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Using a popular disinfectant to sanitize milk?
Sanitizing milk?


Did you know that Pine Sol is America's number one household

Anthropologists may one day debate which 21st century crime
is worse: A dairy farmer who intentionally mixes Pine Sol
with milk destined for human consumption, or a society that
does not consider it an imperative to punish the guilty

Your plastic bottle of Pine Sol lists surfacants as an
ingredient. Cationic surfactants are toxic substances that
have the ability to cause corrosive burns of the mouth and
throat if swallowed. After ingesting cleaning liquids
containing these chemicals, children often experience
vomiting and permanently damaged lungs. Pine Sol also
contains isopropanol, also used in rubbing alcohol and
antifreeze. Blindness, extreme gastrointestinal discomfort,

I do not imagine that there is even one American mother who
would mix Pine Sol with milk for her kids to drink. That
mother would go to jail for a long time for child
endangerment, even if her attorney argues that her kids
refused to wash their hands before dinner, and that she
intended to clean their hands from the inside.


An Indiana man poured Pine Sol disinfectant into bulk tanks
storing milk destined for bottling plants, destined for
human consumption. (Hoard's Dairyman, page 583, September
10, 2002).


The guilty man received a $389 fine.


Bryan Pease occupies an Arkansas jail cell paying his debt
to society by serving out his 45 day sentence for having
protested at a company breeding animals for laboratory

An Indiana dairy farmer was convicted of consumer product
tampering which had the potential to poison thousands of
consumers, all because milk from his cows contained levels
of live bacteria exceeding FDA safety standards.

The farmer received a suspended sentence of 28 months, and
is on probation for six months, but today he is back in


Some people rob banks, get caught, go to jail. Other people
trade stocks on insider information, get caught, go to jail.
Some people protest injustices, and they get caught and go
to jail too. Sometimes, justice is not blind, and the
sometimes lopsided balance of her scales distorts logic and

The farmer is in the dell, and Bryan is in hell. Bryan's
crime, for which he now pays society's debt, is his passion
of caring for animals. He would be blessed by receiving a
letter of love from you:

Write to Bryan:

(Your letter must be hand written on lined paper or prison
authorities will destroy it.)

Bryan Pease
Faulkner County Jail
801 Locust Street
Conway, Arkansas 72032

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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