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The United States of Monsanto-land

The Bully's New Victim

Monsanto has declared war on another little guy. Monsanto is
a big bully, but I've got a secret that will bring them to
their knees.

Their timing was designed to create despair and suffering.
Their legal papers were filed on the Thursday before the
long July 4th holiday weekend. No time for attorneys to
review the complaint. A long Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
for Althea, Stanley, and William Bennett, third generation
owners of Oakhurst Dairy in Portland, Maine.

Their timing is also unfortunate for Monsanto's
stockholders. As biotechnology is being debated around the
world, as the European Community considers easing rules
regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in American
foods, as George Bush blackmails African nations with loss
of American dollars in exchange for accepting GMOs, the last
thing Monsanto needs is a revelation of the manner of
duplicity that I will reveal in today's column.

The Bennett's crime was to market their milk with this

"Our Farmers' Pledge: No Artificial Growth Hormones."

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Monsanto has filed papers in federal court, arguing that
milk from cows treated with their genetically engineered
bovine growth hormone is no different from untreated milk.

That is a lie, of course, and Monsanto knows it.

I have evidence that Monsanto's own scientist (Margaret
Miller) confirmed the validity of an assay that can
determine the difference between genetically engineered milk
and normal milk. Scientist Margaret Miller left Monsanto in
the middle of the FDA approval process and went to work at
FDA where she analyzed her own research, which led to

In approving Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone, the Food & Drug Administration determined that
there were no differences between "wholesome" milk and the
new genetically modified version. The FDA relieved Monsanto
from the obligation of developing a test for the new milk,
stating that there could be no test because the milks were
identical. Of course, this was a lie. Since  Miller now
worked for FDA, she was aware of the lie. Since she once
worked for Monsanto, it is clear that the pharmaceutical
giant knew of the lie, too. How do I know this?

I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Miller's
FDA job application. On that document, she boasts of having
performed that very test. Talk about smoking guns! I also
interviewed the scientist who holds the patent for that
test. He confirmed Miller's complicity.

Monsanto hired ex-Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, who
stated that the two milks were indistinguishable. After such
confirmation from the esteemed Dr. Koop, who needed a second

However, I have uncovered a previously unpublicized secret.
I am sharing this with you and Oakhurst Farm so that the
truth be known about genetically engineered milk. I am not a
popular person in this new America. The United States of
Monsanto-land. To the Monsanto government, I am a terrorist
for revealing this secret of state. If you doubt who runs
things, review this:

The milks are different, Monsanto claims?

Cornell University dairy scientist, Vitaly Spitsberg, owns a
patent for a method to detect hormonal treatment in animals
(US Patent #5,635,401).

The unbelievable part of this patent confirms that Cornell
University was given grant money by the United States
Department of Agriculture in 1992, two years before Monsanto
received official approval for the use of recombinant bovine
somatotropin (rbST) in dairy cows (Grant #92-27206-779). Who
says Monsanto and the U.S. government are not one big happy
family? Monsanto's plays both sides of the political fence.
I have no information as to activities that occur behind
closed doors of the oval office, but President Clinton
praised Monsanto in his 1998 State of the Union Address.

Now to the evidence that will win the case for Oakhurst. The
same evidence that is a condemnation of genetic engineering
and biotechnology. Nature always finds a way to tame the
arrogance of man.

One feature of milk is that it is loaded with saturated fat.
These fat molecules are not entirely fat. They are actually
composed of many different layers. The thin outermost layer
is made of protein, and that is the key. While one would
assume that genetically engineered milk could be tested by
measuring the levels of bovine growth hormone or insulin-
like growth factor-I, the new patented test measures an
unusual protein in the membrane named "milk fat globule
membrane" or MFGM. Keeping this simple, the MFGM contains an
unusual protein named mammary derived growth inhibitor,
which is a fatty acid-binding protein (MDGI or FABP). The
new patented method measures the amounts of these new
proteins so that an easy test of milk can determine whether
it has been genetically engineered.

FDA's conclusion that the milk was identical is more than a
deception. It's more than a lie. It's a betrayal to the
American public. What I am revealing to you today just adds
more evidence that somebody knew the truth a few years
before final approval of Monsanto's genetically engineered
bovine growth hormone.

I am helping Oakhurst Dairy because it is the right thing to
do. If not for Monsanto, I would be developing real estate.
Monsanto taught me about genetic engineering and milk. I've
learned that all milk contains powerful growth hormones.

Oakhurst Dairy is careful not to represent that their milk
is hormone-free. It is not. If you drink cow's milk,
genetically engineered or otherwise, you will be ingesting
powerful steroid and protein growth hormones.

Permission is given for you to share this column with other
persons or groups. The truth about genetic engineering must
be known. The Internet remains our opportunity to level the
playing field. I have risked a lot by writing this column.
Please do your part in helping to get out the truth.

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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