By Robert Cohen Executive Director

Britney Spears

The dairy industry uses sex in their MILKSTACHE ads to sell
their products.

Britney Spears smiled, with her belly exposed and her legs
in the air. Jennifer Love Hewitt beamed, a very fair amount
of sensual flesh exposed. Sixteen-year-old Leanne Rimes
posed seductively, telling us that she sings songs about
broken hearts. Tyra Banks leered seductively at the camera,
the top button of her pants undone.  Got sex?  Daisy Fuentes
used no subtlety in asking, "Girls, let's talk about the 'F'
word."  A healthy amount of Daisy's cleavage appeals to
teens, with curves in places where many girls don't have
places. Rebecca Stamos stood in Times Square wearing the
skimpiest of bathing suits, leaving nothing to the
imagination. Austin Powers boasts "The Spy Who Shagged Me."
Shag is a word used to describe Power's sexual conquests.
Shagging is the act of copulation. He lays on a couch,
tongue in cheek, bathrobe barely covering the fact that his
"mojo is working overtime."

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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