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Obesity Epidmic

United States of Butterballurnia

Imagine taking five sticks of butter and molding them into a
softball-sized sphere of greasy animal fat. If you are the
average dairy eater living in America in 2003, you will be
taking into your body this additional saturated mass
weighing 1.7 pounds, which is that much more than what the
average individual of 1969 ingested during each twelve-month

Butterball (Latin): That which coagulates in the female butt
or thigh. (Male equivalent goes directly to the stomach.)

Butterballurnia: That nation which is experiencing an
unprecedented obesity epidemic. (See: Journal of the
American Medical Association 2003;289:187-193, 229-230;
Annals of Internal Medicine 2003;138;24-32.)

While the consumption of whole milk decreases, Americans
continue to eat increased amounts of concentrated dairy
products containing enormous amounts of saturated animal

During 1969, the average American drank 229 pounds of whole
milk. By 1999, the average American was drinking just 69
pounds of whole milk per year. Whole milk contains 2.079
grams of saturated animal fat per 100 gram portion.

So, we drink much less milk. What is the problem, then?
We've replaced liquid milk consumption with enormous amounts
of concentrated dairy products. That's what. In addition to
ingesting increased amounts of hormones, we grow more obese
with each portion of cheese.

In 1969, the average American ate ten pounds of cheese. By
1999, the average American was eating thirty pounds of
cheese per year. (Ten pounds of milk are required to make
one pound of hard cheese.) Wisconsin's cheddar cheese
contains 21.09 grams of saturated animal fat per 100 gram

In 1969, the average American slurped 18 pounds of ice
cream. In 1999, the average American ate 30 pounds of ice
cream. (Twelve pounds of milk are required to make one pound
of ice cream.) Vanilla ice cream contains 6.79 grams of
saturated animal fat per 100 gram portion.

Total Saturated Fat Content Consumption Per American From
Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream:

1969 = 8.1 pounds
1999 = 9.8 pounds


A 1.7 pound glob of saturated fat multiplied by ten years of
a child's life is equal to 17 pounds. By the time a child of
the 21st century turns 30, he or she will have eaten 51
pounds more saturated fat than a child of the 60s.

Got liposuction? Got obesity epidemics?
Got heart disease and strokes?

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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