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Casein: the fountain of mucus

Florence Griffith Joyner (Flo Jo) died with finger marks on
her throat, evidence of how, in her final moments of life,
she had choked herself, gasping for precious breath. She had
no chance to survive. The bronchioles of her lungs were
filled with mucus, and on his autopsy report, the coroner
described her internal organs as "acutely congested."

Flo Jo's last meal was pizza. Fifteen hours after ingesting
that mozzarella cheese, a brick-sized lump (250 cubic
centimeters) remained undigested in her stomach, causing
systemic distress and congestion.

The autopsy revealed:

"Kidneys: Section shows marked acute congestion...the
pyramids of the kidneys are congested."

Kidney congestion was not the cause of Flo Jo's death. It
was merely one of many symptoms of cheese consumption. Flo
Jo tested positive for one over-the-counter drug in her
system, Benadryl, an anti-histamine. Eighty percent of milk
protein is casein. Casein triggers histamine production,
which in turn, triggers mucus production. Flo Jo choked to
death on the internal secretion of her own thick, viscous
body fluids.

Which brings up to the New Jersey NETS newest basketball
star acquisition. During the off-season, the NETS signed
Alonzo Mourning to a contract.

Alonzo is a 6' 10" center who averaged over 20 points and
ten rebounds per game during the first eight years of his
illustrious all-star career. His presence is just what the
doctor ordered for the New Jersey Nets franchise, who have
for two years in a row been the bridesmaid, and not the
bride, when it came to to winning an NBA championship.
Unfortunately, last year, the doctor ordered that Alonzo
Mourning not play basketball, for acute kidney disease
threatened to end his life.

Kidney disease often leads to anemia, and Alonzo Mourning
also suffers from anemia, the subject of yesterday's notmilk

Anemia results from low levels of hemoglobin, a protein in
blood cells that transports oxygen throughout the body. Milk
and dairy products often cause intestinal bleeding, usually
not detected, resulting in iron loss.

Flo Jo's kidneys were "acutely congested." The cause of
Alonzo's kidney disease is not the point of this column. The
hope is that Alonzos's kidneys function to the best of their
potential. With congestion, the kidneys will be compromised.
The system will be compromised. The man's life will be in

Most people give Alonzo Morning very little chance of
playing an entire season. I give him an enormous chance, if
only he eliminates all milk and dairy. No ice cream. No
pizza. No Parmesan cheese on his pasta.

Alonzo Mourning's doctor knows more about kidney disease
than any living physician. His attorney and agent got Alonzo
the best of the best in Dr. Gerald Appell. Trouble is, Dr.
Appell will not find this information in a medical journal.
He and other doctors would refer to Flo Jo's congested
kidneys as "anecdotal" evidence, not scientific evidence. No
such kidney study has ever been performed. No such study has
ever been funded by the dairy industry, or by any other
group. Curing Alonzo's kidney disease might be as simple as
eliminating one food group from his diet.

Alonzo Mourning's agent
Grace Castro (305)-476-0095 x-114

Dr. Appel (212) 305-3273

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