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I grew up in New York City's Bronx borough, and during my first thirteen years, the New York Yankees won the pennant eleven times! I was a Bronx Bomber fan and still am. In the past three years, Joe Torre has managed the Yanks to two World Series championships, and has brought stability to George Steinbrenner's clubhouse, no easy task for a team and stadium once collectively called the "The Bronx Zoo."

Two years ago, after managing the Yankees to a season in which they won a record 125 games, Torre was diagnosed with prostate cancer. An entire city sent Joe their prayers and good wishes, and Torre seems to have "beaten" his prostate cancer... for now.

ballLast week, I saw a Sports Illustrated ad in which Torre posed with a milk mustache.    Say it ain't so, Joe!

Joe Torres

I have previously written about athletes who pose for dairy ads in the harshest of tones. I've dissed Mark McGwire (comparing the steroid hormones in milk to his andro use) and I've ridiculed "Calcium Ripken" for selling out. Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks and Flo Jo (who died with gallons of bronchiole-clogging mucus in her body and undigested pizza in her stomach) both posed for milk mustaches, despite the fact that ninety-five percent of African-Americans cannot tolerate lactose.

outline Joe Torre is different. I love Joe, and today's column is an open letter to Mr. Class. Joe -- Please learn the truth about milk before it is too late.

Hundreds of studies have identified a hormone in the human body as the KEY factor in the growth of prostate cancer. That hormone is called insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I). This powerful cellular growth accelerator is identical in cows and humans. Eat pizza with mozzarella or Parmesian on pasta, ice cream or yogurt, and you deliver this powerful hormone to your body.

SCIENCE magazine was started by Thomas Edison in the late 1880's. This prestigious journal is read by over 500,000 scientists every week. On January 23rd, 1998 (vol. 279. p. 563), IGF-I was called the key factor in prostate cancer. Nowhere in that article was it mentioned that there are forty-three thousand species of mammals, and hundreds of millions of different proteins in nature, and that IGF-I is IDENTICAL in humans and cows. I imagine that your physicians do not know this critically important piece of scientific information, Joe.

The latest scientific confirmation will be published in the July issue of the British Journal of Cancer. (p 95-97, Volume 83, Number 1, July 2000). Researchers at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in Oxford found that a diet without meat or dairy products could reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer. The authors cite earlier studies suggesting that high levels of IGF-I play a keyoutline role in causing prostate cancer. Vegetarians have lower levels of IGF-I than meat eaters, and vegans have lower levels of IGF-I than vegetarians.

I have given this information to Joe's agent, Bill Yardley who can be reached at:

bill@sportsstarsusa.com (800-636-7445)

Please let Bill know that you do not want to see Joe Torre's prostate cancer return. Prostate cancer is a killer, and we love Joe. His milk mustache ad most certainly was done in ignorance, and Torre's message is hazardous to his own health, and the health of his fans.

Robert Cohen