• The Dairy Education Board is a public information association that has been formed to let America know that cow's milk is not nature's perfect food for people.

  • We are breaking down the greatest myth in America:  that milk does a body good.  By establishing a stance against the dairy industry and the tens of billions of dollars spent in propaganda activities such as the milk mustache campaign, we will tell America the other side of the milk story.

  • This group has been established to put the discussion in perspective.  The dairy industry has invested an immense amount of money and Americans are still getting sick, breaking bones, getting cancer and osteoporosis. 

  • The secret to the "Fountain of Youth" is giving up milk and dairy products.


  • Educate the public on milk.

  • Set up a speakers' bureau for board members to address interested groups around the country.

  • Provide a library of information to any interested parties regarding the effects dairy products have on the body.