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PCB's and Dioxins in Food

A nation has been poisoned, and the enemy is itself. On
Monday, September 16, 2002, Jews throughout the world paused
to meditate and reflect upon past sins by observing Yom
Kippur. On that same day, the nation of Canada woke up to
the consequences of a nation-wide sin of arrogance.
Canadians get to recognize that the crimes of adults are
sometimes brought down upon the bodies of undeserving

Headlines in Canadian newspapers revealed that dangerous
levels of cancer-forming chemicals taint the foods that
Canadians eat, and compromise the safety of their citizens.

Montreal's daily newspaper, La Presse, obtained a secret
study performed by Canada's Food Inspection Service. The
terrible news is that PCBs and dioxins were found to be
dangerously high in certain foods.

The higher up one goes on the food chain, the more
concentrated are these carcinogens in the flesh and body
fluids of animals.

The page one story in Canada's La Presse revealed:

"The standard measurement set by the World Health
Organization (WHO) allows for a maximum five picograms of
toxic agents (or five parts per trillion) per gram of fat in
foods, at which point they should be withdrawn from the

The Canadian study revealed that the level of dioxin found
in cheese was 250% higher than that permitted by WHO. Eggs,
pork, and been contained more than four times the safe level
of dioxins.

This news should be reason for reflection for all people.
How does one atone? Simple. One no longer eats the foods
that poison the human body. If not for you, for the

Eating animals and drinking their body fluids shows a lack
of compassion to these gentle feeling creatures. Factory
farms use production techniques that cause discomfort, pain,
and ultimately death for all creatures. One shows even less
compassion to his or her own body by ingesting concentrated
portions of dioxins and PCBs.

America's Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) has a
similar study, which will not be released. The Clinton
Administration put a hold on the report nearly two years
ago, due to lobbying efforts by the powerful dairy and meat
industries. Christie Whitman runs the EPA for the Bush
administration. Christie is my ex-Governor (New Jersey), and
a breast cancer survivor. How ironic. Whitman lacks the
courage and moral fiber to release a similar report. That
report has the potential to save more than one child from
cancers that are destined to claim the lives of unsuspecting
victims. That crime against Americans is a sin for which
there is no atonement.

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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