By Robert Cohen

NOTMILK FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. What do you think of PETA's "got zits" campaign?
  2. Are vegetarians healthier than meat eaters?
  3. Does milk cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?
  4. Does milk consumption cause bone disease?
  5. Does dairy consumption play a role in heart disease?
  6. Are there growth hormones in cow's milk?
  7. Is there a milk and dairy link to diabetes?
  8. Does milk consumption cause Crohn's disease?
  9. Is there something in milk that causes breast cancer?
  10. Are dairy products responsible for allergies?
  11. Do physicians support your NOTMILK position?
  12. Are dairy products responsible for early sexual maturity?
  13. What about organic milk from healthy cows?
  14. Are death rates high in dairy consuming areas?
  15. Are there dioxins in milk and dairy products?
  16. Are genetically engineered milk hormones dangerous?
  17. Is colostrum a miracle health product?
  18. If I don't drink milk, how will I get my calcium?
  19. Is there a hidden presence of milk in food products?
  20. Does milk consumption cause prostate cancer?

For a 52 good reasons (two per letter) to abandon milk and dairy