA Commissioner Henney
regarding FOIA Request No. 99026306/Citizen Petition 99P-4613.  The
Commissioner has asked me to respond for her.

I must take exception to the suggestion that FDA officials would lie to
you or that they would act in any way to deceive America.  This
characterization is simply unrepresentative of FDA employees.  The
people who work at FDA are most conscientious and diligent in their work
of protecting the public health.  I know I must speak for the
Commissioner and every employee at FDA in refuting your insinuation that
FDA employees would lie to the public we serve.

I can say that we have your CP 99P-4613 under consideration.  We will be
responding to your concerns.  Thank you for stating your concern.

				Sincerely yours,

				Stephen F. Sundlof, D.V.M., Ph.D.
				Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine

------------ TO FDA (3)

March 17, 2000

Stephen F. Sundlof, D.V.M., Ph.D.	Delivered by fax: (301) 594-1830
Director, Center for Veterinary Medicine
7500 Standish Pl.
Rockville, MD 20855

RE: Citizen Petition 99P-4613

Dear Dr. Sundlof:

I am in receipt of your letter dated March 14, 2000.  In response to my
letter to Commissioner Henney dated March 7, 2000, you wrote:

"I must take exception to the suggestion that FDA officials would lie to
you or that they would act in any way to deceive America."

In fact, I wrote:

"... the information I requested was either going to be very bad news
for FDA or Monsanto.  The good news for FDA is that you did not lie,
none of your officials lied and no one at FDA deceived America…I am very
pleased that FDA now has the evidence of Monsanto's fraud."

You might recall in your letter of January 23, 1995, to
Frederich-Wilhelm Graefe zu Baringdorf, the Vice President of the
Agricultural Committee of the European Parliament.  You wrote:

"... I must take issue with your claim that "more and more scientific
evidence" is raising questions about the safety of rbST, and with your
apparent implication that FDA approved rbST prematurely.  I can assure
you that FDA's human food safety experts have been diligent and thorough
in their review of all aspects of the human food safety of milk from
cows receiving supplemental rbST"

When I met with FDA scientists on April 21, 1995, I learned that the
most important study (Richard, Odaglia and Deslex) submitted by Monsanto
was never reviewed.

Page 2 (To FDA letter 3)

Stephen F. Sundlof
March 17, 2000

Subsequent to my meeting, FDA learned that their major conclusion (no
biological effects from oral ingestion of rbGH) was incorrect.

In 1996, I helped prepare research for 60 Minutes' producer, Isadore
Roesmarin for a segment on aspartame.  A few months earlier, I had met
with Michael Freidman and had given him a study that FDA called
"pivotal".  In that study, every single rhesus monkey orally ingesting
Monsanto's NutraSweet developed grand mal epileptic seizures.  I watched
at home as Freidman told a 60 Minutes reporter that there was never
evidence of adverse effects on laboratory animals from aspartame
ingestion.  Freidman later became the acting Commissioner at FDA and
then went to work for Monsanto.

I am comforted by your representation that FDA employees do not lie or
deceive America.  I have met you, Commissioner Jane Henney and Andy
Beaulieu at CVM and trust that every person that I recently met is
trying to do the right thing and be entirely consistent with their
fiduciary role.

A review of my petition (CP 99P-4613) will reveal no gray issues, just
black and white.  Monsanto changed the formula for the bovine growth
hormone after the review was completed and neglected to inform FDA that
five "freak" amino acids were produced.

The American people will accept nothing less than an immediate recall of
Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  In addition,
Monsanto should be severely disciplined for their unprecedented fraud so
that other developers of genetically modified organisms are not tempted
to repeat similar deceits.

Very truly yours,

Tuesday, March 21

Today is the 136th day of my hunger strike.

I am sending today's diary entry to this list of people at FDA:

FDA Commissioner
"Jane Henney" 
fax #301-443-3100

FDA Senior Associate Commissioner
"Linda Suydam" 

CVM Director
"Stephen Sundlof" 
fax #301-594-1830

CVM Deputy Director
"Andrew Beaulieu" 
fax #301-594-1830

Office of the Inspector General
"Kathryn Dahl" 

CVM Ombudsman
"Marcia Larkins" 
fax #594-4512

Director of New Animal Drug Evaluation
"Claire Lathers" 
fax #301-594-2297

Strategic Manager for Biotechnology,
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
"Jim Maryanski" 
fax #202-401-2893

Director of the Office of Surveillance and Compliance
"Linda Tollefson" 
fax #301-594-4512

Director of the Office of Regulations & Policy,
Center of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition,
"Robert Lake" 
fax #202-401-7739

Congressman Dennis Kucinich
fax #202-225-5745

"Senator Barbara Boxer" 
fax #202-228-4056

Dear Commissioner Henney:

There comes a time in a decision-making process when the consequences of
that decision should be carefully considered.  Once a decision is made,
it becomes too late for change.

The decision that your agency must make on April 20 will have great
meaning, and the eyes of the world are firmly focused upon you.

Monsanto clearly deceived the Food & Drug Administration during the
approval process for their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone
(rbGH).  Monsanto:

- Created five "freak" amino acids

- Did not inform the FDA of their errors

- Fixed the problem by changing the formula

- Created a 750 kg. phage contamination of rbGH in September of 1993

- Waited until after approval to publish evidence of their deception

It is well accepted that a breast cancer can take up to ten years to
grow from one cell into a one million-cell tumor, representing the
tiniest lump a woman can feel in her breast.  Recently, the New York
Times revealed that there is a 50% increase ("explosion") in breast
cancers in the African-American community.

When cows are injected with rbGH:

- Levels of IGF-I in milk increase

- IGF-I has been called a key factor in the growth of every breast

- IGF-I is identical in humans and cows

- Nations with the highest rates of breast cancer are also nations with
the highest rates of milk consumption

- Milk drinkers experience a 10% increase  in blood serum levels of

Your choices are clear, and the consequences of your actions will be
unmistakable.  Should you dismiss Monsanto's deception then FDA clearly
erases the fine line that many still believe separates FDA and Monsanto.
Such a decision will not be tolerated by the American people, and will
serve to act as a symbol of Monsanto's power and FDA's inability to act as
America's fiduciary.

Should FDA act to impose sanctions upon Monsanto and immediately revoke
rbGH from America's marketplace, FDA will also immediately become a hero
to those Americans who have criticized conflicts of interest, but who
wish to confirm and celebrate America's greatness.

The choice is yours to make, but let me respectfully alert you that the
consequences of your actions will be enormous.

Very truly yours,

Wednesday, 22 March

Today is the 137th day of my hunger strike.

During World War II, American pilots were able to be relieved
from flying dangerous missions by having a military psychiatrist
declare them to be "insane."

However, any pilot who demonstrated a desire not to fly suicide
missions had to, logically, be sane.   That became the "Catch-22"
made famous by Joseph Heller's novel and subsequent movie.


The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act  grants the Food and Drug
Administration authority to regulate, "drugs" and "devices."

In 1996, the FDA asserted jurisdiction to regulate tobacco products,
concluding that nicotine is a "drug" and cigarettes are "devices" that
deliver nicotine to the body.

The FDA found that tobacco use is the Nations leading cause of
premature death, resulting in more than 400,000 deaths annually, and
that most adult smokers begin when they are minors.

A group of tobacco manufacturers, retailers, and advertisers filed suit
challenging the FDA’s regulations.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court applied "Catch-22" logic to the cigarette
controversy and concluded that cigarette smoking could not be dangerous
because FDA would have taken them off the market if they were unsafe.

Faced with a dilemma of overwhelming scientific proof that
cigarette smoking is linked to cancer, the Supreme Court concluded:

"... if tobacco products were "devices" under the FDCA, the FDA would be
required to remove them from the market."

Since FDA has not removed dangerous cancer-causing cigarettes, the Court
concluded that they must be safe.  In yesterday's ruling, the Court
ruled that FDA no longer has jurisdiction over cigarette regulatory

Justice O’Connor delivered the opinion of the Court, in which
Rehnquist, Scalia, Kennedy, and Monsanto's Clarence Thomas joined.

One day, similar logic may rule that genetically engineered accidents
are nobody's fault and they are safe because nobody has jurisdiction.

Is anybody piloting this plane?

Thursday, 23 March

Today is the 138th day of my hunger strike.

I subscribe to many dairy industry magazines and newsletters and am on
speaking terms with a number of dairy farmers.  I also subscribe to
Internet chat groups, and recent information has been a bit disturbing.

If a human child is born with a birth defect because of a drug that his
mother took, the first surprise report of an adverse effect is deemed
"anecdotal."  Initial reports from dairy farmers are also anecdotal.
They reflect previously unforeseen effects from the use of Monsanto's
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, rbST.

One farmer has given me permission to print his name and address along
with his letter.  The second farmer called me "the devil," and asked
that I withhold his name and address when including his comments.

Both letters contradict FDA's determination that cow's were unaffected
after rbST injections.  Two letters do not make a scientific study, but
they are certainly enough to indicate that a monitoring program would
appropriately be applied to the increased suffering of dairy cows
from rbST injections.


"The beef buyer that I send my beef to, told me that the quality of beef
cows on BST is no where near as good as beef cows that are not on BST.
He has been buying beef for 38 years and has no ax to grind with BST
users. It is an opinion from someone that ought to know and I believe

Lyle Edwards
dairy farmer
Westfield Vt."


"I recently was told by an acquaintance with some experience in
slaughter houses, that many BST cull cows have such weak bones that you
could break their pelvic bones with your hands.  Funny how that calcium
for the extra milk has to come from somewhere...


Friday, March 24

Today is the 139th day of my hunger strike.

HealthGate, an Internet magazine, has just grabbed the bull by the
horns.  Author Linda Formichelli recently interviewed me for her milk
story and wrote the following:

"Another vocal dairy detractor is Robert Cohen, author of Milk: The
Deadly Poison. In his book, Cohen attributes the growth of certain
cancers to insulin-like growth factor, or IGF1. "IGF1 is the key factor
in the growth and proliferation of every single breast cancer that has
ever grown in any woman," says Cohen.

Cohen asserts that autopsies of people who have died from reasons other
than cancer show that cancer is very common.  "Between the ages of 40
and 50, 39.6% of women actually have breast cancer," he says. Normally,
these cancers are controlled by the immune system, but Cohen says that
IGF1 releases the tight genetic controls of the immune system, allowing
the cancer to grow. He backs his assertion with the fact that the
countries with the highest dairy intake also have the highest incidences
of breast cancer.

Cohen also puts the blame on milk for asthma, attention deficit
disorder, heart disease, mood swings, obesity and more-not to mention
problems caused by the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone
rBGH, which stimulates milk production in cows."

For the entire story:

Saturday, March 25

Today is the 140th day of my hunger strike.

This week I was fortunate enough to have Howard Lyman as my houseguest.
Those of you who know Howard appreciate this leader of America's vegan
movement.  His book "Mad Cowboy" is one of the best I have ever read,
and it was a gift to be able to share my home with him and "think tank"
our way into the 21st century.

Last Saturday night, Howard and I drove to Kingston, New York where we
each spoke to the Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society.  All I can say is that
having each other as mutual captive audiences for a four-hour trip is an
unforgettable experience.

Howard and I each took turn tying up my family telephone line with
newspaper, magazine, and radio interviews.  Some people say that the
presidents and vice-presidents of major corporations should not travel
on the same plane.  Well, here were the two of us, myself and the
"Chairmen of the Board" sharing the same home, and I wondered if our
bitterest enemies would have fantasized about "killing two birds with
one stone."

During the week, I spoke in Newark, New Jersey and Middletown, New York,
and did a few cable television shows.  I am also continuing
conversations with a reporter representing America's largest newspaper

Yesterday, I flew to Texas where I spoke to the Vegetarian Society of El
Paso. Today, friends are treating my daughter and me to a sightseeing
tour of Mexico's Ciudad Juarez.  This evening, I'll be attending a
potluck dinner in El Paso, and Jennifer will be designated eater.  Our
family loves Tex-Mex food and it doesn't get any better than this.  I'll
stick with the juice from the mescal plant.  A shot of tequila, some
lime...hold the worm.

Sunday, March 26


Today is the 141st day of my hunger strike.

The FDA is holding a public meeting on April 4, 2000 from 10:00 AM to
6:00 PM at the Department of Education, Barnard Auditorium (Federal
Building 6), 400 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, D.C. This building is one
block east of the L'Enfant Metro Station (Maryland Ave. exit).

FDA is seeking public comment supplements.

To speak at the meeting, call Carole A. Williams at 301-827-4421.


Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals who seek to have you lose the right to
take supplements.  Insiders who lobby congress and FDA to take away your

The FDA has only given a one-week notice to apply to attend to this
meeting, which is unusually short. It's obvious the FDA would like to
assure themselves that the public has no interest in this area.

Come to the meeting and register to testify.  Bring a friend. Write your
statement and read it into the public record.

Monday, March 27

Today is the 142nd day of my hunger strike.

Lots of people don't like me. I am included in the top ten list of many
people's Year 2000 dead pool.  Death threats?  I get plenty!

(I have so many enemies, even Inspector Gadget would have trouble
compiling a complete list of suspects and would never find the missing


10) I insult dairy producers:

Ten million dairy people hate my guts... they call me the Salman Rushdie
of the state of Wisconsin.  A dairy farmer with an IQ of 85 (most
dairymen look up to him as Dr. Einstein) is stalking me, intending to
bury me in his North 40.

9) I insult the establishment:

I write a daily column insulting government bureaucrats at the FDA
(Fraud and Deceit Administration) and USDA (United States Department of
Abominations.  I called Donna Shalala ugly (Secretary of HHS -- Health
and Human Sadism) because she posed for a milk mustache ad.

8) I insult America's most-connected company:

I refer to Monsanto ($27 billion pharmaceutical company) as Monsatan.
They make dioxins, PCB, Agent Orange... Fact is, they are really saving
America.  If not for them, we would bankrupt our social security system
and pensions funds. America cannot afford to have the average citizen
live until age 90.

7) I insult the largest lobbying group in America, the AMA:

I disrespect the AMA (American Malpractice Association) because doctors
rarely take classes in nutrition, and an increase in America's health
would mean a decrease in their cash flow.  Dr. C. Everett Koop worked as
a lobbyist for Monsanto.

6) I offend African-Americans:

I refer to Clarence Thomas as a white man with black skin; the Supreme
Court justice was once Monsanto's lawyer.  I insult Spike Lee because he
wears a milk mustache (got $20,000 to pay for his Knick seats for that
ad) and 95% of African-Americans are lactose intolerant.  He's clueless,
as are Patrick Ewing, Dennis Rodman, the Williams sisters, Naomi
Campbell, and, may she rest in peace, Flo Jo.

5) I offend Democrats and Republicans:

I have exposed members of Congress and the Senate for the crooks that
they are, selling out to private industry by exchanging their votes for
dollars, which they legitimize by calling those bribes PAC donations.

4) I offend women:

I call women clueless.  On one hand, the fairer sex is terrified of
breast cancer, yet refuse to accept the fact that a milk hormone, IGF-I,
has been called the key factor in the growth of breast and uterine
cancer.  They buy into dairy industry brainwashing ads, afraid that
their bones will break if they do not drink milk.  Despite the fact that
the nations with the highest rates of milk consumption (Denmark,
Holland, Norway, and Sweden) also have the highest rates of bone disease
and breast cancer, woman still think that they look beautiful wearing a
milk mustache.

3) I insult the Fourth Estate:

Laws were passed to terrorize the media.  It is against the law to
criticize an agricultural product in 13 states.  Magazines, newspapers,
television and radio all derive millions of dollars from dairy industry
funding.  America's media refuses to bite the hand that feeds it.

2) The Catholic Church is beginning to take note of me:

Cardinal Biffi of Bologna (yes, I looked it up and this story is true)
said that the antichrist is alive and he is a vegetarian (I am), a
charismatic leader who charms his enemies (I have many in the dairy
industry who I am friends with), is an activist ("I Love Trouble"), and
is an animal rights advocate (I'm forming a new organization called
AnimalSave). Many people wrote to me and wanted to know if the
Archbishop was referring to me.  The non-leather shoe fits my soul.
Cardinal Biffi claims that the antichrist-veggie uses the New Testament
to further his agenda.  That being said, I usually cite HEBREWS 5:13.
(ASIDE TO CARDINAL BEEF FROM BALONEY: You can look that up in your Funk
& Wagnall's!)


(Yes---this is my final answer...)

1) I insult President Clinton by insulting Monica:

During the impeachment hearings, I suggested that Lewinsky's photo be
printed on a t-shirt, wearing a milk mustache, captioned: NOTMILK!

My photo is available for dartboards, lining birdcages, and dairy barn

Tuesday, March 28

Today is the 143rd day of my hunger strike.

The View From Above

What a beautiful country this is from the air.  Rivers and mountains
border patchwork quilts.  Each piece of the mosaic represents
innumerable acres of farmland.  Dark green rye grass returns much-needed
nitrogen to the soil while light green shades of grass and weeds
temporarily take over before spring's planting.   Shades of amber and
brown contain silage from last autumn's harvest or freshly plowed
fields... or land that is dormant and dead from modern day agricultural
methods that take from the earth and give nothing back.

Last fall, Americans protested in the streets of Seattle and Oakland,
Chicago and Washington, unhappy with a rulemaking process by which they
innocently stand by as victims, observers to a loss of innocence and
dignity.  The World Trade Organization seeks to make the rules and, in
doing so defines who rules.  CODEX determines those regulations for the
safety of genetically engineered organisms.  The Food and Drug
Administration determines the policy for CODEX, which in turn makes
the rules by which all of the world's nations may one day become
unified.  Trickle down politics.  Multinational corporations exert
influence, and the people are betrayed.  The rights of life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness are just words on an aging piece of paper
in an archived building in a city that is controlled by dollars and not

Should it not be the inalienable right of every American to know what he
or she is eating?  Should concerned consumers be given a choice as to
whether or not the foods they purchase contain genetically altered

Japanese food buyers control our non-genetically engineered soybean
crop. They buy all of the goodness, and their rejects become food for
Americans. European food processors refuse and renounce America's
genetically engineered corn and wheat.  America's farmers are subsidized
by American taxpayers because their patchwork quilts representing
America's food supply cost more to grow than processors are willing to
pay.  Enormous grain surpluses require unique solutions.  America's
solution is to grow even more grain... or pay farmers not to grow grain,
and at the same time, genetically engineer seeds that provide greater
yields and fill America's storage silos and grain warehouses.

We became guests of Dr. Jim Gibson and his wife, Joan, sleeping in their
El Paso home.  Freshly made juices from locally grown citrus were in
their refrigerator.  I was invited to Texas by the El Paso Vegetarian
Society and spoke before an enthusiastic group of vegetarians.  Many
non-members attended the dinner and talk, people who were exploring
possible changes in their diet.  On Saturday, Jennifer and I went to
Juarez, Mexico, for a day of turista-like sightseeing and shopping.
Mexico became the first user of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone, approved with little or no regulatory oversight by
Mexico's non-regulatory drug agency.  Drug dealers take over Juarez at
night, and Americans are warned to observe extreme caution when visiting
this city of two million.  Across the Rio Grande is El Paso, a city of
nearly one million.  I had the opportunity to do two television
interviews, and have been invited back to do the morning show by the
host of El Paso's number one-rated station.  I challenged her to invite
any ten of the dairy industry's best scientists, farmers, and marketing
people to a debate, and she loves the idea.

Two fast-paced exciting days and we return home.  It all looks so
beautiful and simple from a plane 31,000 feet in the sky.  The seeds
will soon be planted in those tiny fields below.  Farmers must make
their choices soon, and agricultural lobbyists are making them offers
that are hard to refuse.  Will tillers of the soil take chances by
purchasing genetically engineered seeds and, in doing so plant the seeds
to their destruction?  Biotechnology's subsidies dangle like genetically
engineered carrots.  Pressures.  To buy Monsanto's seeds or not to
buy... that is the question.

Seeds that represent a destruction of values.  Seeds that represent
lower prices.  Seeds that represent the creation of different organisms.
Seeds that represent Monarch butterflies that will be no more.

Wednesday, March 29

Today is the 144th day of my hunger strike.

What will they think of next?  Yesterday's little boys with chemistry
sets have matured into twenty-first century researchers with
sophisticated tools.  As children, they mixed red liquids with blues to
produce colorless solutions.  Many who survived their random
investigations grew up to become Monsanto, Dow, and Du Pont scientists.
Their unique solutions might evolve into bizarre problems.

During the past decade, a blink of an eye in mankind's chronological
past, scientists have deciphered the secrets of nature's genetic code
and have engineered drugs and technologies that will forever change the
foods we eat.  Throughout history, emerging technologies have provided
unanticipated surprises.  A swimmer does not jump or dive into a stream,
unless he is first aware of the depth.  Broken legs and necks often
become rewards for those leaping into the unknown.

Researchers have previously combined genetic material from flounder and
trout into potatoes and tomatoes.  Scientists have combined E-coli
bacteria with bovine growth hormones and have implanted human genes
into pigs and cows.   Cows in test herds now produce human breast milk
and pigs grow human organs for transplant.  Will the next generation of
infants moo and might future organ recipient's oink their disapproval?

Six rabbits brought to Australia in the 1880's have become 100 million
tundra-stripping bunnies.  Mollusks from the Far East clog intake valves
of California water treatment plants.  A virulent weed, kudzu, grows
wild and uncontrolled throughout the southeastern United States and each
year the prolific invader crosses highways and forests as it germinates
across America.  Billions of dollars have already been spent to limit
the uncontrollable spread of alien species.  Genetic engineering
represents the leading edge of sci-fi nightmares.  Pollens from canola
plants, bred to endure pesticides, have been carried by the wind in
the basket-like rear appendages of bees legs, and have passed that very
powerful resistance into superweeds.  There will be more surprises.

Foods and seeds produced as a result of the new biotechnology have been
proven different than the products they replaced, contradicting
pre-conceived notions of substantial equivalence.   Regulatory agencies
do not require testing or labeling of food products containing
genetically altered organisms, and have downplayed the significance of
such errors.  Monarch butterflies eating pollen from genetically
engineered corn have died, and rats treated with the bovine growth
hormone developed cancers.  The Food and Drug Administration does not
require manufacturers to label foods containing a genetically modified
organism (GMO), and defends those manufacturers who produced past
errors.  Will there be future errors?  Narratives of the past have
taught man that history repeats itself.

I am an animal rights advocate and hold most life precious.  However,
when a creature continuously attacks my family, with bad intentions, I
draw the line.  The one creature I hate above all others is the flying
hypodermic syringe known as the mosquito.  This creature sucks blood
with one tube and injects its often-contaminated platelet melting venom
with another.  The bumps that rise on my skin and the subsequent
discomfort leaves little empathy in my heart for the creatures who have
been known to spread malaria, Nile fever, encephalitis, and various
plagues.  What will be the result when mosquitoes, bees, wind, gnats,
ticks, mice, rats, and other carriers of man's bacteria, viruses, and
genetically modified errors run, swim, or fly rampant through our

Top Ten Biotechnology Errors I Don't Wish To Witness

10) Mosquitoes injecting virus, bacteria, hormones, etc. from one
genetically engineered species into an innocent human victim.
9) Immunities to Monsanto's (last) Roundup passed on to superweeds as
they have done this year on Canadian farms.
8) Blood-sucking ticks filled with prions from genetically engineered
cows making their way from Monsanto's Missouri fields to my garden
state of New Jersey.
7) Blood sucking, money grubbing senators and congressmen soliciting
millions of dollars in PAC money from biotech firms seeking legislation
that will not require mandatory labeling of foods containing GMOs.
6) A laboratory animal containing a genetically engineered weapon of
warfare, escaping its lab or being liberated by idealistic members of
the Animal Liberation Front or PETA.
5) A deranged Monsanto scientist (as opposed to the sane ones who are
cognizant of terrifying secrets and their consequences) intentionally
releasing a genetically coded message into the environment.
4) Terrorists or terrorist nations using biological weapons as a means
to achieving their end (and our end).
3) Monsanto getting a second one of their King & Spalding attorneys
appointed to the Supreme Court, like they did with Clarence Thomas, and
having an important to be decided biotechnology case reach that court.
2) Monsanto's King & Spalding attorney, Michael Taylor, becoming a
member of the Cabinet of the president elected in November of 2000.
1) A secret laboratory cloning and genetically engineering thousands of
humans with the same brain and behavioral characteristics of Monsanto
president, Robert Shapiro.

Heaven forbid!

Thursday, March 30

Today is the 145th day of my hunger strike.

Dear Mr. Shapiro:

It is my duty to inform you, that on this twenty-eighth day of March in
the year 2000, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is revoking the
use of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH),
also known as Posilac.  This directive is effective immediately, and
Monsanto is forthwith ordered to immediately cease manufacture of,
marketing of, and distribution of rbGH.

A citizen petition filed on November 7, 1999 (docket number 99P-4613)
asserted that Monsanto changed Posilac's formula after FDA conducted its
exhaustive NADA review.  An analysis of that petition and subsequent
review has confirmed that the petitioner's concerns were accurate and

Simultaneous to the issuance of this order, FDA is imposing upon
Monsanto a $250 million dollar fine, which shall be placed in escrow for
dairy farmers who have experienced financial hardship or damage to their
herds as a result of Posilac use.   FDA is issuing an immediate recall
of Posilac and will compensate dairymen for past, current, and future
losses from that escrow fund.

Furthermore, FDA has determined that Monsanto conceived of a plan in
which, at the very least, severe conflicts of interest were created.  As
a result of Monsanto's influence, FDA did not conduct a fair and
impartial analyses of the original applicant's research data.  FDA's
internal investigation places some, but not all of the blame upon
current standard operating procedures, but our recent review also
confirms that Monsanto withheld critically important research data from

FDA's rigorous analyses of citizens petition 99P-4613 confirms that
biotechnology and genetic engineering often produces "surprises," just
as the petitioner has claimed.

Monsanto created five "freak" amino acids, replacing lysine with
epsilon-N-acetyllysine during the gene transcription process of rbGH.
Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals also indicate that a
similar unexpected consequence of recombinant genetic engineering may
have produced "freak" amino acids in glutamine as well.  For that
reason, FDA is issuing an immediate five-year moratorium on all
genetically modified organisms, including medicines, seeds, and
recombined agricultural products.  Furthermore, those food substances
that have received approval must contain a warning label, so that
consumers are able to exercise their free  choice on whether or not they
wish to  purchase foods containing genetically modified organisms.

FDA is troubled by the fact that Monsanto was aware of numerous errors,
and did not inform the agency.  Monsanto learned of the errors two years
before, and created a new procedure to filter out those "freak" amino
acids, and withheld that critically important information from the

FDA is disturbed by the fact that after all research data were reviewed,
Monsanto changed the formula for Posilac, and in doing so, became the
first pharmaceutical company in FDA's history to alter a drug's formula
and not notify the agency.

It is our determination that if Posilac is to be re-approved, all of the
research previously submitted to FDA (containing the "freak" amino
acids) must be performed anew and re-submitted.

In order to insure that similar errors do not reoccur, FDA will be
developing a new set of inter-agency protocols and standard operating
procedures.  Let this unprecedented fine be a warning to Monsanto and
other chemical and pharmaceutical companies that future deceptions will
not be tolerated.  FDA takes seriously its mission of being the American
public's regulatory agency, and, as fiduciary, we place the health and
safety of all Americans as our number-one priority.

Very truly yours,

Jane Henney, MD
FDA Commissioner

This letter will be sent to the media on April 1st as a press
release-parody.  This April Fool's joke has been a nightmare for
America, and this imaginary letter by Robert Cohen represents his
greatest fantasy and the right thing for FDA to do.  In all probability,
New York City has a greater chance of experiencing a 20" snowstorm than
does this letter have of being written by the FDA commissioner.

Friday, March 31

Today is the 146th day of my hunger strike.

Penn State University is host to an annual Solidarity Conference, and I
am excited to be the keynote speaker at the free vegan Indian dinner on
Friday night.

The conference is a testimony to the passions of many students who seek
to make their world a better place to live.  The organizers of the
conference are Robyn Stephens ( and Jessica Watson

The opening talk on Friday afternoon will be given by Morgan Leyh, and
the subject is "The Beef Industry-The Real Story."  Dozens of lectures
and workshops concerning the roots of current social problems and ways
to make a difference will fill the weekend.

How and why to start a boycott support committee?  Attend the lecture at
9 AM in HUB Auditorium.  Issues of racism and sexism in activism - same
place at 2:30 PM.  Saturday night's keynote speaker is Manning Marable,
and the subject is "Making Democracy in America: Solidarity, Activism,
and the Pursuit of Social Justice."

On Sunday morning, there are workshops on the mass media, on
non-violence training and conflict resolution, and on ecology.  I am
looking forward to attending the "Tips for Successful Activism"
workshop.  At 3:45 PM, I have been assigned the task of lecturing and
cooking the NOTMILK and NOTMEAT cuisine.

The exciting weekend ends with a festival of multi-cultural expressions
involving dance, song, poetry, and foods from around the world.

If you wish to attend or have any questions, you can call Jessica Watson
at 814-867-4761.


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Saturday, April 1

Watergate Tapes: President Nixon Was Bribed

Today is the 147th day of my hunger strike.

The transcript from one of the Watergate tapes made on March 23, 1971
reveals President Richard Nixon carefully choosing his words for the men
delivering a $3 million dollar cash bribe.  If only the walls of the
Oval Office could talk, what secrets they would reveal.  Here, then, the
transcript of President Richard M. Nixon's meeting with milk producer

"Uh, I know...that, uh, you are a group that are politically very
conscious...And you're willing to do something about it.  And, I must
say a lot of businessmen and others... don't do anything about it.  And
you do, and I appreciate that.  And, I don't have to spell it out."

Here, caught on tape is a president receiving a bribe.  Later on, after
these milk producers have left, Nixon, alone with advisor John Connally,

"They are tough political operatives.  This is a cold political deal."

Who was getting the money, who was getting the price increases, who was
paying the bribe, and who was actually footing the bill?

Later, John Connally said:

"These dairymen are organized; they're adamant, they're militant.  And
they...they're massing an enormous amount of money that they're going to
put into political activities, very frankly."


Thanks to Vance Lehmkuhl for designing the Richard Nixon Milk Ad! Nixon and MILK!

Vance is a cartoonist, Philadelphia newspaper columnist, and author of
the best-selling cartoon book:  "JOY OF SOY" (available from Laugh Lines
Press -

He plays the piano and croons not-so politically correct humor, (funnier
than Mark Russell) and can etch-a-sketch a theme drawing out of your
initials, which makes him the life of any party or conference.

Vance will be attending the NAVS SUMMERFEST in North Carolina (July 5-9)

Sunday, April 2

Today is the 148th day of my hunger strike.

Anti-biotechnology activists have proposed a genetic bill of rights.  It
is their belief that all people have the right to protection from
toxins, contaminants, actions that can harm their genetic makeup and a
food supply that has been genetically engineered.

The Boston Globe wrote an editorial about this meeting and protest, and
cited the concerns of the anti-biotechnology group by writing:

"They say the industry is moving too fast, is too commercially driven,
that we do not know the end results of genetic engineering.  They say
that the brakes ought to be applied with heavy regulation, and some
would put a stop to the entire enterprise.  Protesters compare
themselves to Rachel Carson, whose landmark book, "Silent Spring," blew
the whistle on DDT-based pesticides and probably saved many species from
extinction.  But unlike Carson, the biologically altered food opponents
have little evidence to back up their fears."

I've got my work cut out for me because Monsanto's errors with the
bovine growth hormone and subsequent cover-up must be used as the best
example of how and why biotechnology does not work.

All the information exists in a 400-word statement with nine references,
and it can be printed on one sheet of paper.  Please let your newspapers
and friends know that genetic engineering has already set America up for
something very horrible.  The evidence:

Monday, April 3

Today is the 149th day of my hunger strike.

When an attorney files a brief or a motion for summary judgement, he or
she usually, as a matter of courtesy, writes a motion for the judge to
sign (saving the judge that task).

My diary entry for Thursday, March 30, 2000, fasting day #145, was a
letter that I wish had been written by the commissioner of FDA.  My
courtesy was extended and only needed her signature.

Had FDA been interested in health and safety issues, they would have
immediately revoked Monsanto's hormone from the market, pending new
research.  There is no debate.  FDA erred the first time around, and
Canada's review of Monsanto's application resulted in non-approval
because adverse effects from oral ingestion of rbGH had been observed by
Canadian scientists.

Conspiracy?  To be or not to be?  The Food & Drug Administration is
actually a halfway house for government employees and scientists who
shuffle to and from Monsanto.  Job opportunities and conflicts of
interest take priority over human and health safety issues.

FDA has taken nearly six months to find a way to skirt the very premise
of my citizen's petition.  There is no way that I now expect them to act
in the interest of the American people.  Despite the fact that FDA
possesses information about Monsanto's lies and deceit, including the
fact that the formula for rbGH has been changed, FDA is powerless to

With a new presidential administration, who would dare to place their
career and job security in jeopardy by doing something politically

Biotechnology companies are investing millions of dollars in political
donations to cement their genetically engineered relationships with
those men and women of Congress who make the laws and have the real
power.  Even Teddy Kennedy, who had been a champion for human rights,
believes in the future of biotechnology and was a keynote speaker at
last week's biotech conference in Massachusetts.

Bill Clinton praised Monsanto in his 1996 State of the Union Address,
and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was Monsanto's attorney.  Ex-
Surgeon General C. Everett Koop attacked Monsanto critics, two ex-FDA
commissioners have gone to work for Monsanto.

The game is fixed, and I have deceived myself into believing that there
would be an honest assessment of Monsanto's fraud and deceit.  FDA
cannot rule against themselves.  They're protected by the Fifth
Amendment by a matter of principle called "self-incrimination."

Ex-Monsanto employees, like Margaret Miller and Suzanne Sechen, continue
to work at the FDA, and friends do not betray friends.  Monsanto's
secret deceptions are safe because the rug contained in FDA's center
hall lies over massive accumulations of dirt.  Last year at this time,
FDA Commissioner Michael Freidman held the broom and swept the dirt
under the rug.  This year, FDA Commissioner Jane Henney holds the
dustpan in one hand and a vacuum cleaner in the other.  Whoosh.

FDA is Monsanto.

Tuesday, April 4

Today is the 150th day of my hunger strike.

Many of you have asked about the vitamins and supplements and juices
that I consume during my fast.  Here is a list of what I will be eating
from now until the end of my hunger strike.

** From now until the end of my hunger strike, I will drink only water. **

Wednesday, April 5

Today is the 151st day of my hunger strike.

The average Gannett newspaper has a circulation of 50,000 readers, and
at least two people per family read each edition.  Conservatively,
10,000,000 Americans read the following story yesterday.

Thursday, March 30, 2000
Gannett News Service

WASHINGTON - If you meet Robert Cohen as he stalks the halls of Congress
spreading his anti-milk message, please excuse him if he interrupts you
or talks loudly or behaves, as he concedes in his Bronx accent, "like an
obnoxious son of a gun."

Cohen is hungry. And angry. Perhaps a tad desperate. He is nearly five
months into a food fast that he says will last until the Food and Drug
Administration revokes its 1993 approval of an animal drug that
accelerates milk production in cows - or at least labels the milk that
comes from pumped-up Bessies. In support of this curious crusade, 403
people spread through the 50 states and several nations have pledged on
Cohen's Web site ( to fast for at least one day.

"Feeding hormones to the cattle is just another insult to the human
endocrine system," says Elizabeth DeFeo of Honolulu, who fasted for a
week.  "I am against what they are doing to the milk. People should at
least know what they are drinking."

The recombinant bovine growth hormone, manufactured and sold as Posilac
by St. Louis-based biotech giant Monsanto Co., has long had critics in a
tizzy about the potential health risks - perceived or real - of
"nature's wholesome drink." Congress does not require this milk to be
labeled because it says there is no "significant" difference to it.

If true to his word, Cohen, 48, a stout father of three who claims to be
surviving only on distilled water and freshly squeezed fruit and
vegetable juices, is not likely to eat solid food anytime soon, if ever.
By all accounts, the FDA and Congress have no plans to re-examine
Posilac. The drug has survived 15 years of scientific research and
bureaucratic scrutiny, and Monsanto says it is being injected into
nearly one-third (13,000) of U.S. dairy herds. For all the fuss, it
represents the nation's first successfully mass-marketed food product
from biotechnology.

But whether it is the canary in biotech's mineshaft or a linchpin to
better agriculture, Posilac is an obvious target for critics - many of
whom worry its use won't stop with cows. For an experiment at the
University of Idaho it is being injected into trout and catfish that are
maturing into full-size filets two and three times faster than normal.


At issue is the growth hormone's Insulin-like Growth Factor called
IGF-1. In its natural form, this protein hormone is abundant in man and
beast.  Medical research has linked highly elevated levels of it to the
growth of prostate and other cancers, and the milk from hormone-injected
cows shows an increase in the IGF-1's synthetic twin.

This is significant or insignificant, depending on your perspective. The
FDA says that even if the increase in the milk's IGF-1 were 50 percent,
as some research claims, it is insignificant because only a trace amount
survives digestion.

Former American Association for Cancer Research president Donald Coffey,
who is not connected to opponents or proponents of Posilac, says IGF-1
in the blood serum "is only a weak marker" for prostate cancer. And when
ingested, says Coffey, director of research laboratories for urology at
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, levels of it are extremely
low.  "Imagined risks are always hyped," he says. "Science and people's
perceptions are not always the same."

This does not stop Cohen, a real estate developer living in Oradell,
N.J., from a steady attack. He is to Monsanto what documentary filmmaker
Michael Moore was a decade ago to General Motors - a pest.

The only thing Cohen dislikes more than milk is the multibillion dollar
Monsanto. In his self-published book, "Milk: The Deadly Poison," he
accuses Monsanto of bribery and fraud and all manner of deceit in
gaining Posilac's FDA approval. On Capitol Hill, he hands out his $25
book like it's a business card. "Tell Monsanto to sue me," he says
loudly, causing heads to turn. "I daaaaare them to sue."

Monsanto has the book. So does Barnes and Noble, Borders Books and Monsanto has not sued. "I find it sort of incredible to make
these types of statements when the company has worked through the
regulatory process," says Monsanto spokesman Gary Barton. "We let the
facts of the marketplace speak for themselves and those clearly
demonstrate the value of (Posilac) for the dairyman."


A citizen petition to the FDA signed by 19 organizations, including the
Center for Food Safety, the Humane Society, Greenpeace International and
the North American Farm Alliance, questions Posilac's health effects on
humans and cattle. The petition, which has a goal similar to Cohen's,
was filed with the FDA on Dec. 15, 1998. It has not been answered.

If the FDA fails to answer or does not take Posilac off the market or at
least label the milk, petitioners will file a lawsuit this spring or
summer in federal court to remove Posilac, says Joe Mendelson, legal
director for the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit environmental and
consumer group based in Washington, D.C.

Mendelson cites the results of a Health Canada (FDA equivalent north of
the border) review last year that found evidence of thyroid cysts and
cell growth in the prostates of male rats fed Posilac. In banning the
drug last year, primarily for reasons of animal cruelty, the 15 nations
of the European Union and Health Canada reported gaps in scientific
research and said questions were "not adequately addressed" by the FDA.

The European Union, a coveted market for Monsanto, concluded that
Posilac injections cause cows "a substantial increase in levels" of foot
problems and udder infections.

Canada chided the FDA for taking some of the "manufacturer's conclusions
at face value." Specifically, it referred to a rat study commissioned by
Monsanto that should have shown the FDA that the manmade hormone
survives human digestion. As such, Canada concluded, chronic toxicity
tests should have been conducted.

"That's all any of us have been saying: We don't have the evidence to
say this stuff is hazardous to drink, but neither do we know for sure
that it is safe," says biologist Michael Hansen, a researcher with
Consumer Policy Institute and a member of the U.S. Department of
Agriculture advisory committee on agricultural biotechnology. "All we
want are long-term toxicology studies."


The FDA has refused. U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna
Shalala dismissed Canada's report by saying it "did not interpret
relevant data correctly." She says the FDA did a page-by-page audit of
its Posilac approval, including data outside of the Monsanto rat study,
and reaffirmed last year that the treated milk is safe for human

"The amount of (Posilac) being fed to the rats would equal about 70 tank
truckloads of milk a day that you or I would have to drink in order to
achieve the exposure the rats were receiving," says Robert Collier, an
animal scientist who worked on Posilac from 1985 to 1999 for Monsanto
and is now a professor at the University of Arizona.

"I'm telling you, this stuff is safe. My own kids grew up on milk from
cows who were treated with it."

The Department of Agriculture, the American Medical Association, the
American Cancer Society, among others, have backed the FDA. The Joint
Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization Expert
Committee on Food Additives says there is "an extremely large margin of
safety" for people consuming milk from hormone-injected cows.

Additionally, the drug is approved for dairy cattle in 15 countries
including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and South Africa. "Not a major
country among them," Hansen says.

This winter, Monsanto has put the finishing touches on a
150,000-square-foot manufacturing site in Augusta, Ga., the nation's
first Posilac plant. It is scheduled to begin production this summer,
pending federal regulatory approval. The drug is currently made in

Monsanto's Barton, who's been in the trenches with Posilac for 21 years,
sounds weary from the battle. He calls it the most studied animal drug
in U.S. history. It's certainly the most debated.


So confused are some dairy farmers in upstate New York, they are
crossing the border to buy cheese from Canada. "I don't want my own
family to consume the stuff, so I'm certainly not going to put it out
myself, just as a matter of principle," says dairyman Bruce Krug of
Constableville, N.Y., whose herd of 60 dairy cattle does not use

"For me, at least, there are still just too many unanswered questions."
Through the crossfire of conflicting analysis, one fact stands: A staple
of American life as common as baseball and apple pie has been
synthetically changed. The difference is invisible to taste or touch,
and Congress has decided it does not warrant our knowing.

"Any labeling bill ... has to be based on science and there is
absolutely no scientific evidence that (Posilac) has a significant
impact on the composition of milk," says Rep. Cal Dooley, D-Calif., a
member of the Dairy Committee of Agriculture that failed to pass a
labeling bill for Posilac in 1994.

Labels, however, would be enough to make most dissenters happy. They'd
even make Cohen eat solid food again.

"What it comes down to is Americans have a right to know," he says.
"Every container of milk and every package of dairy that has this
genetically modified organism should be labeled. It can even be
something obscure, like a little sticker with the double helix symbol.
Is that too much to ask?"

Thursday, April 6

Today is the 152nd day of my hunger strike.

This past weekend, I was keynote speaker at the Solidarity Conference at
Penn State University.  I had a wonderfully receptive audience that
included one dairy major.  When it came time for questions, he boldly
stood and protested my calling milk "pus with hormones and glue."  In
defending milk, this Penn State student said that there was no pus in
milk.  Instead, he said that somatic cells were actually dead white
blood cells.  He's right, of course.  That's what pus is!  The pus that
one squeezes from the pimples on teenagers' faces is an oily
accumulation of fat and dead white blood cells.  Drink milk?  Got pus.

The latest issue of Hoard's Dairyman (March 25, 2000) reveals the
average levels of pus cells in a liter of milk.  On page 226, an
editorial reveals that the United States average of 307,100,000 pus
cells in 1996 increased to 318,000,000 in 1998. America's dairy cows are
being stressed and the amount of pus in their milk has increased by over
3%.   I sometimes challenge milk drinkers by asking them if they would
drink a glass of milk containing 1,000 pus cells.  Hoard's reveals that
the average 12-ounce glass of milk in America contains 112,899,408 pus

The Hoard's editorial also reveals that the proportion of "cows leaving
herd" each year runs in excess of 35%.  That means that 3.2 million
dairy cows will sent to McDonalds and Burger King this year because they
don't produce enough milk or because they are too sick (why is their
flesh healthy to eat if their milk is not fit for human consumption?)

Finally, the Hoard's editorial reveals that the average cow in America
produced in excess of 20,500 pounds of milk in 1999.  That's 25.5 quarts
per animal per day.  One hundred years ago, the average dairy cow
produced one quart per day.

Friday, April 7

Today is the 153rd day of my hunger strike.

In the original King Kong movie, Faye Wray and her leading man enjoy a
moment of peace as they watch King Kong battle a giant boa constrictor.
Today, we sit on the sidelines watching DuPont take aim at rival
Monsanto, alleging theft-of-trade secrets in a newly filed suit.

After the battle is over, there will emerge one very powerful monster,
and while it may be fun to watch the two of them battle it out, DuPont
and Monsanto still share a unified goal-to control the seeds and the
food we eat.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, America's dairy farmers are running from
that monster.   News this week is that corn growers will be buying and
planting 24% less genetically engineered corn than last year.  In 1999,
55% of America's soybean crop was genetically engineered.  In the year
2000, that number is expected to fall to 48%.

The DuPont monster is battling a leaner and meaner Monsanto creature.
On April 3, Monsanto's merger with Upjohn became official.  In a
full-page New York Times ad (page C-3), the CEO of Pharmacia announced
the new enterprise.  From this day forward, the name has changed from
Monsanto to Pharmacia, but the crimes committed by Monsanto against
mankind remain the same.  Monsanto has merged with a company having
10,000 salespeople and 60,000 employees in 60 nations.  Upjohn has
merged with a company having enormous technology, patents in genetically
engineered foods, and congressman and judges in their pockets.  Together
they've posted a new website:

Stay tuned for the next round.

Saturday, April 8

SYNOPSIS: Howard Stern called me on Friday. Anthony Shale taped the
show, and made this transcript.  Thanks, Tony!

Today is the 154th day of my hunger strike. It's nice to know that this
went out to 17 million people.  Howard Stern slices apart all
celebrities with his razor-sharp wit.  Here is how my three minutes

Sunday, April 9

Today is the 155th day of my hunger strike, but I must tell you about a
Florida family deserving of your attention and prayers.

Alyx is almost six years old, and her parents desperately need your help.

Her mom and dad have not worked in nearly three years.  Chances are they
will never again get a full-time job in their chosen field.

They were once award-winning investigative reporters for the Fox-owned
television station in Tampa, but they were fired in December of 1997
because they dared to report the truth about the genetically engineered
bovine growth hormone.

Jane Akre and Steve Wilson refused lie and distort what they knew to
be the truth about rbGH.  Akre and Wilson were fired after Monsanto
pressured and threatened FOX executives with "dire consequence" if
the station ran the truth its journalist uncovered.

Thirty months with virtually no income.  They have depleted their
savings.  They have taken out mortgages, loans, and stretched their
credit card limits to the limit. Their resources are nearly depleted.
Their well-publicized trial is scheduled for June 12th, and these two
courageous Americans are fighting for more than just their rights.  They
are fighting to preserve yours and mine.


"Fox has dragged us past our third Christmas without full-time jobs in
journalism, it is clear no single family of (formerly) working people
can afford a fight financed by the biggest, richest media empire in the
world. We must put our pride aside and ask all of you who will benefit
from our struggle to help support us in any way you can."

Read their full appeal:

CONTACT STEVE: (727) 796-6504
CONTACT JANE:    (727) 943-8970

Their entire story:

Robert Cohen

Monday, April 10

Today is the 156th day of my hunger strike.  On Friday, April 7,
2000, I sent/faxed the following letter to Jane Henney, FDA
Commissioner; Linda Suydam, Associate Commissioner; and Andy Beaulieu,
Deputy Director for the Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA's
investigative branch)

April 7, 2000

Commissioner Jane Henney               Delivered by fax: (301) 443-3100
Food & Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD  20857

RE: Citizen Petition 99P-4613

Dear Commissioner Henney:

FDA will soon be making a final determination on my petition to revoke
the use of Posilac, based upon evidence that the formula for Monsanto's
hormone was altered subsequent to FDA's exhaustive review.


On August 24, 1990, FDA published a review of bovine somatotropin in
Science.  As a result of FDA's review of Monsanto's application, FDA
made three determinations:

1. FDA incorrectly determined that pasteurization destroyed the majority
of the bovine growth hormone in milk so that it was not necessary for
Monsanto to develop an assay.

2. FDA incorrectly determined that pasteurization destroyed the majority
of the bovine growth hormone in milk so that Monsanto was relieved from
performing further toxicology studies.

3. FDA assigned a "zero-day withdrawal" for rbST-treated milk.
After FDA's determination that rbST treated milk was safe to drink for
humans, the one remaining issue was whether or not it would be safe or
ethical to use on dairy cows.

In 1992, Monsanto learned that five "freak" amino acids were produced
during the manufacturing process for rbGH.  Since the review for human
safety had already been completed, Monsanto withheld that information
from FDA.  Monsanto did not reproduce previously submitted research with
the changed formula.

Page 2
Commissioner Jane Henney
Food & Drug Administration
April 7, 2000

By late 1993, Monsanto had successfully invented a state of the art
filtration process removing proteins containing the "freak" amino
acids.  Monsanto neither revealed evidence of those errors nor their
method of "fixing" those errors to the FDA.

It is clear that the milk hormone now on the market has never been
tested.  One may incorrectly assume that by "fixing" the problem, one
has eliminated possible future adverse effects.  Such an assumption may
seem logical, but that conclusion cannot be supported by research, for
there is none.  FDA was deceived by Monsanto and such a deception should
be punished.   Should FDA not take action against such an unprecedented
act, that would represent a deception against the American people.

Very truly yours,

Robert Cohen


cc:  Linda Suydam, Senior Associate Commissioner - FDA (Fax:
cc:  Andrew Beaulieu, Deputy Director - CVM (Fax: 301-594-1830)

Tuesday, April 11

Today is the 157th day of  my hunger strike.

Tenzin Gyatso (the Dalai Lama)

had a few good rules to start the new millennium:


1.  Great love and great achievements involve great risk.
2.  When you lose, don't lose the lesson.
3.  Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
4.  Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
5.  When you you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
6.  Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.
7.  Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.
8.  Be gentle with the earth.
9.  Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
10. Live a good, honourable life. Then when you get older and think
back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time.

Wednesday, April 12

Today is the 158th day of my hunger strike.

I received an e-mail from Scott Dickinson alerting me to the fact that
FDA Commissioner Jane Henney was on television, C-SPAN taking questions
from the public.  Included in his e-mail alert was C-SPAN's call-in
telephone number.  I ran upstairs, turned on the television, and started
dialing, only to receive a constant busy signal.  I then called my
office and got the number for C-SPAN's producer.  I would have gotten to
ask my question had the show continued for another three minutes.

I hung up the phone and heard the moderator tell Dr. Henney that they
had time for one more question.  A female caller was concerned about the
genetically engineered hormone in milk.  Would it be safe for her
children to drink?

The fates smiled upon me, and I waited anxiously for the Commissioner's
answer.  I took notes.  Dr. Henney said:

"The milk hormone hasn't been on the market for a long time, and we
haven't seen any studies one way or the other.  However, there is little
likelihood that we would expect to see any long term effects."

The FDA and Commissioner Henney are armed with the truth.  Laboratory
animals got cancer from this hormone when FDA originally stated that
there were no adverse effects.  We suggest that the FDA Commissioner be
given the second 90-day portion of the Richard, Odaglia and Deslex study
that FDA has in its entirety.  The Commissioner should look very
carefully at the weights of brain, testes, ovaries, and hearts.  The
Commissioner should have a heart and take the evidence in hand and
represent the people, not the drug manufacturers.

Thursday, April 13

Today is the 159th day of my hunger strike.

Last week, I forgot my zip code.  I was giving my address to somebody on
the telephone and my brain stopped working.  Try as I may, I could not
recall the number.  That occurred during the fourth day of life with
just water and was the first signal that things were not right.

On Friday, my gums started bleeding.  My mouth hurt so much that each
sip of cold water sent daggers through me.

On Saturday, I spoke before 185 people at Brodie Mountain in
northwestern Massachusetts, and I found my mind wandering during my
talk.  A few times in private conversation, I had momentary lapses that
were not detectable to anybody but me.  I have been paying careful
attention for any aches and pains and behavioral changes, and the subtle
effects of a water-only hunger strike were disturbing signals.

An enormous snowstorm was forecast that evening and I decided to drive 4
½ hours home from Massachusetts rather than stay in a hotel room.  A few
times during the trip I came close to falling asleep, and each time, an
enormous burst of bright light from within became the difference between
my getting home safely to driving off the highway.

On Sunday, I gave careful thought to these subtle changes.  On Monday, I
realized that an inability to communicate would not serve me well.  I
had incorrectly assumed that my will was stronger than my physiology.
Two thousand years ago, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert on just
water and wrestled with the evils that tormented his spirit.  I am not
quite up to doing the same and will continue my fast on juices.

Friday, April 14

Today is the 160th day of my hunger strike.

Here is Monsanto's actual letter:

I have taken off the recipient's name (a whistle-blowing dairy farmer)
and sent a copy of that letter and my own letter to FDA's Center for
Veterinary Medicine.

April 10, 2000

Dr. Andy Beaulieu		       Delivered by fax: 301-594-1798
Deputy Center Director
Center for Veterinary Medicine
7500 Standish Pl.
Rockville, MD  20855

Re: Citizen Petition 99P-4613

Dear Dr. Beaulieu:

The defining issue of my citizen petition is whether Monsanto's rbGH is
a different hormone than the one that was studied, tested, and

The evidence submitted to the CVM proves that Monsanto's hormone is
different and that the current version of Posilac has never been tested.

Last week, Monsanto delivered a letter to thousands of dairy farmers and
referred to my petition.  In that letter, Monsanto wrote "recent attacks
have been levied by an anti-dairy activist on the dairy industry and
Monsanto.  These attacks create misinformation…Mr. Cohen's allegation is
that the POSILAC sold today is different…the POSILAC we market today is
the same POSILAC that was studied, tested and submitted to the FDA."

Apparently, the author of the Monsanto letter is either unaware of the
truth or distorting the facts. In 1990, Monsanto was not aware that five
freak amino acids were transcribed during the manufacturing process for
rbGH. Monsanto became aware that lysine became epsilon-N-acetyllysine in
1992, two years after FDA determined a "zero day withdrawal" for milk
from rbGH-treated cows.  In fact, milk from test herds was approved for
human consumption four years prior to actual approval.

It took Monsanto researchers 1½ years to develop an assay to test for
those errors and to develop a filtration process to remove those freak
amino acids.  During that time, they were relieved from the
responsibility of performing more research. Monsanto did not reveal
these errors to FDA reviewers.

The hormone approved by FDA is different than the hormone that was
subsequently approved.  Monsanto clearly changed the formula.  Monsanto
recent letter continues the lie and distortion and compounds their
fraud.  It is up to the FDA to act upon their deception.  A copy of that
letter is attached and can be found on my Internet site at

Very truly yours,

Robert Cohen


cc: Commissioner Jane Henney (fax #301-443-3100)
      Dr. Marcia Larkins, CVM Ombudsman (fax #301-827-0137)

FDA can no longer ignore Monsanto's lie.  I tried to call the author of
the letter, Cheryl Morley, president of Monsanto Animal Agriculture,
(314-694-3164), but did not receive a return phone call.  While speaking
with her assistant, Carla Koonz, I heard Cheryl in the background say,
"I have no interest in talking to him."  Carla gave me Cheryl's fax
number (314-694-3620).  I will be requesting a retraction.  Since Cheryl
is the president, the buck must stop on her desk.  If she doesn't wish
to talk to me, she will be doing so in a court of law, for I do not
intend to allow her lie and slander be the final word.

Saturday, April 15

Today is the 161st day of my hunger strike.

I have obtained an internal memorandum that reveals the innermost
betrayal in the inner sanctum of FDA.

Monsanto had applied for approval of their genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone in December of 1986.  Nearly eight years later, they
received final approval.  During those eight years, Monsanto invested
$500,000,000 and submitted 55,000 pages of data to FDA.  Two months
after the original application, Monsanto sprung a trap.  They requested
a "zero withdrawal and milk discard period."  What that means is that
Monsanto requested that FDA allow milk from test herds to be placed into
America's milk supply without any further research.

In granting Monsanto's 1986 request, Juskevich wrote:

"Based on the results of the oral feeding study and our knowledge of the
characteristics and biological activity of bovine somatotropin, we have
no objection to granting the sponsor's requests."

All of my adult life I trusted the FDA.  All of my life I assumed that
the Food & Drug Administration cared about human health and safety.
This memorandum clearly demonstrates that my trust in FDA had been
incorrectly placed.  Can anything be clearer than this?

Sunday, April 16

Today is the 162nd day of my hunger strike.

I have vowed not to cite animal studies with one exception.  When I find
a study that FDA cites as evidence of safety, and the data reveal that
FDA is not telling the truth, then I will expose FDA for the liars that
they are.  This week I obtained such a study.

FDA has previously determined that the genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone was safe for cows.

A surreptitiously obtained Monsanto study was published in the January,
1990 issue of Pete Hardin's dairy industry newsletter MILKWEED.  At that
time, many Wisconsin dairymen were against Monsanto's genetically
engineered bovine growth hormone.  Although FDA was promoting that
animal drug, one visionary dared to risk all by sharing TRUTH with his

Monsanto and FDA claimed that the genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone was safe for dairy cows.  The actual data indicated otherwise.

Imagine an animal losing six percent of its body weight (100 pounds).
What would you guess would be the effect on its body organs?  Would the
organs also shrink or remain the same size?


While stressed animals lost weight, their body organs grew!

Adrenal glands squirt adrenaline into a mammal's system during stressful
events.  This powerful chemical is responsible for the "fight or flight"

Cows treated with low doses of rbGH lost an average of 90 pounds, but
their adrenal glands grew by a factor of 21% over the control group.
The medium dose group experienced increases of 46%, while the high dosed
group had adrenal growth rates of 51%.

The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating metabolism.  The low
dose group experienced 7% growth increases.  The medium dose group
experienced a 17% increase, while the high dose group experienced a 61%
increase over the control group.

Liver and heart weights increased by double-digit factors in the medium
and high dose groups.  Ovary weights increased in excess of twenty
percent in all three groups.

No biological effects?  Here are the actual data:

                CONTROL    LOW    MEDIUM    HIGH
                 GROUP     DOSE    DOSE     DOSE

TOTAL WEIGHT    1591 lbs   1501    1509    1487

THYROID         1.24 ozs   1.33    1.45    2.00
LIVER           23.9 lbs   23.9    27.0    26.8
HEART            7.5 lbs    7.5     9.0     9.0
ADRENAL         1.15 ozs   1.39    1.68    1.73
KIDNEY           3.7 lbs    4.1     5.1     5.3
OVARY           0.82 ozs   0.99    1.07    1.10


FDA approved milk from these cows for America's food supply in 1987.

When we drink hormone-filled milk from stressed animals, would it be
reasonable to expect that these hormones might have an effect on our

I never heard the phrase "road rage" before 1990.  Today, television
shows and newspaper stories carry daily accounts of anger and stress.

Student violence?  Children shooting children with guns?  Something is
wrong with the way we act towards our fellow man.  Something is wrong
with the way we act towards animals.  Forty percent of what the average
American eats (666 pounds per year/capita) represents milk and dairy
products containing powerful hormones.

The research results were an important clue, but FDA reviewers were
piloting our ship, and they were asleep at the helm.  The pure SCIENCE
from this study does not lie.  We are what we eat. Overstressed animals
secrete fear and pain into their flesh and body fluids, and these
chemical messengers merge into our cells and ultimately our

Monday, April 17

Today is the 163rd day of my hunger strike.

The healthiest person I have ever met is VEGAN fitness guru Doug Graham.
He's coached many professional athletes, including Martina Navratilova.

This summer, Doug and I will be playing a winner-takes-all bragging
rights racquetball match in North Carolina during the July 5-9 NAVS

Doug Graham is living proof of what a plant-based (VEGAN) diet can do
for a person's spirit and health.

Doug will be taking a group of people to Thailand next fall.  Will you
be one of the lucky ones?

Doug writes:

"Thailand is a country of surprising diversity.  From beautiful beaches
to bustling markets, tropical rainforests to lush hillsides, the
landscape is full of contrasts."

Share the Thai festival of the twelfth lunar month, Loy Krathong Day,
with Doug.

Dr. Graham is one of three fasting coaches who have helped myself and
others through our hunger strike.

His website:

Tuesday, April 18

Today is the 164th day of my hunger strike.

Today's diary entry includes some of the funniest material
I've ever read.  It's ALL true!  I used all of my will power
NOT to add comments after the actual testimony.  This
is too easy.


Twenty-seven persons testified before the United States Department of
Agriculture at the final hearing for the new Dietary Guidelines.
Representatives from a cross-section of America symbolized the types of
pressure and influence, which ultimately guide government decisions.

Note that 11 of the 27 comments (40%) endorse the consumption of sugar
for good health, and oppose limiting sugar intake.


Here are the best comments from each of the 27 presenters:

1) SALT INSTITUTE - Dick Hanneman "We're very disappointed to have to
oppose the dietary guidelines."

2) SUGAR ASSOCIATION - Richard Keelor "All recent reviews of the
scientific literature... have once again exonerated sugars from having
any direct link to chronic disease including obesity."


is no scientific reason to insist on the inclusion of cow's milk in
anyone's diet."

5) NATIONAL FOOD PROCESSORS - Regina Hildwine "The modification of the
main message recommending a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol
and moderate in total fat is well supported by recent scientific

evidence that diets high in total sugars are associated with obesity...
Candy adds to the pleasure of life.  Candy consumed in moderation can be
a part of an active and healthy lifestyle."

7) PRODUCE FOUNDATION - Elizabeth Pivonka "Fruits and vegetables are the
rare exception to the less is more rule. In the case of fruits and
vegetables, the more is better."

8) HUMAN NUTRITION INSTITUTE - Suzie Harris "Given that dental caries in
the United States is declining, one cannot conclude a more restrictive
sugar message is warranted... Children like to drink flavored milks and
eat flavored yogurts... "

9) PRODUCE MARKETING ASSOCIATION - Kathy Means "Your advice to make
fruits, vegetables and greens the foundation for healthy living bears
repetition, because Americans are not eating enough fresh fruits and

10) NATIONAL SOFT DRINK FOUNDATION - Richard Adamson "At four calories
per gram, the same caloric density as protein and other carbohydrates,
why would sugars be lampooned for their contribution to obesity as if
there were some unique property to sugars not shared by other

11) CENTER FOR SCIENCE IN PUBLIC INTEREST - Michael Jacobson "Drink your
soda pop, eat your candy as your previous speakers have emphasized, but
limit yourself."

12) NATIONAL DAIRY COUNCIL - Suzanne Craig "Calcium-fortified foods from
other food groups should not be included in the milk, yogurt and cheese

vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and provide essential
vitamins and minerals, fiber and other substances important for good

14) SLOAN KETTERING CANCER CENTER - Barbara Levine "Americans are not
drinking enough water.  Water, just simple water, is the best choice for
proper hydration."

adequate science to justify a shift from moderate sugars to limit sugars
with respect to nutrient adequacy or chronic disease?"

16) NATIONAL FLUID MILK PROCESSORS - Natalie Webb "One group in
particular has been attacking dairy products as inappropriate for
minorities.  We urge USDA and HHS not to be swayed by this unscientific,
sensational, and very harmful information."

17) NORTH AMERICAN MILLERS ASSOC. - Betsy Faga "There is no data
available to show that moderate consumption of sugars has any
deleterious effects to consumers, and such a recommendation would impact
foods such as fortified fruit juices and cereals... "

18) NATIONAL CATTLEMAN'S BEEF ASSN. - Mary Young "Advice to use plant
foods as the foundation of meals or to build your eating pattern on a
variety of plant foods... is dietary advice that can be potentially
misinterpreted by consumers."

is no scientific evidence that consumption of sugar per se has a
negative effect on health..."

20) NATIONAL COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM "We urge you to strengthen the
wording relating to the potential health risks for alcoholics."

21) AMERICAN SUGAR CANE LEAGUE - Dean Grovois "About 420,000 people in
this country work in sugar production... American agriculture is in a
state of crisis... The price of raw sugar has fallen... We are teetering
on the edge of a terrible disaster... . Your decision will have an
affect on us."

22) AMERICAN SUGAR BEET GROWERS - Ray Van Driessche "Suggesting a direct
relationship between sugar and obesity is not sound science... it is

should explicitly endorse vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle."

24) APPEARING FOR HERSELF - Fran Hissler "A milk-free diet is
recommended.  Allergies to food proteins, most commonly cow milk
proteins, has been identified... "

25) GROCERY MANUFACTURERS OF AMERICA - Lisa Katic "GMA strongly opposes
the new recommendation on limiting the intake of sugar... "

26) AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION - Elizabeth Johnson "The American
Dietetic Association feels strongly that variety should remain the
cornerstone of the guidelines."

27) CONNECTICUT ELDERLY FOOD PROGRAM - Douglas Buck "I'm not in favor of
being a vegetarian, however, heavy meat eaters would benefit from eating
less.  And those who eat less meat have less ischemic heart disease than
regular meat eaters.  Perhaps more could be said in the dietary
guidelines about the benefits of limiting red meat and poultry

Wednesday, April 19

Today is the 165th day of my hunger strike.

The clock is ticking and the drum roll begins.  FDA has promised a
decision on Monsanto's hormone to be made on or before April 20, 2000.

We come to the end of the 180-day period in which FDA statutes allow for
its scientists to determine the merits of a citizen petition.

Tomorrow is Day 180.  The decision is due.

Monsanto has defrauded the FDA and changed the formula for the bovine
growth hormone.  My claim was that Monsanto never admitted to FDA that
five "freak" amino acids were created.  My claim is that Monsanto fixed
the error and, in doing so, changed the formula.  All of the research
reviewed by FDA was conducted with a hormone containing
epsilon-N-acetyllyslin instead of lysine.  All of the previous research
has been invalidated and new research must be performed.  The hormone
must be taken off the market.

The errors prove that genetic engineering produces surprises.  The
errors also prove that a system existed in which a pharmaceutical
company could withhold evidence and get away with a crime.

Now comes the moment of truth.

Will FDA continue Monsanto's lie with their own deception?  In one more
day, America will know.


I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for any evidence that might
have existed in the 55,000 page Monsanto file.

FDA spent 30 hours reviewing that file and sent me a bill for $725,
which was discounted to $250.  That is the price I have to pay for a
system gone terribly wrong.  It is a small price to pay to expose a
system that has previously not worked.

Two hundred and fifty dollars would buy a solid gold whistle or a box of
stainless steel whistles for future whistle blowers.  I promise FDA that
if they do not do the right thing, we will fill the streets with
Americans blowing whistles.

Thursday, April 20

Today is the 166th day of my hunger strike.

Comissioner Jane Henney
Food & Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Ln.
Rockville, MD  20857

Re: FOIA Request #99026306

Dear Commissioner Henney:

Attached to this letter is a check payable to the FDA for $253.50.  That
payment represents your bill to me for my recent Freedom of Information
Act request.

This is blood money.  This information should have been obtained by your
review team as a routine part of your investigation.  This was the most
very basic part of my citizen petition (#99P-4613).  The fact that I had
to request this key piece of information and wait 85 days (65 days
longer than the Justice Department allows you) and then pay for this
information, compounds your whitewash

I had requested any evidence in your 55,000-page file that Monsanto
informed you that they created five "freak" amino acids when they
genetically engineered the bovine growth hormone.  Monsanto changed the
formula for that hormone after the FDA review was completed.  As a
result, the hormone currently on the market has never been tested.

By recognizing Monsanto's fraud and deceit, you could have taken the
opportunity to show Americans that the FDA acts in their fiduciary

Your ultimate decision to my citizen petition will be judged by all
Americans.  When Americans take to the streets to protest FDA decisions,
we will be blowing whistles, and those whistles will have your name
boldly printed upon them.  You will become a symbol to all Americans,
and that, Madame Commissioner, will become your legacy.

Very truly yours,

Friday, April 21

Today is the 167th day of my hunger strike.

Residents of North Carolina woke up a few years ago to red tides filled
with algae blooms that devastated aquatic life and made humans sick. The
waters turned to blood.

New strains of bacteria have developed in dairy cattle because of FDA's
liberal anti-biotic protocols.

Sterile frogs are being born and diseases are spread by ticks and fleas
that may very well have escaped from laboratories performing experiments
in genetic engineering.

Tiny particles called prions in dairy cattle, pigs, and deer are being
consumed by Americans who come down with rare neurological diseases.

These plagues of modern time mimic the Biblical plagues, which fell upon
ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh was repeatedly warned "Let my people go," but the powers in
Egypt refused to acknowledge evidence and dangers until it was too late.

Biotechnology is the modern day angel of death, and it is passing over
all of us.  In the Bible, a certain group of people was spared from the
terror.  In order to be spared today, one must make the choice to buy
organically grown fruits and vegetables.  One must explore alternatives
to factory-produced foods.  America's food manufacturers do not care
about consumers' rights to know what they are purchasing and consuming.
We simply ask for a warning label on any product containing a
genetically modified organism.  FDA, wearing Pharaoh's robes, refuses to
let us be free.

FDA had one last opportunity to send a message to America.  Monsanto had
committed fraud, lab animals got cancer, and FDA knows that Monsanto
created five "freak" amino acids with their bovine growth hormone.  FDA
has chosen not to remove that hormone from the marketplace.  FDA has
chosen not to label dairy products containing milk from cows treated
with that hormone.

The sea swallowed up Pharaoh's soldiers just as our sea of resistance
must swallow up those who betray us.  The FDA is the enemy and they can
no longer be believed.  The FDA has betrayed us and they can no longer
be trusted.

We say to the FDA "Let our people be free."

Yesterday, the Food & Drug Administration determined that Monsanto's
bovine growth hormone would not be taken off the market.  My hunger
strike will continue, and so will our protest.

Saturday, April 22

Today is the 168th day of my hunger strike.

In 1990 while Monsanto was treating dairy test herds with the
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, both FDA and Monsanto
learned that cows injected with that hormone developed mastitis on their
udders.  As a result of these sores and ulcers, milk from
hormone-treated cows contained increased amounts of pus, bacteria, and

Monsanto's top dairy scientist, Margaret Miller, left the firm and was
hired by the FDA.  One of her first acts was to arbitrarily change
America's antibiotic protocol.  Instead of 1 part per hundred million,
Miller increased the allowable level of antibiotics in milk by 100 times
to 1 part per million.

New strains of super-bacteria developed immunities to existing
antibiotics, and milk consumers overdosed on antibiotics and
drug-resistant bacteria.  Milk tested in the New York metropolitan area
was found to contain residues from 52 different antibiotics.

Make no mistake about it, folks.  Monsanto created the problem and their
new drug now offers the solution.

Last week, the FDA approved Zyvox, which is manufactured by
Pharmacia/Monsanto.  This drug was developed to battle staph infections
that do not respond to other antibiotics.

Staph is the most common bacterial infection responsible for mastitis.
Pharmaceutical industry analysts expect that Zyvox will generate
$550,000,000 in sales during the next twelve months.

Place caterpillars on the rim of a large glass bowl and they will follow
each other in the infinite circle until they die and fall off.   We seem
to be going around and round in similar fashion.

Monsanto's new biotechnology had an unanticipated negative effect on
America's antibiotic use.  By calling in favors and getting their
scientists positions of power at FDA, Monsanto changed the effectiveness
of existing antibiotics that no longer work when they are needed.
Monsanto will now reap enormous benefits by giving mankind an antidote
to a poison that they created.

Sunday, April 23



FDA delivered a ten-page letter denying the citizen petition to revoke
Monsanto's bovine growth hormone.  That letter contains inaccuracies and
incorrect conclusions.  There is evidence of fraud, deception, and there
may have very well be criminal activity at FDA.  Does breastfeeding
work?  According the FDA letter of denial, breastfeeding cannot possibly
be of any biological significance to human infants.  FDA's decision and
my comments: for the rest of the story.

Monday, April 24

Today is the 170th day of my hunger strike.

It has long been accepted that low fat and high fiber diets would be
beneficial in preventing colon cancer.  A recent report in the New York
Times (April 20, 2000 by Gina Kolata) reveals that that is not the case.


Gina Kolata writes:

"Two rigorous studies involving thousands of people have failed to
confirm one of the most widely held beliefs about diet and health: that
eating low fat, high fiber foods can reduce the risk of colon and rectal

Had Kolata merely said "two studies," her report would have raised
eyebrows.  She found it necessary to add the word "rigorous."  When I
performed research, I rigorously applied my training to eliminate
variables that might cloud the results and conclusions from my research.

In order to reach the conclusion that dietary fiber did not prevent
intestinal polyp growth and colon cancer, researchers tested human
subjects suffering from pre-existing polyps, and randomly assigned
participants to eat low fiber or high fiber diets.


Guess what these scientific geniuses, performing the "rigorous" studies,
decided to use in the high fiber diet?

Got cereal?  People eating the high fiber diet were given high fiber
wheat bran cereal.  Do you imagine that they ate dry wheat bran fiber in
the morning or do you think they poured a tall glass of IGF-I-laced milk
on their cereal?

IGF-I is the most powerful growth hormone known to science, and it has
been identified as a key factor in the growth and proliferation of every
human cancer.

Rigorously performed study or scientific quackery?  You be the judge of
the scientists and reporters who either have no clue or seek to deceive.

Monsanto's new drug approval will produce enormous profits for the
pharmaceutical giant.  Monsanto's bovine growth hormone raised levels of
IGF-I in milk and, most certainly, will be responsible for causing more
human cancer.  Monsanto's solution is to provide the cancer cure for the
cancer cause for which they are most responsible

Now that's one vary brilliant and rigorously applied marketing plan.

Tuesday, April 25

FDA has betrayed Americans once again.
Should my hunger strike continue?
Friends and family have urged me to begin to eat again.
I have considered ending my fast.

Twenty-three weeks ago (Monday November 15, 1999), I reflected
upon why I had begun a hunger strike and was motivated by inspirational
words of wisdom from others seeking to attain a dream.  I wrote:

Many people have asked why I wish to continue the
hunger strike and what this protest means to me.

One man who climbed Everest, Tom Whittaker, said,

"Everest for me, and I believe for the world, is the physical and
symbolic manifestation of overcoming odds to achieve a dream."

Others have added their words of wisdom paralleling the journey that
I've taken.  The first woman to climb Everest, Junko Tabei, wrote:

"Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the
willpower that is the most important.  This willpower you cannot buy
with money or be given by rises from your heart."

The most famous of quotes associated with the great mountain was made by
George Mallory, who was asked, "Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?"

I've been asked, "Why fight FDA by continuing the hunger strike?"

I once believed that FDA would revoke the use of Posilac.
Now I know that this will not happen.  I hold them in contempt.
I climb my mountain for the same reason that Mallory climbed his:

"Because it is there."

Today is the 171st day of my hunger strike.

Today I will begin a second water fast.  I had to end my first
water fast after just seven days for various reasons.  This time, I
will abstain from all nutrition, no food or juices.

I am now ready to do battle with FDA'S demons, and my own.

Wednesday, April 26

Today is the 172nd day of my hunger strike and the 2nd day of my
drinking just water.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio has introduced a bill that will
label foods containing genetically modified organisms.  Fifty-one
members of Congress have already signed on as co-sponsors of that bill.
A similar bill has been introduced in the Senate by environmentalist
Barbara Boxer of California.  At the same time that Boxer's bill was
introduced, an estimated $250 million began flowing from Monsanto, Dow
Chemical, Du Pont, and other biotechnology firms to those members of
Congress who vote with their palms extended and wallets open and not
with their brains and hearts.

Senator Barbara Boxer has not gotten one fellow senator to co-sponsor
her bill.  Barbara Boxer saved the dolphins and brought us dolphin-free
tuna fish and strong environmental laws resulting from oil spills.  She
is a hero to those who want clean water, food, and air. Lack of support
from her fellow senators, at the same time that the largest lobbying
effort in American history continues, is an incrimination of a system
and a way of life that no longer works.

One beautiful mermaid swims in the sea filled with 99 ravenous great
white sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Thursday, April 27

Today is the 173rd day of my hunger strike and the 3rd day that I am
drinking just water.

Since I am traveling, I thought it might be fun for you to take a break
from the dangers of genetically engineered food and check out Steve's
very successful website at VeggieDate:

Steve's vegetarian singles dating service has a database of many
thousands of vegetarians across America, and I understand that there
have been a few very serious and meaningful relationships started at
that site.  Want to meet somebody who's into the NOTMILK movement?
VeggieDate is the place to start.

For serious issues concerning genetically modified organisms in our food
supply, check out:

Steve is also the webmaster for a third site called Green People.  This
third site will be a directory of organic food locations, eco-friendly
businesses and services, environmental organizations, and community

Should you wish to reach Steve, you can write to him at:

Or call 310-399-9355.

Friday, April 28

Today is the 174th day of my hunger strike and the 4th day of my
drinking just water.

When Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days, his body was already clean,
untainted by dioxins and poisonous insecticides like DDT.  He had not
consumed foods containing concentrated toxins that we find so prevalent
in the air and food and water of our 21st century.  Therefore, Jesus had
an advantage over those who would go on a fast today.

For 170 days, I have taken no dietary supplements and have eaten no
food.  For three years, I have eaten no chicken or meat or any animal
products.  During my fast, I have made juices from organically grown
fruits and vegetables, and have excreted many of those toxic substances
that have built up in my body over the previous years.

From all of the reading and studying that I have done, I have never
before seen an instance in which a modern day man or woman has
approached an all-water fast the way I have done.  The breakdown of my
fat cells has eliminated those substances that might have been toxic to
my system had I first done just a water fast.

Today is the 4th day of my water fast and the 174th day of having eaten
no food, and I cannot believe how incredibly alert and powerful I feel.

I have been advised to rest during this phase of my fast and will now
include a nap or two in my daily schedule.

Saturday, April 29

Today is the 175th day of my hunger strike and the 5th day of my just
drinking water.

In the 1970s, while in college, I was inspired by a book written by
Canadian naturalist Farley Mowatt.  That book, "Never Cry Wolf," remains
on my personal Top Ten List.

In one passage, Mowatt describes the sleeping patterns of wolves, and he
tries to replicate their behavior by setting his alarm at intervals
during the night.  By waking up and working and training himself to take
short naps, Mowatt was able to increase his productivity.  I copied his
behavior and found that during the most intense semester of my college
studies that I was able to bear the strains of numerous all-nighters and
work at times when other people were sleeping and maintain my own
rigorous schedule.

By studying neuroanatomy, I was aware of sleep deprivation's effect on
human behavior.  There are many sleep cycles that one travels to arrive
at the deepest phase of sleep in which dreams occur, memories become
stored, and the body and sprit heal.  Depriving oneself of sleep insures
that the first sleep opportunity will deliver the man rapidly to a deep
sleep state of consciousness.

On this 5th day of just water and 175th day overall, I am now needing an
extremely small amount of sleeptime.

Thomas Edison described his brilliant performance and inventive skills
as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  Edison also would work through
the night, taking small naps and found his production to be more
efficiently performed.

For those of you who have sent me your many hundreds of letters
consisting of best wishes and concerns, I want to assure you all that I
have never felt better.

Sunday, April 30

Today is the 6th day of my water fast and the 176th day of my hunger
strike, and I still feel great.

Yesterday, I spoke in Philadelphia and today I will be speaking in New
York City.   Last Friday,  I ordered 6,000 bright yellow whistles
imprinted with "BAN BST."

When Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, the walls came tumbling down.
His army was equipped with noisemakers, having traded their spears and
arrows for auditory weapons.

What better statement could we make than to demonstrate by blowing
together as one shrill shriek our whistle-blowing chorus of sound?  We
will march to the FBI building and hand out flyers demanding
investigations into congressmen who have betrayed us for dollars.  We
will go to FDA and blow our whistles at bureaucrats who have betrayed
our health interests.  We will march to the White House and send a
shrill message to a president who praised Monsanto in his State of the
Union Address in 1996 and whose appointments reflect Monsanto's gifts.

When the whistles are delivered to the Dairy Education Board, we will
send a message to you with a time and date inviting you to join us.  Too
many people have betrayed us.  Our struggle will continue so that we can
all enjoy the basic freedoms promised to us in the Bill of Rights.   We
will demand a label be placed on foods containing genetically modified
organisms.  It is our right and we shall become whistle blowers to
achieve that right.


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Today is the seventh day in which I am just drinking water and the
177th day of my hunger strike.

Our government has approved a new genetically engineered pesticide
that will switch on a plant's natural defense against insects and

Biotech companies are now skirting FDA and USDA approval processes and
applying directly to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

EPA is also about to approve another product (Harpin) that was
engineered to close down the natural pathways within a plant by which
bacteria can attack them.

One or both of these new pesticides will be used on this year's broccoli
crops, and the worst part is yet to come... Somebody has been ratting on

According to the current issue of "Trends In Plant Science" (May 5,
2000, Volume 5:189), genetic material from a rat has been introduced
into experimental broccolini plants (broccolini is a cross between
broccoli and kale) to produce a green veggie with seven times the
previous levels of vitamin C.

May I suggest an order of rat-broccolini smothered with Monsanto's
genetically engineered hormone-laden cream sauce?


Today is the 178th day of my hunger strike and the 7th day of my
drinking just water.

The Monday, May 1, 2000 edition of the New York Times contains two very
different front page drug stories.

"Drug War is Toxic Enemy to Colombians" shares the front page with a
story about genetically altered Canadian salmon that will soon be
swimming downstream to our supermarkets.

Perhaps the second drug war will be deadlier than the first.
(The Colombian drug war has a surprise twist... revealed at the end of
this column).

The biased photo accompanying the BIOTECH story shows a pair of human
hands next to four tiny dead fish and three very large ones.  The

"Genetically altered salmon and their puny siblings, at 14 months."

Puny siblings?  In other words, existing salmon are puny, compared to
the new genetically engineered fish.  What remarkable brainwashing... and
on the front page!

Aqua Bounty Farms already has orders to ship 15 million of these eggs
to American companies, and hundreds of other animals are being
engineered to satisfy American palates.

On page 20 of the same edition, author Carol Yoon quotes one fish
expert, Joseph McGonigle of the Maine Aquaculture Association:

"Genetically engineered salmon is a solution looking for a problem.
Virtually everyone in the world has taken a position against them."

In an accompanying story, Yoon cites examples of what one biotech firm
is working on:

"NEXIA has implanted a spider gene into goats with the hope of producing
a milk containing spider silk.  That milk will be used to make
bullet-proof vests."

One genetically engineered blood protein (erthropoietin) will one day
command a price of $15 million dollars per ounce, according to Yoon.

A sidebar accompanying the salmon and farm animal stories contains
photos of six animals, and the title reads: A DIFFERENT KIND OF

There are photos of:

Chicken (being developed to produce antibiotics in eggs)

Cow (being developed to produce human lactoferrins to treat infections)

Goat (being developed to develop a human protein to block blood clots)

Sheep (being developed to treat cystic fibrosis)

Pig (being developed to produce a protein called phytase, which helps
pigs to digest phosphorus, resulting in manure with less phosphorus)

This last one sounds like a whole lot of poop to me.  Phosphorus does
not disappear into thin air... perhaps the pigs spontaneously combust
and barbecue themselves in the process.

BOTTOM LINE:  These chemical foods are untested and extremely
expensive.  Somebody will pay the price for these very expensive
genetic experiments.  Companies now lobby congress and regulatory
agencies, and the rewards will be great.  So are the risks.

Oh, yes... the Colombian drug war.  Colombian poppy flowers yield
heroin, and the illicit plants are being sprayed by American planes
subsidized by American dollars.  The dangerous pesticides are destroying
other food crops and making children sick.  Would you like to be a
millionaire? Here's your question.  Who manufactures the deadly chemical
that is destroying Colombia?  A)   B) Ben & Jerry's D)
Purina Dog Chow  D) Monsanto

If your answer was "D" you do not need a lifeline.  You're a winner!!!
That is, unless you live in Colombia.  Then you're a loser... big time.
Thanks, Monsanto.

Wednesday, May 3

Today is the 179th day of my hunger strike and the 9th day of my just
drinking water.

The New York Times buried a very important biotechnology story on the
bottom of page 20 of today's edition (May 3, 2000).  Atop that story was
a revelation that elite colleges had tougher admission standards.  To
the right of the biotech story was the cataclysmic news that fissures
off the coast of Virginia might cause tidal waves.  Grab your life
preservers and rubber ducky inner tubes.  Here's what the New York Times

Critics of biotechnology have lampooned America's regulatory agencies
for lax standards and favoritism towards biotechnology companies.  The
revolving doors between FDA and USDA have led to numerous betrayals.

This morning, FDA Commissioner Jane Henney and Secretary of Agriculture
Dan Glickman are expected to announce new changes in the regulation of
genetically engineered food products.


The largest pro-biotech trade group in America has already praised the
new measures.  Gene Grabowski, vice-president of the Grocery
Manufacturers of America, said:

"We believe the steps as they have been outlined to us are appropriate
and responsive to the discussions that we have been having with FDA
officials and other government officials over the last few months."

American consumers have increased fears about the safeties of foods.
Under the new plan, biotechnology companies will now be required to talk
to regulators at the Food & Drug Administration about the safety of the
foods before they are sold.  Under the old policy, such conversations
and submission of research data were voluntary.

In the past, pollen from genetically engineered corn has killed Monarch
butterfly caterpillars while pollen from non-genetically engineered corn
has had no effect on these delicate creatures.

FDA and USDA do not require testing of new foods, having already
determined that they are safe despite the fact that enormous evidence
indicates otherwise.

One can only imagine a future conversation between a Monsanto/Pharmacia
scientist and FDA Commissioner Jane Henney:

Dr. Richard J. Mengele:        "Hello, Jane."
FDA Commissioner Jane Henney:  "Hi, Dick."
Dick:                          "We have a new product for you."
Jane:                          "What's it this time?"
Dick:                          "You're going to love this one."
Jane:                          "No freak amino acids, I hope."
Dick (laughing):               "I wouldn't tell you if it did!"
Jane (laughing):               "Okay, you've got to tell me.  There are laws."
Dick:                          "Well, okay.  We've managed to combine
                               the genetic material from a rooster with a
                               cannabis plant."
Jane:                          "You're kidding me.  Are you creating an
                               animal or a vegetable?"
Dick:                          "What is this '20 Questions'?"
Jane:                          "Well, the new law does require that you have
                               a conversation with me."
Dick:                          "Okay, Jane, consider this the conversation.
                               All I can tell you is that the final version
                               is called 'Chicken Pot Pie'."
Jane:                          "Yeah, but will it banned in Boston?"
Dick:                          "Not if we don't put a warning label on it
                               telling them that it is genetically engineered."
                              (Both laugh)


The last paragraph of the New York Times article is the worse piece of
brainwashing that I have ever seen.  The authors of that article may
have majored in journalism, but it seems as if their minor was in
propaganda.   The page 20 story written by Melody Petersen and Marc
Lacey concludes this way:

"Genetically engineered crops, first sold in 1995, have quickly become a
success.  Farmers have bought up the altered seeds, which can save them
time and boost productivity."

Thursday, May 4

Today is the 180th day of my hunger strike and the 10th day of my
drinking just water.

There was a time in my life when I would get up early on a Sunday
morning and drive to the best kosher deli in the New York area and
purchase freshly made bialys, bagels, rye bread and a mixed variety of
fish.  For the past three years, I have eaten only a plant-based diet,
and no longer eat baked salmon or nova lox or smoked whitefish.  This is
one of the rules by which I have chosen to live.

Many Jews and Moslems observe strict dietary laws and would not eat pork
or flesh from "unclean" animals.  The curator of the Ichthyology
Department of the American Museum of Natural History, James Atz, Ph.D.,
has compiled lists of kosher and non-kosher fish.

Thanks to one of my readers, Zlatko Batistich, for this story.

In Tuesday's diary entry, I reported that genetically engineered salmon
would soon be sold in American markets.  A diagram, contained within
that story, demonstrates that the "promoter" gene from the ocean pout is
genetically inserted into a gene from the Chinook salmon.

The trouble is that the pout is considered non-kosher, while the salmon
is kosher.

Lox from genetically engineered salmon will be something to pout about
for observant Jews and Moslems because it just isn't kosher.  Will the
new species of genetically engineered fish be labeled "Almost Kosher"?

By combining a kosher product with a non-kosher product, is the final
version kosher?  By combining a pig with a human tissue, is that not
offensive to the human spirit?  By creating new foods that cause cancer
to laboratory animals, does that not offend one's sense of logic?

Friday, May 5

Today is the 181st day of my hunger strike and the 11th day of my
drinking just water.

This week's New England Journal of Medicine (April 27, 2000, Vol. 342,
No. 17) is more proof of biotechnology's failure.

I have written about this story many times, but publication in a
peer-reviewed journal now confirms what I have been saying for many
years.  This message bears repeating.

In 1989, Monsanto was aware that cows in test herds treated with the
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone developed sores and lesions
on their udders that were collectively called mastitis.  Milk from
rbST-treated cows contained increased levels of pus, blood, and virulent

In order to deal with the problem, Monsanto's top dairy scientist,
Margaret Miller, left the firm and became FDA's Monsanto "plant."  Once
at FDA, Dr. Miller arbitrarily changed the existing antibiotic
standard.  She increased by 100 times the allowable level of antibiotics
that farmers could put into milk.

The consequences of her action were that new strains of bacteria
developed in dairy cows that were immune to existing antibiotics, which
no longer worked when they were needed.  People drank milk containing
increased amounts of antibiotics and new species of bacteria with
immunities to those antimicrobials.

The latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine contains a study
by Paul Fey, et al, confirming the emergence of a new strain of
salmonella that was isolated from a 12-year-old boy who was admitted
into a hospital with fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

That salmonella strain is resistant to a new wonder drug, Ceftriaxone,
which has also been used on dairy cows.  We wonder why few scientists
have previously noted why wonder drugs are no longer so wonderful.

Sophisticated methods of plasmid analysis were performed on the bacteria
obtained from the child and from the cattle, and they were found to be
indistinguishable.  In addition to the resistance to Ceftriaxone, the
bacteria had developed resistance to thirteen other antibiotics.

The study raises extreme health concerns, and provides evidence that
disease is directly related to antibiotic-resistant strains of
salmonella that have resulted from overdosed farm animals.  Such errors
do not develop in the natural scheme of things.  This error is a direct
result of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.

How much more evidence must FDA and Congress examine before government
regulators once again show concern for the health and safety of the
American people?

Saturday, May 6

Today is the 182nd day of my hunger strike and the 12th day of my
drinking just water.

I awoke to a dull throbbing in my head.  I headed straight for the
bathroom where I filled my hands with cold water and splashed my face
hoping the shock would bring some stability to my pounding head.
Thursday's headache got no better, and for the sake of purity, I resist
taking aspirin for my three-day headache.  Last night I made the
return-trip from a book signing in Southampton, New York in just under
three hours.

Now I face a three-hour drive to Delaware to speak to a group of health
advocates at WELLNESS PLUS DELAWARE.  I do not look forward to the drive
there and back.

I have two books on tape to help me with the drive. Long car rides are
becoming difficult for me.

The best advice from doctors and coaches has been to rest, and there is
just not the time.  One has an eternity to rest and a lifetime to live.

On Wednesday night, I did not sleep, having done research to write a
column that will appear tomorrow.  There is so much information on the
Internet, but it sometimes takes hours to piece together clues to a

Will most people delete my words before reading?  It only takes one
person to make a difference.

Will I reach that one, to set off the spark and resulting fire?

My head pounds and the car awaits.  I have a gallon of distilled water
for the drive.  Yes, distilled.  I can no longer filter minerals through
my body, and only distilled will do.

There is no nourishment on a water fast.  What nourishes me is the
promise of change.  What feeds me is the spirit of human potential.
What fuels me is a conviction that things are getting out of control
within our government regulators, and that we must take back our health
from those who have betrayed our interests.

Sunday, May 7

Republican Governor Ed Schafer from North Dakota is a friend of
biotechnology.  He's the one on the right on the following page: for the rest of the story.

Monday, May 8

Today is the 184th day of my hunger strike and the 14th day of my
drinking just water.


On Saturday, June 17, 2000, the SIERRA CLUB is hosting a conference in
Washington, D.C. on the Threat of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone.

The conference will be held at the Resources for the Future Conference
Center at 1400 Sixteenth Street NW.


There are one dozen speakers, including myself.  Here are some of the

RALPH NADER on the corporatization of our food supply, the WTO and
implications for the future.

give consumers the right to know what they are eating.

ROBERT COHEN on FDA's recent decision not to remove rbGH, and the
fraudulent research not considered by government regulators.

PETER HARDIN, publisher of Milkweed, who will provide an overview of the
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone controversy.

STEVE WILSON & JANE ACRE: Two FOX Network Reporters silenced by Monsanto
when they did an investigative report on rbGH dangers.

MICHAEL HANSEN: Consumers Union scientist on an overview of the FDA and
the approval process for rbGH + danger from IGF-I.


SCOTT DYE (Sierra Club) and KAREN HUDSON (F.A.R.M.) on environmental
destruction caused by dairy production

concerns in Canada after pressure from Monsanto.

Dairy farmers will also speak and attend.

Rooms have been reserved at the Quality Hotel & Suites -

Downtown at #1315 Sixteenth Street NW.  Call (202) 232-8000 or (800)
368-5689 to make reservations. Mention the Sierra Club Dairy Conference.

Singles $89/night. Doubles $99/night. Triples $109/night. Quads

REGISTRATION FORM    e-mail Chris Bedford:





Zip code:




Please register if you plan to attend.  There is no cost for this
conference except payment for lunch.

If you plan to have lunch with us, send $10 by check made out to
MARYLAND CHAPTER/SIERRA CLUB at #7338 Baltimore Avenue (Suite 101A),
College Park, Maryland 20740.

If you have any questions please contact Chris Bedford at 301-779-1000
or 301-277-6699 fax or email

Tuesday, May 9

Today is the 185th day of my hunger strike and the 15th day of my
drinking just water.

Last Wednesday (May 3, 2000) was designated World Asthma Day.
Scientists have no clue why asthma rates are soaring and why 30% of
children in countries such as Canada and Australia are effected by

The World Health Organization estimates that 150 million people have
asthma and that there are nearly 200,000 yearly asthma-related deaths.

In the United States, the number of asthmatics has more than doubled to
an estimated 15 million sufferers today from less than 7 million in

Scientists and researchers speculate that allergens such as rat feces,
cockroach hairs, dust mites, and other pollutants might be causing the
asthma epidemic, but they really have no clue why rates are soaring
because they have not examined an increase in any correlating factor.

Cockroach and rat populations are not soaring unless you factor in the
number of bureaucrats at FDA.


As cheese consumption soars, so does the rate of asthma.  In 1960, the
average American ate ten pounds of cheese.  Today, the average American
eats thirty pounds of cheese per year.  Since it takes ten pounds of
milk to produce one pound of cheese, the average American consumes the
equivalent of 300 pounds of milk per year in his or her cheese
consumption.  Eighty percent of milk protein is casein, the same glue
used to bind wood in furniture and the same glue used to adhere a label
to a bottle of beer.  After casein is consumed a human, the body
produces histamines, then mucus.  This reaction can take 10 to 15 hours,
and after eating pizza, the following day's asthma attack for some
people can be deadly.

In 1984, the average Canadian consumed 20.7 pounds of cheese.  By 1997,
annual cheese consumption had increased to 27.5 pounds.  Canadian asthma
rates are considered to be an epidemic, and Health Canada is baffled.

Australia suffers extremely high asthma rates.  In 1959, the average
Australian ate 5.7 pounds of cheese per year.  In those days, asthma was
virtually non-existent.  In 1997, the average Australian consumed 23.5
pounds per year of cheese, and asthma rates are soaring.

Why is this a mystery to scientists?  As cheese consumption increases,
so does mucus production. As the bronchioles of the lungs fill with
nature's most tenacious glue, one's ability to breathe decreases.

Attached are the actual links to the Australian and Canadian statistics.
/foodconsumption.htm#Milk (pasted the link together)

In 1958-1959 the average Australian ate  2.6 kg of cheese  5.72 LBS
By 1978-1979 that number had increased to  3.5 kg.         7.70 LBS
By 1978-1979 that number had increased to  5.3 kg.        11.66 LBS
By 1988-1989 that number had increased to  8.8 kg.        19.36 LBS
By 1996-1997 that number had increased to 10.7 kg.        23.54 LBS

In 1984 total Canada cheese =  9.40 kg = 20.68 LBS
In 1997 total Canada cheese = 12.48 kg = 27.46 LBS

Wednesday, May 10

Today is the 16th day of my just drinking water and the 186th day
overall in which I have eaten no food.

According to the experts, I should now be in bed and experiencing pain,
discomfort, and possible shutdown of key body organs.  I've never felt

Last night, I cleaned off my ten-speed bicycle and inflated the air in
the tires, looking forward to my first ride of the spring.  This
morning, at dawn's first light, I pedaled two miles from my home to the
reservoir and then back again and felt wonderful.

My advisors have warned me that this is a time for rest, but I'm finding
just the opposite.  I am experiencing enormous surges in energy and am
more than able to carry on my day-to-day activities.

There is a 1.5 liter bottle that I keep filled with distilled water on
my desk.  Each time that I feel thirst, I take more than just one sip.
I put the bottle to my lips and count to ten as gulp after gulp of water
is taken into my body.

I feel the water travel down my throat where it empties into my
stomach.  I do not feel any acid discomfort and imagine nature's finest
filtration system continuing to collect toxins from within, by-products
of the cellular metabolism breaking down the inefficient tissues that
are still a part of my body.

I have not weighed myself but guess that I have lost about 70 pounds,
judging by the extra large shirts that have been replaced by larges and
the new pairs of pants that continue to replace the old.

Don't consider this an endorsement for 170-day juice fast followed by 16
days of water, but I seem to suffering no ill effects from my hunger

The beard that I had started on Valentine's Day will soon be shaved
clean from my face.  It is looking very grubby and I promised my family
that May 24th will mark the end of that facial hair.

Thursday, May 11

Today is the 187th day of my hunger strike and the 17th day of my
drinking just water.

The United States Department of Agriculture is promoting genetic
engineering and biotechnology by comparing the new foods to crop
improvements that occurred 75 years ago.  USDA places genetically
modified organisms in the same category as "hybrid crops and
fertilizers."  Fertilizers have traditionally been gathered in great
quantity from cow droppings and USDA's new position is a whole lot of

The following site is evidence of USDA's endorsement:

Remarkably, this new site does not reflect the recent marriage between
Upjohn and Monsanto, which merged the two giants into Pharmacia.
Instead of going to a website, one travels through
thousands of miles of cyberspace to Monsanto's United Kingdom site.

On that webpage, one reads

"Plant biotechnology is an extension of this traditional plant
breeding…Crop improvements like these can help provide an abundant,
healthful food supply and protect our environment for future

Monsanto-England writes

"During the last twelve months, Britain has witnessed a flood of
anti-GMO articles with terms such as 'Frankenfood' being used by many
journalists.  These articles have caused distrust and irrational fears
of GM products to spread among consumers."


Monsanto wants to know what you are thinking:

Please let them know what you think with your e-mails.  Pharmacia's
toll-free number is 888-768-5501.

Friday, May 12

Today is the 188th day of my hunger strike and the 18th day of my just
drinking water.

A landmark case to be heard in Saskatchewan will soon go to trial and
the world will determine how much control biotechnology companies can
exert over farmers.

Percy Schmeiser's family has been farmers for many generations, and he's
been growing the yellow-blossomed rapeseed for 40 years.  Rapeseed is
processed so that canola oil is extracted.  The oil you buy from
Monsanto's new rapeseed is a violation of your body.  Two years ago,
Monsanto sued the 68-year-old farmer for using their genetically
engineered seeds.  Problem is Farmer Percy claims that he's never used
Monsanto's seed and that his rapeseed crop is not genetically

In addition to selling seeds, Monsanto charges a licensing fee for the
privilege of being able to use their product.  That fee would have been
nearly $12,000 for Schmeiser.

This past year, pollen from Monsanto's genetically engineered canola
plants traveled by the wind and on the rear legs of bees, passing their
pesticide immunities to weeds.  Perhaps this is how Percy Schmeiser's
finished product tested positive to Monsanto's new gift of nature.

Perhaps this is how biodevestation will pass from field to field and
from state to state and from nation to nation.

The winds know no boundaries and the bees fly over border checkpoint
crossings.  Nature always finds a way.

The Canadian courts will determine the fate of one farmer and of one
pharmaceutical giant on the battlefield of a courtroom in Saskatchewan,

Saturday, May 13

This is the 189th day of my hunger strike and the 19th day of my
drinking just water.

The Food & Drug Administration will be conducting a mad cow disease
symposium on June 2 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM at the Holiday Inn in
Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Mad cow disease strikes terror in the hearts and souls of Europeans as
does the thought of eating foods containing genetically modified
organisms.  Americans, on the other hand, know that they are immune from
the adverse effects of diseases that plague the rest of the world.  How
comfortable we are in our collective naivete.

Nation by nation, the peoples of the world are learning that body fluids
and flesh from bovines do not do their bodies any good.  Last summer,
Belgium's milk and dairy industry closed for one month because of high
levels of dioxins contaminating meat and dairy products.  In the recent
past, England has destroyed millions of cows because of mad cow
disease.  When a cow is discovered on a French farm with this condition,
every other animal is confiscated by the government and incinerated.

In America, we laugh and say, "It can't happen here."

There hasn't been much publicity about this meeting, and you don't have
much time to respond should you wish to attend.

In the early 1900s, two doctors, working with Dr. Alzheimer, discovered
a disease in which the brain turns into a sponge.  Their names were
Creutzfeldt and Jakob, and the new disease was named after them.  In
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), the cow brain and the human brain turn
into a sponge.  The medical name for mad cow disease and the title for
FDA's conference include the name "Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy"

FDA will be considering blood transfusions as well as plasma for
manufacture into derivatives.

Part of the meeting is open to the public and interested parties may
present opinions in writing or make oral presentations.  Should you wish
to make an oral presentation, you must contact William Freas or Sheila
Langford at 301-827-0314.

After the public session, there will be a top secret, private session
for the insiders.  Anybody know how to plant a bug?

Sunday, MAY 14

Today is the 190th day in which I have eaten no solid food, and my 20th
day of drinking just water.  Am I losing it?  You be the judge.  People
For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) asked me to write a few
words about teens, acne, and the MILK and DAIRY connection.  It took my
webmaster (Dave Rietz) a few hours to create the following:

Monday, May 15

Today is the 191st day of no food, and the 21st day in which I am just
drinking water.

This past week, I read a book called "The Life and Selected Writings of
Thomas Jefferson," by Adrienne Koch. Two years before the American
Revolution began, Jefferson wrote (in my opinion) the single greatest
essay in American history.

Jefferson's "Summary View of Rights of British America" cited the many
injustices of British rule and laid the foundations for the American

Jefferson's argument for independence addresses tyranny and
misrepresentation, the likes of which America is again witnessing at the
hands of federal regulatory agencies like the FDA.  Jefferson wrote:

"Single acts of Tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a
day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and
pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove
a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery."

Two ex-FDA commissioners have gone to work for Monsanto, and
FDA has not fairly treated the review process for Monsanto's genetically
engineered hormones.  These conflicts of interest place the health
interests of Americans secondary to the financial interests
of those who compromise the integrity of government officials.

We are in prison.  Bars and shackles, favors traded for laws and policy
now prevent us from enjoying our inalienable right to life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness.

These basic truths that were deemed to be self evident to the founding
fathers HAVE been taken away by a series of tyrannical acts.

Until FDA labels foods containing genetically engineered organisms,
I will continue to protest my loss of liberty.  FDA'S tyranny
protects pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers.  The rest of
the world does not allow such betrayal.  Only in America.  We deceive
ourselves by beliving that we are land of the free.  Our media will not
tell us the truth, relying upon ad revenue from the betrayors.

While I continue my hunger strike, joined by nearly five hundred people
who have fasted for one day or longer, another hunger strike continues
as protest to one of America's great injustices.

In 1997, ex-Attorney General Ramsey Clark spoke of a man that few
Americans have heard of, a man who happens to be the most well-known
political prisoner on this planet.  Clark said:

"Until Leonard Peltier's rights are respected, there can be no peace in
our hearts and our minds, or if we have courage, in our is
imperative that we, you and I, secure the freedom of Leonard Peltier."

Leonard's tragic story, and those who fast to bring justice:

Millions of people have come to know of his case and support his
freedom. His supporters included the late Mother Theresa, 50 members of
the U.S. Congress, the European Parliament, the Dalai Lama, and Amnesty

Leonard Peltier, a Native-American, is 54 years old, and has lived in a
federal prison for the past 24 years.  In 1995, US prosecutor Lynn
Crooks testified that no evidence exists against Peltier.  Remarkably,
this testimony came during a parole hearing.  Leonard Peltier has a new
parole review hearing scheduled for June 12th. He is long overdue for
release through parole, and it is one of two remaining options for
freedom.  The second is executive clemency.

A group of 84 people are now fasting for Leonard Peltier.  I
am fasting for Leonard, in spirit.  Each day, for the remainder of
my hunger strike, I will spend a few moments and re-visit those
principles that made America strong.  I will consider the imprisonment
of Leonard Peltier.

I will consider the spiritual imprisonment of all Americans.

An American president can offer clemency and free political prisoners.
After reviewing Peltier's story, let Mr. Clinton know how you feel.

Peltier's struggle and my struggle are your struggle too.  Together,
we are all innocent victims to tyranny.

Write, phone, fax, and email:
President William Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC 20500
(202)456-1111 (hit 0 to avoid survey)
FAX (202)456-2461

Tuesday, May 16

Today is the 192nd day of my hunger strike and the 22nd day of my
drinking just water.

There will be a new warning label on milk containers, and this is no

Last week, the Australia and New Zealand Food Authority announced new
warning labels for milk cartons.

Parents will be warned that no child under the age of one should be fed
cow's milk because early exposure to bovine proteins can be a trigger
for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

The actual warning label will read:

"Health authorities recommend that this product (cow's milk) not be used
to replace breast milk for infant formula."

It's only a matter of time before such a warning label becomes the
standard in the United States.  The way that will be accomplished is
through litigation.   Today I met with a team of attorneys headed by one
very passionate legal genius, Gene Kaslow, Esq.  Briefs are now being
written that will one day erase billions of dollars of carefully
marketed dairy industry brainwashing ads and bring greater health to all

Wednesday, May 17

Today is the 193rd day of my hunger strike and the 23rd day of my
drinking just water.

Genetically modified "stink bugs" (also known as cotton bolls) are
attacking America's crops, and farmers are beginning to panic.

Researchers at North Carolina State University have determined that
there are financial losses being suffered by American farmers growing
genetically engineered cotton plants.

The promise of increased profits to farmers has yielded negative
profitability expectations.  The trouble is that the stink bug-cotton
boll has being doing damage to genetically engineered crops and has been
leaving non-genetically engineered crops alone.

Stink bug damage was 4.3 times greater in 1999 in genetically engineered
varieties than in natural cotton plants.  Stink bug damage is mounting
all over America and horticulturists do not understand why it spreading
from state to state.

American farmers have adopted bad farming practices, particularly in
their failure to rotate crops year after year.  Because of new
pesticides, fertilizers, and modern day chemicals, farmers plant the
same crop in the same soil season after season.  This type of farming
encourages bacterial and insect infestations as new generations of
"pests" gain immunities to the new genetically engineered

What will the future bring?  Every day science teaches new surprise
lessons in Biotechnology 101.  As students, we've got to pay attention
to these lessons or we'll fail life's final exam. Nobody can predict
tomorrow's surprises.  Will there be enough time to develop an antidote
for the coming genetically engineered biodevestation?  To believe the
claim from the biotechnology industry and the Food & Drug Administration
that we can sustain these errors is to ignore past history.  Millions of
people have suffered the ill effects of poisons that were not adequately
tested by the FDA.  The new technology promises to bring such errors to
a level never before experienced by mankind.

Should such untested products be legal?  That debate will continue.
Should those products have a label so that I have a choice to know what
foods I buy for my children?  To that question, there should be no

Thursday, May 18

Today is the 194th day of my hunger strike and the 24th day of my
drinking just water.

I have been working away from my home for two days and will return on
Saturday.  I need the time to meditate and do some uninterrupted writing
without the distraction of telephones, television, and e-mail.

I brought two cases of bottled water with me and have been skipping the
breakfast portion of a most magnificent bed & breakfast country inn in
which I am staying.

During the "season," it is almost impossible to get a room in this
150-year-old Victorian estate on a 250-acre private lake surrounded by
thousands of acres of lush green hardwood forest.  My room overlooks the
woods, and an enormous of variety of wildlife sights and sounds are my
only distraction.

I have my computer set up on a desk in front of a working fireplace, and
there is a tree growing through my sundeck.  The room is filled with
antiques with a working ceiling fan, Persian rugs, and a four-poster
bed. My room has a very high lofted cathedral woodbeam ceiling and an
enormous whirlpool bath.   I have confined myself to the room to work,
although the inn offers the use of mountain trail bikes.

The owner told me that at one time the inn was owned by a group of
Dominican sisters and was the summer vacation home of Cardinals Hayes
and Spellman.

For me, the quiet solitude is an important time to reflect upon the last
six months and my next six months.  I will put the finishing touches on
my new books, and expect to leave here both refreshed and energized for
the next step in my journey.

Friday, May 19

Today is the 195th day of my hunger strike and the 25th day of my
drinking just water.

Last week, shareholders from Quaker Oats Company overwhelmingly defeated
a proposal that would have required the company to stop to using
genetically modified ingredients in their food products.

A pension fund holding a substantial position in Quaker Oats stocks had
submitted a proposal seeking Quaker Oats to make a socially responsible
decision to not use genetically engineered foods.

In turning down that proposal, John Jartz, the head of Business
Development at Quaker, said:

"It is the company's policy to use only ingredients deemed safe by the
U.S. Food & Drug Administration, including ingredients developed through

It seems like a silly position to me.  After all, FDA does not require
research for these new products, and does not actually deem that safe or
unsafe.  In Europe, seeds and raw ingredients that have been genetically
engineered are being rejected because they are not deemed safe.

Rice-A-Roni may be the "San Francisco treat," but they are owned by
Quaker Oats and I no longer trust anything that these Quakers
manufacture or market.

If Quaker Oats can make a decision that my rights no longer matter to
them, then I can make a personal decision not to buy their products.

Gatorade may be a thirst quencher, but the thought of drinking
genetically engineered electrolytic fluids makes me want to gag.  It
will no longer be consumed by my family because of Quaker Oats'
non-consumer-friendly policy.

Captain Crunch cereal may be the choice for many children and that blue
sailor on the red box may be a comfortable image for cereal eaters, but
I have a hunch that fewer and fewer people will have the desire to munch
on Captain Crunch before lunch.

Will the Quaker Oaters of this world get the message that consumers no
longer want genetically engineered products?  Why not let them know?

Quaker Oats	800-367-6287
Gatorade	800-884-2867
Rice-A-Roni	800-421-2444
Captain Crunch	800-234-6281

Saturday, May 20

Today is the 196th day of my hunger strike and the 26th day of my
drinking just water.

Dave Rietz is my webmaster and he has cancer.  Here is his amazing

For three years, Dave Rietz has been working full-time to make the
notmilk website a very strong Internet presence.  Dave is tireless in
his dedication and motivation to bring the truth about his disease to
you.  He works over 200 hours per month to do all that he can to see
that you don't get a prostate or breast cancer.

For three years, after finding out that IGF-I was the key factor in
every human cancer, Dave has excluded milk and dairy products from his
diet.  This was no easy task for a farmer's son and an admitted
milk, cheese, butter and ice cream addict.

Dave has become a believer.  Just a few short years ago, his prostate
cancer was at an advanced stage, and Dave was practicing farewell
speeches to his children and grandchildren and picking out headstones.

Today, Dave's prostate cancer is growing much more slowly.

Dave recently said to me:

"My doctor can't believe that PSA counts are 25% of what they once
were.  The doctors are calling it a miracle, but they are clueless.
They don't realize that IGF-I is the key.  I've eliminated it from my
diet by eliminating all milk and dairy products."

Why don't doctors realize that milk is loaded with powerful growth
hormones?  Why don't they instruct their patients, particularly their
cancer patients, that cancer is about growth?  That IGF-I fuels growth?
That fires are not put out by pouring gasoline on them?  And that
cancers do not stop growing when they are bathed in powerful growth

Dave Rietz is a friend and an inspiration to myself and to his family.
Dave's milk experience and message should become a model to all
Americans, particularly the ones with cancer.

For those who have lost loved ones to the ravishes of cancer, Dave's
story is one more example of betrayal by those scientists and dairy
industry milk marketers who know the truth.

Sunday, May 21

Today is the 197th day of my hunger strike and the 27th day of my
drinking just water.

The most amazing part of the largest medical study in history will soon
be published by Harvard University.  Milk and uterine cancer?  Here's
the new evidence.

The latest finding from a study being conducted at Harvard University on
80,000 nurses has determined that milk drinkers have significantly
higher risks of developing ovarian cancers than non-milk drinkers.

I spoke with the author of this study, Kathleen Fairfield, MD, who is
working on research in the Nurses' Health Study in the area of nutrition
and ovarian cancer.  Dr. Fairfield received her MD from the Boston
University School of Medicine.

Dr. Fairfield told me that these higher risks have nothing to do with
high fat or skim milk. It's milk!  Any kind of milk.

Kathleen Fairfield is no fan of milk mustaches.  She recommends calcium
supplements for her patients.  Fairfield and her co-authors have been
working on this study, analyzing 16 years of data.  Here are her
comments on ovarian cancer:

"Countries with high consumption of dairy products have higher ovarian
cancer rates and the reverse is true as well.  Women with low
consumption of dairy products have low rates of ovarian cancer."

Her study has found that women who drink two glasses or more per day of
milk have a 44% overall risk of getting any type of cancer and 66%
increased rate of getting serious tumor ovarian cancer.

Some advice for Dr. Fairfield:  don't just publish this study and let it
be lost and filed away within the pages of a medical journal.  This
important news needs a to be marketed at a major press conference.  This
is headline-breaking news.  This is life-saving news, and for you, Dr.
Fairfield, this noble effort of yours deserves a Nobel award.

Monday, May 22

Today is the 198th day of my hunger strike and the 28th day of my
drinking just water.

On Friday (May 12, 2000), I had the opportunity to ask FDA Commissioner
Jane Henney a question about genetically engineered milk hormones.  FDA
has concluded that hormones in milk do not work because the proteins are
destroyed in the human stomach.  Such an admission can only mean that
FDA believes that breastfeeding does not work.

I just received the transcript of that show, broadcast on National
Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation/Science Friday."  Ira Flatow is the

Robert:  "Genetically engineered bovine growth hormone - - the White
House called it the greatest controversy in FDA history.  This happened
before Commissioner Henney's watch.  But I recently went through a
six-month process that the Commissioner is familiar with and the major
conclusion that the team of scientists at the FDA made was that these
dietary proteins-the rbGH, recombinant bovine growth hormone-are
destroyed by digestive enzymes.  In other words, they're concluding that
breastfeeding doesn't work, that immunoglobulins and lactoferrins do not
survive digestion.  And I think there's a flaw in the FDA thinking and
I've already sent a letter to the Commissioner just this past week
requesting a formal hearing to determine that not only does
breastfeeding work but milk is a hormonal delivery system and when you
genetically engineer milk, levels of powerful growth hormones increase.
Commissioner, what do you feel?"

Dr. Henney:  "Well, actually I was at the FDA when the discussion about
growth hormone took place.  That discussion was also held in many public
forums, both before our food advisory committee, our veterinary medicine
advisory and a combination thereof.  And I think that the conclusion of
all of the groups that looked at that decision was that this milk
essentially was the same as other milk and was, therefore, safe.  But I
will look forward to seeing your letter and we will evaluate it

Ira Flatow: "Thank you, Robert."

Dr. Henney did not answer my question about breastfeeding.  Does it
work?  Scientists at FDA have told me that it does not.  The final
decision (which is now under appeal) to my petition to revoke the bovine
growth hormone contains this language:

"Like most dietary proteins, rbGH is degraded by digestive enzymes in
gastrointestinal tract and not absorbed intact." (Page 8)

This assumption is incorrect.  Milk was "designed" so that these
proteins would survive digestion.  That is the crux of my argument
against genetically engineered milk.  Biotechnology has created a new
milk containing increased levels of powerful growth hormones.  The milk
has changed.  The commissioner is incorrect.

I applaud the Commissioner for once having said:

"I truly believe science must underpin our decision-making process.
Science must support and guide the critical policy decisions that we at
FDA make.  FDA plays a central role in the administration's push to
improve the safety of the nation's food supply."

When introducing Henney at her 1998 swearing-in ceremony, Vice-President
Al Gore said:

"The FDA regulates products accounting for approximately 25 cents on
every consumer dollar-worth more than $1 trillion annually."

Dr. Henney has served on many commissions, but one role deeply concerns
me.  She has been a consultant to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
Kellogg's cereals have been a staple of the American breakfast, and most
of their products are served with milk.

From 1980-1985, Dr. Henney was also the director of the National Cancer
Institute.  Nobody had heard of IGF-I while she was the director.
Twenty years ago, one out of four people was expected to die from
cancer.  One out of fifteen women was expected to get breast cancer.

Today, one out of three will die of cancer, and 39.6 percent of women
between the ages of 40 and 50 have breast cancer (New York Times,
November 8, 1994, page C1).

What Henney did between 1980 and 1985 was ineffective.  What she does
about milk and the IGF-I connection will become her legacy.

Tuesday, May 23

Today is the 199th day of my hunger strike and the 29th day of my
drinking just water.

Maneka Gandhi, India's Minister of State for Social Justice, is causing
great controversy in her native country.

She is arguing that milk leads to cancer, and recently said

"Whatever comes out of an animal is blood, whether it is red in color or

Her anti-milk campaign is based upon science, and she is meeting with
expected hostility.  Gandhi cites three reasons for her campaign.

"The first is health.   The health of people is compromised by milk.
Two, I'm against cruelty.  The third reason is the pollutants in milk."

Gandhi believes that milk is not a complete food and that milk, not only
contains no iron, but blocks the absorption of iron.  She cites the
body's inability to absorb calcium from milk and points out that milk
has less protein than any vegetable.

Gandhi has been reading the NOTMILK page.  The greatest part of her
argument is about IGF-I.

Indian people are very sensitive to cows, believing that they are
reincarnations of human ancestors.  Her description of animal cruelty is
enough to get any human to give up milk.

"Have you seen how cows are milked?  In the villages, a stick is poked
into the cow's uterus and wiggled, causing her intense pain.  Villagers
believe this leads to more milk.  In the cities, they are given two
injections of oxytocin every day to make the milk come faster.  This
gives her labor pains twice a day.  Her uterus develops sores and makes
her sterile prematurely.  Oxytocin is banned for use on animals but it
is sold in every cigarette shop around the dairy.  Every illiterate
milkman knows the word.  In human beings, oxytocin cause hormonal
imbalances, weak eyesight, miscarriages, and cancer."

Gandhi cites seven years of milk research from 50,000 Indian milk
samples.  The findings included large amounts of DDT and other poisonous
pesticides.  They found unsafe levels of arsenic, cadmium, and lead.
The conclusion of the Indian scientists was that more samples have to be

Gandhi's advice is to drink soybean milk and eat green vegetables.  Her
NOTMILK message is a clear signal for Indians and all of earth's
inhabitants to attain better health.

Wednesday May 24


Today is the thirtieth day of my water-only fast, and the 200th day
overall that I have eaten no food, and I am none the worse for my
experience.  Tomorrow morning I will juice a lemon and add that to a
glass of spring water.  I will be breaking my water-fast and
transitioning to juice.  I already have my menu planned.  Around 10:00
AM I will juice a dozen apples and enjoy the sweetness that I've missed
during the past month.

I prefer juicing hard crispy apples, and only organic will do.  Apples
are very rich in Vitamins A and C and the B-series.  Apples also have a
high mineral content and will provide me with a good dose of iron,
magnesium, and phosphorus.  The juice of apples without the skin will
yield half as many vitamins as the juice of complete apples, and
supermarket apples treated with pesticides will not do my body any good
after such a long cleansing.  Organic is the order of the day.
Supermarket apples also contain wax.  That makes them last longer, I
suppose, but the flesh becomes mealy and waxy-old. May apples do not
contain much juice.  In the long run, organic are much tastier and much
cheaper when one factors in the juice yield.

I have carrots to juice for dinner, and I'll combine them with the
celery.  I have a small piece of ginger and one clove of garlic that
I'll throw in for a bit of a kick.  The thirty days of water has been a
memorable episode in my life, and one day I plan to experiment with a
longer water fast.  Last week I spent four days in a country inn and
found that time to be the most productive and introspective of my entire
six+ month experience.   My juice fast will continue.

Thursday, May 25 - Day 201

Poetry in motion

Today is the 201 day of my hunger strike and the 28th day of my drinking
just water.

Vandara Shiva is a poet, scientist, lecturer, and outspoken critic of
genetic engineering. She was recently interviewed by the BBC and made
this point to her listening audience:

"Who feeds the world?  My answer is very different to that given by most
people. It is women and small farmers working with biodiversity who are
the primary food providers in the Third World, and contrary to the
dominant assumption, their biodiversity-based small farms are more
productive than industrial monocultures."

This is the BBC's transcript of a 25-minute lecture by Vandana Shiva.

Sixteen years ago, Union Carbide's chemical gas killed thousands of
sleeping Indians in Bhopal and blinded several thousand more.

Shiva does not like the arrogance of chemical companies and does not
trust Union Carbide, Dupont, and Monsanto.  Last year, Monsanto waged a
public relations campaign extolling the virtues of genetic engineering.
In that effort, Monsanto claimed that weeds stole sunshine and bees
stole pollen.  Shiva's tempered her anger at such arrogance and
responded with class:

"A worldview that defines pollination as "theft by bees" and claims
biodiversity "steals" sunshine is a worldview which itself aims at
stealing nature's harvest by replacing open, pollinated varieties with
hybrids and sterile seeds, and destroying biodiverse flora with
herbicides such as Roundup. The threat posed to the Monarch butterfly by
genetically engineered bt crops is just one example of the ecological
poverty created by the new biotechnologies. As butterflies and bees
disappear, production is undermined. As biodiversity disappears, with it
go sources of nutrition and food."

Her final comment was haunting:

"Recently, I was visiting Bhatinda in Punjab because of an epidemic of
farmer suicides. Punjab used to be the most prosperous agricultural
region in India. Today every farmer is in debt and despair. Vast
stretches of land have become water-logged desert. And as an old farmer
pointed out, even the trees have stopped bearing fruit because heavy use
of pesticides have killed the pollinators - the bees and butterflies."

Without the pollinators, we have only the chemists.  Jewel Akens, a one-
shot to stardom artist of the 1960s, sang his lone hit song:

"Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the
trees and the moon up above, and a thing called love."

Forty years later, Akens' heirs should sing of Monsanto's last Roundup:

"Let me tell you 'bout dioxin, what a toxin, agent orange, PCBs, Kills
the flowers, bees and trees, Monsanto's bio-destinees."

Friday, 26 May

Today is the 202nd day of my hunger strike.

The man who "broke the bank at Monte Carlo" had songs and books written
about him, but in reality he did not break the bank.  He enjoyed a run
of good luck, and the casino eventually brought new chips to that
roulette table, and the gambler eventually gave back his winnings, and
much more, and ultimately ended his own life, penniless.   While
statistics allow for the possibility of a blackjack player bankrupting a
Las Vegas casino with a bankroll of $100, the probability is that he
will not succeed.  What are the odds of one man making a difference
against three companies (Monsanto, Dupont, and Dow Chemical) that
reported combined gross revenues of $66 billion dollars in 1998?

On Tuesday, May 23, 2000, the New York Times Science section (page F-9)
contained a full page, multi-color advertisement of a smiling middle-age
woman sitting on a bale of golden-brown hay with a wooden barn as
backdrop.  The woman says:

"These new seeds give me a way to protect my cotton crops from certain
pests.  I've got six grandchildren.  I feel a whole lot better about the
land that'll be theirs someday."

The ad explains that Donna Winters is using seeds developed through
biotechnology.  Nine days ago (day 193), I wrote that cotton farmers
using the "new" seeds are losing money, and stink bugs (cotton bolls)
are developing immunities to pesticides.  Use of the genetically
engineered seeds might be setting up cotton farmers for devastating
consequences.  The advertiser (Council for Biotechnology Information)
claims that biotechnology is helping to create "solutions that are
improving lives today."  These solutions are not helping American
farmers, who experience decreased yields and decreased markets
(Europeans will not accept genetically engineered American seeds or
crops, or products made from genetic engineering).

The two-year soybean study performed by the University of Nebraska has
yielded some very bad news for those who believe that biotechnology
creates solutions.  The Nebraska soybean board financed the scientific
study that was headed by agronomist Roger Elmore.  The conclusion
reached by investigators was that genetically altered soybeans produced
lower yields than conventional soybeans.   Genetically engineered seeds
cost more money than traditional seeds.  They require more pesticides.
Farmers must re-purchase the seeds each year from Monsanto, and are
brought to court if they dare to gather seeds from their harvests and
use them the following season.    In the study, Monsanto's Roundup Ready
soybeans yielded 6 percent less than their closest relatives and 11
percent less than high-yielding soybean varieties.

Saturday, 27 May

Today is the 203rd day of my hungerstrike.

Error in Judgement

On Day 70, I wrote about the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.  Each year,
thousands of women participate in this long-distance walk over three
days to end breast cancer and in doing so, raise millions of dollars for
Avon to donate in their own corporate name for breast cancer research.
I pledged that I would participate.  I am now breaking that pledge.
Avon's walk is just one big Avon commercial, and this offends me, but
that is not the worst of it.  Avon gives back less than half of the
money they raise to organizations that may not deserve such funding.
The greatest percentage of the funds are used to promote Avon, whose
name is plastered on banners, tee-shirts, and ads.

One recipient is the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, a
division of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.  Animal research has
betrayed both animals and breast cancer victims.  Laboratory animals are
sacrificed in the name of science, despite the fact that their internal
organs and bodily systems are completely dissimilar to human systems.
Many pharmaceuticals have been developed by this center, for the profit
of this center.  They patent drugs, benefiting from the millions of
dollars generated from joint ventures with drug companies.  One drug was
developed for Monsanto/Pharmacia.

A second recipient of Avon dollars is the Winship Cancer Institute of
Emory University Grady Memorial Hospital.  In April, this esteemed
institution announced that one of their studies revealed that
primatologists at Emory have found new evidence that capuchin monkeys (a
small but large-brained South American primate) cooperate to obtain food
and share the rewards of their efforts.  Is this how research dollars
are invested?  Monkeys are kidnapped from their native habitat, then
caged and experimented upon.  These scientists use and abuse both
animals and those who altruistically march to end breast cancer.
Monkeys share food?  Is this a revelation?

A third Avon recipient is the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the
University of Alabama at Birmingham.  They have been gifted with $9
million dollars.  Those funds are used for early screening for those
Alabama women who live below the poverty level.  Women without medical
insurance are exposed to doses of diagnostic X-rays, which many
scientists believe to be one cause of breast cancer.  Early screening is
a fraud, and mammographies serve to generate enormous cash flow for
diagnostic centers.  Has $9 million been well spent?  Eighty cancers
have been detected, and thousands of women exposed to needless x-rays.
That averages out to $112,000 per cancer diagnosis.

The Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of
California, Irvine Medical Center will receive $14 million dollars from
Avon.  Their goals are quite noble; to help researchers find ways to
encourage Latino, Asian, and other minority women to participate in
clinical trials and receive cancer screenings and treatments. The
researcher's stated goal is to hope to find "culturally sensitive ways
to reach low-income minorities and determine their risk of getting
breast cancer."

What a waste of good funds.  The Avon breast cancer effort results in
perpetuating a system that has proven itself to be ineffective.  Breast
cancer is good business, and these institutes do not seem to be
addressing their stated goal: prevention.

Sunday, May 28

Held In Contempt

Today marks the 204th day of my hunger strike.

America is the land of freedom, and one of those freedoms is an
expectation of accountability from federal agencies.  One privilege
afforded to Americans is the freedom to obtain information.  The Freedom
of Information Act (FOIA) allows citizens the right to request agency
documents.  In this manner, checks and balances insure that federal
agencies conduct their business in an ethical manner.

On March 15th, I filed a FOIA (pronounced foyer) request for information
regarding a manufacturing error during the production of Monsanto's
genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.  I obtained an internal
Monsanto document that revealed the contamination of 1,650 pounds of
tainted product.  Had Monsanto informed FDA that something was wrong
with their manufacturing process?

The Justice Department mandates that federal agencies respond to FOIA
requests within 20 "business" days.  FDA acknowledged my request on
March17, and assigned to it docket #00007428.   April 14 would have
marked the twentieth business day.  A request filed by FAX on March 15
is now 72 days overdue.

On April 11, I learned that FDA had actually decided that genetically
engineered foods would be safe for Americans to consume based upon one
28-day oral toxicity rat feeding study.  I wrote about that on Day 161
of my hunger strike.  That decision was made by one person, Judy
Juskevich, who wrote:

"Based on the results of the oral feeding study and our knowledge of the
characteristics and biological activity of bovine somatotropin, we have
no objection to granting the sponsor's requests."

That 28-day study was "pivotal" in FDA's decision.  It was more than
pivotal.  The entire approval was based upon that lone study. Milk from
dairy herds treated with Monsanto's hormone were introduced into
America's milk supply because FDA deemed that milk was safe to drink
eight years before the hormone was approved.  A second FOIA request
(docket #00007428) to review the actual study was filed on April 11.
FDA acknowledged that request on 4/13.  FDA's due date was 5/11.

The first FOIA request was filed 72 days ago, and the second was filed
44 days ago.  FDA is in violation of the law.  Ignoring laws, rules, and
regulations empowers a criminal to hold the victim's rights in
contempt.  The FDA is the criminal, and the American people are the
victims.  The responsibility for these crimes leads through the chain of
command to the desk on one individual, FDA Commissioner Jane Henney.

If and when FDA answers these requests, I expect no justice.  I have
given up hope for a fair hearing.  FDA has proven that individual rights
are subordinated to those rights of pharmaceutical companies.  I cannot
offer employment to ex-FDA commissioners in the same manner that
Monsanto has done for Michael Freidman and Arthur Hull Hayes.  America
had held hope that a woman at FDA'S helm would bring a more gentle and
ethical approach.  How naïve we were.   I hold FDA in contempt.

Monday, May 29 2000

Day 205 - The End

Today is the 205th and FINAL day of my hunger strike.

I have accomplished all that I am capable of.  I possess the secret
study in which laboratory animals got cancer from Monsanto's genetically
engineered bovine growth hormone.   That study was authored by Richard,
Odaglia, and Deslex, and if I release the study I will go to jail.  On
October 11, 1996, the Economic Espionage Act was signed into law by
President Clinton.   That law was enacted in the middle of my federal
lawsuit seeking the release of that study and sent a clear message to
me.  If I reveal Monsanto's trade secret I will be committing treason
and be subject to a $10 million dollar fine and 15 years incarceration
in a federal prison.  A few months after the law was signed, President
Clinton delivered his State of the Union address and praised Monsanto as
a company to lead America into the 21st century.  I have offered this
study to Marian Burros of the New York Times and will agree to take my
chances if it is published on the front page.

Is going to jail worth revealing the horrors of what happened to lab
animals?  Is going to jail worth preventing a poison from entering the
bodies of my children and yours?  I would do so, only if my act became
more than just a scream in the darkness.  I will not "piss into the
wind," for who would bear witness to my anguish?  Just myself.

I have attempted to work within "the system," relying upon the ethics
and morality of unbiased FDA reviewers.  Unfortunately, there exists no
such creature.

The only hope, then, is to bring the truth about genetically engineered
foods to the American people.  You have read my account, and I hope that
you are now armed with the proper tools and wisdom and share this diary
with people you love and care for.  Today I end my hunger strike, and
will continue to spread the word of truth.  The next time you hear a
whistle blowing inside of a supermarket or outdoors, look for me.  That
will be my statement.  One whistle.  One thousand whistles.  Millions of
whistles.  Let us join together and become whistle blowers.  Let us send
a piercing cry to the hearts and psyches of those who betray.  We can no
longer permit ourselves to blindly place the health of our children in
the hands of those with conflicts of interest.  This healing must now be
taken directly to the people.

Tuesday, May 30


"When the woman saw that the tree was good for eating and a delight to
the eyes, and that the tree was desirable as a source of wisdom, she
took of its fruit and ate: and she gave some to her husband also, and he
ate." - Genesis 3:6

And the Lord God said, "Now that the man has become like one of us,
knowing good and bad, what if he should stretch out his hand and take
also from the Tree of Life and eat, and live forever!"- Genesis 3:22

Today I ate my first food in 206 days, an organically grown apple.  I
peeled the skin, removed the core, and savored each slice of life-giving
fruit.  I chewed each piece slowly and contemplated what I've learned in
the previous 205 days.  I've gained enormous wisdom, and I have an
obligation to work harder in sharing what I know with those who are
naïve.  In doing so, I shall become a guide and do all that I can to
deliver people back to the garden.

Wednesday, May 31

Ask the milk people

The Dairy Industry is coming to the New York area, and their goal is to
infect little children with their propaganda.  Why not celebrate
National Dairy month by attending this event with your kids?

The milk mustache fiends will be doing their thing at the CHILDREN'S
MUSEUM in Garden City, Long Island on June 24th and June 25th, from 1:00
P.M. - 4:00 P.M..

Ask the milk people:

What happens to the baby male calves?
What happens to the cows when they no longer give milk?
Why is there so much pus in milk?
Why should my children drink estrogen and other hormones each day?
Why are the nations with the highest bone disease rates also the nations
drinking the most milk?
Why are the nations with the highest breast cancer rates also the ones
with the highest rates of milk consumption?
Why will Australia and New Zealand be adding warning labels to milk
Why did the New England Journal of Medicine warn that no child under the
age of one ever drink whole milk?

There are hundreds more questions, and if you read the columns and
squirts at the site, this can become a very interesting
learning opportunity for those who push bovine body fluids on our

The museum is located across the street from the Roosevelt Field Mall.
Admission fee is $5.  Free parking.  Many family restaurants are nearby.

Meadowbrook Parkway to Stewart Avenue.

550 Stewart Avenue
Garden City, NY  11530

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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