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     Until 1995 I knew little of the Internet. During February of 1996, when I created my very first "homepage", I had no real experience on the Internet and like most newbies... I was in awe of the size and complexity of this new technology. The first paragraph on that first homepage was a short introduction and the second paragraph was a desperate plea for something to serve as a "silver bullet" to reduce (or eliminate) the crippling pains and limitations of my "terminal" arthritis. (no takers, of course).

     The "before and after" of my health problems is on the WEB site designed to inform the public of the root cause for my many, varied and painful "health" problems... "aspartame"... commercially known as Nutrasweet, Equal and now by many other names. is that 800+ page WEB site of time-tested material that helped to put Monsanto out of the Nutrasweet business in fewer than four years (Sept. 1996 to March 2000).

     Over a decade of steadily growing cancer has taken its toll. As of 2003 my situation has taken a turn for the worse. Despite all countermeasures such as no more milk and dairy and a better more nutritional diet (more fresh and raw fruits, nuts, veggies and grains) the cancer seems to be getting the "upper hand". Mr. Cohen spells it out the best with his very kind newsletter.

     After learning about aspartame during June of 1996 (no thanks to the media, medical system, or the US Government) I met Mr. Cohen during June of 1997. He informed me that IGF-1 in milk (my favorite beverage for 60 years) and dairy (all those tasty fat-loaded cheeses and ice creams... sigh!) were fueling my cancer. Abandoning the milk was the easy part. It took me around a year to wean myself from all those tasty dairy products.

     Well... abandoning the Equal that I had used in my coffee for 15 years changed me form 98% pain loaded, and ready for a wheelchair, to 95% pain free and fully mobile again. My legacy for believing industry and the FDA is maddening tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears), massive memory loss... and a surprise case of prostate cancer (first among my long-lived ancestors) which, thanks to all the IGF-1 in milk and dairy, had grown so fast it had already spread by the young age of 55.

     I have been dairy free since 1998... and my cancer grows a bit over three times more slowly. That's NOT a cure... but it provides me with extra time. Extra time to be with Isabel, my wife of over 41 years, and time to seek out new ideas and therapies that may help me arrest or even eliminate the cancer altogether.

     Mr. Cohen's information was so valuable to me (and remains so) that I insisted on being his WEBmaster... for expenses only. That was around the latter part of 1997 and I have enjoyed many years of helping others to learn the whole truth... and I am still amazed at their improved health and well being.

     Over the past six years I, like Mr. Cohen, have evolved from the "Standard American Diet" (SAD) to first being a vegetarian (mostly plants but with eggs) and then to VEGAN... no animal protein what-so-ever. Along the way I learned of one alternative to meats... "Meatless Meats" invented by Spice Williams Crosby. Later, I met Mr. Charles Patterson... author of an excellent book called Eternal Treblinka, which equates our treatment of "food" animals with the way the Jews were treated during WW II. Yes.... in keeping with helping others (for free)... I created and maintain their websites for expenses only... because it IS the right thing to do.

     I grew up in South Dakota... where hunting for sport was a big item. While hunting pheasant at the age of 8 or so I was unfortunate to be in the line of fire from an unsafe hunter... and at 65 I still have the BB pock marks in my forehead to prove it. It is not in my nature to kill things... so evolving from meat-eater to VEGAN was not that difficult... especially after creating the Slaughter House Camera site (a work still in progress).

     The fact that a once-upon-a-time four-pound-a-day milk cow is now squeezed to put out as much as 55 pounds of milk makes it easy for me to envision a one-time 20-year milk cow becoming super Mac's in around five years. The strain, pain and early slaughterhouse end made its mark on me. Having abandoned my once-favorite beverage... whole cow's milk, for home-made soymilk... I am all the better for it health-wise AND so are those cows. For much more on the many health benefits of soy (with NO real drawbacks) do visit Soy4Life ... and if you desire quality home-made soymilk for less than a dime a quart... do visit

     To help folks help others there are handouts, and over the years I created a couple of cost-effective "business" cards that I pass out at every opportunity.

Worried about the "credibility" of the information we present?

     Over the years I have either captured or created a number of files (tidbits of information) that I have found to be useful... as follows:

Overview My time-tested WEBmaster's layman overview on milk/dairy
Myths Comments on pro-meat/dairy "myths" about vegetarians
Kosher? Is it Kosher?
Point Blank Shorter commentary
Hormones Overview on hormones in milk
Eight essential WHAT???
Casein 80% of the protein in cow's milk is GLUE!
Calcium Overview on calcium
Coral Calcium reasoned comments
Algae any kind, sea-weed, etc.
More on calcium Excellent (linked) information
Carrageenan from tummy aches to cancer!
DIET? Atkins diet... the WORST!
FAQs on dairy Brief on milks/cheese (contents)
Dr. Spock From RENSE
rbGH Info in Monsanto's "90 day" test
B-12 Not just from meats and dairy
Cholesterol The good and the bad
Compare Soy milk with cows milk
Compare Plant milks with human breast milk
Cow Parts that taint thousands of products
Cows milk is...
Facts on Dairy
Vitamin "A" plant sources
Vitamin "D" and bones
Fats and toxins and more
Gelatin info
Hoards Dairyman Priceless quotes
Homogenization commentary
Hormones fifty nine bioactive ones!
Lactose intolerance
Lactose facts
Jane Plant On breast cancer
Jane Plant ABC Interview and dairy "rebuttal"
IBS/Crohns The scourge
MSG the mind-blowing monosodium glutamate
Milk Chocolate VERY addictive
(brown cheese with sugar added!) Mad Cow (CJD) Disease
Mad Cow Prions (the cause)
Magnesium required to use the calcium
Mastitis the reason for milk-borne blood, pus and more
Milk blood and pus
Pancreatis methionine and cystein to sulfer + autoimmune effects?
Radiation (nuke fallout)
Milks Side by side comparison
Misc animal facts
More on milk
Mucus (think casein)
Omega 3 fatty acids from plants
Pasteurization A tragically ineffective process
PCRM/USDA Milk Ads Make False Health Claims
Peptide information relating to behavior
Pollution waste and more
Feedlots a really big stink!
Quotes Famous Quotes about MILK!
Scientists Often Mum About Ties to Industry
T. C. Campbell Worrying About Milk
Vitamin D An introduction to vitamin D
Water and other interesting facts
Whole milk Cow/human/skim compared
RAW milk More nasty "stuff" than pasteurized
Vivisection A tremendous fraud. A waste of time, money and lives!
Food Labeling PLU... what those 4 and five digit stickers on produce mean

Doctors who support the truth

Dr. Benjamin Spock
World famous baby doctor
In 1992, Dr. Spock spoke at PCRM’s press conference in Boston, alerting parents to emerging evidence of potential health risks of milk products. Studies had linked anemia and childhood-onset diabetes to milk exposure in infancy.
Dr. Spock Children and cow's milk
"I no longer recommend dairy products after the age of 2 years. Other calcium sources offer many advantages that dairy products do not have."
Doctor John A. McDougall, M.D.
Physician and nutrition expert
Dr. McDougall 1 Dairy Products and 10 False Promises
Dr. McDougall 2 Marketing Milk and Disease

Dr. T. Colin Campbell (Cornell) China study
Dr. Robert M. Kradjian, MD Famous letter to his patients
Dr. Julian Whitaker Nature's perfect food? A second opinion!

Many more opinions on
VEGAN Scores of Links to Vegan Recipes

Dairy Loads of USDA info on various foods

Calcium Loads of additional information on calcium

Rebuttal Commentary on anti-soy ploys
Soy costs homebrew Soy costs
Recipes Soy based recipes
Thyroid commentary


La Leche Article in Spanish

Success Stories

    Growing collection of stories of folks who have changed their diets with excellent positive results.

Better diet A whole Wisconsin school!

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